10 iPhone Accessories with Unexpected Features!

  • Published on Oct 17, 2018
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    Today on DOPE or NOPE we're unboxing and checking out 10 of the coolest (or potentially dumbest) smartphone and iPhone gadgets that we could fine online! We'll put all these tech gadgets to the test and let you know if they're worth buying or not! SUBSCRIBE to see more videos like this in the future!
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  • Action Animations
    Action Animations 4 days ago

    I see what you did you tried to destroy me

  • Kayleigh Kearney
    Kayleigh Kearney 6 days ago

    i am watching this exactly one year after it came out

  • REplay Games
    REplay Games 6 days ago


  • Patrick Kolopen
    Patrick Kolopen 7 days ago

    U guys suck

  • Zach Chambliss
    Zach Chambliss 8 days ago

    We use Endoscopes to check the insides of small engines to see the Piston while it's moving at full speed

  • Cody Kemp
    Cody Kemp 9 days ago

    I like how you are, you still have the 3 answers, and you can put your opinion is a lot faster than just going on here and writing it but people need to adapt

  • James Vinyard
    James Vinyard 9 days ago

    J Fred sounds like Matthias

  • Vicky Cazentre
    Vicky Cazentre 10 days ago

    Bloof tufe

  • Treena
    Treena 10 days ago

    fishing is hot, because that dude is hot 😍

  • R-Cabz
    R-Cabz 10 days ago

    tanners probably desciplined well no AC no heater man

  • Grace Blackaby
    Grace Blackaby 10 days ago

    does matthias have no password on his phone

  • Austin Chung
    Austin Chung 11 days ago

    There is a problem the phone holder if you turn on the heater it will break your batteries.

  • WoofyPoofy
    WoofyPoofy 14 days ago

    B-but I’m still DEAD INSIDE!

  • Tybeedolphin Gaming
    Tybeedolphin Gaming 14 days ago +3

    Tanner: adapt or parish
    Matthias: those people are dead to me
    Me : in 2019 still with a flip phone (i'm watching this on a computer

  • Kaeden Worley
    Kaeden Worley 14 days ago

    Matt:it’s not band camp tanner
    All band kids:ha you would never understand our pain

  • Tellurian Wolf3
    Tellurian Wolf3 15 days ago

    Is it me or is there 2 matthias

  • Keri N
    Keri N 16 days ago

    They should keep it like this....I love the 3 of them together, they are a great 3some (no perv)

  • Lauren Wolfrom
    Lauren Wolfrom 20 days ago

    The Polaroid thing that filters colors form phone cases with hidden accessories

  • Jacob Briggs
    Jacob Briggs 27 days ago +1

    When J-Fred is on dope or nope its automatically the best.

  • Jarv Vlogs
    Jarv Vlogs 28 days ago

    bruuhhh whats that hat about AHHAHAHA

  • Nova Shines
    Nova Shines 29 days ago


  • WWE Lover07
    WWE Lover07 Month ago

    At 1:01 what did he say

  • Jess Maciel
    Jess Maciel Month ago

    But i like I'm dead inside 😂

  • Walter Brooklyn t guy

    7:04 tanner's eye

  • Paul Oltean
    Paul Oltean Month ago

    I feel like you guys say dope way too often, like for real, lots of stuff is not really dope, like the bluetooth toilet paper holder? Wtf lol how is that dope?

  • Katrina Hudson
    Katrina Hudson Month ago

    They should adapt but tanner's right in the speaker sense but they should remAke ot to the size of the phone and add a charging port speakers and a headphone Jack to it like a normal phone

  • Chris Struble
    Chris Struble Month ago

    For Mathias they do sell it as a kit they also sell it separately
    For tanman as both a mechanic and professional driver please do not ever but straight water in your radiator unless your stranded in the middle of nowhere you will rust out your radiator and clog passages in your motor and cause much bigger issues

  • Supersavage S
    Supersavage S Month ago

    😂 i think joey needs to have a talk with HR

  • Brayden West
    Brayden West Month ago

    4:14 ha ha

  • Justin Amy
    Justin Amy Month ago +2

    Hi everyone who's watching this is 2019?

  • Reid Derrick
    Reid Derrick Month ago +1

    Look at subtitles at 11:54 it was supposed to say Dope or Nope lol

  • Pearl Queen
    Pearl Queen Month ago

    The fisherman has a sexy voice

  • Franny Adams
    Franny Adams Month ago +1

    I love your videos I am a kid

  • ashlynn Thornton
    ashlynn Thornton Month ago +1


  • gr_vytrain
    gr_vytrain Month ago +1

    22:17 isnt that from shanghai nights

  • Yellowish 506
    Yellowish 506 Month ago +1

    Matt your wife let you wear that hat

  • Saad plays
    Saad plays Month ago

    Pixel 3 camera better change my mind

  • Saad plays
    Saad plays Month ago +1

    We need to talk about Bobby's hobb- voice

  • Jonah Douglas
    Jonah Douglas Month ago

    That deeper think connects to your phone on the boat

  • SlimySquishies 101
    SlimySquishies 101 Month ago

    This was posted on my bday XD

  • PandaColada
    PandaColada Month ago

    Second product, the guy in the white shirt. How the actual f*ck can his voice be so deep?!?! I thought they were using something to put over the voice to make it deeper🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • anna kinde
    anna kinde Month ago +1

    i have an samsung.

  • Silver nation Yo
    Silver nation Yo Month ago

    Hey I still have an iPod... for music and ... time...

  • Michelle Dreucci
    Michelle Dreucci Month ago

    Hey wandering what u guys do with all the products u rate a nope. Do ya let employees grab them??

  • Ed Paras
    Ed Paras Month ago

    What happen to matt in team edge. Answer my question please

  • Aiden Elder
    Aiden Elder Month ago

    Goooooooooooooooo home button

  • Gi Cool
    Gi Cool Month ago

    I like how they just ignore the part that that the circle thing from the first product comes separate because you’re meant to buy multiple for different phones and you can change the phones easily

  • Stephanie Marquez
    Stephanie Marquez Month ago +1

    Or or buy an android, where for the same price (or cheaper, mostly cheaper) as an iPhone, you can get and android, with more storage and usually, an expandable memory slot. Oh and for less than $100, you can buy sd cards that will double your space

  • Longhorns8jp
    Longhorns8jp 2 months ago

    Are you guys brothers

  • Flashie
    Flashie 2 months ago

    Why are there two matts????

  • Die Potato
    Die Potato 2 months ago

    Anybody has a truck that’s older than you and has 450,000 miles......
    Just me?

  • Pihu Solanki
    Pihu Solanki 2 months ago

    Poor tanner got hit in the eye with a nail file rip

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf 2 months ago

    The first cupel products aren’t pone Exeter es

  • Makayla's Gaming Time
    Makayla's Gaming Time 2 months ago

    Dap or nape

  • Daria Markson
    Daria Markson 2 months ago +1

    4:56 um sorry man I've never ever seen before , I kinda have to tell you that I love your voice . thank you very much for existing and making my ears blush

  • sophie portugal
    sophie portugal 2 months ago

    i just want an iPhone 8

  • Tom Berwick
    Tom Berwick 2 months ago

    It was from the multi colour lens adaptor for iPhone

  • Keira Bishop
    Keira Bishop 2 months ago

    Robbers can buy the home button then get into all ur stuff i dont like that

    Thats why its a NOPE


  • xxitsFefexx
    xxitsFefexx 2 months ago

    How is all their videos exactly 24 minutes

  • animals i love animals
    animals i love animals 2 months ago +1

    Matthias is having vampier teeth in is His beard do you see that like My comment