Lighting a Candle Without Touching it in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Published on May 13, 2015
  • This video was surprisingly highly requested. And you know us. We're the Slow Mo Guys. We deliver!
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    Filmed on a Phantom Flex at 2500fps
    Lighting a Candle Without Touching it in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
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  • Nicholas Zustak
    Nicholas Zustak 8 months ago

    Can anyone hook me up with that beautiful ambient music during the slow mo footage

  • Maru Illescas
    Maru Illescas 10 months ago

    From México in Yucatán. This is so interesting. Thank you. I'm 53 and love to watch. I think you are great Teachers.

  • Elvar Snær Ágústsson

    I never touch it

  • sebastian rivas
    sebastian rivas Year ago

    Good video. One question for you, Do you know what is the MAX distance from which one can relight the candle?

  • Brittany Grooms
    Brittany Grooms Year ago

    If he saw me in the shirt I would order a water bc they are healthy and free

  • Dragongaga
    Dragongaga Year ago +1

    Basically what happens is, the smoke is uncombusted carbon oder semi-combusted carbon (CO), because the wax is mostly carbon and it vaporizes faster than it can burn in the air. So when you light the white smoke, which is very finely divided Carbon in air, it combusts and turns to carbon dioxide, which is colorless (which is why the smoke seems to disappear). The flame itself is just gas being ionized from the heat of the carbon-oxide reaction, but the smoke burns so quickly back down to the candle, that the air around doesn't get heated enough to be ionized, which is why you don't see a flame jumping down from the match to the candle, but just the candle flame reigniting.
    Interesting sidefact for cars: If you see a car accellerating and a black cloud is coming from the exhaust, it means that the engine doesn't get enough air to properly burn the fuel. It's often a sign for the engine either being too cold or badly adjusted (which can happen during a non-professional tuning)

  • shabaan shaikh
    shabaan shaikh Year ago

    try shooting while lighting a match stick....:)

  • Moveed A
    Moveed A 2 years ago

    Well it's all to do with physics! ♥

  • Tre Suzuki
    Tre Suzuki 2 years ago

    tower of pimps

  • Rashmi Agrawal
    Rashmi Agrawal 2 years ago


  • blindsightedkill
    blindsightedkill 2 years ago

    You should put a lot of dirt on Dan's face and slap the dust off him.
    "Knocked the black right off him." "That's racist"

  • johnnyboy2459
    johnnyboy2459 2 years ago

    If you use the old fashioned candles they used to sell in the local shop in the uk you can get a 1meter smoke stream and light it from that high! ive done it :D

  • Justin Carawan
    Justin Carawan 2 years ago

    Who knew smoke was flammable. Huh.

  • Paul Lonardo
    Paul Lonardo 2 years ago

    with no wind you can do it like 8 inches above it. I've done it and i couldn't believe it

  • TheVividYoshi
    TheVividYoshi 2 years ago +1

    Question: If you have two candles next to eachother, and wind blowing the smoke onto the other candle, if you do this halfway will it light both candles?

    • Silas Juenger
      Silas Juenger 2 years ago

      Tidbit did it work

    • Andy Crowley Sr.
      Andy Crowley Sr. 2 years ago +7

      I think you could do that experiment yourself. If it works, let us know

  • Bát Giới Trư
    Bát Giới Trư 2 years ago


  • Rohan Mehra
    Rohan Mehra 2 years ago

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    Rohan Mehra 2 years ago

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    Rohan Mehra 2 years ago

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  • Rohan Mehra
    Rohan Mehra 2 years ago

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    Rohan Mehra 2 years ago

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    Rohan Mehra 2 years ago

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    Rohan Mehra 2 years ago


  • Rohan Mehra
    Rohan Mehra 2 years ago


  • MEE KO
    MEE KO 2 years ago

    Why, it doesn't work for me?😞😒

  • NolanDavid
    NolanDavid 2 years ago

    What music is it in the slo mo

  • Rahif Mansoor
    Rahif Mansoor 2 years ago


  • Rahif Mansoor
    Rahif Mansoor 2 years ago


  • Aidan Cox
    Aidan Cox 2 years ago

    Check out my latest video I just did this

  • Hudson Dunn
    Hudson Dunn 2 years ago

    ew dans nails

  • Bea Surigao
    Bea Surigao 2 years ago

    thank you. trick learn hahahaha time to show this stuff in my friends

  • Prinscia Tanhardjo
    Prinscia Tanhardjo 2 years ago

    Why they didn't do the slow mo about matches 😂

  • zproxy
    zproxy 2 years ago

    cool stuff guys. can ya point it to the sky, star Sirius

  • Shawn Dubay
    Shawn Dubay 2 years ago

    Oh by the way once the smoke and flame connect there is a flame front that travels down the smoke. typically a blue flame since there is so much oxygen available.

  • Shawn Dubay
    Shawn Dubay 2 years ago

    Smoke is flammable. smoke is unburned and heated particles of the material that was burning. look flammability of smoke.

  • TheHorrorDevotee
    TheHorrorDevotee 2 years ago +1

    Dan sounds surprisingly professional when we talks about scientific facts - like he should narrate one of those silly science clips they show you in school.

  • Майсарат Алиева


  • Wild Legend
    Wild Legend 2 years ago

    what if we're kids

  • Kyra Murdoch
    Kyra Murdoch 2 years ago

    My grandson showed me this trick, and I'll admit, at first I was kind of nervous, but when he did it I was like," Wow!!"

  • Alejandro Espinoza
    Alejandro Espinoza 2 years ago

    dat would be literally magic

  • Xavier Ilisari
    Xavier Ilisari 2 years ago

    I tried this

  • Nether Fel
    Nether Fel 2 years ago


  • Lovely Lolohea
    Lovely Lolohea 2 years ago

    When the smoke touches the fire the fire reuses

  • Michael Xenos
    Michael Xenos 3 years ago

    It's totally magic I didn't see anything but slowly but it still made it look really cool

  • OnTheBench
    OnTheBench 3 years ago

    Anyone else see his thumbnail...?

  • DanielleGeeGee
    DanielleGeeGee 3 years ago

    your videos with fire are cool ;)

  • Amy Dodgson
    Amy Dodgson 3 years ago

    It was so awsome

  • Junk Rabbit
    Junk Rabbit 3 years ago

    So when you go up to a candle that's burning and smelling it you're basically sucking up vaporized wax?

  • Quadri CSGO
    Quadri CSGO 3 years ago

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