We Got Our Makeup Done While Lying Down Like Katy Perry • Ladylike


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  • Maddi Gudeit
    Maddi Gudeit Day ago

    Was this low key sponsored by limecrime or do the girls just love the brand?😂😂😂

  • Quindlyn
    Quindlyn 2 days ago

    This video is just one pair hella vibing platonically and another one hella vibing romantically

  • A. Bookmonkey
    A. Bookmonkey 2 days ago

    Chantel's boobs in the face issue is very relatable

  • Livia Rönnkvist
    Livia Rönnkvist 3 days ago


  • MIchal Barkai
    MIchal Barkai 6 days ago

    Cant believe jen activated my phones timer while watching this video!

  • Brooklyn Florene
    Brooklyn Florene 7 days ago

    This is the most useless video ever

  • Sophie Boisvert
    Sophie Boisvert 7 days ago

    9:45 I pass this moment of Jen with her mouth like 50 times and I laugh all the time!!!!

  • Ainsley Smith
    Ainsley Smith 8 days ago

    Waiiiit what eyebrow product does Devon use😱😍

  • Caryn Gibson
    Caryn Gibson 9 days ago

    I almost rage quit the video when the ASMR started. That stuff has the opposite effect on me. Lol

  • alone potatoes squad

    At 12:27 she should have said "thank you next"

  • alone potatoes squad

    Omg deven I thought that I was one if the one not peoples to where more than one maskara

  • Renee carter-irby
    Renee carter-irby 9 days ago

    I love them but tbh
    Jen lowkey was trash....

  • Renee carter-irby
    Renee carter-irby 9 days ago

    marilyn monroe also used to have her makeup applied this way by her beloved allan "whitey" snider! lol everyone wants to be marilyn @least once

  • Grapey Grace’s
    Grapey Grace’s 9 days ago

    LOW key shipping devin and chantel

  • Madison Durrance
    Madison Durrance 9 days ago

    My phone reacted when Jen said hey google

  • LoveFrom713
    LoveFrom713 9 days ago

    Which is the purple brow pencil that both Devin & Chantelle use?

  • Zara Eatin
    Zara Eatin 10 days ago

    1:25 it says Kristen and Devin shouldnt it be Kristen and Jen?

  • Alexis Velazquez
    Alexis Velazquez 11 days ago

    7:24 Jen's sock😂 anyone who wears ankle socks knows the feeling 😂

  • Nicole Trueman
    Nicole Trueman 11 days ago

    Devins make up looks amazing!!!!

  • Idk You
    Idk You 11 days ago

    Omg it should’ve been “lady tested, lady rested”

  • Lauren H
    Lauren H 12 days ago

    I needed this laugh. Today has been so stressful.

  • FleetingMoons
    FleetingMoons 12 days ago

    Devin should do asmr omg lol

  • Jason Cheers
    Jason Cheers 12 days ago

    “Mortuary Makeup”😂

  • Sara Davey
    Sara Davey 12 days ago

    Anyone know what brow products devin and chantel used?

  • maybe a normalhuman
    maybe a normalhuman 13 days ago +3

    Jen: The Anxious Bob Ross

  • Stephanie Louise
    Stephanie Louise 14 days ago

    So I apparently sound enough like Jen that when she said hey google my phone reacted

  • bananabuttersomethin
    bananabuttersomethin 15 days ago

    If you're gonna do a product promo that is how you do a product promo. Didn't break from the flow of the video at all.

  • Madison Neely
    Madison Neely 15 days ago

    Who else wants Devin and Chantel to date?

  • Promise Hinnant
    Promise Hinnant 16 days ago

    Did anyone else's phone go off when Jen said hey Google

  • Fede Dyret
    Fede Dyret 17 days ago

    12:49 the backgroud

  • K. Cathey
    K. Cathey 17 days ago

    This is the absolute BEST I have seen Freddy's hair 😍😍

  • Mrs Disneylover
    Mrs Disneylover 18 days ago +1

    Warning if you are near a goggle product and they hear Jen say hey google set fifteenth minute your google will do that command

  • Marlene Burk
    Marlene Burk 18 days ago

    Where did you get the awesome Queen tee??

  • PurpleCanary
    PurpleCanary 18 days ago

    I ship Devin and chantel

  • Rey Menacher
    Rey Menacher 19 days ago


  • toyosi oyinda
    toyosi oyinda 19 days ago

    SIS HOW???????

  • Jennah Johnson
    Jennah Johnson 20 days ago

    You guys should do a asmr video

  • InTrOvErT aRtS
    InTrOvErT aRtS 20 days ago +2

    *i love brush*

  • Katie Sue Malin
    Katie Sue Malin 21 day ago

    8:28 when Devin said she wanted someone to lay their head in her lap so she could extract pimples. Sign me up.

  • Erica Zirkelbach
    Erica Zirkelbach 21 day ago

    I want you to dress in kids clothing for a week

  • Ivonne Valle
    Ivonne Valle 21 day ago

    Where can I get Devin's shirt?

  • Viola Chasety
    Viola Chasety 22 days ago

    What was that purple pen devin and chantel were using?

  • Robert Richardson
    Robert Richardson 22 days ago

    Is there a difference comparing make up while standing or laying down is there a difference between how the make up looks while doing make up standing and laying down or does it look the same?

  • Gloria Sheen
    Gloria Sheen 23 days ago

    ok but can someone tell me what brow and lip product devin have on her face

  • Breeze Wind
    Breeze Wind 25 days ago

    Imagin you and your bff doing this and your brother walks in 😐😐😐😐😐😐

  • Kelsy B
    Kelsy B 25 days ago

    someone come over and do my makeup

  • Ife L.
    Ife L. 26 days ago

    Who else had to think about “lady down” for a whole min

  • Molly Cunningham
    Molly Cunningham 27 days ago

    That was some weird ASMR

  • Sy_ Rah
    Sy_ Rah 27 days ago

    I feel like Kristin hates Jen idk why lmao

  • Aulë Pulli
    Aulë Pulli 28 days ago

    I got shivers... Looks so relaxing

  • Maryam Fatima
    Maryam Fatima 28 days ago

    4:57 I ship it

  • nniccx3
    nniccx3 29 days ago

    Kristen! Where’s your dress from?!!

  • Adriana
    Adriana 29 days ago

    I do my sisters makeup while she lays her head in my lap cuz we're lazy lmao

  • Bizzy Elvin
    Bizzy Elvin Month ago


  • EM M
    EM M Month ago

    Kristen lying down looks like that boy from lost with long hair and crazy persona😂

  • Baumfroschbarbie 23

    "You seem like a really anxious Bob Ross"😅

  • Queen Aleena
    Queen Aleena Month ago

    Y’all why do you have to curse so much😡

  • Alex Vidinas
    Alex Vidinas Month ago

    I want someone to look at me the way Devin looks at Chantel upside down ✨❤️✨

  • Fallen Midnight
    Fallen Midnight Month ago

    "Someone is pregnant and we don't know how it happened..."
    I'm dying of laughter

  • Hema Kaur
    Hema Kaur Month ago

    Omg Devin and Chantel I ship it in this vid so much 😂

  • Kayla Carpenetti
    Kayla Carpenetti Month ago

    8:15 "You seem like a really anxious bob ross," Kristen says as Jen is wearing a light blue button-down shirt with chest pockets...

  • minecraft mix
    minecraft mix Month ago

    Devin need to do an asmr video

  • Marah Q
    Marah Q Month ago

    Here in Jordan salons usually do your make up while you are laying down

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole Month ago

    Yeah, this is soft core asmr

  • ember wolferyt
    ember wolferyt Month ago

    My new description of my self. Anxious bob Ross.

  • Jayy Jokela
    Jayy Jokela Month ago

    The amount of times Jen lost her sock off her foot in this video lmfao

  • Crystal Hollyfield
    Crystal Hollyfield Month ago

    do any one see that it said round 2 jen and chantel reply and tell me please

  • Michele Robbins
    Michele Robbins Month ago

    Okay, so one, I'm literally Devin wanting someone to let me pop all their pimples. And two, I'm literally Jen being an anxious Bob Ross.

  • Yamila X
    Yamila X Month ago

    Omg do an ASMR video!

  • Brianna Berry
    Brianna Berry Month ago


  • BlijVrouw
    BlijVrouw Month ago

    Is there a video somewhere of Bella Hadid getting her makeup done while laying down?

  • GoCommitFortnite Death

    I’ve always gotten my makeup done and done others makeup while laying down. Is this like some new thing that adults have never done?

  • Adeline Tomarere
    Adeline Tomarere Month ago

    What was the purple eyebrow thing Dev was using???

    • Megan Sutterfield
      Megan Sutterfield Month ago

      Adeline Tomarere i believe it’s Lime Crime’s eyebrow marker

  • Just some more Yeemo trash

    whenever i do my friends makeup or my moms makeup for events they lay down. i didn’t know that was a weird thing to do

  • Caitlin Taylor
    Caitlin Taylor Month ago

    Does anyone els have a google home and every time a google app add comes up on USclip or Jen says hey google to her phone your google home turns on and does the command because me too

  • Paige Crawford
    Paige Crawford Month ago +50

    Anyone else binge watching ladylike?

  • Paige Crawford
    Paige Crawford Month ago +1

    I low key ship jen and chantel

  • Pauline Dayen
    Pauline Dayen Month ago


  • xXPrincessXx
    xXPrincessXx Month ago +1

    “Piece de _résistance_ ”

  • Kenley
    Kenley Month ago

    Jen won a makeup video bless her 😂

  • bales
    bales Month ago +1

    I love these challenges bc Jen always turns out to be the unlikely winner

  • Sarah Gagne
    Sarah Gagne Month ago

    Very relaxing video...even just watching.

  • Kiera McFarlane
    Kiera McFarlane Month ago

    Kristen basically cheated

  • Jeremiah Parker
    Jeremiah Parker Month ago

    Devin please do an ASMR vid

  • sophie garner
    sophie garner Month ago

    Do another trip with all of you!!!

  • Amy McDonald
    Amy McDonald Month ago

    Am I the only know that feels like jen and kristen arent liked by the rest? Its like a tension thing or is it just me

  • msalexander126
    msalexander126 Month ago

    Can anyone tell me what eyebrow makeup that pink pencil is

  • Zoe Jenkins
    Zoe Jenkins Month ago

    Jen set my Google timer for 15 min

  • Taylor Stovall Young

    Omg where is Devin’s Queen shirt from???

  • byakushi2424
    byakushi2424 Month ago

    This was such a wholesome intimate vid

  • EmmaJo Lomeli
    EmmaJo Lomeli Month ago

    7:21 Jens socks one on one half on

  • Carolynn Rose
    Carolynn Rose Month ago +1

    the "hey google" thing on my phone doesn't work great, so when Jen told her phone to set a timer, my phone started to and then it froze.

  • Kaitlyn Komar
    Kaitlyn Komar Month ago

    All of you look beautiful, even without makeup!

  • Fuzzy Pickle
    Fuzzy Pickle Month ago

    What is Devin using for her eyebrows? I need that!😍

  • kalle robinson
    kalle robinson Month ago

    Devin!!!!! What eyebrow pen are you using ?!?!?!

  • Sophie Emily
    Sophie Emily Month ago +1

    i never knew Kristen had freckes!!

  • Cherish Reeves
    Cherish Reeves Month ago

    Is it weird that me and my best friend have done each others makeup like that for ever

  • Colombiana Vero
    Colombiana Vero Month ago

    Is Kristen's lipstick the Channon Rose one? 😱😱😰

  • Erniebyrd1214
    Erniebyrd1214 Month ago

    Dear Devin, are you a Leo rising?