What If You Hear Voices In Your Head?

  • Published on Jun 9, 2016
  • Why do some people hear voices?
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Comments • 5 912

  • Zegik Niet
    Zegik Niet 19 hours ago

    Bush did it

  • norah m.
    norah m. 6 days ago

    what if they're just the normal kind though
    edit: im looking at the comments and realising how unoriginal this comment is

  • yoonmin
    yoonmin 13 days ago

    I hear voices and they command me to do stuff and I do it because it feels like something bad will happen if I don't do it what should I do

  • Thomas Roberts
    Thomas Roberts 19 days ago

    Why do they see it as a disease apparently Jesus was schizophrenic maybe that’s why he thought he was the son of god.

  • tekubus
    tekubus 21 day ago

    Mental illness is a motherfucker.

  • Damn
    Damn 23 days ago

    I hear a voice in my sleep paralysis, I hear "confidence" in my dream, it wakes me up and it continue until I am fully conscious

  • Umaru Chan
    Umaru Chan 23 days ago

    I can send messages to people's minds

  • anTt0
    anTt0 25 days ago

    i sometimes hear in my head : worm. idk why

  • TikO LoRd
    TikO LoRd 26 days ago

    *I'm really afraid can someone tell me if i have schizophrenia or not,i have random thoughts, sometimes i remember a song i've heard many times in that day, sometimes remembering a person from youtube or tv when she speaks when i try to sleep at night (by the way i never heard voices and see some wierds stuffs ).*

  • Hyper Titanic
    Hyper Titanic 27 days ago

    I hear voices that took place in my head but I don't find it out until people tell me

  • Young Darkness
    Young Darkness Month ago +1

    I hear voices in my head the council me they understand.....

  • patrikcath
    patrikcath Month ago +1

    I can't hear any voices.

  • ThunderXGaming
    ThunderXGaming Month ago

    I hear voices in my head when I hear running water please help

  • Reese Thomas
    Reese Thomas Month ago

    I hear voices in my head when I go to sleep, and the voices are talking to each other

  • Space • CH¡P
    Space • CH¡P Month ago

    I have a voice solely for waking me up. A screaming girl, who sometimes calls my name out of the blue which surprises me and my friend because I usually reply "What?"

  • Targeted in Ireland

    Hearing voices means your a targeted individual

  • Gloria
    Gloria Month ago

    Is schizophrenia and schizoaffective the same thing? Or how exactly would you differentiate between two, preferably while using more simplistic terms/language.

  • Prince To
    Prince To Month ago

    Today I heard a help in my head

  • helmida
    helmida Month ago

    I was going to sleep and then i heard in my head someone said my name and then like loudly said HEY and i got so scared and im still scared that im like crazy and that im not a human please help im scared😭😭

  • goo goo bars
    goo goo bars Month ago

    I get these bastards a lot and I talk to my head as well I talk to my schizophrenia

  • Akko Llama
    Akko Llama Month ago

    I don’t hear voices but, I do hallucinate 👀

  • Brandon Norris
    Brandon Norris Month ago +1

    These voices are leading to people committing suicide because it is so persistent and the person always hears it.

  • JazzyRainyKitty
    JazzyRainyKitty Month ago

    One night I saw a floating toy truck. This night I heard people screaming. Am I going crazy? I only see these things usually at night. It's really scary because sometimes I see a tall woman standing in my room or a man sitting at the edge of my bed.

  • fistsOFfury366 D
    fistsOFfury366 D Month ago

    I just think people can hear my thoughts. I have been thinking this since I was 14. I am turning 16 the augest 3rd. Of the 2018. I also see black shadows in the hall way and in the bathroom. And on the roads. Occasionally on the roads though. I haven't told anyone this before but maybe they already know? I have to think carefully or else people might find out things i dont want found out. This is really the first time I said anything like this to people or even typed it online.

  • Meditative Gamer
    Meditative Gamer Month ago

    I have voices in my head and they help me and actually can remember things that techers say and reminds me in tests

  • What ?
    What ? Month ago

    I’m not schizophrenic but ever since my first emotional support pet died, and then I got another and it died, even after I did nothing wrong, I thought I was getting karma for something or that bad things will keep happening to me. Now my mind is telling me that something REALLY bad is going to happen next and I cried the other night a lot as well as last night I kept waking up throughout the night. I’m always telling my mind to shut up and I always scare myself. I don’t know what to do. My mind is starting to tell me that I’m going to die and things like that. It’s scary.

  • Gapner Games
    Gapner Games Month ago

    I started hearing my moms voice prety often

  • Nyasia Long
    Nyasia Long Month ago

    I hear things like horn sounds inside of my head alot and I ask if someone else hears it and they say no so I dont know what i have because I don't hear voices at all only horns

  • hey.jalia
    hey.jalia Month ago

    i hear voices in my head late at night. it’s to the point where I end up crying. but I try to make out what the voice is saying, i can’t. all it is is a voice yelling but it’s like echo. it’s very confusing.

  • Arturo Rubio
    Arturo Rubio 2 months ago

    I have my own voice that I control and think with and talk to myself with. But I also have uncontrolled voices that say untrue and unwanted things outta nowhere... Am I insane??

  • Gacha Riley 1
    Gacha Riley 1 2 months ago

    Tf I just heard a voice saying lalalalala

  • A Commenter
    A Commenter 2 months ago +1

    There's a second way of hearing the voices. Internally(not by ears, thoughts are many and uncontrollable, different voices male or female)
    80% of the time I am annoyed by them. What do I do whilst waiting for my next doctors appointment? To cope. Because I'm suffering from anorexia and these voices won't help my already heavy depressive state. I've just recently realised this problem.

  • Psycho-Sis
    Psycho-Sis 2 months ago

    I really need help here! So I have a total of 7 voices in my head (I've been diagnosed with psychosis) and there are different types of voices in my head. They all have names and a mind of their own. The first are the ones I can see, I have three of them, they can also take control of my body when they want to or when I let them. The next is actual voices, I can't see them, only hear them. Then there's one...he's bad. He tells me bad things and he looks like a scary demon (thats what he looks like). CAN ANYONE TALK TO ME A HELP?

  • Fahima Husaini
    Fahima Husaini 2 months ago

    Yep! Flying Pigs are totally true!

  • nachure1
    nachure1 2 months ago

    I hear many voices, duplicates of my own but they made my brain chaos.

  • babe
    babe 2 months ago

    But Bush DID do 9/11

  • Taazzor iOS
    Taazzor iOS 2 months ago

    I hear voices in my head and they doubt me abuse me verbally and threaten me sometimes... all part of depression and they don’t let you escape..

  • Lil Neek
    Lil Neek 2 months ago +2

    I hear people (voices )telling me to be more insecure and telling me that I should die ,please somebody help me

    • A Commenter
      A Commenter 2 months ago +1

      Default Craig, seek professional help immediately!

  • Neurotic Fox
    Neurotic Fox 2 months ago +1

    *That Is Called Thinking*

  • No Name
    No Name 2 months ago +3

    I have been diagnosed with Simple Schizophrenia a couple months ago, but trust me when I say:
    *Anyone being affected by schizophrenia are not monsters❤ We love everyone even if we may seem a bit paranoid at times :)*

  • Isa PM
    Isa PM 2 months ago +1

    It’s weird that I can talk and have a long conversation with myself? Because I can literally spend hours talking to myself and giving me “auto-advice”

    • A Commenter
      A Commenter 2 months ago

      Donkay, you simply must get someone to talk to then, literally anyone

    • Donkay
      Donkay 2 months ago +1

      Isa PM I do that in order to not go insane because I got no one to talk to.

  • Isa PM
    Isa PM 2 months ago +2

    I hear voices in my head but they’re not out of my control

  • joe bob
    joe bob 2 months ago

    If medication or therapy gets rid of the flying pigs in my head then I don't want it!!!

  • joe bob
    joe bob 2 months ago

    Yup... Time for self induced death!

  • YaRmgl
    YaRmgl 2 months ago

    i love how they slipped conspiracy theorists in there... Anyone knowing and trying to expose the truth of our corrupt world will be called a delusional schizophrenic

  • Ella Keethman
    Ella Keethman 2 months ago

    I've never heard voices in my head...

  • MeradiusTemp/Inv
    MeradiusTemp/Inv 2 months ago +1

    This ritual practice is used for many years its when these so called witches or occultists use energy to direct it to your ear drums causing auditory hallucinations and possibly human voices from the witches or occultists themselves! All this can cause mind control of the victim and can cause negative reactions! This is fact!

    • A Commenter
      A Commenter 2 months ago

      MeradiusTemp/Inv, but... Schizophrenic voices can be internal... Like nottt in the ears at all... And the voices are aimless the majority of the time, with no specific agenda, or message, they can be positive neutral or negative. If what you said was true it would always be negative and full of aim and agenda. But it's not

  • Snoop Dogg
    Snoop Dogg 2 months ago

    Ive heard some to tell me to sell my soul..

  • The Singing Trio
    The Singing Trio 2 months ago

    Is schizophrenia also when you see things in the corner of your eye and when you look back it’s gone because that happens to me alot

  • Galatea
    Galatea 2 months ago

    Mine just says my name... I’m like, ‘dude, I know my own name, come up with something original’

  • Vr Lucifer
    Vr Lucifer 2 months ago

    Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between the voices in my head and actual voices

  • white fox
    white fox 2 months ago

    Mouth open

  • Sosa DrawingひTM
    Sosa DrawingひTM 2 months ago

    I see things that aren't there... like I watch game theories and ended up seeing suicide squidward, dora but her eyes were bleeding, a tall giant thing that had eyes on it.. and slenderman. Whenever I try to pull an all-nighter or I doze off in my bed I hear someone call my name and than I awaken and there have been MULTIPLE times where I feel like i'm being watched or I think one of my siblings are calling me... I once felt so depressed that people were ignoring me that when I was home and my dog ignored me and bit me when I called him I felt so hurt that I sat down on the ground, quietly cried, and just sat there. (And people smoke around me)

  • woduhka •-•
    woduhka •-• 2 months ago +1

    When I play piano or there's silence I can hear 2 men talking and a lady crying I get scared at my home the men at the back yard and lady inside sometimes a lil girl crying in closets and by forniture
    Idk what this is but when my dad put a cross of jessus on the wall it stopped exept for the lady sometimes I hear in my head voices and words that I don't even know that actually exist when someone talks my thoughts say something but then some other thoughts like 4 ppl agree and dessagree with my thoughts I hate it but know I'm rarely hearing this thoughts and I used to see cats but then they would fade and dissapear🐈 several cats that weren't there but looked like they were there!!!!l

  • miss potato
    miss potato 2 months ago

    I've had it only once. I was making instant noodles when I heard my mom say "come over here I need your help with something" and I was like ye and I turned around and she wasn't there I remember searching the house and being really freaked out. Turned out she was outside the whole time, that was really freaky. But I probably heard that because I have had a lot of stress lately.

  • Mr. Heptaman
    Mr. Heptaman 2 months ago

    0:11 the illuminati is CONFIRMED

  • lona lion
    lona lion 2 months ago

    I always talk in my head in now i hear a little voice in that little voice is me but it cant go away it gives me a headache i went to a brain docter when i was 5 that never worked i was in that white thing that they put u in in u have to have headphones idk what its call but it still didn't work im now 18 in i talk to myself all the time but i always hear a voice 😪 ive cried over it because 1. My head hurts all the time 2. College i dont focus
    I need help 😧😦😦😦😦 lol

  • Chris Corbett
    Chris Corbett 2 months ago

    I have schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

  • HeLp mE Fr0m ThIs CrUeL WoRLd

    My head keeps saying I hate god but I don’t... ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;;-;

  • No Jams
    No Jams 2 months ago

    I keep hearing people fighting and shouting.

  • IM kawaii
    IM kawaii 2 months ago

    I’m 1 if the 1%

  • Amberly
    Amberly 2 months ago

    You should've talked about other mental illnesses besides schizophrenia bc not just that mental illness hears voices. My uncle hears voices and stuff and so does my mom (when she doesn't take her meds) the difference is my uncle doesn't realize these voice are in his head and my mom knows it's her brain. My uncle has schizophrenia and my mom has mania, bipolar depression with auditory hallucinations

  • cυтιepιe ĸιттycaт

    I got diagnosed with schizophrenia. Most of the voices call me... slut, autism, ciao(chinese for crazy, I’m not chinese, don’t ask why) but sometimes they’re nice and tell me things like, oh she’s actually nice! And yeah. It sucks lol. It freaks me OUT so much. Lol. I’m Glad I have medication for this though.

  • msp lover
    msp lover 2 months ago

    What of there voices making you do stuff?

  • gavv mate
    gavv mate 2 months ago

    but bush did 911 and im not skitzo lol

  • Aaron E
    Aaron E 2 months ago

    I don't mind the voices in my head except that they won't let me join in.

  • MiguelGivesUp
    MiguelGivesUp 3 months ago

    Is it weird that I have full conversations with myself?

  • Daniella Pike
    Daniella Pike 3 months ago

    I hear voices in my head all the time and I talk to myself. Going to get tested for schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder. I already insane. My disability’s are super powers.

  • Andrew Tillott
    Andrew Tillott 3 months ago

    The voices are real. I know who they are and where they live. Next step is the hardest. I won't let them take any more of my life away.

  • Kudo
    Kudo 3 months ago

    Ever heard of tulpa?
    A sentient being inside your head created by you. Able to speak to you and have personality

    NEWKNOWLEDGE 3 months ago

    A simple way to determine if people are disconnected from reality or not, is to check to see if they think that schizophrenia is a mental illness. If they say yes, then they are clearly far detached from reality. Another way to determine if people are disconnected from reality or not, is by asking them what reality is. After all, it is obvious that if one is in touch with reality, then one will obviously know what reality is. For those who are connected to reality, things such as Einstein's theory of Special Relativity(SR), is no more difficult to understand than it is difficult to ride a tricycle. People who are connected to reality can also derive all of the SR mathematical equations entirely on their own. No prior physics education is required. All you need is the ability to see truth. Sadly, 99% of the population are still too dumb to see truth. In turn these primitive minds still think the schizophrenia is an illness.

  • Panic! Because I need a username!

    I very rarely do hear voices, but every very once in a while, like one a YEAR or two, I'll be deep in thought, and I'll hear a familiar voice day something, most likely a family member or more likely a friend of mine that I'm thinking about. I remember once when I was falling asleep I was woken up when I 'heard' someone yell "HEY!" It freaks me out.. Am I schizophrenic?

  • UsRats
    UsRats 3 months ago

    When I hear voices it’s so hard to tell what’s in my head and what’s not. Like I legit think people are screaming for me but I just imagined it. Or I hear footsteps really loudly. Or rats running.

  • Aden Jerrell Subang
    Aden Jerrell Subang 3 months ago

    I think mine is really different cause One time I woke up hearing drums, broken TV sounds, machines and a person like robot yelling numbers really loud and I can see an image in my head that’s like some kind of monster that’s so gross but it’s also a machine. And every time I forget a number the noises get louder and the person screams then the person says the numbers again. I tried to go to the bathroom but then I couldn’t walk so I crawled then I vomited. It kept going until I got a little bit a hold of myself and called my parents that I’m sick and it went away. It only goes away when I do something that my mind is not telling me, like I’m tricking my mind I think, does anyone else ha this problem or is it just me

  • Lieutenant Dan
    Lieutenant Dan 3 months ago

    talk about bullshit trying to lump their 9/11 biassed bullshit. if you have a brain and can think for yourself you might just be schizophrenic. gtfoh

  • The Red Feather
    The Red Feather 3 months ago

    Im here becaus i here voices inside my head,i was born without any condition so its compleatly new for me😣

  • VaneXa _
    VaneXa _ 3 months ago

    When I go to my bed to sleep, ı hear my friends voices, they are screaming my name.. And that is happening evry night. I dont know why. But thats scary, really scary

  • Shadowa Bullet
    Shadowa Bullet 3 months ago +1

    I always hear voices that call my name in the public

  • Icy Assassin
    Icy Assassin 3 months ago

    Randy Orton hears voices

  • 24kGold21k
    24kGold21k 3 months ago

    I'm being serious I'm hearing stuff

    XXXJORDANXXX23 3 months ago

    Im hear voice is my head

  • Florencia Sandin
    Florencia Sandin 3 months ago

    I sometimes hear voices but I mostly see things...bad things..and I dream things that happen in the future..Why?

  • sean faulkner
    sean faulkner 3 months ago

    You have an inner monologue, not a dialogue, unless you're nuts

  • Cassandra L.-J.
    Cassandra L.-J. 3 months ago

    Hello, Greg and Mitch! Your videos are Clear and Comprehensive, making the Wonders of Science accessible, as well as relatable (and fun.) Thank you for your contribution to Humanity.
    If you are currently accepting requests for topics to visit in upcoming videos, may you please do an AsapScience video on Bipolar Disorder? We need to have more people understand that there is much more to this than "highs and lows". Through education on this Subject, we may further reduce the Stigma.

  • Syed Sammer Haider
    Syed Sammer Haider 3 months ago

    It's not a delusion

  • Syed Sammer Haider
    Syed Sammer Haider 3 months ago

    I'm badly suffering from this

  • Ve nom
    Ve nom 3 months ago

    If you hear Voices in your Head, you are Randy Orton.

  • Aaliyah Ambriz
    Aaliyah Ambriz 3 months ago

    sometimes when i am half asleep the voices starts to yell and wake me uo

  • pineapple_
    pineapple_ 3 months ago

    When I cry I usually hear voices I’ve never heard it doesn’t happen as often it used to hear when I was younger.

  • Royadin
    Royadin 3 months ago

    I get these. They are usually really evil and self destructive. I hate them.

  • Meditative Gamer
    Meditative Gamer 3 months ago

    If you hear voices then you are lucky I wish I could have natural auditory and visual (open eye) because then I do not have to do drugs

  • jowensdragon1821
    jowensdragon1821 3 months ago

    I know that this really doesn't have much to do with hearing voices but I felt it was worth mentioning: When I'm sitting in a car (I can't drive) I'll suddenly zone myself out complete. Silence usually hits and I'll be somewhere else. These periods can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. I'll be walking along a hallway or in a store and the same thing happens. I was following my parents in a store and it happened but somehow I was still following them and we were in a different section of the store. I do hear people calling my name, which is usually my mother. There are times where I'll start hearing music which is coming from nowhere. Has anyone ever experienced this, and can someone maybe explain to me what could be going on?

  • Bhavee Rathod
    Bhavee Rathod 3 months ago

    dude you actually cut the brain

  • Black AltRight
    Black AltRight 3 months ago

    But bush did do 9/11

  • Ragavendra Shetty
    Ragavendra Shetty 4 months ago

    not that much but i here my names same thing last time it was 2 months ago

  • sjaizhdbnajusbens shauausbwbk

    My mother's a schizophrenic. We didn't know that for 25 years. I need some suggestions. My mom had constant fear of terrorists who'd kill her and our family because of her. She was a teacher and was always fearful of people plotting against her. My Elder brother and Father used to beat her up for almost a decade or around it. I remember that me and my twin used to run away with our mom at midnight outside our home saving our life because we feared our father would kill our mom and we'd stray all the night on the roads till morning when my father would be asleep and back to normal from his alcohol levels . She would get ready and leave for her school to teach. She kept earning for us children to feed us never mentioning her conditions. We always believed it was God with us. And then we grew and became mature but our mom started fearing even more. Fast forward - Dec 2017- She was 66 years old and started talking to random imaginary people which we never saw her do all these years and it was scary. A week later she jumped up the 10 foot wall (she's only 5 foot 2 inches tall) and ran away running on the streets shouting terrorists have come for her and she wasn't even recognising me , we literally had to wait 16 days for her appointment to the doctor who treated her way back in 1999 and told my father it was depression (which was true and very vague as an explanation). This January 1st , 2018 I made notes of her behaviour all these years including her suicidal tendencies (poison drinking and then drinking fuel to kill herself) and talking to angels and God ,etc. We got her on this drug Risperidone by discontinuing Alprazolam (which she was immune to and it didn't work for her rather increasing her symptoms) . Risperidone worked awesomely after a period of a week and she has improved since January but recently now in May 2018 ,she's again started to have fears of neighbours plotting against killing our family and people listening to her (which she always had in all these 25 years) but she doesn't talk to random voices or have hallucinations like she did in December. My questions are :1)is she getting immune to Risperidone ? 2) Is her condition reverting to her maniac phase? 3) I stay in India and doctors here only experiment on patients here and even the best doctor in my city doesn't discuss much about her details with me what options do I have ? 4) are there questions you could suggest that I should ask to her doctor when I visit him next month on her routine checkup? 5) Is there anything that I could care for as she doesn't speak much after the medications and she's not expressive I fear she's hiding something. My mom is the world to me and I am not getting married so that I don't have to divide my time on a wife and a baby so to say. I want to do everything for my mom that I Can ,I just want her to have her old age years happy because she had enough of violence and social boycott and seeing her sleep beside me in that comfort and deep sleep is the most beautiful time of the day for me. My mother sleeping without fearing for her life ,without her loved ones abandoning her when she needs help is beyond expressions. I can't even imagine what my life would have been had my mother not worked and raised us up despite her illness and took horrifying beatings , burning, slitting, bone breaking ,thrashing my Dad gave her then and my mom would simply earn for us to feed us ,to raise us and wake up again and be beaten and treated like a housemaid. I want to be the best son and I feel sad that we ignored her conditions but on that would be the fault of her doctor who never told us that she suffered from schizophrenia and not depression. Thanks for reading what my heart felt. I pray for everyone who is suffering from this to get well soon and be brave ,you guys are heroes in real life. Prayers from India ! And reply me if you can explain anything about my mother .

  • Joseph Wade Paulson
    Joseph Wade Paulson 4 months ago

    the medication did not stop the voices and its not an hallusination because it has a volume and the voices told me they needed to learn how to code the volume in 2015 . now in 2018 they have the sound filtered and lower volume. also its not an hallusination because it is full sentances and paragraphs back and forth with me. it is always turned on and it is never distorted and it is never partical sounds. it sound exactly like a good radio speak floating in the air and coming from other sounds. this is a micro chip in my tooth i swear to god. unless they have a way to beam the sound at with with some kind of microwave hearing effect. but i really think this is a SOUND MICROCHIP in my tooth.

  • Joseph Wade Paulson
    Joseph Wade Paulson 4 months ago

    I have come with new info. I believe there is a SOUND MICROCHIP tech that can be put into the tooth secretly and transmit audio around the person so that only they hear the sounds.

  • Doodlescnof
    Doodlescnof 4 months ago

    I dont know if im the only one but i sometimes hear myself in my mind literally screaming at my self with my own voice just deeper i sometimes hear some people saying my name sometimes hear footsteps. (The grammar and punctuation is not correct because I'm lazy)

  • Lisa ARMLINK Taehyung
    Lisa ARMLINK Taehyung 4 months ago

    When I don't reach high notes I hear Ariana's voice