WISH UPON (2017) Ending Explained

  • Published on Jul 16, 2017
  • Explaining the ending for Wish Upon, the teen horror movie with a cursed wish giving box starring Joey King, Shannon Purser, and Ryan Phillippe.
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Comments • 5 836

  • Heartless007se
    Heartless007se 7 hours ago

    As above so below is an amazing title

  • Affan Jamsari
    Affan Jamsari 12 hours ago

    Triangle(2009) ending explained:like
    As above so below(2014) ending explained :reply

  • OneMinuteVideos
    OneMinuteVideos Day ago

    Ooo.... Triangle.
    I love Melissa George 👏🏼👏🏼😁

  • Me You Weaboo
    Me You Weaboo Day ago

    If I had the box, I'd make 3 wishes
    1. World Peace
    2. Infinite Wealth
    3. Go back to the day before I found the box with the wishes I made

  • Htx457
    Htx457 2 days ago

    Or ridiculously charming

  • Wunderpuma
    Wunderpuma 2 days ago

    "I wish wishing had no negative consequences" and that ladies and gentlemen is the fin.

  • hina kobayashi
    hina kobayashi 2 days ago

    she shouldve wished for braincells

  • hina kobayashi
    hina kobayashi 2 days ago

    whats up with joey king appearing in shitty movies nowadays?


    If it only it went like this: "I wish for a precious artificial human being" and puts it in a coffin with the box throwing it into a volcano. This seems a better solution because for 1. She passed on the box but the entity is gone while having the curse of the box. 2. Now no one can suffer from the box because who's dumb enough to jump in a volcano. And 3. Since the entity is precious it dies for the sacrifice so this technically a solution but its just a suggestion

  • Anime Geek
    Anime Geek 4 days ago

    I wouldn't wish for nothing if I found the box! ...... well maybe a way of me to be teleported into the anime world but then just get someone to destroy it!

  • panda lord
    panda lord 5 days ago

    If I had the box I would wish that the box would not kill people

  • Blue Blob
    Blue Blob 5 days ago

    Wish one:for all seven wishes including this one to be made without the cost of the death of a loved one
    Wish two-five:random shit
    Wish six:for the demon to not be evil or sent back to hell with no chance of returning
    Wish seven: for me not to die as the cost of this final wish

  • GLitCH_tHe_ViRuS
    GLitCH_tHe_ViRuS 6 days ago +1

    "Am I a good dad yet?" //Keeps playing badly// Yes, yes, you are

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh 6 days ago

    "Am I a good dad yet?" lol

  • Taylor Davison
    Taylor Davison 7 days ago +1

    my wish list
    1 The box doesn’t have any ill effects
    2 humans discover space travel
    3 the world is perfect
    4 humans become the dominant species of the universe
    5 infinite resources
    6 I have superpowers
    7 everyone is happy

  • Edwin Watts
    Edwin Watts 7 days ago

    Oooooh that’s what happened I thought the guy Ryan had killed her by making a wish

  • Vivi Vargas
    Vivi Vargas 7 days ago

    So many unrelatable/unlikable modern horror protags

  • Steven pillco
    Steven pillco 7 days ago

    She couldn’t just wish for the dog to come back

  • Sfastmix
    Sfastmix 8 days ago

    Could you make 6 wishes. Give it to a friend on condition that you get to make 2 of their wishes. They make their 4 wishes. give it to another friend-more wishes. And you just follow the box making deals with people

  • Senorfroggs
    Senorfroggs 9 days ago

    I would wish for a box that didn't fucking kill people when I wished and had infinite wishes

  • Chelsea Peterson
    Chelsea Peterson 9 days ago

    Is that ethel from riverdale ?

  • BASS boss
    BASS boss 10 days ago

    Yeet it at the moon

  • 7ANGE17
    7ANGE17 10 days ago

    Your a dad foo?

  • ayuh
    ayuh 10 days ago

    people say to just wish for the demon to be dead but that would be a really shitty movie

  • Seismic Star
    Seismic Star 11 days ago

    All she had to do was give the box up and everything she wanted from the last wish would have happened without her death

    CANDACE ANDERSON 11 days ago

    please oh please do The Perfection

  • Revz Chain
    Revz Chain 11 days ago

    if it is me i would wish
    1)being immortal
    2)live without getting harmed from anything
    3)the people i love to be immortal and live in peace
    4)destroy the box , let the world burn

  • Loring X
    Loring X 11 days ago

    my first wish will be master all psychic abilities if somebody die i will try to revive him/her(biokinesis) then i will buried the box...

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L 13 days ago

    The Simpson reference is just perfect

  • Mason Ludwick
    Mason Ludwick 14 days ago

    Fuck any movie that thinks it ok to kill a dog

  • You2EZ_Mc
    You2EZ_Mc 14 days ago

    first of all, it was a coincidence that her first wish was fulfilled.. so she had no idea what this box all about... so then all she could do when she left with 2 wishes to back things to normal and then throw it away... I dont know but it seems the most logical solution

  • Victor Lama
    Victor Lama 15 days ago

    Just wish for no negative consequences for your wishes then boom 6 wishes still

  • Daniel Loeb
    Daniel Loeb 16 days ago

    Can you please do Tusk: ending explained.


    *John Wick Intensifies*

  • Shay F G
    Shay F G 17 days ago

    Can you do BRIGHTBURN?

  • frangusable
    frangusable 17 days ago

    Dumb bitch deserve to die

  • Random fan
    Random fan 18 days ago


  • Gabe O.
    Gabe O. 19 days ago

    Wish for all the people you care about to live long and happy lives

  • Joseph Pulley
    Joseph Pulley 20 days ago +3

    Yo I got a request for this movie house hunting @foundflix

  • BlindGirl UK
    BlindGirl UK 24 days ago

    1: I wish this box has no negative consequences for me, or anyone I know.
    2: I wish for a permanent, positive end for homelessness.
    3: I wish for a permanent, positive end for world hunger and dirty water.
    4: I wish that everyone in the entire world permanently stopped judging and being mean or derogatory to others.
    5: I wish for a permanent cure for all diseases, including cancer.
    6: I wish to be fluent in all languages.
    7: I wish to permanently have 1 million monetary units (whilst being able to spend said money).

  • Timothy Humbert
    Timothy Humbert 27 days ago


  • Elijah Barrett
    Elijah Barrett Month ago

    can't you just make six wishes and bury it after the fact?

  • rei esqueleto
    rei esqueleto Month ago


  • Jay Allen
    Jay Allen Month ago

    the director just worked on Netflix's rip-off of the quiet place

  • killerskyhawk
    killerskyhawk Month ago +1

    3:55 that’s why I keep scissors next to my sink so that way if anyone with long hair gets it caught they can cut it

  • Evomre
    Evomre Month ago

    She needed to die.

  • masakazu hiruko
    masakazu hiruko Month ago +1

    This movie is kinda similar to feng shui its a filipino film.

  • Debanita chakraborty

    The last wish brings death

  • The Penniless Gamer

    this movie was filmed where I live

  • Having Tea With the Devil

    May not be able to be destroyed but would it of been possible for her to outsmart the box? Every wish comes with a blood price, but what if you wished for something and also add that nobody gets hurt, injured or killed? Couldn’t of been that hard to outsmart a box.

  • Esti Luke
    Esti Luke Month ago

    Ryan Phillipe is still hot af!!

  • Ricardo Miranda
    Ricardo Miranda Month ago

    The reason why the box can't be destroyed because it has magic and can not be destroyed.

  • Ricardo Miranda
    Ricardo Miranda Month ago

    Some wishes are good and are bad wishes comes with a very expensive price to pay.

  • Ricardo Miranda
    Ricardo Miranda Month ago

    If that main character didn't die, her father wouldn't found it, and also if the girl wouldn't be so selfish and greedy.

  • AlbertAck_Pubg Official

    i know this is a 2017 but i dont care
    What if i said *"i wish i had unlimited wishes without blood price"*

    • Khanh Nguyen
      Khanh Nguyen 14 days ago

      AlbertAck_Pubg Official demon: then, I will charge you an arm and a limb.

  • Flaming Tomohawk
    Flaming Tomohawk Month ago +1

    Why didn't she wish the box couldn't kill or influence events that can lead to death or no consequences whatsoever, or better yet, wish the box never fucking existed. Is the main character retarded?

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina Month ago

    Don't go shaming dumpster diving 😤

  • Maximus Banks
    Maximus Banks Month ago

    Okay, but what if you wished that the box couldn’t harm anyone as your first wish?

  • 9 Hammar
    9 Hammar Month ago

    This reminds me of the rooster teeth short - The Button - usclip.net/video/WBNOXYlYswA/video.html

  • Kya Flowers
    Kya Flowers Month ago

    this is stupid but i would wish for another season of gravity falls... then wish to be a demon... then wish to lose emotion

  • Prince ZAF
    Prince ZAF Month ago

    Tryangle plsss

  • Gracie Byrd
    Gracie Byrd Month ago


  • NoOne
    NoOne Month ago

    I will wish for no body to die when I make a wish

  • R
    R Month ago +4

    I really think FoundFlix has real talent not exactly in talking about horror films tho.
    I think he is genuinely creative and funny
    I would really like to help him find an outlet for breaking away from movies and be more personality based
    I feel as if the movie reviewer job is for non-creative, uninteresting , boring people
    I do believe you to be more fun and interesting, and the small skits you have shown show your creativity and talent
    Good Job

  • Garret Hook
    Garret Hook Month ago


  • Grace 88
    Grace 88 Month ago

    First 6 wishes: whatever I want
    Last wish: for my soul to be unclaimable. Duh!

  • Ma SthomasZ
    Ma SthomasZ Month ago

    How bout you do this
    "I wish none of my loved ones to die" than make the other 6 eh

  • Lourdes Francisco
    Lourdes Francisco Month ago

    1st wish everyliving organism will never die exept when i say that person shuld die

  • Madeleine Badruzaman

    TRIANGLE-I’m so confused 😔😤

  • Lady C. Diamonds
    Lady C. Diamonds Month ago

    This wish box (demon in it) is pure evil so any wish even if it's a positive one will still backfired.

  • Brooke Armentrout
    Brooke Armentrout Month ago


  • Jeffrey Murray
    Jeffrey Murray Month ago

    The summary of a foundflix video
    1. This movie is a dumb teen horror and everything about it is stupid
    2. The teens die
    3. The monster doesn’t exist

  • Barely Me
    Barely Me 2 months ago

    I wish at the end when you played to saxophone you edited in the beginning saxophone tune from George Micheal careless whisper

  • MarsmallowCereal
    MarsmallowCereal 2 months ago

    What if I wished that nobody dies when I wish something?

  • Lehsa Benden
    Lehsa Benden 2 months ago

    ha ha on the ending you made... razzmatazz? ROFL

  • Leeann Stowe
    Leeann Stowe 2 months ago


  • The Art of Mask
    The Art of Mask 2 months ago

    Am I a good dad yet?

  • Fall0uT gamer :
    Fall0uT gamer : 2 months ago

    Umm excuse me!,it’s hung not hanged

  • Jason Kim
    Jason Kim 2 months ago

    Easiest wish, no bad things happen to me and the ones I know. Then infinite wishes. Then Don’t need box to make wish. Easy.

  • Ellijah Smith
    Ellijah Smith 2 months ago

    Ask the asian kid in school......not racist at all.

  • Antonio Jimenez
    Antonio Jimenez 2 months ago

    Just wish for unlimited consequence free wishes, boom problem solved

  • Dul'Mephistos Lord of Hatred

    This film is hilarious!

  • walking dead fanatic
    walking dead fanatic 2 months ago

    He should do la lalorna next

  • Aurora Addison
    Aurora Addison 2 months ago +1

    It's now 2019 and we never got triangle

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt


  • Outdated Memes
    Outdated Memes 2 months ago

    I would wish that no one dies from these shitty wishes

  • Melvin Alexander
    Melvin Alexander 2 months ago

    Do Triangle

  • -Tyrant -
    -Tyrant - 2 months ago +1

    Me: Wishes for peace
    *Family member dies*
    Me: A small price to pay for salvation

  • Lexiouse
    Lexiouse 2 months ago

    lmao just wish for every other wish to not require a sacrifice then secondly wish for infinite wishes. GG no re youre now a god

  • Danny Simanjaya
    Danny Simanjaya 2 months ago

    Wish I were your Smoothy jAzzy Daddy O! ~ Lmao 😆

  • Kusensela Chali
    Kusensela Chali 2 months ago

    Can you please do look away

  • Snarled Sapphire
    Snarled Sapphire 2 months ago +1

    Just use it 3 times for whatever then 3 to bring your loved ones back and lock it in like 20 vaults and destroy the key. Boom 3 free wishes and no dead people.

    • Wartrix
      Wartrix 2 months ago

      Wow, mind blowen

  • Blockman Go TRDHarvey
    Blockman Go TRDHarvey 2 months ago +4

    He should wish to have 3 more wishes
    First wish revive hes dog
    Second wish to have jesus as body guard
    Third wish 3 more wishes 😎

    • Blockman Go TRDHarvey
      Blockman Go TRDHarvey 26 days ago

      ow shit never thought about that

    • Small Aleah
      Small Aleah 2 months ago

      Wow uhh. THINK each wish has a conserquense and each wish leads to a loves ones death. And that mean you will be killing everybody around you. That you love..

      Would you like thats?
      And jesus that would be possible he had powers to...make water in to wine i know. I know ETHICS AND PHOLIPHISE.

  • t raven
    t raven 2 months ago

    white people take note: stop fucking with asian shit.

  • otala guardian
    otala guardian 2 months ago +1

    Movies good so far..........
    *dog dies*


  • Lourdes Francisco
    Lourdes Francisco 2 months ago

    1st wish all people imortal done

  • zachary stearns
    zachary stearns 2 months ago +1

    At the end, I’m offended by your inability to play the trumpet D:

  • Alex Qwertyuiop
    Alex Qwertyuiop 2 months ago

    claire is such a bitch..

  • Miguel Espino
    Miguel Espino 2 months ago +2

    Lol your dad is hot sauce 😅

  • Aaron Forbes
    Aaron Forbes 2 months ago

    How does someone HEAD fit into a drain... there is not enough power to pull a head through a hole that size... ficking stupid