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  • lead.
    lead. 22 hours ago

    1.Mad Twinz

  • Kristine Spirge
    Kristine Spirge 6 days ago +1

    Sorry but I thinking codfish

  • Koiri
    Koiri 6 days ago

    3:04 lo mejor de todo, pero no me decido por la musicalidad de slizzer

  • moof
    moof 6 days ago

    6:36 this kinda sounds like the flash / reverse flash when he does the vibrating thingy

  • WildWolf
    WildWolf 6 days ago

    1. Mad Twinz .2 Alem 3. Codfish ... Sry fishi xD

  • mushy_the_little_CAT! loves to dance

    I looove codfish you are Soo cool I loooooove you

  • Aidas Grubinskas
    Aidas Grubinskas 13 days ago

    you need to try snowbording games not this shit... :D cant understand this game :D

  • Tore1up
    Tore1up 14 days ago

    Reeps was eh sounded like he was choking it was impressive don’t get me wrong but idk wasn’t my thing man the drop was dope though

  • Ken Zalez
    Ken Zalez 16 days ago

    Better with lyrics 😂😂😂😂

  • Matt Elamparo
    Matt Elamparo 16 days ago

    Ooooooooooiohh my but is like a drumm

    RIPEKA ROGERS 17 days ago

    D low :(

  • Cytrix X
    Cytrix X 18 days ago

    Mad twins is disqualified for using 2 people lol

    CLUMSYTOMBOYLOVE$ 18 days ago

    I wonder how much spit flew

  • ban this guy
    ban this guy 18 days ago

    God fucking dam the Russians won again

  • Daniel Korda
    Daniel Korda 19 days ago

    Codfish u good no why u a grand bbx :3

  • DevPlayz
    DevPlayz 19 days ago

    This video never gets old
    1. Mad Twins
    2. Codfish
    3. Alem

  • Yiğit Göl
    Yiğit Göl 20 days ago

    Mad twins really mad

  • rev0
    rev0 20 days ago

    1:33 yo he got a french accent in his bass, is that even possible lmaooo

  • Super Cool Bottle Flipper XDDD

    Ball-Zee has the best lip roll

  • Zq Qsd
    Zq Qsd 21 day ago

    Bravo le Français !

  • cameron digger
    cameron digger 21 day ago

    Mad twins they were sick but for a solo it would have to be ball-zee

  • Finatix
    Finatix 21 day ago

    Alem, cod fish, and mad twinz killed it yo

  • Brayden Blanchard
    Brayden Blanchard 21 day ago

    Luxenburg made me get goosesbumbs

  • GamingWithSoul :D
    GamingWithSoul :D 21 day ago

    Cod fish definitely won

  • K1NG-CHUY 420
    K1NG-CHUY 420 22 days ago

    Reeps one just makes a lot of stupid noise but everyone else was fuckin dope. Actual beat boxing is so much better than making a shit load of extremely stupid noises. Codfish is a fuckin beast for making these videos for us

  • Master Gaming Assassin
    Master Gaming Assassin 23 days ago +1

    Reep one

  • WakelessChair 67
    WakelessChair 67 24 days ago

    Awesome bro ,but , nobody italiano beatboxer ? No ?! Ah :'(

  • TRASH 新 ドラゴン Y o u

    Russia FTW. Its like dubstep no joke

  • Diamond Digger Anthony

    Ball-zee from the United Kingdom was great

  • Rebecca Ervin
    Rebecca Ervin 27 days ago

    Codfish you were awesome but mad twins , I mean just damn ,just damn

  • YogiMalagi #frix
    YogiMalagi #frix 28 days ago

    6.35 omg this bass ❤

  • Alem Is Amazing!!
    Alem Is Amazing!! 28 days ago

    Alem Sounds Sick 🤙

  • live y-ER
    live y-ER 29 days ago

    That snare.....

  • Badeanden Xd
    Badeanden Xd 29 days ago

    03:06 damn, respect

  • Wolf Zalppy
    Wolf Zalppy 29 days ago

    the best was the dude from France

  • Exotik Tron Gamer
    Exotik Tron Gamer 29 days ago

    Everyones best😍😍 but codfish and napom are my favourite in solo.. n of course madtwinz in team😉😉

  • Aaron Lansdell
    Aaron Lansdell 29 days ago

    6:30 dann I all I have to say

  • Aaron Lansdell
    Aaron Lansdell 29 days ago

    For me mad twinz won sorry cod

  • J Tsu
    J Tsu Month ago


  • Ched Kae
    Ched Kae Month ago

    Oh my fucking god this video

  • Can Ali Halaceli
    Can Ali Halaceli Month ago

    1 min 36 song plz jchui belge en vrai

  • Yoboy Pizza
    Yoboy Pizza Month ago

    This is cod fish he’s famous 1 like = 1 sub and fan

  • ChromeBro
    ChromeBro Month ago

    Mad twinz was best

  • Sondup Barsampa
    Sondup Barsampa Month ago


  • Pelliel Msp
    Pelliel Msp Month ago

    I wanna hear swedish beatboxing , btw all of them was awsome!

  • xZardel YT
    xZardel YT Month ago

    the last one was duo

  • Scary Lambo
    Scary Lambo Month ago

    Omg mad twins.. holy shit 😂😂 spotify pliz 😂😂

  • Scary Lambo
    Scary Lambo Month ago

    Beatboxing CANT BE GOOD FOR YOU😂😂😂

  • ywwes
    ywwes Month ago

    I can listen to this all day

  • Heart
    Heart Month ago +1

    1.Mad Twinz
    2.Reeps One

  • Christopher 7
    Christopher 7 Month ago

    Mine fav is codfish OFC And alem like his style

  • Karlo Zuger
    Karlo Zuger Month ago


  • Hello, I'm Alex!
    Hello, I'm Alex! Month ago

    1 CodFish
    2 Alem
    3 Ball-zee

  • Nuclear Explosion
    Nuclear Explosion Month ago

    Reeps you almost lost me till thafmt nasty ass drop like damn

  • Matteo Bolgan
    Matteo Bolgan Month ago

    Mad twinz are insane!

  • FO_Runi 06
    FO_Runi 06 Month ago

    The Russian was really good

    TANGO TIME Month ago

    mad twinz

    TANGO TIME Month ago


    TANGO TIME Month ago

    alens winner

  • Axl Morales
    Axl Morales Month ago


  • Dominatorbeast 44
    Dominatorbeast 44 Month ago

    Codfish didn’t do to good not hating but I fell like he could’ve been better

  • Brosis29
    Brosis29 Month ago

    Mad twinz woah

  • Niicount M.L.G.
    Niicount M.L.G. Month ago

    3:49 that robotic "yo" o.O

  • Rain JoLix
    Rain JoLix Month ago


  • Ricky Rik
    Ricky Rik Month ago

    MAD TWINZ never does such a built-up in battles. It was so amazing. Though Slizzer is my favorite in this.

  • Winter Moon
    Winter Moon Month ago

    U need to go on America’s got talent

  • zNxcoFNA
    zNxcoFNA Month ago

    Codfish and the Russian guy are lit 0.0

  • Xfoz clan
    Xfoz clan Month ago

    Slizzer was best in my opinion

  • Conan Edogawa
    Conan Edogawa Month ago

    WTF All of your guys is a gods

  • The Producer
    The Producer Month ago

    2: Mad Twinz

  • joe thomas
    joe thomas Month ago

    It's good to hear some beatbox legends in one video

  • Matej Mrvečka
    Matej Mrvečka Month ago

    OMG i love rusian s VODKA and now BEATBOX too !!! :D

  • Willem Pasterkamp
    Willem Pasterkamp Month ago

    Codfish ha

  • Trisy games
    Trisy games Month ago

    Codfish is my favorit

  • GrAzX
    GrAzX Month ago

    Me when trying to beatbox 1:23

  • Somalia MM FX
    Somalia MM FX Month ago

    Is that anomaly in T team ??

    JAYDEN MAY Month ago

    holy shit it’s reeps

  • Fraser Robo
    Fraser Robo Month ago

    I think UK one one he had the beats

  • crazy romo
    crazy romo Month ago

    Can't choose a favorite all dope

  • virus
    virus 2 months ago

    Slizzer is OG

  • virus
    virus 2 months ago

    Slizzer is OG

  • SloppyWaldo
    SloppyWaldo 2 months ago

    sry Codfish your always ma man but i gotta give it to Ball-zee from UK. It was a very close call but that's just my opinion. I hope u dont hate me for that. Other wise keep on doing what your good at and all i just wanna say is that you are great.

  • Luke Horsenail
    Luke Horsenail 2 months ago

    Why dose the guy form Luxemburg sound like mr bean i rate it tho

  • TROUBLEdExpl0iter
    TROUBLEdExpl0iter 2 months ago +5

    6:35 that bass drop

  • TROUBLEdExpl0iter
    TROUBLEdExpl0iter 2 months ago +3

    3:05 that bass drop

  • Ivan Simunac
    Ivan Simunac 2 months ago

    6:04 HOOOOW!!??

  • フォエバー
    フォエバー 2 months ago

    Ok STOP your SPITING on ME

  • Maylen-Christin bognerud Malvang

    OMG 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱

  • Chipster The EMS
    Chipster The EMS 2 months ago

    Mad twins

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper 2 months ago

    I call bullshit on the UK guy... Fucking legend tho

  • GhostArmy Gaming
    GhostArmy Gaming 2 months ago

    6:33 ur welcome :)

  • MrDieMine
    MrDieMine 2 months ago

    i like alem

  • Robert Mclean
    Robert Mclean 2 months ago

    Codfish then - so honored to be in the same video as these guys - codfish now - won the gbbb 2018 you've come so far mate 👊👍

  • Callum Price
    Callum Price 2 months ago

    What would be a best beatbox party without you in it. I've been watching since like 75k subs keep up the good work

  • Jordan Bouth
    Jordan Bouth 2 months ago +1

    ball zee nice lip roll

  • zertuche fucku
    zertuche fucku 2 months ago

    pero madre mia willi

  • neli tevzi
    neli tevzi 2 months ago

    reeps one (UK) sounds like a machine

  • ᶻᵖᵃʳᵗᵘˡ
    ᶻᵖᵃʳᵗᵘˡ 2 months ago


  • Only Deathmetal
    Only Deathmetal 2 months ago

    Am i wierd for thinking Ball-zees routine was the dopest?

  • Torbenli
    Torbenli 2 months ago