We Mastered That Shiny Dirt Ball


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  • Grace Sarmiento
    Grace Sarmiento 29 minutes ago

    I love Breaking Bad

  • Peachy Kang
    Peachy Kang 54 minutes ago

    why is he so excited to play with dirt

  • DowntownLAKid
    DowntownLAKid 3 hours ago

    This ninja is super annoying.

  • Yeah
    Yeah 4 hours ago

    They’ve been around for a while. I should know I dated one

  • Samuel Elliott
    Samuel Elliott 5 hours ago

    That’s not a shovel it’s a trowel

  • VaiiN
    VaiiN 5 hours ago

    3:20 what did you expect its a dirt ball held together by water lmao

  • Selena 2002
    Selena 2002 5 hours ago +1

    when the ball just fell on the ground I was like "awwww...,.."

  • Wolfly
    Wolfly 8 hours ago +1

    The whole video I was cringing, so when he dropped it I was happy. :)

  • josephina uchiha
    josephina uchiha 8 hours ago

    I’m DED, you really can make anything go viral though lmao

  • anna moore
    anna moore 8 hours ago

    1:23 The breaking bad theme song LOL

  • IV
    IV 8 hours ago

    He could have just bought dirt instead of buying all of that extra stuff😂

  • Rebel Yansisa
    Rebel Yansisa 9 hours ago

    He looks like josh from until dawn a little

  • eli
    eli 9 hours ago

    he could have just bought dirt at the hardware store in the gardening section lmao

  • paneet punia
    paneet punia 9 hours ago


  • paneet punia
    paneet punia 9 hours ago


  • alexander wouters
    alexander wouters 10 hours ago

    View duty ahead zvxbg race finally athletic because travel emission inner.

  • Lucian Lee
    Lucian Lee 11 hours ago

    is it fake?

  • Audrey Giffin
    Audrey Giffin 14 hours ago

    Were you in a rocket mortgage commercial

  • Abhi Singh
    Abhi Singh 17 hours ago

    lol :)

  • Dat Boy Genius
    Dat Boy Genius 17 hours ago

    “Let’s go shine some balls”

  • Marcuss February
    Marcuss February 19 hours ago

    Any fellow musicians hear Saties gymno no1 too?😁

  • Luca is My dog
    Luca is My dog 20 hours ago

    I feel bad at the really end when u dropped the Shinny dirt ball

  • RimmyPlayz
    RimmyPlayz 23 hours ago

    Is it still on sale ?

  • Deepika Prasad
    Deepika Prasad 23 hours ago

    rip dirt

  • matt workman
    matt workman 23 hours ago


  • Dan Christian
    Dan Christian Day ago

    It looks like a chocolate ball

  • Eric
    Eric Day ago

    Wow if you live in the countryside in Wales you don't need a suit for walking or digging dirt, you just get muddy and wash you clothes or hands, simple. Also, how can you be scared of a worm? No hate

  • ruthie dugan
    ruthie dugan Day ago

    Sooooo original 😐

  • Kayla's Fun Toy Box!

    7:09 Nooooo...😔

  • Desirey Petrovic

    "Is it an avocado?"
    "Is it a rock?"
    "It's a dirt ball, I made this, out of dirt!"
    "No way, it looks so clean"
    ....dirt..... Looks clean.....

  • Dominant Shark Squad


  • laurabearxo
    laurabearxo Day ago

    he’s super cute aw

  • Owen Boxley
    Owen Boxley Day ago

    He's freaking out about a worm, I'd be exided cuz that's means bait for a fish I can eat

  • Cool DudeCupcake

    Before he microwaved it, it looks like a mud ball

  • Maddie R. C.
    Maddie R. C. Day ago +2

    I died laughing when he put on THE SUIT

  • Emily the wolf
    Emily the wolf Day ago

    the dirt after it was shined it looked like chocolate

  • Reagan
    Reagan Day ago

    Dafuk is that suit, it's dirt not a lake

  • Savvas 5687
    Savvas 5687 Day ago +1

    i want him to make more vieos with him! his really funny! put him in more videos!

  • Gakupo
    Gakupo Day ago

    Love me some dorodango,,
    I actual did research on this a r t for school oof,,i l ove i t

    • Gakupo
      Gakupo Day ago

      The ppl calling it fake
      Are you ok?

  • Clo Culture
    Clo Culture Day ago

    Did he just Call dirt pretty

  • Rex Gamer
    Rex Gamer Day ago

    3:11 (sad guitar song plays) 😂

  • lyssaa garciaa
    lyssaa garciaa Day ago

    buzzfeed is running out of ideas

  • maythild
    maythild Day ago

    Watching this video was painful lol

  • 907kyle
    907kyle Day ago

    He only rubbed one side and the whole thing went shiny wow

  • Oh No
    Oh No Day ago

    This guy is incredibly unfunny

  • miapia17
    miapia17 Day ago

    Great job on dropping it that was the one thing i didnt want to happen

  • HSFW HaloSkyrimFableWitcher

    They look like massive maltesers

  • Random guy
    Random guy Day ago +1

    Looks like chocolate 😋

  • Dreaminq Nelly
    Dreaminq Nelly Day ago

    Guess he won’t sell it for $300 I would’ve bought it (Not)

  • Wolf Pride35
    Wolf Pride35 Day ago

    I'm sorry I laughed when he dropped it & it broke.

  • JPlaysYT
    JPlaysYT Day ago +4

    It looks like a maltesers

  • Fatima Hassan
    Fatima Hassan Day ago

    7:04 except for trump... he's a lost cause

  • ItsLitty
    ItsLitty Day ago

    The raspberry n u had a good time sifting dirt is bc there's meletonin and it's chemical that makes u happy

  • Alyssabelle Sunthonphan

    It looks like chocolate

  • Fossil Boy
    Fossil Boy Day ago

    Wait if the dirt isn’t the dirty dirt and it’s all shiny and stuff is it still dirt?

  • Trixia Gonzales
    Trixia Gonzales Day ago

    RIP dirt ball

  • Foot Loaf
    Foot Loaf Day ago

    Hey at least you have dirt here in Florida we have sirt (sand-dirt) no imbetween

  • Cody Collinsworth

    I hate this so much. Dislike.

  • Unknown Messenger

    Who knows if he is touching dry poop

  • PicabooWinn
    PicabooWinn Day ago

    I died at the end when he dropped it 😂 nice video !

  • Robin Octavio
    Robin Octavio Day ago

    4:47 that's what she said LOL

  • Robin Octavio
    Robin Octavio 2 days ago

    man the title of the vid.........it's something..

  • TheCoolDog Gaming
    TheCoolDog Gaming 2 days ago

    23 tips for dating yoda 😂

  • Taylor Andrews
    Taylor Andrews 2 days ago

    7:03 "23 rules for dating yoda"

  • Autumn Loy
    Autumn Loy 2 days ago

    6:25 he is such precious bean

  • annaplays 48
    annaplays 48 2 days ago

    did you really fricking micawave a worm?!

  • Mia Baken
    Mia Baken 2 days ago

    7:07 "NOOOOO I WANTED TO NAME THAT DIRT BALL STINKY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm A Unicorn
    I'm A Unicorn 2 days ago

    You know you've only gotten 4 million views soooooo.........😶😶😶😂😂😂

  • Mia Baken
    Mia Baken 2 days ago

    3:06 or 3:11

  • Amy Rodriguez
    Amy Rodriguez 2 days ago

    why does someone need 23 rules for dating Yoda

  • Miguel Rivea
    Miguel Rivea 2 days ago

    It's so funny at the end

  • VivaLaBarbie
    VivaLaBarbie 2 days ago

    He's trying to be funny and it's not working.

  • Lucas Rowe
    Lucas Rowe 2 days ago

    Couldn’t he have bought dirt from the store? Like for gardening😂

  • Shiribetsu
    Shiribetsu 2 days ago

    0:05 "Sera..."

  • oreusable Potatoo
    oreusable Potatoo 2 days ago +1

    ...they have a dirt ball now?!

  • TheBoltMaster
    TheBoltMaster 2 days ago

    4:13 it’s to remove any impurities and things like pebbles, twigs and other things that aren’t soil

  • Sydney Corrigan
    Sydney Corrigan 2 days ago

    Did anyone else actually call the number

  • TheReaper
    TheReaper 2 days ago

    oh my god.... 4.7 million views for a dirt ball.... reality is fading.

  • ItsJust Roxy
    ItsJust Roxy 2 days ago


  • Carmen Low
    Carmen Low 2 days ago

    Me: The earth is already beautiful

  • Homie Carrot22
    Homie Carrot22 2 days ago

    Can you guys make me beautiful and shiny??

  • Mister Hyena
    Mister Hyena 2 days ago

    Let me pour some water on it

  • друг блять
    друг блять 2 days ago

    Reminds me of my lie in april :(

  • Nam Phan
    Nam Phan 2 days ago

    If anyone here has read the Inheritance series and remembers the dirt ball chapter I respect you

  • Sierra Shaw
    Sierra Shaw 2 days ago

    Literally nobody asked for this

  • ardstsp
    ardstsp 2 days ago

    4:16 that smile xD

  • ardstsp
    ardstsp 2 days ago

    They said i could be anything so i became...

    ....a dung beetle

  • SetTrender
    SetTrender 2 days ago

    I called the number, nothing happened

  • Madeleine Tyler
    Madeleine Tyler 2 days ago


  • i am a potato
    i am a potato 2 days ago

    Looks like chocolate.

  • BexxaBlogs Memes
    BexxaBlogs Memes 2 days ago

    I've got the money, do I get my hair, shirt and *new* dirt ball now?

  • Shelby Swaney
    Shelby Swaney 2 days ago +1

    He looks like F P/jughead's dad from Riverdale


    He just ruined breaking bad

  • Keaton Iker
    Keaton Iker 2 days ago

    This is actually him saying they did it and got views so I will

  • Joel Hernandez
    Joel Hernandez 2 days ago

    dirt bomb (at the end)

  • Roichu Sfx
    Roichu Sfx 2 days ago

    even a bunch of dirt becomes beautiful with hard work and time- thats a nice life sentence lmao

  • Ava Vlogs
    Ava Vlogs 2 days ago

    when he dropped it i died😂

  • kacey _2442
    kacey _2442 2 days ago

    Let's go shine some balls😏

  • Andy Truong
    Andy Truong 2 days ago

    I guess the offer is off