100 People Tell Us Their Worst Date Experience | Keep it 100 | Cut

  • Published on Nov 6, 2017
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    About this video:
    What's the worst date you've been on?
    100 People Tell Us Their Worst Date Experience | Keep it 100 | Cut
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Comments • 1 705

  • Naruhi Leijon
    Naruhi Leijon Day ago

    What does catfish means?

  • Nicole G
    Nicole G 2 days ago +1

    That girl's earring @1:54 Did you guys notice that?

  • Valeria Hernandez!
    Valeria Hernandez! 3 days ago

    3:33 I still need your @

  • Girl Fieri
    Girl Fieri 6 days ago

    “And” “he” “smelled” “like” “bagels”

  • Georgy Delrio
    Georgy Delrio 14 days ago

    0:23 This bitch be lookin hella high this bih prob was getting drugged tf.

  • Kevin Robinson
    Kevin Robinson 15 days ago

    how are you having to pay for your own food the worst??

  • TheFlex youtuber
    TheFlex youtuber 17 days ago

    Sighs* she ate my tater tots

  • Gae Elle
    Gae Elle 18 days ago

    He had a crush on me for the longest and I was like okay he’s pretty cute. Wrong. All wrong. This dude turned out to be super religious, really into Pokémon and had the personality of an 11 year old boy. He didn’t curse so he said freaking and oh my gosh... like a lot.. I’m pretty sure he was a serial killer. We went to see a movie and I literally kept going to the bathroom to call my friends like y’all bitches need to come get me ASAP. He even tried to do “the move” I was like nope, fuck this. It was so embarrassing and I feel horrible for leaving him at the movies but I honestly felt like I was taking advantage of a child.😣😖😖😖

  • Baby Goose
    Baby Goose 19 days ago

    Dude took me to a guitar store and sat there chatting with an employee and playing random shit on a guitar while I sat there awkwardly. Jackass.

  • silvia conti
    silvia conti 19 days ago


  • Amy Erlanger
    Amy Erlanger 20 days ago

    Sometimes I can't tell what's a date anymore.

  • Amy Erlanger
    Amy Erlanger 20 days ago

    Mine was when I was 17 and the guy was pushy and creepy

  • wehofu fweiu
    wehofu fweiu 22 days ago


  • Fire Wolves
    Fire Wolves 26 days ago +2

    I don’t like how they make their statements connect with other people, because I want to hear their own story by themselves, it’s confusing when you make it seem like the same story

  • Ashitaka
    Ashitaka 27 days ago

    3:38 Wow thats some unique eyes.

  • Ashitaka
    Ashitaka 27 days ago

    2:42 Should be asking him if he ever killed someone.

  • Thomas Clifford
    Thomas Clifford 28 days ago

    The first south African white people I've ever met were super nice and peogressive and then every single one since has been next level racist with absolutely no awareness of it. Weird

  • Maddie Is cool
    Maddie Is cool 28 days ago

    My worst date was my first, he slid down the isles of the 99¢ store on his stomach...

  • Misty Lola B
    Misty Lola B 29 days ago +2

    4:08 *shane dawson just entered the chat

  • XO
    XO 29 days ago

    4:14 Would you blame him ?

  • Maggie Harrison
    Maggie Harrison 29 days ago +1

    yesss love the Coppelia music

  • cailah f
    cailah f Month ago

    tater tote story reminds me of Joey Tribbiani😂😂

  • strawberryxsupreme
    strawberryxsupreme Month ago

    2:48 i love this bitch

  • AllTimeFallOutAtTheChemicalDisco

    I want to know about the kidnapping

  • Zeahana K.
    Zeahana K. Month ago

    *she work at a pet store and she smelled like the pet store* lmaoo

  • Emma Davis
    Emma Davis Month ago

    Hope they all find love :)

  • akumma
    akumma Month ago

    0:22 whats up with her? is she blind?

  • Jxdellyn
    Jxdellyn Month ago

    *the movie was great, but the guy was shitty as fUcK.*

  • Max McCormick
    Max McCormick Month ago

    It would be nice if we could get a version without all the editing so we can actually hear the people's stories

  • Darwin M
    Darwin M Month ago

    A guy once asked me if wanted to come over to smoke some weed. After the third blunt my hands started cramping up and I couldn’t move my finger anymore, then I threw up in his toilet a bunch of times. After I felt better we made out but then never texted each other again
    This date felt more like a fever dream waking up the next day

  • GamingShiiep
    GamingShiiep Month ago

    half of the women look like geishas

  • Sara
    Sara Month ago

    girl at 4:19 is soooo pretty

  • doodlemeimpressed
    doodlemeimpressed Month ago

    "In the middle of the woods"
    Okay but the editing on this is amazing

  • Stacie Green
    Stacie Green Month ago

    2:31 Joey Tribianni ( from 'Friends'), and the french fries...

  • Paola Ortiz
    Paola Ortiz Month ago

    The tater tot story was the best one

  • Georgina Georgina
    Georgina Georgina Month ago

    Ate spaghetti with his hands 😂😂😂😂

  • Andres Partida
    Andres Partida Month ago

    Anyone know the girl at 4:19 @?

  • Brendan Mather
    Brendan Mather Month ago

    "Back then I was a goth" "But then the election happened" gold medal to the editor!

  • Max A.
    Max A. Month ago +1

    I once got stood up at Walgreens. Waited 4 hours too.

  • That'stheway Ms.J
    That'stheway Ms.J Month ago

    What about the girl who was almost kidnapped????!!!

  • Brandon Powers
    Brandon Powers Month ago

    Noooo, girlfriend at 1:53.. your hoop earring is all the way through your ear and the back in now in the front :O

  • Konnichiwa Frens
    Konnichiwa Frens Month ago

    3:28 kage bonshin no jutsu

  • Alexandra Hughes
    Alexandra Hughes Month ago +1

    so a guy went all the way to set just too say "bagels"

  • Just Ja
    Just Ja Month ago

    I love love love how these videos are composed like ahh! Always a great time with Cut

  • kcanded
    kcanded Month ago

    Man, I saw want to hear the rest of the stories!

  • Emily Davidson
    Emily Davidson Month ago

    I went on a date with a guy and when he was hinting that he wanted to kiss me, he looked at me, started shimmying his shoulders and aggressively moaning. I was high as hell though and thought the whole thing was a dream and I could say what I wanted so I looked at him and said “well I’m gonna go home now” (like off forest gump 🤦🏻‍♀️) and then I left and went to McDonald’s... so great ending to a shitty date.

  • Colin Himes
    Colin Himes Month ago

    3:32 Who is the guy in the blue shirt?? He's so cute

  • CambodianForged InFreedom2AIII%ER

    Worst first date. It was a blind date. Come to find out she was vegan and an anti gun person. I'm a fucking meat eater and is pro 2A. She ended up giving me guff for eating meat and owning guns so I just stopped her mid sentence, paid for my meal, and left. Then yelled at my friend who set up the blind date.

  • C. C
    C. C Month ago +1

    3:36 I would kick his b** out of my car🤣

  • C. C
    C. C Month ago +5

    0:00 "I've never really went on a worst day, oh okay well, I guess one time, I... got kidnapped" If that's not a bad date Idk what is🤣

  • Juan Paz
    Juan Paz Month ago

    Wide white neck💀

  • Amina jay
    Amina jay Month ago

    I went to meet this guy off tinder. He wa a law student and He shown up an hour late , didnt want to drink anything....... we then went to nort storm. He then touched every jacket in sight, while yelling about how knew what it is like to be black, ( hes a white guy). He then said hes Italian which practically is black and how he never had sex with a black girl before and wondering if I could help. He then barely spoke and me being dumb and polite walked around the mall with him. I had then pretend my dad has called and I had to go home soon.
    Never spoke to him again.

  • Fiza Firoz
    Fiza Firoz Month ago

    why does the guy at 2:24 get cut off all the time 😂

  • Rex Ruther
    Rex Ruther Month ago

    My friend went on a date to Dairy Queen, and they shared a single hamburger, becuz he was broke and then they hooked up in the bathroom where everyone heard them

  • Justin Vos
    Justin Vos Month ago

    0:48 is that a fukin ghost?

  • Macheeny ?
    Macheeny ? Month ago

    “I haven’t been on a bad date- well I guess one time I got kidnapped” I’m sorry but the way she said it was so fucking funny.

  • Spicypanda 101
    Spicypanda 101 Month ago

    4:18 she's so pretty

  • its really not anna
    its really not anna Month ago +1

    Am I the only one who wants the sorry about our president shirt

  • Beniamin Hozan
    Beniamin Hozan Month ago

    lol, this editing style is so annoying...you are just left with anger instead of a story.

  • Brimmy Burner
    Brimmy Burner Month ago

    hi, legally blind girl.
    I'm also a legally blind girl. my eyes do that thingy too and It gives me super bad migraines. at night time it's worse.
    you are STUNNING.

  • RK Vids
    RK Vids Month ago

    "he made me buy my food" okay bitch

  • Little_Lushie14
    Little_Lushie14 Month ago

    I'm sorry, I just like the show and I started laughing and smiling like an idiot when I saw the dude wear that in the video since That was Amazing to me.
    Sorry that you had to read that, and hope you have a good night or day :)

  • ginny thomasson
    ginny thomasson Month ago

    "Oh well ive never had a worst date or i guess i got KIDNAPPED" im just like 🤦‍♀️😂

  • Jessica K
    Jessica K Month ago

    In 9th grade I met this cute guy from my school.
    He comes over we go to a movie. He’s trying to do stuff but I push away. He throws change on the counter for our movie tickets and laughs as they count it. He goes back to my house and eats a ton of candy. I told him I’m not sure how old it is because it’s from Christmas of last year. Later that night he texts me, saying my candy make him throw up.
    Can I be on this show because I’m the champ at failures and embarrassment. Lol.

  • abbychio3
    abbychio3 Month ago +1

    2:30 : "JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!" was all i could think about

  • Caroline Haught
    Caroline Haught Month ago

    I wish I was as pale as that girl. Her skin is beautiful!!

  • Veronika Galusinska

    What the

  • Helga Akani
    Helga Akani Month ago

    She worked at a pet store and she smelt like the pet store 😂😂

  • Brian Chau
    Brian Chau Month ago

    I kinda wanna hear all of these stories by themselves

  • Nick L
    Nick L Month ago

    If he made you buy your own food at the Movies, then it wasn’t a date. You two went dutch lol.

  • Sabrina Shaver
    Sabrina Shaver Month ago

    We went to a party together, I got a lot more fucked up than intended, ended up crying and puking in the bathroom for about 2 hours and then passed out.

  • Milk Mango
    Milk Mango Month ago

    Honestly is there someone out there in the comments who have been causing these “bad dates”?

  • Spam beesly
    Spam beesly Month ago

    3:32 looks like a young Jim halpert

  • winnieheart's adventures

    Tbh I cant keep up with what is happening with everyone's stories lol

  • Taylor Ray
    Taylor Ray Month ago

    he basically left me at |Chuck E Cheese|

  • Sander Hagen
    Sander Hagen Month ago

    0:00 i didn't know they had akidearest here

  • Yee Rou Quah
    Yee Rou Quah Month ago

    so many people in this video are so attractive

  • Gen Withers
    Gen Withers Month ago

    I kinda wish we actually got to hear the stories :/

  • J Aravind
    J Aravind Month ago

    Cut is a

  • J Aravind
    J Aravind Month ago

    1:14 well he wasn't wrong

  • Ka 'Mikoe
    Ka 'Mikoe Month ago

    Ok so the dark skin girl who looks like a kid is really really really dry. Every video with her in it’s like she just doesn’t experience anything. No offense ofc

  • Mr Obama
    Mr Obama Month ago

    I don’t like how they combine the stories

  • The Rocker X
    The Rocker X Month ago +1

    "He didn't buy me food at the theatre"
    "The guy was shorter than me"
    "He dissed my favorite radio station"
    Hmmmm....entitlement much?

  • My Fitness Euphoria

    Aww, that’s the worst. The tator tot story was hilarious. I went on a date with this girl in college, and I wanted poutine and bought but I offered to get her her own. She said no and started eating mine when I got it. In the end I just gave it to her. I was so annoyed! Lol

  • Diana Mendoza
    Diana Mendoza 2 months ago

    3:24 wtf was that...

  • Jarata Jaffa
    Jarata Jaffa 2 months ago

    Worst dates are one night stands. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Min Eum
    Min Eum 2 months ago +2

    Bruh that background music reminds me of Ryan Higa.

  • Pablo Schwaiger
    Pablo Schwaiger 2 months ago

    What is "catfished"?

  • manzana manzana
    manzana manzana 2 months ago

    i hate the editing

  • diana levy
    diana levy 2 months ago

    addicted to these videos!

  • BossLadyTV
    BossLadyTV 2 months ago

    “Elbows off the table if you’re able” 😂😂😂😂 idk why that shut had me laughing maybe the way she said it 💀💀💀🤦🏽‍♀️💀💀🤦🏽‍♀️ and the thought of really hearing someone say that to me

  • Matt Steer
    Matt Steer 2 months ago

    I went on a date with one girl. She got wasted and took off her bra and got arrested. That was 2 weeks ago.

  • Matt C
    Matt C 2 months ago

    ....I wanted to hear the stories!

  • Natasha Williams
    Natasha Williams 2 months ago

    Wow. These dates were bad as fuck.

  • KassyyReefer
    KassyyReefer 2 months ago

    Okay I replayed that part like 5 times
    What does he say!? “Do you wanna see *what* ”?????

    • Dara Delic
      Dara Delic Month ago

      he said:
      his first words were: youre gonna wear that? and i was like: this is gonna go fckn awesome

  • Keshnee Surendran
    Keshnee Surendran 2 months ago

    2:30 omg mood

  • John Nowak Kind Sir
    John Nowak Kind Sir 2 months ago +1

    2:51-Fucking egoist

  • Gabriel GarciaNa
    Gabriel GarciaNa 2 months ago

    2:55 so what? You have money lol

  • EjectPrev
    EjectPrev 2 months ago

    i think we only heard like 4 stories.. the rest were just 2-3 words... I WANNA HEAR THE STORIES

  • Kevin Ainlay
    Kevin Ainlay 2 months ago

    "Then the election happened" wth is this supposed to mean