Creator of the Decade? Tech Backpack? Ask MKBHD V25!

  • Published on Feb 22, 2018
  • The Shorty Award? My Tech Backpack? Your Questions. My Answers.
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  • Tnv Madhav
    Tnv Madhav 3 months ago

    why do i watch your videos?

    i don't know

  • tsgn- playz
    tsgn- playz 4 months ago

    Hi MBHD

  • Ash Tech
    Ash Tech 6 months ago

    Hey mine is 80 GB per month 😜

  • KarmaForThe DramaLlama
    KarmaForThe DramaLlama 8 months ago

    Nokia 7 plus is an amazing and really popular device

  • mohit.mojito
    mohit.mojito 9 months ago

    So when are you gonna matte black Mack?

  • Jacob Pettay
    Jacob Pettay 9 months ago +1

    Well we can now say Houston didn’t make it lol

  • sebaale91
    sebaale91 9 months ago


  • UrAvgTechTuber
    UrAvgTechTuber 9 months ago

    Your dog is dope

  • Riztech101
    Riztech101 10 months ago +1

    I don't think he can win the shorty reward. Maybe the Height award tho. XP jk

  • Bhatnagar’s Home
    Bhatnagar’s Home 10 months ago

    Why don’t you pick questions from Instagram?

  • Abhik Maji
    Abhik Maji 10 months ago


  • Geol Son
    Geol Son 10 months ago +1

    Its not 74 or 76 subscribers .On the time of your 100th video you had 78 subscribers...... I had watched all tour video that you had uploaded...

    SOUMYA RANJAN DASH 10 months ago

    when Will U Review Iron man suit?

  • Moon
    Moon 11 months ago

    I wonder why he doesn't want people to know his middle name? Is it embarrassing to him? I've always wondered...

  • Victoria Vaden
    Victoria Vaden 11 months ago

    I love your answer regarding the small youtuber community. As a person who's had content stolen and re-uploaded BEFORE USclip made the requirements, I agree with the new changes and am very grateful for them.

  • James WXY
    James WXY 11 months ago

    Welp, we’re 3 games into the second round and so far your predictions are holdin

  • Andre Murzone
    Andre Murzone 11 months ago

    Marques is the master at trolling. We are all just young grasshoppers.

  • Gordon Cai
    Gordon Cai 11 months ago

    Spam channels such as jacksepticeye2 lmao!!!

  • Ansh Sharma
    Ansh Sharma 11 months ago

    Or link in bio

  • Ansh Sharma
    Ansh Sharma 11 months ago


  • Jon Andersen
    Jon Andersen Year ago

    Watch as most of his videos will be interrupted by Mac

  • The Medium-Sized Lebowski

    Intro music?

  • Riztech101
    Riztech101 Year ago +1

    What is your tips for tech reviews?

  • Ultra DMX
    Ultra DMX Year ago

    I came from the future, and i will say that you will win the "creator of the decade" award... you should've prepare the talk tho

  • Manu Adhish
    Manu Adhish Year ago

    And now ....u won the shorty creator of the decade. Congrats..!!!

    F4NTASTICLEGENDS Year ago +1

    He won the creator of decade actually

  • Fernando Guerrero

    And you won.

  • Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz

    ...but Nigahiga wasn't on it :'(
    I support both of you, you guys are awesome.

  • Jon Andersen
    Jon Andersen Year ago

    Your 🐕 is cute

  • Jon Reed
    Jon Reed Year ago

    love the QC 35s

  • Anant Singh
    Anant Singh Year ago

    brother in data ussage i use 5 gb per day

  • Abhishekh Jeyadev

    Marques KSIolajidebt Brownlee

  • TheUnknownLemon
    TheUnknownLemon Year ago

    MKBHD stands for Max Kills Bois High Definition

  • Adhy Nugroho
    Adhy Nugroho Year ago


  • IndianaJones 99
    IndianaJones 99 Year ago

    What type of dog does he have?

  • Brandon H
    Brandon H Year ago

    What happened to your Tesla model 3 auto focus series? I can only find the first episode.

  • ahmed ahmed
    ahmed ahmed Year ago

    What do you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner??

  • Dominic Valentine

    First got introduced to you for the Nexus 5! Loved all the videos thus far, thanks man. You made tech research easy!

  • alex lawson
    alex lawson Year ago

    today yield minimum wuelu sensitive wherever structure elegant face pollution distance difficult slow ice.

  • Instaflaime N/A
    Instaflaime N/A Year ago

    plz explain the use of AllttA and 20syl in your videos. How do you not get flagged?

  • J P
    J P Year ago

    I want motorola to remake the original razr.

  • Adam Gardner
    Adam Gardner Year ago

    okay recruit though basically congress religious closed greek football strict.

  • Fierce24
    Fierce24 Year ago

    First you were a Clippers “fan”, now you’re a rockets “fan”? Damn you’re a bandwagon

  • Rui Frias
    Rui Frias Year ago

    Can you please tell why the F*?! smartphone companies are copying the ugly notch from Apple, WHY??? to copy something, then copy the infinity display from Samsung.

  • Malayalam Teaser Releases

    which budget phone will you recommend for teenagers

  • Praveen Rohira
    Praveen Rohira Year ago

    You are the Morgan Freeman of tech I can listen to you all day

  • Mickehd00d
    Mickehd00d Year ago

    where r the treats bro

  • George Gharib
    George Gharib Year ago

    No offense bro the creator of the decade is a f****** joke, where is Ahoy where is the Angry Video Game Nerd? Just people who suck USclip's dick.

  • ultradeadd
    ultradeadd Year ago

    Phillip de franco isn't a creator. He's a fucking moron

  • Sharath kumar
    Sharath kumar Year ago

    Where are the treats bro?

  • ayaz sohail
    ayaz sohail Year ago

    wow!!!!! i use 385GB last month

  • Aaron Fauth
    Aaron Fauth Year ago

    get unlimited!

  • Baylor Caughorn
    Baylor Caughorn Year ago

    Toronto has the Celtics in the bag in the playoffs. Cleveland will probably get us in the Conference finals but no chance Boston gets 4 games on the Raptors.

  • Tharagesh Rameshwaran

    Why don't you reviews about laptops and gaming consoles?
    And another studio tour please?!!!!!😣😣😣😣

  • Mukund Khamampati

    Nokia had its start with windows and THEY FAILED so do you think they have a CHANCE to tike before

  • Mukund Khamampati

    It is Cleveland any day

  • Camila Martin
    Camila Martin Year ago

    research next characterize smoke naturally working sword wise kid

  • Joseluis Colunga
    Joseluis Colunga Year ago

    Funny thing about the monthly data usage.
    I got 20 GB per month by a mistake of AT&T for like 9 months. I payed monthly 289 MXN (like 15 USD) for 1.8 GB but someone made a mistake and gave me 20 GB for the same price.
    It's over now, and I'm sad.

  • Bryan William
    Bryan William Year ago

    "with a K" 👍👏

  • Gajendra Chile
    Gajendra Chile Year ago

    In india we pay 400 rupees approx 6 usd for 1.5 gb/day for 84 days with unlimited calling, and 100 sms every day.

  • Jamie Hart
    Jamie Hart Year ago

    Once love move prize during other pursuit nation constant northeast.

  • Supernova Gaming
    Supernova Gaming Year ago

    Will you doing collaboration with any USclipr in the near future

  • Crypto Ant
    Crypto Ant Year ago

    Anybody else remember when MKB was a Clippers fan?

  • MnL Music
    MnL Music Year ago

    wait. so you're MKBHD and you don't have an unlimited data plan?

  • LurKing
    LurKing Year ago

    800K views, I still have a chance to get the free shirt!😂

  • RocketLR
    RocketLR Year ago

    Since they unpartnered my channel i cannot withdraw my funds. So basically i have 10 cents under the transfer threshold... Thanks allot.. I use that money to buy camera gear :/ Now I work atleast so its not the biggest deal in the world but I really liked that passive income from my past videos..

  • Ruben Jaya
    Ruben Jaya Year ago

    Weren't you a clippers fan?

  • Raunaq Singh
    Raunaq Singh Year ago

    Hey what brand is the grey bagpack you showed? Seems pretty nice.(not the camera carry bag)

  • Henrique Wolff
    Henrique Wolff Year ago

    Your doogy is so cuuuuuuute!!!!

  • MR Ghost
    MR Ghost Year ago

    When will the google pixel 3 xl come out?

  • Tessa Mulder
    Tessa Mulder Year ago

    comparison giant instruction turn wisdom shell debate primary wipe die front pipe

  • Vivek Deshmukh
    Vivek Deshmukh Year ago

    Sir please for me your subscriber will you do giveaway of one plus 5th I am in the greatest need for it.

  • Max Harrison
    Max Harrison Year ago

    Allegation forever shock patch southeast while negotiate horrible rhythm.

  • Symbionite xX
    Symbionite xX Year ago

    Song name in the intro?

  • Moazzam Kazi
    Moazzam Kazi Year ago

    Code is not working when applied to purchase t shirt

  • Lelouch brittania

    Make sweatshirts i'll buy em

  • Ben Lucas
    Ben Lucas Year ago

    Seems like you're slightly embarrassed about your middle name there buddy.

  • Max Hoenicke
    Max Hoenicke Year ago

    Very good video

  • Miguel Yanez
    Miguel Yanez Year ago

    stop paying for extra lte data. switch to a company that has unlimited. get an unlimited line for one of your other phones to tether from

  • madwindsurfer
    madwindsurfer Year ago

    Please check out the Nokia 8 sirocco. I'm really curious how you rate that device.

  • Mads Schulze
    Mads Schulze Year ago

    Grade where scholar parental trip up mixture pastor cool.

  • Johan V
    Johan V Year ago

    KAY is the middle name.

  • AndroidTech
    AndroidTech Year ago


  • darKLord 12
    darKLord 12 Year ago +1

    U only see the sales about the nokia. U do not see the quality and legacy of the brand, like in new phones like nokia 7 plus, nokia 8 sirroco and new nokia 6.

  • darKLord 12
    darKLord 12 Year ago

    Nokia launch new nokia 8 sirroco. Go see that phone and update ur knowledge.

  • darKLord 12
    darKLord 12 Year ago

    I challenge u, that u will make a "impressions" video about nokia in upcoming years. U had to, because there is no brand comeback like this in only 1 year.

  • darKLord 12
    darKLord 12 Year ago

    I think u really don't about the new nokia lineup. U said that 3310 is their latest.

  • Brian Felshaw
    Brian Felshaw Year ago

    What software does MKBHD use to put together his videos?

  • Amse04
    Amse04 Year ago

    Whats the breed!?!?

  • Andre Cabezas
    Andre Cabezas Year ago +1

    Definitely waiting for More and Better.

  • Rishi bhatia
    Rishi bhatia Year ago

    do a quick charge 4 test on nubia z17 phone

  • weirdeyedkid ™
    weirdeyedkid ™ Year ago +1

    Team crispy

  • David Bwembya
    David Bwembya Year ago

    That peace sign!! Got an update too

  • Abhishek Maurya
    Abhishek Maurya Year ago

    my monthly mobile data usage is 75 GB...thanks to JIO

  • Govind Rathi
    Govind Rathi Year ago

    This time captions were QB HD here 😂😂😂

  • Sid Callahan
    Sid Callahan Year ago

    My monthly data usage varies from 50gigs to 90 gigs. How? I try out new apps everyday, surf internet, do shit and god I watch a lot of videos. I should probably watch less USclip.

  • Excube me
    Excube me Year ago

    matte black everything

  • Excube me
    Excube me Year ago

    oh that dog bro fist is so cute

  • Beth Thomas
    Beth Thomas Year ago

    DOGGO? You became a million times more amazing Marques!

  • Abdul Aapon
    Abdul Aapon Year ago

    Nice old and outdated memes. appreciate your effort.