Getting A Tattoo From The Worst Reviewed Tattoo Shop In My City (1 STAR)


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  • ItsNickBean
    ItsNickBean  14 days ago +2483

    WOW this video was intense for me by far the most raw video i've ever uploaded! The next 2-3 videos wont be reviewed related hope you guys enjoy the other content i upload! but i have big plans for this. i WILL BE REVIEWING SOME CRAZY STUFF IN THE WEEKS TO COME!

    • Queen K
      Queen K 17 hours ago

      I watched a different video where you kinda picked at it, please don’t do that! I have 2 tattoos and just recently got a third really large one picking at the flecks that come off and such can cause it to be patchy just make sure to lotion if the flakes start bothering you!(the flaking part is my least favorite part of the healing)

    • WhiteOwl
      WhiteOwl Day ago

      JAKE PUAL!!!

    • Sarah Ziemke
      Sarah Ziemke 6 days ago

      No NOW!!!

    • Red Pill
      Red Pill 6 days ago

      ItsNickBean haha I found you because of this video haha so hilarious I subbed and such a terrible tattoo, haha but what did you expect😂

    • Tristan Massie
      Tristan Massie 9 days ago

      ItsNickBean next time get a more detailed smaller tattoo so you can at least judge the art. Props to the USclip logo but can’t say much about how good he did, i means it was a pretty straight forward sketch.

  • Bad Cringey Memes
    Bad Cringey Memes 23 minutes ago

    @ jakepaulnumber2 lmao i mean look at him

  • Gabriel Cantoran Gonzalez

    Yo vice already did this

  • Gary Barrel
    Gary Barrel Hour ago

    1. its not straight 2. The utube symbol is red

  • Megan Copland
    Megan Copland Hour ago

    Im a tattoo artist. All im going to say is that the cling film/clear film you get after a tattoo should stay on no longer than 2/3 hours. It needs to be cleaned and moisturised. Keeping it covered for to long will ruin it and possibly give you an infection. It lets to much moisture(sweat) which pulls the ink out. Please, don’t go back to Chucky, terrible artist and should not be advising his client wrong advice. Wounds need air to heal and yes a tattoo is a wound, you have been repeatedly stabbed with needles.
    Might have been a nice guy, but shouldn’t be tattooing.

  • Bitchh Jksjks
    Bitchh Jksjks 7 hours ago

    My homie from the hood even does it better 😂

  • Because I can
    Because I can 12 hours ago

    4:51 you *kinda like* your subscribers? You should love them.

  • Because I can
    Because I can 12 hours ago

    Just get on with the video!!!! Seemed like the longest beginning everrrrrrrrr

  • caleb rogers
    caleb rogers 12 hours ago

    Bro the tattoo wasn't even bad. The line work was flawless. There was just a bunch of bitches doing the reviews

  • rip_biggie420
    rip_biggie420 12 hours ago

    As a tattoo apprentice, i can’t help but cringe at his sanitation. He kept his gloves on (with your blood on them) while opening ink, sleeves weren’t rolled up? If he did that with you, just imagine how many other peoples blood have came in contact with the cap on that white.

  • zombies bride m
    zombies bride m 14 hours ago

    The you tube logo is red

  • Kaylee Black
    Kaylee Black 16 hours ago

    1:43 someone just died 😂😂😂

  • imonkeyface
    imonkeyface 17 hours ago

    Doesn't matter how cool you are, but unfortunately not everyone is cut out to be an artist, especially one that marks things on people's skin permanently. There was no plastic wrap on that chair and the dude's sleeves were all up on his gloves the entire time, so definitely not great sanitarily. The tattoo was not good, shape was all kinds of messed up, but fortunately it is something that could easily be fixed by a better artist. Just because you get trashed by a couple people online then turn out to have a cool personality doesn't mean I want bad art on my skin forever.

  • Hannah Myers
    Hannah Myers 17 hours ago

    I’ve never been to a warm tattoo shop so that’s nothing unusual

  • Darlaann Park
    Darlaann Park 17 hours ago

    he used a shading needle for the WHOLE tattoo!!! the outline is going to bleed soooo bad!!!

  • Borah Borshka
    Borah Borshka 17 hours ago

    sandierm is to be left on for 3-5 DAYS . not 24 hours. and he put it on without gloves. so like....still a bad shop. also lining with a shading mag. and that shouldn't have cost so much

  • Borah Borshka
    Borah Borshka 17 hours ago

    why is he lining that with a shading mag

  • Melinda Perez
    Melinda Perez 18 hours ago


  • Emmalina
    Emmalina 20 hours ago

    White ink doesn’t stay!! Yikes.

  • Alex Denison
    Alex Denison 20 hours ago

    I would have just walked out of that shop. It’s dirty, there’s no original art hung up, they made you wait over an hour, it’s expensive, and the tattoo is an okay shape, but Idk if I’m the only one who notice but for a solid black shape, the shape should be a little better.

  • Meredith Ramirez
    Meredith Ramirez 20 hours ago

    usually 100 dollars is the minimum for a tattoo, my sister got a small hollow heart and it was 100

  • Lindsey Moll
    Lindsey Moll 21 hour ago

    What a pretentious child

  • Lindsey Moll
    Lindsey Moll 21 hour ago

    What a pretentious child

  • Poomplex 00
    Poomplex 00 21 hour ago

    You are crazy to get tattooed from the worst place. I got my neck tattoo done today it was 450 all day session

  • Zay
    Zay 23 hours ago +1

    *** boii*

  • Angie H
    Angie H 23 hours ago

    I knew that would happen haha. Awkward!

  • Angie H
    Angie H 23 hours ago

    I love this series!

  • Allisa Stewart
    Allisa Stewart Day ago

    Did i hurt? and how bad?

  • Ciara Ray
    Ciara Ray Day ago

    Why did u choose black isn’t the USclip logo red and white

  • Swaggy Kay
    Swaggy Kay Day ago

    I'm a tattoo artist and I noticed that he should have poured his white ink before tattooing because now he contaminated the whole bottle

  • Denver Postell
    Denver Postell Day ago

    I live in Ohio, Fairfield

  • Minka Mayhem
    Minka Mayhem Day ago +1

    Poor Chucky 0^0

  • Veanil
    Veanil Day ago

    He had careful and clean application, looked sanitary, used saniderm
    honestly it's pretty decent.

  • racoonzattack
    racoonzattack Day ago

    PhilipSolo started this fad. Now everyone doing “worst reviewd” videos. At least he gave credit to PhilipSolo. Barely though.

  • TwiCaCaX
    TwiCaCaX Day ago

    worst shop or not thats defo the worst tattoo hahaha damn

  • TwiCaCaX
    TwiCaCaX Day ago

    your drool's dripping.
    so so thirsty for that attention ;)

  • Rae
    Rae Day ago

    It’s cheaper for bigger tattoos? Did you mean the opposite lol.

  • meg kirk
    meg kirk Day ago

    He seemed so nice! But $100 is a lot I got big angel wings on my back for $100!! 😊 love these videos!!!

  • Trinity Manning
    Trinity Manning Day ago

    Well it alright I guess 😑

  • Trinity Manning
    Trinity Manning Day ago

    No afinse

  • Trinity Manning
    Trinity Manning Day ago

    Bro that look messed up omg 👎👎👎👎👎👎👊🏼👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Irene Randazzo
    Irene Randazzo Day ago

    It was 100 because it was all filled with ink. In Germany here I got a mini panda on my ankle and a correction on one previous tattoo for 70 euro and in another shop a name bracelet with a chain for 150 so the price was not that bad for the USclip thingy. I don't know how the prices are in America.
    Rating one star one tattoo shop means hepatitis though. Watch out I would never have done it.

  • poison rain
    poison rain Day ago

    *_I liek pewdiepie_*

  • Lady Amalthea of Wolfthorne

    I have $50 for tattoo bigger then that you got cheated

    • Lady Amalthea of Wolfthorne
      Lady Amalthea of Wolfthorne 18 hours ago

      Very true I found out the hard way I payed $100 for tattoo and it a panther with wings. Let say I hate when people see cause it all jacked up. I learned my lesson really quick about quality of a good tattoo. Yeah I have 7 home done tattoos some look better then my right shoulder blade tattoo. My first tattoo turning 24 later this year and it still looks beautiful

    • Deasha Ramsey
      Deasha Ramsey 19 hours ago +1

      Lady Amalthea of Wolfthorne it’s not about size it’s about quality but being this is the worst rated shop .... you may be right. Everything in NY is $120 min

  • Gianna Novelli
    Gianna Novelli Day ago

    I don’t have Instagram but I subscribed

  • Dad &Kid
    Dad &Kid 2 days ago

    Nick Bean? never heard of her

  • StringsNBlingz
    StringsNBlingz 2 days ago

    Should have tried here Actual one star!

    GG MINIONEN 2 days ago +1

    I showed this video to My dad and he says he wonna get a tattoo from chucky because My dad My dad was pretty sad that People was like that so he just got a tattoo from there

  • Yara monteiro
    Yara monteiro 2 days ago

    you should do a video on 'trying the worlds hated dish in my city'✌🏾️✌🏾

  • CauseGames
    CauseGames 2 days ago

    Maybe fans rated the shop after his video..?

  • Mackenzie Thompson
    Mackenzie Thompson 2 days ago

    He seems cool. Awww! It's pretty good too!!!

  • Foreverdreamingcorpse

    Love this video ur so funny I’m subscribing

  • jnniluv
    jnniluv 2 days ago

    Guys that tattoo sucked.. nick bean knows it. Otherwise why blue out Chucky's face and not show shop info. Lololol

  • Jade Schmidt
    Jade Schmidt 2 days ago

    Oof I feel sorry for that Chucky guy! All he wants to do is live his dream as a tattoo artist!!

  • MistaCizm
    MistaCizm 2 days ago

    Whats the song at the start 0:14 ? I need this in my life

  • Jiali Lu
    Jiali Lu 2 days ago

    He’s not Spanish he’s Mexican

  • Kat
    Kat 2 days ago

    7:25 when the video actually starts

  • Anthony Chavira
    Anthony Chavira 2 days ago

    It was good

  • HAW tea party
    HAW tea party 2 days ago

    EEEERRRRRR!!!! "Someone just died" XD im dead

  • Alayiah Chee
    Alayiah Chee 2 days ago

    I SUBSCRIBED!!!!!!😎

  • Imi Fisher
    Imi Fisher 2 days ago

    He needs to stop yelling

  • APE people
    APE people 2 days ago


    NANCY 2 days ago

    look how uneven the corners are jesus

  • Fabo Jr
    Fabo Jr 2 days ago

    Poor Chucky😭

  • Fabo Jr
    Fabo Jr 3 days ago

    Is this the guy that came out in a video with his younger brother?

  • Thainara’s Life
    Thainara’s Life 3 days ago

    I feel like everyone coughs to get attention from someone

    ARIANA RICHTER 3 days ago

    I love the chicken nugget song bro

  • Paper Doll
    Paper Doll 3 days ago

    It seemed a tiny bit racist lol

  • Evan Tensing
    Evan Tensing 3 days ago

    That's a max $50 tattoo. It's unfortunate he's completely dishonest with pricing

  • arikapiera
    arikapiera 3 days ago


  • Paola García
    Paola García 3 days ago

    HAHAHAH 5:12 I died!

  • Albus
    Albus 3 days ago

    You say 1 star in the title but 2.5 in the video?!?!?

  • Michael Neilson
    Michael Neilson 3 days ago


  • 0 1
    0 1 3 days ago +2

    Now Make a Video Titled: "Getting an Operation from the Worst Surgeon in Town" that'll be fun.....

  • anabiell //
    anabiell // 3 days ago

    so im no tattoo expert but i do have 3 that are all linework and only 1 of them has shading and i'm 99% sure he did the lines with a shading needle and not a linework needle....aside from that its hard to tell what he did wrong cus of the way the video was edited. he didnt seem that bad though...i question the review that was about how their tattoo turned out patchy/with parts missing. that sounds like an aftercare problem not the fault of the artist.

  • Al Kinard
    Al Kinard 3 days ago

    Mexican not Spanish

  • Kelly Sloan
    Kelly Sloan 3 days ago

    Fat kat could have been 1 star but after the video got more comments that made the rating go up. Duh.

  • themadscientest
    themadscientest 3 days ago

    Annoying after the first minute.

  • Yung Nut
    Yung Nut 3 days ago


  • roseeluvs matt
    roseeluvs matt 3 days ago

    The cough to get someone attention...classic lmao

  • Amanda Segarra
    Amanda Segarra 3 days ago

    Anybody else think he sound like lance stewart

  • Emily Broderick
    Emily Broderick 3 days ago

    Bro you do realize this is permanent

  • DillonTheFortniteAddict t

    Actual video starts at 11:54

  • Diana's art and DIY
    Diana's art and DIY 3 days ago

    I think that the tattoo looks good

  • sadoctopusart
    sadoctopusart 3 days ago

    It will have a better review now because of the video.. obviously lol

  • campbell43495
    campbell43495 4 days ago +1

    the way he said Guillermo 😂 3:26

  • Taylor Webb
    Taylor Webb 4 days ago

    LMAOOO “ehhh I can’t give it a 1”

  • Courtney M
    Courtney M 4 days ago

    He seemed so nice

  • Kaila Brinkley
    Kaila Brinkley 4 days ago

    This dude funny af

  • Cameron Wilson
    Cameron Wilson 4 days ago

    Well......the tattoo looked kinda off and the top right corner looked almost more pointed than rounded and we never got a reveal, so it must be shitty. I think they earned that 2-2.5 star rating

  • Unmei Natsume
    Unmei Natsume 4 days ago

    3:26 Lol That review with the pics has the place's name "The Kingdom Tattoo" and the reviews are the same but its rating now is 3.5

  • OMAR A
    OMAR A 4 days ago

    Just in case yall wanna know where this place is at its called The kindom tattoo studio 8821 Reseda Blvd Northridge ca 91324 Yall welcome lol

  • Raluca Lutas
    Raluca Lutas 4 days ago

    5:09 i died laughting

  • Swipe Goat
    Swipe Goat 4 days ago

    That was a gay placement

  • Obakeng Meso
    Obakeng Meso 4 days ago

    I love ya videos... You crazy😂

  • christy sivley
    christy sivley 4 days ago

    Oh yea. I forgot in my first comment but I Loved the Video and you definitely earned a new subscriber! You are a humble dude and you were super respectful to chucky and his bacon. Thanks for your hard work on these. I know that hadta be unnerving.

  • christy sivley
    christy sivley 4 days ago

    Its so cold in there for the same reason its so cold in doctors offices and in hospitals. Bacteria and germs don't grow or spread as much when its cold as opposed to when its hot or muggy. And its great for those nipple piercings!😅

  • Matt Carnithan
    Matt Carnithan 4 days ago

    This isnt Aaron Carter:(

  • Cynthia-Rae Moreno
    Cynthia-Rae Moreno 4 days ago

    I didn’t think you would do it..! I subscribed right away once I saw you uploaded it! Great content!

  • Miranda2Marvels
    Miranda2Marvels 4 days ago

    I think that the tattoo turned out good because it was a simple tattoo lol