• Published on Jun 24, 2018
  • How can things get any worse?
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  • shannon clark
    shannon clark 16 minutes ago

    Every time someone Brings their hands to their face I actually gag 🤢🤮

  • KawaiiDesu Chan
    KawaiiDesu Chan Hour ago

    Her name was Karen. What did we expect?
    Also look at her, does she look clean? She looks like a witch! A dirty one at that!

  • Alex The thicc boi
    Alex The thicc boi Hour ago +1

    She looks like a fricken witch

  • Aleksi Lehto
    Aleksi Lehto Hour ago

    Thank you producers of this great story..

  • Pants the Mancat
    Pants the Mancat 2 hours ago

    "Ramsay do go!"

    "I'm pregnant."
    I'll see myself out.

  • Pants the Mancat
    Pants the Mancat 2 hours ago

    So we're just not going to talk about the outdoor doormat in the bathroom?

  • Pants the Mancat
    Pants the Mancat 2 hours ago

    Why is this in my recommended again? And why am I watching it... Again?!

  • Destiny Diaz
    Destiny Diaz 2 hours ago

    Season 3 Episode 3 Town's Inn

  • Jay McD
    Jay McD 3 hours ago

    I'm gonna be sick

  • Jay McD
    Jay McD 3 hours ago

    I'm gonna be sick

  • Reid Curry
    Reid Curry 3 hours ago

    what episode is this!!!

  • ExAstris- 3130
    ExAstris- 3130 4 hours ago

    The noise of the swab test thing clicking and clunking is so immeasurably satisfying

  • IAmJinx
    IAmJinx 5 hours ago

    Nino would have pictures of them dusting!

  • Mr.henderso
    Mr.henderso 6 hours ago


  • BHJ•
    BHJ• 6 hours ago


  • Born of Gods
    Born of Gods 6 hours ago

    Explosive Diarrhea son, she got that Rhea.

  • juan delgado
    juan delgado 6 hours ago

    What hotel is this???

  • Aløne Dxath
    Aløne Dxath 6 hours ago

    *diarrhea ecks dee*

  • E Alvarez
    E Alvarez 7 hours ago

    White boy is annoying

  • Manhattan
    Manhattan 8 hours ago

    The title is just so 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • yxng sandy
    yxng sandy 8 hours ago

    gordon has musclesss

  • Robert
    Robert 8 hours ago

    1:17 its very difficult for you to identify the smell. Its a TV program, its impossible to know the smell.

  • USELESS humanbeing
    USELESS humanbeing 8 hours ago

    I actually thought that the profile picture of this video is a old hag.
    Turns out to be the owner..

  • Olympia Fedd
    Olympia Fedd 8 hours ago

    *Ramsey has left the chat*

  • whitney chuuston
    whitney chuuston 8 hours ago

    she does look like the type to shit all over the floor and admit it on national tv. bless her.

  • Kevin Coomans
    Kevin Coomans 9 hours ago

    She looks and acts like a proper crone, except she should never have left her natural habitat of the swamp. Nasty ass b*tch shitting all over the floor...

  • H G
    H G 12 hours ago

    Someone just close down this establishment or demolish this place. Put the witch in jail

  • MemeMuseuM
    MemeMuseuM 12 hours ago

    I shit on the floor but everything else is dusted

  • Snazzy Newt717
    Snazzy Newt717 13 hours ago

    That guy deserves to be the owner of his own hotel

  • Piya Mistry
    Piya Mistry 14 hours ago

    Gordon how do u deal with this shit man I would have a mental break down like seriously how??????

  • anthony sermons
    anthony sermons 16 hours ago

    Look at those veins popping out, good damn it's like his arms are pissed to be even in there 😂😂😂

  • X X
    X X 19 hours ago

    okay, 803......... anything above 30 is unhygienic........... WHY IS THERE FUCKING SHIT ON THE FLOOR?! MCDONALS PUBLIC BATHROOM PROBABLY ISNT EVEN THAT BAD

  • Wang Penny
    Wang Penny 19 hours ago

    I'm sad for her

  • Moonbirb 37192
    Moonbirb 37192 20 hours ago

    Wtf- 803?!? No way.....
    that is fucking disgusting 😨


    Which one of y'all took a shit and didn't flush it wasn't me. well it was fucking one of y'all. DISGUSTING

  • chris geroge
    chris geroge 21 hour ago

    0:55 gordon is a scientist and a chef

  • fortnite cool
    fortnite cool 21 hour ago

    I lost a million brain cells watching this clip

  • Rager 322
    Rager 322 21 hour ago

    Diarrhea *clap clap* Diarrhea *clap clap*

  • Abraham Molina
    Abraham Molina 22 hours ago

    That kid is annoying just trying to impress the Chef. 😒

  • LordValairium
    LordValairium 22 hours ago

    LMAO What episode is that?

  • Jordan Noël
    Jordan Noël 23 hours ago

    She looks like the evil queen from Snow White when she's the old hag... no one eat any apple she gives you

  • [oof]
    [oof] 23 hours ago

    I swear the kid would be a way better owner than the current one.

  • Daisy dose ‘
    Daisy dose ‘ 23 hours ago

    *reads title* TIME TO GO

  • Grace Litle
    Grace Litle 23 hours ago

    She looks like a witch

  • Luiz Felipe' Flauto Betioli

    She looks like a witch

  • Doggo of Darkness

    When is Gordon going to wear a hazmat suit to a hotel

  • jennifer schuler

    i have so much respect for the dude in the glasses, because he was the only person that was actually trying to knock some sense into those disgusting ass people. like how do you not know you shit yourself?

  • Laney B
    Laney B Day ago


    *dont go*

  • Noneyo Bizniss
    Noneyo Bizniss Day ago

    Dahahaha ah thas dirty, thas dirty

  • Prins Ricky
    Prins Ricky Day ago

    Gordon, since when you work in Health Department?

  • Glove Gwuanx
    Glove Gwuanx Day ago

    Ramsay would have a fucking aneurysm if food people cooked read *‘803’*

  • mally nicole
    mally nicole Day ago

    the kid with glasses is the only one with an IQ over 2

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah Day ago

    G I V E T H A T A S H A K E **sharp exhale**

  • afro dizziac
    afro dizziac Day ago

    Invent smell pods,where you get a ten second warning about the smell,then you pierce the lid of a smell pod for that authentic aroma 🤢

  • Daniel Gray
    Daniel Gray Day ago

    “Holy crap” literally 😂🤣🤣

  • Abhishek Vemula
    Abhishek Vemula Day ago

    She shits on the floor and doesn’t fuckin clean up lmao

  • Me me Big weeb
    Me me Big weeb Day ago

    Holy shit Gordon you got some mean ass biceps and forearms

  • radraconteur
    radraconteur Day ago

    *why even have the mat*

  • Soviet Blins4U
    Soviet Blins4U Day ago

    The smell was so bad i could smell it through the monitor.

  • Stephen Dines
    Stephen Dines Day ago

    They obviously don't have local environmental health officers who visit and check on a regular basis.

  • niet mijn naam
    niet mijn naam Day ago

    That woman. I can't believe this.

  • First Name Last Name


  • Koolkidlaine 707

    4:16 lol he just keeps moving his arms

  • Cece Vortex
    Cece Vortex Day ago

    she looks like a legit witch

  • NA Productions
    NA Productions Day ago

    4:17 this dude looks like hes tryna do sum sign language

  • Pepijn 15
    Pepijn 15 Day ago

    I’ve seen readings of above 8700.

  • Dream But better
    Dream But better Day ago +1


  • Dragon Beast
    Dragon Beast Day ago


  • RetroPizzaFan
    RetroPizzaFan Day ago +6

    'You're yelling Sarah'
    *'aM i NoT aLloWeD tO yEll sArAh?'*

  • Jessie Hughes
    Jessie Hughes Day ago

    That kid should go on the road with Ramsay an be his little investigator guy,he seems to really give a shit about his job an people.

  • Jamdik
    Jamdik Day ago


  • Grace Olu
    Grace Olu Day ago

    Whats the name of this episode pls

  • Bryston Dampier
    Bryston Dampier Day ago

    The dude died when he heard 803

  • MrCowlick
    MrCowlick Day ago +1

    What tf does the thumbnail mean?

  • Jeremy Heere
    Jeremy Heere Day ago


  • Dzidra Luksevica

    What is that measuring device called?

  • Conner Jackson
    Conner Jackson Day ago

    The stink bug: my plan is to stink up so bad they will leave the I WILL HAVE THIS PLACE!

  • 9yearoldsoldier PEWDIEPIE

    So your telling me she shat on the FLOOR

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith Day ago


  • GrassValleyGreg
    GrassValleyGreg Day ago


  • Tyroney Baloney
    Tyroney Baloney Day ago

    the glasses dude is all of us watching this

  • The Colour Artist

    "There's dirt"

    Oh boi you wish it is

  • Tom Marsh
    Tom Marsh Day ago

    she's all, yeah, I shit on the floor, so what?

  • Mads
    Mads Day ago +1

    "Ramsay don't go"
    *Ramsay leaves*

  • Noob Boot
    Noob Boot Day ago

    I cant- I'm gone! THIS IS GROSS!

  • Dung Vo
    Dung Vo Day ago

    *l o l w t f*

  • ayana
    ayana Day ago

    how can someone’s house be a hotel

  • Esjellz
    Esjellz Day ago

    Boy:Am I not allowed to yell Sarah?
    Me:Yeah, Sarah shut the fuck up bitch

  • Jemimah Zeckendorf

    Which ep is this from???

  • Quinton Shull
    Quinton Shull Day ago +2

    it's not about this *slap* thing, SARAH. its the *flails* whole *waves* the whole picture.

  • Rando 123456
    Rando 123456 Day ago


  • spaghetti sipp
    spaghetti sipp 2 days ago


  • おっつん推しの人

    the sounds at the end, it makes me imagine the guy is gonna be attacked by the woman....

  • Dreadfully Average
    Dreadfully Average 2 days ago

    The hygiene monitor was above 30 but their IQs definitely weren’t

  • Bo Washenko
    Bo Washenko 2 days ago

    Did he really need that machine to tell him the hotel was a crap fest?

  • Jean Simard
    Jean Simard 2 days ago +17

    Poor kid "Ramsey don't go" desperate last call. Which episode was that?

  • Xryein
    Xryein 2 days ago

    Where is the lamb sause tho man?

    • Yeet Boi
      Yeet Boi Day ago

      Everything wrong with this comment:
      1: Your name and pfp
      2: lamb sauce meme

  • Sausage Dog Franky
    Sausage Dog Franky 2 days ago

    Lol she just exposed her.

  • Baguette -
    Baguette - 2 days ago


    Me when my dad left me

  • the seraphrim
    the seraphrim 2 days ago

    Not gonna lie..her co worker is a snitch