• Published on Jun 16, 2019
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Comments • 7 477

  • Bennett McEwen
    Bennett McEwen 13 minutes ago

    Do the two of you speak any Gaelic

  • Deption
    Deption 35 minutes ago

    They use paper straws to save the earth by cutting down trees

  • WILD_TANG 45
    WILD_TANG 45 48 minutes ago

    Pizza is great hot or good

  • MaxGamez :I
    MaxGamez :I Hour ago

    Fuck you now I'm hungry XD

  • X-Red Savage
    X-Red Savage Hour ago


    P.R SPIDER-MAN Hour ago

    Why did i just watch 2 retards eat food for 30 minutes

  • Reese's Puf boi
    Reese's Puf boi Hour ago

    15:00 That thing gave me depprision

  • Payton Todd
    Payton Todd Hour ago

    Paper straw's are fucking horrible

  • Gage Murphy
    Gage Murphy 2 hours ago

    Fuck paper straws

  • Jackson Nowell
    Jackson Nowell 2 hours ago

    Paper straws suck

  • Yuh Master
    Yuh Master 2 hours ago

    Cold and warm pizza is great, I *HATE* paper straws and those shit wooden spoons that feel like ur scraping ur tongue with sand paper.

  • Hayden Moore
    Hayden Moore 3 hours ago

    Nogla looking like josh from drake and josh

  • Gaming with Us yea
    Gaming with Us yea 3 hours ago

    Nogla is telling the truth about the society

  • Kaosss
    Kaosss 3 hours ago

    7:14 Brian was definitely smiling

  • _Ares_67
    _Ares_67 3 hours ago +1

    Why tf do they say tomato as tomato? Why don’t they say tomato instead of tomato.

    Like this comment if you pronounced tomato 2 different ways while reading this

  • Vortexa Star
    Vortexa Star 4 hours ago

    **Brian says they can't get into America**
    **Gets visa a couple weeks later**

  • Sabrina Smith
    Sabrina Smith 4 hours ago

    I GET IT!! I always carry my own straws now when going to a restaurant hate the paper I understand why they are doing it but like you said there are massive plastic cups what are they going to do about them a straw is one little thing! Thank you finally someone understands the struggle! 😂

  • Jim Allen
    Jim Allen 4 hours ago

    Buffalo crispy chicken wrap got them? What!?

  • Odd Country
    Odd Country 5 hours ago

    Hey terroriser Get To The Choppa lol

  • Josh Holder
    Josh Holder 7 hours ago

    Brian i connect with you

  • MangaIsMyLife
    MangaIsMyLife 8 hours ago

    Pizza is good cold

  • look_hayden Weeb
    look_hayden Weeb 9 hours ago

    Brian ur lucky I inhaled the top of my paper fucking straw

  • Marko Klisuric
    Marko Klisuric 10 hours ago

    brian bro i got you fam i hate paper straws and wood tea spoons

  • Gavlirious
    Gavlirious 10 hours ago

    I kinda agree with nogla pizza is really good hot but cold pizza I don't care for it I'll eat it but I prefer hot pizza

  • Garrett Smith
    Garrett Smith 11 hours ago

    Bogle has turned into that annoying musical.ly girl

  • Matthew Teal
    Matthew Teal 11 hours ago

    Pizza isn't amazing cold but its still OK I eat some times when I really don't want to be productive

  • Brant Hackman
    Brant Hackman 13 hours ago

    Pizza is good colddd

  • Ghostiekill
    Ghostiekill 14 hours ago

    i like vegeterian buger probley because im a vegeterian

  • Rhys Callinan
    Rhys Callinan 14 hours ago

    Yay Im like terroriser and his straws

  • aspalt gameing
    aspalt gameing 15 hours ago

    Pizza is amazing cold

  • It’sMeTheo
    It’sMeTheo 15 hours ago

    Brian is such a cutie and so is Nogla

  • Sad Rastical
    Sad Rastical 16 hours ago

    3:50 *vsco girl that has a metal straw and post save the world edits on her instagram story has joined the chat*

  • Bryce Sutton
    Bryce Sutton 17 hours ago

    Terroriser he knows he's smart

  • The CrazY Bass Man
    The CrazY Bass Man 18 hours ago

    Im the guy :v that thinks he fucking gets it

  • Mob Squad
    Mob Squad 18 hours ago

    I like how they didn't put the stuff that would melt out, instead of putting in fridge for the dessert part of the video haha.

  • Demonetisation Man
    Demonetisation Man 19 hours ago

    I work at McDonald’s n even I feel bad for the ppl who worked there when u came in

  • ryan svahn
    ryan svahn 19 hours ago

    I use to work at McDonald’s I would of walked out if you did that lmfao

  • Allan Thomas
    Allan Thomas 20 hours ago

    Nogla is righ

  • AXEBRO 9000
    AXEBRO 9000 22 hours ago

    nogla you pizza heatest mother f***er

  • Symphony Night
    Symphony Night 22 hours ago

    Oooh I’m a skinny bitch 😂😂😂😂

  • Just Crazy
    Just Crazy 22 hours ago

    He gets it

  • joey eylicio
    joey eylicio 23 hours ago

    Bro I hate chicken nuggets

  • PSN YouFakah76
    PSN YouFakah76 23 hours ago

    McDonald’s = diabetes in a fast food restaurant

  • Jason Myers
    Jason Myers Day ago

    He fucking gets it

  • Berkline Boss
    Berkline Boss Day ago

    I hate paper straws

  • JOSE makes videos

    Daamm my McDs dont have curly fries or any of those other stuff but the ordinary stuff we have

  • JOSE makes videos

    Nogla:commentading and eating. Terroriser:just talking way more than eating

  • I hate trees
    I hate trees Day ago

    4:20 I agree Brian

  • Sky Gaming
    Sky Gaming Day ago

    “Wooden stur”

    Irish people are weird.

  • Nibzy Niddle
    Nibzy Niddle Day ago

    id rather eat pizza worm but cold is also good

  • CalypsoRaz
    CalypsoRaz Day ago

    Honey on the nuggets and give me all the jalapeno/spicy stuff.

  • Jonathan Nelson
    Jonathan Nelson Day ago

    I get you. Paper straws are shit

  • Lilacrose 123
    Lilacrose 123 Day ago

    the paper straw debate wow i connected with Terroriser

  • Dammary Enchandia

    I really like the outro song

  • Slipknot 1
    Slipknot 1 Day ago

    24 pieces of Diabete leaves

  • Slipknot 1
    Slipknot 1 Day ago

    You call that hot my frickin dad ate Carolina reaper Beef jerky (the worlds hottest pepper) I tried it and I LIKED IT AM I A MONSTER OR DO I JUST HAVE NO TASTE BUDS

  • Gavin 93
    Gavin 93 Day ago


  • richard riedle
    richard riedle Day ago



  • Akil 349 Vega
    Akil 349 Vega Day ago +1

    “I need my ice cweam”

  • DarkBear 9457
    DarkBear 9457 Day ago

    In America chicken selects r called chicken tenders

  • sacha griffith
    sacha griffith Day ago

    I get shivers down my spine when I drink from a plastic cup like when you hear a marker squeaking and there's literally no more plastic straws in dublin they should make the cups paper but have the straws plastic

  • Golden Knights
    Golden Knights Day ago

    A couple years ago I saw Nogla’s face for some reason I thought he was in his mid 50’s. Now when I see his face he looks 28

  • Karl Court
    Karl Court Day ago

    Fuck off Nogla, 😂😂 any left over pizza from one night is left cold for my breakfast the next day

  • Golden pugs
    Golden pugs Day ago

    Teririser gets high when he sees cows

  • Otaku fan098
    Otaku fan098 Day ago

    I think the mcdonald over there is looks way better than ours

  • jr
    jr Day ago

    i’m watching two irish guys eat food

  • Sean Dillon
    Sean Dillon Day ago

    Terrorizer is right

  • Valid Rex
    Valid Rex Day ago

    He fucking gets it

  • Valid Rex
    Valid Rex Day ago

    I agree with Nogla on cold pizza

  • Doug Hetrick
    Doug Hetrick Day ago

    I agree

  • Fallie Odendaal
    Fallie Odendaal Day ago

    Pizza is when it's cold it's nice and when it's hot it's also nice chips it's nice when it's hot the chicken nuggets no matter when it cold or hot it's still the best will normal chicken when you eat it called it's nice and hot outside nice butter chicken strips nothing can beat a chicken nugget or chicken strips Justin

  • Megabot 650
    Megabot 650 Day ago +1

    Your just a cunt Brian...
    Nogla, 2019

  • unicorna i'm retated

    The straws don't matter the people already destroyed it

  • Lakota Harsh
    Lakota Harsh Day ago

    I agree with Brian thats basically like taking the wrapper off a plastic straw and drinking with the wrapper

  • Young Stunner
    Young Stunner Day ago

    Who else thinks brian looks fat without a beard

  • Jasmin Rivas
    Jasmin Rivas Day ago

    Plastic straws are better

  • Ashton Doublet
    Ashton Doublet 2 days ago

    Why am I watching this when I'm really really hungry

  • Goat Space
    Goat Space 2 days ago

    Song at 14:56 is called: For the damaged coda

  • Ryan White
    Ryan White 2 days ago

    Lad if your talking to nogla anytime soon tell him that he is wrong about cold pizza its fucking gorgous (please excuse my spelling if anything is wrong)

  • ctrlaltstartx
    ctrlaltstartx 2 days ago

    Nogla: "Pizza is SHIT cold!" Me: "Aaaaaaand unsubscribed."

  • Ash Brazeal
    Ash Brazeal 2 days ago +2

    I will probably be that one person that connects with Brian on the fact that paper straws with drinks are crap together. Because they honestly are.

  • Totally Tru Life Haks


  • Carrot_Pug
    Carrot_Pug 2 days ago +1


  • Boondan Mo
    Boondan Mo 2 days ago

    I think noglas opinion is wrong on cold pizza and I also wish you could get curly fries in English Mcdonald

  • WaterMelon `
    WaterMelon ` 2 days ago +3


    They sacrifice wildcat to make that burger

  • bobdabot not
    bobdabot not 2 days ago

    Roar roar angry vegan comment guy here roooar

  • zeth ree
    zeth ree 2 days ago

    The two Irish Bros back at it again

  • Daryan Turner
    Daryan Turner 2 days ago

    Nogla you are a piece of shit if you don’t eat cold pizza

  • Javi Reyes
    Javi Reyes 3 days ago

    fuck cold 🍟

  • XXXMurphy
    XXXMurphy 3 days ago

    For the chicken nugget like the video give me your address social security number and your credit card number😂

  • Kevin Connor
    Kevin Connor 3 days ago


  • That guy Evan1224
    That guy Evan1224 3 days ago

    Pizza is amazing both ways hot or cold it’s amazing

  • trexofpain _
    trexofpain _ 3 days ago

    11:28 look at noglas face

  • Fart Garfunkel
    Fart Garfunkel 3 days ago

    Paper straws melt in your cup

  • Can I get 500 subs? Plz

    1764 anyone?

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith 3 days ago

    I facking hate paper straws

  • Al Gucci
    Al Gucci 3 days ago

    He fockin gets it

  • Brodie Mack
    Brodie Mack 3 days ago

    26:20 😂 sorry land lord 😂

  • The Badguy
    The Badguy 3 days ago

    Mm I love fillet the fish sandwiches

    RICKY_BOI 3 days ago

    Brian ordered a Mclongass burger