I Put a BOAT MOTOR on My TANK!!! (Bad Idea)

  • Published on May 23, 2019
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Comments • 966

  • William Hardaway
    William Hardaway 23 hours ago

    What type of tank is that

  • Shooterking18
    Shooterking18 3 days ago

    His teeth looked yellow BUT I THINK it was from the light shining on his teeth tho, if you know comment on this comment and tell me.

  • Eden Behnke
    Eden Behnke 3 days ago

    You should build a shous a shed/house

  • Eden Behnke
    Eden Behnke 3 days ago

    You should build a shous a shed/house

  • killerplayer 101
    killerplayer 101 4 days ago

    The smoke doesn't mask the smell of venom it makes the bees think the hive is on fire so the go suck up all the honey and get really fat and cant move because there to heavy

  • Mattskingdom
    Mattskingdom 4 days ago

    your making me need to eat again 1:00

  • Timothy And Friends
    Timothy And Friends 4 days ago

    I’m starving and then i see the starting of the video and I’m just like bruh

  • Tank 710
    Tank 710 5 days ago +1

    Mushroom hunting.. my type of vid.. morels are delicious! but the lions mane is what yall should be after...

  • Jordan martins
    Jordan martins 6 days ago

    His dog looks like those mushrooms

  • Owen Shoemaker
    Owen Shoemaker 8 days ago


  • Autobot broadside
    Autobot broadside 8 days ago

    I always watch your videos till the end because it's really good content and you do a different thing every time

  • Dustin Somero
    Dustin Somero 9 days ago

    What tipe of dog do you have

  • 2Wheels OutDoors
    2Wheels OutDoors 9 days ago

    I've been away from flair videos for a year or two. Homeboy is packing on the pounds! He must be prespawn ;)

  • Push Em up
    Push Em up 10 days ago

    If you put frames with the wax already filled out your colony will grow faster

  • Push Em up
    Push Em up 10 days ago

    The yellow stuff is wax

  • Kevin Shields
    Kevin Shields 13 days ago

    Flair you guys should do a all out paintball match using that house on the new land and the shop.
    Also just an idea with the house, burn it down. Then build a new one on beams like they do at the beach, with stairs leading up to the house. Then have a wrap around patio. That field is obviously prone to flooding so the house sitting off the ground would be probably a good idea just in case future flooding happens.

  • Jackson Worlow
    Jackson Worlow 13 days ago

    Fin looks like those mushrooms I’m sorry

  • Battle Hawk
    Battle Hawk 13 days ago

    Move your bees little bit apart so they don’t start conflicts that’s what mine did I am a beekeeper myself so take it from me

  • Battle Hawk
    Battle Hawk 13 days ago

    Move your heart was a little bit apart

  • Luca K
    Luca K 13 days ago

    Just butter and some garlic sauté for the best morels

  • Jacob Svoboda
    Jacob Svoboda 15 days ago +1

    Hi my name is Jacob

  • Ethan Darnell
    Ethan Darnell 16 days ago

    Love you flair

  • eric shuck
    eric shuck 16 days ago

    control burn the house

  • Pete Games
    Pete Games 17 days ago

    corn flakes not frosted flakes lmao #dead

  • Bryce Bernier
    Bryce Bernier 17 days ago

    When checking the hives make sure your smoker is going strong and don't be afraid to blow smoke directly into the hive and on the frames, don't get nervous the can sense that stay calm and work slow and efficient. I think it's badass you got bees! It's my second year keeping mine and I'm no expert by any means but you can always ask me any questions you may have.

  • Max Bonnell
    Max Bonnell 17 days ago


  • TCM compton
    TCM compton 17 days ago

    not a tank

  • Jonathan Valone
    Jonathan Valone 17 days ago

    your videos are gay

  • Melissa Pitts
    Melissa Pitts 18 days ago

    Flair you should snorkel the Wharthog and drive it in the Fields’s

  • elmo on crack
    elmo on crack 18 days ago

    The reason they are biger is because they are yellows

  • Robert Redford
    Robert Redford 18 days ago

    I would eat the Butcherbox meat, but I'd have to be there when it's unwrapped and the entire time it's cooking. LOL :)

  • That Fishing Guy
    That Fishing Guy 18 days ago

    That big mushroom looks more like the imposter morel and that’s not good bro. Nice vid.

  • glen oberle
    glen oberle 18 days ago

    contact your local fire dept and see if they would like to use it for training then they will burn it for you.

  • Lucy Dog
    Lucy Dog 18 days ago

    you wore sun glasses at night

  • Ty Landmark
    Ty Landmark 19 days ago

    Your dog looks like one of those mushrooms! 😂

  • pops ayu
    pops ayu 19 days ago

    Who else thought it was a add when you clicked on the vidoe

  • Easen Evans
    Easen Evans 19 days ago

    Don't eat bananas around the bees or before you go into the hive.

  • Joel Vahrenkamp
    Joel Vahrenkamp 19 days ago +4

    OH MY GOD did these boys actually use frosted flakes instead of corn flakes lmao

  • Joel Vahrenkamp
    Joel Vahrenkamp 19 days ago +1

    Burn it

  • Jesiah Bartlett
    Jesiah Bartlett 19 days ago

    The butcher thing is around $140

  • fast wheels
    fast wheels 19 days ago

    You and your boxes 😂😂

  • Don Cheadle
    Don Cheadle 19 days ago

    You gotta name one "Hamlet"

  • sam salmons
    sam salmons 19 days ago

    Knock it down and make a tropy lodge for like trophy fish and deer And stuff u know what I meen

    JAKUB BUKOWSKI 19 days ago +1

    22:43 yes i am

  • griffin demarest
    griffin demarest 19 days ago

    Get a long shaft trolling motor

  • djdvelo 22
    djdvelo 22 20 days ago

    The stuff your talking about I think is royal jelly

  • jeremy benning
    jeremy benning 20 days ago

    he cut the video to his dog and i thought he was doing a close up with the mushrooms😂

  • TresBassin' Sapp
    TresBassin' Sapp 20 days ago

    Demo the house and when you rebuild put it on stilts so if the farm floods again ... no worries

  • Connor Epping
    Connor Epping 20 days ago

    bonz is da goat

  • Cinthia B
    Cinthia B 20 days ago +1

    the dog looks like a mushroom LOL

  • Andrew Sullivan
    Andrew Sullivan 20 days ago

    Stick a beer can up the chicken butt its amazing

  • Joel Coker
    Joel Coker 20 days ago

    make a merch shop out of the house

  • david vang
    david vang 20 days ago

    Flair has progressed and grown so much. Respect bro! Keep up the awesome work!

    ROBBIE’S TV 20 days ago

    Dog looks like morel mushroom ..

  • Oisín
    Oisín 20 days ago +1

    Flairs catch and cook videos are the reason I’m probably a few kg heavier then I should be every time I watch one I get so hungry that I just go and destroy what ever is in the fridge. It’s that sizzle when he puts something i the frier.

  • Blake Coleman
    Blake Coleman 20 days ago

    Who did you get you get your bees from

  • Nicholas Gerdes
    Nicholas Gerdes 20 days ago

    You picked Snoop Hogg!!! I suggested that name. Winning!!!

  • Drew Dillbeck
    Drew Dillbeck 20 days ago

    Also if u look Around dead elms then u will find the mother load of mushrooms

  • Ben Kerska
    Ben Kerska 20 days ago

    Timthetatman’s outro music😂

  • Josh Allgeier
    Josh Allgeier 20 days ago

    You have those goldfish you should have done goldfish instead of Ritz

  • Tristan Hammond
    Tristan Hammond 20 days ago

    You should fish of the tank

  • Michael Garrah
    Michael Garrah 21 day ago

    Bro Ham... like when you say hey what's up Bro Ham.. maybe that's just me... it's a good name!

  • Michael Molinaro
    Michael Molinaro 21 day ago

    Try cap'n crunch for breading. Same method as frosted flakes. It's awesome

  • Tyler Nolan
    Tyler Nolan 21 day ago

    Man shock the lake the field I bet there’s fish in it

  • Randall
    Randall 21 day ago

    I don't even know why I even follow this guy, your videos are wack af. Such a douche bag. Unsubscribe

  • Isaiah Camarillo
    Isaiah Camarillo 21 day ago

    Ur dog looked like a mushroom for a sec

  • Outdoors with Nate and his awesome friend

    If you sub to me I'll sub too you

    L&S OUTDOORS 21 day ago

    We tuck 2 suppers full honey off are bees yesterday!!!!! Great viedo yall

  • jdesch4
    jdesch4 21 day ago

    The smoke stresses them it makes them eat the honey becase they think the hive is on fire

  • William Slendebroek
    William Slendebroek 21 day ago

    Shoot Roman candles at it.

  • Jairus Morford
    Jairus Morford 21 day ago


  • Alvin Stryker
    Alvin Stryker 21 day ago

    Name one Wilbur

  • Mario Becerra
    Mario Becerra 21 day ago


  • Gaming Turtle
    Gaming Turtle 21 day ago

    Why does the dog look like a morel mushroom

  • Pubg meme Moments
    Pubg meme Moments 21 day ago

    Blow up the house with tanerite

  • Julie Clark
    Julie Clark 21 day ago +1

    My dad was hunting for mushrooms a few years ago and the one he found one the was 1 foot tall

  • Nickolas Gonzalez
    Nickolas Gonzalez 21 day ago

    You should hire some kind of demolition team to blow the house up with a lot of dynamite. Or just use a crap load of tannerite

  • Caden D
    Caden D 21 day ago

    How muck was the tang! 🥶🥶🇱🇷🤑🦆

  • Michael Cooper
    Michael Cooper 21 day ago

    Frosted flakes bro I think they meant whoever gave you the idea must have meant corn flakes. Lol

  • Grady Thomas
    Grady Thomas 21 day ago

    Its called cavitation my dude.

  • Sebastian Williams
    Sebastian Williams 21 day ago

    That intro tho

  • Austin Price X The Pack

    I wish I was part of y’all a crew just so I could teach y’all how too cook bc I’m disappointed 99.9 percent of the time 😂

  • Malcolm Beard
    Malcolm Beard 21 day ago

    what do the suits do

  • Bassman Tv
    Bassman Tv 21 day ago

    Area you going to butcher your pigs ur yourself or you going to have them butchered by someone else

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 21 day ago

    Bacon and horse power. ... No better combo !

  • D8thGen Driver
    D8thGen Driver 21 day ago

    Flair you should turn that broken down house into a bunker

  • Ryan Alderman
    Ryan Alderman 22 days ago

    Also smoke underneath the hive and wait 10 min before opening up

  • Ryan Alderman
    Ryan Alderman 22 days ago

    Just a heads up don’t stand in front of the hives. They don’t like and they may sting you. Stand behind it

  • Roger Hall
    Roger Hall 22 days ago

    I use spreadable butter all the time in my food

  • Ryan Alderman
    Ryan Alderman 22 days ago

    Brood cells is the name of the reproductive honeycomb

  • Skylar Minshew
    Skylar Minshew 22 days ago

    Blow the house up with TNT 💥

  • Mitchell Webb
    Mitchell Webb 22 days ago

    The motor isn’t low enough so it is cavitating

  • DrottsFishingTV
    DrottsFishingTV 22 days ago

    Yup 9pm and flair wears sunglasses that's flair for ya

  • Al Harrington
    Al Harrington 22 days ago

    Just a little trick here
    It’s physically impossible to overcook mushrooms. You could cook mushrooms for hours on end and see no noticeable change in texture, flavor, etc.

    DANIEL HOLMES 22 days ago

    Flair what is your favorite rod and reel

  • Noah Schoenike
    Noah Schoenike 22 days ago

    Burn it baby. There's water right next to the house anyway.

  • TJ Kennedy
    TJ Kennedy 22 days ago +1

    Burn it

  • KeatonBruhh Fishing
    KeatonBruhh Fishing 22 days ago

    Man this dude really be tryna make us hungry before the vid

  • AJ Abbott
    AJ Abbott 22 days ago

    And again I promise u won’t die from getting stung unless your allergic I’ve been stung dozens in one day

  • Jonas Brekke
    Jonas Brekke 22 days ago

    Why does that curly dog look like one of those mushrooms?