What If You Hear Voices In Your Head?

  • Published on Jun 9, 2016
  • Why do some people hear voices?
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Comments • 6 151

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom Hour ago

    When silence i hear ringing

  • irlart
    irlart Day ago

    Y'all do know that there are many mental illnesses that lead to psychosis including voice hearing, incl. schizoaffective disorder, psychosis nos and bipolar type I with psychosis. Psychosis as a symptom is not limited to schizophrenia and implying such is harmful to mental health acceptance.

  • Hilmi Aulia
    Hilmi Aulia 2 days ago

    I've heard the same thing with my friends at the same time together but there was no one except me and my friend

  • Eric Pham
    Eric Pham 2 days ago

    What happens if if you don't hear any voices in your head anymore? Like being in the quietest room.

  • Petter Houting
    Petter Houting 2 days ago +1

    I heard voices while on weed. I truly was convinced there were people in my room but i couldnt see them

  • Space Blend
    Space Blend 3 days ago

    Lol my voices are very convincing they tell me to just end it all and nothing matters and that I’m such a pussy for taking this pain lmao how do I mute the voices they’re getting to me

  • geckoman2695
    geckoman2695 4 days ago

    When I concentrates too hard my thought always sounds like I am shouting. This happens many times in exams or just a regular class.

  • Aea Zach Loves Dogs
    Aea Zach Loves Dogs 4 days ago

    okay I love the vid but am I the only one with that... that-that vOiCe in my head singing Voices In My Head from Be More Chill??

    • laniepotato
      laniepotato 3 days ago +1


  • that 1 gamer
    that 1 gamer 5 days ago

    I know that you guys aren't doctors... but... I have a lot of the symptoms of schizophrenia and I hear one voice, and I call... it Craig the crazy one and it tells me things that aren't true at all like," no one likes you, your friends are only your friends because they feel obligated to be your friend". And sometimes for no reasons I start biting of hitting myself, though I've been able to control it more it is still a problem. And apart from the voice telling me thing, I'm always paranoid and my heart rate is always up....... please....help...please I cant Stanton it it is literally driving me more crazy. Also I have told no one about things and I dont know how to approach it to my parents and my friends.i also listen to rap and bass heavy songs because the voice likes it and he quites down.

  • Crying Kim
    Crying Kim 5 days ago +1

    Mine keep me company I call it spongebob and patrick

  • BertMan
    BertMan 6 days ago

    What does this mean? Whenever I get mad sad etc. I will talk outloud to myself convincing myself to feel this way even more say someone just walked past me and nugged me on accident I will start mumbling to myself convincing myself that what they did was way worse than what they actually did

  • hello
    hello 7 days ago

    Ah yes, the bad verbal hallucinations:
    and libertarianism

  • Candace Mung
    Candace Mung 7 days ago

    You’re on drugs. That’s it.

  • Is a bell
    Is a bell 8 days ago

    Is it something you can inherit because my grandmother is and I have started to have symptoms

  • Ha Ha
    Ha Ha 9 days ago

    Sometimes when drifting to sleep I hear many loud whrispers of people and for some reason I can almost see faint faces. It's really scary for some reason, and I would love to get rid of it, but don't know how. Anyone know what this is?

  • Paz Lull
    Paz Lull 10 days ago

    its called Dissociative Identity Disorder not "multiple personalities" ....

  • Broken Brooklyn
    Broken Brooklyn 10 days ago

    Is it bad to talk to yourself and reply?

  • Creepy Bean
    Creepy Bean 11 days ago

    I have conversations with myself without voices answering, I could ramble on and on then realise I am talking to no one. I often hear a "Hello" whisper, breathing, and laughter. They say my name a lot too... I try to talk to them but they never answer back after "Hello" and "Yes" or "No".

  • Mariella Casaverde
    Mariella Casaverde 11 days ago

    That's called psychosis dear friends , hallucinations , me , a broken body , get a doctor , get help , I'm not a psychiatrists , probably at this point , you stopped seeing reality and think I live homeless or in total poverty , yes I became rich , president , cartel head , whatever , bigger than Satan , hola.

  • Mariella Casaverde
    Mariella Casaverde 11 days ago

    I have only bad dreams or insults I never gave in my head , and a broken head and vagina for over 20 years , thanks for people's delusions.

  • Mariella Casaverde
    Mariella Casaverde 11 days ago

    If I'm famous , they're going to hear me .

  • Mariella Casaverde
    Mariella Casaverde 11 days ago

    Crazy people hear insults in their head .

  • the night hAunter f88k the 1%!! PRIVACY OR gen8cide

    what happens if your intrisic voices become racist and slightly aggressive?
    and actually influence your own thoughts?
    take anti phycotik pills like in video?

    • the night hAunter f88k the 1%!! PRIVACY OR gen8cide
      the night hAunter f88k the 1%!! PRIVACY OR gen8cide 13 days ago

      oh nsa/google/1% i have been blessed by slennesh,
      so now your fates might be worse then antisipated,
      plus if i can take control of my intrisic voices,i can double the torture!!!
      your dead.

  • spikes 123
    spikes 123 14 days ago

    I hear voices in my head they said im gonna die and things like this but how do i stop

  • LadyHaru Studio
    LadyHaru Studio 14 days ago

    What if I hear them while I sleep? I usually hear voices from shows I watched during the day or random sounds, but sometimes they are so loud I wake up 2 or 3 minutes after falling asleep. It usually happens when I have to wake up early, like an inner clock alarm

  • Weed Man
    Weed Man 15 days ago +3

    I am going to give it a shot explaining myself as how my schizophrenia is: imagine your character, your brain aka You in all and all is cut up like a pie in 6 total. But every piece is an exact duplicate of all other pieces. Piece number 1 is on the wheel in the car all the time and the other pieces just give suggestions where to go or just have conversations except number 6, he only comes to the wheel when you snap. All of them are pie but yet seperate pieces. Now don't get it wrong but they intotal are still 1 pie but in the head of the pie they are seperate.
    If you were to meet me you wouldn't know I was schizophrenic. But in my head it is often chaos yet structured. Now for the hallucinations it's non stop. Eventually you get used to seeing weird stuff from black goo blobs bubbeling past ya or you think your cat is next to you and when you go to pet it's not there etc.
    Hope this makes a bit sense.

  • succthedank
    succthedank 16 days ago +1

    My voice tells me to kill myself and tells me that I'm not worth it and that I suck at everything.

  • Spicy Fox
    Spicy Fox 19 days ago

    I thought C-4 was an explosive

    OK just kidding

  • Nashton Snarr
    Nashton Snarr 19 days ago

    Those voices are me👹

  • xX Gachawolf Xx
    xX Gachawolf Xx 20 days ago

    If you hear voices in your head,

    *Professer Ospin Has Taken over*

  • Ruben L
    Ruben L 20 days ago

    Then I'm crazy

  • creeper izak
    creeper izak 21 day ago

    I talk to myself in my head very often.

  • Quinn Johnson
    Quinn Johnson 21 day ago

    Mental illness cant be cured. Just put into remission.

  • Min min
    Min min 21 day ago

    You can think if you can hear voices in your head

  • Marttina Ross Soriano

    Who's in here cuz of Be more chill??

  • Yes
    Yes 22 days ago +1

    Fool I have voices in my head, those my thoughts

  • Gerjiye
    Gerjiye 22 days ago

    I’m dealing with voices
    Oh wow

  • Anxiety
    Anxiety 22 days ago

    My uncle has schizophrenia but I’ve never met him

  • András Fogarasi
    András Fogarasi 23 days ago +1

    "We all have an inner dialogue inside our mind."
    Not even one sentence in and he's already lying.

  • Zaynah Lliam Bitanga
    Zaynah Lliam Bitanga 23 days ago

    Yessh it may be a Squip

  • IAmMadimations
    IAmMadimations 24 days ago

    Have you ever heard of birdie? Well, I am 99.9% sure she has this.

  • lexi Williams
    lexi Williams 24 days ago

    What do you mean if?

  • Blu Xao
    Blu Xao 26 days ago +2

    You should watch A Beautiful Mind it is about a mathematician named John Nash who had schizophrenia and he was able to live his life and ignore his hallucinations, he also won a Nobel Prize in economics I think. Him and his wife died a couple of years ago in a car crash I think, he was 93 I believe.

  • David Bernal
    David Bernal 27 days ago

    I hallucinate really badly and hear voices in my mind. Help me, its tourchure. I hear kids from school making fun of me and when I hallucinate its something scary and I can't get rid of the hualluicnation for a long while. HELP ME

  • DontbeSmug
    DontbeSmug 27 days ago

    I think I have schizophrenia

  • Undead Archangel
    Undead Archangel 27 days ago

    Answer:stop watching this video, go to a psychologist

  • Kael731
    Kael731 29 days ago

    My therapist diagnosed me with schizophrenic tendencies/ short term psychosis last summer but they seemed to have stoped so thats amazing. I still talk to myself alot but thats fine. The only thing wrong with my mental health now is pyromania

    • Kael731
      Kael731 22 days ago

      i see, that would explain the cause of it going away and such. thanks for the info

    • Nick John
      Nick John 22 days ago

      +Kael731 Every once in a while, even normal person can get psychosis. Google "berevement". Intense emotional state can lead to psychosis. But schizo is different. They get hallucination, even without any mood disorder. That is marker or differences between schizo and MDD

    • Kael731
      Kael731 23 days ago

      +Nick John i know, thats why he didnt diagnose me with schizopherina and tendiences which can stop. and plus i dont have it anymore

    • Nick John
      Nick John 23 days ago

      Then you dont have schizophrenia. Schizo is lifelong disease.

  • alien 753
    alien 753 Month ago

    well yeah I hear voices in my head. they are assholes and like different parts of me. like DID but just voices in my head instead. makes my head interesting

  • Dominic Vidales
    Dominic Vidales Month ago

    Wait... but Bush did 9/11...

  • Bryant Khav
    Bryant Khav Month ago

    Im scared

  • DanSan 05
    DanSan 05 Month ago

    Now I'm having flashbacks of bo1 when Alex Mason was hearing numbers in his head.

    • Nick John
      Nick John 23 days ago

      Technically not on his head. His brain can get the hidden messege because of broadcast station.

  • Applepie Studios
    Applepie Studios Month ago +1

    So I have a voice in my head. He says he was put there to show me the truth. His name is victor. He tells me that I suck, I’m dumb, that my crush doesn’t like me because of these reasons, that I’m ugly, and that I’m bad at swimming (which is a school sport I’m in), and that god isn’t real. My friends tell me to just ignore him, but I can’t, he won’t go away. I have told my parents and they’re pretty concerned. Should I be concerned? Should I go to a psychologist/psychiatrist? Help!

  • Mati Wójcik lubię jelenie


  • Shirley Succubus
    Shirley Succubus Month ago

    I mostly hear voices when lying in bed trying to sleep. Thank God they're not terrifying. I just hear literal random bullshit like someone drew 3 random words out of a hat and read them off. The only few times they were creepy was one time in the shower I heard "are you alone" and another's time I head "SHIRLEY" late at night (my name)

    • Shirley Succubus
      Shirley Succubus 22 days ago +1

      I definitely want to try a different medication, I'll talk to my doctor. Sorry to hear about what those meds did for/to you. And thanks, have a nice evening!

    • Nick John
      Nick John 22 days ago +1

      +Shirley Succubus Apathy right? Pretty common with risperidone. Did used it before. Pretty bad for me for my negative state. But hallucination did disapear. But I almost suicide when on risperidone. Now I use other drug like abilify. If anything, tell dr your symptoms. Might be another solution pop up for you. Good luck.

    • Shirley Succubus
      Shirley Succubus 22 days ago

      +Nick John not even depression just complete emotionless. Like I'm drifting around in my head and I get twitches all the time.

    • Nick John
      Nick John 22 days ago

      +Shirley Succubus How is the risperidone? Any depressive symptoms using the risperidone?

    • Shirley Succubus
      Shirley Succubus 22 days ago

      +Nick John I'm on risperidone and Ativan as needed for panic attacks or to sleep at night

  • Loser
    Loser Month ago +2

    There’s this little voice in the back of my head BELIVE ME OR NOT I can’t control. 😕 all they do is offend me causing me to cry more than I already was. But yeah I’m not special, move along with your day 🙂

  • • ChurroKiid •
    • ChurroKiid • Month ago

    Last night, I was scared as I struggled to fall asleep. I don't know why. I've always been paranoid, so I never sleep where I can't see the rest if the room. I tried to sleep on the other side, though, where I couldn't. I was falling alseep, when I heard a woman or girl whisper something sounding like 'teewor'

  • Greyson Alley
    Greyson Alley Month ago

    I dont have inner dialog

  • Lupita Cong
    Lupita Cong Month ago

    bush did do 9/11

  • Ewa Pawlik
    Ewa Pawlik Month ago

    Wait, what about people inside someone’s head, like second family? I we were wondering, like literally, what are we?
    It’s going to sound weird, but since I was little, I had a “world inside my head”, with people living in it.
    Since I can remember, we were helping each other with our anxieties, problems and just hanging out.
    I never talked about it with anyone (because for me it was normal, to hear voices), but now I’m basically curious ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Friendly Trash —
    Friendly Trash — Month ago

    Does anyone else give the voices in their head names? Because I do and one is super energetic and very cheery, while the other is more mature and serious but I don’t talk to her often.
    Sorry if it’s weird I just get bored.

  • D B
    D B Month ago

    Umm.. I kinda need help on what if anything i have. Im normal but i have weird traits. Im an INFJ, but an ambivert and am sociable and quite hyper while sometimes no energy and really down.i talk to myself but more am sarcastic with myself, and can have different moods and ways of thinking depending on these moods but i don't think its serious. I also have nightmares, and sometimes hear faint sounds, the other day i heard someone breathing, theres more but i just wanted to know an opinion?

  • MSPxoxSparklyxoxGirl

    I sometimes hear people yell my name like my parent and when I go to them they say no they don’t.. I don’t understand...

  • oppataetae
    oppataetae Month ago

    What if hearing voices is normal, and not..isn’t :/ just saying

  • Hiungsin Sentosakarunia

    I don't know why I sometimes hear songs in my brain and I don't know how to stop 'em, it's just "playing" that songs over and over again before i go to sleep. Any suggestions? Thanks

  • Underused Wall
    Underused Wall Month ago

    I have full conversation with my brain

    WHY U BULLY ME Month ago

    I hear voices saying "effe de gawe ee" what does that mean???

  • Nina The Killer
    Nina The Killer Month ago

    I am going insane. I know it. I hear voices and they tell me to do bad things. At first it was just me hearing people yelling my name.

  • Arthirias
    Arthirias Month ago +1

    Probably CIAniggers if you dont have a history of mental illness. They have the tech for that now.

  • Killer lensen
    Killer lensen 2 months ago

    "Bush did 9/11" lmfao 😂

  • Dramatic Draggo
    Dramatic Draggo 2 months ago

    Y’all ever stay awake at night, and you hear people calling your name? For me, it sounds like the people close to me.

    OWL SQUAD 2 months ago

    Then you are Randy Orton

  • NoVeD
    NoVeD 2 months ago

    Ever since I overdosed on seroquel voices were telling me to kill myself

  • FrogeTV
    FrogeTV 2 months ago

    I used to hear yelling in my head two voices saying I’m stupid and dumb and Just yelling bad stuff

  • Donald Baxter
    Donald Baxter 2 months ago

    I talk to myself because the people I'm around most of the day get on my fuckin nerves and it's just easier to stay away from that shit. Even if you do have to talk to yourself it's better than getting into a confrontation with some body. That's my opinion but it works for me. Does that make me crazy?

  • Li'l Dew !
    Li'l Dew ! 2 months ago

    sometimes like when I'm outside and kids sometimes call each other's name and I hear my name sometimes from kids

  • Ink lily
    Ink lily 2 months ago

    So do I have Schizophrenia? I only hear voices in my head like hearing people call my name and just random things like man who did that will im trying to draw.

  • Why You bully me
    Why You bully me 2 months ago

    I hear my parents talking bad about me, like I played phone and stayed up late etc. I got very scared everytime I hear that I went to my door to listen if it was real. There was nothing I heard nothing, I got very scared and trembled as I walk back to my bed. And think that if I was going crazy? Is this normal I have been hearing these voices after taking my phone back without my parents knowing because they confiscated it. I am still hearing it :(

    • Donald Baxter
      Donald Baxter 2 months ago

      No, that's your conscience trying to tell you that you shouldn't have taken your phone back without your parents knowing. I never really had much of a relationship with my parents, please don't be that way. Both my parents are passed away now and I regret it everyday.

  • PastelxPetal
    PastelxPetal 2 months ago

    I have people, not really people in my head, and I can see them. They all have diffrent personalities, only one bothers me.

  • owowhatsthis ._.
    owowhatsthis ._. 2 months ago

    I hear voices..idk what to do

  • Lerman
    Lerman 2 months ago +2

    I hear voices in my head they council me they understand they talk to me - Randy Orton 😂

  • snapi witch
    snapi witch 2 months ago

    The voices in my head are uncontrolable. What can i do?

  • TheSomeGui
    TheSomeGui 2 months ago

    Is "Bush did the 9/11" really that delusional? I don't think thats what happened, but I wouldn't disregard that as a possibility Lol

  • Alejandro Philli
    Alejandro Philli 3 months ago

    thank you ''dont drive while do this'' close your eyes and some not able /passed family/ u may see your twin God is always good
    thanks again and always be creation

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 3 months ago

    You become randy orton

  • Ayra Adnan
    Ayra Adnan 3 months ago

    If I hear a song I like, I can play it in my head in the singers voice.

  • Souliance
    Souliance 3 months ago

    I hear my name getting called multiple times :/

  • peachy Seasons
    peachy Seasons 3 months ago

    I sadly have schizophrenia
    I'm diagnosed
    No it's not as bad now
    But here's what I went through-

    My mother was a drug addict she took drugs when she was pregnant with me. She only had me to get child support money. My dad was young at the time and he didn't have a place of his own. I was stuck with my mother until two years old. My dad took me. She disappeared. My dad got married. My ex step mother was having affairs with guys. She threw stuff at me and mentally abused me. I went to a public school I had a extremely hard time learning and I still do. I had anger issues. Lashed out at my grandparents. They noticed something was wrong. They asked me if I was on drugs and I wasn't. They took me from my aunts (I was living with her because my dad was always working or drinking) my aunt allowed it because she has four kids already and I was the oldest. I felt extremely outcasted at school kids talked about me. My hands were always shaking. My grandmother noticed something was wrong so she took me to the doctor. They diagnosed me with it. They gave me medication (I didn't have it bad ). They helped me through life a lot and now I live in a rv with two dogs! My cat died and I was close to her.. Rest in peace eden. That's just what I went through I'm not going to put it into detail
    But I did have a encounter with a bear in the house and there was no bear.
    I wish you all luck

  • Zhia Boyd
    Zhia Boyd 3 months ago

    I remember hearing my name call 48 days after my dad passed and the voice sound just like him

    • Nick John
      Nick John Month ago

      Normal. It is called berevement. Psychosis during intense sadness.

  • Deep Fakeu
    Deep Fakeu 3 months ago

    How could that be your own voice if the voice is of another man?! Maybe imagination of our own, not voice

  • Low_Profile 4
    Low_Profile 4 3 months ago +1

    If I have paranoia, see shadow people at least 3 times a day (they're more prevalent at night), hear tapping or knocking when there is no one at least 2 times a day, have certain places where colors will change in my vision every day, immediately think "I should jump in front of that car" when confronted with a car or related thoughts every day, get tricked into thinking one of pets is in the room with me multiple times ever day, be basically a couch zombie the whole day, be malnourished, never change my clothes unless I'm going outside, have to use gloves to touch anything outside, feel a cycle of anger, anxiety, and severe depression all throughout the day, feel like I'm inside my head most of the day, watch other people in disgust for how brainwashed they are every day, not at all feel like a part of society, there's much more that goes on but I'd guess this is not normal is it?


    Actually President Bush intentially caused the event of 9/11 . The CIA had their offices in the World Trade Centre . Where housed the real documents related to Iraq and Iran wars with USA . As per international any warfare or political secrets are to be publicy given out after 40 years. Also the CIA offices at 5he World Trade Centre and the pentagon were owned by Osama Bin Laden and President George Bush

  • Rogue Cheney
    Rogue Cheney 3 months ago

    *I am warning you that I have horrific grammar*
    There is no mental illness so far that matches me but I still feel like I'm crazy because i think my thoughts are different. (But im not going to explain that, maybe im fine) I feel like I will snap and have a mental breakdown anyday now....is it depression and anxiety(I am often frantic, especially when I question my sanity, and in some days I feel worthless....depression and anxiety harmonize very well...)? I noticed today that I could be a little selfish at times(yes I feel guilty now) and I am a little attached to the internet, well one of the reasons that I have no friends, so what is there to do ._.? But I don't know how to start conversation, I am more use to keep to myself and not speak at school because I'm more used to not talk and I can't connect with many people that well. Some peo peole try to talk to me but I pretty much panic...in my brain. (I am honestly starting to care less and less this year because itd been litterally 4 years without friends....) I'm always upset as well and discouraging myself but there is more I live un my own head whenevrr I'm alone -but im lazy to type it down.- Is this depression and/or some type of anxiety disorder? Should stop I worrying like every second?
    My sister noticed that I'm always down and is startinglooking for a therapists and I visit the school counselor as well.
    I am starting lose interest in many things in life...like art...I loved drawing..

    I need instant help do I...

    The more I more I type, the more foolish I sound so I'll stop

    • Deep Fakeu
      Deep Fakeu 3 months ago

      i don't mind mental illness if you are high functioning and can earn money from it - can contribute to society using it.

    • Hayden 2000
      Hayden 2000 3 months ago

      I feel the same about some of that stuff

  • STS -74
    STS -74 3 months ago +1

    I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand

    • forgetme
      forgetme Month ago

      +Nick John His comment is a song lyric.

    • Nick John
      Nick John Month ago

      What this video is mistaken is hearing voices for schizophrenic mostly not from inaide the head. But sometimes also from external or outside.

  • lilly the neko girl cute/nice/hyper/a neko

    my brain:hi zoe me:hello

  • lilly the neko girl cute/nice/hyper/a neko

    no i hear random voices that sound way more different creepy sounding 😞

  • Nigel Adams
    Nigel Adams 3 months ago

    Inter dialogue is overrated, I don't use it.

  • Comical Ali
    Comical Ali 3 months ago

    Bush did do 9/11

  • KawaiiHugs 21
    KawaiiHugs 21 3 months ago

    I don't, because I fight them off with my thoughts :)

  • Jasari Games
    Jasari Games 4 months ago

    I might be schizophrenic