Archery In the upcoming Robin Hood Movie

  • Published on Oct 22, 2018
  • Usually movie archery is a combination of computer animation and limited knowledge about historical archery, the new Robin Hood movie is different!!
    The upcoming Robin Hood movie starring Taron Egerton has been underway for some years now. For me, the journey started in 2015, when Otto Bathurst, the director of the movie, traveled to Denmark to get instruction in the art of historical archery.
    I’ve since trained several of the actors in the film, and a couple of them became very good with the bow and arrow. Taron, who plays Robin Hood, might not be able to shoot as well as the legendary archer, but he’s not too far behind.
    During the process, I was fortunate enough to be allowed to develop some of the archery tricks that are seen in the movie - something which I’m both proud of, and humbled by.
    Together with the researcher Bede Dwyer (the person I know with the most comprehensive knowledge about archery) and Nick “Bigbowbrum” Birmingham, I got the opportunity to influence how archery was portrayed in the film.
    ( video where Nick Birmingham tells of the long longbow draw)
    In order to train the actors, I needed a whole new training system. Taron Egerton especially proved to be a challenge here, since I needed to train him to be able to do amazing shots himself right from the start. The saying was “The less CGI arrows the better”.
    Taron worked hard over the course of 2016-2017 to be able to play the part of this “historic super archer”. From the very beginning I had hoped it would be possible to teach him how to shoot incredibly fast, since speed is an essential component of several of the historic archery “expert” systems.
    I have made a page about the three historical texts, that allow us to do calculations on speed here:
    As I wanted to document this process, I’ve put together two videos - one that’s fast and dirty and to the point, and the other (much longer!), where we get to geek out and get technical and nerdy about historical archery.
    Obviously, even a Hollywood movie has its limitations on budget and what’s possible, but in the end, a lot of what we wanted to do, ended up in the final film.
    I hope you’ll enjoy watching this behind-the-scenes footage as much as I enjoyed being there for the making of it.
    Thank you for watching my videos and for reading.
    I will remove rude and dumb comments.
    I will also remove dumb “archery experts” comments.
    Lars Andersen 2018
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  • Armin Hirmer
    Armin Hirmer 8 months ago +994

    Took my time and read some comments of people who seem to be pros, as they have 0 subs. What Lars shows is historically correct, you might simply have to research better sources and not only copy paste some trolls opinion - ofc that is the easiest way. You can find a ton of information about all the shown shooting styles. And then you have the one telling you that all this needs to be performed with only warbows... well. Mostly that comes from people who draw a fifty pounder... Do you guys really think that bow and arrow, the major weapon for thousands of years in all cultures, is only the little you know? Why not simply sit back and enjoy some insane and good archery in the movie?

    • Bruce Schram
      Bruce Schram 20 days ago

      @Captainmotion kinda anal

    • First Surname
      First Surname 28 days ago

      I noticed that when i started to make a bow and arrows from some tree branches that i have in my backyard, the intuituve making process made me feel as if it were well rooted in my dna. It feels so natural to make a bow and arrow and people should try it. Making a pvc tube bow does not feel natural to me but i just may try it for the results look promising.

    • 5zone Droner
      5zone Droner Month ago

      Finally some 50cent from my one of my idol

    • ahegaofish
      ahegaofish 2 months ago

      because its not good archery
      its wimpy shitcan archery, ill torrent it and then rate it as shit im sure

    • Halfdan The Black
      Halfdan The Black 2 months ago

      @Mead Longbows This is bullshit ok? Only way you can fire so fast is with a bow that has little power and that is not going to do anything agein mail with gambenson or better armor. This is only cool to look at, useless in real life warfare...

  • Chris May
    Chris May 14 hours ago

    James Jean is better then Lars

  • -Lloyd-
    -Lloyd- 5 days ago +1

    Your movie was terrible.

  • OldManWinter
    OldManWinter 7 days ago

    Interesting ideas, major bomb of a movie.

  • Autistic Guitar
    Autistic Guitar 7 days ago

    Lars I really wish you could make some tutorial videos

  • Kyo Yamato
    Kyo Yamato 10 days ago

    Now that I see they've put that much dedication in the archery training for the movie I think I'm gonna watch it

  • Black Tea
    Black Tea 12 days ago

    7:38 dry shooting a bow is a big no no.

  • ochinchin 69
    ochinchin 69 12 days ago

    This dude is lit he did resurect most of the forgoten technique of archery dam

  • loki1066
    loki1066 14 days ago

    'You can easily get a shield up ' , yes with the low poundage bow with big rubber ends 😆😅😆

  • Ben Grimm
    Ben Grimm 15 days ago

    Thats a pretty athletic actor.

  • Oldman Garyy
    Oldman Garyy 17 days ago

    Master jedi archery version.

  • Afiq Asman
    Afiq Asman 18 days ago

    Taron put his arrows in his right side of the bow (bow in left hand) is this because lars teach him dat way or he just yolo fire arrows dat way...

  • Bruce Schram
    Bruce Schram 20 days ago

    459 dislikes? WTF is wrong with you disrespectful punk ass bit*hes? Lars is Awesome. Edit: more like a national treasure!

  • Tek P
    Tek P 20 days ago

    It's cool you assisted on this move, but the film is hot garbage lol!

    DOCU CAT 22 days ago

    First found about Lars about year back and think I subscribed from other account, time to subscribe from this one too :)

  • NightMage GG
    NightMage GG 22 days ago

    Lips Purple from red wine at the end...

  • xlbronco
    xlbronco 22 days ago +1

    Thank goodness you removed the dumb comments. Too many retarded people. I hope they paid you a million $$$

  • Sam McCconnell
    Sam McCconnell 22 days ago

    Lars andersan, about as historically accurate as braveheart

  • Norwegian Nemesis
    Norwegian Nemesis 23 days ago +1

    I appreeciate the accuracy in the movie, and not putring a lot of irrelevant or straight up false things in for action.

  • alejandro dagdag
    alejandro dagdag 24 days ago

    Do you have a school where you teach your skills?

  • LeninovaPles
    LeninovaPles 25 days ago

    This Robin Hood is definitely the most ridiculous and painful to watch of all the Robin Hood movies.

  • Fluff Nuff
    Fluff Nuff 25 days ago

    Does it have power V?

  • Lindley Lumantas
    Lindley Lumantas 25 days ago

    So that's why this movie's archery looked familiar. Saw that guy's archery video a long time ago.

  • Kevin Whittingham
    Kevin Whittingham 25 days ago

    To shoot that fast I am geaseing it is a 30 lbs bow

  • GreatMCGamer
    GreatMCGamer 27 days ago +1

    Why not just use Larse for the movie : /
    Surely he could be taught to act.

  • Dick Masterson
    Dick Masterson 27 days ago

    Holy cow! Not only are you an amazing archer but also an amazing and patient teacher. My hat off to you and your work. Godbless

  • Ix Suomi
    Ix Suomi 28 days ago

    @Larsandersen23 How about you write an book on the matter? Surely you got to add something and conclude what you have learned from training.

  • Jake Yuraszeck
    Jake Yuraszeck 28 days ago

    "cool thanks man"

  • First Surname
    First Surname 29 days ago

    3:29 the first time i ever heard Larss voice 😂

  • Jine Oloji
    Jine Oloji 29 days ago

    this would have been so cool if the plot / acting of the movie didn't totally suck lol

  • Infantry Sniper
    Infantry Sniper Month ago

    Please teach us to become like you so good on this skills. 11B/sniper hooah!

  • Daniel Stuart
    Daniel Stuart Month ago

    Taron does not get enough credit for this movie.

  • Justinaccurate
    Justinaccurate Month ago +79

    Robin Hood?

    *Medieval John Wick*

  • BongVeteran
    BongVeteran Month ago

    arabs have never been good at anything - this is the historical fact. Now, the crusaders ---- destroyed every single part of the arab and islamic dogs from start to finish. stop talking shit - learn from the best - the crusaders

    • John Minnitt
      John Minnitt 24 days ago +1

      Except of course the crusaders lost in the end, all their territories were lost by c1300.

  • Antdestroyer
    Antdestroyer Month ago

    The trailer looks shit, this looks good though.

  • Skin Golem
    Skin Golem Month ago

    You are an innovator Lars! Keep up the excellent work! Big fan.

  • Powder
    Powder Month ago

    jsut that the movie is completely shit xD using more fingers is one of the worst beginner mistakes..

  • Peter Ridley
    Peter Ridley Month ago

    Well explained. I had misinterpreted the draw used in the movie.

  • arsetothem
    arsetothem Month ago

    ohh interesting... too bad the movie sucks

  • fuzzy
    fuzzy Month ago

    7:37 oh god

  • Andre galeon
    Andre galeon Month ago +1

    Incase zombie's are here ill find lars anderson as my partner

  • DP von Icecream
    DP von Icecream Month ago

    I find this short clip much more interesting (understatement) than the entire movie!

  • The Hylander
    The Hylander Month ago

    Pity it's a shit film.

  • Anonym Unknown
    Anonym Unknown Month ago

    First I was like nah just another Hollywood disgrace of archery and show of extra effects and animation, but then... DAYUM Lars involved O.o gimme that movie, I want it, I need it, really looking forward

  • The Folan
    The Folan Month ago

    So... curving bullet is possible!

  • Grace Full Joys
    Grace Full Joys Month ago +3

    This was great. You did a great job on the work for the film.

  • sprowl sprout
    sprowl sprout Month ago

    omg was thinking of Lars when I saw the movie.

  • spacetape
    spacetape Month ago

    lol Lars has the most unfortunate voice

  • Cali Braxus
    Cali Braxus Month ago

    If Lars had starred in the movie, they'd have had to slow the shooting scenes down in post production, just to make them believable.

  • Henning Radasewski
    Henning Radasewski Month ago

    How much draw weight is this? 10 lbs??? How much do these "arrows" weight? 100 grains??? How much penetration do you believe will you get on a human, let alone with thick leather or metal armor.??? Don't pretend the stuff you show here or in ANY of your videos have ANY weight in a real life situation or are historical correct. You sir, have made yourself a name on the internet with fake "archery" trick shots, which would be okay if you wouldn't try to make an adudience believe that this is how it happened 1000 years ago. Apparently you did convince some uneducated film maker to get you on board his next movie as an adviser and led him to believe that a longbow is somewhat like a ancient, close quarters assault weapon, which can be witnessed in the opening war scene. As a former paratrooper and compound and recurve Archer I can tell you, nothing is further from the truth. Thank God this rubbish got the reviews it deserves. I for one turned it off after about 30 minutes.

    • John Minnitt
      John Minnitt Month ago

      I basically agree. Personally I wouldn't criticise the use of light bows for filming, in the same way as you probably wouldn't use live ammunition in guns in a film. However it is a simple fact that to pierce armour like this, if possible at all, would need a heavy bow - so why not teach the actors to shoot as though it needed effort? Acting basically.
      Even people well-used to heavy bows don't shoot them this casually - look at videos on youtube of warbow archers. Also of course even with a heavy bow it would need a long draw to penetrate armour, not half-draw in order to shoot quickly.

  • dolofonos
    dolofonos Month ago

    Ancient burst-fire.

  • Grant LeBlanc
    Grant LeBlanc Month ago +3

    taron dry bowing killed my sould lmao

  • Disent Design
    Disent Design Month ago

    I really hope the 10 people who saw the film appreciate all the work that went into the archery

  • Caterina Hunts
    Caterina Hunts Month ago

    Oh wow, I had no idea Lars was involved with the movie. I didn't even watch it cuz I don't like hearing the same story or seeing dramatic changes and all that but, I do love Larson archery so I definitely gotta see it now

  • Nemanja Nemanjaa
    Nemanja Nemanjaa Month ago

    Don't be bothered by stupid comments. Really good call on the movie director to work with Lars for archery as he is the one you want if there is any archery involved. I'll definitely see the movie

  • pacus123
    pacus123 Month ago +1

    Damn Roger Federer sure knows about his bows and arrows.

  • Zerolimits
    Zerolimits Month ago +9

    its sad that the movie wasn't that great. I am for sure tho impressed with that stunts, that deserves something.

  • Body Language Drama

    its a shame movie didnt do well

  • ZeroEight
    ZeroEight Month ago

    8:28 you threw those discs a little high, don't you think?

  • GoldenBadger
    GoldenBadger 2 months ago

    I had no idea Taron had to train this hard

  • Gibran A
    Gibran A 2 months ago

    Holy crap, I'm so disappointed that I didn't go see the movie. Good job Lars

  • Devin Pote
    Devin Pote 2 months ago

    What kind of bow is that

  • TheRobotAssassin
    TheRobotAssassin 2 months ago +6

    Darn.😤 I had no idea Lars was involved and the actors were really shooting the bows.😱 So much stuff is fakey-fake CGI these days that to learn and see it was done practically, through training and acquired skill, has greatly heightened my interest in now seeing this film.👍 I wish I had known this when it was in theaters.😕 I would've definitely gone and seen it then.😉 I only saw 1 trailer during previews and I thought 🤔 it was gonna be a CGI fest of unrealistic proportions(yeah, yeah, I know this is trick-shot archery and not practical archery).🤗 Man I feel dumb.🤦🏻‍♂️ Now I gotta go watch this.🤷‍♂️

    • TheRobotAssassin
      TheRobotAssassin Month ago

      Chris Aww c'mon, it's not that bad.🤷‍♂️🤣

    • Chris
      Chris Month ago +1

      Chill with the emojis

  • six
    six 2 months ago

    better than hawkeue

  • Smally Bells
    Smally Bells 2 months ago

    Just going to watch the Kevin Costner version.

  • Kalpataru Sengupta
    Kalpataru Sengupta 2 months ago

    Where are the arseholes now who mocked him before !!!!

  • Yan Campos
    Yan Campos 2 months ago

    This guy talk like shit...

  • Commander800
    Commander800 2 months ago

    Great archery in a meh movie

  • Altair1193
    Altair1193 2 months ago

    Great that the archery was real and was trained so much. But all the rest of the film was real bullshit. Worst film I've seen in a long period

  • Joseph Calandria
    Joseph Calandria 2 months ago

    It's a shame they didn't put the same effort in the story as they do in the archery.

  • Nich olas
    Nich olas 2 months ago +1

    Maybe if they focused more one the movie and less on the archery they would’ve made a good film

  • filipgeist
    filipgeist 2 months ago +2

    The movie looks like rubish tho

    • Naruto Uzumaki
      Naruto Uzumaki 2 months ago

      filipgeist I watched the movie and it was good I liked it a lot

  • Cyanhusky
    Cyanhusky 2 months ago

    Lars is so cute lel

    • Mossy Cossy
      Mossy Cossy 2 months ago

      I love him and want to pick him no homo

  • Barnaby Chicken
    Barnaby Chicken 2 months ago +6

    The archery is historically accurate but their outfits aren't

    • John Minnitt
      John Minnitt Month ago

      @Barnaby Chicken Oh, I agree with you about the odd costumes, I'm just pointing out, looking at your first comment, that the archery isn't particularly 'historically accurate' either.

    • Barnaby Chicken
      Barnaby Chicken Month ago

      John Minnitt that’s not what I meant. I just found it weird how their clothes look so modern.

    • John Minnitt
      John Minnitt Month ago

      If you think arrows piercing armour when shot from a half-drawn bow is historically accurate I suggest you do a little relevant reading.

    • • Scrithen •
      • Scrithen • Month ago +1

      "We did not want the movie to be historically accurate" Do you not have ears?

  • Christopher Solares
    Christopher Solares 2 months ago

    No one noticed the dry fire at 7:37?

  • Shamilabdullah sha
    Shamilabdullah sha 2 months ago

    lars is the hwkeye

  • Gawain
    Gawain 2 months ago +1

    What were they thinking with this movie? A tragedy that has damaged the Robin Hood name for years to come

  • k.santoshkr k.santosh kumar

    Totally copy from Indian archery 🎯 technics

  • ahegaofish
    ahegaofish 2 months ago

    also using a super low weight bow
    fucking idiots

  • Avion
    Avion 2 months ago

    but if you need to hit three arrows in 60bows distance and test it on a aim two meters away ;) ... no no, actually amazing work! Of course not the five years of historical shooter but incredible work for an actor to commit and learn and perform this! (kinda envy you to train with lars...) now i am very much looking forward to the movie

  • Vulpes Inculta
    Vulpes Inculta 2 months ago

    Horrible casting horrible writing and horrible directing. Shame Lars has to be associated with this garbage movie.

  • Shadowhenge
    Shadowhenge 2 months ago

    Hawkeye IRL

  • crow ya salty
    crow ya salty 2 months ago

    looking a the training montage, while the usual stand still shooting at a still target is still very fun ,it would be amazing to actually have that kinda training and even competitions to be more common in the world

  • Romu
    Romu 2 months ago

    Firing arrows? Fire?!

  • Honza Altrichter
    Honza Altrichter 2 months ago

    When I watched that film first thing I noticed was how the hell can that guys run around with war bows (80+ pounds) like they are holding 5 pound bows and I was thinking like how the hell nobody realized this.
    Also, I love how at the beginning of the film Robin Is drawing the bow only with his hand a can hold it drawn with hand only ...

  • Muhd Aiman
    Muhd Aiman 2 months ago

    I always want training become pro achery war😣

  • The Half Blood Prince
    The Half Blood Prince 2 months ago

    Recurve or compound bow?

    • Halfdan The Black
      Halfdan The Black 2 months ago +1

      Does it rly matter tough? The archery is extremly unnrealistic.

  • Brasil 2015
    Brasil 2015 2 months ago

    Too bad the movie was a big pile of shit

  • fehzorz
    fehzorz 3 months ago

    It's heartbreaking to see all the effort and attention to detail that ended up becoming such a shitty movie.

    • Halfdan The Black
      Halfdan The Black 2 months ago

      But the archery is dumb as hell. If you use a bow so weak you can spam it soo fast its useless.

  • Kerry Yang
    Kerry Yang 3 months ago +2

    6:45 hes shooting his bow like an assault rifle

  • Kerry Yang
    Kerry Yang 3 months ago +2

    the plot was trash but damn the fight scenes are good

  • So Confused
    So Confused 3 months ago

    hate these shitty hollywood action movies

  • Bob Guerio
    Bob Guerio 3 months ago

    I remember reading a book about North American Indians shooting at each other as kids, and avoiding the arrows. And also some british soldiers and some indians guys shooting arrows and musket bullets at a metal armour. The indians arrows pierced the armour so the Brits cheated and got the the Indians angry. Forgot the details. But I think the book is "1491 Pre Colombian America"

  • Gabrieldragonslayer69
    Gabrieldragonslayer69 3 months ago +2

    Lars isn’t exactly historically accurate...

  • JJ Sheridan
    JJ Sheridan 3 months ago +1

    After watching this I have more of an appreciation for the movie. I honestly didn't think they could be that good at archery. Mind is blown.

  • Samurai king
    Samurai king 3 months ago +2

    3:54 and yet people still call anderson a liar yeah keep hating .😉.

    • Halfdan The Black
      Halfdan The Black 2 months ago

      He is

    • John Minnitt
      John Minnitt 3 months ago

      I don't think anyone has said Lars has lied about finding support for elements of his technique in various old texts (except, I suspect, for the half-draw when shooting fast), but they have pointed out something very close to that in the denying of value and authenticity to other styles of archery, particularly in the first video. Lars himself has, creditably, qualified some of that since, though some followers still come out with nonsense like 'arrow on the left is wrong'.

  • Vojin Milojkovic
    Vojin Milojkovic 3 months ago

    Amazing video,
    after watching this, wish the movie did better >.>

  • Timothy Edward
    Timothy Edward 3 months ago

    I love how the historical aspects in the archery is focused 😁, its true that longbows are not used for “urban”
    combat. Though maybe historically what they mean is fast moving archery like horse archery. Longbows are actually used more of its penetration and open field battles like in Agincourt. And the smaller recurves are mainly used for horseback’s although not saying recurves can’t be use on foot or the longbow on horse (would be very2 rare and difficult) but mike loades proofed its possible.

    • Halfdan The Black
      Halfdan The Black 2 months ago

      Its not tough, its bullshit. You really think the bows Anderson uses would be enough to go trough mail with gambenson?

  • READ Comics
    READ Comics 3 months ago

    The movie was really awesome, the archery was amazing.

    • Halfdan The Black
      Halfdan The Black 2 months ago

      It was shit, movie and archery. The whole thing about this type of archery, bow power and armor is soo dumb i dont think i can explain it

  • Jeanbawi Prevost
    Jeanbawi Prevost 3 months ago

    he looks like the tennisman( Federer)