Secret Eaters S02 E02 Season Two

  • Published on Mar 26, 2014
  • Secret Eaters S02 E02

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  • Tea King
    Tea King Hour ago

    The wife is adorable hhhhhh 😂

  • Flaming Blossom101
    Flaming Blossom101 3 hours ago

    Why can't America eat healthy lile Japan? ?

  • Nadia Leigh-Ancker Hitchcock


  • Elizabeth Elizabeth

    They are so cute! 🥰And Emma looks so great after, her dark circles under her eyes are gone!

  • Sahar Ayoubi
    Sahar Ayoubi 2 days ago

    I don't blame them, I eat a lot too lol

  • Trip Amvs
    Trip Amvs 3 days ago

    these shows make me so hungry

  • Patricia Dutcher
    Patricia Dutcher 3 days ago

    one decent burger would have helped so much better. all the carbs never stay with you. Well on your gut.

  • mariam corpse
    mariam corpse 3 days ago

    12:24 there is literally a camera man standing there and recording them and now they act like surpried when girl came out of wall

  • Danielle Jean
    Danielle Jean 4 days ago

    Exercise is key.

  • Elmo The Fried Waffle King

    Obviously this show is fake and staged but IDC!!

  • Olivier Germain
    Olivier Germain 4 days ago

    Did that guy really bring a Tupperware to the buffet...

  • Jadea Campbell
    Jadea Campbell 4 days ago

    He’s ar debbies house a lot

  • Deanna Rothchild
    Deanna Rothchild 4 days ago

    Food addicts will skip *one* meal and then eat *three*whole pizzas but say that skipping that meal means that they’re dieting and should be skinny

  • Django
    Django 4 days ago

    1300Kcal ? You can't be in this much denial... what a lazy fatass

  • Ines Hernandez
    Ines Hernandez 5 days ago


  • Amanda Witherspoon
    Amanda Witherspoon 5 days ago

    I know why I am gaining weight now. Seeing everything that they are eating made me hungry. I gave in and am having a baked potato. But I didn't put any toppings on mine.

  • joseline mae
    joseline mae 6 days ago +1

    goals 😌🖤

  • Cassi Herron
    Cassi Herron 6 days ago

    Okay so I feel like if I knew I was being watched then I wouldn't eat normally so I don't understand how they can eat normally and be surprised by it at the same time? Is this just me, maybe I'm just weird lol

  • catherine ringwood
    catherine ringwood 8 days ago +1

    31.19 freeze your food as soon as possible so your not tempted.
    Me: stuffing face with chicken i made earlier

  • You Don’t Matter
    You Don’t Matter 9 days ago

    I need to do this because I don’t know why I’m gaining and sometimes I don’t even eat 🤷‍♀️ Lmaooo the couple felt so bad and embarrassed and they still going to eat the same 😂😂😂

  • Deborah Nance
    Deborah Nance 9 days ago

    Soda is so bad it's the main reason people are gaining weight so fast. How much is 7 stone. I just GTS it and it's 78 pounds omg.

  • Lia R
    Lia R 9 days ago

    UK Tv is weird and I love it

  • UsernamesForDummies
    UsernamesForDummies 10 days ago +2

    She is adorable. Being able to laugh at oneself is priceless. I’d be devastated and catty if my shortcomings were dragged out all over national tv. The couples’ relationship is wonderful.

  • D. Pressley
    D. Pressley 10 days ago

    Uhm. So I love this couple and I want them to have everything they want in this life. But they have each other and kids and a great love so they already have everything. I’m in awe. Love from Florida🤗

  • Crusty Dusty
    Crusty Dusty 10 days ago

    I’m pretty sure Britain’s are bigger than Americans

  • choceechup
    choceechup 11 days ago

    Aww xx lovely bubbly couple. Wish them well ! 👍😁🌟

  • Miji Yoon
    Miji Yoon 11 days ago

    PS ...I'm hungry now

  • Miji Yoon
    Miji Yoon 11 days ago

    PS ...I'm hungry now

  • Miji Yoon
    Miji Yoon 11 days ago

    This couple cutie ...& dealing w/their issues w/humor & laughter

  • Michele D
    Michele D 11 days ago

    Ha! This video is funny!
    I'm from N.C. (🇺🇸)
    Biscuits = thinking my granny's biscuits
    UK biscuits = cookies

  • TacticalStoner
    TacticalStoner 12 days ago

    Cannot stand the presenter, stand in my kitchen telling me that I’m fat, you can fuck off again.

  • Lili Adams
    Lili Adams 12 days ago

    Mind blown that chips are "crisps", fries are "chips" and cookies are "buiscuits"

  • One Code748
    One Code748 12 days ago

    The thing is there is sooo much too eat and with eating disorder its soooo hard to control

  • Shae Shar
    Shae Shar 13 days ago

    I dont believe she loss any weight see with him you can look and tell he lost weight

  • Yaoqi G
    Yaoqi G 13 days ago

    They are so cute,

  • Jason Wolfgang
    Jason Wolfgang 13 days ago

    I honestly really don’t understand how these people don’t realise how much they’re actually eating. Also it’s the fucking quality of the food they’re eating that’s just absolutely saturated with fucking fat and calories.

  • Sirena Smart
    Sirena Smart 13 days ago

    I love how all the british shows have the same hostess. I like that woman

  • Fiona Ayers
    Fiona Ayers 13 days ago

    Jeez why you gotta drag America tho

  • HappyDays123
    HappyDays123 14 days ago

    Stone ? Pound ? What happened to Kilo's ?

    AMY WHEELER 14 days ago

    Can we just address the most disgusting, vile and downright wrong thing here?’s a chip BUTTY!

  • Royal K9
    Royal K9 14 days ago

    “Only Americans are fatter than we are”

  • Saint Scarlet
    Saint Scarlet 15 days ago

    I love their food.. But its not good🍲

  • Diet Coke Head
    Diet Coke Head 16 days ago


  • DCFunBud
    DCFunBud 17 days ago

    You know, the calories you consume during these weight reduction videos don't count.

  • ErenTheBombJaeger
    ErenTheBombJaeger 17 days ago

    I have a very slow metabolism so I gain fast despite me not eating breakfast and not eating anything on school days until about 3:00 pm

  • MyAesthetic Kook
    MyAesthetic Kook 17 days ago +3

    For any foreigners, 1 stone is equivalent to 14 pounds! X

  • mary sunshine
    mary sunshine 18 days ago

    English people are so obnoxious.

  • Birdie Birdie
    Birdie Birdie 18 days ago +3

    Paul:puts the chocolate bar in his back pocket

  • IWantTo Believe
    IWantTo Believe 19 days ago

    Tuna on top of a cheese potato and baked beans on top of a potato. 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Marie LeClerc
    Marie LeClerc 20 days ago

    I can't believe I was actually eating while watching this episode.

  • meagan dorsey
    meagan dorsey 20 days ago

    Also don't be fooled low fat and fat free are just more processed. Wait loss is simple eat whole foods, eat raw as much as possible for the enzymes, and avoid processed foods as much as possible. Eat plants before anything else.

  • meagan dorsey
    meagan dorsey 20 days ago

    Why white bread if they're so healthy?

  • meagan dorsey
    meagan dorsey 20 days ago

    What the bell is tuna pasta and who puts mayo on pasta?

  • meagan dorsey
    meagan dorsey 20 days ago

    What on earth is that on their baked potatoes I’ve never seen a potato piled with so much crap.

  • Jeon Jungkookie
    Jeon Jungkookie 20 days ago +1

    That’s not true I hardly get sleep and I get shouted at because I’m not eating enough

  • Silent Fear
    Silent Fear 20 days ago

    studied in Japan and I lost weight

  • coco dreamer86
    coco dreamer86 21 day ago +8

    His wife is adorable and they are such a beautiful couple.

  • Peacefully Epiphany
    Peacefully Epiphany 22 days ago +1

    every time i watch a show that was filmed in Britain they always talk about `"sausage roll", never even heard of those over here in california. im assuming those are like corn dogs?

    • Peacefully Epiphany
      Peacefully Epiphany 8 days ago

      @catherine ringwood oh its puff pastry, thats interesting, doesnt sound very good to me though. thanks for answering my question :)

    • catherine ringwood
      catherine ringwood 8 days ago

      Sausage meat wrapped in puff pastry pretty much

  • a k
    a k 22 days ago +1

    Dont envy their bodies but sooo jealous of their relationship

  • Xenich
    Xenich 23 days ago

    12:04 is asmr

  • Telma Frege
    Telma Frege 23 days ago

    12:30: all other customers continue chatting pretending they don't know what's going on and they were not hired to pretend to be customers lol

  • Paul Moniz
    Paul Moniz 24 days ago


  • Manama Maaan
    Manama Maaan 25 days ago

    I love these two. Wishing them happiness and good health.

  • Asura Sushi
    Asura Sushi 25 days ago

    3:29 I got excited for a moment there thinking it was Megalovania starting to play in the background.

  • Haley Holbrook
    Haley Holbrook 25 days ago

    I’m eating pasta and a cup cake while watching this before my husband gets home from work lol

  • sharon olsen
    sharon olsen 26 days ago

    Blindsiding with humiliation on camera ... might work for some ... might send some into an eating for comfort frenzy ... not a fan.. sorry ... : ( Question .. : Did any of this actually help this couple? Did they change their ways.. did they lose weight after this " amazing revelation " ? Seriously ? ! Yeah.. thumbs down on the whole premise ..

  • sharon olsen
    sharon olsen 26 days ago

    Cookies in a hair salon .. lid off ? Anyone who has ever been in a salon knows what it smells like in there.. it wouldn't be long before those "cookies" tasted like hair "stuff" .. gross !!

  • mega0876
    mega0876 26 days ago +1

    UK is the new U.S. and that marry popings host is sexy as hell

  • yam Cha
    yam Cha 26 days ago

    only the first 2 minutes introduction .....i had stress over myself to do some exercises straight XDDD

  • anon
    anon 26 days ago +1

    I don't like the little public experiment they decided to add in. Diet isnt about never eating sugar, or having the willpower of steel to not eat a free cookie. I feel like what they're portraying is actually adding to the misinformation people are fed about nutrition

  • Daniela Staples
    Daniela Staples 27 days ago

    A chip sandwich? That's carbs inside of carbs!!!

  • Kammii Kaze
    Kammii Kaze 27 days ago

    Girl did they just say Emma was 30yo or 40yo? Thats a Hard 30 if so, how you doin?!

    • Jana T
      Jana T 6 days ago

      She's 30 he's 48

  • Mina30000000
    Mina30000000 27 days ago

    Skipping lunch = over eating at night? Why am I normal weight then? I only eat once a day LOL. I think breakfast and lunch are a waste of time and snacking is stupid. Being hungry every 2 hours is weird to me.

  • Sean S. Lally
    Sean S. Lally 27 days ago

    What you eat matters more than how much you eat. That means that a bowl of oatmeal with the usual syrup, milk, bananas and hemp hearts is more filling than a bacon egg and cheese on white bread the major differences being whole grains are more nutritious and the amount of meaningful food going onto the dish-reading the ingredients on your food will also inform you what is real food and what is not fit for human consumtion.

  • Bobby Hemmit Snippets
    Bobby Hemmit Snippets 27 days ago

    they don't eat. they INHALE.

  • Sean S. Lally
    Sean S. Lally 27 days ago +1

    Refined flour started with queen Mary i think it was who wanted a purer and cleaner flour than the lowly peasants.

  • Lucas Layton
    Lucas Layton 28 days ago

    They're so stupid they don't even remember what they did two days ago? Bullshit show.

  • Udara Dissanayaka
    Udara Dissanayaka 29 days ago cute..

  • Sophie 4622
    Sophie 4622 29 days ago

    Im sorry to say but i have see alot of oversize brits especially womens and yes it very unhealthy. Nothing to be proud. Sad but its true. Most of them i have see when they work in cashier, office etc.

  • Gabrielle
    Gabrielle Month ago

    You don't get rich if you don't put money in the bank.... where do they think the excess weight is coming from? Watching that woman eat made me feel nauseous. No insight and too lazy to think about what she's actually doing. Just gross.

  • justine crenshaw
    justine crenshaw Month ago

    Eww it's actually disgusting how fat they are and they DO NOT exercise at all just eat and sleep... Hmm how am I fat?!

  • justine crenshaw
    justine crenshaw Month ago

    I can't get over how unhealthy her eyes look... They are almost black 😲😮

    • Mar r
      Mar r 29 days ago

      You mean the circles around her eyes

  • justine crenshaw
    justine crenshaw Month ago

    Uhh Exercise?!!!

  • Jay Mann
    Jay Mann Month ago

    You are seriously invading privacy and secretly surveilling people to see how much they eat? WHAT KIND OF SICK WORLD IS THIS?????????????????????????????????

  • LOYD196
    LOYD196 Month ago

    My dog treat can says "biscuits" on it also. With love from America...

  • Daisy Duke
    Daisy Duke Month ago

    The giant bites & plates tells u everything. They probably don't even realize they're full. Go smaller..

  • Max Green
    Max Green Month ago +1

    this just makes me hungry

  • xTheRealKestrelx
    xTheRealKestrelx Month ago

    This show is great.They've GOT to do this in North America .... some people have diets that are absolutely shocking

  • juast asking
    juast asking Month ago

    I am a secret eater too for over 17 yrs. But when I decide to lose weight what I did first was "self discipline" as of my 1st month I lose 5 lbs.

  • Pearly Nina
    Pearly Nina Month ago

    I smell a biscuit , I'm half a pound heavier. I eat it, I forget my fear of adding weight till the next day on the scale. Now let's not talk about fries 🍟😂😂😂😂 .

  • Sally West
    Sally West Month ago

    my pregnant ass should not be watching this show, im just getting hungry WHICH IS NOT THE POINT OF THE SHOWW

  • Cathy Brown
    Cathy Brown Month ago

    I don’t understand why people eat in the living room watching tv. My family always ate at the table talking to each other.

  • The Sheffinator
    The Sheffinator Month ago

    "I don't think we eat enough" Sorry, can I quote you on that?

  • Dan
    Dan Month ago

    3:50 It’s all sugar ya divvy.

  • Dan
    Dan Month ago

    There’s no fat folk in Belsen!

  • Cel
    Cel Month ago

    I would not eat a biscuit at a hair salon omg

  • hadley brickman
    hadley brickman Month ago

    I mean I get the point of the shock treatment but I felt really bad for the guy when you could tell he obviously felt ashamed and the lady just goes “sixtEEn? Aha” like chill you knew he was an overeater already, now leave the poor fella alone.

  • ROY FR
    ROY FR Month ago

    ' The whip is probably the first human invention to break the sound barrier.'

  • ROY FR
    ROY FR Month ago

    Eating 300...500 calories over and not realisin git ok...but over eating by 2000 plus caloires?????? On a differnet note...They have a nice house and a lot of food on a bus drivers salary??????????????????

  • ROY FR
    ROY FR Month ago

    Can't believe that this annoying Winkelman wanabe got her own show....