Ultimate Warfare Challenge | Team Deathmatch!!


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  • Team Edge
    Team Edge  2 months ago +365

    Hey guys! What is your favorite team? Who would you want to see play next? Let us know down below! Check out the Fortnite Battle IRL!! usclip.net/video/O-RHPynmBc8/video.html

    • Ruby Landero
      Ruby Landero 2 days ago

      Team Edge I would like to see a non nerf hide and seek challenge

    • Amber Leigh
      Amber Leigh 6 days ago

      Hey team edge my name is amber I’m 11 and I’m very inspired by ur videos when I do sports and I have wars give me confidence keep up the good work love you guys❤️

    • plants vs ziombie 2 234
      plants vs ziombie 2 234 6 days ago

      Can we see Joey and Bob and brayn play soccer on boxes

    • Big T-Rex King
      Big T-Rex King 7 days ago

      The OGs

    • Mike Pisarchuk
      Mike Pisarchuk 7 days ago

      Team Ed

  • ReckoningTheFuture

    wait, so, so bryan, melvin, AND kevin are brothers?

  • Ruby Landero
    Ruby Landero 2 days ago

    Team Edge I would like to see a non nerf hide and seek challenge

  • UchihaGouki
    UchihaGouki 5 days ago

    Hi i rocky

  • JaydonYT
    JaydonYT 5 days ago

    What Were Those Grenades Being Thrown. I Want To Know The Name Of Them!

  • SirMegaManNeoX
    SirMegaManNeoX 8 days ago +1

    Bobby, Conner, And Kevin. The edge mk.2!

    ISAIA SWATSWORTH 8 days ago

    Where did you guys get those grenades

  • Maddison S
    Maddison S 8 days ago

    "Connor, connor! Don't shoot me connor! Connorrrr!" - Matthias

  • Logan Starr
    Logan Starr 8 days ago

    OG Team

  • 423 Numbers
    423 Numbers 9 days ago

    Wow Connor

  • Nicks Vids
    Nicks Vids 9 days ago

    Can guys do giant hilix jump

  • Celso Y Carias Pineda


  • Keystoneranger 7
    Keystoneranger 7 9 days ago

    yay kevinseto

  • Rob Adams
    Rob Adams 9 days ago

    You should have a tank that can move 6 spaces

  • Alexis Holton
    Alexis Holton 10 days ago

    Connor ibet on my unborn child

  • McKenna Gymnast
    McKenna Gymnast 10 days ago

    Take a shot every time Connor whines

  • Piper O Regan
    Piper O Regan 11 days ago

    Bro vs bro

  • Keagan Long
    Keagan Long 13 days ago

    Such A Cheater Bro!

  • Jaritzi Villegas
    Jaritzi Villegas 15 days ago

    I need some Kevin and Matthias anime

  • Joni Trudeau
    Joni Trudeau 15 days ago

    Zombies are attaking kevin

  • Maximum Don
    Maximum Don 22 days ago

    Turn-based shooter on teams? This IS XCOM IRL!

  • Toast 20
    Toast 20 28 days ago

    I’m disappointed team edge

  • Svitlana Cherneta
    Svitlana Cherneta 28 days ago

    Avenger challenge

  • unicorn lover #1
    unicorn lover #1 Month ago

    Original backups

  • Sung Y. Hwang
    Sung Y. Hwang Month ago

    No they didn’t win they cheated go Matthias and J Fred and Bryan

  • Rosa Santillano
    Rosa Santillano Month ago

    this videos cool

    MSB KNEMICS Month ago

    This is an historical moment that will go down in history.

  • carsyn•whydontwe ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    j-fred’s screams, i can’t they are amazing

  • Sara Rhoton
    Sara Rhoton Month ago

    I can ever get over J-Fred's scream

  • Tsar bomba
    Tsar bomba Month ago

    How bout you flank your mom

  • joseph tauschek
    joseph tauschek Month ago

    How do you merge with the coolest

  • Heidi Lucas
    Heidi Lucas Month ago

    My Favorite is j-fred

  • C & G Challenges
    C & G Challenges Month ago

    Does anybody think j-Fred’s scream is like so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • SummerGirl TLM
    SummerGirl TLM Month ago

    36 seconds in And I already know Matthias is gonna win 😂

  • Md aqil zaidan bin md zaid

    I hate team ob

  • Sam Segway Random
    Sam Segway Random Month ago

    OE originally eage

  • the zombie slayer m

    I was just watching this video earlier someone better put a counter whenever Kevin's in the video of how many times he says Natasha key

  • durpy dino
    durpy dino Month ago

    j fred is the best of them all

  • durpy dino
    durpy dino Month ago

    go og

  • Kelly Zorich
    Kelly Zorich Month ago


  • Sharon Devi
    Sharon Devi Month ago

    OGs will always be my fave ❤️💙🖤(there’s no grey heart)

  • BingeFest1
    BingeFest1 Month ago

    "It's a 1v1 situation, yo this is nuts"
    2 seconds later
    *shoots a leaf*

  • brandi karnes
    brandi karnes Month ago

    I swear on my unborn child?? That’s just messed up

  • 2-D
    2-D Month ago

    Matt: wait right, right here du-
    Matt: ooooooh

  • Jada N Preacely
    Jada N Preacely Month ago

    lol hey that's my mom

    JAXSON MARTIN Month ago

    Kevin cheated

  • Teresa Porter
    Teresa Porter Month ago

    I ment you should play dodge ball with scares Bryan is still my favorite

  • Teresa Porter
    Teresa Porter Month ago

    Bryan is my favorite you should doscating football

    XBOX ONE VISION Month ago

    It's like real life FORTNITE!

  • ShooktPolar
    ShooktPolar Month ago

    i??? cannot??? breathe???

  • Wendy Garcia
    Wendy Garcia Month ago

    Omg!!! I laughed so much! Love the editing! 😃😃😃😍😂😂😂😂

  • Karina Michelsen
    Karina Michelsen Month ago

    18 VS B TAME

  • Meet the Specials
    Meet the Specials Month ago

    I absuloutly hate this video because corner kept cheating

  • - Sweeneyfilms -
    - Sweeneyfilms - Month ago

    Why don't you flank your mom!

  • grantcan man
    grantcan man Month ago

    Ow original wannabes

  • Troy Chroniger
    Troy Chroniger Month ago

    Guys play a game I like to call Thunder Ball!! You play in a square area and there is a huge ball in the middle. There are three to four teams. When the game starts someone hands people (in all teams) normal sized balls. When the game starts your goal as a team in to get the huge ball (the thunder ball) past there line on there side on the ground. If you touch the ball with the mini ball 2 points ,if you get hit by the big ball 1 point. YOU DON'T WANT POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • my name is mika 123


    I miss old team edge

  • Robert Huber
    Robert Huber Month ago


  • RavenWolfLuna Queen

    ........I'm such a dumb idiot. Just relized the first, E, in Edge is backwards, i dont have a problem with it, find very cool, it's just that, it took me so long to notice it, hehehehe
    Keep up the good work guys!!!

  • Collin Bosch
    Collin Bosch Month ago

    You guys should do an episode with get good.

  • Da One
    Da One Month ago

    Yay Mathias is here

  • SeekNDstroy 992
    SeekNDstroy 992 Month ago

    That looks like fortnite

  • Caleb Burnette
    Caleb Burnette Month ago

    I like Matt’s shoes is it just me like if agree

  • [GD] Niiue
    [GD] Niiue Month ago

    It's like those turn based rpgs that needs to move via squares ya know?

  • Gareth Clinton
    Gareth Clinton Month ago

    I like this channel cause they don't click bait like all the other channels I watch

  • Richelle Monique Chua


  • Doggie lover 2008
    Doggie lover 2008 Month ago


  • scarlettbentley98
    scarlettbentley98 Month ago

    Am i thw only one that heard Connor say he swears to his unborn child. Is connor gonna be a dad???

  • Spiffy
    Spiffy Month ago


  • Charger Nation
    Charger Nation Month ago

    Do it with air soft guns

  • Fire Titan Monroe
    Fire Titan Monroe Month ago

    I laught sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard wen mathanans are u kidding me

  • Lelmixit
    Lelmixit Month ago

    Now that I think about it, I haven't seen Gunner alot anymore..and what happened to Mike on battle universe?

  • doge
    doge Month ago


  • Guillermo Rodriguez

    they do cool things

  • Logan Stillman
    Logan Stillman Month ago

    They did not deserve to win I hate them

  • Zoneian Games
    Zoneian Games Month ago

    Guys made my day made me laugh i got a twisted ankle today in school p.e

  • steven blue
    steven blue 2 months ago

    I think you should have every one and I mean ever one behind camera do your favorite vid you’ve made on team edge from the start to your last one

  • nestor ricafort
    nestor ricafort 2 months ago


  • Samuel Anang
    Samuel Anang 2 months ago

    J-fred will win😤

  • Aldo Ortiz
    Aldo Ortiz 2 months ago

    Red stinks

  • Bella Espinosa
    Bella Espinosa 2 months ago

    At 3 40 j said the h word

  • Jessie Brazeaux
    Jessie Brazeaux 2 months ago

    Everyone but Connor: * looks cool, sneaky, or like a warrior *
    Connor: I HAVE SNACKS
    J-fred; hai

  • one verse
    one verse 2 months ago

    ultra instinct bryan

  • Amy Smith
    Amy Smith 2 months ago


  • Anna Grisamore
    Anna Grisamore 2 months ago

    i’m mad the OGs didn’t win

  • TimberWolf 1
    TimberWolf 1 2 months ago

    Do this again!

  • Ollie Williams
    Ollie Williams 2 months ago

    U are the best you tuber I've ever whached

  • Calvin Sheffield
    Calvin Sheffield 2 months ago

    Is this based off halo?

  • Maxwell Catherman
    Maxwell Catherman 2 months ago

    The one with me

  • Madi 178
    Madi 178 2 months ago

    Lol this was so funny with the hand to hand combat

  • Dagmar Puu
    Dagmar Puu 2 months ago

    Bobby is a pro

    POOKVIP POOKVIP 2 months ago

    U guys suck red team won

  • Laura MacAdams
    Laura MacAdams 2 months ago

    I like bobby!

  • Callum McDonald
    Callum McDonald 2 months ago


  • AK 13
    AK 13 2 months ago

    Kevin is such a cheater!

  • Cheesecake Overload
    Cheesecake Overload 2 months ago

    I think Matt is the only up to date on memes adult I have ever seen

  • Blue_monkey
    Blue_monkey 2 months ago

    Matthias... Flanking means going behind the enemy and attacking the enemy from behind

  • Dental Hub
    Dental Hub 2 months ago


  • Abu Bakar Sutan Taharudin

    Original team edge

  • Kamilah Ghafar
    Kamilah Ghafar 2 months ago +1

    Best youtubers ever!!!!! Number 1