Casually Explained: Video Game Genres

  • Published on Mar 4, 2019
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  • Batman 4441
    Batman 4441 10 hours ago

    Omg doing two lines of coke off ur keyboard

  • Steakilicious
    Steakilicious 14 hours ago

    Racing Games
    Dunno man they've kinda got a huge playerbase too

  • Lord
    Lord 18 hours ago

    You talk about strategy games but left out paradox I’m disapointed

  • gibarel
    gibarel Day ago

    so i guess cuphead falls into the "casual game" category?

  • notice me
    notice me Day ago

    you also forgot Bullet Hell games

  • Karl Cossaboon
    Karl Cossaboon Day ago +1

    1:30 and sometimes even wear deodorant...HAHAHA what is this deodorant thing you speak of I have never heard of this...seriously I'm a smash player and like...jesus christ this entire community smells so horribly bad and they don't even have basic hygiene... one melee player CRAPPED HIS PANTS mid match in a tournament...he played through it and acted as though nothing happened...everyone could tell what he did since the room smelled so horribly bad...but anyways...he played through not just the match but the entire set which is best 2 out of 3 games...he did win the set tho...but jesus christ man these people learn every true combo except the most important one...SOAP COMBOS DIRECTLY INTO WATER 3 STOCK YOUR ODOR FOR EVERYONES SAKE

  • Its His Fault
    Its His Fault Day ago

    2:20 HAHAHAHAH

  • Icini Gaming/Vlogs

    Omg this guy is funny

  • Eduardo Alfaro221
    Eduardo Alfaro221 Day ago +2

    No unvaccinated children make it to college

  • Kwadens
    Kwadens Day ago

    -> *minecraft*

  • Kuro Neko
    Kuro Neko 2 days ago

    As a competitive smash player that deodorant joke made me recall many tournaments I've been to.

  • Black Rain 黒雨
    Black Rain 黒雨 2 days ago

    Koreans sucks at dota though

  • Lawson Porter
    Lawson Porter 2 days ago +1

    You forgot that in RTS games you must construct additional pylons.

    • Buy.Almond
      Buy.Almond 21 minute ago +1

      Lawson Porter and you never have enough minerals

  • Jax , TheGrandMasterAtArms

    You forgot rhythm games. Where all the fun is completely gone by looking at how much better other people play compared to you.

  • adham abdel-rahim
    adham abdel-rahim 2 days ago

    Open world?

  • Tommy G
    Tommy G 2 days ago

    He missed on the FIFA example the fact Cristiano Ronaldo had changed team on the cover, a pretty big deal!

  • Tyler Jones
    Tyler Jones 2 days ago

    I fucking died at "That was me doing 2 lines of coke off the keyboard" 😂

  • Ward Kousa
    Ward Kousa 2 days ago

    Woah woah and sometimes use deoderant
    Now that is some gourmet shit

  • Romaine Graham
    Romaine Graham 3 days ago +7

    Fifa will literally say “New dynamic dribbling” and change the way ronaldo runs

  • Andefir
    Andefir 3 days ago +6

    Why do racing games always get omitted? Especially if there;s many memorable and great titles like need for speed, forza, gran turismo, the crew, midnight club, etc

  • Bdogswag 11
    Bdogswag 11 3 days ago

    Damn no racing games

  • Duo Moji
    Duo Moji 3 days ago

    No you can't shoot lightning from your hands, but YES!! you can take money from dwarves

  • Manasseth
    Manasseth 3 days ago

    2:38 lmaooo

  • תומר רוזן
    תומר רוזן 3 days ago +4

    doing things you cant normaly do in real life like taking money from dwarfs

    High school bully has entered the chat

  • Tevita Mero
    Tevita Mero 3 days ago

    I take money from dwarves all the time

  • musikSkool
    musikSkool 3 days ago +1

    You forgot Facebook games. Aka: The sad games of people who ironically have no friends. It is ironic because they are literally on the internet's official friend database.

  • ProSnipes z
    ProSnipes z 4 days ago

    :48 I know he’s just joking around (r/whoosh) but you can see a clear change in soccer, the person on the cover, his name is Cristiano Ronaldo, he changed teams if you look at his jersey

  • Gelitin_ Skelitin
    Gelitin_ Skelitin 4 days ago

    what about racing games where you skillfully ram your opponents into the wall?

  • Mufasa
    Mufasa 4 days ago

    Lmao this buffoon thinks Mario party is a casual game 1v1 me in domination and we'll see who's the casual then

  • Kai
    Kai 4 days ago

    I almost spat out my coffe over those Smash comments!
    Your videos are great 😁

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 4 days ago

    “Mi ping es alto y no se por que” 😂

  • Capricorn
    Capricorn 5 days ago +1

    So how is it that you talked about RTD, but didn’t mention Warcraft III?!

  • Big Daddy Hicks
    Big Daddy Hicks 5 days ago

    Unvacinated children strike again

  • Dan . _ .
    Dan . _ . 5 days ago +9

    I’m guessing minecraft is it’s own game.

    • Evan Sweitzer
      Evan Sweitzer 3 days ago

      It's a sandbox game

    • Scumbag
      Scumbag 3 days ago +1

      It’s a farming sim

    • Privilege
      Privilege 3 days ago +1

      It’s a sandbox game

    • Wario
      Wario 4 days ago +1

      No it's a survival game

  • zaid anmar
    zaid anmar 5 days ago

    omg dota players 😂😂

  • Broken Soul
    Broken Soul 5 days ago

    Then what about minecraft with mods and commands?

  • Boone Keller
    Boone Keller 5 days ago

    And then there’s TF2

  • Jack Kelley
    Jack Kelley 5 days ago

    Casually explained why FPS is the best

  • Hendrik MC Kendrik
    Hendrik MC Kendrik 5 days ago

    Smash Ultimate is actually the best game ever.

  • MrElectrofreak3
    MrElectrofreak3 5 days ago

    Serious question. Why are unvaccinated children a for the rest of the population? I mean when vaccination would work then nobody is threaten at all 🤔

    • Stanger5441
      Stanger5441 3 days ago

      Two reasons. The more people that get infected, the higher the risk of the disease going through mutation, with which our previous vaccine will be powerless against. Also, some people can't get vaccinated for medical reasons. But if everyone else is vaccinated, they'll be fine, because there's no one to catch the disease from. But if there are a bunch of unvaccinated people around them, they're at a higher risk.

  • tyrelirwin
    tyrelirwin 6 days ago

    But aren’t you Canadian, eh?

  • The Meat Beat Elite
    The Meat Beat Elite 6 days ago

    3:24 so is gta v an rpg...

    because you actually get laid?

  • Le Monke
    Le Monke 6 days ago +4

    I *W H E E Z E D* at the part with "College Campus"

  • Mikey
    Mikey 6 days ago

    Puzzle games and indie are the best

  • MoonJumpMania
    MoonJumpMania 6 days ago +11

    In America, the kids also try to avoid weapons. Also like a battle royale.

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 6 days ago

    Lmao I thought you were gonna give me a harsh reality check with the adulthood college campus thing, but then you hit me with the unvaccinated children and I died😂

  • Daniel Schwartz
    Daniel Schwartz 6 days ago

    what about platformer and puzzle games?

  • bobtomia
    bobtomia 6 days ago

    YOOOOOO Hate him or love him, Casually Explained is speaking facts right here!

  • Spegimation
    Spegimation 6 days ago

    you missed horror games

  • JelqtronZero
    JelqtronZero 6 days ago +54

    "you can see that they've completely changed the number" haha man that deadpan delivery was top notch

  • JelqtronZero
    JelqtronZero 6 days ago +7

    "you can see that they've completely changed the number" haha man that deadpan delivery was top notch

    • JelqtronZero
      JelqtronZero 2 days ago

      @Evan Sweitzer yeah idk y but whenever i was commenting it would do it in 2's and 4's.

    • Evan Sweitzer
      Evan Sweitzer 3 days ago

      That was only funny the 2nd time you said it

  • By Forza
    By Forza 6 days ago

    4:19 and fight until the last man standing. 4:20 tfue joins the chat 😂

  • Pengwino2810 H
    Pengwino2810 H 6 days ago

    Who says I can’t take money from dwarves in real life

  • drgiorhodes
    drgiorhodes 6 days ago

    Easy, medium, hard or Korean

  • idkusername
    idkusername 7 days ago

    Where the fuck is my hack and slash and my VNs

  • Godlygalligan
    Godlygalligan 7 days ago +51

    ah yes the 4 difficulties
    and *Korean*

  • Scribblescrab
    Scribblescrab 7 days ago

    Korean needs to be a difficulty

  • Flavory Meme
    Flavory Meme 8 days ago

    Tf I thought rpg stood for rank player game so like you level up on skyrim that made it a rpg?

  • Tasteh FN
    Tasteh FN 8 days ago


  • Bashir Alasam
    Bashir Alasam 8 days ago +1

    Elon Musk did a historical thing today by deleting fortnite. Felt like I should mention it here :P