Getting A Tattoo From The Worst Reviewed Tattoo Shop In My City (1 STAR)

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
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    getting a tattoo from the worst reviewed tattoo shop in my city 1 star
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  • ItsNickBean
    ItsNickBean  2 months ago +2634

    WOW this video was intense for me by far the most raw video i've ever uploaded! The next 2-3 videos wont be reviewed related hope you guys enjoy the other content i upload! but i have big plans for this. i WILL BE REVIEWING SOME CRAZY STUFF IN THE WEEKS TO COME!

    • Philip L.K.
      Philip L.K. 23 days ago

      Everybody, the tattoo doesn't even start until a full 12 minutes into the video. If you don't want to watch this vain fool talk to himself in front of the camera, skip to 12:09. You're welcome.

    • Philip L.K.
      Philip L.K. 23 days ago

      Jesus dude, you think you have enough edits in this video?

    • G o d
      G o d 24 days ago

      Bro are you both genders

    • CuReD_bacon
      CuReD_bacon 27 days ago

      ItsNickBean you’re a fucking idiot. Go into it trying to show a bad shop which you should have just stuck with and maybe had some repercussions from it. Like getting the heath department involved. Also, most people are going to have a different story when it comes to bad reviews. That tattoo you got was trash and isn’t going to heal well at all. He fucking outlined it with a mag lmao! Not to mention he had dirty gloves on while fucking with that white ink. Think to yourself how unsanitary that is... if I were you I’d call the health dept in your area and have them check that place out. I bet they’d fail lots of stuff. Did they even have certificates up for blood born pathogens or cpr? Probably not. You should be ashamed of yourself. I guess you don’t really care tho as it’s only for the views. You made yourself look like a god damn fool.

  • Karissa Bless
    Karissa Bless Day ago

    Is no one going to talk about how he didn’t change/take off his gloves and totally contaminated that white ink bottle?

  • Microman101Pro gamer

    Actually it probably has a 4.2 star rating because the guy has gotten better at his tattoos

  • Ashley Harris
    Ashley Harris Day ago

    Its not always about how simple the tattoo seems, most artists charge for their time and supplies

  • theMike97_
    theMike97_ Day ago

    honestly looks pretty good

  • Rebecca Williams

    This is hilarious😂🤣

  • The K Channel
    The K Channel Day ago

    Secondhand embarrassment!!! Omg 😭

  • Xavier Muniz
    Xavier Muniz 2 days ago

    This video sucks

  • kamakazecrxsi85
    kamakazecrxsi85 3 days ago

    Dude should have had gloves on the whole time. Why not line it black red with the white play

  • Bree Young
    Bree Young 3 days ago

    Was gonna say that's a good tatoo though

  • Saskia Bxll
    Saskia Bxll 3 days ago

    I subscribed

  • Chuy Delgado
    Chuy Delgado 4 days ago

    He's very sweet

  • Tatt Ben
    Tatt Ben 4 days ago

    The only problem I seen was when he was opening the way I was hoping that he switched gloves and it was a new pair of gloves because if it wasn’t contaminated that bottle of white and if he did it with you he’s done it with other people so you don’t know who’s bloody gloves he’s had all over that bottle of ink I just hope he changed his gloves before touching that bottle of white because he touched The tip of it and that’s exactly where it comes out of good luck good video

  • Pepper Pots
    Pepper Pots 5 days ago +1

    U also got a very basic tattoo U shoulda got something to test his skill

  • Pepper Pots
    Pepper Pots 5 days ago

    Dude why u lyin

  • SH TM
    SH TM 5 days ago +1

    I'm sensing a new shitty trend

  • Madride
    Madride 5 days ago

    This kid is Lace Stewart x Jake Paul’s baby.

  • AE 7147
    AE 7147 5 days ago

    This guy is so fucken annoying and he just has that look like he really loves DICK!!!

  • Alex Mccubbins
    Alex Mccubbins 6 days ago

    He thinks the USclip logo is a crazy tattoo
    I have the word yeet tattooed in the same spot he put the logo

  • Gabe Kahaleh
    Gabe Kahaleh 6 days ago

    Worst rated on yelp

  • FBI
    FBI 6 days ago


  • madi buell
    madi buell 6 days ago

    Oh no... it’s not that bad but it’s not good at all he seemed so nice but it was too round, he wasn’t sanitary and you aren’t supposed to leave wrapping on it for 24 hours it’s just until you get home

  • Cruz Gonzalez
    Cruz Gonzalez 6 days ago

    15:09 he’s not Spanish a Spanish person is from Spain he’s probably Chicano or Hispanic or Mexican so get your facts right not trying to b mean I love the channel btw 💯🥀🙃🙃

  • Edan Lister-Stevens
    Edan Lister-Stevens 6 days ago

    This video is a completely stolen idea from Vice’s ONE STAR Series, be more original

  • Michael John
    Michael John 7 days ago

    Why.... smh. For USclip views ..?
    Brave and stupid. No disrespect I’ll like it. Won’t sub.
    The man purse .. you gotta be hard to rock that😬

  • papersly vg
    papersly vg 7 days ago

    Feeling like hes talking to me because I am at home on the couch

  • Ryan Laprade
    Ryan Laprade 7 days ago +6

    That $20 tattoo was dumb easy.. The whole point of a 1 star review video is to see if they are good or not.

  • Jackson Lowery
    Jackson Lowery 7 days ago

    The hair is fire bro

  • Eldon
    Eldon 8 days ago +1

    Man the tattooist I go to is the man RASKAL from South Bay tats my man is straight a g he is so clean with everything he do from the tattoo to being sanitary

  • The Kanguru
    The Kanguru 8 days ago

    Stop please just leave this up to Phil, you dolly ,go make something original.

  • Jamie Whalen
    Jamie Whalen 8 days ago

    Remember when vice did this video first??

  • Rayquell getmoney III

    You seem insanely gay. My mom gay. I'm mad about that and I'm channeling that anger towards my gay mom towards you because you are annoying and I don' t like you. Also, 9/11 seemed kinda sketchy. Big money salvia out 8=====D

  • Beau Martinez
    Beau Martinez 9 days ago

    My dad got a tattoo at that same exact shop. But by another artist named javiermoyas.

  • April Fetrow
    April Fetrow 9 days ago

    100$ isn't high.. lol. Where I'm from that would have cost about 120$

  • Ya Boi Savage_JuiceBox

    12 minutes and 10 seconds before the tatoo even starts

  • piston glory
    piston glory 9 days ago

    USclip logo 😂 trynna be a billboard

  • Andrew Schulz
    Andrew Schulz 9 days ago


  • Starr Anteau
    Starr Anteau 9 days ago

    10:43 it glitched lol

  • matt liegakos
    matt liegakos 9 days ago

    Black? Y not red ? And if ya mess up a $20 logo kids

  • alma
    alma 9 days ago

    bruh this is actually kinda dangerous,,

  • Janice Vandeford
    Janice Vandeford 10 days ago

    With the tattoo artist thumb nail I thought it was Romeo with the hat and his neck blerd and thought he is one of the best tattoo artist how douse he have that bad of rating

  • Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hernández

    5 hunnid pesos
    México everywhere tho

  • jonathan duquette
    jonathan duquette 10 days ago

    why is he using shading needles for the lines

  • jp smallz
    jp smallz 10 days ago

    Well at least you didn't go to someones garage get an infection and then go back to said persons garage for another tattoo. (I know someone who has done that)

  • Kyle Wetherell
    Kyle Wetherell 10 days ago +1

    You got a square with a triangle in the middle and you're like "I dont know why everyone thinks this place sucks he did great".....MY THREE YEAR OLD DRAWS SQUARES AND TRIANGLES FOOL

  • Savage Cabbage Gaming
    Savage Cabbage Gaming 10 days ago +1

    Hey guys its nick bean, or is it?
    *Vsauce theme*

  • Savannah Lara
    Savannah Lara 11 days ago

    Hi Nick Bean I’m new to your channel and I laughed so hard when you heard the tires and then you said someone just died.😂🤣 I thought it was the funniest thing ever!

  • SuffragetteCity
    SuffragetteCity 11 days ago

    I subscribed when I heard the outro

  • Fenickz Rizing
    Fenickz Rizing 12 days ago

    You wild as the forest bro rollin 🎲 on a tattoo.

  • Shane Daniel
    Shane Daniel 12 days ago

    Wht make the USclip logo black?

  • lil Lean Wolf
    lil Lean Wolf 12 days ago

    This is a bad idea you can get aids or some shit like that

  • Bruiser
    Bruiser 12 days ago

    Is it just me or does his head look abnormally big

  • Just Some Guy
    Just Some Guy 12 days ago

    That was one ugly ass tatt lmao why would you choose such a shitty design

  • Cody Wintermyer
    Cody Wintermyer 13 days ago

    Why did homie line with a mag?

  • Ryno Art
    Ryno Art 13 days ago

    But didn't u say this place was 2☆?

  • Ricky harris
    Ricky harris 14 days ago

    Touching bottle and cell phone with contaminated gloves. Also used bare hands placing healing film on... To each is own

  • katrina tafler
    katrina tafler 14 days ago

    cant even see the white and isnt you tube red and white not black.also theout line was very faint and isnt gonna stay long

  • Adrian Loves yahusha and yahuah

    13:45 what u came for

  • Willie Willz
    Willie Willz 14 days ago

    Lame u could’ve pick a better Challenge too them bro !!!

  • Domenico P
    Domenico P 14 days ago

    16:16 and the hidden cam instead of posting the pic of the tattoo and the description... 13:57 is the only interesting frame.

  • Jack Toth
    Jack Toth 14 days ago

    I hope youtube changes their logo

  • es se
    es se 14 days ago

    I disliked for the fake title

  • Redneck Brody
    Redneck Brody 15 days ago

    lol "Gee GERM-O"

  • Mr Watto
    Mr Watto 15 days ago

    100% your fault as the tattooist would have said there is the sketch, are you happy with the spelling and the layout.

  • Mr Watto
    Mr Watto 15 days ago

    Things idiots do to get some sort of fame recognition..... SAD.

  • S T Ξ Λ L T H
    S T Ξ Λ L T H 15 days ago

    *Directed By Shane Dawson*

  • Courtney L. Berringer-Lehner

    “He some how found out I was on USclip” bc you told him while he was working on you lolol

  • TommyGunGO
    TommyGunGO 15 days ago

    The dude used a magnum tattoo needle to line the ink... he might deserve that review

  • Omar Cermeno
    Omar Cermeno 16 days ago

    I got hurt when he said “He was Spanish”😭😭

  • Tanner Gerez
    Tanner Gerez 16 days ago

    This man used white ink...........

  • Petty A & O
    Petty A & O 17 days ago

    This was so funny I had to subscribe! 😂

  • Rapid.FAD3
    Rapid.FAD3 17 days ago

    It took him until 7:19 to get to the actual tattoo shop. Disappointing how much people don’t care about the main idea of the video. Give some background info then get straight to the video.

  • Kiro johnson
    Kiro johnson 17 days ago

    Alot of shops are cold just like hospitals the cold slows the growth of bacteria.

  • airindiana
    airindiana 18 days ago

    8:09 a tattoo that went wrong and ended up on the ceiling. Victims body yet to be found.

  • Fred Sandford
    Fred Sandford 18 days ago

    You say you wanna be respect of him but your shooting his ass down like it ain't shit

  • Aaron Shattuck
    Aaron Shattuck 19 days ago

    This is how you get hepatitis.

  • deadlaser3
    deadlaser3 20 days ago

    he seems like a mad dude. personally i wouldn't have made it full blown just black. i reckon it would've looked better with barely any black and only lightly shaded in. when he was starting with the magnum i was a bit confused until i saw the whole thing going full blown black, not to say that it was bad but it could've looked better with a simple shade instead

  • TheLastOfUs
    TheLastOfUs 20 days ago +1

    What’s the song name of your intro?

  • Rebirth Meraki
    Rebirth Meraki 21 day ago

    That tattoo wasn't bad

  • Kemo And Revo
    Kemo And Revo 21 day ago

    less veiws then subs?

  • Apexx machines
    Apexx machines 21 day ago

    Why are people so dump that's there forever.

  • Cain The Baptist
    Cain The Baptist 21 day ago

    Cross contamination!!??? With the bottle of white ink!? That's litrally disgusting

  • bitch lasagna
    bitch lasagna 22 days ago

    and you're also a dumbass. it WAS the worst rated until vice gave it exposure and gave him credit. duhhhhhh

  • bitch lasagna
    bitch lasagna 22 days ago

    not like you completely copied this idea from another channel or anything...

  • YazMixtaah
    YazMixtaah 22 days ago

    You have nice eyebrows

  • Samantha Atori
    Samantha Atori 22 days ago

    Chucky's explanation for that girl's review makes sense. It's pretty popular to get someone's handwriting as a tattoo. I'm glad you gave Chucky a platform to explain. Hopefully, he'll improve the environment of his shop and pricing next.

  • Johnathan Christian
    Johnathan Christian 22 days ago

    Didnt seem to bad

  • Mike Swagr
    Mike Swagr 22 days ago

    You got ripped off

  • Jay Reagan
    Jay Reagan 23 days ago +1

    I'm a tattoo apprentice and oh sweet jesus did I cringe. The service looks like shit and it's obvious that those people are doing drugs while at work. Chucky sounds like he is hammered. He was using a magnum needle to do the lines, I've never seen anyone do that, except for Chucky. He didnt change his gloves while handling stuff. And he wasn't using a disposable tube. If those people didnt have an autoclave, youre in trouble.

    • MTTRfx
      MTTRfx 13 days ago

      Jay Reagan you can actually pull off lines with a magnum needle. I’ve seen it plenty

  • Ronnie Morgan
    Ronnie Morgan 23 days ago +1

    Maybe they didn't lie and it had a lower rating at the time! Who knows though! Also maybe they could have just thought it was the worst ;) haha

  • Gerald Cruz
    Gerald Cruz 24 days ago

    Aww I wish you did the black part in red

  • CherryMaxis
    CherryMaxis 24 days ago

    The tattoo looks good and Chucky seems like a nice guy. 😁

  • Michael Tsakis
    Michael Tsakis 24 days ago

    Can you get to the point geez 10 minutes with no tattoo i get it you need to get over 10 mins but hurry up hahah

  • Eve Savage
    Eve Savage 25 days ago

    That looked painful

  • Preston Murillo
    Preston Murillo 25 days ago


  • Ifsah Amina
    Ifsah Amina 25 days ago

    U were supposed to tell us about the email

  • Rudy Foy
    Rudy Foy 26 days ago

    Just watching this a month later. Lines the play button with a magnum 😂😂

  • Leigh Hill
    Leigh Hill 26 days ago

    I think you were kinda chicken shit click bait to get something so simple. You can't really judge his skill based on the graphic you got. You should got something more complex. 😂

  • Zeenath Khader
    Zeenath Khader 26 days ago

    I mean.....its....ok

  • Tyler the Creator
    Tyler the Creator 26 days ago

    Im thinking they got a 1star review on yelp and not google.
    Both are easy to manipulate. But whatever has the best (or should i say worst) reviews and the most shoukd be the one to go with.
    Not to mention that there could be some horror stories in the reviews. And that would help me decide. If a shop got 2 stars but was just consistently mediocre. Thats one thing but to have alot of horror storys as reviews, thats another.