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  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
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    With the Mueller report complete, FRONTLINE’s “The Mueller Investigation,” tells the inside story of how we arrived at this moment. The film goes inside President Trump's confrontations with the Department of Justice and the FBI in the early days of the Russia investigation, and explores the president’s attempt to undermine authorities as Mueller’s investigation heated up.
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  • Jacob Cukjati CPA

    this is a incomplete report...the Russia interference they are talking about is so SMALL that it could not effected more than 500 votes nationwide. this is a con-job of selectively taking certain sentences in the report and projecting them in such a way as if Trump is guilty of something !!! out of context but, admittingly very well written.......NOT A ANOTHER CON JOB ...why.. will i think Trump is unfunding PBS.

  • Rapist Trump ODA 595

    Traitor plain and simple

  • Fast Fingers
    Fast Fingers 2 hours ago +1

    *Rusher?? Lol... You nut Jobs think 45 is a corrupt President? TRUMP 2020 MAGA WINNING FEELS GOOD*

    • Ibis Helios
      Ibis Helios Hour ago

      We deplorables never get tired of winning! Man yer baskets fer 2020 MAGA .. right around the corner!!!

  • Ibis Helios
    Ibis Helios 2 hours ago

    I listened to the entire Mueller Report read aloud online. And I have just finished watching a PBS broadcast video that had disabled comments that claimed to sum up the Mueller Report in some minutes. Unless the reading I heard was leaving parts out, these PBS people were also referring to the retirement speech that Robert Mueller gave, in hopes of never being called before congress I believe; and they were adding commentary of their own. So I am not surprised that they disabled comments since a lot of people would remark on those facts.

  • Sunny Wakefield
    Sunny Wakefield 2 hours ago +1


    • Jacob Cukjati CPA
      Jacob Cukjati CPA Hour ago

      see my reply above....they left out a lot of important information.

  • Fast Fingers
    Fast Fingers 2 hours ago

    *PBS Propagandist Liars.. Look up Operation Mockingbird*

  • Joanne Benkowski
    Joanne Benkowski 5 hours ago

    What a crock of sh--! You people are pathetic who either participated in the assembling of or believe this botched story! What a disgrace Frontline and PBS!!!!!

  • steck1gg
    steck1gg 5 hours ago

    Excellent documentary. How some people still back Donald is lunacy.

  • Annie Norris
    Annie Norris 7 hours ago

    NPR and PBS are known leftist media - of course this documentary won’t show the whole story. Typical!

    • steck1gg
      steck1gg 5 hours ago

      Take the blinders off. Cults like Trump’s always turn out poorly.

  • Only the Facts
    Only the Facts 10 hours ago

    HOAX from beginning to end. Vote Trump.

  • alexwestconsulting
    alexwestconsulting 18 hours ago

    This is almost unwatchable (except as an example of op ed journalism rather than objective journalism).

    • alexwestconsulting
      alexwestconsulting 2 hours ago

      @steck1gg My man, anyone who watches this who can't see the bias in every word, every sentence, doesn't have much to say that would resonate with me. Blinders? OK.

    • steck1gg
      steck1gg 5 hours ago

      It’s unwatchable to you because you don’t want to believe it. Would rather live with blinders on.

  • Oxy Berry
    Oxy Berry 20 hours ago


  • N S
    N S Day ago

    This shows that Trump is trash.

  • Godfrey Njogu
    Godfrey Njogu Day ago

    Damn something is completely wrong with the Republican establishment. Ask what you can do for America and not all this political bs

  • Neil Brinton Jeffers

    Conclusion = "Witch hunt" no mention collusion. Coordinate or Conspire = Missing info, lies, deleted texts, inadequate answers, etc. Obstruction = 10 acts: #1 fire FBI Director, (limit, remove) Special Counsel, "...end of Presidency... i'm F'd", Access Hollywood Tape during campaign, "Mueller has to go", "... do crazy S**t" = Congress Impeachment? Not crime, nor exonerated.

  • Stephen Paul
    Stephen Paul Day ago

    James Comey is going to jail.

  • Stephen Paul
    Stephen Paul Day ago

    This is stupid. If you don't seem to spin here?

  • Daryl Leckt
    Daryl Leckt Day ago

    the FISA courts allowed the surveillance of the trump organization when carter page began running the 2015 trump election campaign committee of Russia from the ROSNEFT bureau offices inside the Kremlin.

  • tinaamariee😘
    tinaamariee😘 Day ago

    Watching this I can’t help but laugh at the times when the Right tried to eviscerate Obama over a tan suit & saluting a solider with a latte😂😂 & y’all thought THAT was an unpatriotic scandal. This shit here is next level scandalous. The fact that any American is still a member of cult 45 is just a huge sign of how much more powerful hate is than common sense.

  • Patrick Henry Hansen

    PBS living up to their well deserved acronym: Pure BS. An unbalanced,
    one-sided, anti-Trump propaganda hit piece.

  • Veronica Lake
    Veronica Lake 2 days ago +1

    🇺🇸 This Is Wonderful To Hear The Good & Evil In Our Government.! 🇺🇸
    🇺🇸 It’s Wonderful The Lord God Is Watching All That’s Going On In HIS House.! 🇺🇸
    🇺🇸 Politicians Can NOT See The Lord God Our Maker Of All Seen & Unseen Do Their Evil.! 🇺🇸

  • C Parks Affluent
    C Parks Affluent 2 days ago +6

    Evidence? 🤣🤣🤣.. You guys are leaving out a lot of important information.

  • Anand Bissoon
    Anand Bissoon 2 days ago

    Bullsh!t, you're speaking of Trump in London which was in 2019 then you show him in Helsinki which is in 2018.....If Russia had colluded with Hillary against Trump, I really doubt the authorities would hound her out of office like what they're doing Trump.

    ROBERT ANDERSON 2 days ago +2

    What "EVIDENCE" was this investigation based upon? HOAX Funny what a couple of years make. Finally we are discovering jkust how corrupt Comey, Brennan, and Clapper. All FRAUDSTERS who brought us the IRAQ WAR.

    • steck1gg
      steck1gg 5 hours ago

      The biggest fraudster is that orange clown in the White House. It will come to light.

  • Red7552
    Red7552 2 days ago

    This didn’t age well!

  • tiptopper da grasshopper

    Part 2 is the liberal media sitting down and eating a 4 course meal of CROW! Bon appetit!

    • tinaamariee😘
      tinaamariee😘 Day ago

      I whole heartedly disagree. Mueller has been very clearly the only reason he didn’t indict on obstruction of justice is because he couldn’t. But, that he had found evidence of obstruction. Trump & his cronies continue to obstruct justice by not following subpoenas

  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott 3 days ago +1

    This Video , is the biggest crock of shit that I've ever seen. Total untruths and pure speculation. IN The END , PRESIDENT TRUMP will be known as the greatest President of the United States In History. And you sorry Ass, Biased , DemoCraps " who couldn't slide the crook Hillary into place " became upset with the fact , you couldn't enslave the whole country as your worker bees.

  • Ellen Ripley
    Ellen Ripley 3 days ago

    I'm not a fan of Trump. However, this entire thing is such HYPOCRITICAL BULLSHIT. The USA, LITERALLY, "COLLUDES" with any number of countries to 'VOTE OUT' the current leader and 'VOTE IN' a leader we want, that will let us do what we want to do & have access to what we want. So if he did collude with RUSSIA, tough shit. GOOD, even.

  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith 3 days ago

    If you talk to any New Yorker that was of age in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s they can tell you that trump is nothing but a self serving, egotistical CON ARTIST..... Nothing he has said or done before being selected by the electoral college of after he actually took office surprises us....In fact we’re still waiting for him to throw a real tantrum and show his really ugly side....... You haven’t seen anything yet.....

  • Cool Night King
    Cool Night King 3 days ago +6

    Now this is a quality documentary , great work , much respect to all who participated in this !!

  • Joseph Anderson
    Joseph Anderson 4 days ago

    Russia? Trump? You’re real criminal is hard drive smashing and destroying classified information as well as numerous associated criminal acts, HRC. That’s who is truly corrupt and wicked.

  • George Moss
    George Moss 5 days ago

    It was a witch-hunt, one which failed to achieve its goal which was the removal of Trump from office, and the time has now come to investigate, and prosecute, the instigators of this hoax perpetrated upon the Trump administration, and the American people, 63 million of whom voted for Donald Trump in 2016, and whose verdict was attacked by actors in the "deep state."

  • mike jones
    mike jones 5 days ago


  • mike jones
    mike jones 5 days ago

    Mueller is the Ronald McDonald of nothing burgers

  • monkeyboy1971
    monkeyboy1971 6 days ago

    Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...this my friends, is the textbook example of FAKE NEWS. You can add all the dramatic music and voiceovers you want, and roll out all the familiar anti-Trump reporters to breathlessly recite all the "scandalous assertions", but at the end of the day, its all bullshit.

  • boson96
    boson96 6 days ago +2

    Shameless fake news.

  • Marissa Gomez-Davis
    Marissa Gomez-Davis 6 days ago

    *I loved it when they humiliated jeff sessions*

  • Marissa Gomez-Davis
    Marissa Gomez-Davis 6 days ago +1

    *I loved it when they humiliated jeff sessions*

  • Marissa Gomez-Davis
    Marissa Gomez-Davis 6 days ago +1

    *This is why you young men are crazy to join the American military*

  • Marissa Gomez-Davis
    Marissa Gomez-Davis 6 days ago +1

    *This is why you young men are crazy to join the American military*

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 6 days ago +1

    4 All those HENCHPEOPLE
    4 All those Unindicted Co Conspirators
    Reciprocity & JUST-ICE THE LAW!!
    A REPUBLICAN RUSSIAN MOLE in the PRESIDENCY of the United STATES of AMERICA and the SENIOR REPUBLICAN SENATORS are OKAY with that RAT McConnell and Graham and BARR's Oh My

  • Ernie Olivares
    Ernie Olivares 6 days ago

    With the use of a mirror,
    FRONTLINE PBS should diagnose who and what's really at fault.
    The crew that put this baloney of a film together at FRONTLINE PBS needs to look at the mirror and not just use it to do lines off of.

  • Daniel Doyle
    Daniel Doyle 6 days ago

    ... And in the end these prosecutors pulled a Pontious Pilate. Cowardly.

  • Yooper Couple
    Yooper Couple 6 days ago +1

    I'm just really happy to know how transparent all the media organizations and television networks are these days. To think that my family and I used to donate quite a bit of money to PBS every year. That, of course, ended as soon as we *really* began paying attention to their (blatantly obvious) liberal bias in so called "news reporting" each day/night. PBS makes CNN (the Clinton News Network) look like an actual, legit "news" source. As embarrassing as it is to admit that we were duped by PBS into believing they were a credible news source, I can honestly say that we were still far ahead of the majority of Americans. We didn't need President Trump's usage of terms like "FAKE NEWS" to inform us of this fact. We stopped watching (and donating to) PBS nearly 10 years ago. CNN wasn't nearly as concerned with trying to conceal their bias as PBS, so we knew (roughly) 20 years ago that they were extremely biased by their incredibly liberal slant on pretty much *all* things politically related.

    JOSH CURRAN 7 days ago


  • Steve Wyatt
    Steve Wyatt 7 days ago +1

    Democrats and PBS, wrong as can be for 2 years, and not a single retraction

    • Ernie Olivares
      Ernie Olivares 6 days ago

      Not only is Trump going after the Rothschild's and their central banking fraud of a scam, but he's going after those that destroyed the Middle Class.

  • jh a
    jh a 7 days ago

    Comey testimony is the best primary source for the beginning of this piece of journalism. Why are people who are not Comey telling the beginning of this story and appear someone-what gossipy or one-sided in the way the speak (Carrie Johnson in particular)? Sort of skews the integrity of the effort :-(. Please go as far and deep into the story as you can, but the public is saturated with the image of a liberal media bias, and desperately needs quality journalism. Commentary as a reaction to a clip is perfectly fine but the start of this timely piece sidestepping primary source material (Comey's public testimony) in favor of a Carrie Johnson characterization was cringeworthy and triggered my skepticism and disappointment. The whole piece is peppered with this :-(

  • Guitarzan
    Guitarzan 7 days ago

    This is the perfect example of the total Trump Derangement Syndrome of the left wing sycophant media. Now that the "Mueller Report" has been published and clearly states there was no conspiracy or "collusion" (not a crime) by Trump or his team, the idiots at Frontline are outed for the radical left wing partisans they are -- not like that's a surprise to any clear thinking person.

  • Paladine
    Paladine 7 days ago

    entire demonrats owned by russia, britain and the clinton foundation.

  • Patrick Sulley
    Patrick Sulley 7 days ago +2

    "While we admit that he did not steal the horse, clearly he is guilty of obstructing our attempts to hang him for it"

  • Wadner Estrada
    Wadner Estrada 8 days ago +4

    When president Trump asked for loyalty he was asking on behalf of the US citizens. Comey was a puppet for the democrats. Muller investigation proved Trump's cabinet had to play borderline dirty to expose the swamp. This reporting exposes how the media uses their words carefully to swing left.

  • Michael C
    Michael C 8 days ago

    Obvious skewed view. They publish this the day the investigation. Really, this took months of work at the very least. Shameful PBS

  • Cnorris
    Cnorris 8 days ago +5

    This looks like an infomercial for the Deep state.

    ROBERT ANDERSON 8 days ago +3

    I wonder if JFK expected "LOYALTY" from his Attorney General (BOBBY KENNEDY, HIS BROTHER) Nobody had any problems with loyalty then> HUH?

  • James Anthony Ellis
    James Anthony Ellis 8 days ago +1

    Dramatic music. Not buying your drama.

  • James Anthony Ellis
    James Anthony Ellis 8 days ago

    Lame. Stop it

  • Thomas Henderson
    Thomas Henderson 8 days ago

    That BUFFOON 🤡 we Soo have the unfortunate luck to address as president invites 2 Russian 🇳🇱 officials 2 celebrate the dismissal of The director of the CIA, then blames Jeff Sessions 4 his studpidty !!! This thing with DUMBASS criminals, they aways leaves clues & envendence 4 the lawmen 2 follow!

  • Drew Bradley
    Drew Bradley 8 days ago

    shit like this is why public funding should be yanked.

    ROBERT ANDERSON 9 days ago +3

    LIB-TARD SPIN. Clepto-CRATS refuse to accept the voice of the people!

  • panis panis panis
    panis panis panis 9 days ago

    Trump 2020..we love our president

  • Biggie Wainui
    Biggie Wainui 9 days ago

    What a load of shit. these people are making money from this. We got it, don't try to fool us. Wait till the investigation of the investigators is completed then you will find the truth. This has been the cunning work of the FBI, CIA. Dont be fooled by these idiots narrating the story as if they knew exactly what was going on. They were paid by the FBI to fool you and everyone.

  • Pam Kossin
    Pam Kossin 9 days ago

    maybe, but if the Democratic Party hadnt colluded so badly with that wretch Hillarys nomination, we the people may believe your story. Trump is just THE SYMPTOM OF THE PROBLEM !! RAT BASTARDS

  • Sweet Willy
    Sweet Willy 9 days ago

    Well that was a lot to do about nothing

  • K-BooGiE!
    K-BooGiE! 9 days ago


  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson 9 days ago

    LOL a hit piece from the very start. The bit about Flynn is HILARIOUS. "It's been policy since the Nixon administration" well policy IS NOT LAW! As long as there has been an FBI director, and a DOJ, the President has been fully allowed UNDER LAW, to DIRECT both. To ask they cease or request that they investigate.

    FACT: Trump has broken NO LAW. That's indisputable. Plain and simple. To act as though Trump firing the FBI director is somehow something new and unusual is a joke. He can fire ANYONE he appoints, or who is an appointee. Again.... NO LAW BROKEN. You can say he acted poorly, or said poorly worded, or just idiotic things... but... NO LAW BROKEN.

    Mueller report: No conspiracy with Russia... and NO EVIDENCE OF OBSTRUCTION. Then again, if you're investigating conspiracy charges, and find no evidence, how do you then make a charge of obstruction of a crime you've concluded didn't happen? Can you be charged of obstruction of justice into an investigation of a bank robbery if the bank wasn't even robbed? Poor... poor liberal losers. Trump wins yet again.

    Despite EVERYTHING.... not a single U.S. citizen charged with conspiring with Russia to influence the election.

    NYT, WaPo, wow... really unbiased sources FRONTLINE.... agenda much?

  • Maxim Petrukhnenko
    Maxim Petrukhnenko 9 days ago +1

    Just curious to learn what the heck is "the Crown prosecutor of Russia"

  • NatureGirl
    NatureGirl 9 days ago

    Obama, Hillary, and Democrats making up this story that Trump is in cahoots with Russians, by following Nixon's Watergate scandal. On USclip, search --> 20/20 ABC | Watergate - Truth & Lies | June 16, 2017

  • Gretchen Marszalk
    Gretchen Marszalk 10 days ago +7

    The fools that made this video are on the wrong side of history - and that will be proven in the next year!

  • WaterGirl49
    WaterGirl49 10 days ago

    hahahah bullshit story.

  • Smo Cloud
    Smo Cloud 10 days ago

    If they offered dirt on Clinton they didn’t offer it freely. They wanted something in return. Nobody in this world gives away something so valuable so freely unless you’re a fucking dunce.

  • Smo Cloud
    Smo Cloud 10 days ago

    If a democrat did half the shit Trump did, all the republicans would be calling for impeachment too. Fuck, they impeached bill clinton over a lie about a relationship that had nothing to do with his job as president. That’s a far cry from a possible national security threat from another government attempting a coup. I say possible because we don’t know it actually happened yet which is why people from all parties, dem, rep, and Indy, are not in favor of impeachment.

  • Smo Cloud
    Smo Cloud 10 days ago +1

    So I learned from this that nobody, left or right, doubts mueller or thinks he might have a personal agenda.

  • George Luis
    George Luis 10 days ago

    Good use of sound bites! (or is it bytes) Frontline replaces actual facts in evidence with cuts from new interviews of people saying "closing in". Frontline staff should all get bonuses for keepin "Russia" alive!

  • don reed
    don reed 10 days ago

    Mueller"s report? Horse feathers!

  • Rick Gowern
    Rick Gowern 11 days ago

    What a lie!

  • Stephen C Yang
    Stephen C Yang 11 days ago

    One still wonders if Trumps election win was engineered by the Russian intelligence. America deserves a full-time and focused president. Impeach Trump.

  • PK Stamps
    PK Stamps 11 days ago

    Only ones working with Russians was the left

  • ziggy morris
    ziggy morris 12 days ago +1


  • Austin Dunn
    Austin Dunn 13 days ago

    it's funny to see the president speak calmly on a subject and then see ths media call it a rampage.

  • CyNDi L
    CyNDi L 13 days ago +1

    Bought and paid for by yours TRULY, GEORGE SOROS!~ That says it all....BIAS, CROOKED, BRAINWASHING at its best!

  • Clane Allen
    Clane Allen 13 days ago

    Every time election doesn't go to the Democrats way you always have something to investigate every single time now who's doing the witch hunts here

  • Kyle W.
    Kyle W. 13 days ago

    Mueller volunteers to join the USMC during Vietnam and left a half million dollar a year job because he was more concerned with putting away bad guys...he's literally the opposite of trump

  • Teri Kay
    Teri Kay 15 days ago

    It wasn’t 17 agencies . It was four

  • Russell Breeding
    Russell Breeding 15 days ago +1

    I can't watch any more of this propaganda. 14 minutes.....I'm done. Can anyone tell me if they ever reveal how this whole fiasco got started? McCabe.....for crying out loud!

    • Russell Breeding
      Russell Breeding 13 days ago

      Kyle, I am seriously impressed that you know how to spell " their." Not many people do.

    • Kyle W.
      Kyle W. 13 days ago

      I imagine thr people who say propaganda non ironically do nothing but waste their time with tin foil hats and drudge report sources trying to convince others the Reichstag fire was caused by communists

    • Russell Breeding
      Russell Breeding 13 days ago

      @Kyle W. Trust me, arguing over this is a waste of your time and mine.

    • Kyle W.
      Kyle W. 13 days ago


  • Dwayne Coy
    Dwayne Coy 15 days ago

    Nothing but the same lies and propaganda seen every night for past 2 years on CNN and MSNBC. @8:30 - “they thought if they could just pluck Comey out the investigation would end”. That is simply a lie. Trump never felt that way and he went so far as to tell Lester Holt on that national televised interview that he new that by firing Comey when he did that the investigation would last longer not cut it short or even end it. That’s the exact opposite of what the clown in this report claims. And that’s not speculation, it’s in the transcript of the interview.

  • Lisa Burns
    Lisa Burns 15 days ago

    Trump 2020 MAGA/KAG

  • Chadd Blignaut
    Chadd Blignaut 16 days ago

    TRUMP 2020!!! MAGA

  • Dee N
    Dee N 16 days ago

    Reality is, Mueller has set up the stage the day Trump is no longer President. No one leaves without paying their DEBT.

  • John Renwick
    John Renwick 16 days ago +3

    Pretty biased documentary. Disappointing.

  • Jim Stepan
    Jim Stepan 17 days ago

    It's convenient how this film opened with the names of four people connected with the Trump campaign as "posing challenges to the FBI" but not a whisper about how the FBI investigation was started!
    Let's face facts! The Mueller Investigation's primary purpose was to muddy the waters that our President, Mr. Donald J Trump, has to navigate to the point where he crashes! Mueller was able to find dirt to charge these people simply to put fear in anyone connected with our President. No charges, or convictions, pertaining to "Russian collusion" were handed down..
    I wouldn't expect anything less than this report from the Preatorian Guard administrative class of "journalism" and "law enforcement" in power today..

  • Lisa Mays
    Lisa Mays 17 days ago +21

    How long before comments are disabled on this?

  • l55centaur
    l55centaur 17 days ago

    Yes, they had UNAUTHORIZED Access to SPY...SOON! You Liberal Leftist LOSERS will GO DOWN! Paybacks are a BIOTCH! God bless your Souls...

  • penny kannon
    penny kannon 18 days ago


  • penny kannon
    penny kannon 18 days ago


  • Saul Feliciano
    Saul Feliciano 18 days ago

    One sided Democratic Warped perspective. They didn't say there was no collusion at the end and how they wasted 40 million dollars of tax money they need for infrastructure upgrades in Flint Michigan. Fake news and how did Robert Mueller become a special council when he was turned down for a job and wanted nothing more than to pay back trump for rejecting him. Clearly he was biased and seeked revenge because thats what dirty cops do.

  • Rob Romeo
    Rob Romeo 18 days ago

    As a sociopath who just likes watching the world burn, thank you for this. What a mess.

  • Stuart Hollingsead
    Stuart Hollingsead 18 days ago

    all this does is confirm what millions of Americans already know...
    For the republicans, fake news/propaganda
    For the democrats, Trump obstructed justice.
    In reality both sides are clueless as to what is really going on. There is a group of people who have made it their goal to rule the world. They will succeed, either directly or through their children, or grandchildren, or the next gen, or the gen after that... they will succeed if it takes another 3000 years. Because they pass the dream onto their children.
    Right now the goal is to destroy America's economy and rebuild with a new moral authority as the banker.... the richest moral authority in the world. The one that sits on seven hills, and speaks blasphemy against God.
    It will all come down to this, do you worship a man, who claims to be God. Or do you worship God who created the heavens and the earth, the seas and springs, and everything that is in them?
    how do you acknowledge worship to one or the other? by swearing? by money donations? by kissing a ring? or by obeying the law set forth from God's own mouth. True love will overcome even death. For millions of Christians gave up their lives rather than change what they said. the same power that murdered people for owning a bible or refusing to baptize a baby will arise again, and woe to the earth, for Satan will sit at the head of it all claiming to be Jesus and working great miracles to prove it to the whole world.
    Those who speak the truth will be hunted and killed. Jesus will return before all are killed who follow him, though it may seem like you are the only one left alive, do not give up hope!
    Hold to the testimonies of Jesus and to the law of God. For these people will be numbered among the living when Jesus returns and calls the dead to life!
    If you do not see a lightning blast that encircles the earth, thousands of time larger and brighter than any other lightning ever seen, Jesus has not returned yet. If you do not see the dead shoot out of the graves by the millions as bullets flying from the muzzle of a gun, then Jesus has not returned yet. If you see someone claiming to be Jesus and his foot is touching the earth.... IT IS NOT JESUS!

  • Adrian C
    Adrian C 18 days ago

    Scum of a summary on the witch-hunt... i Can't Believe PBS....! Then again i look at their LIBERAL SPONSORS and the obvious Deep-State Communist mind heart and soul corrupt agenda to deceive The AMERICAN FREE SPIRIT our kids.

  • P
    P 18 days ago +2

    Frontline consists of Clinton lawyers, Washington Post, New York Times. FAKE NEWS!