"The President Is Not Racist" Megan McCain EDUCATES Co-hosts

  • Published on Jan 12, 2018
  • The view joy behar and Whoopi Goldberg accuse Trump of Racism over sh* th*le statement. Megan McCain makes them understand.
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  • heaven Heaven
    heaven Heaven 2 hours ago

    Someone please give me proof that trump is racist. Ive found nothing and saw nothing that he is racist.so far i say he is not. hes doing a good job as president following obama

  • Jokoya
    Jokoya Day ago

    Best I ever seen Wendy look

  • Leoandstuff
    Leoandstuff Day ago

    i don't care if you are a conservative or not I care about what kind of a human are you.

  • Melinda Thomas
    Melinda Thomas Day ago


  • Kiera Lewellyn
    Kiera Lewellyn 2 days ago

    Educated? Who educated who? My goodness. If we could all get it together, not feel so above another person, we could probably get it together. I know this has been said. Here is the thing. From doctors to lawyers, from farmers to maids, from bus drivers to police officers, we should embrace community. Community on a local (city or township), state (I am from Cali so it is a bit Oaktown and L.A.), with each state, our country of the U.S., and then to continents, which include the same. WHAT is wrong with us! Share the world. This is what we CAN do. Sustainability for who has what to give, let's go!. You know more or have more, let's share. I know, I live in my own world of "rose colored glasses" folk. But, don't think I am just rosey. It is easier than we think.

  • steve ozman
    steve ozman 2 days ago

    Meghan is right on the spot 👍

  • Rebecca Hernandez
    Rebecca Hernandez 2 days ago

    Come legally.

  • Roderick Coulter
    Roderick Coulter 3 days ago

    Still think he not racist... 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Skye Aengel
    Skye Aengel 3 days ago

    The title of the video is just as stupid as the person posting them. Megan McCain doesnt school anyone! Really stop being ignorant!

  • dog heart sun spots
    dog heart sun spots 3 days ago

    Every man for himself at the moment, if you looking to be saved by the government good luck😄😄😄

  • Keke & Smooth
    Keke & Smooth 3 days ago

    Megan educates co hosts??? I didn't see any such thing. I bet a conservative put that headline up there.

  • Jenna Carlson
    Jenna Carlson 3 days ago

    She didn’t refute any of their talking points lol

  • Audrey
    Audrey 4 days ago

    Robin is so misslead.

  • Lisa Kay
    Lisa Kay 5 days ago

    Why dont you move to Norway. Bye

  • Elizabeth Miller
    Elizabeth Miller 5 days ago

    If Meagan can't see racism that mean she is racist


    He just needs lots of good Mexican lovinnn 💖 get you some papi

  • Fredrica Graham
    Fredrica Graham 7 days ago

    With all due respect Megan has non.
    Megan is delusional. Why do she think she had the finger on the pulse of the Republican

  • Fredrica Graham
    Fredrica Graham 7 days ago

    Megan couldn't educate a tick

  • Waniyah Yahawadah Yasharalah

    Yo Israel,women couldn't lead themselves in the right direction much less a entire nation,and plus on top of that,if it was not for racism,then there would be racial confusion,in which God is not the author of,note 1.Corinthians 14:33.

  • Sandy Hagey
    Sandy Hagey 8 days ago

    Of course he is a racist. Why are people surprised?

  • Chance Spencer
    Chance Spencer 8 days ago

    This dumb b**** kills me saying looking the other way with Donald Trump president Barack Obama Muslim did not even have a legitimate birth certificate b**** shut up

    • Chance Spencer
      Chance Spencer 8 days ago

      I think this dumb ass b**** needs to start paying some of the government benefits that are handed out to illegals and then she'll get it

  • oxvenomousxo
    oxvenomousxo 9 days ago

    Ugh its nauseating....who do those asshole women think they are?! Especially that whoopie bitch. Fucker, you ok with a bunch of rapists and pedos as friends ohhh but Donald trump comin out swingin pisses you off. Then that other bitch mad at the voters who enable trump and the things he says and things he does.....ok so should we have enabled a killer?! A woman who is so powerful she can kill anyone she wants when she needs to and cover it up like nothing?! A woman who let American soldiers die?! Should we have enabled her instead!!! You stupid bitch! Fuck your father in law, your husband, your stupid kids, the world doesnt revolve around you and how things make you feel....who is the lesser of 2 evils?!?! Trumps no angel but hes light years better than that hillary or obama! Fuck "the view"

  • Kyle Teeter
    Kyle Teeter 9 days ago

    Just because your husband's family came from Haiti doesn't mean it isn't a shithole there. Dumb fucking moron. If it wasn't a shithole, they wouldn't have fled to America!!!! Jesus, you dumb fucking parasitic idiot.

  • xthatwhiteguyx
    xthatwhiteguyx 9 days ago

    Beautiful country OMEGALUL

  • Lamont Hyatt
    Lamont Hyatt 9 days ago

    I wish I was a Republican but I’m too lazy.

  • Mr.Nice
    Mr.Nice 10 days ago

    Is she taking a cry ?

  • Mr.Nice
    Mr.Nice 10 days ago

    I think she needs more funds ( like Obama did) so she can build the hotel hahah

  • Shay Frady
    Shay Frady 10 days ago

    Really wish they would let Meghan speak. It's like they do not want to let her talk.

  • Obi
    Obi 11 days ago

    There goes that "my father" saying again, smh.. Ugh

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia 11 days ago


  • Rj Jackson
    Rj Jackson 11 days ago

    It's like McCain daughter that stupid from enter races always will be and always have been a racist

  • marneebox C.
    marneebox C. 11 days ago

    Trump is prejudiced and racist. Its a fact. Everything he has said and done points to it, from muslims (who, lets be honest, are predominantly people of color) mexicans, unfairly generalizing illegal immigrants as nothing but drug traffickers and rapists with no statistics to back it up. And even joining the hooplah of racist republicans (not all republicans are racist. Racism is not a conservative ideology, but its identity politics. A lot of southerners just vote republican and there are a lot of more openly racist ppl in the southern states because of how culture and attitudes were down there from the days of the slave trade and the civil war etc) who called into question obamas citizenry status all because of his name and the color of his skin.

  • latino for Trump
    latino for Trump 12 days ago

    Mexicans are racist I live in a city full of them every race is racist so I don't know what the big deal is...

  • Yanivis Rivero Mercado

    If their countries are so great they wouldn't be pouring into the United States. Get real.

  • Rumeet Shah
    Rumeet Shah 12 days ago

    Trump has some major character flaws but that does not make him a bad Prez. His lack of leadership in having control over his cabinet certainly does make him a bad one. But he's been better in a year and a half than Obama in 8 years imo

  • Michael Benavidez
    Michael Benavidez 12 days ago

    This channel is a joke. I'm still waiting for the education, Meghan couldn't educate her own child if she ever has one (gods help that child)......

  • orphan200
    orphan200 13 days ago

    trumpee has never hidden his racism. Did anyone know that there are NO african-americans working in his company.

  • Adrian Kennedy
    Adrian Kennedy 13 days ago

    Really hati scam was ran by the Clinton's..

  • Gwen Stevens
    Gwen Stevens 13 days ago

    Contents of your character is disliked

  • Aleksandra Flis
    Aleksandra Flis 13 days ago

    Shut this show down it's brainwashing brain deads how much $ do you want to get this off the air

  • Aleksandra Flis
    Aleksandra Flis 13 days ago

    You suck

  • J.K Anu
    J.K Anu 13 days ago +1

    Haiti had to pay France billions of dollars for their revolt against France... maybe that has a little to do with why they're a little behind economically. smh

  • Brian Mcdonald
    Brian Mcdonald 13 days ago

    Wendy looks like she's stoned on crack.

  • laura
    laura 13 days ago

    OMG people spend so much time being offended. Self righteous bores.

  • Sandra Wiley
    Sandra Wiley 13 days ago

    Not every body hates Trump.

  • Sandra Wiley
    Sandra Wiley 13 days ago

    What happened to Whoopis eyebrows?

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson 13 days ago

    the view ,lmao who's view, you fucking Harpies.

  • Jo S
    Jo S 13 days ago

    Megan, Please dont apologize for what you stand for. Dont let those Lunatic Liberals scare you.

  • Andrea W.
    Andrea W. 13 days ago

    Go back to Italy Joy!!! If you hate our President so much, then leave... Also Joy I know you love a good applause, so go home & pack, carry a sign that says I'm moving back to Italy carry it through JFK & you will get the applause of your life!!!

  • Sammi Fruitbat
    Sammi Fruitbat 13 days ago

    u wanna talk about hatred? the worst hatred i've seen in a long time was just now listening to them verbally bashing another human being, I will never watch this trash show.

  • Laurie Todd
    Laurie Todd 13 days ago

    Y'all always saying some conservative EDUCATED some Democrat or some Liberal. Ha! Lol! That crap cracks me up! That's wishful thinking, but fake news.

  • Kay King
    Kay King 13 days ago

    Lay off the plastic surgery, scary eyes

  • Kay King
    Kay King 13 days ago

    Why not ask for money for the Clinton foundation?

  • Manola Talbert
    Manola Talbert 13 days ago

    Don't make her fat ugly ignorant ass fool you She voted for Trump FUCK Megain

  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey 14 days ago

    Whoopie and the View are so obsessed with race its laughable......all they ever comment on is about how Trump comments on something, never about what he actually does or his policies. They need a red pill.

  • Blondine Hodge
    Blondine Hodge 14 days ago

    I always wonder how women could have voted for him after he went so low on TV about women. I kept saying money is the only thing that matters for them. I am happy to hear on your show the lady montioning her disapproval. I wonder about the pastor who kept quiet the women who think they are it and are christians...fooling themselves....decentcy

  • Gabriel uewouw
    Gabriel uewouw 14 days ago

    Behar if your Italian please don't mention that, I'm italian and very ashamed of you and what you are.

  • Lynn R
    Lynn R 14 days ago

    Quick kind explain Trump and pray for him. Maybe in your heart you can reconcile. I believe the Bible does state he cannot forgive you if we can't forgive others yes it sure does look it up

  • Simone Wilson
    Simone Wilson 14 days ago

    I completely agree with Meghan. I mean I feel like its 5 against 1.

  • Flip Flop Synonamous
    Flip Flop Synonamous 14 days ago

    Deep swamp bubbles

  • I'm Always Right
    I'm Always Right 14 days ago

    Meghan, they’re not your people!!! If you like Trump, you are a racist or you’re ok with racism

  • Austin 123
    Austin 123 14 days ago

    If it's not a hell hole then why do they come

  • Poleeze1
    Poleeze1 14 days ago

    Who cares what she feels cos her husband and family is from Haiti, the fact is, like Nigeria, it is a freaking shithole country. She said it’s a shithole country but would she move there with her family?

  • pher35
    pher35 14 days ago

    Who's the broad with the crazy face? Her lips look like a couple of tire inner tubes.

    OZYMANDIAS 14 days ago

    I’m actually starting to enjoy watching these dumbbells and How they seem to be getting more and more deranged, as trump gets better and better. They’re just so full of hate, they don’t hate Trump so much as they hate the fact that white peoples are starting to fight back. The red head reminds me of my dementia suffering 89 year old great grand mother, (the day after she died)McCains OK but Whoopie and the other two black women just hate white people, unless they bow down to them and continuously apologise for being the same colour as the man that owned their great great great great grand mother.

  • Ant Lytell
    Ant Lytell 14 days ago

    Wendy looks amazing!!

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C 14 days ago

    Google Trump before he was president, you will see plenty of racist stuff from him. Let's don't get started with the Central park 5 kids who was clearly innocent of rapping a girl but Trump still says lock the kids up anyways.

  • DOC
    DOC 15 days ago +1

    omg!! i went back and finish watching this vomit of a show meghan baby get your won show cause these racist stink sluts don't get it.and thats being nice.

  • DOC
    DOC 15 days ago +1

    who is this bimbo from Hattie im so offended hell you look offended go back to where you came from and stop trying to trash the president of these united states. stupid bimbo im so sick of ppl like them everybody gets talked about sometime or another in their life weather your somebody or nobody you still get it so stop the blood clock crying mon.

  • black out
    black out 15 days ago

    How dumb can this brainwashed panel be. They obviously base their views off the Clinton news network and Twitter. If this is what liberal women in America think then I feel bad for any kid raised by them and I hope they're not forced to be transgender cats.

  • ben lyons
    ben lyons 15 days ago

    Why does every woman in the audience wait for no talent behar to look to clap.

  • Sharon Minick
    Sharon Minick 15 days ago

    She does not educate anyone..

  • Lion Heart
    Lion Heart 15 days ago

    He said all Mexicans are rapists....he never said any such thing. This show is pure grabage

  • lawb68
    lawb68 15 days ago

    I do see racism. From Sunny. What a race-baiting witch.

  • lawb68
    lawb68 15 days ago

    Her family has a hotel there. Sounds like privilege to me. She stayed at a resort like Conan. She didn't go to the crappy parts.

  • Cookie E
    Cookie E 15 days ago

    YES Stop with the Obama enough is he upset that Obama is of mixed race like him.Everytime the president does something he gives his self a pat on the back not once but every time. Just do your job and the only past president he talks about is Obama was he sleeping when the other presidents was in office.The President only worried about how to hang on to the almighty dollar.

  • schaun owens
    schaun owens 16 days ago

    Meghan McCain is ALWAYS on defense..She is NOT the appointed spokesperson for ALL of Republicans...maybe she need to retire the Cape and relax...she is always opposite on every topic...smh

  • ray matthews
    ray matthews 16 days ago

    Only seen trailer parks in the movies and once in Tampa. I am black economic background dictates your of life. No apologies I am comfortable with my Orientals. No blacks please.

  • Wesley Ward
    Wesley Ward 16 days ago

    Whoopi Goldberg I have your sister act movie part 1 and part 2 I used to love to watch you in your movie The guess what it's not on you to see how you have changed so much I don't know if if I can text you as my favorite actor anymore because you had changed so much and I thought we had something in common about I have dyslexia too but guess what we don't have nothing in common

  • Wesley Ward
    Wesley Ward 16 days ago

    Obama never done nothing for me he was a lousy president I don't care about Obama don't want to hear about, I don't want to see about, I'm tired of them to bring it back up into the media he was our old president I'm done with him being the president a tired of seeing him every time popping up on the news he's old news now let him live in the past okay quit talking about it, you don't

  • Marco Draven
    Marco Draven 16 days ago

    Educates? What video were you watching? She made herself look like a jackass as usual.

  • Men Worldwide
    Men Worldwide 16 days ago

    Wendy’s talking about metal capacities being gone girl bye

  • Men Worldwide
    Men Worldwide 16 days ago

    He wasn’t mad Obama’ did anything

  • Men Worldwide
    Men Worldwide 16 days ago

    Once again he never said all Mexicans are rapist

  • Men Worldwide
    Men Worldwide 16 days ago

    And they site a case that’s bullshir look at the facts

  • Men Worldwide
    Men Worldwide 16 days ago

    Donald trump isn’t a racist

  • drac464
    drac464 16 days ago

    How are lesbians still claiming to be Republicans?

  • drac464
    drac464 16 days ago

    completely off topic.. but, I hate when chicks with little to no lips where dark shades of lipstick to make their lips stand out. It does not look good.

  • gardenia Campos
    gardenia Campos 16 days ago

    What the heck is wrong with Whitney’s eyes lol 😂

  • April Hebert
    April Hebert 16 days ago

    The woman on this show are so FULL OF HATE!

  • piricote93
    piricote93 16 days ago

    Yeah cause white “citizen “ rather be homeless and drunkards so non citizens look for the opportunity to get what they need . Praise them they are fighting for your freedom

  • Truth Xposed
    Truth Xposed 17 days ago

    Most racist people in the US are black.

  • Roze Medina
    Roze Medina 17 days ago

    So who should we vote for ????

  • Peace Justice
    Peace Justice 17 days ago

    How wrong Meghan is! She doesn't look at anybody in the eye but talks to the table. Get over it lefties and start supporting Trump. Its the only solution you'll ever have. Please try to avoid a nervous breakdown because that's what will happen! I can't wait until PT is elected second term for President! There'll be lost for words crying in their beds. We are all sinners it's just so happens that Trumps past of womanising, 9 years ago, is the only thing they can throw at him. Give us a break, look into your own eye before you dislodge someone else's. And by the way, Trump is not a racist, you all are in your own racist minds! BRING IT ON PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!

  • zoegraycesmom
    zoegraycesmom 17 days ago

    He's lost his mind yet he has spoken consistently thru the decades. Man liberals truly fucking live on another planet

  • zoegraycesmom
    zoegraycesmom 17 days ago

    Virtue signaling is clearly at the professional level these days lmfao. Shame on them lmfao

  • Rose Oak
    Rose Oak 17 days ago

    Trump chose that portrait of Andrew Jackson up to give a double message as part of brain washing. How come Meghan can handle attacks on people of race or disability but can't take an attack on her DAD?

  • Rose Oak
    Rose Oak 17 days ago

    Complicity is scary and I do not want to go there since I heard the Neuremberg trials as a child. I will have a broken heart if our country goes there. I was not shocked he won but it broke my heart for our country, our broken families, etc.

  • Rose Oak
    Rose Oak 17 days ago

    Trump does not care about facts and it is sad that he has a following in our country that is so big. It is a real wake up to me and others and we must support each other and the Black Caucus also because we have to create bridges faster than Trump can burn them.

  • Rose Oak
    Rose Oak 17 days ago

    I surely think he manipulates race and he is a racist and jumps to conclusions as well as gets the facts wrong and hurts folks UN-NECESSARILY over and over and we all better stand up for Stacy Abrams for a first black Gov there is Alabama turning over a new fresh leaf.