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  • Published on Oct 24, 2008
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  • Austin Curry
    Austin Curry Year ago

    That is NOT A LOG DRUM

  • I'm Simon
    I'm Simon 2 years ago

    Do the drums have a sealed bottom on them? how wide are the slots cut (mine are only spaced apart by a thin saw's kerf line (cut line). Your drums look like they have a 1/4" between each of the tongues?

  • I'm Simon
    I'm Simon 2 years ago

    The drums are absolutely beautiful. The builder has some serious skills... I too (like others) wish you hadn't used any back-round music...

  • professorbacteriano
    professorbacteriano 2 years ago

    Nice one!

  • 佐々木広幸
    佐々木広幸 2 years ago


  • Murari Haridas
    Murari Haridas 3 years ago +6

    I'd like to hear this drums without additional music, solo.

    • Ken Easley
      Ken Easley Year ago

      Murari Haridas : Yep...ruined the video for me.

  • Nala Youn
    Nala Youn 4 years ago +2

    Very nice music and drums. You have been playing a while. Did you make your instruments?
    Thank You

    • That's what he said
      That's what he said 3 years ago

      Yup, they're really something, just like marimbas :)
      I was torn between buying a logdrum, buying a steel tongue drum, and crafting a marimba.
      Alas, I bought a steel tongue drum over a month ago, and it's incredibly meditative to play on.
      I also own a "cosmic bow" and several kalimbas, which also are some instruments definitely worthy of being checked out by people looking for an intuitive, relaxing musical outlet !

    • Rodgerinho
      Rodgerinho 3 years ago

      @r3nk0 Meh. Some folks don't like a confrontational style. Try being less confrontational, that's all I'm saying, you'll get better answers, and far less what could be construed as bullshit. You seem like a nice enough chap as well, so I'm glad of that, I don't think you were setting out to attack anyone.
      I'm definitely getting one of these log drums, on a separate point, they're so unbelievably relaxing to me. Reminds me a bit of Crash Bandicoot, but just such a chill-out sound

    • That's what he said
      That's what he said 3 years ago

      @Rodgerinho Did you read the nonsense he wrote?
      He could've just replied "Oh really, no I didn't know that, still sounds pretty awesome in my opinion", or something similarly honest, instead of starting to completely trashtalk.

    • Rodgerinho
      Rodgerinho 3 years ago +2

      @r3nk0 You came across pretty aggressive, it wasn't a soft enquiry lol,it felt like you fairly jumped in there. I could understand someone as you put it "bullshitting you", because they were stuck for an answer.
      He/she doesn't have to explain themselves to you, and if you come at something too aggressively, it will put people off, they're less likely to explain themselves as well. Go figure, I was just surprised at the conversation, it seemed a bit out of nowhere.

    • That's what he said
      That's what he said 3 years ago

      @Rodgerinho At first I was just baffled by his compliment, and asked him if he was kidding, and if he was aware of the fact, that it's a pentatonic instrument. That wasn't an attack.
      Then he tried to bullshit me.

  • Sean Finkel
    Sean Finkel 4 years ago +9

    Background music is like a sad duck

  • Favio R
    Favio R 4 years ago +7

    You can't hear the drums at all.

  • Doug Powell
    Doug Powell 5 years ago

    This is great, if you are still reading these post could you tell me what you have the drums sitting on, it seems kind of flowing. Very cool

  • myshaspot1
    myshaspot1 5 years ago +16

    So what the hell does the drum sound like? Can't hear it for all the crap"music" in the background.

  • Jordie0001
    Jordie0001 6 years ago +1

    hearing is believing ..... this is the sound that heals.
    respect in abundance

  • vaguelyreptilian
    vaguelyreptilian 7 years ago

    It seems to me that the backing track could stand to be a little quieter but it's a really cool track, and the drums sound nice.

  • Anti Love
    Anti Love 7 years ago

    Que viajem cara... que merda é essa????

  • Humberto Pérez Pichardo

    techno tarzan

  • Vitorslopes
    Vitorslopes 7 years ago

    a zoom 505 guitar on the left side of vid ^^

  • kdgfg
    kdgfg 7 years ago

    I like very 80s!

  • Max Silvey
    Max Silvey 7 years ago

    @bassbugg7 nobody cares.

  • jicuridrum
    jicuridrum 7 years ago

    Muy bueno...

  • Revive Back
    Revive Back 7 years ago

    Sounds very like a music from Pandemonium2 "Ice Caverns" (watch?v=3rPomYxZEIs)
    nice :p

  • Colin Olsen
    Colin Olsen 7 years ago

    Sounds like something from Sim City: 3000. If you have that (PC) game, you know what I mean.

  • Percdanny
    Percdanny 7 years ago

    @71Fabrizio Hey mate, thanks for that. Ive currently been informed im to stop spending my money on noise :P But keep me posted of others creations!

  • Percdanny
    Percdanny 7 years ago

    Anybody any tips for finding log drums that are good and less then 200dollars online?

  • Gomino100
    Gomino100 8 years ago

    This instrument is more difficult than Marimba!!!!

  • Daya Dayana
    Daya Dayana 8 years ago

    are these from schlagwerk ?

  • 6demonmask
    6demonmask 8 years ago

    is that a zoom 505 pedal by your side?

  • mikelson1988
    mikelson1988 9 years ago

    Where are the tongues? they move a lot! thats not good! try some wiker chair like I do Its better ;). Nice jam

  • BrentMB79
    BrentMB79 9 years ago

    FANTASTIC!! bro you groove!!! too cool!

  • kush king
    kush king 9 years ago

    nice man this is really cool!

  • Captain Nemoff
    Captain Nemoff  9 years ago

    Thank you!

  • Joe O'Halloran
    Joe O'Halloran 10 years ago

    thats really cool!