Kitchen Nightmares - Season 4 Episode 2 - Leone's Full Episode

  • Published on Aug 1, 2018
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    Hell's Kitchen - Season 17 Episode 5 - Josh Josh Josh Full Episode
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  • Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

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    • Valentina Stoilkova
      Valentina Stoilkova 3 months ago

      Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen i

    • Kristopher Potts
      Kristopher Potts 4 months ago +1

      I will not subscribe until all episodes are able to be seen in the us

    • andrewski Baba
      andrewski Baba 4 months ago +8

      your stupid computer voice saying subscribe and like IS REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING, AND I WONT SUBSCRIBE

    • Stefan Forrer
      Stefan Forrer 4 months ago +4

      +Kate Hughes yep, if he needs the likes and subscriptions so bad, using that voice for anything is not a good idea...... why not just display the text without the voice? would be much less annoying already..

    • Kate Hughes
      Kate Hughes 4 months ago +5

      I might consider subscribing and liking for more gordon ramsey but that infernal voice is gonna scare me away before it convinces me to subscribe. Just saying...

  • Lucky Catnip
    Lucky Catnip 11 hours ago

    Isn't that what she paid for his college for? For him to be somebody and do better than they did? Or did she want him to go to school so he could come back and help with the restaurant?

  • Michelle Gutierrez
    Michelle Gutierrez 19 hours ago

    Aris bites the table
    Gordon: finally something edible here😂😂

  • Rosetta Tea
    Rosetta Tea 20 hours ago

    Executive producer: Kent Weed
    ... No jokr

  • Christen Gardner

    They have a shit ton of Greeks from Greece OMG and this old man won't let anyone help

  • Pakemovies
    Pakemovies Day ago

    subscribe and strike

  • Albert Aguirre
    Albert Aguirre 2 days ago

    Wow the son took control

  • gogo
    gogo 2 days ago

    is that Heath Ledger???? :P

  • Mad9977 Productions
    Mad9977 Productions 4 days ago

    looks like the only thing you want to hit your teeth in, is the table haha

  • Shifty Powers
    Shifty Powers 5 days ago

    I have a feeing the dad eats all the food that gets sent back, that fat cunt

  • OkamiNoNamida
    OkamiNoNamida 5 days ago

    I get that what the kid did was pretty shitty, and put his parents down. I don't know if that was his actual intention or if it was a poor choice of words with unintended consequences. However, what the hell is wrong with parents that they can't speak to their children about something that's bothering them?! How can you just hold on to a grudge against your child for years, distance yourself from them, and expect things to change if you never tell them? It's the same for people that expect that out of a relationship as well. People aren't mind readers, they don't know what your problem is unless you tell them.

  • htomerif
    htomerif 5 days ago

    We can do without the "subscribe and like for more stolen content" messages. I certainly hope FOX has claimed monetization on these videos.

  • Fred LeBlanc
    Fred LeBlanc 5 days ago

    Greek dancing looks dumb.

  • AbsoluteAI
    AbsoluteAI 5 days ago

    "Not too nice" uh... ok...

  • LongboardManiac
    LongboardManiac 6 days ago

    at 4:30 that stupid thot is a horrible actor lmao. Tryna fake cry she sounds like a dying pig

  • J Veld
    J Veld 6 days ago


  • Zepplin85 85
    Zepplin85 85 6 days ago

    Son went to college while he shat on the family business...collage didn’t seem to go too well and came back to mom and pop.
    I get the fathers resentment.

  • Sylvana Fow
    Sylvana Fow 6 days ago

    "Finally something edible" 😂

  • Sylvana Fow
    Sylvana Fow 6 days ago

    GR: "It's an insult, not just to Greece, but to the vegetable itself"
    He's so great!

  • Thundres Kaso
    Thundres Kaso 7 days ago

    Wtf is that horoble intro

  • Chris Craven
    Chris Craven 7 days ago

    Then why the hell did Aris go to and graduate from college? Did his parents think he went to college to take over their restaurant after graduation? Why did they send him to college in the first place?

  • kikiTHEalien
    kikiTHEalien 8 days ago

    Why is the show pushing the son to take over, while the daughter has been working in the restaurant seemingly longer than him? Shouldn't she be in charge- at least she knows the front house and her mother is still in charge there so no problem, if she helps her father in the kitchen.

  • Brad ?
    Brad ? 8 days ago

    Wow special guest appearances from Stephen Hawkins

  • Jc48B
    Jc48B 10 days ago +1

    Ramsay: “Finally something edible!!”
    (The sons owner grabbing the table with his teeth.)

  • katrinalol
    katrinalol 10 days ago

    I get so happy when I see people succeeding that I just sit here and giggle >

  • FadeZ
    FadeZ 10 days ago

    L i k e a n d s u b s c r i b e f o r m o r e G o r d o n R a m s a y.

  • whyterhyno17
    whyterhyno17 10 days ago

    2:14 “alrighty guys let’s starting.” -borat

  • Jack Richards
    Jack Richards 10 days ago

    World Class Chef and can't pronounce "Gyro" correctly

  • Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes
    Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes 11 days ago

    If I was the dad I would have told him that if he leaves he will be at the bottom of the totem pole if he decides to return.

  • Nuno Soares
    Nuno Soares 11 days ago

    Can you please re-upload these without the creepy voice in between? Very annoying.

  • Peter Thornton
    Peter Thornton 11 days ago

    Ramsay: "What's that?"
    Aris & Markis: "Greek pasta."
    Ramsay: "It's ... nice."

  • Peter Thornton
    Peter Thornton 11 days ago

    Ramsay to Markis: "Smell that, just smell inside there."
    Markis: "Eat a little bit."
    Ramsay: "I'm not eating that it smells!"
    Markis after tasting it: "It's good."

  • Peter Thornton
    Peter Thornton 11 days ago

    It seems Southern California is awash with dodgy restaurants.

  • Worry BX
    Worry BX 12 days ago

    He has a very English accent for a Scotsman
    Dialects and accents change through the years. Like I think modern posh accents sound way different the. Like posh Brit (specifically English) accents from people born in the 80s-current have a different kinda accent than 60s and 70s born. And 50s and below. ( I haven't really heard an accent from someone born in 1910 or anything. Ha.
    But yeah a good example is the difference between Daniel Radcliffe. Benedict cumberbatch. And the English woman from Harry Potter/sister act/Hook (playing wendy)
    And I know someone will say they aren't all posh. But yeah they are all London "upper class accents" which is kinda my point vs j when the older lady was learning it had a much more stereotypical queen posh accent. But guys like Daniel and Benedict have similar extents just without the affectation.
    And yeah Chef Ramsay has more English sound than Scottish.

  • Worry BX
    Worry BX 12 days ago

    WhAt does that Greek word mean? They say it my big Greek wedding. And in this episode. ""Ohh-pah" or "hoe-pah " is how it sounds phonetically.

  • AJ •
    AJ • 12 days ago

    Omg this place is so close to where I live!

  • Rob Meyers
    Rob Meyers 12 days ago

    Nooo, don't put your finger on top of the blade... Teach your son good knife skills!

  • manjola artistic
    manjola artistic 12 days ago

    Greek food. Is wonderfool. But. Little too. Fat.

  • Akeem
    Akeem 13 days ago +2

    I subscribed...
    I liked...
    And now I have more Gordon Ramsey

  • Rynn21
    Rynn21 13 days ago

    Not Leone's. Change it to The Greek. It's been there for a very long time. It's a nice place to go out to lunch.

  • Amy G. T.
    Amy G. T. 13 days ago

    Upa! Such an amazing story!!

  • youbetyourwrasse
    youbetyourwrasse 13 days ago

    This is actually episode 8 of season 4, "The Greek at the Harbor," (or episode 6 of season 5 or episode 8 of season 5)

  • Inguss dus
    Inguss dus 14 days ago

    i hate the chairs Gordon picked for the restaurant
    They look so uncomfortable, I couldn't really sit down and get comfortable in those

  • BeAsT_ YT
    BeAsT_ YT 15 days ago

    Mcjuggernuggets what the fuck are you doing there?

  • BlumeTech MI6
    BlumeTech MI6 15 days ago

    Looking like a Greek McJuggerNuggets

  • Briseida Cervantes
    Briseida Cervantes 16 days ago

    Fuck u all

  • Crixo
    Crixo 17 days ago

    "they blow smoke up your ass, you can't be that stupid" bahahahahahaha

  • Crixo
    Crixo 17 days ago

    the word of the day is: DREADFUL

  • Autumn Equinox
    Autumn Equinox 17 days ago

    So he doesn’t have the same dream. Good for him. The way he went about saying it was wrong.

  • Thai Booker
    Thai Booker 17 days ago

    I knew that strong jaw bone was used for something! The face of a thousand angles

  • Autumn Equinox
    Autumn Equinox 17 days ago

    I have dreams at night telling me to *subscribe and like for more Gordon Ramsay*

  • Bea Ner
    Bea Ner 17 days ago +1

    Aris looks like Tarzan and mcjuggetnuggets at the same time

  • Morgan Robinson
    Morgan Robinson 17 days ago

    If the kid even says they don’t like the food than mf yo food nasty as hell😹😹😹😹

  • Pauline Rose
    Pauline Rose 18 days ago +2

    Aris performance is much more entertaining than Prohibition's owner belly dancing.

  • svyatoslav smirnov
    svyatoslav smirnov 18 days ago

    I ThInK RamSAy WiILl lOvE My FoOd

  • Marahyah Hadassah
    Marahyah Hadassah 19 days ago +1

    More jiggly bellies

  • Woken WilloW
    Woken WilloW 19 days ago

    why is everybody talking about how hot Aris and completely ignoring how adorable Marika is i mean she's so cute

  • Woken WilloW
    Woken WilloW 19 days ago

    Aris looks like Dolph Ziggler and sounds like Seth Rollins

  • Jenny and Ryan
    Jenny and Ryan 19 days ago

    binge watching kitchen nightmares :)

  • zoro cozgrove
    zoro cozgrove 20 days ago

    "It's nice "
    Google translation: it tastes like shit,but i dont want to ruin this father son moment.

  • Banks Andrew
    Banks Andrew 20 days ago

    please never let ramsay loose in kfc .........

  • Club Sanjuichi
    Club Sanjuichi 23 days ago

    What is the falafel doing in a greek restaurant?

  • ITS ME
    ITS ME 23 days ago

    i love it when someone's crying and then there's a "subscribe and like for more gordon ramsay"

  • josh's pretty gay
    josh's pretty gay 24 days ago

    aris reminds me of connor murphy from deh

  • Ed
    Ed 26 days ago

    dang, I'd smash the daughter then the son...

  • Kovacs Kovacs
    Kovacs Kovacs 27 days ago

    This is from Season 5, not from Season 4.

  • Jan Wakaka 3.0
    Jan Wakaka 3.0 27 days ago +1 subscribe...

  • Katherine
    Katherine 28 days ago +1

    Aw Aris is so sweet !!!

  • Half Human All Soul
    Half Human All Soul 28 days ago

    Another restaurant that Ramsey change to plain borung restaurant. I think it was more creative and unique before the makeover.

  • Aja Smith
    Aja Smith 28 days ago +1

    When Gordon handcuffed the father and son I literally screamed 😭😂

  • Yellow Dimond
    Yellow Dimond 29 days ago

    ,,not today my friend,, LOOOL LOOOL

  • Dylan Petro
    Dylan Petro 29 days ago

    Bruh if Gordon ever insulted a business I owned, I would instantly close down. Cause I know I'm fucked at that point. Lol

  • Yuno Satiantip
    Yuno Satiantip 29 days ago +1

    Gordon: How would you rate your food out of ten?
    Mikey: 10
    Gordon: then why the fuq did you call me here

  • fjvc90
    fjvc90 29 days ago

    “I’m going to make something of my life, I’m not working in the restaurant”
    ***couple years later...***

  • Marcia Leon
    Marcia Leon Month ago

    Can he use a thermometer to temp to the food and not a finger?

  • Aleksandr Sheyman
    Aleksandr Sheyman Month ago

    This kid is a punk ass

  • Bonzi Buddy
    Bonzi Buddy Month ago

    Peter Griffin

  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf Month ago

    the son looks beautiful.He reminds me of Randy from that 70s show

  • Madison Flores
    Madison Flores Month ago

    19:06 lmaooo the sound effect

  • Sara Cornish
    Sara Cornish Month ago +1

    Of course a college graduate was going to have big dreams. He shouldnt of said it. BUT he was already there. That was in the past. He wanted that more than anything. I bet if they stand back and lets his son handle it. That place will boom. Go retire mom and dad. You have dedicated children who are amazing. Let them. Its not always perfect. But they got it

  • Janjan Dumaual
    Janjan Dumaual Month ago

    I feel like the parents weren't hurt because of Aris not wanting to be the owner of the restau, they were hurt because Aris implied that the restaurant was worthless and didn't mean shit for his whole life when the parents worked their asses off through the business.

  • Derp
    Derp Month ago +1

    Aris was the best snack on the menu lol

  • Butters Stotch
    Butters Stotch Month ago

    I feel bad for the dad :(

  • Katia Agámez.
    Katia Agámez. Month ago +2

    19:01 - 19:03 Pikachu meme

  • SunnyD
    SunnyD Month ago

    This isn’t Leone’s

  • nivarion
    nivarion Month ago +3

    I feel a sudden compulsion to subscribe and like for more Gordon Ramsay. I'm not sure why.

  • Keyvis Moore
    Keyvis Moore Month ago +2

    Gordon always put his grandma on blast lol

  • mini mukbang
    mini mukbang Month ago

    Is this the right title 😂🤔 I thought leones was a restaurant in NJ with sweet mama rose 🌹

  • The Rainmaker
    The Rainmaker Month ago +1

    I prep for my finals with this... I hope FACTS has Gordon Ramsay

  • Yoko Ohno
    Yoko Ohno Month ago

    All the complaints about the food and he tells his son go dance as if to distract from the food.

  • John Cena
    John Cena Month ago

    Subscribe and like for more Gordan Ramsey

  • Brooks N
    Brooks N Month ago +1

    "Wow, this is tastes good!" -Lynn

  • Hybrid Miranda
    Hybrid Miranda Month ago +1

    Ugh Aris is attractive... got a weakness for guys with long hair.

  • Hollow
    Hollow Month ago

    U can see that it’s the 90s because it’s in black and white

  • Bumper Morgan
    Bumper Morgan Month ago

    How do all these people come to the US and get a work permit?

  • Candy and Violence
    Candy and Violence Month ago +1

    the guy looks like greek Peter Griffin

  • Nicolas Villamil
    Nicolas Villamil Month ago

    Can't stand parents that force their kids into some risky business that they have no interest in. Gordon was being kind of a dick ganging up on him like that. And telling him he's not committed enough when his dad won't even let him in the kitchen is bs.

  • William Reppond
    William Reppond Month ago

    Watching this after playing AC Odyssey has going, I KNOW THAT WORD!

  • Bruce Contant
    Bruce Contant Month ago +1

    Subscribe and like for more Gordon Ramsay. hahahahaahahahaha.

  • Irices
    Irices Month ago

    I know he is going to say that the food is a disaster