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  • ErikTheElectric
    ErikTheElectric  4 months ago +483

    Now, Electric Empire.. WHO'S READY FOR THE 4th of JULY! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • yeah boye 1234
      yeah boye 1234 28 days ago

      My favourite place is krusty krab

    • Abby Gail
      Abby Gail 2 months ago


    • Eric Li
      Eric Li 3 months ago

      Shake my ........

    • Eboni/Darius Sturdivant/Ledbetter
      Eboni/Darius Sturdivant/Ledbetter 4 months ago

      ErikTheElectric Erik I hope u don't feel a way about me saying this but I'm black its OK ERIK U DAT NIGGA lol😂😂😂😂 seriously u the man dude all around hope too meet u one dau

    • Amani Taylor
      Amani Taylor 4 months ago

      Sadly the bbq I went to only had rice and chicken and burgers but I don’t mind I like to embrace my Jamaican culture

  • Kristophar Collins
    Kristophar Collins 17 hours ago

    Do zaxbys

  • Essam Farroukh
    Essam Farroukh Day ago



    But I like five guys the best


    Where I live I don’t have either

  • Cold Sausage
    Cold Sausage 3 days ago

    I’m shake shack, but my favorite burger place is chick-fil-a

  • prince of nonsense
    prince of nonsense 3 days ago

    SHAKE SHACK looks luxury af

  • Ignacio Valero
    Ignacio Valero 3 days ago

    I am watching this while eating salad

  • Bigboss 558
    Bigboss 558 4 days ago

    U should do white castle

  • Arjae Jenkins
    Arjae Jenkins 4 days ago

    you should do a dunkin doughnuts, or cookout, or sonic supercharge menu

  • ellieandcecilyvlogs xoxo


  • matheus soares
    matheus soares 9 days ago

    Try brazalians food

  • Shechose Marr
    Shechose Marr 12 days ago

    Do a wingstop or buffalo wild wing value menu challenge

  • Kenny G
    Kenny G 12 days ago

    The Spanish translation said over fed not super charged bro

  • Sam das
    Sam das 13 days ago +1


  • Roo
    Roo 13 days ago


  • Richard Garcia-Silva
    Richard Garcia-Silva 13 days ago

    Smashburger challenge!

  • Nora Markham
    Nora Markham 13 days ago

    Im sad you didn't get Cheese fries

  • Sadun Sharif
    Sadun Sharif 14 days ago

    Why didnt you bring a cheese sauce it is amazing that what they are known for their cheese sauce

  • TheGamerBros
    TheGamerBros 16 days ago

    Shake Shack

  • MrSchuler90
    MrSchuler90 16 days ago

    Have you eaten steak n shake yet?

  • Attar Singh Dhir
    Attar Singh Dhir 16 days ago

    I just dont understand the feud between in n out and shake shak i mean in n out is much cheaper than shake shack

  • Jay MJ
    Jay MJ 17 days ago

    Five Guys

  • DEAD MaceDaPug
    DEAD MaceDaPug 17 days ago

    My favorite burger place is Grub burger

  • Poopie pants
    Poopie pants 18 days ago

    U should film after how u take your shits.

  • Zombie-_-mal3oon
    Zombie-_-mal3oon 19 days ago

    shac shack team

  • KezzahBaby
    KezzahBaby 19 days ago

    Yes chewy cookies 😍

  • Exo Lee
    Exo Lee 20 days ago

    What music do you use

  • Isabsl Torres
    Isabsl Torres 20 days ago +1

    Im sorry but burgerking 4 life

  • Jason White
    Jason White 21 day ago


  • Alisha M
    Alisha M 22 days ago

    I couldn't do this. If I did I wouldn't eat for 13 days after all of that.

  • Shay 99
    Shay 99 22 days ago +1


  • Dark Mental
    Dark Mental 22 days ago

    Do a Jollibee menu challenge

  • Patryk Krzaczkowski
    Patryk Krzaczkowski 23 days ago

    what a nice presentation

    PAUL MARSAL 24 days ago

    Love YA vids

  • xgamer 23465
    xgamer 23465 24 days ago

    Shake shack

  • Visiblereaper98
    Visiblereaper98 25 days ago

    I dare you to finish the birthday cake shake in Black tap with any 2 burger

  • Mariah Blossom
    Mariah Blossom 27 days ago

    I like steak & shake :) OH doesn't have much options, at least my town doesn't lol

  • Bradley Negrin
    Bradley Negrin 27 days ago

    Shake shack is better

  • Brian McClellan
    Brian McClellan 27 days ago

    Do you ever get tired of eating cold food?

  • Jon Dixon
    Jon Dixon 28 days ago

    He is not eating all that food.

  • mysterious girl
    mysterious girl 28 days ago

    I Subscribed to your channel love your videos u are funny and keep up the good work ❤🖒

  • Kayla B
    Kayla B 28 days ago

    Shake shack all the way

  • Kayla B
    Kayla B 28 days ago

    You got to get the chicken burger or try altleast a shake shack burger lettuce wrapped.. or the salted caramel shake ... they upgraded

  • Amy Almanza
    Amy Almanza 28 days ago

    In N Out for life!!

  • Avery Garner
    Avery Garner 28 days ago


  • Rachael Graham
    Rachael Graham 29 days ago


  • Stale Faceee
    Stale Faceee Month ago


  • Matthew Reyes
    Matthew Reyes Month ago

    Water burger

  • Sarah Schulze
    Sarah Schulze Month ago

    You have to eat the cheese and bacon fries. The are perfect

  • Sarah Schulze
    Sarah Schulze Month ago

    Shakeshack makes the best burger I've ever eaten

  • Higher Standard
    Higher Standard Month ago

    Fatburger and fudruckers next

  • LonghairDrummer LHD

    In the in n out vs shake shack debate I'm gonna have to go with in n out. My favorite burger place is whataburger though. Gotta show my Texas pride. They know they're way around a grill, and their onion rings are absolutely the best.

  • Kayla Clark
    Kayla Clark Month ago

    Shake 🍔🍟🥤

  • Twin Yolo
    Twin Yolo Month ago

    Shake. Love your vids!

  • Brent Black
    Brent Black Month ago

    steak n shake

  • Mike Fisk
    Mike Fisk Month ago

    East coast guy here the best are five guys and White Castle

  • Kathryn West
    Kathryn West Month ago

    "Be quiet car"

  • Tom Cashin
    Tom Cashin Month ago


  • Anthony Candelaria
    Anthony Candelaria Month ago

    Let me first say bro.. I have to give you your respect because damn I’m a big boy but I don’t think I can eat that much lol you make me feel like I’m nothing lmao . I’m new to your Channel , I actually came to visit your channel because a other USclipr I see and after what I saw lol believe me when I say I’m diffidently subscribing to your channel

  • Nicholas Kizer
    Nicholas Kizer Month ago


  • Owais Akbar
    Owais Akbar Month ago


  • Nathan Gordon
    Nathan Gordon Month ago

    *shroom* burger

  • noahwitness
    noahwitness Month ago

    Try smash burgers

  • Mike H
    Mike H Month ago

    Smash burger

  • Nichole
    Nichole Month ago

    That looks soooo good!!!! We have Steak ‘n Shake over here in Ohio and it’s nasty lmao five guys is the closest thing we can get to burgers even close to that qualify 😩😂

  • Damci Kolk
    Damci Kolk Month ago

    my favorite burger is Kaj Miki

  • Xavier Smith
    Xavier Smith Month ago

    In n out but shake shack is second fav

  • Jam Binalla
    Jam Binalla Month ago


  • Buuurrr Icy
    Buuurrr Icy Month ago

    Are there onions in these burgers?

  • Sey Saro
    Sey Saro Month ago

    Gluttony is a deadly sin.. not saying your going to die ily but Jesus Christ how else would you be able to do this 5 Shack Burgers Fries two milkshakes and the bonus round DEMON!

  • Sey Saro
    Sey Saro Month ago

    Your are a demon

  • Adam Larkin
    Adam Larkin Month ago


  • Nerfslayer 50
    Nerfslayer 50 Month ago


  • Houdre Henri
    Houdre Henri Month ago

    In-N-Out for the fries hands down, but Shake Shack takes the W for the chicken burger

  • Ryan Gibson
    Ryan Gibson Month ago


  • The Neighborhood Guy

    Five Guys, because I live in Connecticut and we don't get either here.

  • Galaxy Hearts
    Galaxy Hearts Month ago


  • Vlog Nation
    Vlog Nation Month ago

    Have u did a Carl's Jr supercharge menu challenge❔

  • Layan Al-huthail
    Layan Al-huthail Month ago


  • Alicia Hubbard
    Alicia Hubbard Month ago


  • Lily Black
    Lily Black 2 months ago

    I voted chipotle I wish your butt luck XD

  • Dizzy Beast
    Dizzy Beast 2 months ago

    When your video is sponsored xDD

  • Ethan Sutton
    Ethan Sutton 2 months ago

    we have shakeshack in Wales not in&out tried it in Cali and in&out will forever be my favourite

  • Trap God
    Trap God 2 months ago


  • joedawg216
    joedawg216 2 months ago


  • Donica Small
    Donica Small 2 months ago


  • Regina Zapata
    Regina Zapata 2 months ago


  • Cameron Taylor
    Cameron Taylor 2 months ago

    Mooyah and burgerim make some fy burgers

  • brendelmeister
    brendelmeister 2 months ago

    And on it goes

  • Trena Xclusive
    Trena Xclusive 2 months ago

    wait you eat 350 cals or 3,050??? when not doing challenges

  • brasilishot18
    brasilishot18 2 months ago

    Hold up, 350 calories a day???? Or 3, 050???

  • Abby Gail
    Abby Gail 2 months ago


  • Films
    Films 2 months ago

    I had to double check if this was the same video.

  • Michael and zack mz
    Michael and zack mz 2 months ago


  • zane rafer
    zane rafer 2 months ago

    Pretty much steak and shake

  • Firewater 800
    Firewater 800 2 months ago

    Shake shack

  • Clearest Heart
    Clearest Heart 2 months ago


  • Nathan Rodriguez
    Nathan Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Is it just me or does he remind you of Ryan Reynolds?

  • NDE Venom
    NDE Venom 2 months ago