If Thanos' Snap REALLY Happened! Real-World Impact of Avengers Infinity War!

  • Published on Nov 29, 2018
  • Avengers Infinity War Ending! What would happen to our society if Thanos actually killed half of everything? Download Marvel Puzzle Quest and get a 3 star Thanos cover for free: d3go.com/newrockstars
    In the ending of Infinity War, Thanos succeeds in snapping his fingers to eliminate half of all life across the universe. His goal? To save overpopulated societies and planets by giving survivors more resources, living space, and ecological benefits... evading the catastrophe that befell his home planet, Titan. But what would actually happen to Earth if Thanos' success in Avengers Infinity War was a REALITY? Erik Voss breaks down each of the ways human society would change -- our safety, our food, our technology, our leisure activities, our religion, our USclip SUBSCRIPTIONS -- and whether Thanos' snap would improve our lives at all. How does the world respond to Thanos' snap in the comic series Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet? What was the weirdest thing to happen to humanity the last time half of us died (the Black Death pandemic in the Middle Ages), and could it happen again?
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  • Kirb Kirb
    Kirb Kirb 2 days ago

    If a person in a vehicle got snapped, the vehicle would kill a bunch more people, then there would be traffic, then car crashes, and a plane pilot being snapped, People would have limited time to escape, because autopilot, and then it crashes into buildings, the buildings fall, no oxygen, and then it would be about 65 percent dead.

  • Thanos The Mad Titan
    Thanos The Mad Titan 3 days ago +1

    The work is done. It always will be. I am... inevitable.

  • praevius
    praevius 9 days ago

    HBO The Leftovers!

  • Isaac Harvison
    Isaac Harvison 9 days ago

    He can kill half of all life but he can control it what he wants to snap away watch the end game Tony snap thanos , his whole army disappeared that was it

  • Ivory Poet
    Ivory Poet 29 days ago

    Its funny that nobody sees a problem with our status on earth in real life. Just take take take more more more.

  • Movieman
    Movieman Month ago

    I think alf will defeat thanos 👽

  • No Name
    No Name Month ago

    If Thanos wiped out half of every lifeform, statistically that would *not* mean half of humanity... Humans make up about less than 1% of all ANIMALS (let alone all those plants, fungi and bacteria!). So the chance that no humans disappeared in the snap would be bigger than the scenario of having half of them disappearing... (though we’d probably still die shortly after the snap because a considerable part of the bacteria in our body would be gone)

  • Teun de Heer
    Teun de Heer Month ago

    In conclusion: Thanos is a moron!

    WERNUTZ Month ago

    Thanos should have snapped wiped all sentient life except himself. Problem solved all resources saved no intelligent life left to duck up universe or able to get revenge nor Reverse his actions.

  • Xtremegamer_ playz
    Xtremegamer_ playz Month ago

    Thanos said there were to many people and too little resources but when he snapped he wiped out 50% of ALL living creatures that includes animals like pigs and cows that make less resources than there were so he made things worse

  • Joram Ike
    Joram Ike 2 months ago

    Yeah but plants thrive better with less humans so plants will bounce back

  • Arthwold
    Arthwold 2 months ago

    Captain crunch

  • Anshul Naik
    Anshul Naik 2 months ago +2

    no thanks , I prefer Marvel Contest of Champions

  • Itz Sara
    Itz Sara 2 months ago

    Thanos Making The Heart XD

  • Shadow Tactical 65
    Shadow Tactical 65 2 months ago

    If Thanos snaps his Fingers that would be horrible we would have a disastter on out hands planes crashing from the sky Cars crashing into each other Thanos does realize that the finger snap will just cause more people to die then just 50% and ig the whole police force disappears then Criminaps and terroists can do whatever they want.

  • Lisa Levi
    Lisa Levi 2 months ago

    all hail alf all hail alf all hail alf

  • Holy_fudge Its_NINJESUS

    4:38 I wish someone loved me as much as that horse loved that chicken

  • Julius Löfström
    Julius Löfström 2 months ago

    If thanos snapped 50% of everything away, doesn't that mean that theres a change that the whole earth chould have been one of the 50% that survived? And that no one on earth disapeared?

  • Z-Man Overstreet
    Z-Man Overstreet 2 months ago

    Plant don't die in the snap and its not 50% of each species, its 50% of everything added together.

  • Angelo Joaquim
    Angelo Joaquim 2 months ago +1

    I disagree. Because Thanos' goal was to balance the universe, so I don't think that the snap has affected significantly other species (besides the dominant species of each planet of the universe) because most of them are in the way of
    extinction, which means that their populations are already critical, so the snap affected only species with high numbers of individuals.

  • Rafi ciftci
    Rafi ciftci 2 months ago

    Red dead 2 3:13

  • ndcoach29
    ndcoach29 2 months ago +1

    HA, This is great! It would definitely be vey Black Mirror-ish.

  • Deepak Gopalakrishnan
    Deepak Gopalakrishnan 2 months ago

    Hahahaha! What a video :D

  • project shadena cat dragon

    I would ether be dead or an orphan if the thanos snap happened
    Also i would just be in my room to check if my stuff is ok

  • thewewguy8t88
    thewewguy8t88 2 months ago

    It's kind of scary to think about but the implications of bringing everyone back are kind scary especially if you consider the way end game turned out.

  • modcheese one
    modcheese one 2 months ago +2

    I was expecting more of a "last of us" type situation in endgame

  • CBright7831
    CBright7831 2 months ago

    I don't know which is more terrifying: Seeing that happen in the day or night time.

  • Kitty cats
    Kitty cats 2 months ago +6

    If the snap actually happened traffic will not move ever

  • Mohamed Mowlid
    Mohamed Mowlid 2 months ago

    *Oops Booms*

  • simonas zalalis
    simonas zalalis 2 months ago

    My leader would be Barney.

  • simonas zalalis
    simonas zalalis 2 months ago

    If thanos snapped and whiped 50% of the UNIVERSE why was earth targeted so heavily and thanos killed 50% of EARTH not 50% of the UNIVERSE by what we see in end game trailers and infinity war.. Why exactly 50% of earth die, in earth there could die 1 person and there would be still enough people in the universe for Thanos' snap.

  • Ansh Gupta
    Ansh Gupta 2 months ago +24

    Who's here after Avengers Endgame?

  • emeraldwolf1 YT
    emeraldwolf1 YT 2 months ago

    Here's the thing the plants don't die it's any living creature with a intelligence
    So food and plants are fine but animals still die

  • Johnny Fletcher
    Johnny Fletcher 2 months ago

    This is like a diss track with half the diss and no track.

  • Justin Bicarie
    Justin Bicarie 2 months ago

    Easily Hawkeye

  • oldscoolest
    oldscoolest 2 months ago +2

    Snap all the conservatives out of existence so we can actually make America great again 😂😂😂

    • oldscoolest
      oldscoolest 2 months ago

      Xernoiva Only radicals are the ones on the right

    • Xernoiva
      Xernoiva 2 months ago +2

      Actually, snapping the radical conservatives and liberals away would make America much better.

  • Retr0 Bulwark
    Retr0 Bulwark 2 months ago


  • Reizel Pure
    Reizel Pure 2 months ago

    Im quite torned between been hedonistic with black widow or joing joker cult for fun but propably the former

  • Serenity Mcbride
    Serenity Mcbride 2 months ago

    Why not just make the earth ten times bigger adding lot more land and ocean.

    • Kernal
      Kernal 2 months ago

      Serenity Mcbride that would cause severe gravitational problems and kill more people than the snap

  • Colby Galan Williams
    Colby Galan Williams 2 months ago

    For the question, I'd either end up killing myself because my best friend/lifetime crush died, or I'd become a leader for others, with my bff by my side. I've been told many times that I'm a good leader.

  • Super Tuber
    Super Tuber 3 months ago


    This is Super Tuber's first video.
    This is also a Part 1 of 3 videos which shall cover and explain all you need to know before Avengers: Endgame in the form of a single story

  • Keyavion Genes
    Keyavion Genes 3 months ago

    The avengers

    OMG BOI 3 months ago +1

    Eh how could the snap be rea-

  • kaia bailey
    kaia bailey 3 months ago

    It's kind of interesting actually cause if it's half of ALL LIFE throughout the whole universe, then thats a lot of numbers to cut. Just for perspective case, lets say there was 500,000 things that were alive in the universe. If half got cut that would be 25,000 left, but that 25,000 that got cut could only mean that 1/8 of earth's life got cut cause it wasn't just earth, it was the whole universe. And as we saw through Gotg and the Thor movies, there is A LOT of life in other places in the universe. Like how half of all life could mean the entire state of Alaska but only 1/4 of Texas. I think that maybe they made it seem like half of EARTH's population got dusted, when actually in the grand scheme of the universe, half of all live should only mean like 1/8th of earth life. Does this make sense?

    • kaia bailey
      kaia bailey 2 months ago

      CiCiDiaries yeah I see what you mean. Maybe the 50% meant all human life was cut in half?

    • CiCiDiaries
      CiCiDiaries 2 months ago +1

      I know what you mean, but I'm pretty sure it would still be around half of all life on earth. Technically it is possible that earth could lose more or less than half and it would still in total be half the universe, chances are it will be basically half because the dusted were chosen randomly and statictics on such a huge scale will naturally end up almost exact. On a smaller planet that say maybe only had 100 living things for whatever reason it is likely that they wouldn't lose exactly 50%, but on earth with over 7.5 billion people, each of which who has a 50% chance of living, the death toll will be almost exactly 50%.

  • kaia bailey
    kaia bailey 3 months ago

    "even the vegans are still hungry" lol

  • Arranadon Studios
    Arranadon Studios 3 months ago

    I think by all living things it means like animals and humans

    Also I was driving a nuclear submarine while watching this.

  • Calvin Ador Dionisio
    Calvin Ador Dionisio 3 months ago

    What if Doctor Strange made a time loop the moment they are in Titan then they fight Thanos over and over again at that exact same moment trying to win against him while the Avengers (the ones who left after the snap) go back through time then managed to collect each stone then each stone which being found by those avengers will gone from Thanos gauntlet one by one so it will make him weaker and weaker, increasing the tendency for those who's still fighting against him to win everytime that moment repeats again. Just a thought. haha

  • LifeOfTyler ‘’/
    LifeOfTyler ‘’/ 3 months ago

    Ops Boom a shirt

    ACRID KINIGHT3650 3 months ago

    But if a snap only affected earth wouldn’t like only .1 percent of humans die bc of like plants and animals

  • Nemesis Dylan
    Nemesis Dylan 3 months ago +1

    If that snap was real and my dog dusted...I would absolutely annihilate Thanos.

  • CozLin
    CozLin 3 months ago

    If the snap happened I would turn to Kim Jong-un

  • Don Cheadle
    Don Cheadle 3 months ago

    once the human population was 80 apparently

  • Jack McOrrie
    Jack McOrrie 3 months ago

    What if all people who's parents split up or didn't work out disappeared. then people who's parents that were meant to be would probably get more jobs, food and better shelter.

  • Gamer john
    Gamer john 3 months ago

    Damn we would be in caos

  • Spike Spiegel
    Spike Spiegel 3 months ago

    Arthur ❤️ 3:13

  • Jared Nadela
    Jared Nadela 3 months ago

    I think its only the humanity. Remember when he told tony during their 1v1 duel,
    "when I'm done, half of the humanity will still be alive" .

    • Bad Tenshi
      Bad Tenshi 3 months ago

      no, he wiped out half the universe. it was said like 100 times.

  • Mr.builder
    Mr.builder 3 months ago

    Definitely ALF would be my role model

    CBMCSTINKY YT 3 months ago +1

    I would turn to myself. 🤣

  • Head Hunter
    Head Hunter 3 months ago

    I still believe in Thanos ideology

  • Fi Fi
    Fi Fi 3 months ago

    Could you imagine not only seeing a bunch of people get dusted, but afterwards hear someone scream in pain as the majority of the bacteria in their body is gone and their stomach acid begins to wreck havoc on their organs?

  • Tyler Staelens
    Tyler Staelens 3 months ago

    Well it’s a good thing it doesn’t affe-

  • Titanic Truths
    Titanic Truths 3 months ago

    I have *never* heard it put as tissue tissue.

  • Cubic Gaming
    Cubic Gaming 3 months ago +1

    Imagine just imagine that when Thanos snapped his fingers he too disappeared and Thor just picked the gauntlet up and used the stones too bring everyone back including Thanos and Thanos is like WTF just happened and Thor is like you lose and tortures Thanos like he did too Gemora's sister(the green girl's sister) and then kills him.

  • Gold Digger1234
    Gold Digger1234 3 months ago +1

    If plants disintegrated in the snap, then how come none of the trees disappeared in the Wakandan battlefield

  • fashizzle78
    fashizzle78 3 months ago

    Why couldn't Thanos just create more resources with the reality stone

  • Gavin Walters
    Gavin Walters 3 months ago

    Oh no my half my chickens are gone... oh hey I know what to do I’ll buy one boy chicken and through it in there (One year later) Adams it now there’s to many! (This would really happen)

  • oswald shoe
    oswald shoe 3 months ago

    i would look to joker, i just love Heath Ledger's interpretation of the joker.

  • OctalJet181966
    OctalJet181966 3 months ago

    Alf all the way

  • Zikoran
    Zikoran 3 months ago

    The snap wouldn't kill plants just the more intelligent things humans and and other intelligent aliens

  • Suckysucky 10 bucky
    Suckysucky 10 bucky 3 months ago

    Comparing the comic thanos with movie thanos is dumb

  • Christopher Westbrook
    Christopher Westbrook 3 months ago

    Plants were left out, half of all life means sentient life, so MAYBE half of all venus fly traps were taken, but plants were not taken by the snap

  • AllOfTheAbove66.
    AllOfTheAbove66. 3 months ago

    In real life that wouldn't happen because of Jesus Christ.😏

  • The Darth Knight
    The Darth Knight 3 months ago

    Half of all bacteria is dead

  • 1Dudelove
    1Dudelove 3 months ago

    Religious fundies would think that people were raptured but they weren't and they'd lose their shit.

  • Txl Clan
    Txl Clan 3 months ago

    Ill become a thanos follower.

  • Darth Tyrannus
    Darth Tyrannus 3 months ago +3

    Thanos’s plan was never to preserve societies and comfortable lifestyles. More than half of all life would die as a aftermath of the snap, but that would only give the surviving population that much more room and resources to thrive with. Eventually, we’d all go back to normal and repopulate while rebuilding our gov, economy, cities, etc.

    life finds a way.

    • Darth Tyrannus
      Darth Tyrannus 3 months ago

      This will end one way or another SO NOW YOU DIE Lmao

    • Joseph Parenti
      Joseph Parenti 3 months ago +1

      Darth Tyrannus i dont remember making this comment. I think I was high lmao

    • Darth Tyrannus
      Darth Tyrannus 3 months ago

      This will end one way or another SO NOW YOU DIE Um.. yes...

    • Joseph Parenti
      Joseph Parenti 3 months ago

      With years the population would return but we dont know have stable it would. The snap could come for anyone so it could
      Be complete chaos or everyone working together But throughout those years many ecosystems would recover without human disruption.

  • Pat Flannelgown
    Pat Flannelgown 3 months ago

    You hit most of it, Eric, like the roads blocked with abandoned vehicles. But I think the most noteworthy thing would be the fires. Fires might burn for months. Wildfires, certainly, from vehicles and crashing planes (25% of planes will fall out of the sky). But especially in cities with people in the middle of cooking or ironing, countless fires will break out simultaneously. With difficulty reaching the fires cuz of blocked roads and half of firefighters gone, fires will rage! My 2 cents.

  • MLG doge
    MLG doge 3 months ago +1

    With my luck I would turn to dust

  • John Wick
    John Wick 3 months ago

    Why did I see green during the snap like the time stone

  • Michael mossberg
    Michael mossberg 3 months ago

    There is also the fact that population growth dynamics make the snap a temporary solution at best to the problem resource depletion.

  • Charlie the Champion
    Charlie the Champion 3 months ago

    This is just depressing

    I am THOR SON OF ODIN 3 months ago


  • Spiderman
    Spiderman 3 months ago +1

    I got an endgame trailer before this

  • NapkinMonster
    NapkinMonster 3 months ago +1

    I think you're going to in depth of half of life will vanish, Thanos says the death is at random, therefor some industries may still have almost all of their employees while others don't have any at all. Good theory though.

  • Dewadatta Avasare
    Dewadatta Avasare 3 months ago +1

    What if thanos snap made half of the people sterile rather than killing them.

  • Bryan Fuller
    Bryan Fuller 3 months ago

    In the beginning there was the word in the literally about the word the written word. And then the pen is mightier than the sword is literal and As Above So Below is trans figurative as in what we create on Earth by putting pen to paper with intent of religious belief has a manifestation above. So we created the Multiverse we created the collapse of the Multiverse. These are all just theories of course but for me growing up the Bible was comic books comic where my Bible. doesn't matter how you find God as long as you find God I know that there is one God that is the god of everything and then there is a God of nothing but we don't talk about that one.

  • Bryan Fuller
    Bryan Fuller 3 months ago

    What was that movie Alot Like Tron enter player one or something like that. Science thinks that we're in a matrix a digital stimulation of reality what would stop that from happening or being possible. The cause of all this is because of our lack of knowledge on Alchemy and the separation of science religion and the Arcanum. The three together make the trinity laws of the universe

  • Bryan Fuller
    Bryan Fuller 3 months ago

    Old Testament fear Revelations is life supposed to get wiped off the Earth but we can't have that happen we don't do much of a nuclear Arsenal not the Earth could be destroyed which could cause a massive ripple effect throughout the Universe not to mention the fact that we are Earth Prime Earth X Earth zero whatever one you want to call the main Earth

  • Bryan Fuller
    Bryan Fuller 3 months ago

    Cuz the MCU is in the Multiverse Theory a different reality than ours to wear Chris Evans play this Captain America and while they're filming and everything he is Chris Evans acting as Captain America but then when he goes and sits down and watches the movie he's watching a different reality where Captain America is Chris Evans but not the same Chris Evans as the actor it gets weird but the Multiverse Theory you know what I'm saying

  • Bryan Fuller
    Bryan Fuller 3 months ago

    The lies we have been fed to us about global warming and the lack of resources is ridiculus. But think think about this though Doctor Strange contact Professor Xavier in Phoenix from X-Men apocalypse and has them work together with him how to teleport apocalypse to dormammu's Realm. And with the help of Thanos and the time Stone they're able to trap him there and then we only have one more apocalypse to deal with instead of two. Imagine if Nibiru is the planet apocalypse on its way here and imagine Thanos coming here to help us fight dark side and the anti-life equation. His dark side is not about balance he's just evil pure evil like what we you know if I was the devil. Whenever I think of Darkseid and Planet Apocalypse in the parademons it makes me think of Revelations of the Bible apollyon and his Locust Army

  • Bryan Fuller
    Bryan Fuller 3 months ago

    Half of our universe didnt get snapped. See i want superheros in realife wouldnt you.Hancock style....

  • Bryan Fuller
    Bryan Fuller 3 months ago +1

    Half of all of the MCU. In the comics he sent them to another universe. Like ours maybe....

  • Bryan Fuller
    Bryan Fuller 3 months ago

    I am the son if the Eagle and the Bear. Good Bear jokes...

  • Michael Sickenger
    Michael Sickenger 3 months ago

    I would go my own way and not look to anybody

  • Toxeye1230987654
    Toxeye1230987654 3 months ago

    3:12 is red dead redemption 2. Athuer Morgan

  • PotatO pohtatoh
    PotatO pohtatoh 3 months ago +5

    The snap wouldn’t necessarily dust 50% of police, 50% of terrorists, or 50% of moms, it would snap away 50% of all life. So really, it would snap away maybe all doctors and no terrorists. And if it snapped away 50% of life, so maybe the snap could dust away 39% of humans, 57% of plants, and and like 4% of other stuff
    I don’t know if that’s correct math and I really don’t care about it

    • Joseph Parenti
      Joseph Parenti 3 months ago

      People make calculations to make a point and they care.

  • muscle man
    muscle man 3 months ago +1

    11:25 I think I would warship alf

    THE WEIRD ONE 3 months ago +1

    I guess you forgot what thanos wanted. He wanted half of all organisms which can have a thought process will die so ultimately half of the people are using the resources and i believe that animals thus wont die as they are a resource neither will plants. Heck let me tell you what you are actually saying if half of all "living" things will die that means chunks of earth will also vanish and not only earth any planet supporting an ecosystem will meet the same consequence as earth is practically a living being as it can heal, die, breath and many things more as the atmosphere, lithosphere and the hydrosphere together create a biosphere which is a living thing. So you may be falling into oblivion if the snap works in your way.

  • Joseph Berg
    Joseph Berg 3 months ago

    Probably worship Thanos so he doesn’t snap again

  • Dreamtrain
    Dreamtrain 3 months ago +1

    I thought it was half of intelligent life, so still same plants (Groots and the like aside)