Here is What’s Good, Bad and Very Polarizing About the Insane Tesla CYBERTRUCK!

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
  • ( Here is what the new Tesla Cybertruck looks like up close and personal, inside and out.
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Comments • 3 673

  • Klay Moon
    Klay Moon 13 days ago +67

    Thanks for the coverage. I love your channel.

    • Klay Moon
      Klay Moon 2 days ago

      john biggins Yeah! This is the future!

    • john biggins
      john biggins 7 days ago +1

      Looks military..spacey...futuristic all other trucks look stone age....

    • U.P. dan
      U.P. dan 11 days ago

      It's the McDonald's kids meal truck.

    • Lucas CR
      Lucas CR 12 days ago

      I dind’t know Elon was working in stand up comedy market ....

    • Oatmeal Joey Arnold
      Oatmeal Joey Arnold 12 days ago

      Tesla Cyber Truck may be vulnerable to backdoor remote access hacking.

  • citizen-x
    citizen-x 2 days ago

    I would have to test drive one first before putting money down, maybe this thing handles like shit, has blind spots, maybe the seating is uncomfortable ,or maybe I wouldn't like the control layout etc , I used to want a Chrysler 300 for a long time, then went to test drive one, soon as I sat in it, I no longer wanted one, the all around visibility was limited and the driver seating made it even worse , I have driven enough vehicles to know what I like and this killed my desire to buy one , I lost all interest in the car. So It doesn;t matter how much I like a vehicles styling , paint job, or how fast it goes , if it doesn't pass drive ability test , then I don't want it,

  • d dzerres
    d dzerres 3 days ago

    I can't find the video where you eat crow.

  • James the Stikbot
    James the Stikbot 3 days ago

    I put in a deposit it right Away loving the design

  • Khalish Irshad Idham Ezatul Haneem

    Where are the goddamn side mirrors on the Cybertruck

  • bdreed85
    bdreed85 4 days ago

    These events remind me of a extacy filled dance party

  • Geo Thomas
    Geo Thomas 6 days ago

    Well, at least they're easy to break into.

  • cisko213
    cisko213 6 days ago

    Show the frame!

  • Eddy wanogho
    Eddy wanogho 6 days ago

    Finally, the triangle can move really fast. it looks post-apocalyptic

  • tolo polo
    tolo polo 6 days ago

    A road legal tank so i guess its prety cool. Cars and SUV’s im not a big fan but the truck looks kinda cool. Hope they will make it where the charge will be only 10-15 minutes because half hour to one hour its not going to make me wana buy one, my time is very important to me i cant spend 1hr to charge.

  • Rob daman
    Rob daman 7 days ago

    This is more like cyfy type of vehicle

  • Country Boy 85
    Country Boy 85 7 days ago

    It looks like something from the 1980s...

  • xxTNTDOGxx
    xxTNTDOGxx 7 days ago

    I don’t see it getting approved in its current form. Where’s the side mirrors and seems like there’s no crumple zone meaning it won’t be allowed to be sold in Europe or Australia

  • Sam Iam
    Sam Iam 7 days ago

    Roman puked inside he was so inebriated.

  • john logan
    john logan 7 days ago

    The DeLorean Pick up Tucker

  • Pearcey111
    Pearcey111 7 days ago

    Its looks like a new model SUV of the back to the future car the DeLorean, park the Cybertruck next to a DeLorean they like brother and sister lol

  • ben The Governor’s Channel

    I would love to know who did the intro music of this video.

  • David Lewis
    David Lewis 8 days ago

    I'm just not feeling it. They could have done much better.

    J. REFUGIO JUAREZ DIAZ 8 days ago +1


  • Crocodine Huizar
    Crocodine Huizar 8 days ago

    Have another name for it The Origami ten foiled.

  • Crocodine Huizar
    Crocodine Huizar 8 days ago

    They should call it the Mad Max L1

  • Martyn Lucas
    Martyn Lucas 8 days ago

    I really love what Elon is doing. Another great video.
    This channel has really inspired me that you can grow on USclip and showed me the way to help others.
    So I started on the journey of building my Channel to grow my audience so I can take on the American Airlines Center and raise $1,000,000 for local charities in one night.
    Taking disabled children to summer camp.
    $50 a ticket. $20,000 seats. Big challenge.
    I’ll keep coming back when I need a boost as it’s hard work and I’ve a long way to go.
    Thank you. Thank you

  • Model X EV Fun
    Model X EV Fun 8 days ago

    I think the tech in this truck is amazing. I've ordered one. Its sad that so many just can't get past their initial reaction to its looks. Styles change over time. After these become more common, it won't be so shocking. It looks the way it does as a result of building something that is tougher, more efficient, and useful than the conventional truck. Can't wait for the day when a big hail storm hits and all the guys with the "girly trucks" will have to decide if their truck looks better with or without the new dimples. :) I'm hoping the insurance on this truck will be lower than other similar priced vehicles.

  • dent tech
    dent tech 8 days ago

    What's one of the worst selling vehicle designs of all time?
    Answer: Pontiac Aztec
    Elon: yes, let's design it after that
    Good luck Tesla

  • Daniel Ho
    Daniel Ho 8 days ago

    I'm still waiting for Elon Musk's punchline.
    What?!? Elon is serious about building the Ikea truck? What the heck are you smokin' ?
    CA weed I'm sure.

  • CrzyMn7
    CrzyMn7 8 days ago

    Can you really see a road full of these? It would be horrid.

  • benjamin meza
    benjamin meza 9 days ago

    But what about the sound of a real gasl engine?? won't sound powerful.

  • Mo Azim
    Mo Azim 9 days ago

    Only commercial vehicle thats ready for mars, you dumb earthlings can’t comprehend the future

  • Baktash Osmani
    Baktash Osmani 9 days ago

    So this truck does not have side mirrors?

  • Raider Lopez
    Raider Lopez 9 days ago

    One ugly design

  • Hil Palmer
    Hil Palmer 9 days ago

    I wish the Atlas would come out.

  • Hil Palmer
    Hil Palmer 9 days ago

    And people thought the new HD Chevy looked bad.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 9 days ago

    Sadly, not a single pickup truck owner there except Roman. Definitely not any truck owners who use one for a living. I challenge TFL to get their hands on one of these trucks and put it through the gauntlet and moab ASAP !!

  • chris m
    chris m 9 days ago

    it must be april 1st

  • Aaron P
    Aaron P 9 days ago

    Finally we have something uglier than a Lexus SUV. It looks like a rolling prop model from the first Tron movie that someone made in their garage. It looks like a truck designed for people that don't like trucks.
    Thanks, Elon, I hate it.
    (you asked what I thought)

    KABLE MUSIC 9 days ago +1

    Love it and getting mine as soon as possible!!

  • King 43
    King 43 9 days ago

    I was selling Chevrolet/Dodge trucks in 1996 when the first 1997 F-150 (aka, The Jellybean) in our area arrived. I thought is was the wimpiest truck I had ever seen and would not sell worth a darn compared to C/K and especially the Ram. Was I wrong. Although this looks like the modern interpretation of The Homer, might just sell well. Might not. Who knows until it is in production and on the street.

    Range? Towing Range? How can one recharge at a SuperCharger with a trailer attached? Unhitch the trailer everytime to recharge it?

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo 9 days ago

    tesla only exists as fun stuff joy rides on youtube, not in real life, in real life there is the twin motor Nissan Leaf

  • MengeR
    MengeR 9 days ago

    Wtf is this ugly looking thing. Looks like a child play build Lego. I will never buy such a weld together or glue together copy cat Batman looking.

  • Jordan Willett
    Jordan Willett 9 days ago +1

    666k subscribers

  • dandholmes
    dandholmes 9 days ago

    Elon: we need a design for our new truck

    Designers: how about a triangle on wheels?

  • toogr84u
    toogr84u 9 days ago

    Hey look, they finally made a vehicle Tommy can't dent.

  • Brian Fischer
    Brian Fischer 9 days ago

    Ordered one!

  • Paul Kiely
    Paul Kiely 9 days ago


  • 97octane
    97octane 9 days ago

    Truck world is heading to catastrophic disaster 👎

  • Amalgamated Potato Packing Pocatello

    WARTHOG- driver assist means 90% of your drive time the rig drives. Trunk in the front. Tool storage bin near tailgate.
    Cost for fuel @ .06Kwh $ 4.33 PER 300 miles. Takes 5 hours to charge on 30amp outlet in garage/barn. I charge about once a week.
    $ 4.33 ...
    •$ what's in your truck.

  • LexS
    LexS 9 days ago

    Ellen Ripley needed this on LV-426 She would’ve made short work of those Aliens.

  • anger & rage
    anger & rage 10 days ago

    close up, I can see it in more detail, it doesn't look that bad. The design is unconventional, but its growing on me.

  • LouisSypher666
    LouisSypher666 10 days ago

    Ugliest thing I ever seen. Maybe he can send that into space to keep his car company! 🤔

  • Kev Z
    Kev Z 10 days ago

    It's going to be hysterical when one of the Tesla haters tries to key the side of the cybertruck only to find out it damaged their key, and now they can't drive home because the key no longer works in their ignition.

  • Andrew Raisanen
    Andrew Raisanen 10 days ago

    Haters! Accelerates faster or same speed as a Porsche...straight up drags an f-150 in tug-o-war...I must quote the dark knight..."Does it come in black?"

  • T. Fox
    T. Fox 10 days ago

    What was it designed on Minecraft lol

  • saltzen961
    saltzen961 10 days ago

    Stand at the rear door , and remove something from the front of the bed .............A little concerned about utility .............

  • Gordon Ashacker
    Gordon Ashacker 10 days ago +1

    It is gorgeous! What a welcome departure from Detroit trucks! Absolutely excellent!

  • The Gooberment-Sucks
    The Gooberment-Sucks 10 days ago

    Why didn’t they use the electric F-150 in the tow off? Cause it would have kicked that space turds ass that’s why

  • Richard Kiefer
    Richard Kiefer 10 days ago

    That's the uglies track I have ever seen in my life Try to reach over the side and pick something up out of the bed that is totally Ridiculous I Have been a land surveyor for 40 years and there is no way I could work out of that truck

  • Trigger Troll
    Trigger Troll 10 days ago

    Well I figured out why it’s made of stainless steel. Elon has a lot left over .

  • Brandon Morin
    Brandon Morin 10 days ago

    When do they finish the work on it?

  • Abby Leonard
    Abby Leonard 10 days ago

    Want it

  • franki3Ru550
    franki3Ru550 10 days ago

    Wow the future is now.. I’m really impressed that there finally coming out with a futuristic car that is not a concept anymore.. Dam I gotta start dressing up futuristic lol.