"The President Is Not Racist" Megan McCain EDUCATES Co-hosts

  • Published on Jan 12, 2018
  • The view joy behar and Whoopi Goldberg accuse Trump of Racism over sh* th*le statement. Megan McCain makes them understand.
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  • Vicki Davis
    Vicki Davis 16 hours ago

    Meghan's lipstick is a bit much on this one

  • Barbara Lockwood

    Look at these plastic faces ugh 😑

  • Beth Banfill
    Beth Banfill 4 days ago

    Shut up you cackling fools.stop making crap up about my great President

  • Beth Banfill
    Beth Banfill 4 days ago

    My family came from Italy,but this country is overpopulated and terrists are coming and gangs are coming and killing people.so this isn't about your family that was obviously a while ago.and your such liar's

  • najafa
    najafa 6 days ago

    not only did DONALD TRUMP date a biracial lady previous to MELANIA, but he allowed his teenaged daughter to date middleaged millionaire womanizer QUINCY JONES and ENCOURAGED it! He is so UNRACIST it is not funny.

  • B.A.M.F.
    B.A.M.F. 6 days ago +1

    Haiti is a massive SHIT HOLE!! The PEOPLE are beautiful.. period, end of fucking story! Sonny is delusional, and Joy Behar is always talking about dementia, because she is the one who is suffering from it herself. Not to mention she is a lying insufferable CUNT! Stop saying Trump is RACIST, he is not a fucking racist, the Democratic party talking points are getting really old to the American people. So FUCK YOU JOY BEHAR, and everyone else besides Meghan McCain from the "View".. Which is not the American view.. it's your bullshit View.

  • Dixon Smith
    Dixon Smith 7 days ago

    The president does not call people deplorable. You are going to call americans names that do and will not think like you whatever.

  • DEBORA Rodriguez
    DEBORA Rodriguez 10 days ago

    Woopi you do hate peoples

  • La Andrea K
    La Andrea K 10 days ago

    How much did they pay you for this?????

  • William Helm
    William Helm 11 days ago

    I remember that class action lawsuit vaguely. Seems like it was failing a credit check not race. And lets be honest. How old us megan? 25? Arent many women can go 5 on 1 at that age. Especially when joy and whoopi shout everyone down. Look up kurt Russell's interview. Slapped them all down. Was AWESOME

  • Sailly Castro
    Sailly Castro 12 days ago

    What the fuckkkk....

  • townsin11
    townsin11 12 days ago

    if bullshitters was a Race, they would be the Government, and the Bullshitter Government have done nothing but blasted
    white men and ran them down over the Kavanaugh debacle. You guys need to look in the mirror. You are a disgrace to women. If you are part of our future then we are already in the melting pot.

  • Naomi Deleon
    Naomi Deleon 12 days ago

    Fuck you WHOOPIE

  • India Mitchell
    India Mitchell 12 days ago

    I can't stand Wendy Williams

  • Trisha Guilbeau Earley


  • Trisha Guilbeau Earley

    Omg Sunny you're unbelievable whine ass if anyone is racist you just might want to look in the freaking "MIRROR"!!!!!

  • ClassicGamelover85
    ClassicGamelover85 14 days ago

    wow most America does not agree with you. Woopie golburg ha ha ha I still support trump yup. SJW''s are stupidity people.............. have fun woopie you idiot.

  • Opal Trickett
    Opal Trickett 16 days ago

    I hate the women of this show. Who gives a flying rats ass about what they have to say about ANYTHING? Let alone anything political or educational.

  • L.Z Odyuo Odyuo
    L.Z Odyuo Odyuo 16 days ago

    i wonder if there is no Trump, what else they will discuss.

  • Sling Blade
    Sling Blade 16 days ago

    Everything that bitch is saying she is twisting what he said to make it look like he ment this and that. What a whack job these morons are.

  • Jesse McClellan
    Jesse McClellan 18 days ago

    You're white so you shut up and let me talk first bitch. That's all I hear. Fuck the presidency but damn you got this white girl on here and you just BARK woof woof at her. I didn't get to hear a word out of her mouth. Especially over Whoopie. Damn props for you being still being alive.

  • Latoya Anderson
    Latoya Anderson 18 days ago

    I am definitely not surprise by Donald Trump's racist comments.

  • Latoya Anderson
    Latoya Anderson 18 days ago

    Sooner or later, these Caucasians are going to show the racist side of them.

  • Latoya Anderson
    Latoya Anderson 18 days ago

    Donald Trump being a racist is nothing new, folks. His past shows it all.

  • madirae01
    madirae01 19 days ago

    Shame on them who accuse someone of being racist when he is proven time after time he has black friends. get over it you hateful women.

  • Bô ŻęPhųś
    Bô ŻęPhųś 19 days ago

    Never watched this show but having watched this I have a lot of respect for these ladies, especially Megan & even more respect for Whoopie.

  • Steven Guatemoc
    Steven Guatemoc 20 days ago

    Dammit Meagan is Hott..

  • Omeka Isaia
    Omeka Isaia 21 day ago

    Shocker!! All races can be racist.. And Hhhmmn lemme see.. Hellary a murderous child killer molester sexual abuser and Pedovore or trump 😐 really?

  • Omeka Isaia
    Omeka Isaia 21 day ago

    Did any of these females say anything about the Clintons STEALING all that money from the Haitians.. Hellary brother taking over a goldmine.. Not to mention the pedophilia

  • Red Sunshine
    Red Sunshine 21 day ago


  • Red Sunshine
    Red Sunshine 21 day ago


  • Keith Jones
    Keith Jones 21 day ago

    These women poison the minds of individuals with low IQs.

  • Sofia Robinson
    Sofia Robinson 21 day ago

    Did I just hear "my people?!?!" I'm out..

  • Bazza
    Bazza 22 days ago

    Oh look black people crying about racism again wow thats a first

  • Ronald Harris
    Ronald Harris 22 days ago

    Funny this was the same shithead of a president who disrespected her father?but sticks up for him? Wow this country is so full of hypothetical crap it's a shame Obama said or do the same this so called president says or do he gets the shaft the old hee whole wow!

  • SpiritualGangsta
    SpiritualGangsta 22 days ago

    how many of you dumb asses thought meghan was a real conservative? Shes on your side....the funeral proved that..this is a direct aim at trump and its all to discredit him. Start thinking for yourselves! Stop following these media GODS!

  • baa baa
    baa baa 22 days ago

    The show is a complete fabrication of the 3 bankers that on this country..they are on a DAILY BASIS pushing their agenda if you look up SATANIC colors you'll see them every day on this show and that's just one of the many symbolisms.. these women are evil little puppets that work for them pushing the agenda so they get some money because their money hungry cunts

  • Jesse J Garza
    Jesse J Garza 22 days ago

    The bitch in the blue the vato in the dress look like he was scared about tlking about Trump

  • Ed Gizinski
    Ed Gizinski 23 days ago

    Hate to tell people Haiti is a shithole. How is calling another country a shithole racist????? Where were these assholes when o bama was blaming Bush for everything MAGA TRUMP 2020

  • Rhonda Smith
    Rhonda Smith 23 days ago

    The women are deplorable

  • Derrick Carthon
    Derrick Carthon 23 days ago

    Werk HAITI!!

  • kimberly burdick
    kimberly burdick 24 days ago

    Why does Wendy always look high as shit...dam girl

  • Martian
    Martian 24 days ago

    Let's not forget about the policies. Don't let him distract us from that.

  • Kurt Anderson
    Kurt Anderson 24 days ago

    I normally agree with Meghan. I hope she re-thinks that fashion statement.

  • YAMBAG84
    YAMBAG84 24 days ago +1

    By the way, Trump isn't racist, he's human. If you say you've never had a racist thought to yourself, then you're a hypocrite.

  • YAMBAG84
    YAMBAG84 24 days ago +1

    Haiti is a terrible country..is Wyclef of the Fugees the president yet?

    09BUZZSAW 25 days ago

    The pesron who put up the video is a pussy ass trump supporter

    • 09BUZZSAW
      09BUZZSAW 23 days ago

      +Ryan im a racist shut the fuck up wit ur bitch ass u can suck my dick fuck boy.....u support trump ur a hot dog water smelling backwoods inbred pussy

    • Ryan
      Ryan 23 days ago

      Shut up racist.

  • lords of afan
    lords of afan 25 days ago

    These fucks and the loose women fucks all need euthanasia

  • Michelle D Williams
    Michelle D Williams 25 days ago

    It hurt my heart that so many people make excuses for Trump.

  • Jeff Brown
    Jeff Brown 25 days ago

    Haitians have a big problem because over there the rich Haitians enslaves the poor.

  • Angel Messtanoffski
    Angel Messtanoffski 25 days ago

    People who call people a racist most likely are racist themselves!

  • Travelling Man
    Travelling Man 25 days ago

    These shitholes bring false tears and emotions to people who can't see through their BS!!

  • Benjamin Kidane
    Benjamin Kidane 26 days ago

    People like this are the reason liberals are so obsessed with abortion. At least they acknowledge their mistakes.

  • Corianne Holt
    Corianne Holt 26 days ago

    People need to understand Trump is talking about people who come to this country illegally and to live off the government not ones that come here the right way and work hard to make something of themselves

  • April Carter
    April Carter 26 days ago

    Unrelated but Wendy looks terrible! What happened?!

  • solid truth
    solid truth 26 days ago

    - How does she feel about what the Clintons did to Haiti?
    - Collected Millions of Dollars in Charity & the People of Haiti never received what was meant to be used for them.
    - No one can say what MILLIONS of People think or feel about different types of People.
    - These Women constantly "PUSH" the "AGENDA" of the "RACE-CARD" !!
    - It's an Insult to the Intelligence of all People.

  • Omono Asamoa
    Omono Asamoa 26 days ago

    America was built on diversity and it will stay that way!

    • Ryan
      Ryan 23 days ago

      The USA was built on the same fucking values as every other nation ever made.

  • Omono Asamoa
    Omono Asamoa 26 days ago

    If trump is not racist then that word does not exist!!!

  • walter halpin
    walter halpin 27 days ago

    Why did you put this ridiculous video on the whole thing is Trump bashing !

  • Cris Love
    Cris Love 27 days ago


  • Cris Love
    Cris Love 27 days ago

    Trump is a racist period

  • Teri Ann
    Teri Ann 27 days ago

    They All Offend Me

  • Teri Ann
    Teri Ann 27 days ago

    Hate All These Women!!!

  • tawonga munyanduri
    tawonga munyanduri 28 days ago

    It is a shithole I mean it's the truth that's why people move from there

  • crash burn
    crash burn Month ago

    Good God! Joys mouth just doesn't shut up for one moment for others to talk! Last time I seem a mouth like that it had a hook in it and Woopie needs to pack her bags and get out like she said she would do of Trump won! Woopie, he won, move along now!

  • Josh Johnson
    Josh Johnson Month ago

    Is the guy with the W necklace and pretty hair a dude or chick?

  • Josh Johnson
    Josh Johnson Month ago

    This program was brought to you by Midol

  • Josh Johnson
    Josh Johnson Month ago

    White power..black power..brown pride..gay pride.. feminism.. which ones a "bad word" and why?

  • chris kershaw
    chris kershaw Month ago

    It is NOT harder to get in wespoint than Harvard hefffer

  • mikey storm
    mikey storm Month ago

    Everyone on the view is a racist they hate this country so much go live in Haiti and see how you're treated bunch of jackasses

  • mikey storm
    mikey storm Month ago

    F*** the view and f*** Haiti they put themselves in that situation

  • Niecy bell
    Niecy bell Month ago

    Megan didn’t SCHOOL anyone PERIOD

    • Ryan
      Ryan 23 days ago

      Typical of a ghetto slut to say that.

  • Debra  Russo
    Debra Russo Month ago

    So what about Michael and Obama in the White House what about them using the race card often and every speech. You guys sweep so much shit under the carpet under that a ministration you guys act like shit stink like shit talk like shit you’re full of shit.

  • Debra  Russo
    Debra Russo Month ago

    Wendy you still playing with these women you can’t take your stand step up to plate. And when you say he needs a mental you really look and act the part many times over your life is falling apart you need a little therapy yourself.

  • Debra  Russo
    Debra Russo Month ago

    Can somebody’s fire them discontinue the show get rid of it bulldoze the building whatever it takes.

  • Megan Combs
    Megan Combs Month ago

    Wow lol wow these woman are crazy
    But they are only helping TRUMP SO THANK YOU

  • Stephen Mitchell
    Stephen Mitchell Month ago

    Jesus. Said. All. .selfrightous. People. Are. Going. .to. Hell. .fire yes....call. .someone. Racists. Your. Selfrightous Hell...fire. Awaits. !!!!!!!!

  • Stephen Mitchell
    Stephen Mitchell Month ago

    Wooooow. .billionaire. Trump. .did. Not. Have. To. Become. President. And. Work. For. U s a. For. Free. To. Be. Called. Racists. But. He. Did. Traitor. Obama. Destroys. American. Your. Silent. Such. Hippycrites. On. The. Veiw. All. Trump. Haters. !!!!!!!!

  • AllThingsMakeup
    AllThingsMakeup Month ago

    Click bait

  • Laura Hodgins
    Laura Hodgins Month ago

    This show is racist!! All you women are hypocrites. Do not tell me that this show indeed is reversed racism, because it is!

  • gigi smith
    gigi smith Month ago

    You would sleep better at night if you return to Haiti to your OWN frickin bed or house

  • gigi smith
    gigi smith Month ago

    Fix your country miss Haiti. And leave mine. Don’t go to other countries ranting and expecting them to let to roll over the top of them while they roll a red carpet out to you

  • gigi smith
    gigi smith Month ago

    If you’re gonna get offended don’t come here. And if you got such good things in Haiti, why are YOU HERE???
    Ok he’s racist ..... so what?

  • gigi smith
    gigi smith Month ago

    Immigrants only want in our military to get citizenship..... HELLO

  • gigi smith
    gigi smith Month ago

    For people out there that say immigrants come here to serve in the military...... WHY don’t they instead stay in their own country and serve in the military ?????????? Wouldn’t that be the the honorable thing to do for their country and themselves? Otherwise, it’s an excuse to come here and an attempt to gain citizenship - which if you know the law, serving in the military won’t get you citizenship

    DOWLA BOMBZ Month ago

    What have liked her to explain what she meant about " the beast " showing up ?

  • Gaby Perez
    Gaby Perez Month ago

    My parents are from Mexico 🇲🇽 and they don’t like him but my mom said you have to like everybody even if they don’t like you i still don’t like him as are president

  • Genester Frolovski
    Genester Frolovski Month ago

    Hail to the great king trump!

  • Wallace Garrett
    Wallace Garrett Month ago

    I wonder how Megan feels now after the diss from Trump, during her daddy's funeral.

  • Leslie Boozer
    Leslie Boozer Month ago

    Sunny is brilliant and not a screaming child

  • Leslie Boozer
    Leslie Boozer Month ago

    Thank you Whoopi, Joy & Sunny!!

  • Leslie Boozer
    Leslie Boozer Month ago

    Thank you Sunny!!

  • Leslie Boozer
    Leslie Boozer Month ago

    And Wendy sits there looking stupid, because she can't have a mature conversation

  • N Walton
    N Walton Month ago +1

    Megan McCain , first of all I'm so very sorry for your loss. Now how you feel about Trump? God rest his soul even your father didn't want him at his farewell ceremony. Please stop making excuses for this man even though you are a republican . Again may Almighty God provide comfort to you and your family at this time .

    • N Walton
      N Walton Month ago

      Ryan I see it rearing its ugly head within you , watch yourself, your true colors are shinning through . What explanation can you give for you comment , you don't know me ? But at least we ALL know trump with a small t .,

    • Ryan
      Ryan Month ago

      Trump isn't racist. You are.

  • Samiam
    Samiam Month ago

    Demonrats are the party of the kkk so whos racist? people are so stupid !get off the democratic plantation# Walk Away Sheep, learn the truth idiots

  • jenn desharnais
    jenn desharnais Month ago

    She idolized people in the kkk.

  • jenn desharnais
    jenn desharnais Month ago

    Hillary hates black people,it's a fact! She idolized people that were in there lol. We didn't have much of a choice.....vote for a racist or a murderer.

  • jenn desharnais
    jenn desharnais Month ago

    Ok but Obama is a racist....that doesn't matter though because he is black right? Enough already! All politicians are assholes.👎

  • Colton Gatrell
    Colton Gatrell Month ago

    Ain’t it funny how no one said trump was a racist when he had a tv show but now he is president he is racist. America at its finest.

  • Lynn Anson
    Lynn Anson Month ago

    This is a totally biased show. .there's no both sides it's just one...one mousey Rep.... .show should be boycotted..don't watch it..these women are doing more damage spreading lies..I watch all trumps talks and I watch fix news ND I've never heard him say 99%of what they said he says. ..there spreading lies and 2 on this show need therapy. ..lies lies...hope they find out where lyers go...soon..there in a position of trust and to lie and slander for there own sick power thing or to feel important won't cut it in the afterlife...I can tell none of these women are good people...sad...im sure that they lead sad disfunctional lives...and so have the children they raised...sad...may hid have mercy on there wretched. souls..if he can find it..