Samsung's Foldable Galaxy X - HAS CHANGED EVERYTHING!

  • Published on Nov 8, 2018
  • Samsung Galaxy X - Officially Unveiled by Samsung!
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Comments • 689

    ZONEofTECH  6 months ago +119

    This is pretty big! The future is looking bright! :) What are your thoughts on Foldable Smartphones?

    • Dora Brock
      Dora Brock 3 months ago

      +Lynn Dennis
      Dora Brock also make comments

    • Dora Brock
      Dora Brock 3 months ago +1

      like the way it opens the colors are vibrant awesome

    • carlos enriquez
      carlos enriquez 3 months ago

      Stop saying galaxy x its the galaxy fold or Samsung fold.

    • April Hernandez
      April Hernandez 3 months ago

      OverRaze Gamer Apple stupid slave

    • April Hernandez
      April Hernandez 3 months ago

      ZONEofTECH I really want this phone and love the seamless big screen

  • Jaleel Perreira
    Jaleel Perreira 2 months ago

    I looovvveeee Samsung but this is gonna be an expensive flip phone but the ideas are amazing.

  • PowerPing
    PowerPing 3 months ago +1

    *Flip Phone* What am I? A Joke?

  • Dora Brock
    Dora Brock 3 months ago

    love the way it opens and closes

  • Geralb Aliu
    Geralb Aliu 3 months ago

    We could have 3 on 1 and a mean:smartphone,tablet,and laptop

  • David Brown
    David Brown 3 months ago

    You cannt fold the phone the wrong way, the design is very good infact. The glass doesnt break plus, i think they use titanium so gl. :)

  • David Brown
    David Brown 3 months ago

    First foldable tablet was the ipad pro

  • BansheeBoy Eddie
    BansheeBoy Eddie 3 months ago

    All I hear is better Netflix and chill quality on the go...oh yea! 😎

  • Bradley Schooley
    Bradley Schooley 3 months ago

    iPhone is better!!!!!

  • Daniel Bennett
    Daniel Bennett 3 months ago

    Who the hell wants a folding smartphone? Oh and that price! LMAO

  • clifford rey
    clifford rey 3 months ago

    Rip apple

  • GILBERT Hernandez
    GILBERT Hernandez 3 months ago

    I'll do anything to get my hands on this phone. Since I can't afford it and nobody wants to buy my body, looks like I'm gonna deliver pizza for 6 months. DOMINOS!

  • Noah Song
    Noah Song 3 months ago

    Imagine what the phone case will be for this lol

  • gooni goo goo
    gooni goo goo 3 months ago

    why do you keep looking up and to your left when you speak into the camera ? This is normally associated with people who are lying . I found it strange and you were constantly doing it. do you have a script that is up and left to your camera that you keep checking on? in your video you did this eye thing 82 times. ( yes I counted). I found it nerving and irritating ,,,or is this turrets syndrome? sorry if it is turrets. not bashing...but it is hard to watch you do this , it makes me nervous.

  • Kyle Armitage
    Kyle Armitage 3 months ago

    No one except tech nerds are going to buy this it’s going to flop as a product

  • spider Jackson 125
    spider Jackson 125 3 months ago

    My problem with this phone is it cost too much nobody's going to buy it cuz they don't have the money to so what's the reason of having a phone that cost a lot of money

  • Mr. T
    Mr. T 3 months ago


  • Dancen Universe
    Dancen Universe 3 months ago

    cute reviewer

  • SirRowlet 2
    SirRowlet 2 3 months ago

    Apple users: :O

  • tegaza lee
    tegaza lee 3 months ago

    Definitely gonna grab this

  • f1iceman
    f1iceman 3 months ago

    just awesome thats all i need to say, my note 9 looks dated big time. this reminds me of when matrix had the flip out phone and was what ever one wanted.

  • Swollen Pride
    Swollen Pride 3 months ago

    Samsung is better than iphone yet I’m using iphone

  • bijan bijan
    bijan bijan 3 months ago

    Man stop talking ...

  • G Bennett
    G Bennett 3 months ago

    Thank you so much for having an informative video without a whole bunch of bulshit introduction or a whole bunch of bulshit music that I'm not interested in. Thank you so much for being informative!

  • Stickfinger Man
    Stickfinger Man 3 months ago

    the Galaxy x only $100000000029292292001000

  • JC Roman
    JC Roman 3 months ago

    If it brings a S PEN I'm sold.

  • andyenid2
    andyenid2 3 months ago

    We already have foldable phones guys....the flip phone

  • Madaid U
    Madaid U 3 months ago +1

    Android really wants to beat ios... Wow android!

  • WTF isgoingon
    WTF isgoingon 3 months ago


  • untethered
    untethered 3 months ago

    who needs pepper spray when you got a brick phone to defend yourself!

  • untethered
    untethered 3 months ago

    omg it's a brick!

  • Jillian Hurse
    Jillian Hurse 3 months ago

    Mind blown

  • Joshua Hupe
    Joshua Hupe 3 months ago

    I’m about to leave Apple if they don’t come out with one of these foldables !!!!!!!

  • Ahsan K
    Ahsan K 3 months ago

    This will most likely cost more than $1000

  • Shai Salgado
    Shai Salgado 3 months ago

    Launching in 2056

  • easytiger
    easytiger 3 months ago

    Good Report Sir I remember you informed us of the Korean patents on this 😊

  • Patrick TAYLOR
    Patrick TAYLOR 3 months ago +1

    Foldable screen tech will be abandoned quickly.

  • john barns
    john barns 3 months ago

    the iphone x folded my bank account

    M D ALMINBHINGI 4 months ago

    Nice Samsung galaxy x phone

  • Poohwe Campbell
    Poohwe Campbell 4 months ago

    I like the Motorola rzar fold better

  • Aliessa Rogers
    Aliessa Rogers 4 months ago

    Wouldn't the phone break if try to fold the phone

  • Reji Bae
    Reji Bae 4 months ago

    They been working on this for years. This is so damn cool. No wonder they are the leaders in this market.

  • Alexander Andersen
    Alexander Andersen 4 months ago

    WTF are samsung doing who wants a foldable phone i am an samsung user and i will probably switch to apple in november

  • Jeff Miracle
    Jeff Miracle 4 months ago

    I cannot wait for the Samsung event I would definitely buy the foldable smartphone no need to buy another table.

  • Dr MitoFit
    Dr MitoFit 4 months ago

    Can a 3 panel phone be far behind? This would allow a normal size phone to unfold to full size 9"-10" tablet. A major benefit of this technology is shatterproof screens.

  • RayRae 559
    RayRae 559 4 months ago

    A phone that folds OUTWARD? No thank you. That's a terrible idea.

    MOGGY ANGRYgrrr 4 months ago

    Meanwhile at apple, CEO is naming this the iflex

  • Zero
    Zero 4 months ago

    Flip phones

  • SHeLTer
    SHeLTer 4 months ago

    When the samsung x comes out, I just very hope they colab with nintendo, why? Cause since the nintendo 3ds or 2ds folds, the samsung x is a foldable phone, I hope or maybe the bottom part c an be the buttons and the touch pad the screen touch pad and if you play pokemon it will prohibit you from using the top like a real 3/2ds and when you buy the sam X you can download the nintendo games inside the samsung X, thats I wish will happen but will not most likely happen

  • Icybubba
    Icybubba 4 months ago

    Best part is that Microsoft and LG are also working on foldable devices.
    Who would've guess that bending is the future?

  • Karlos Karlik
    Karlos Karlik 5 months ago

    samsung je super znacka mobylnich telefonu

  • Scott McMan
    Scott McMan 5 months ago

    The reason it folds in is because folding out would require the display to grow slightly. Since this is impossible, folding in is far more practical. Imagine the end/edge of the phone. Now imagine folding it with the display on the outside. You have to fold/wrap around that edge, which would require extra screen material. Otherwise, it would never fold all the way. You would, at best, always be slightly open. I think this is an issue (albeit less), even with a rounded accordion edge.
    Now, folding in could be a problem as well, unless they split the screen (two separate screens that would merge). constant folding like folding a sheet of paper would eventually cause a crease and then it would split.
    Remember, this is all based on what the latest prototype are showing us. If the screen did split, then it could fold out, or in. I would assume they will end up with a split screen setup as I've described. However, there has to be a reason/s it doesn't fold out, even if it was split.

  • Mal
    Mal 5 months ago

    Next, we're probably gonna get the first ISIS phone...oh nvm

  • Noodle Potato
    Noodle Potato 5 months ago

    This will make a another generation of phone.

  • LaJean Maker
    LaJean Maker 5 months ago

    It looks bulky

  • Tyler Lippincott
    Tyler Lippincott 5 months ago

    The Galaxy X has been announced as a separate phone from the Galaxy F, the X is supposed to be a new gaming variant and the Galaxy F (which stands for folding) is the one you speak of. In other words, the X is not going to be foldable

  • War Kitty
    War Kitty 5 months ago

    Wow the google pixel XL has one UGLY as notch

  • Alexandra Raducanu
    Alexandra Raducanu 5 months ago

    cool ph

  • Na. Yun-ho man
    Na. Yun-ho man 5 months ago

    κ°€λŸ­μ‹œX-ν”„λ‘œν† νƒ€μž…μ΄λΌλ„ 사고 μ‹Άλ‹€.. μ§€κΈˆ κ°€λŸ­μ‹œνƒ­S2둜 쑴버쀑이닀

  • Matt Bosserman
    Matt Bosserman 5 months ago

    They didnt do the tablet size display on the outside because it would look stupid af... just like that flexpai thing.

  • Ko- Jap
    Ko- Jap 5 months ago

    Ever heard of flexible PCB ..yehw motherboard can be made foldable

  • Double O
    Double O 5 months ago

    Now we need a foldable tempered glass screen protector.

  • rochelimit's hangout
    rochelimit's hangout 6 months ago

    ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly
    this foldable thing has been around in my university since 2006. That is bad application

  • SkΒ‘llar JuNe
    SkΒ‘llar JuNe 6 months ago +1

    😱 bueno esta claro que no lo podre comprar hasta dentro de 100 años (saludos desde Colombia)

  • Pearl the rebel
    Pearl the rebel 6 months ago

    But...what's the point?

  • Leanne Shirley Phillips

    I love my Samsung Galaxy phones. Never crossing over to iPhone. Their phones are cool but they're not Samsung

  • no body
    no body 6 months ago

    If Samsung launches this before apple does I am definitely changing for apple to Samsung

  • Breno Angelotti
    Breno Angelotti 6 months ago

    The reason they put the big display inside is geometry. When you fold/unfold something offset outwards from the center, the available length actually changes. Try this: tape a sheet of paper on the outside of your closed laptop and then open it. The paper will not stay so close to the body.

  • YassirEy
    YassirEy 6 months ago

    They might call it the Samsung Infinity S1

  • Jacques B
    Jacques B 6 months ago

    take my money!

    AMAN KUMAR . 6 months ago +1

    I am not happy by subscribing you 😫

  • Rich Smith
    Rich Smith 6 months ago

    Not really an official reveal. That will come next year.

  • roystonderick
    roystonderick 6 months ago

    This is galaxy F not X

    • Chris GS-401A
      Chris GS-401A 5 months ago

      It has gone under 2 code names since 2011 Galaxy X and Galaxy F if you gogle (Galaxy X name) This Tells you all about it

  • MohanKumar K N
    MohanKumar K N 6 months ago

    Very good

  • DragonStriker_Gamer324 2

    Tbh I'm a Samsung fan but tbh they copied iPhone x just by the name

  • Mostafa Sengab
    Mostafa Sengab 6 months ago


  • Renata Barrela
    Renata Barrela 6 months ago

    To be honest I dont like it. It's too big. I wanted something thin, even better camera and faster technology. I couldn't care less about foldable. I will keep the S 9.

  • Marc Vann
    Marc Vann 6 months ago

    I cant wait for this phone to come out. This the next wave. The problem is the pricing with the phones today. If they make this phone very expensive I can't see it having many sells. People are not buying cell phones the way they use to due to prices on the current phones

  • Kakka-Carrot-Cake
    Kakka-Carrot-Cake 6 months ago

    Seeing so many people doubt this only makes me feel better, because that's what everyone said about computers, email, video games, esports, etc. So yeah there is no "practical application" for a foldable phone any more than there is for a phone bigger than the size of an iPhone 4.

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson 6 months ago

    Samsung's foldable displays
    Google's foldable friendly OS
    Some awesome devices to look forward to in 2019-2020 phone seasons

  • JG14 Gerhard_Bar
    JG14 Gerhard_Bar 6 months ago

    fold-able yet*

  • Mk ._. queen22
    Mk ._. queen22 6 months ago

    πŸ’”πŸ˜’ what about the s8

  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones 6 months ago

    how much is it going to cost

  • John Swanson
    John Swanson 6 months ago

    Subscribe to PewDiePie

  • Pete Crocker
    Pete Crocker 6 months ago

    A whopping "Β£1300+" once realeased, as much as I love all things Samsung thats ridiculous..

  • Scout Adams
    Scout Adams 6 months ago +3

    Never mind the old clamshell phones, lets talk about the Apple SE. It seems some people prefer a small phone, and Apple’s SE provided that form-factor albeit with reduced specs. What if Apple’s next SE version offered both reduced size yet kept flagship speed and functionality with a foldable Xs, Xs Max or Xr model. Apple already uses 2 batteries and wired connectivity is flexible. Yes, some may have actually preferred small size because it also had a smaller price, But how many people would gladly pay full flagship price for one of Apple’s all new larger iPhones if it folded for whatever reason size is the key feature of their prefered samartphone? Of course last year would have been the best time for Apple to launch the seX.

    • Jeffrey Alvarez
      Jeffrey Alvarez 3 months ago

      Great idea but iPhone would literally just be ripping off Samsung if they attempt what Samsung has done. People need to wake up and realize there are so many phones better than iPhone.

  • unboxing theboxx
    unboxing theboxx 6 months ago

    I will buy it

  • Rocco Sophie
    Rocco Sophie 6 months ago

    Think I'll be selling my SE. :)

  • steven uk1
    steven uk1 6 months ago

    anything to get away from Apple eco system, just sick of paying high prices for hardware that breaks and bends.

  • 4orl2c
    4orl2c 6 months ago

    0:12 Impressed in a bad way?!?!
    That's an interesting take on English grammar!!!

  • Kheat Takor
    Kheat Takor 6 months ago

    the idea is cool and all that, but I'm concerned of how many times it can fold before it tears and stretch apart.

  • Kevin Roell
    Kevin Roell 6 months ago

    Cool. Now, in a few years, Apple can do it right .

  • Ahmed Clay
    Ahmed Clay 6 months ago

    that sucks

  • Littlepickle
    Littlepickle 6 months ago

    Idk..kinda looks like Samsung is trying too hard lol its a unique and interesting idea but... is it really necessary?

  • Robbae
    Robbae 6 months ago

    Why did it have to be called the Galaxy X tho...

    • Chris GS-401A
      Chris GS-401A 5 months ago

      Why because since 2011 its been called Galaxy X and Galaxy F. Look it up.

  • Eurostar 07
    Eurostar 07 6 months ago

    I remember when Samsung showed off prototypes of the foldable phones almost 10 years ago. One of them actually looked almost identical to the one they showed recently. Earlier this year Samsung also talked about Under Display tech, which means the camera and microphone are actually hidden under the screen and still usable with no interruptions, so they can eliminate the bezel completely from phones.

  • Xenon
    Xenon 6 months ago

    Told you innovation

  • tdubbed
    tdubbed 6 months ago

    But Android (Google) is spyware...

  • kenny play
    kenny play 6 months ago

    How about MICROSOFT ANDROMEDA???? any info on that? Thx

  • Arad Crow
    Arad Crow 6 months ago

    I want to no if this is a tablet or not