Wearable Bass = MIND BLOWN?

  • Published on Jun 28, 2016
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video - usclip.net/video/Mkqgr5nFDsQ/video.html
    SubPac M2 Wearable Bass - amzn.to/292adZH
    Music by - soundcloud.com/uniladbeats/tba-beatowski
    This is easily one of the coolest things I've tried in a while. The SubPac is like a subwoofer on your back, the experience is unlike anything I've ever tried before. It's like being at a concert x100, this thing is insane.
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  • coldsouldragon
    coldsouldragon Day ago

    Obviously never had good subs in his car lol

  • girivasu kadali
    girivasu kadali 10 days ago

    Hui sir. I was a big fan of you.I really exated with you videos. I each time I found a surprise on your video

  • Andrej Gudac
    Andrej Gudac 12 days ago

    next level porn thing :D

  • john wells
    john wells 22 days ago +1

    be great for people riding motorcycle

  • strange happenings
    strange happenings 22 days ago

    Insert drool coming from side of mouth here. Hahaha

  • Jai Patel
    Jai Patel 22 days ago


  • fenris6051
    fenris6051 23 days ago

    Back in the Doom/Quake days a Bass west was already on the market, so nothing new here.

  • Rául Tínez
    Rául Tínez Month ago

    Shrooms or LSD..... you're welcome

  • Marjorie  Harvey
    Marjorie Harvey Month ago

    I'm watching this with this thing on and it like I'm there with em

  • Gerard Robert
    Gerard Robert Month ago

    I feel that thing would make me orgasm instantly

  • Sorall Chea
    Sorall Chea Month ago

    Can you do a review for the Zinvo Blade watch?

  • Benji Berigan
    Benji Berigan Month ago

    This shit changed my life. I feel more positive. I feel like im 12 again like this dude said.

    • Ricardo Leon
      Ricardo Leon Month ago

      Benji Berigan I do music bro do you really feel good with it ?

  • Niccolò Daniele
    Niccolò Daniele Month ago

    he actually said it right: the bass is felt and not heard.
    As far as my music knowledge goes, I'm pretty sure SubPac enhances frequencies below 40Hz since they are the ones we can feel rather than hear.
    or maybe what I said is just a big bullshit idk ahahah

  • Rabu Boy
    Rabu Boy Month ago

    Warning: Alcoholics stay far away from this jacket or the bass will drop your liver

    HAEAEAEAEAEX 2 months ago


  • Deano v Tech
    Deano v Tech 2 months ago


  • Deano v Tech
    Deano v Tech 2 months ago


  • Eric Schneider
    Eric Schneider 2 months ago

    I wanna play nature sounds on it so I can be the rain, the wind, the animals etc.

  • EmiT Music
    EmiT Music 2 months ago

    We want to see you playing some spicey video games with that thing on 😜

  • Austin Anderson
    Austin Anderson 2 months ago

    mythbusters glass voice shatter
    Came to my mind.
    I would really like to try it...

  • Bondoæ Intiql
    Bondoæ Intiql 2 months ago

    Blow away orrr what!!!

  • Michael Papara
    Michael Papara 3 months ago +1

    His music=🤢

  • Rachel The Mannequin Head

    Imagine the Nuraphones, Those headphones with the bass that goes around your ear and the trebel is an in ear earbud inside the headphone cup... Imagine those with this... WOOF

  • Ibrahim Akram
    Ibrahim Akram 3 months ago +1

    2:51 he is definitely masterbating

  • Jerimbo
    Jerimbo 3 months ago

    This guy has obviously never experienced a Jamaican soundsystem

  • Психолог Николай Лу

    Couldn't stop laughing, man you are hillarious)))

  • Sherblato
    Sherblato 3 months ago

    maybe it would be good for people who are deaf

  • Shiva Soni
    Shiva Soni 3 months ago

    Burrarraaarataaataaataa! Machine guns?!

    GRX PRO GUN4IX 4 months ago

    I can ghet better feeling when I listen to my jbl saund system in my AUDI a6 with 2kw subwoofer

  • e.l. nielsen
    e.l. nielsen 4 months ago

    At one point, I thought he was on E.... lol straight tripp'n ballz

  • Maan Dut
    Maan Dut 4 months ago

    Buy crazy awesome shoes

  • Diego Padilla
    Diego Padilla 4 months ago

    You should contact skullcandy on their crusher headphones

  • Radu Campean
    Radu Campean 4 months ago

    Does the music is transmitted to it as well or its just the base

  • TheProglitching
    TheProglitching 4 months ago

    Lil Jon 2:24

  • jennifer Martinez
    jennifer Martinez 4 months ago

    This was given to a chick on gc who's deaf and she was in love! Great product. Definitely good for those who are hearing impaired and love going to festivals

  • Oli Bru
    Oli Bru 4 months ago

    actually saw u vibrating

  • Mr. Reanu Keeves
    Mr. Reanu Keeves 4 months ago

    Man it's too much cables! Can't wait for an upgrade to this. It's awesome for traveling though!

  • Harsh Barnwal
    Harsh Barnwal 4 months ago +3

    Imagine playing PUBG while wearing this 😆

    • Oxi Clean
      Oxi Clean 27 days ago

      I own one and tried it. And can confirm its fucking epic with pubg.

  • RealMrT013D0 !
    RealMrT013D0 ! 5 months ago

    Does it work with bluetooth headphones?

  • Minje Kim
    Minje Kim 5 months ago

    What would happen if you wear that and have headphones and have VR than watch porn...

  • Prestinrapper97
    Prestinrapper97 5 months ago

    Get skullcandy crusher wireless there better and cheaper

  • Chuma Lama
    Chuma Lama 5 months ago

    Needs to be fully portable

  • Nathan Martinez
    Nathan Martinez 5 months ago

    Now include 8D audio

  • King Zalut
    King Zalut 6 months ago

    ...like a massage thingy..you can buy..for car seats ..like?😏😃

  • Chris Nicholson
    Chris Nicholson 6 months ago

    get some digital mystikz on lad

  • Точно Точное

    One bad thing, that if it will brake, nobody will help you with it. ( Mine become dead after 3 years of rare use, and officially they even don't answer me, about what I can do with it next ) Sad.

  • 4-UP
    4-UP 6 months ago

    Imagine wearing this and playing the game Friday the 13th....

  • 4-UP
    4-UP 6 months ago

    Imagine wearing this listening to Yukmouth or Three 6 Mafia, especially the chpt 2 world domination album

  • 4-UP
    4-UP 6 months ago

    2:33 lew just went nutz

  • Andrew Tummonds
    Andrew Tummonds 6 months ago


  • Питер Пэн
    Питер Пэн 6 months ago

    Прикольная штука.

  • Captain Carnage
    Captain Carnage 6 months ago

    It's either for the deaf or those who want a soft massage

  • that one dude
    that one dude 7 months ago

    lol the energy in this vid

  • Cyril Tagalog
    Cyril Tagalog 7 months ago

    Notice me please unbox king

  • Cyril Tagalog
    Cyril Tagalog 7 months ago

    I really really need the real me pro please gadget king

  • Cyril Tagalog
    Cyril Tagalog 7 months ago

    Please pick me for the real me 2 pro please

  • Rekkit Gaming
    Rekkit Gaming 7 months ago

    Does this work with a phone?

  • Change Name
    Change Name 7 months ago


  • gtrdrumsplayerduarte
    gtrdrumsplayerduarte 7 months ago

    What about Acoustic volume? How loud is it to the person next to it? I would like to use it for studio recording, for vocals, for drummers, to input the excitement taken off but the use off inears/headphones

  • Mussab Amari
    Mussab Amari 7 months ago

    This thing 🎵🎶needs XTC 💊with it😎

  • twistedsith
    twistedsith 7 months ago


  • Tyler Cullers
    Tyler Cullers 8 months ago

    so i have 2 12” xfinitys pushing like 3000W legit if i wore this i would disappear like when thanks snapped his fingurwa

  • Nicki Tedesco
    Nicki Tedesco 8 months ago

    This video makes me very happy!!! LOVE IT!!

  • Philo Jewett
    Philo Jewett 8 months ago +1

    A fair warning, if you buy this, do not put the intensity up to max for very long or else it can stop working completely. This seems to be the #1 error people make, haha.

    • Wired-Up
      Wired-Up 3 months ago

      You need to balance the source volume with the intensity I think it works best with the source being about 60% up and the intensity setting on the subpac mod at around 20-40%

    • Alfred Mandaya
      Alfred Mandaya 6 months ago

      So did you buy?

    • Philo Jewett
      Philo Jewett 6 months ago

      +Alfred Mandaya Just what I heard from several people a few years ago when i was looking to buy one of these.

    • Alfred Mandaya
      Alfred Mandaya 7 months ago

      Some times i use in max intensity but not full volume in iphone for music source

    • Alfred Mandaya
      Alfred Mandaya 7 months ago

      Philo Jewett is this real

  • Paul Durcău
    Paul Durcău 8 months ago

    song name at 2:49?

  • Ben Hewett
    Ben Hewett 8 months ago

    Imagine wearing this you put on some skrillex the beat drops and you get sent hurdling in a shockwave

  • anthony
    anthony 8 months ago

    I think he just came. In his pants

  • Laura NL Zucchiatti
    Laura NL Zucchiatti 8 months ago

    2:35 Made my day :D

  • Parmeshwaran Gounder
    Parmeshwaran Gounder 8 months ago

    they should probably make a backpack with bass speakers with visualizers, now that would be cool.

  • JD Froneman
    JD Froneman 8 months ago


  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez 9 months ago

    Hi, Can you tell me if its wearable to sit for hours gaming in a computer chair? and does it give you a feeling of a back massager?

  • newwave
    newwave 9 months ago

    compared to woojer?

  • peterjakeson tsai
    peterjakeson tsai 9 months ago

    You just like ‘∀`****

  • exexpat11
    exexpat11 9 months ago

    1979. The wearable vest radio. You could turn up the volume all the way and the wearer was the only one that could hear the sound. The downside was the weight as to work it used like 8 D Cell Batteries and had a limited battery life. It looked like a pillowed winter vest with no visible speakers. In this day and age... WHERE IS IT TODAY?

  • Far Altright
    Far Altright 9 months ago


  • TheEvrLastingGmr YT
    TheEvrLastingGmr YT 9 months ago +1

    2:50 When the vibration hits you in the dong...

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams 9 months ago

    Imagine being on dmt with that shit

  • Erik Clements Jr.
    Erik Clements Jr. 9 months ago +1


  • Lit Boy
    Lit Boy 9 months ago

    Whats the 2ked song you played

  • OffdaRoots
    OffdaRoots 9 months ago

    Hmm 🤔.... thinking of stuffing my car amp and PIONEER sub into my back pack and powering it with a mini 12v battery 🤷‍♂️ and walking straight into a CAR SHOW

  • Paul Aldave
    Paul Aldave 9 months ago

    What's that song

  • James and sierra
    James and sierra 9 months ago

    Awsome but a bass shaker can be made with $20 of material

  • Katniss Golden
    Katniss Golden 9 months ago

    Hahahaha "you don't think about music this way" boiiiiiiiiii welcome to the community

  • Nicholas Ly Fook
    Nicholas Ly Fook 9 months ago

    Tech-gasm at 3:26

  • Escobars Vlog
    Escobars Vlog 9 months ago +1


  • Escobars Vlog
    Escobars Vlog 9 months ago

    What's the music

  • arpxl
    arpxl 9 months ago

    Got it for under 200$

  • Edwin Bermudes
    Edwin Bermudes 10 months ago

    Subwoofer on from a car vs subpack maby the same experience

  • Ronald Renner
    Ronald Renner 10 months ago

    did you buy it in the store or online

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams 10 months ago

    I will wear that because I am Deaf, most Deaf people only feel the bass

  • Nithula Ratnayake
    Nithula Ratnayake 10 months ago

    Dudes getting horny i see. 😂

  • Airmanmx1
    Airmanmx1 10 months ago

    Women would just sit on it smh

  • Dominic Gainey
    Dominic Gainey 10 months ago

    Question...wouldn’t the majority of the bass be on the back? 🤔

  • George Drougas
    George Drougas 10 months ago

    I have one of these and its the greatest musical thing i've ever purchased

  • Ronak Yadav
    Ronak Yadav 10 months ago


  • Memphis Jahx
    Memphis Jahx 10 months ago

    I guess thats what multiple orgasms feel like.

  • Yaseen Saad
    Yaseen Saad 10 months ago

    Compared to that basslet its actually cheap

  • Jay Edwards
    Jay Edwards 10 months ago


  • Raeshawn Bryan
    Raeshawn Bryan 10 months ago

    A we some

  • Xenomex GAMING/MUSIC
    Xenomex GAMING/MUSIC 11 months ago