Melissa McCarthy & Kristen Bell Answer The Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • Published on Apr 3, 2016
  • At "The Boss" junket, Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell answer a WIRED Autocomplete interview together.
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    Melissa McCarthy & Kristen Bell Answer The Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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Comments • 4 093

  • Gustav Gnöttgen
    Gustav Gnöttgen 5 hours ago

    What is x doing now
    - autofill DUUUUHHH

  • Yodeling Goethe
    Yodeling Goethe 23 hours ago

    Y’all are complaining about Kristens pronunciation of tattoo... fun fact: in most other languages it’s pronounced that way

  • ImadethisaccountwhenIwasseven sawchuk

    "Captet matches the drapes". Hmmm then what are those roots on her head


    The way that she said tattoo had me DYING

  • amy clarke
    amy clarke Day ago

    aci mcakb 19 😎

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy Day ago

    1:50 This is what you came for

  • Steve Joo
    Steve Joo Day ago

    #metoo @ Melissa McCarthy

  • Hildebeast Clinton
    Hildebeast Clinton Day ago +3

    Two actresses who dropped out of high school have advice for you. 😂

  • RockandRoll1992
    RockandRoll1992 2 days ago

    Most Americans don't speak a foreign language. I'm European and speak two foreign languages and no one actually cares. It's kinda sad.

  • Ludmila Ramírez
    Ludmila Ramírez 2 days ago

    Omg these two. Love it

  • Romi Bogi
    Romi Bogi 3 days ago

    Why didn't kristen bell showed her genital hair,we wanted to see if the carpet matches the drapes

  • Sang Yeon Gil
    Sang Yeon Gil 3 days ago

    when is the thumbnail?

  • dream catcher257
    dream catcher257 4 days ago

    the way they said tattoo 😡😡😡

  • Vanessa Aguilera
    Vanessa Aguilera 4 days ago +3

    I can't get over Melissa's face at 3:29 😂😂

  • Shiloh Morris
    Shiloh Morris 5 days ago

    I literally can't tell if they are being serious or sarcastic

  • Jae B
    Jae B 6 days ago

    can't really understand why so many people hate on Melissa? She seems super nice and is totally charming?

  • shawnnenawnee
    shawnnenawnee 6 days ago

    That wasn't long enough 😢

  • fullchicken
    fullchicken 6 days ago +1

    1:47 here is what you came for.

  • Agustina Rojas Garay
    Agustina Rojas Garay 7 days ago +1

    Did she really say she spoke brazilian?


    • mackenzie
      mackenzie 6 days ago

      She corrected herself after

  • Dakotah Holtman
    Dakotah Holtman 7 days ago

    Kristen Bell will always be my sole mate haha🤣

  • Christopher Rhea
    Christopher Rhea 8 days ago

    Melissa McCarthy I miss you and Gilmore Girls

  • suraj kumar
    suraj kumar 8 days ago


    ELSA THUNSTRÖM 8 days ago

    I love you guys. You Are my idols

  • Sameer GAUTAM
    Sameer GAUTAM 8 days ago

    Bbw i would smash

  • Rohit Gupta
    Rohit Gupta 9 days ago

    Here it is 1:52

  • kameron williams
    kameron williams 9 days ago

    This one was funny 😂😂

  • kao_27 gymnast
    kao_27 gymnast 9 days ago


  • Sir Longbottom
    Sir Longbottom 9 days ago

    So Kristen stares at daxs tramp stamp of melissa ? Kristens the dominant one I'm assuming? Not surprised

  • EGd GeM
    EGd GeM 10 days ago

    2:21 expectation
    Reality 2:25

  • Marin Mrnja 2
    Marin Mrnja 2 10 days ago

    Hahahahaha omg there funny omgggg

  • Greenhead B
    Greenhead B 11 days ago


  • Shuvo Speaking
    Shuvo Speaking 11 days ago +1

    1:55 That's why we are here.

  • AlyssaMae
    AlyssaMae 11 days ago


  • Bode Welsh
    Bode Welsh 11 days ago

    The way she pronounces tattoo

  • Joe Morgan
    Joe Morgan 11 days ago

    is 3:54 a pegging joke?

  • ana gil
    ana gil 11 days ago +5

    I'm allergic to Band-Aids too!, I happy that I'm not alone 😂😂

  • juntun741
    juntun741 11 days ago

    Melissa is cute

  • Czo Lo
    Czo Lo 11 days ago

    Little hypocritical there, aren't you Dax?

  • li Cecile
    li Cecile 11 days ago

    Why so many hates
    I dont get it

  • Iva Mrak
    Iva Mrak 11 days ago +5

    KRISTEN:I speak brasilan
    ME :is Brasilian even a language?

    • Iva Mrak
      Iva Mrak 11 days ago

      @Fred Augusto ok, thank you

    • Fred Augusto
      Fred Augusto 11 days ago

      Hahahahah well, some people call it Brazilian portuguese like "american english"

  • roshy suresh
    roshy suresh 11 days ago

    Click bait or anything... I'm watching this!!!

  • Your mum
    Your mum 11 days ago

    Melissa looks like a fat Amy Lee.

  • sara
    sara 12 days ago

    Okay but Kristen bell's husband can choke

  • Karlie Heriman
    Karlie Heriman 12 days ago

    Tutoo 😂

  • Abhijeet Kumar Thakur
    Abhijeet Kumar Thakur 12 days ago +2

    Who else clicked because of the thumbnail? xD

  • Kingsears 99
    Kingsears 99 12 days ago

    3:34 what did she just say?

  • Hayleigh
    Hayleigh 12 days ago

    The way Kristen pronounced tattoo...

    • Hayleigh
      Hayleigh 10 days ago

      Mil Ber do you think I read all the comments just to check that nobody else said it before me?

    • Mil Ber
      Mil Ber 12 days ago

      Shut up
      This is like the 100000 comments about that

  • Sanskaar Gupta
    Sanskaar Gupta 12 days ago

    Kristen bell is MOOD

  • joosua kauppinen
    joosua kauppinen 12 days ago

    *THUMBNAIL* Brought me here!

  • Signs Brandonplays
    Signs Brandonplays 12 days ago

    Did anyone notice she said tattoos wrong

  • Soumyadip Mukhopadhyay

    I really don't like women celebrities not taking the questions seriously, and giving non-sense answers.
    Be more respectful towards your fans women!

    • SweetNobody
      SweetNobody 11 days ago

      Soumyadip Mukhopadhyay ... they’re comedians. This was for fun.

  • Rudra Chakraborty
    Rudra Chakraborty 12 days ago

    Eleanor!!!! 💖

  • Gabriela Brito
    Gabriela Brito 12 days ago

    Tell me she didn't say she speaks "Brazilian". Ew.

  • Hiru Jayawardana
    Hiru Jayawardana 12 days ago

    What's a TutU ? everybody's commenting about it but idk what that is ?

  • Barn Crow
    Barn Crow 12 days ago

    I can't name a single film that Kristen Bell is in

  • Dani H
    Dani H 12 days ago

    Two of my favorite celebs

  • Kzin 06
    Kzin 06 13 days ago

    Little cabbage😁

  • Lucas Vieira
    Lucas Vieira 13 days ago

    Brasileiros: ata

  • kage131
    kage131 13 days ago +145

    came for the boob grab thumbnail, was not disappointed.

  • gloriatg100
    gloriatg100 13 days ago

    I like that they fondled each other.

  • Richard Day
    Richard Day 13 days ago

    Girls with tuh-toos. What...

  • EddictionZ
    EddictionZ 13 days ago

    I like how after Melissa ripped off the stickers so hard the words came off, Kristen took her stickers out slowly

  • tim sussenbach
    tim sussenbach 14 days ago

    Jukkie gucky?

  • lex snow
    lex snow 14 days ago

    I love Melisa😄

  • nocalsteve
    nocalsteve 14 days ago +1

    Yeah, that was my fantasy, Kristen Bell and Melissa McCarthy feeling each other up, not!

  • Guitar Is Life
    Guitar Is Life 14 days ago +1

    I spoke Brazilian. Nice.

  • XxMollxX *Mollie Cahill*

    This is going to be the best video on the internet

  • big brother Katakuri
    big brother Katakuri 14 days ago

    Hi im batman!

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 15 days ago

    Use Lavender on burns!

  • a crystal clod from Hufflepuff

    I love how she says tattoo

  • guiguspi
    guiguspi 15 days ago

    What kirsten bell though it was instead of pets?

  • Soundwave Superior
    Soundwave Superior 15 days ago

    Why did Kristen Bell betray the Assassins?

  • ding dong
    ding dong 16 days ago

    The good place!

  • Halie Glover
    Halie Glover 16 days ago

    Lmao the way Kristen bell says "tattoo" 😂😂😂

    • First name
      First name 12 days ago

      That's how the British pronounce it

  • brysmma
    brysmma 16 days ago



    Oᕼᕼ ᗰY GOᗪ KᖇIᔕTᗩᑎ ᔕᗩYIᑎG Tᗩ TOO Iᔕ KIᒪᒪIᑎG ᗰE

  • Sam Riley
    Sam Riley 16 days ago

    Kristen bell i' d give up my limbs for this women.

  • Lesbian mermaid Queen2599

    3:34 I’ve always wanted a tutoo but my husband doesn’t like girls with tutoos

  • albi poga
    albi poga 18 days ago +3

    They are the reason I started watching autocomplete Interview

  • karateka oss
    karateka oss 18 days ago

    Wow id love to hang out with these two,great sense of humor!

  • junior vallejo
    junior vallejo 18 days ago

    2 favorite actors 😊

  • Zainab Khan
    Zainab Khan 20 days ago


  • Matthew Zacher
    Matthew Zacher 20 days ago

    Wait did she make a pegging joke?

  • jar the star
    jar the star 20 days ago

    Teal is my hs color!!

  • jar the star
    jar the star 20 days ago

    HAHA...people would believe it they dont know

  • Ryan Jonas
    Ryan Jonas 21 day ago +1

    Bell is still fine...

  • tmroadrunner
    tmroadrunner 22 days ago

    Why tf did Kristen say Tattoo like that? Lmao 😂. Hilarious interview though.

    • M. W.
      M. W. 20 days ago

      tmroadrunner she pronounces it like the Germans do lol

  • Jana West
    Jana West 22 days ago

    I love you ladies! XOXO

  • Sienna Ballard
    Sienna Ballard 22 days ago

    That is not how Australians talk. I’m Australian. No hate though💖💖

  • Ana Gambale
    Ana Gambale 23 days ago

    "i spoke brazillian" im glad she corrected

    • ding dong
      ding dong 16 days ago

      Ana on a scale of one to ten how much do you like sausages?

  • Raven Mitchell
    Raven Mitchell 25 days ago

    Kristen said she was tired of staring at Melissa's face on her husbands tramp stamp...wink wink. What yall be doin? 😆

    JERMAINE ROBINSON 29 days ago

    ROFLMAO!! The carpet matches the drapes. Lol.

  • Darryl Smith
    Darryl Smith Month ago

    Carpet matches the drapes yall

  • Thiago Villa
    Thiago Villa Month ago

    "speak Brazilian", classic

  • Hefflin and Cindy Bai

    Why does Kristin bell not know how to read TATTOO LOL

  • Chiara De Vincenzo
    Chiara De Vincenzo Month ago

    ITS SOOKIE!!!!

  • Summer Poland
    Summer Poland Month ago

    Best Wired Autocomplete interview. Hands down. Love these two together!

  • Terry 20
    Terry 20 Month ago

    1:50 wth is happening

  • Anthony Tafur
    Anthony Tafur Month ago

    1:48 your welcome

  • Grain the Seawing
    Grain the Seawing Month ago

    "I, for a second, did not think it said pets!"