What If You Hear Voices In Your Head?

  • Published on Jun 9, 2016
  • Why do some people hear voices?
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Comments • 5 996

  • Ayra Adnan
    Ayra Adnan Day ago

    If I hear a song I like, I can play it in my head in the singers voice.

  • Kermit
    Kermit 4 days ago

    I hear my name getting called multiple times :/

  • peachy Seasons
    peachy Seasons 7 days ago

    I sadly have schizophrenia
    I'm diagnosed
    No it's not as bad now
    But here's what I went through-

    My mother was a drug addict she took drugs when she was pregnant with me. She only had me to get child support money. My dad was young at the time and he didn't have a place of his own. I was stuck with my mother until two years old. My dad took me. She disappeared. My dad got married. My ex step mother was having affairs with guys. She threw stuff at me and mentally abused me. I went to a public school I had a extremely hard time learning and I still do. I had anger issues. Lashed out at my grandparents. They noticed something was wrong. They asked me if I was on drugs and I wasn't. They took me from my aunts (I was living with her because my dad was always working or drinking) my aunt allowed it because she has four kids already and I was the oldest. I felt extremely outcasted at school kids talked about me. My hands were always shaking. My grandmother noticed something was wrong so she took me to the doctor. They diagnosed me with it. They gave me medication (I didn't have it bad ). They helped me through life a lot and now I live in a rv with two dogs! My cat died and I was close to her.. Rest in peace eden. That's just what I went through I'm not going to put it into detail
    But I did have a encounter with a bear in the house and there was no bear.
    I wish you all luck

  • Zhia Boyd
    Zhia Boyd 8 days ago

    I remember hearing my name call 48 days after my dad passed and the voice sound just like him

  • Deep Fakeu
    Deep Fakeu 9 days ago

    How could that be your own voice if the voice is of another man?! Maybe imagination of our own, not voice

  • Low_Profile 4
    Low_Profile 4 14 days ago +1

    If I have paranoia, see shadow people at least 3 times a day (they're more prevalent at night), hear tapping or knocking when there is no one at least 2 times a day, have certain places where colors will change in my vision every day, immediately think "I should jump in front of that car" when confronted with a car or related thoughts every day, get tricked into thinking one of pets is in the room with me multiple times ever day, be basically a couch zombie the whole day, be malnourished, never change my clothes unless I'm going outside, have to use gloves to touch anything outside, feel a cycle of anger, anxiety, and severe depression all throughout the day, feel like I'm inside my head most of the day, watch other people in disgust for how brainwashed they are every day, not at all feel like a part of society, there's much more that goes on but I'd guess this is not normal is it?


    Actually President Bush intentially caused the event of 9/11 . The CIA had their offices in the World Trade Centre . Where housed the real documents related to Iraq and Iran wars with USA . As per international any warfare or political secrets are to be publicy given out after 40 years. Also the CIA offices at 5he World Trade Centre and the pentagon were owned by Osama Bin Laden and President George Bush

  • Edolas Natsu Dragion _bdjejbdhd

    *I am warning you that I have horrific grammar*
    There is no mental illness so far that matches me but I still feel like I'm crazy because i think my thoughts are different. (But im not going to explain that, maybe im fine) I feel like I will snap and have a mental breakdown anyday now....is it depression and anxiety(I am often frantic, especially when I question my sanity, and in some days I feel worthless....depression and anxiety harmonize very well...)? I noticed today that I could be a little selfish at times(yes I feel guilty now) and I am a little attached to the internet, well one of the reasons that I have no friends, so what is there to do ._.? But I don't know how to start conversation, I am more use to keep to myself and not speak at school because I'm more used to not talk and I can't connect with many people that well. Some peo peole try to talk to me but I pretty much panic...in my brain. (I am honestly starting to care less and less this year because itd been litterally 4 years without friends....) I'm always upset as well and discouraging myself but there is more I live un my own head whenevrr I'm alone -but im lazy to type it down.- Is this depression and/or some type of anxiety disorder? Should stop I worrying like every second?
    My sister noticed that I'm always down and is startinglooking for a therapists and I visit the school counselor as well.
    I am starting lose interest in many things in life...like art...I loved drawing..

    I need instant help do I...

    The more I more I type, the more foolish I sound so I'll stop

    • Deep Fakeu
      Deep Fakeu 9 days ago

      i don't mind mental illness if you are high functioning and can earn money from it - can contribute to society using it.

    • Hayden 2000
      Hayden 2000 9 days ago

      I feel the same about some of that stuff

  • STS -74
    STS -74 17 days ago +1

    I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand

  • cat lover
    cat lover 20 days ago

    my brain:hi zoe me:hello

  • cat lover
    cat lover 20 days ago

    no i hear random voices that sound way more different creepy sounding 😞

  • Nigel Adams
    Nigel Adams 22 days ago

    Inter dialogue is overrated, I don't use it.

  • GenTheBoss xX
    GenTheBoss xX 24 days ago

    I don't, because I fight them off with my thoughts :)

  • Blitz wolfer
    Blitz wolfer 25 days ago

    I might be schizophrenic

  • Mark Sandoval
    Mark Sandoval 29 days ago

    Speaking of, how does mpd work?

  • Kira the Folf
    Kira the Folf Month ago +2

    I have five voices in my head, One is me, two is angry, three is suicide-ish , four is friendly, five is... well...Rather not say, i think.
    there are others but I would rather not them. They wont leave me, but who sad I want them to,no seriously, who told me so.
    but there are extras that take place in moments when no main voice takes over like, a sad and depressed one, an admiddidly perverted one, one who will never stop screaming, wether it be mad or sad, she wont stop.
    I sometimes believe that they are spirits from other people who went into purgatory and got stuck in me when i was a child. One is a man Aka me, two is a man Aka angry, three is a girl aka suicide, four is non binary aka friendly, five is also non binary,as far as I know. they each get a random chance to speak for them self. but One is mostly in control, or so I think.
    They are good friends to have because they all lived my life.they see what i see.and I hear what they say about it.
    Most of my voices have things in common, like music, gaming, singing is faviorite.
    I wouldn't say I am sick mental wise.
    for people that wonder, purgatory is a place where there is no heaven or hell, you are still on earth. but as a ghost. and your final emotion before death is how you live your afterlife.Or so they told me.
    Voices are not neccesarily bad. most of mine are helpfull. some more than others.Now Im going to stop typing this long thing and listen what my voices say to do to my sims in my game, enjoy life and dont die, goodbye

    • Par Ty
      Par Ty 23 days ago

      That sounds a lot like DID. I have DID, and it feels like there's multiple people in my head. They kinda take control of my actions and I'm just tagging along for the ride. The first alter that appeared looks almost identical to me, but we have completely different personalities. They're apathetic really and kinda just blurt out whatever comes to their head without thinking about the consequences of their actions. They cause a couple of problems, but they usually help me stand my ground and stuff. One of the other alters I have is kinda aloof and idealistic. They're pretty foolish, but usually has good intentions. They usually help me when I have a situation where I have to put others before myself in order to fix something. I have a lot of other alters, but those two are the ones who take control the most.

  • this is a test to see how long can my name go LMAO

    i sometimes hear my dad who died 4 years ago... he often tells me to be happy and run away..... HELP

  • Hamchung 77
    Hamchung 77 Month ago

    I came as soon as I heard from bmc

  • giorgi gurchumelia
    giorgi gurchumelia Month ago

    Bush did 9/11

    SPACER Month ago

    I sing songs inside my head. When people come to talk to me. I can't stop those songs . They will be playing inside my head till the end of the song.

  • John Dough
    John Dough Month ago

    Do narcotics.

  • MilesTails101
    MilesTails101 Month ago +2

    Im hearing voices right now im in school im not kidding help me

    • Thanks Hi
      Thanks Hi 4 days ago

      MilesTails101 tell you parents
      Go to a doctor

  • Mayvel Syrup
    Mayvel Syrup Month ago

    Oml this was in my recomended the day after i heard "wake up" in my head last night i think im on drugs brooooo

  • It's Keira
    It's Keira Month ago

    I hear arguing voices when it's really quiet and I'm in a room by myself

  • Savvy Slay
    Savvy Slay Month ago

    The voices tell me to do bad things and they tell me I'm worthless my dad won't believe me

    • Deep Fakeu
      Deep Fakeu 9 days ago

      try to listen to good things, watch good shows, listen to songs with happy lyrics, everyday for a year.
      stop watching playing violent video games and listening to edgy things. Maybe the voices will change?

  • A p r i c i t y
    A p r i c i t y Month ago

    Me: TULPAS!
    My tulpa: nO-

  • Skylar Dodds
    Skylar Dodds Month ago

    I don’t think my dad has Schizophrenia. But I SWEAR more than half the time he acts like he does. I know I don’t have it. But I am a Maladaptive Daydreamer and sometimes when I am so deep in a daydream and I finally snap back to reality I was yell at someone to shut up who was in my daydream or say something that sounds random out loud. What would that be called?

  • Izzy-Nator
    Izzy-Nator Month ago

    WOAH I HAVE *uh how do u spell it?*
    I have schizophrenia

  • Hearing Voices No More

    It is my theory that the voices are coming from spirits that dwell internally and externally , remove the spirit you remove the voices thus removing stigma of schizophrenia .

  • Ella 050
    Ella 050 Month ago

    Why do I have so many problems

  • Jabeth
    Jabeth Month ago

    I got my B.A. just by watching this.

  • DkXboxer
    DkXboxer Month ago

    Lol I don't have schizophrenia
    Voice: yes you do

  • //Rxmembur//
    //Rxmembur// Month ago

    Don't call me wrong but I was making something and I used tape and scissors, and I felt like cutting my nose when I didn't also I do wierd things because I just don't want my head telling me to all day..

  • Ivica Borović
    Ivica Borović Month ago

    I hear voices in my head,
    they council me,
    the understand,
    they talk to me

  • Gudh Thehdj
    Gudh Thehdj Month ago

    I’m scared now...

  • Angel Of Death
    Angel Of Death Month ago

    Happened to me 30 Mins ago. while i was playing a video game. I heard a murmur inside my head. (Insde-Outwards) then it stops. O moght have GAD (Gen. Anxiety) and now im resstless again

  • Zegik Niet
    Zegik Niet Month ago

    Bush did it

  • norah m.
    norah m. 2 months ago

    what if they're just the normal kind though
    edit: im looking at the comments and realising how unoriginal this comment is

  • yoonmin
    yoonmin 2 months ago

    I hear voices and they command me to do stuff and I do it because it feels like something bad will happen if I don't do it what should I do

  • Thomas Roberts
    Thomas Roberts 2 months ago

    Why do they see it as a disease apparently Jesus was schizophrenic maybe that’s why he thought he was the son of god.

  • tekubus
    tekubus 2 months ago

    Mental illness is a motherfucker.

  • Damn
    Damn 2 months ago

    I hear a voice in my sleep paralysis, I hear "confidence" in my dream, it wakes me up and it continue until I am fully conscious

  • Umaru Chan
    Umaru Chan 2 months ago

    I can send messages to people's minds

  • anTt0
    anTt0 2 months ago

    i sometimes hear in my head : worm. idk why

  • TikO LoRd
    TikO LoRd 2 months ago

    *I'm really afraid can someone tell me if i have schizophrenia or not,i have random thoughts, sometimes i remember a song i've heard many times in that day, sometimes remembering a person from youtube or tv when she speaks when i try to sleep at night (by the way i never heard voices and see some wierds stuffs ).*

  • Hyper Titanic
    Hyper Titanic 2 months ago

    I hear voices that took place in my head but I don't find it out until people tell me

  • Young Darkness
    Young Darkness 3 months ago +1

    I hear voices in my head the council me they understand.....

  • patrikcath
    patrikcath 3 months ago +1

    I can't hear any voices.

  • ThunderXGaming
    ThunderXGaming 3 months ago

    I hear voices in my head when I hear running water please help

  • Reese Thomas
    Reese Thomas 3 months ago

    I hear voices in my head when I go to sleep, and the voices are talking to each other

  • Space • CH¡P
    Space • CH¡P 3 months ago

    I have a voice solely for waking me up. A screaming girl, who sometimes calls my name out of the blue which surprises me and my friend because I usually reply "What?"

  • Targeted in Ireland
    Targeted in Ireland 3 months ago

    Hearing voices means your a targeted individual

  • Gloria
    Gloria 3 months ago

    Is schizophrenia and schizoaffective the same thing? Or how exactly would you differentiate between two, preferably while using more simplistic terms/language.

  • Prince To
    Prince To 3 months ago

    Today I heard a help in my head

  • helmida
    helmida 3 months ago

    I was going to sleep and then i heard in my head someone said my name and then like loudly said HEY and i got so scared and im still scared that im like crazy and that im not a human please help im scared😭😭

  • goo goo bars
    goo goo bars 3 months ago

    I get these bastards a lot and I talk to my head as well I talk to my schizophrenia

  • Akko Llama
    Akko Llama 3 months ago

    I don’t hear voices but, I do hallucinate 👀

  • Brandon Norris
    Brandon Norris 3 months ago +1

    These voices are leading to people committing suicide because it is so persistent and the person always hears it.

  • JazzyRainyKitty
    JazzyRainyKitty 3 months ago

    One night I saw a floating toy truck. This night I heard people screaming. Am I going crazy? I only see these things usually at night. It's really scary because sometimes I see a tall woman standing in my room or a man sitting at the edge of my bed.

  • fistsOFfury366 D
    fistsOFfury366 D 3 months ago

    I just think people can hear my thoughts. I have been thinking this since I was 14. I am turning 16 the augest 3rd. Of the 2018. I also see black shadows in the hall way and in the bathroom. And on the roads. Occasionally on the roads though. I haven't told anyone this before but maybe they already know? I have to think carefully or else people might find out things i dont want found out. This is really the first time I said anything like this to people or even typed it online.

  • Meditative Gamer
    Meditative Gamer 3 months ago

    I have voices in my head and they help me and actually can remember things that techers say and reminds me in tests

  • What ?
    What ? 3 months ago

    I’m not schizophrenic but ever since my first emotional support pet died, and then I got another and it died, even after I did nothing wrong, I thought I was getting karma for something or that bad things will keep happening to me. Now my mind is telling me that something REALLY bad is going to happen next and I cried the other night a lot as well as last night I kept waking up throughout the night. I’m always telling my mind to shut up and I always scare myself. I don’t know what to do. My mind is starting to tell me that I’m going to die and things like that. It’s scary.

  • Uganda Knackle
    Uganda Knackle 3 months ago

    I started hearing my moms voice prety often

  • Nyasia Long
    Nyasia Long 3 months ago

    I hear things like horn sounds inside of my head alot and I ask if someone else hears it and they say no so I dont know what i have because I don't hear voices at all only horns

  • hey.jalia
    hey.jalia 3 months ago

    i hear voices in my head late at night. it’s to the point where I end up crying. but I try to make out what the voice is saying, i can’t. all it is is a voice yelling but it’s like echo. it’s very confusing.

  • Arturo Rubio
    Arturo Rubio 4 months ago

    I have my own voice that I control and think with and talk to myself with. But I also have uncontrolled voices that say untrue and unwanted things outta nowhere... Am I insane??

  • Gacha Riley 1
    Gacha Riley 1 4 months ago

    Tf I just heard a voice saying lalalalala

  • A Commenter
    A Commenter 4 months ago +1

    There's a second way of hearing the voices. Internally(not by ears, thoughts are many and uncontrollable, different voices male or female)
    80% of the time I am annoyed by them. What do I do whilst waiting for my next doctors appointment? To cope. Because I'm suffering from anorexia and these voices won't help my already heavy depressive state. I've just recently realised this problem.

  • Psycho-Sis
    Psycho-Sis 4 months ago

    I really need help here! So I have a total of 7 voices in my head (I've been diagnosed with psychosis) and there are different types of voices in my head. They all have names and a mind of their own. The first are the ones I can see, I have three of them, they can also take control of my body when they want to or when I let them. The next is actual voices, I can't see them, only hear them. Then there's one...he's bad. He tells me bad things and he looks like a scary demon (thats what he looks like). CAN ANYONE TALK TO ME A HELP?

    • Hearing Voices No More
      Hearing Voices No More Month ago

      i can remove the voices e mail me Hearingvoicesnomore@gmail.com this is not a joke watch my video press my logo

  • Fahima Husaini
    Fahima Husaini 4 months ago

    Yep! Flying Pigs are totally true!

  • nachure1
    nachure1 4 months ago

    I hear many voices, duplicates of my own but they made my brain chaos.

  • babe
    babe 4 months ago

    But Bush DID do 9/11

  • Taazzor iOS
    Taazzor iOS 4 months ago

    I hear voices in my head and they doubt me abuse me verbally and threaten me sometimes... all part of depression and they don’t let you escape..

  • Seán Heneghan
    Seán Heneghan 4 months ago +2

    I hear people (voices )telling me to be more insecure and telling me that I should die ,please somebody help me

    • A Commenter
      A Commenter 4 months ago +1

      Default Craig, seek professional help immediately!

  • Neurotic Fох
    Neurotic Fох 4 months ago +1

    *That Is Called Thinking*

  • No Name
    No Name 4 months ago +4

    I have been diagnosed with Simple Schizophrenia a couple months ago, but trust me when I say:
    *Anyone being affected by schizophrenia are not monsters❤ We love everyone even if we may seem a bit paranoid at times :)*

    • Par Ty
      Par Ty 23 days ago

      I support you! I have DID, so I understand how you feel. The media often misrepresenteds people who have some kind of mental disorder, but we just need to stay strong and prove that we are functioning members of society. I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

  • Isa PM
    Isa PM 4 months ago +1

    It’s weird that I can talk and have a long conversation with myself? Because I can literally spend hours talking to myself and giving me “auto-advice”

    • A Commenter
      A Commenter 4 months ago

      Donkay, you simply must get someone to talk to then, literally anyone

    • Garfield Vevo
      Garfield Vevo 4 months ago +1

      Isa PM I do that in order to not go insane because I got no one to talk to.

  • Isa PM
    Isa PM 4 months ago +2

    I hear voices in my head but they’re not out of my control

  • YaRmgl
    YaRmgl 4 months ago

    i love how they slipped conspiracy theorists in there... Anyone knowing and trying to expose the truth of our corrupt world will be called a delusional schizophrenic

  • Ellie Keethman
    Ellie Keethman 4 months ago

    I've never heard voices in my head...

  • MeradiusTemp/Inv
    MeradiusTemp/Inv 4 months ago +1

    This ritual practice is used for many years its when these so called witches or occultists use energy to direct it to your ear drums causing auditory hallucinations and possibly human voices from the witches or occultists themselves! All this can cause mind control of the victim and can cause negative reactions! This is fact!

    • A Commenter
      A Commenter 4 months ago

      MeradiusTemp/Inv, but... Schizophrenic voices can be internal... Like nottt in the ears at all... And the voices are aimless the majority of the time, with no specific agenda, or message, they can be positive neutral or negative. If what you said was true it would always be negative and full of aim and agenda. But it's not

  • Snoop Dogg
    Snoop Dogg 4 months ago

    Ive heard some to tell me to sell my soul..

  • Floating in Clouds
    Floating in Clouds 4 months ago

    Is schizophrenia also when you see things in the corner of your eye and when you look back it’s gone because that happens to me alot

  • Galatea
    Galatea 4 months ago

    Mine just says my name... I’m like, ‘dude, I know my own name, come up with something original’

  • Vr Lucifer
    Vr Lucifer 4 months ago

    Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between the voices in my head and actual voices

  • white fox
    white fox 4 months ago

    Mouth open

  • ParalysisPoM
    ParalysisPoM 4 months ago

    I see things that aren't there... like I watch game theories and ended up seeing suicide squidward, dora but her eyes were bleeding, a tall giant thing that had eyes on it.. and slenderman. Whenever I try to pull an all-nighter or I doze off in my bed I hear someone call my name and than I awaken and there have been MULTIPLE times where I feel like i'm being watched or I think one of my siblings are calling me... I once felt so depressed that people were ignoring me that when I was home and my dog ignored me and bit me when I called him I felt so hurt that I sat down on the ground, quietly cried, and just sat there. (And people smoke around me)

  • woduhka •-•
    woduhka •-• 4 months ago +1

    When I play piano or there's silence I can hear 2 men talking and a lady crying I get scared at my home the men at the back yard and lady inside sometimes a lil girl crying in closets and by forniture
    Idk what this is but when my dad put a cross of jessus on the wall it stopped exept for the lady sometimes I hear in my head voices and words that I don't even know that actually exist when someone talks my thoughts say something but then some other thoughts like 4 ppl agree and dessagree with my thoughts I hate it but know I'm rarely hearing this thoughts and I used to see cats but then they would fade and dissapear🐈 several cats that weren't there but looked like they were there!!!!l

  • miss potato
    miss potato 4 months ago

    I've had it only once. I was making instant noodles when I heard my mom say "come over here I need your help with something" and I was like ye and I turned around and she wasn't there I remember searching the house and being really freaked out. Turned out she was outside the whole time, that was really freaky. But I probably heard that because I have had a lot of stress lately.

  • Mr. Heptaman
    Mr. Heptaman 4 months ago

    0:11 the illuminati is CONFIRMED

  • lona lion
    lona lion 4 months ago

    I always talk in my head in now i hear a little voice in that little voice is me but it cant go away it gives me a headache i went to a brain docter when i was 5 that never worked i was in that white thing that they put u in in u have to have headphones idk what its call but it still didn't work im now 18 in i talk to myself all the time but i always hear a voice 😪 ive cried over it because 1. My head hurts all the time 2. College i dont focus
    I need help 😧😦😦😦😦 lol

  • Chris Corbett
    Chris Corbett 4 months ago

    I have schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

  • HeLp mE Fr0m ThIs CrUeL WoRLd

    My head keeps saying I hate god but I don’t... ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;;-;

    • Yelena G
      Yelena G Month ago

      HeLp mE Fr0m ThIs CrUeL WoRLd The enemy of God is devil, so this is him in your head, ask Jesus to forgive you of all of your sins and repent and he will make you free!

  • Minnie Jiminie
    Minnie Jiminie 4 months ago

    I keep hearing people fighting and shouting.

  • Unites Brand that
    Unites Brand that 4 months ago

    I’m 1 if the 1%

  • Amberly
    Amberly 4 months ago

    You should've talked about other mental illnesses besides schizophrenia bc not just that mental illness hears voices. My uncle hears voices and stuff and so does my mom (when she doesn't take her meds) the difference is my uncle doesn't realize these voice are in his head and my mom knows it's her brain. My uncle has schizophrenia and my mom has mania, bipolar depression with auditory hallucinations

  • cυтιepιe ĸιттycaт

    I got diagnosed with schizophrenia. Most of the voices call me... slut, autism, ciao(chinese for crazy, I’m not chinese, don’t ask why) but sometimes they’re nice and tell me things like, oh she’s actually nice! And yeah. It sucks lol. It freaks me OUT so much. Lol. I’m Glad I have medication for this though.

  • one_werid _girl
    one_werid _girl 4 months ago

    What of there voices making you do stuff?