5 Best Buffets in Las Vegas RIGHT NOW


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  • MGG75
    MGG75 Day ago

    The Bacchanal is “Food Porn a Palooza”!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Jeff Kramer
    Jeff Kramer 4 days ago

    Wicked Spoon is a supreme rip-off, just like everything else at the Cosmopolitan.

  • Sheila Hooper
    Sheila Hooper 4 days ago

    that second buffet I didn't think was worth it

  • Sandra moreno
    Sandra moreno 4 days ago


  • russ peaknuckel
    russ peaknuckel 5 days ago

    Looks like the guy making the pancakes, is probably rubbing his nose and face 😲

  • B G
    B G 5 days ago

    will never eat 60 dollars worth of food in one setting...got a golden corral?...20bucks

  • Martial Law
    Martial Law 5 days ago

    Rio buffet

  • gerrysabron
    gerrysabron 9 days ago

    Cosmopolitan and Wynn for the Win!...Love those two...Its been 7 years since weve been there...Were going back this year...as to dessets. agreed I think they have the same suppliers for most buffets.

  • Hello!!Goodbye!!!
    Hello!!Goodbye!!! 11 days ago

    I love the buffet at Cesar's

  • Will Teller
    Will Teller 16 days ago

    I liked it when the mob ran Las Vegas and you could get a great breakfast for fifty cents. Fifty eight bucks for a buffet? I'll stay home.

  • Marco Donis
    Marco Donis 17 days ago

    $57.99 holly fuck!

  • Joe Casson
    Joe Casson 25 days ago +1

    Boulder Station's buffet has BBQ night on Fridays and Saturdays... where they serve the NASTIEST BBQ ribs in the world. Every once in a while they are good, but usually they are really, really bad. Not only is the meat bad but they are severely under cooked. Their BBQ Chicken is awesome though. They have that on most nights. Too bad the other Station casinos don't usually have BBQ chicken. I went to Green Valley Ranch (a Station Casino), the buffet costs more, the food is worse, the service is worse (couldn't even get a refill), and the staff is extremely rude (at least they have been during my three visits).

  • Wayne Hasch
    Wayne Hasch 25 days ago

    I.love Campbell's pork and beans and chicken noodle soup. Apparently not on any of these buffets.

  • Keith Arnei
    Keith Arnei 28 days ago

    Most of 5 star hotels in Seoul will charge lot more than 100 dollars per head for dinner even if they have 5 times less foods than those Las Vegas hotel buffet restaurants.

  • Rex Barks
    Rex Barks Month ago

    I'm here cause I need to at least look at good food. I wanna go to Vegas now.

  • Chan Roobi
    Chan Roobi Month ago

    Cleanliness and Quality of food are the top 2 things that are important to us when we dine at a buffet in Vegas or any buffet for that matter. We've been to some amazing buffets in Vegas and we've also been to some oversized Golden Corral like buffets there as well. I am amazed at the amount of food that is wasted at these places. I feel guilty when we eat at these places because there are so many hungry people in the US and around the world.

  • Teri King
    Teri King Month ago

    definitely m the best deal !

  • Bernie Corona
    Bernie Corona Month ago

    Can you do an update to this bufffet, keeping in mind that most of us cannot afford these mega buffets.

  • tallblonde1976
    tallblonde1976 Month ago

    I wish they would have someone to walk around and clean up the spilled food that people dump all over the buffet. That grosses me out.

  • Steven Hargreaves
    Steven Hargreaves Month ago

    Coming from the UK I've never understood the fascination with Buffet food...It's just mass produced 3rd rate food!!..
    I'm guessing it's almost all bought in and heated up or thrown in a deep fryer..
    I've been to Vegas many times ..there's so many fantastic chefs and great restaurants visit one of them instead and enjoy real food cooked by professional chefs..Quality not Quantity!!!

  • dearien
    dearien Month ago

    Do you just get one go around at these places? You can't go up and get seconds?

    • tallblonde1976
      tallblonde1976 Month ago

      No it's all you can eat. You don't get out much , do you?

  • Diego Ramos
    Diego Ramos Month ago

    57 is a lot ? I paid 50 for a filet mignon in NY. that plus taxes... and with no drinks.

  • Samuel Attias
    Samuel Attias Month ago +1

    Former buffets

  • M K
    M K 2 months ago

    Hey Derek, Is this top 5 for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Or would you make separate top 5 for each?
    Would be very interesting especially for budget and mid-priced buffets.

    • M K
      M K 2 months ago

      +All You Can Vegas In the budget top 5 you say which buffet is good for.
      I mean lunch and dinner are quite similar if no special dinner. But can you give us a top 5 breakfast buffet list for budget/mid-priced, too?

    • All You Can Vegas
      All You Can Vegas  2 months ago

      This is top 5 overall. Here's a list of my favorite budget buffets! usclip.net/video/pqlkhebm6gg/video.html

  • Wu Yijie
    Wu Yijie 2 months ago


  • Neva Comstock
    Neva Comstock 2 months ago

    Well at the aria it cost 100 dollars so your lying about the first buffay

  • Archie Lee
    Archie Lee 2 months ago +2

    Weed Smokers helping the BUFFET BUSINESS!!!

  • Ron Savir's aviationchannel

    Aria is the best buffet. Better than bellagio,wicked spoon etc

  • Jensen Interceptor
    Jensen Interceptor 2 months ago

    Are there lots of heavy people that go to these buffets? When I see them I often lose my appetite :(

  • jtan2010
    jtan2010 2 months ago

    What about HomeTown buffet?!

  • Daniel Gray
    Daniel Gray 2 months ago

    Let me have a scoop of the yella

  • Lisa L
    Lisa L 2 months ago

    Texas de Brazil
    6533 Las Vegas Boulevard South

  • Becky Warren
    Becky Warren 2 months ago

    wow! the food looks so amazing delicious.But it shouldn't cost so much because some people can't eat that much.Its a rip off!!!😲😲😲😲😲

  • don h
    don h 2 months ago

    I haven’t been to any on you list. I am sure they are great. Every time I go to Vegas I go to Paris Paris. LOVE it!!!

  • Vipul Vaghela
    Vipul Vaghela 2 months ago

    worlds best mouth watering foods

  • Try Thinking For a change

    Crappy music, adds nothing but an annoyance factor. The city itself is an overrated destination. Nothing but a has been place to see, sorry folks you're 50 years too late.

  • Dan Ine
    Dan Ine 3 months ago

    Bacchanal , well i hated it, the chicken was so spiced it burnt all my mouth , most of the food was warm , and the worst was the meat it tasted like it had been marinated in fuel , i was so disappointed , the service was miserable and as we walked out we noticed heaps of plates pushed aside with wasted food , that tells me everything ...... ARIA was far better and cheaper

  • Nicholas Overington
    Nicholas Overington 3 months ago

    Your videos are fantastic, I watch them on my ps3 sometimes. Hopefully I will go to Vegas some day.

  • Dennis Anderson
    Dennis Anderson 3 months ago +10

    I agree these are good buffets. I have made over 60 trips to Las Vegas and I go to 2-3 buffets each trip. Bellagio is always top quality food. Pay for lunch before 3:00, stay for dinner on weekdays $28. Still expensive but not outrageous. Planet Hollywood downsized their buffet after a flood last year. Selection is limited but quality is way up and the price is great compared to others on the strip, especially on weekends. Check Groupon for a discount including Beer and Wine. M took a diveseveral years ago, but for the last 2 years it has been fabulous once again. My number one pick. I highly recommend it .Cheap and not crowded on weekdays. Best Deserts in Vegas. Beer and Wine included. Pay for lunch until 2:30, stay for dinner. Red Rock has been the best $15 buffet for years, good place to go on a weekend when everything else is $40+. Palms was just OK a couple of years ago, but sounds interesting now that they have new owners.I'll try it in a couple of weeks. Food at the new Orleans buffet looked good last December, and was well cooked, but everything was bland and boring. Hopefully they will figure it out soon.

    • anthony oz
      anthony oz 15 days ago

      im going to check out the red rock!

    • Mr. Kamil
      Mr. Kamil 2 months ago

      Thank you for this!!!

  • Toune Chareunsouk
    Toune Chareunsouk 3 months ago

    I like that you telling about the price of each buffet. Thanks

  • Jay Dumas
    Jay Dumas 3 months ago

    The M resort is the best one that I have been too

  • MrWolfsack
    MrWolfsack 3 months ago

    Brothers is pretty good bala

  • Bad Drivers of California !!

    Bachannal Buffet was a rip off and it wasn’t worth the money.

  • Noobian Bruh
    Noobian Bruh 3 months ago

    I'm surprised that The Buffet at ARIA wasn't listed.

  • Mr. Marcus
    Mr. Marcus 4 months ago

    Great selection for buffets. I would have also included the Texas Station and Orleans. Great food and inexpensive.

  • Jessy Lee
    Jessy Lee 4 months ago

    I can only look and drool. I eat small meals to lose weight and my stomach just doesn't stretch anymore. I am a 1 plate guy at the 8.00 local Chinese buffet and that makes me feel full. Can't see spending big bucks for a buffet that I can't pig out at.

  • David S. 14.40
    David S. 14.40 4 months ago

    Aria buffet is smaller but high on quality. They had really great curry and fish tacos.

  • Jeff Glines
    Jeff Glines 4 months ago

    sorry...not paying 57.00 for a damn buffet

  • John Flock
    John Flock 4 months ago

    Go to the Aladdin for surf and turf!

  • John Harbin
    John Harbin 4 months ago

    I can remember when you could eat a prime rib buffet at Bally's for $5 .

  • J & J
    J & J 4 months ago

    I'll give a try to M resort buffet Thanks for this informative video

    • All You Can Vegas
      All You Can Vegas  4 months ago +1

      You're welcome! Let me know what you think of the M Resort!

  • Christian Forever
    Christian Forever 4 months ago

    It's worth the money

  • Christian Forever
    Christian Forever 4 months ago

    I Think I'm Going To move to Vegas. Good Bye California 🖐🖐

  • Bill Bort
    Bill Bort 4 months ago

    4:02 mmm

  • Michael 2k3d
    Michael 2k3d 4 months ago +1

    This video is a great success!

  • Rob Lee
    Rob Lee 4 months ago +1

    tacos are not Mexican directionally American!!👈

    • Harry inHuaHin
      Harry inHuaHin 3 months ago +2

      +Rob Lee - Hahaha... I don't have a clue what you mean, m8... :-)

    • Rob Lee
      Rob Lee 3 months ago +1

      +Harry inHuaHin hear about that illegal aliens Caravans if they were to enter the United States even the commenting trolls on this channel wild wind up losing more than just their jobs English is going to be the least of everyone's problem know what I mean Jelly Bean llolll

    • Harry inHuaHin
      Harry inHuaHin 3 months ago +2

      And this sentence (if you can call it that) is not exactionally English... lol.

  • skullywag
    skullywag 5 months ago

    Next time you go to ANY buffet in Vegas, kick back in your seat 10 mins before filling your plate, and observe others serving themselves. Pick up a chicken leg, naw don't want it, put it back. Pick up shrimp with tongs, then use same tongs on vegetables or bread. New "batches" of food dumped, and "tossed" to get the old stuff on top. Folks wiping their nose, then picking through the rolls for the perfect one...bare handed. MOST buffets in Vegas are no longer cheap ($25-$50), you can get BETTER food, HOT, for less than the buffet price at MANY restaurants. Been going to Vegas twice a year for the last 10, and abandoned buffets years ago...and eat better/cheaper.

  • Scarlett skyriderize
    Scarlett skyriderize 5 months ago

    Those buffets look so irresistible, too good to refuse!

  • The Bambino
    The Bambino 5 months ago

    CAN'T BELIEVE he put the RED ROCK BUFFET on this list I just ate there YESTERDAY and it was fucking TERRIBLE !!! DRIED OUT CHICKEN AND PIZZA and I had to HUNT for the shrimp on Prime Rib AND SHRIMP night ! My wife hardly touched anything and she was STARVING when we got there !! We'll NEVER go there again and I don't give a shit if they GIVE IT TO US FOR FREE !!

  • The Bambino
    The Bambino 5 months ago

    The Bacchanal buffet is good but NOT GREAT and is WAY OVERPRICED and the M Resort buffet is AVERAGE AT BEST for the price it charges. I ate at both in the last 2 weeks and was basically pretty DISAPPOINTED in both cases although my wife LOVED the Bacchanal because of it's seafood selection which IS pretty VAST ! As far as I'm concerned though you can go to The Southpoint's buffet for less then HALF the price [ on certain days anyway ] and have REALLY GREAT AMERICAN AND ITALIAN FOOD AND PLENTY OF SELECTION WITH IT ALSO ! One more thing - whoever came up with the STUPID idea of having BONE MARROW on a buffet ??? I took ONE LOOK at it and just the thought of it was enough to turn me COMPLETELY OFF !! There's just TOO MUCH WEIRD SHIT on the Bacchanal buffet for my money !

  • Jessica Everhart
    Jessica Everhart 5 months ago

    M resort is awesome, also a great hotel/resort - special room rates for Californians make this one of our favorite places to stay and play :-)

    • JR Namida
      JR Namida 5 months ago

      No Resort Fee and No Parking fee.

  • Miranda
    Miranda 5 months ago +2

    Bachanal buffet used to be GREAT when it opened.. and at a reasonable price.. Since then, the price skyrocketed, and the quality went way down... Lines are way to long and stations are often empty... I won't go there again... The Aria buffet is better right now....

  • J Pennant
    J Pennant 5 months ago

    There is a free hourly shuttle from behind the Fashion Show Mall in front of the Wynn that will take you to the M Resort, about a 25 minute ride.
    My personal favorite buffets are the Bellagio and the Paris' Le Village Buffet (7 to 11 breakfast there is amazing). Off the Strip, I prefer the Palms, the Main Street and Canneries. Just my preference.

  • Golden Arrow
    Golden Arrow 5 months ago

    Who would spend up to $58 for a buffet and then eat fried chicken or a mediocre slice of pizza? You could get that kind of stuff much much cheaper elsewhere, and most people could only eat one to two plates worth of food at a buffet. Make your calories count!

  • Nicolette Locklear
    Nicolette Locklear 5 months ago

    I swear Wicked spoon was $75 when I went

  • tom rojas
    tom rojas 5 months ago

    Vegas: For those folks who haven't a notion of where to go...
    (If I fried 39.95 worth of chicken at home, I could feed the whole neighborhood!)

  • TristansAdventures
    TristansAdventures 5 months ago

    Wynn was the best one I have been to date.

  • Jeff Hall
    Jeff Hall 5 months ago

    Should be titled the most expensive Buffets

  • pointlee
    pointlee 5 months ago

    try Buffet of Asia on Sahara & Rainbow

  • Edward Nygma
    Edward Nygma 5 months ago

    Anything on the strip in Vegas is almost a scam most of the time

  • Nick J
    Nick J 5 months ago

    Where's the buffet from the griswalds . $1.99 all you can eat cousin Eddie loves it

  • Mr Joe
    Mr Joe 5 months ago

    Many years ago I was at the buffet at MGM. Their Seafood selection included rock lobster tail as well as king crab legs. I had at least six lobster tails and an unknown Mammoth portion of the crab legs. I didn't touch any carbs whatsoever! No bread no pasta no rice no potatoes nada!
    I think if memory serves me correct it was around 35 bucks or so. But I can definitely say I got my money's worth for sure. I can't remember the name of that Buffet at that property and I don't know if at that particular time it was a one that promotion or if it's a regular thing but I can definitely say you will not get such high quality seafood at such a low price. I guess they make the money off that gambling because I can definitely say that they did not turn a profit on me that night for sure

  • Joe Ricci
    Joe Ricci 5 months ago

    All the dislikes are coming from Ethiopia

  • 2016BMWi8
    2016BMWi8 5 months ago +4

    The Best Buffet in Vegas is the one Eddie eats at in Vegas Vacation

    • Edward Nygma
      Edward Nygma 5 months ago

      A nasty casino themed cafeteria that smells like cigarette buds

  • Goddard Bolt
    Goddard Bolt 5 months ago +3

    BEST Buffet used to be at The Warehouse at the Stardust Hotel ''RIP''

  • Al
    Al 5 months ago

    As a local I've been to a whole bunch of them. Off the strip offers good buffets,but not at all locations. Certainly,the PRICE is a lot better. I eat at them twice a week.I don't need to worry about price since I'm comped.But who can eat or wants to eat enough food to cover the high cost of these buffets,especially on the strip. I like M's off the strip and Red Rock up in summerlin. I always enjoy lunch at the Bellagio.Recently had breakfast at the Paris only because family was coming into town...VERY DISAPPOINTED. Remember, the lunch and dinner food are almost the same with maybe a few new items for dinner. But the difference in price between the two is night and day....I always opt of a late lunch 2-2:30 or closer to 3. I have seen people actually go in for the lunch price, sit and wait for dinner.Most places will not empty out their dining room between meals. When you're comped.....you don't need to PIG OUT.You can eat normal portions or smaller if you like. Shop around...and GOOGLE everything

  • Thomas Riccardi
    Thomas Riccardi 5 months ago

    Bullshit. I call bullshit on the Wynn buffet. I went there back in 2013 and the food was.. mediocre at BEST and it was NOT worth the price that I paid for two people (was close to 70 for two people.. no.. just.. no.)

  • iheartbeingalive
    iheartbeingalive 5 months ago

    I must’ve went on a bad day for the Wynn’s buffet, dessert was mediocre, food variety was very little.

  • donnie tirril
    donnie tirril 5 months ago

    you get what you pay for

  • Sam Sguanch
    Sam Sguanch 5 months ago

    vegas buffets used to be cheap and practically free. But various research studies showed that people felt like if they paid more, then the food was better, and of a higher quality. So now all these casinos are making bank off everyone on their food as well. $50 for a meal, when even the fat guy with a huge appetite is only able to eat $20 worth.

  • Kenny Holeater
    Kenny Holeater 5 months ago

    They should show this to North Koreans

  • Rahul Sudra
    Rahul Sudra 5 months ago

    Indian curry booofett best in town buddy

  • Rahul Sudra
    Rahul Sudra 5 months ago

    But did you go to McDonald’s though?

  • calin perucho
    calin perucho 5 months ago

    Dinnertime is the same price of lunch time.?

  • calin perucho
    calin perucho 5 months ago

    How much per person dinner time.?

    • JR Namida
      JR Namida 5 months ago

      Depends upon the Buffet...

  • Yellow Sports
    Yellow Sports 5 months ago

    Gold Coast buffet

  • Clara Nielsen
    Clara Nielsen 5 months ago

    I agree with you on the Red Rock and Wynn. Downtown Freemont isnt bad.

  • Juju B
    Juju B 5 months ago +5

    Wicked Spoon is my top favorite buffet. I went when they first opened and I went back more recently, and it is still top top tops! Wynn was also really really good and beautiful inside. Bacchanal was okay good, not as good in my opinion as wicked spoon and Wynn. Bellagio was super expensive and underwhelming.

  • Joe Kulnane
    Joe Kulnane 5 months ago

    not being from that area and going there in April 2019...what are the three top buffets closest to the MGM Grand that we can try out while there for a weekend wedding?

    • Joe Kulnane
      Joe Kulnane 5 months ago

      thanks so much for the quick reply. Planning to go there in April for a weekend wedding. We will hit at least two of the spots you mentioned.

    • All You Can Vegas
      All You Can Vegas  5 months ago

      I'd say go to Aria, Cosmopolitan, and Caesars Palace!

  • tyrelli doomah
    tyrelli doomah 5 months ago

    Sierra Sids Reno in 1990's. $0.99 buffet. Hot dogs, cheap hamburgers, baked beans and tacos with rough taco meat. Lol. Worst I've been at.
    Red Rock Station is pretty good. Orleans is a dive. Fiesta station not too bad.

  • Naki Davis
    Naki Davis 5 months ago

    The Bacchanal buffet was the best I ever had

  • Savage GameZ
    Savage GameZ 6 months ago

    Wicked Spoon is my fave

  • Gato Sin Botas
    Gato Sin Botas 6 months ago

    Who in the fuck wants a salad in a buffet? Not me...

  • King Daddy Lennessey
    King Daddy Lennessey 6 months ago

    insane I should never be allowed in those spots

  • May Yu
    May Yu 6 months ago

    The buffet at Cosmopolitan was expensive and not that great to me. When I was dining over there, I was definitely not impressed with the food.

  • M S
    M S 6 months ago

    Dude I love your videos! I have watched at least 9 or 10 of them. Cravings at Mirage has always been one of my favorites, I love the already peeled all you can eat shrimp cocktail. I was disappointed you didn't actually eat there but only toured it in the video I watched - next time please eat! :-) For your top 5, that's the one I'd include, Cravings @ The Mirage.

    KING DONG 6 months ago

    Can you go to any hotel and have whatever you want? Or do you have to be a guest at that hotel?

    • All You Can Vegas
      All You Can Vegas  6 months ago

      KING DONG I've never gone on the helicopter ride!

      KING DONG 6 months ago

      All You Can Vegas I’m leaving the uk for Vegas on Monday. Is the Grand Canyon helicopter ride worth it and what’s the best price? And is there anything else you recommend doing gotta take it easy on money 💴 though

    • All You Can Vegas
      All You Can Vegas  6 months ago

      You can go anywhere!

  • gilbert perez
    gilbert perez 6 months ago

    Yes the M resort & casinos buffet is so good,

  • Brian London
    Brian London 6 months ago

    Good list Derek. Hard to argue but I think Wynn is overrated.

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