Archery In the upcoming Robin Hood Movie

  • Published on Oct 22, 2018
  • Usually movie archery is a combination of computer animation and limited knowledge about historical archery, the new Robin Hood movie is different!!
    The upcoming Robin Hood movie starring Taron Egerton has been underway for some years now. For me, the journey started in 2015, when Otto Bathurst, the director of the movie, traveled to Denmark to get instruction in the art of historical archery.
    I’ve since trained several of the actors in the film, and a couple of them became very good with the bow and arrow. Taron, who plays Robin Hood, might not be able to shoot as well as the legendary archer, but he’s not too far behind.
    During the process, I was fortunate enough to be allowed to develop some of the archery tricks that are seen in the movie - something which I’m both proud of, and humbled by.
    Together with the researcher Bede Dwyer (the person I know with the most comprehensive knowledge about archery) and Nick “Bigbowbrum” Birmingham, I got the opportunity to influence how archery was portrayed in the film.
    ( video where Nick Birmingham tells of the long longbow draw)
    In order to train the actors, I needed a whole new training system. Taron Egerton especially proved to be a challenge here, since I needed to train him to be able to do amazing shots himself right from the start. The saying was “The less CGI arrows the better”.
    Taron worked hard over the course of 2016-2017 to be able to play the part of this “historic super archer”. From the very beginning I had hoped it would be possible to teach him how to shoot incredibly fast, since speed is an essential component of several of the historic archery “expert” systems.
    I have made a page about the three historical texts, that allow us to do calculations on speed here:
    As I wanted to document this process, I’ve put together two videos - one that’s fast and dirty and to the point, and the other (much longer!), where we get to geek out and get technical and nerdy about historical archery.
    Obviously, even a Hollywood movie has its limitations on budget and what’s possible, but in the end, a lot of what we wanted to do, ended up in the final film.
    I hope you’ll enjoy watching this behind-the-scenes footage as much as I enjoyed being there for the making of it.
    Thank you for watching my videos and for reading.
    I will remove rude and dumb comments.
    I will also remove dumb “archery experts” comments.
    Lars Andersen 2018
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  • Armin Hirmer
    Armin Hirmer Year ago +1138

    Took my time and read some comments of people who seem to be pros, as they have 0 subs. What Lars shows is historically correct, you might simply have to research better sources and not only copy paste some trolls opinion - ofc that is the easiest way. You can find a ton of information about all the shown shooting styles. And then you have the one telling you that all this needs to be performed with only warbows... well. Mostly that comes from people who draw a fifty pounder... Do you guys really think that bow and arrow, the major weapon for thousands of years in all cultures, is only the little you know? Why not simply sit back and enjoy some insane and good archery in the movie?

      ANDREW DUNTON Month ago

      Lars is God that anyone else could never be.

    • Hays Cooper 1862
      Hays Cooper 1862 3 months ago

      @To Release is To Resolve you are totaly right

    • To Release is To Resolve
      To Release is To Resolve 3 months ago

      Lmao, historically correct? I guess that is why he was picked for the movie which was the most ridiculous Robin Hood yet. Movie was garbage and nowhere near historically correct.

    • Mustafa Ata Özduygulu
      Mustafa Ata Özduygulu 3 months ago +1

      Lars andersen you are archery god

    • Hays Cooper 1862
      Hays Cooper 1862 3 months ago

      Find a historical British longbow of a power that allows this kind of shooting ... the history of Robin Hood that takes place in England and he uses a longbow and I doubt he was 35 pounds ^^ and again less a bow from the east ... just my opinion not a trolling message

  • Iskalder
    Iskalder Day ago

    Well first of all the idiot blackwashed a character. A black person in medieval Europe. LOL. Always gotta blackwash our stories. They have no of their own.

  • schaddly
    schaddly 2 days ago

    im glad i seen this video finally. i knew about Lars before the movie came out and in the back of my mind i couldnt see why they either didnt have him as the actor or at the very least, an on-set advisor. while watching the movie, i did pick out certain scenes that could have been inspired by Lars but i wasnt convinced he had anything to do with the movie.

    i proudly sit corected!

  • Manuel Giesbrecht
    Manuel Giesbrecht 3 days ago

    0:06 he is just straight up aiming at him😂

  • Sameer Sinha
    Sameer Sinha 7 days ago

    andersen is a champion archerand researcher, his mindful insights have given a new turn to our understanding of archery, i wish him great luck.

  • Derek Bartlett
    Derek Bartlett 14 days ago

    Now, to shoot off the right side of a bow, you need to aim a little to the left side because of how the arrow bends in the beginning. What I recently noticed was how handy it is to actually point with the bow hand itself and let the draw hand “set the bow in place” as you pull the string back to your lip.
    Now, because of that draw back, the bow’s facing the direction it needs to! I hadn’t thought of that before since the Mediterranean [three-finger] draw always feels super-straight.

    One other advantage I’ll bring up about using the Slavic draw this way, AND having the middle finger (instead of index finger) for my anchor point; it’s easier for me to see when it’s really at full draw, and it evens out the elevation.

  • Caleb Evans
    Caleb Evans 20 days ago

    so i see that he held it in his left hand and pulled back in his right hand, but put the arrow on right side of bow i hold it like him but place my arrow on left side and draw with my right hand why does he do it this way compared to how i shoot?

  • Brad Silliman
    Brad Silliman 21 day ago

    I need Lars to train me. I also think it would be awesome to have some character in the show arrow to shoot saracen style

  • Villads HD
    Villads HD 23 days ago

    Det er en god film

  • Ion Florea
    Ion Florea 23 days ago

    the saracen looks african

  • Dankaneli
    Dankaneli 24 days ago

    Now I like the film even more. I will watch it again.

  • Nighthawk
    Nighthawk 26 days ago

    I *just* watched the movie, right after watching this video.
    I had to contain myself of shouting *"B U L L S H I T ! ! ! !"* at the screen, many, many, MANY, *MANY* times.
    yes, the archery might be correct.
    except the whole fucking rest of the movie is *B U L L S H I T ! ! ! ! !*

    did I mention the movie is bullshit? I think I did.
    oh, the archery is great tho..... *if it wasn't 200 years out of time for the movie!*

    just do a mental override while you watch the movie, remove the medieval theme, and mentally overlay a 1994 situation, for everything: dialogues, costumes, sets, locations, everything.
    they could have disguised this as a completely different story, and it would have worked, as for example the story of a mid 1990's man, drafted into the army, and sent to Irak.
    even Prince Of Thieves does a better job! and that movie is 20 years old!

  • John Colley
    John Colley 29 days ago

    that guy uses a very weak bow.If they had used very heavy bows in movies? that would be great Lars is just a show man

  • Canes Venatici
    Canes Venatici Month ago

    7:37 I'm no bow expert and in fact haven't even draw a single real bow in my live. But, isn't dry firing is super bad for the bow? I'm in college. Thinking myself making a cheap PVC bow until I get employed. Maybe I'm gonna like doing archery. Can't use my parents money for useless stuff.

  • delo Last
    delo Last Month ago


  • delo Last
    delo Last Month ago

    Archery is addictive and super difficult to get accurate unless you shot a compound bow.

  • 43bikeguy
    43bikeguy Month ago

    So he went to see amazing archers and the film still sucked

  • Derek Bartlett
    Derek Bartlett Month ago

    2:03 - 2:10 That's how I am too, a very "method writer" so to say

  • Derek Bartlett
    Derek Bartlett Month ago

    3:29 - 4:14 Having used a longbow with the Mediterranean draw for years, I can't accurately express how grateful I am for seeing ya breaking down the details there, and here at 4:31 - 4:51
    Now I've read pieces of that book Saracen Archery and use the Slavic draw all the time (been just less than a year now), just tearing my bullseye to pieces lol it's great. Finally learned faster/smoother shooting that I'll be grateful for, for a LOOOONG time

  • agnostic47
    agnostic47 Month ago

    Get someone else to do the sub-titles. ashing core, prude, ostrich. Agincourt, proved, archery

    ANDREW DUNTON Month ago

    You are the archer God Lars and no one else could ever come close to your magnificence.

  • qucumber guy
    qucumber guy Month ago

    too bad the movie bombed...

  • L0gicWülf Schulman

    First thought when I saw the movie's archery is "LarsAndersen is probably behind this.", though the movie's plot was not as good as I hoped, the archery was fascinating.

  • Elliot Perkins
    Elliot Perkins Month ago

    You rock let's goooo

  • john Mutton
    john Mutton Month ago

    Enjoyed film Immensely!

  • Red Barron
    Red Barron 2 months ago


  • dinotobi
    dinotobi 2 months ago +2

    Im Danish and when you hear Lars talk you Can really hear he is a dane

  • Elthenar
    Elthenar 2 months ago

    I did not give a damn about that movie. Until now, now that I know Lars Anderson was involved.

  • Kelvin Chell
    Kelvin Chell 2 months ago +1

    Thanks for the time you have put in to learn ancient archery. Its really opened my eyes to how good they were.

  • Felix Hofbauer
    Felix Hofbauer 2 months ago

    Best idea to involve Lars into the production! He has so much practise with archery like no one else. I don't know why so many other archers do not like him. He does not even say that his style is the only (if you look cloesly you will reconize that Lars can do a lot of different archery styles, so i would say there is no "his style" of archery.) He just enjoys the rapid/fast drawing and close distance shooting. But he doesn't say that a Longbow has not its purpose and is a "wrong" weapon and so for every other archery style.
    Modern sport shooting is more a hunting style and that is just not his thing.
    Since I know that Lars Andersen was part of the production this movie is a must see for me!

    That is the way how movies should be made!

    • Halfdan The Black
      Halfdan The Black 2 months ago

      No. There was both accurate about it and the archery was bs

  • Thel 'Vadam
    Thel 'Vadam 3 months ago

    Seems like the Saracens wrote a lot of bullshit into their books.

  • Ray Tam
    Ray Tam 3 months ago

    Robin Hood shoot Asian recurve bow instead of English long bow? Something like Bruce Lee dual wield pistols instead of nunchucks. That why so many people can't accept this.

  • Michael Edelman
    Michael Edelman 3 months ago

    Yes, what Lars can do is very impressive- but centuries of research by scores of historians and archeologists tells us that what he does has nothing to do with the archery was used in combat in the West. A soldier couldn’t dodge an arrows for the simple reason that no soldier ever faced a solitary archer. Archery was used as artillery in Europe and in China, with thousands of archers firing volleys starting at several hundred yards. Those who argue otherwise here do not appear to have read any history of the era.

  • Şant Pirol
    Şant Pirol 3 months ago

    İ first discovered lars couple years ago i remember that he had mor videos what happened?

  • Şant Pirol
    Şant Pirol 3 months ago

    I'm sorry but i hated that robin hood movie. That did not felt like a robin hood.

  • Pentatonix Ultra fan
    Pentatonix Ultra fan 3 months ago +2

    The Persian grip helped a lot with speed shooting

  • Timur V King
    Timur V King 3 months ago +2

    Oliver Queen heard laughing in the far corner.

  • CanadaKing Racing
    CanadaKing Racing 3 months ago

    We need this at the end of movie so we know it’s acurate

  • Jonathan Arokapiti
    Jonathan Arokapiti 3 months ago +1

    To all the haters and SKEPTICISM towards Lars. This is proof 😎😎😎👍👍👍

    • Assault Spoon
      Assault Spoon 2 months ago

      @To Release is To Resolve Yes, an English Archer, learns to shoot with Saracen teqniques, and suddenly armor is paper, everyone's using bows at close range, nocking is instantaneous, and bad guys flip over in slow motion when they get hit by arrows
      And then everyone turns into Antifa for the last half hour, and the whole film completely falls to pieces.

    • To Release is To Resolve
      To Release is To Resolve 3 months ago

      Proof of what? Hollywood doesn't care about historical accuracy. Did you watch this trash movie? Lol

  • Nicanor Núñez
    Nicanor Núñez 3 months ago

    That is one thick Denmark accent. Respect for Lars and the movie team.

  • Timmy Gibons
    Timmy Gibons 3 months ago

    If the film is or wasn't historically acurate why bother making the film tbh

  • Blacksáber Predator
    Blacksáber Predator 3 months ago

    1 V 1 me in archery tag
    (Ancient Master Archer Style which should
    Be right up your alley)

  • Justin Last
    Justin Last 3 months ago

    I might actually watch thing movie now.

  • Thomas Brooklyn
    Thomas Brooklyn 3 months ago

    What bow is Lars using? (the orange and green one)

  • Kanishka KAMBLE
    Kanishka KAMBLE 3 months ago

    Now Taron is a legit badass archer

  • Benjamin Filbert
    Benjamin Filbert 3 months ago

    The archery was ok. Could have been better replicated in my opinion.
    I'm glad the director at least admitted the movie was going to suck, so he didn't want it to suck as much.

  • Tom Cool
    Tom Cool 3 months ago +1

    You spend all that time and effort into the film to try to make it historically accurate and you throw all that away by putting a token Negro in it. How can we take that movie seriously? I'm not going to watch that silly film.

  • Ronin 6
    Ronin 6 3 months ago

    I've always really liked the composite bow used by the Mongols. As far as the different draw styles go, I only know how to use the Mediterranean draw. I haven't been able to do any archery in years due to back problems from an injury I sustained while practicing martial arts, but I'm hoping to get back into archery again now that the weather is nice. If I can't do it though, I've been considering learning knife throwing.

  • Chris May
    Chris May 4 months ago

    James Jean is better then Lars

    • Chris May
      Chris May 4 months ago

      @C Souls
      There is no arrow point that Lars can aim better then James Jean!

    • C Souls
      C Souls 4 months ago

      There is no point in saying that

  • -Lloyd-
    -Lloyd- 4 months ago +1

    Your movie was terrible.

    • C Souls
      C Souls 4 months ago

      Well that's just not nice

  • OldManWinter
    OldManWinter 4 months ago

    Interesting ideas, major bomb of a movie.

  • Autistic Guitar
    Autistic Guitar 4 months ago

    Lars I really wish you could make some tutorial videos

  • Kyo Yamato
    Kyo Yamato 4 months ago

    Now that I see they've put that much dedication in the archery training for the movie I think I'm gonna watch it

  • Black Tea
    Black Tea 4 months ago

    7:38 dry shooting a bow is a big no no.

  • ochinchin 69
    ochinchin 69 4 months ago

    This dude is lit he did resurect most of the forgoten technique of archery dam

  • loki1066
    loki1066 4 months ago

    'You can easily get a shield up ' , yes with the low poundage bow with big rubber ends 😆😅😆

  • Oldman Garyy
    Oldman Garyy 4 months ago

    Master jedi archery version.

  • Afiq 1899
    Afiq 1899 4 months ago

    Taron put his arrows in his right side of the bow (bow in left hand) is this because lars teach him dat way or he just yolo fire arrows dat way...

    • RustyKettle
      RustyKettle 4 months ago

      Always faster to draw to the thumb

  • Bruce Schram
    Bruce Schram 4 months ago

    459 dislikes? WTF is wrong with you disrespectful punk ass bit*hes? Lars is Awesome. Edit: more like a national treasure!

    • Halfdan The Black
      Halfdan The Black 2 months ago

      Because the movie and archery was unnacurate and made No sense

  • Tek P
    Tek P 4 months ago +2

    It's cool you assisted on this move, but the film is hot garbage lol!