Irish People Taste Test American Pies

  • Published on Jan 2, 2017
  • "There's more filling in this pie than there is homo-eroticism in the Fast & The Furious Movies"
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    Video Description :
    Our contributors taste test four different types of American Pie that we missed out trying in our last pie video. We planned on taste testing Pecan Pie but our chef fell through last minute.. Guess we'll have to just do it again some day!
    People featured in this video:
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Comments • 2 659

  • TheRavenfish9
    TheRavenfish9 14 hours ago

    "There is more filling in this pie than there is homoeroticism in the fast and furious movies." XD LMAO

  • Kenny Kelley
    Kenny Kelley 17 hours ago

    Where is the Pecan Pie...?

  • Kenny Kelley
    Kenny Kelley 17 hours ago

    Eggnog from America an wtf....disgusting....

  • William Jordan
    William Jordan Day ago

    No cherry in Dr. Pepper.

  • Project KJ
    Project KJ 3 days ago

    I don't get the love of meringue. I scrap it off every time. It's sickly sweet. Yuck.

  • dustbunny1977
    dustbunny1977 4 days ago

    The women in this video are incredibly beautiful 😍

  • Joseph Forest
    Joseph Forest 5 days ago

    Irish people have the nerve to judge food . HA!!

  • Scott Nyob
    Scott Nyob 5 days ago

    No Key Lime.?

  • Emma Davey
    Emma Davey 5 days ago

    John singing Cherry Pie 😍😍

  • Without Words
    Without Words 9 days ago

    Does Dr. Pepper taste different in ireland? This is the second time I've seen someone in these videos associate it with cherries. I love cherries. Yet the plain Dr. Pepper I've drank tastes vile. Like some oddly perfume flavored spice cola. Not a hint of anything fruity... Let alone cherry.
    I apologize to anyone who's a fan of Dr. Pepper. It just really tastes like perfume cola to me. Not at all like any cherry I've tasted.

  • dcricket1
    dcricket1 10 days ago

    Pies are really small. Ours are large and could serve 8-10. Where’s the Southern Pecan Pie and Pumpkin pie??? Just a little trivia.......The Pecan Tree is the state tree of Texas.

  • Brittany McCray
    Brittany McCray 10 days ago +1

    Beetroot pie?! Wtf is that really a thing?

  • Walter Duckworth
    Walter Duckworth 11 days ago

    Most slices of pie are served with a scoop of vinalla ice cream. It helps to balance the sweetness of the pie and cleanse the palate.

  • Brian Gilman
    Brian Gilman 11 days ago

    I love elga

  • EChord1
    EChord1 12 days ago

    Eggnog pie is NOT a common pie and is one of those love it or hate it ones. Honestly mostly not a favorite for folks (myself included). WAY more common pies are Pecan, Pumpkin, Blueberry, Strawberry-Rhubarb, Key Lime, etc. Also, those looked like grocery store pies, which are very meh in comparison to the real deal, so if you thought those were good, you'll be blown away by a real homemade pie.

  • Big Kush
    Big Kush 13 days ago

    Apple pie with a slice of cheese

  • Dale Buckley
    Dale Buckley 15 days ago

    Where's the rhubarb pie?

  • TheJeniferLeah
    TheJeniferLeah 16 days ago

    Ive never heard of eggnog pie. Also, where is the key lime pie or even the pumpkin pie? Can’t have Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie.

  • Jennifer Oliver
    Jennifer Oliver 21 day ago

    Egg nog pie?? Never even heard of it, and I'm an American who loves pie.
    Great video... I 💚 Diane and Chewie!

  • Legalize Shemp
    Legalize Shemp 24 days ago

    Snoop level rapping there at the end.

  • Scott
    Scott 27 days ago

    Diane is always so sweet. ❤️

  • Roxanne Veigelt
    Roxanne Veigelt 29 days ago

    I have never heard of eggnog pie

  • Nightthorn k'Vala
    Nightthorn k'Vala Month ago

    I don't much like cherry pie but I am a Dom/Brian shipper.

  • Operation Blackout fighting against Oh Yeah Yeahs!

    Eggnog Pie? I have never heard of this weird thing before

  • Kim Whitehead
    Kim Whitehead Month ago

    Eggnog pie? Yuck.

  • Hannah Horsley
    Hannah Horsley Month ago

    Yay, Yay, Yay....American pies that look like REAL American pies!! Way to go!! AND you included Apple Pie this time...SUPER!! Not sure what Eggnog Pie is, we don't have that in Texas, but the rest is GREAT!!

  • Joyce Finn
    Joyce Finn Month ago

    Did an Irishman make these pies?

  • 3302oops z
    3302oops z Month ago

    Egg nog pie isn't a southern thing as far as I know.

  • Tavis Brown
    Tavis Brown Month ago

    If you get really stoned and eat lemon meringue pie in slow motion, it's orgasmic!

  • burntheobedient
    burntheobedient Month ago

    Im American and have never heard of Eggnog Pie.

  • dayemi seiad
    dayemi seiad Month ago

    As an American I am slightly offended this segment didn't even show pumpkin or pecan pie. Cmon man

  • Mischa Minxx
    Mischa Minxx Month ago

    Oh thank goodness, these pies look mostly like they should!

  • Gina Scaduto
    Gina Scaduto Month ago

    where is the cheddar cheese for that apple pie?

  • Davey Houston
    Davey Houston Month ago

    the filling is the whole point you fucking idiot.

  • iganatiousjr
    iganatiousjr Month ago

    I remember having a Sunday roast at the house of an Irish friend of mine. For dessert, her mom brought out a deep dish apple pie she had made that had whole cloves in it. That was among the finest things that I ever put in my mouth and, believe me, my mom could make pies!

  • David in Barstow
    David in Barstow Month ago

    Saying American food is like going to Italy and asking for Italian food. It all depends on what part of Italy you are in. American food is probably the most diverse in the world.

  • lester mckee
    lester mckee Month ago +1

    68 years old American...i have never had egg nog pie


    What!!!!! No key lime pie.

  • Odysseus Rex
    Odysseus Rex Month ago

    They left out pecan and coconut cream. I about died when the one guy mistook a cherry pie for pecan.

  • Lydia Derhake
    Lydia Derhake Month ago

    Now you know why we're all fat.

  • I. A.
    I. A. Month ago

    On a window still? Lol

  • jillian
    jillian Month ago

    Terrible mark walburg.,.♥️. did however sound like a great NEW JERSEY WOODY ALLEN impression

  • lonnievan
    lonnievan Month ago

    I’ve never heard of eggnog pie. Again I say Where do you guys come up with this stuff? Where’s the pumpkin pie? The pecan pie? Where’s the Key lime? And that apple pie looked terrible.

    • John Baha
      John Baha Month ago

      Wow, you are so negative.

  • Dan Jackson
    Dan Jackson Month ago

    The first written apple pie recipe goes back to 1381 in b) England; it was printed by Geoffrey Chaucer and included apples, figs, raisins, pears and a pastry shell (but no sugar). Evidence of Dutch apple pies goes back to the 1600s. So it's not American.

  • DoNot Need
    DoNot Need 2 months ago

    Bye, bye Miss American Pie. I drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry....

  • The Baroness
    The Baroness 2 months ago

    Glad you approve.
    Happy you care.
    When you get 'round to it:
    PI AIN'T square!

  • Angela Schmidt
    Angela Schmidt 2 months ago

    That apple pie needs a side of vanilla ice cream.

  • Ann Other
    Ann Other 2 months ago

    My my

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith 2 months ago

    How do you get American food over there that is fresh?

  • Lunar Vania
    Lunar Vania 2 months ago

    That "terrible movie" that won a shit tom of awards, so sorry you are vastly out numbered on being wrong.

  • Mitch Z
    Mitch Z 2 months ago

    wait did she just say american pie was a terrible movie?

  • HighRiskGunman
    HighRiskGunman 2 months ago

    1:26 thats because they suck.

  • Crazy 999
    Crazy 999 2 months ago

    Irish Lasses are Beautiful ♥️💜 🌹

  • Jennifer Coleman
    Jennifer Coleman 2 months ago

    Never ever heard of eggnog pie.

  • xadam2dudex
    xadam2dudex 2 months ago

    none of these pies is very thick seems in Ireland they have thin pies more crust than filling...lemon meringue pie isn't suppose to be sour like they seem to have made it

    JACKnJESUS 3 months ago +1

    I think that's the 'Let's Make A Deal' soundtrack for the showcases running in the background.

  • scoobydoo316us
    scoobydoo316us 3 months ago +1

    they have idiots there that cant do LIFE without a dog too......

  • Angelfox Studio
    Angelfox Studio 3 months ago

    Wth I’ve never seen egg nog pie as a thing here in America. /:

  • Geeksmithing
    Geeksmithing 3 months ago

    Wha'ts a "window still"?

  • Lastkingof33
    Lastkingof33 3 months ago

    Nobody in america ever ate an eggnog pie, ever.

  • BeachGnome
    BeachGnome 3 months ago +1

    I wish they could try Saskatoon berry pie, but it's just really not possible to make happen outside of Canada.

    • Wesley luvs Oktoberfest
      Wesley luvs Oktoberfest 2 months ago

      Neither is southern food outside of the deep south but it didn't seem to stop them. LOL

  • Jovetj
    Jovetj 3 months ago

    Cherry pie should not be 1) that dark 2) "very sweet"

  • RiftZM
    RiftZM 3 months ago +1

    I've _never_ heard of "eggnog pie". LOL

  • Michael Boyce
    Michael Boyce 3 months ago

    Dr. Pepper has no Cherry but 23 flavors.

  • Robert Simpson
    Robert Simpson 3 months ago

    Egg nog pie is literally my worst nightmare when it comes to my love of pies. Egg nog tastes like shite.

  • Patricia Rice
    Patricia Rice 3 months ago

    I would love to make you my chocolate pie and my fudge pecan pie. Love pies.

    • Jovetj
      Jovetj 3 months ago

      Chocolate pecan pie. Sooooooooo good!

  • K. Marigold
    K. Marigold 3 months ago

    The redhead girl is always down to eat and she enjoys food.

    ERIC MATHIS 3 months ago +1

    Eggnog pie! Wtf?

  • Vickiee Walker
    Vickiee Walker 3 months ago +1

    Apple pie originated in Canada, don't believe me, google it lmaaao.

  • Muin Downie
    Muin Downie 3 months ago +1

    Reactions to the lemon pie... awesome.

  • Russel Lewis
    Russel Lewis 4 months ago

    My favourite pie to eat is Cutie....

  • XxAdamxX
    XxAdamxX 4 months ago

    Some of the worst looking pies i've ever seen.

  • proudbluestaterful
    proudbluestaterful 4 months ago

    they left out the best pie sweet potato, and never heard of egg nog pie...must be some southern concoction, nonsense

  • Regan Orr
    Regan Orr 4 months ago +1

    Irish are Fun People, mostly! Yes, I'm part Irish!

  • stormking989
    stormking989 4 months ago

    The blonde beauty looks like Melissa Joan Hart.

  • Daniel Roberts
    Daniel Roberts 4 months ago

    Yes, ice cream goes beautifully with Cherry Pie.

    • Jovetj
      Jovetj 3 months ago

      Ice cream goes with any fruit pie.

  • Zenia Bautista
    Zenia Bautista 4 months ago +1

    Born in America and never in my 20 years of life have I ever heard of eggnog pie not even in the organic markets where you find a all sorts of food you have no clue existed

  • Der'Ral L.
    Der'Ral L. 4 months ago

    I’m American and never ever ever ever ever in my bold legged life heard of egg nog pie!!! 😩 where’s the peach cobbler? Where’s the sweet potato pie???? Where’s the pumpkin pie?????? Can we get a redo?? Where’s the cheese cake pie???

  • Mike mike
    Mike mike 4 months ago

    The dude with the epic shirt is fat and skinny at the same time.

  • Mike mike
    Mike mike 4 months ago

    who the fuck does the research for this show? What the fuck is eggnog pie?

  • Nick C
    Nick C 4 months ago

    After watching several videos, I've come to the conclusion that ALL Irish women are hot as f*ck

  • Lavington
    Lavington 4 months ago

    The hell is the wobble test??? ahahah

  • Ron S.
    Ron S. 4 months ago +1

    I am also an American who has never heard of egg nog pie. I would agree with the man that cherry pie is sweet. Next time try it with coffee or tea for an improvement. Also, good with whipped cream.

  • thebocop
    thebocop 4 months ago

    "tastes like (insert anything here), isnt it?" basically they are trying these ingredients for the first time ever. cherries, Lemon, eggs... lol.

  • Damon Kinney
    Damon Kinney 4 months ago

    Dog too close to my food.

  • Ott3r
    Ott3r 4 months ago

    the ending rap XD

  • Thomas D
    Thomas D 4 months ago

    All that pie and not one cup of coffee? Not tea, coffee!

  • FlixCreEightR
    FlixCreEightR 4 months ago

    Did that btch say American Pie was terrible ?

  • Diana Dobson
    Diana Dobson 4 months ago

    Never had eggnog pie in my life. But all the other pies are great especially with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream 🍊🍋🍌🍏🍑🍒🥥🥧❤

  • Ahn Kenji
    Ahn Kenji 5 months ago

    whos the red head ???

  • Kathlyn Terry
    Kathlyn Terry 5 months ago

    I’ve made a pie like that but it’s not called egg nog.

  • Howard  Grounds
    Howard Grounds 5 months ago

    You've never had a pie till you try a homemade Amish made one. Heavenly

  • lornaduwn
    lornaduwn 5 months ago

    Should have had strawberry rhubarb, or do they have that in Ireland?

  • Jake Sangria
    Jake Sangria 5 months ago

    Brought her dog, asshole.....

  • Jake Sangria
    Jake Sangria 5 months ago

    It was a good movie you slag

  • Nadia Donegan
    Nadia Donegan 5 months ago

    I bet you $10 to a bucket of shit, Mrs. Smith lemon store pie taste better than the one they made here.....

  • Rose Engle
    Rose Engle 5 months ago

    Here's a few more pie suggestions my favorite strawberry rhubarb peach cobbler pumpkin BlackBerry you guys should try some of those

  • Nasha Wethey
    Nasha Wethey 5 months ago

    I have never heard of egg nog pie.

  • DerFuchs 22
    DerFuchs 22 5 months ago

    Kills me that they never do Pumpkin pie. In the thanksgiving video they did freaking pecan...

  • Lisa Hall
    Lisa Hall 5 months ago

    Say what? What the heck is egg nog pie?