Gordon Ramsay’s Recipes for a Better School Lunch


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  • PrettyPlays
    PrettyPlays 3 hours ago

    Have my school watch this please.

  • O'Canain
    O'Canain 16 hours ago

    I think Gordon Ramsay makes a more positive difference than Oliver. His stern and responsible nature inspires such great creativity and tenacity. Such a good man.

  • Lily Ji
    Lily Ji 17 hours ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay why do you have so much food in the background? It looks so delicious! (Please press read more)
    Gordon: it’s so simple to make ! *goes through all these complicated steps*
    Me: are you kidding me?
    Gordon: and it tastes delicious too!
    Me: well, I doubt you only 50% !
    If I went to Gordon’s house, I would eat all the food in the background before he even finishes making my lunch!
    Gordon: what happened to all the food?
    Me: well you took forever!
    Gordon: seriously?
    Gordon why don’t you make any cake? Or any sweet chocolate desserts? I would come to your house and DEVOUR everything!!

  • Megan Barnett
    Megan Barnett 20 hours ago

    I seriously would love to have Gordon to cook me 3 meals. I’d be in heaven. I also want him to teach me how to cook

  • Mar.K
    Mar.K 20 hours ago

    Yes, it is 4 am.. we all know that

  • marvel's greatest hero
    marvel's greatest hero 23 hours ago

    I can smell that from here!

  • Jason Giatrakis
    Jason Giatrakis Day ago

    Fry fish 3 mins on each side=circle has infinite sides so fry it for all of eternity

  • ssj3 gogeta
    ssj3 gogeta Day ago

    You may not be good at fishing but your good at cooking at least :D

  • chickensseeall
    chickensseeall Day ago

    This is never going to be made in time for school. And all the crispiness will go soggy before you eat it... Is this homeschool lunch?

  • Matthew Sevier
    Matthew Sevier Day ago


  • Matthew Sevier
    Matthew Sevier Day ago


  • Jensen’s Market

    Adopt me please

  • E D
    E D Day ago

    Hey look, all the food that I never have in my fridge.

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  • Jam Channel
    Jam Channel 2 days ago

    I would trust him in my kitchen

  • Billy t Gould 6
    Billy t Gould 6 2 days ago

    WORCESTER SAUCE ?! Naaaa it's all about sheffield's own henderson's relish.

  • Just Videos
    Just Videos 2 days ago

    i sure have 20$ to spend on my lunch every day

  • Tina Pengelly
    Tina Pengelly 2 days ago

    I've never understood the British cultural excitement for chips in bread. Carbs on carbs. Is it actually good?

  • Clove Laung
    Clove Laung 2 days ago

    Chef i wanna cry because i cant afford to eat the food made from ur delightful heart and hand 😥 i wish i am rich to afford to dine in ur restaurant but unfortunately i am not rich 😶

  • BeagleBiscuit
    BeagleBiscuit 2 days ago

    hehe he said butt

  • Brian Templin
    Brian Templin 2 days ago

    Rorden Gamsay makes French fry sandwich

  • Chris Thatcher
    Chris Thatcher 3 days ago

    Can you make my lunch?

  • Joseph Polk
    Joseph Polk 3 days ago

    Bruh, how am I supposed to put the first two into a school lunchbox? I don't even go to school anymore but still...

  • Nora Aracely Covarrubias

    I'm very hungry :/ how do I get the beans recipe

  • DreWid DaSauce
    DreWid DaSauce 3 days ago

    By the time you finish that. School will be over

  • electromagneticlemon

    you can tell his kids arent in highschool yet...

  • SGO1
    SGO1 3 days ago

    I'd love to be gordon Ramsay's son

  • nick rutsky
    nick rutsky 3 days ago

    I wish I was his kid so I could eat this shit everyday

    • 3L3M3NT4LP4ND4
      3L3M3NT4LP4ND4 3 days ago

      Actually Gordons wife does most of the cooking in the household, how good she is, is anybodys guess.

  • Nick Vasco
    Nick Vasco 3 days ago

    you forgot one step in these recipes. have gordon ramsey make it.

  • Jack Dorr
    Jack Dorr 4 days ago

    This won’t come close to my bowl of cereal

  • Flash Is Better Than Supes

    7:52 Confirmed subbed to PewDiePie

  • Anaya Lewis
    Anaya Lewis 4 days ago

    Jamie Oliver?
    Never heard of him.

  • sepioify
    sepioify 4 days ago

    00:23 did he just admit that his kitchen is infested with mice?

  • JandDTV
    JandDTV 4 days ago

    Lol how the fuck is this school lunches lol this is weekend food for kids. This is way too much to make for Little Timmy’s 20 minutes lunch in elementary school

  • boreas 39
    boreas 39 4 days ago

    Gourmet school lunch.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 4 days ago

    I don't even eat lunch :(

  • Nathan Pham
    Nathan Pham 4 days ago

    there good, but he doesn't explain how they're good when you pack it

  • Jovanny Aguirre
    Jovanny Aguirre 4 days ago

    3:24 asmr😂😂😂

  • Dylan The human
    Dylan The human 5 days ago

    “Pssst go chase the mice”
    “What! Look I’m sorry but that’s it *Were closing it down!* “

  • Archie Danesh
    Archie Danesh 5 days ago

    Cat says with a British accent: “it’s bland, it’s rubbish”

  • Charlie Egan
    Charlie Egan 5 days ago

    It’s breakfast, dinner and tea👍

  • Salsa Beat Ltd
    Salsa Beat Ltd 5 days ago +1

    lol I’m not a nerd but kids come to school to learn not to have a proper luxury lunch

    • 3L3M3NT4LP4ND4
      3L3M3NT4LP4ND4 3 days ago

      There wasn't a single kid in my highschool who enjoyed learning, everyone just wanted to play and talk to their mates.

  • Vedant kale
    Vedant kale 5 days ago

    Hey Gordon what's your name?
    Gordon : Woaahh
    Hey Gordon what are donuts?
    Gordon : To die for
    Okay, gonna leave.

  • Comedy TV
    Comedy TV 5 days ago

    How many times did I hear:"Nice and crispy" 🙄

  • Dorisa Erwin
    Dorisa Erwin 5 days ago

    Did he just squeeze ketchup out of a giant tomato

  • Blaze
    Blaze 5 days ago

    Next time when i do a line of coke i'll be like Gordon ones said to satisfy my cravings

  • Navi
    Navi 5 days ago

    He was so into the doughnuts lmao

  • Lawrencium103 PE
    Lawrencium103 PE 5 days ago +2

    7:53 Gordon Ramsay is subscribed to PewDiePie? 🤔

  • Atina McLane
    Atina McLane 5 days ago

    Kitchen goals.

  • Mr Wonderful
    Mr Wonderful 5 days ago +6

    Hey Gordon can you um ..... come over to my school and um..... teach the cafeteria cooks how to make a real lunch?

  • KaizoYoshi
    KaizoYoshi 5 days ago

    i would never pack a lunch from home if my school served lunches of this quality

  • Sprnks
    Sprnks 5 days ago

    Top Five 🅱️ruh Moments : 🗿

  • Changer101
    Changer101 5 days ago

    How do you come up with recipes?!?!?!

  • Venom
    Venom 6 days ago

    Adopt me pls 😁

  • Sara Rose
    Sara Rose 6 days ago +2

    My mouth is salivating *I choked*

  • Julie Boulogne
    Julie Boulogne 6 days ago

    Love that guy so much

  • OriginalBae
    OriginalBae 6 days ago

    Is it weird that I made it through the entire video before I realized I wasn’t on pornhub?

  • Meaty Cunt
    Meaty Cunt 6 days ago +1

    Chef Ramsay: I mean it when I say this... your meals make me honestly put my legs behind me head and cum in my own face. There’s dripping sperm everywhere.

  • NehCIx hAD a sEiZUre

    Take a shot when he says ‘nice’.

  • The oof
    The oof 6 days ago +1

    Us public schools are poor

  • NenIviri
    NenIviri 6 days ago

    That looks super good 🤤

  • King Zog
    King Zog 6 days ago

    cute cat

  • At ease With the cheese

    main message:
    butter solves every cooking problem.

  • Kookie bebé
    Kookie bebé 7 days ago


  • Bird Lover
    Bird Lover 7 days ago

    Thanks for the idea I’m definitely going to try them

  • Delicious Food
    Delicious Food 7 days ago

    Why is everybody overreacting it's just Gordon Ramsay he's the best!

  • BABFMF Jamie
    BABFMF Jamie 7 days ago

    Can we get a thousand likes for Annie

  • Emma Roché
    Emma Roché 7 days ago

    OMG u need to come to my school...the food is RANK as hell.! 😂👍🏻

  • Daz Burnside
    Daz Burnside 7 days ago

    I hate fish fingers but they are another level!

  • yeet teey
    yeet teey 7 days ago

    who else has never eaten any of these at school

  • Sanatozaki Minakyutt

    its like smileys but dont have faces

  • Kuhoo Not Kuhu
    Kuhoo Not Kuhu 8 days ago

    Even though he is known for her foul language and bad temperament I always enjoyed his work and respected him as a person. But I watched his interview with Sofia Vergara on some Show a few years ago and somewhere it made him lose his respect in my head after that. I know it was long back, but I was in this impression that he is a genuine gentleman no matter what words he choose to speak with, his intentions are always good. But that interview was bad. He was derogatory and demeaning to a woman. I just couldnt take it. My childhood, and lifelong idol kinda lost it then.

    • 3L3M3NT4LP4ND4
      3L3M3NT4LP4ND4 3 days ago

      God do people still not know that talk shows are scripted? Becsuse they are, all of them every single lsdt tslk show episode is a scripted mess and everyone in the room agreed to be ssying what they were saying, Gordon didn't hsve sny hand in writing the script, nor did Sofia, or even the host probably. They just wrote what would get views and stir up some controversy to get watchers, well it took 9 years but finally it fucking worked.

  • D E S P A C I T O
    D E S P A C I T O 8 days ago


  • JJ Animations
    JJ Animations 8 days ago

    Nobody is gonna make this for a school lunch lel

  • Scarlett Lawson
    Scarlett Lawson 8 days ago

    wish i had Gordon to make my lunches

  • No More Juicy Bananas

    Sorry but who the f brings baked beans to lunch

  • Felicity Tania
    Felicity Tania 8 days ago

    Imma cook this for my kids in the future 😂😂😂

  • SpiderayoXx 23
    SpiderayoXx 23 8 days ago +3

    Who the hell does this for school lunch???

  • mc. pumkin pie
    mc. pumkin pie 8 days ago

    i dont think i want that kind of school lunch at the first place....

  • Mr. Sonic118
    Mr. Sonic118 8 days ago

    Dang. I wanna know what kind of lunch box can keep those foods in good quality until lunchtime

  • Jackson Fluger
    Jackson Fluger 8 days ago

    if we’re being honest, no 5 yr old kid is gonna eat that

    • 3L3M3NT4LP4ND4
      3L3M3NT4LP4ND4 3 days ago

      What a 5 yesr old isn't going to eat a chip sandwich and ketchup? Okay bud.

  • Mageh Lan
    Mageh Lan 8 days ago


  • Garald Fritsgerald
    Garald Fritsgerald 8 days ago

    I never knew deaf people couldn’t see anything

  • Meira Yolanda Lettieri

    Where's the veg for the kids? All this is is starch and a protein. They need fewer starch carbs, more fruit and vegetables.

    • Meira Yolanda Lettieri
      Meira Yolanda Lettieri 3 days ago

      +3L3M3NT4LP4ND4 So what? I got bullied plenty for a lot of things. I learned how to grow a spine and defend myself without having to fight. Kids are too soft today and they need parents to teach them to cope with the bad as well as the good.

    • 3L3M3NT4LP4ND4
      3L3M3NT4LP4ND4 3 days ago

      This is going to a school lunch...kids would get bullied so hard if they brought a salad in.

  • Zara Syeda
    Zara Syeda 9 days ago

    Why does Gordon always seem so out of breath

  • Whoamiacrazerson
    Whoamiacrazerson 9 days ago

    Don't you love it when he isn't screaming 24/7?

    • Garald Fritsgerald
      Garald Fritsgerald 8 days ago

      I prefer he scream like his children almost lived a fishing trip

  • M Poppins
    M Poppins 9 days ago

    In my kids comprehensive they have a choice of a baked potato beans and fake cheese or pizza with fake cheese for vegetarians. Disgusting!

  • GallonHat Pat
    GallonHat Pat 9 days ago

    For some reason Gordon telling his cat to disappear is one of the funniest fucking things I’ve heard

  • xXChrisXx KCC
    xXChrisXx KCC 9 days ago

    Watching a Gordon Ramsay cooking video is like torchure cuz u want the food soo bad but u know ur cooking skills is the worst and u are not rich enough to buy every single ingredients to make it

    • 3L3M3NT4LP4ND4
      3L3M3NT4LP4ND4 3 days ago

      Actually this video is perfecr for you then as none of these recipes cost more than $10 a basic salmon, olive oil, oven, frying pan, thick cut chips, a loaf of bread and ketchup.

  • Another Guy
    Another Guy 9 days ago

    Why can’t chefs understand that no one has enough time for this. Just give him some lunch money and your good.

  • Ramirez The Astronaut

    Mmmmmmmmm beans

  • Juan Davila
    Juan Davila 9 days ago

    Wearing different shirt than in the thumbnail

  • Term26
    Term26 10 days ago

    "Better School Lunch" *pumps chocolate into sugary donuts*

  • Jose Huerta
    Jose Huerta 10 days ago

    For someone used to cook Mediterranean food this seems too fat for kids. Bacon, lot's of butter, everything fried... This is the opposite a nutritionist in Spain would recommend you for your children. Also, it seems that there is no oven in your kitchen.
    Very tasty, but not healthy.

    • 3L3M3NT4LP4ND4
      3L3M3NT4LP4ND4 3 days ago +1

      Yeah in the UK we just make kids excercise their unhealthy meals off with large amounts of Physical education. Also he does have an oven, two actually becsuse he bakes his chips in one, here 7:57 on the left

  • Pastely
    Pastely 10 days ago

    Whoever takes beans to school. Why?

  • Ronnie
    Ronnie 10 days ago

    Lunches for more obese students.

  • Canned Bread The Legendary Outlaw

    *Gordon gives cat food to his cat
    Cat : wtf is this?it's fucking dry you donkey

  • Thành Chương Lương

    1:10 a phenomena slice of garlic

  • X ReinGharz X
    X ReinGharz X 10 days ago

    can i have some

  • ShadowSight
    ShadowSight 10 days ago

    Wow... kids lunch adds a fucking pepper