The Truth About The Huawei P20 Pro...


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  5 months ago +1165

    Huawei P20 Pro (USA Link) -
    Huawei P20 Pro (International) -

    • dean nur
      dean nur 2 months ago +1

      my p20 pro got stolen few weekd into my contract was the twilight coloured one :( possibe you could gift me one please? as i had no insurance a]nd cant afford one outright,

    • Druming Dude
      Druming Dude 3 months ago

      hauwii psmart

    • Ricardo T
      Ricardo T 5 months ago

      Unbox Therapy you’ve been making videos on low budget phones but nothing for the nuu G3

    • Ikbensenpai
      Ikbensenpai 5 months ago

      Please try the lg g7 one

    • Stacy Powell
      Stacy Powell 5 months ago

      Note 9

  • Amariqueno Mar saji

    Watching with my P20 pro 👌

  • California Records

    You are large marketing machine

  • Cycling World
    Cycling World 2 days ago

    The Nokia 3310 is a good one! 😜

  • Joseph M
    Joseph M 2 days ago

    What watch is he wearing?

  • 2nd Account
    2nd Account 2 days ago +2

    Watching in my P20 PRO

  • Ellis Tschoepe
    Ellis Tschoepe 2 days ago


  • Cezar Patrascu
    Cezar Patrascu 3 days ago

    I have mate 20 pro, but sony xz2 premium is litlle more up. But samsung and iphone is much under...

  • Heikki Heiskanen
    Heikki Heiskanen 4 days ago

    "Daily driver smartphone" sounds so stupid. All of these phones are basically the same, so the review is just about how much fingerprints the thing can have.

  • Siko
    Siko 4 days ago

    next: Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Tnx

  • Gabriel Wong
    Gabriel Wong 5 days ago +1

    The default EMUI launcher is just ugly on the p20, the icons are too cartoony to me

  • Gary Cagumbay
    Gary Cagumbay 5 days ago

    I was gonna buy mate 20pro but I’m short In money rn so I’m gonna stick with p20 pro for now and maybe what ever is latest phone in huawei next year I’ll probably trade this is in for a latest version. I love this phone. I’m done Apple product their greed of money

  • Diego Dillon
    Diego Dillon 6 days ago

    mm.... I just use my thump as a finger for scanning... the reach is made so much easier...

  • Honore Dora Fosso
    Honore Dora Fosso 6 days ago

    Just cool

  • Royal Rumble
    Royal Rumble 6 days ago

    Even Note 9 is good in Night mode

  • Annie R. Porcheron
    Annie R. Porcheron 6 days ago

    I will probably switch from Samsung A5 to Huawei P20 pro, because of the camera

  • Boemund
    Boemund 6 days ago

    Shit from China

  • Poliplatanospontios
    Poliplatanospontios 7 days ago

    Our tech salesman agrees with you all the way and that's why my wife and I bought one each and wholly cow the pictures are unbelievable.

  • Joeseph Moore
    Joeseph Moore 7 days ago

    Is it Verizon compatable?

  • Rado Horecny
    Rado Horecny 7 days ago

    P20 lite

  • Sermed Abbas
    Sermed Abbas 7 days ago

    Dear @Unbox Therapy.
    Do you play games on the phones?

  • Adam
    Adam 7 days ago

    Honor 8A

    CODEMSTR 8 days ago

    Watching this video on an iphone 5
    I cant decide what to go for
    Galaxy s10, p30 pro or the next iphone?

  • Omar Ali
    Omar Ali 8 days ago

    Mate 20 pro 😍

  • Maarten Janssens
    Maarten Janssens 9 days ago

    It takes this guy so long to say nothing worthwhile!

  • uxzh
    uxzh 9 days ago

    Been using iPhones for years now and it's time to upgrade. Just seen it's £35/month for an iPhone 6s, which is the phone i have now and I got it for £29/month 2 years ago with more storage. Fuck Apple, greedy bastards. I'm waiting for the P30 Pro

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones 9 days ago

    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 but im going to get a P20 pro as my next phone as i have heard they are amazing and im an android fan boy.

  • Lachlan Weir
    Lachlan Weir 9 days ago

    Switch to the OPPO r17

  • Kave A
    Kave A 9 days ago

    I'm going to get this beauty in a couple of days. 😀 can't wait

  • Noa Näslund
    Noa Näslund 10 days ago

    I just ordered this phone and i can´t wait for it to arrive!!

  • bitronic1
    bitronic1 10 days ago

    Its not a personal taste thing... FP sensor in the front is the most retarded thing ever lol

  • Alex Bispham
    Alex Bispham 11 days ago

    P20 life.

  • Sunrazor
    Sunrazor 11 days ago

    Ever tried a real camera? Good for a phone but dang it sucks when compared to a system camera with a decent size sensor and a good lens.

  • Chris Fenton
    Chris Fenton 11 days ago

    Only issue I have is a lot of lag on snap chat and like sometimes the audio doesn't sync with the video also on snap chat any suggestions I tried deleting the data off of it I also made sure it was up to date very annoying

  • Lemon Tree
    Lemon Tree 12 days ago

    Use Galaxy S10!

  • Kamil Szpajcher
    Kamil Szpajcher 12 days ago

    Why did you use screen-buttons? When you turn on gestures in fingerprint scanner, you can have more screen to display content.

  • Max Balili
    Max Balili 13 days ago

    Yes..I wanna buy P20 pro, but in the end I knew I will end in SGS9+😝

  • TheChuckIII
    TheChuckIII 13 days ago

    Why are we looking at this guy instead of the phone?!

  • Tramper Camper
    Tramper Camper 14 days ago

    Honor view 20

  • Tony Darbo
    Tony Darbo 15 days ago

    Which is better the p20 mate pro or p20

  • Angus Lee
    Angus Lee 15 days ago

    The P20 Pro don't have a headphone jack

  • Airplane Engine
    Airplane Engine 15 days ago

    Nokia 3310 please

  • roma lom
    roma lom 16 days ago +2

    symbian is alive

  • Ayshia Armani
    Ayshia Armani 16 days ago

    I’m 100% leaving Apple after 10 years and getting an Huawei! Also going to check out Xiaomi and pick the best one 😬

    • Golden Boy
      Golden Boy 10 days ago

      I was considering getting this phone until I saw your comment.
      If an iZombie wants in on it then there has to be fault with it somewhere.

  • mohamad saad
    mohamad saad 17 days ago

    what the best for the camera 40 mega Pixel or 10 mega Pixel?

  • Cacao Mads
    Cacao Mads 18 days ago

    iPhone 4

  • Cacao Mads
    Cacao Mads 18 days ago

    Huawei mate 20pro

  • Stephan Söderberg
    Stephan Söderberg 18 days ago

    Today I switched my Apple iPhone 7 Plus to a Huawei P20 Pro ...Apple made me think different.

  • Junee Poe
    Junee Poe 18 days ago

    The OnePlus 6T McLaren Limited Edition Phone With 10 Gigs RAM And 256 Gigs Storage Is A Phone You Should Try...

  • jessica zhu
    jessica zhu 19 days ago

    Lmao is that a stock photo? No I took that! XD I'm dead

  • jesse heyman
    jesse heyman 20 days ago

    I have one.. I've had a fare few issues with the software, including the settings application being completely bananas, wifi settings controls other things, Bluetooth didn't work, and you couldn't read the memory left. I've also had issues with it corrupting videos and photos on many occasions. I love the hardware but the software is horrible.

  • Seph Phiroth
    Seph Phiroth 21 day ago

    Your beard is one of the best subject to be taken by any premium phones and mid ranged phones out there. Thank you sir.

  • Kratos1609
    Kratos1609 21 day ago

    This is the gayest phone ever !!!! i cant play skits of a artist album and i mainly listen to RAP AND RAP ALBUMS HAVE A LOT OF SKITS !!!!!

  • Adem Durakovic
    Adem Durakovic 21 day ago

    I can give S8 (16 months old) and Iphone SE 16gb (13) for this phone.... brand new... Does it woth it?

  • zys here
    zys here 22 days ago +9

    My boyfriend bought me a huawei p20 pro like 4 months ago and I love this phone omg. Best phone eveeeerrrr. 😍❤️

    • W A C KY T I C TA C
      W A C KY T I C TA C 8 days ago +1

      +Ayshia Armani selfie camera is worse than iphone tbh

    • Igi Frka
      Igi Frka 11 days ago

      Do we really need to know that you have boyfriend? Wow you are so cool hahaha

    • Ayshia Armani
      Ayshia Armani 11 days ago

      +zys here I got one yesterday and I'm in love with it! So happy and much better than my previous iPhone :-)

    • zys here
      zys here 16 days ago +1

      +Ayshia Armani not iPhone but ipad. And tbh I love android more than ios. And yup huawei p20 pro camera is freaking amazing. Mind-blowing tbh. If you're gonna buy it highly recommend it. Selfies are bomb when u use it!

    • Ayshia Armani
      Ayshia Armani 16 days ago

      zys here how is it with selfies? Did you have an iPhone before?

  • Carl Atkinson
    Carl Atkinson 22 days ago

    The camera on this phone is fantastic but I know for sure I do not have the knowledge to use it to it's full potential in pro mode. I wish someone would do a p20 pro, pro mode tutorial.

  • kuptan namik
    kuptan namik 23 days ago

    i have no phone since born but if i get one i wish p20 i need to work hard for make money

  • richards5800
    richards5800 23 days ago

    Stolen camera from my favorite brand Nokia before micro garbage 🗑

  • tsfcancerman
    tsfcancerman 23 days ago

    I love my old p10, also got a samsung s9 and huawei mate 20 pro, but still likes my p10 better and dont know why

  • ruddi amir
    ruddi amir 23 days ago

    Huawei nova 4

  • Andy Peden
    Andy Peden 24 days ago

    P 30 pro or mate 30 pro

  • Andy Peden
    Andy Peden 24 days ago

    Mate 20 pro!

  • Andy Peden
    Andy Peden 24 days ago

    Ya man if it had what I like don’t care who makes it. Conspiracy crap we were screwed a long time ago, and to think that oh Huawei I don’t know T2, lol for laughs but yeah tech is coming so fast I just say whatever... got the spec s gotta sale.

  • Стоян Чалъков

    P10 plus.

  • mira flor
    mira flor 24 days ago

    It's not works out with clock I set alarm clock rooster sounds but I just heard snooze only. Not really good to me. I am hawaie p20

    • mira flor
      mira flor 24 days ago

      I have Hawaii p20. I tried ringing tone but it doesn't work out just snooze feature

  • natalie Chua
    natalie Chua 24 days ago

    I have a p20 pro and I love it❤️❤️

  • Centaur Montano
    Centaur Montano 25 days ago

    I have both p20 lite and p20 pro but why is the p20 pro,'s white is a bit yellowish unlike p20 lite the white is really color white. Already tweaked and tried all color light settings but seems the lite has better color. Any inputs guys?

  • oktay tecer
    oktay tecer 25 days ago

    Im using the p20 lite

  • Mr. Turner
    Mr. Turner 25 days ago

    Try switching to the iPhone 2G in 2019!!!

  • Bath Academy of English

    Give us an OPPO RX17!

  • iggyman83
    iggyman83 26 days ago

    Awesome, detailed-at-zoom camera that can see at night. No doubt the same tech the Chinese use to monitor their citizens.

  • Philipp Duffner
    Philipp Duffner 26 days ago

    Why do you put Nova Launcher on there on a review? The phones software should be reviewed as well. Huawei locked out custom launchers so yeah. Thanks for not showing EMUI.

    • Philipp Duffner
      Philipp Duffner 22 days ago

      +Carl Atkinson you might be right. Still I'm watching this video to see the phone and the phones software. If I want to see nova launcher I can try it myself. This is helpless in regards of software.

    • Carl Atkinson
      Carl Atkinson 22 days ago

      Huawei have only locked out certain launchers, nova works fine along with quite a few others. They have decided to lock they're bootloader though so no custom roms

  • Pistachio Lover
    Pistachio Lover 26 days ago

    You didn't even mention the 4000 mah battery lol

  • Tania Sani
    Tania Sani 27 days ago


  • Nodmax11
    Nodmax11 27 days ago

    Better than apple (obviosly)

  • Ionela Darie
    Ionela Darie 27 days ago

    ohhh goody! waiting for mine tomorrow. I don't regret leaving iPhone, i need good photography in my life!

  • Bass Mainer
    Bass Mainer 27 days ago

    Obviously a paid advert.

  • Steve Lo
    Steve Lo 27 days ago

    I ordered a Huawei p20 pro back in Dec. 2018 and it's not here yet. The store I placed the order sent me a tracking number with FedEx but FedEx don't have the package. Where did you order yours?

  • Just
    Just 27 days ago

    Fucking commie phone corrupt peices of trash too

  • Butterbaum
    Butterbaum 28 days ago

    I have the phone since a mouth and really the only thing I miss is wireless charging the rest is awesome for the price it is right now (500€)

  • Ivan Veselic
    Ivan Veselic 28 days ago

    Huawei Mate 20X

  • Sixten Lol
    Sixten Lol 28 days ago

    Xiaomi mi mix 3

  • Jon Lindal
    Jon Lindal 28 days ago

    I am very disappointed with those positive youtube reviews about the Huawei P20 pro. How can you be so happy with the camera in this phone??? I got one and must say it is the most expensive piece of phone junk I have ever wasted money on. Yes, of course it is has some pros, battery is good, charger is fast, the screen is nice, it works well for web browsing etc. What makes this phone a piece of junk is the camera and the software related to the camera. After all the hype about the camera in this phone I was expecting it to work properly. But it is not like that. Currently it is not possible to record videos and then watch them on another device, like a laptop screen. Videos do not work if downloaded (exported) to a laptop. Generally video recording with this phone is a bad experience since video stabilizing is very limited and even in those modes it should work it does not make much improvement. The autofocus in the camera is also very undependable in genaral, both for stills and vids. The (optical) zoom is a useless gimmick that just washes out the pics. So is the portrait mode. It is not about getting the nice bokeh one would expect from such a feature, but it is washing out the subject in the picture. Colors are nice when taking pics outside in the sunshine but indoors they are way off, no matter how one sets the white balance. The only camera feature in this smartphone that is probably better than in other smartphones is the night mode. It makes useful pics in very low light situations. That makes me wonder why Huawei has failed so in most other ways with the camera in this phone. Another camera feature I like is the B/W mode, the B/W pics have good contrast that reminds me of the old days when lot of photography was in black and white.
    Probably it is too late since this phone is getting old now, but maybe I can save some people a few bucks by warning them about this phone as a camera phone. It is a total failure in that area since it is not giving good results in many normal situations and the unstabilized videos can only be viewed internally on the phone.

  • vapete 123
    vapete 123 28 days ago

    I’m switching from an iPhone 7plus 32gb .. it’s been a decent phone and suited my needs for my Instagram and usual usage .. but it seems it’s getting slow now .. I’ve just extended my contract and got the Huwawei P20 Pro as it was recommended to me by a friend who ironically works for Apple in one of their U.K. stores .. I don’t do that much tech but after seeing what the camera is capable on the P20 Pro I was sold .. I look forward to receiving it and posting my thoughts in due course ..
    I’d be interested to see you review the new Nokia 9 PureView at some point as and when it becomes available ..
    Thanks for this presentation .. informative and well thought 👍🏻🇬🇧

  • Lobi LETS GO
    Lobi LETS GO 29 days ago

    Nokia 3210 🤣

  • michael jay Malonzo
    michael jay Malonzo 29 days ago

    I wish I have a phone like that

  • Marina Nikola
    Marina Nikola 29 days ago

    Oneplus7 will be coming out in September could we have a review once it's out?

  • Kabo Bradley Radipitse


  • Tabby .S
    Tabby .S Month ago

    Should I get this phone? I want a phone that's good for photography

    • videos new
      videos new 28 days ago

      +Jon Lindal it's best for pictures

    • Tabby .S
      Tabby .S 28 days ago

      +Jon Lindal I actually want a phone for taking pictures

    • Jon Lindal
      Jon Lindal 28 days ago

      It depends. If you want it for video and pics, then no. If you want it for some other reason, then probably yes.

    • videos new
      videos new Month ago


  • Aaron La Rue
    Aaron La Rue Month ago

    Let's see what Motorola is up to now

  • fox knight
    fox knight Month ago

    Waaaaaaaaaaaa it doesn't have wireless charging 🙄 jeez cry much

  • Zhou JIANG
    Zhou JIANG Month ago

    i tought Huawei phone is not in US market

  • Avisha
    Avisha Month ago

    Watching this on my P20 Pro😏

  • Amadeo Quiroz
    Amadeo Quiroz Month ago

    You are an ass hole! too much BS!! Go to the point!!!!

  • ShaimaIsAQueen Hussein

    My dad has that phone and it's better then my iPhone 7

  • Chris5107
    Chris5107 Month ago

    There is no truth its just a Great Phone i love it

  • urban dweller
    urban dweller Month ago

    P20 Pro does have optical stabilization at 4K. It's enabled when you zoom in and tap to focus on the subject.

  • Hunnic Barbarian
    Hunnic Barbarian Month ago

    Ram cleaner?

  • Hunnic Barbarian
    Hunnic Barbarian Month ago

    No finger scanner! Orwellian slave app

  • Hunnic Barbarian
    Hunnic Barbarian Month ago

    Aaahahaha been using it along time. 2 weeks!