iPhone Xr vs Xs/Xs Max - Which Should You Buy?

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
  • Tough Choice, iPhone Xr vs iPhone Xs & Xs Max. Is iPhone Xs or Xs Max Worth The $250-350 Premium? Which Should You Buy & Why.
    iPhone Xs Features Review: usclip.net/video/WoZToDGaJsA/video.html
    iPhone Xs Max Clone Unboxing: usclip.net/video/YDvG4tr_w_g/video.html
    iPhone Xr Clone Unboxing: usclip.net/video/LuX5lROjL9k/video.html
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  • Eddie Keever
    Eddie Keever 3 hours ago

    slow the fuck down and identify the phones not just "this one"

  • ExpertCobra1911
    ExpertCobra1911 12 hours ago +1

    iPhone XS more like iPhone tennis

  • Jugo 69
    Jugo 69 13 hours ago

    He makes $250 sound like $10

  • Anna Marfa
    Anna Marfa 14 hours ago

    Xr brings vack thick bezel which looks weird now to be honest

    EL CHAPO Day ago

    Why are there so many ads for me to report so I can skip them

  • Random Person
    Random Person Day ago +1

    An apple a day keeps your payment away

  • Jamiah Roberts
    Jamiah Roberts Day ago

    I’m going from the se to the XS

  • Izzy Mcniel
    Izzy Mcniel Day ago

    well at my t-mobile the xr is $0 down if you upgrade, so im getting that one lol.

  • Veenessa'sPiglet

    iphone 6s, 4, and 8 gang where u at!😂

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea Day ago +1

    these phones are overpriced.

  • Saif Solkar
    Saif Solkar 2 days ago +4

    I was so confused.. thanks for this video.. I am definitely going to buy a galaxy s10 now..

  • Daniella Parks
    Daniella Parks 2 days ago

    Who else doesn’t know which phone he’s talking about

  • Kinda Linda
    Kinda Linda 2 days ago


  • Andrew King Jr.
    Andrew King Jr. 3 days ago +2

    I'm a borderline non "techy-type" your losing me when you say "this one" your video is great, but I would have appreciated if you would have used the nomenclature of each as in "the xr has this, but the xs has this that or the other" ... still "liked" and subscribed. thanks

  • Alissa X
    Alissa X 3 days ago

    I have an iPhone 6s Plus and I’m thinking of getting an iPhone XS Max for my birthday but maybe the iPhone 11 might come out but honestly I don’t like it cuz of the three cameras which make it look ugly so I’m probably gonna go for the iPhone XS Max in silver cuz I’m used to plus phones x 💘

    • Alissa X
      Alissa X 14 hours ago

      Dee George what’s your point? 🧐

    • Dee George
      Dee George 14 hours ago

      Alissa X BECAUSE!!!!!!! cuz=😳😂

  • Nakayla Pina
    Nakayla Pina 3 days ago +7

    iPhone 8 plus gang, where y'all at???📱

  • That’s Cool
    That’s Cool 3 days ago

    3D touch was really annoying anyways

  • Gerardo Vargas
    Gerardo Vargas 4 days ago

    Watching this on my yellow iPhone XR

  • em2daniel
    em2daniel 4 days ago

    He says the xr wins but meanwhile he has the xs

  • Wallace Whitmore
    Wallace Whitmore 4 days ago

    Crapy review... “this one”. Which one dumb ass?

    • Vince M
      Vince M 3 days ago

      yeah...I noticed that too.

  • Chloe Northcutt
    Chloe Northcutt 4 days ago +1


  • Mya Cook
    Mya Cook 4 days ago +3

    Can u specify which phone ur talking abt bc u keep saying this phone that phone

  • Strucid Outlaws
    Strucid Outlaws 5 days ago

    Should I get a new bike or the iPhone xr
    Comment is for :IPhone XR
    Like for :bike

  • Kaitlyn Meade
    Kaitlyn Meade 5 days ago +1

    Am I the only one watching a lot of these videos and still don’t know which to get?😒

    • Kaitlyn Meade
      Kaitlyn Meade 10 hours ago

      Dee George I agree 100%. There is too many models for his products and it makes it hard. I finally gave up on deciding, and went with the IPhone X. All of my friends love them so I am going to give it a try. I’m upgrading from a 6s so I’m excited but nervous!

    • Dee George
      Dee George 14 hours ago +1

      Kaitlyn Meade nope! We are far, far away from Steve Job’s idea of simplicity and paring down Apple products to make choices easier. I have a feeling that the amount of models for each Apple product is so confusing people go elsewhere. How many IPads? How many phones? How many different laptops? Apple has not learned or retained any lessons from the past.

  • Noodlelover
    Noodlelover 5 days ago

    Can you like give me a xs Max since you’re rich

  • andrea rodriguez
    andrea rodriguez 6 days ago

    I need the yellow xr💛

  • Haco 57
    Haco 57 6 days ago

    where is the OGIPhone gang at?

  • Stevie Solutions
    Stevie Solutions 6 days ago

    As long as it helps me make sales in Amazon sellers and my own site, the camera pictures could make a difference. I am not obsessed with apple, however, my friend who had galaxy loves it. If the phone can help me make $500- $3000 in sales a month, mission accomplished.i have note 8.

  • Amy W
    Amy W 6 days ago

    Good video bro

  • snowy cookie
    snowy cookie 6 days ago

    Which one should i buy thats why i came here to this video so can anybody tell me what is better iphone xr or iphone xs

  • - KayG
    - KayG 6 days ago

    This one and this one? Have no idea which one you’re talking about

  • sumit mirpuri
    sumit mirpuri 7 days ago

    I am getting iPhone XR today! I am excited ✌️

  • Renexious
    Renexious 7 days ago

    I have XR in Red

  • Obstine
    Obstine 7 days ago

    If i personally don’t like a huge phone, am i safe to go with the xr? i honestly don’t care about like the 2nd camera and stuff but i just don’t want to get an xr and then have to upgrade soon again. I’d like to keep the next phone i get for at least 2-3 years. I have a 7 right now and i’ve had it for 2 years and i personally think it’s a great phone. only now am i having some technical issues. Always need to keep dnd on because if i don’t the phone sounds like a taser whenever i get a message lol. I’d appreciate if anyone could give their opinion on what i should do?

    • Dee George
      Dee George 14 hours ago

      Obstine tell you what to do? ......figure out what you want......buy it.

  • Asia Brene
    Asia Brene 7 days ago

    I just got my Xs Max yesterday and I love it!!! I went from having a 6 Plus for 3 years to the Xs Max!! I love bigger phones and that's why I chose it over the other ones.

  • Sheriana Shivprasad
    Sheriana Shivprasad 7 days ago +1


  • partywrestler
    partywrestler 7 days ago

    He keep flip flopping wtf bro

  • partywrestler
    partywrestler 7 days ago

    Is the XS a better phone

  • partywrestler
    partywrestler 7 days ago

    So which one is better again cause I’m lost asf,hey smart guy help me out here,my dicks in the dirt buddy smh 🤦‍♂️

  • The Von Yurofs
    The Von Yurofs 7 days ago

    XR is the best choice

  • elah1982
    elah1982 7 days ago +1

    I got the Xs Max Gold and i love it! Love the OLED display, bigger screen, better camera and portret modus, better water resistant, and the more luxurious look. 😃😃😃📱

  • Joanne B
    Joanne B 8 days ago

    should I upgrade my 7+ to the upcoming iphone 11? or should I get the XS max instead? or stick to my 7+ and wait till 2020? hmmm. HEEEELP!

    • Amybelle Ordona
      Amybelle Ordona 7 days ago

      Joanne B I’m only commenting because I have the same question lol

  • Andres M
    Andres M 8 days ago

    he could get it tho

  • JPooh Harris
    JPooh Harris 9 days ago +2

    I got a iPhone 8 Plus but I jut ordered a XS Max

  • Cyclic_Elite
    Cyclic_Elite 10 days ago +3

    I’m getting the XR on mondayyyy

    • witch blades
      witch blades 8 days ago

      Cyclic_Elite get the xs max trust me the xr is horrible

  • Joshmakey12
    Joshmakey12 10 days ago

    I got a plus model phone I’m going to go for the regular sized phone such as the iPhone 14 when it comes out because my plus model sometimes hurts my hands because they feel stretched

    • Perhaps
      Perhaps 9 days ago

      Joshmakey12 the iPhone 13 comes out this September

  • Roldan Rodolfo
    Roldan Rodolfo 10 days ago

    oh bitch please 😂 u were biased on ur max

    • Perhaps
      Perhaps 9 days ago

      Roldan Rodolfo naw it’s just that the XR has some old ass tech and for 750 dollars that’s dumb asf

  • wow!*
    wow!* 11 days ago

    iphone 6 gang 💦

  • Zombiekiller3478
    Zombiekiller3478 11 days ago +1

    I searched up the best iPhone and it’s the IPhone XR. Search it up if you want proof. And also that is the phone I have.

    • Perhaps
      Perhaps 9 days ago

      Zombiekiller3478 It’s the best iPhone for the price. Defiantly not the best phone. No 1080p screen, no OLED

  • hernezunited
    hernezunited 11 days ago

    Is there any point? I’m really really close to getting a contract on the XR just because it’s cheaper than the XS and it’s slightly bigger but it’s not as big as the XSMAX so it’s perfect. But then I know new iPhones will most likely be arriving in a couple months and I’d definitely want them.. so I’m torn in between!! ... any opinions please??????????

    • Perhaps
      Perhaps 9 days ago

      hernezunited Definitely wait for the iPhone 11. It’s just a few months but will be so worth it if you don’t need a phone right now

  • Chyna Deng
    Chyna Deng 11 days ago +2

    jesus fuck the ads

    EPICWILTIME 11 days ago

    Hey guys, I play MCOC (Marvel Contest of Champions) on my iPhone 6 about 2-3 hours a day. Which phone would you recommend as an upgrade?

  • Jip Mutsaers
    Jip Mutsaers 12 days ago

    Does water affect something like the sound (iphone xs)?

  • Gtnene1800
    Gtnene1800 13 days ago

    iPhone XR is pretty good and perfect size

  • Malik Wright
    Malik Wright 13 days ago

    As soon as u said corral the fucking addssssassaa

  • Alberto Hernandez
    Alberto Hernandez 13 days ago

    Your a awesome youtuber

  • Merlin theme Parks
    Merlin theme Parks 14 days ago

    I have tried both and I think the Xr is the best value

  • Sage Filinson
    Sage Filinson 14 days ago +159

    he makes $250 sound like $20

    • CoolDudePlanet
      CoolDudePlanet 3 days ago

      pigeon151 exactly lmao

    • pigeon151
      pigeon151 5 days ago +1

      If it’s a monthly payment, it comes out to like $11 more a month. It’s all relative

  • neko
    neko 14 days ago

    🍎 an apple a day keeps your money away.🍎

  • out of the loop
    out of the loop 14 days ago +1

    Colors are cool but how many us keeps a otter box on it just Incase ... I got 7 plus but wanted to upgrade but of course it’s hard to keep up I phones since really they pop them out fast and your always behind unless you can actually get a new phone every year

  • 101 LaZeR
    101 LaZeR 14 days ago

    Xr is what I have

    • Perhaps
      Perhaps 9 days ago

      101 LaZeR have you noticed how dark the blacks look on the screen? Yeah that’s why you get an xs

    • 101 LaZeR
      101 LaZeR 14 days ago

      I mean xs

  • Corey Kuefler - ter Weeme

    Wanting to update my phone and wanting to know which one I should buy

  • Kanti123
    Kanti123 15 days ago

    Still rocking 6s

  • Priya Luckycharm#charmy

    I need a new phone and I don’t know which one I should buy. Xr or xs?

    • Priya Luckycharm#charmy
      Priya Luckycharm#charmy 12 days ago

      devaante thanks everyone says Xr and I like it soo Amma get it😊

    • devaante
      devaante 14 days ago

      Tbh get the XR. Fits good in hands

  • Siri Strawberrybaker SSO

    I still have my iPhone 5



  • Terique
    Terique 16 days ago +13

    *IF I had money I would get the xs max because of 3D touch*

  • Furry Wheaten
    Furry Wheaten 16 days ago +1

    Don’t waste that much money on a damned phone. I got the XR. I switched from an s10, but only because communication was not easy. The s10 is a way better phone, but I could never send pics and videos to friends who had iPhones. All of my friends and most of my relatives have iPhones, so it was fairly annoying.

  • Zander Gomez
    Zander Gomez 17 days ago +1

    I got 2 adds in a row😑😑

  • juan pablo garcia lopez

    Just for you all who don't know, the iPhone XR shares the same screen PPI as the iPhone 4...

  • Dami Boy
    Dami Boy 19 days ago +7

    So what your saying is that size matters 😂

  • Quinn Qin
    Quinn Qin 20 days ago

    Do a video on 5G and when it comes out

  • Da Original
    Da Original 21 day ago

    I’m good with my 7 fuck y’all 🖕🏿😂

  • NAGRich2347 .
    NAGRich2347 . 21 day ago

    If my plan covers them, should i get the XR 128gb or the 8+ 256?

  • Carlos bjz
    Carlos bjz 22 days ago

    iPhone Xr its a budget phone with a price of a flagship and... well..Xs/XS+ buy an 7+

  • Queen Nova
    Queen Nova 22 days ago +45

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I watched this video
    But couldn’t afford one too

  • Abbigail Gilliland
    Abbigail Gilliland 22 days ago

    I have quite small hands, so I hate smaller phones. I actually love big phones. Hope I’m not the only one. Actually is getting the Xs Max soon

  • Rleo tolentino
    Rleo tolentino 23 days ago +1

    Can I have one Iphone because my phone is broken. Thank you sir!

  • jeffrey Vardeleon
    jeffrey Vardeleon 24 days ago

    i love my iphone Xr the best battery life,

  • Kpop Byun
    Kpop Byun 24 days ago

    Thank you this helped alot 😊

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  • Zerovility
    Zerovility 25 days ago +1

    Heh I still have the iPhone 4. I can only call, text, and alarm. I'm typing this on my laptop.

  • Hunter Donnelly
    Hunter Donnelly 25 days ago +64

    Who else it watching this cuz their 6s is dying now

    • ExpertCobra1911
      ExpertCobra1911 12 hours ago

      Hunter Donnelly I have seen you before!

    • Nywa OQ
      Nywa OQ 3 days ago

      Mine officially stopped responding after the last update🙂💔.
      I do have money to buy the latest, but at the end it’s just a phone not a laptop. I don’t believe on spending money on phones. if mine didn’t stop I don’t think that I would be here.

    • iRecordRandomVids
      iRecordRandomVids 7 days ago

      Yup, mines starting to hit the fan

    • Waleed Tariq
      Waleed Tariq 8 days ago

      iPhone 6 here☹️

    • Its Hanin
      Its Hanin 15 days ago +1

      Hunter Donnelly ME ME ME ME ME ME OMG MEEE

  • Hunter Donnelly
    Hunter Donnelly 25 days ago +1

    I’ll probably get the iPhone Xr because I’m still rocking a 6s and I’d rather safe the money, it’ll be a huge upgrade regardless

    • Perhaps
      Perhaps 24 days ago

      Hunter Donnelly You know a iPhone 8 Plus is a bigger upgrade than a XR

  • lelisco
    lelisco 26 days ago +3

    Thx! I'm getting the iphone xs max now! Yeah imma change from an Android lg to an iphone xs max lol😅

    • MTK Knight
      MTK Knight 24 days ago +2

      Tips for switching to iPhone, on iPhone, it is less customizable, BUT it feels way more polished and premium than android. Privacy and security is better on iPhone than android too.

  • Dj Raj
    Dj Raj 27 days ago

    No phone gang!!

  • Awesome raiyan Youtubers

    iPhone XR is good where are you iPhone 6crazy I am using it know its amazing

  • Bumble Baytuna
    Bumble Baytuna 27 days ago

    Save $250 and get AirPods and a decent case

  • Spectrum
    Spectrum 28 days ago

    Im going from a galaxy s6 to a iphone xs max. Thats a big change.

  • NewYorkerLake
    NewYorkerLake 28 days ago

    I’ve had quite the iPhone journey in this past year 😂. When I was 12, I used my dad’s old iPhone 5s with my sim. Few months later it cracked and I ended up using another 5s we had in the house. Two months after that I got an iPhone 7 for my 13th birthday in 2018. It was a great phone and I really loved it especially after having a 5s. Then April this year aka a month before my 14th birthday, I had enough money saved up to buy myself an iPhone XS and I really wanted it because I wanted to be more up to date with the cool tech. Now I have an iPhone XS and I absolutely love it ❤️ 😃

  • GoldenMoonlightLove
    GoldenMoonlightLove 28 days ago

    It is overpriced and the Mac is increasing in price as well.

  • GalacticBlader
    GalacticBlader 29 days ago


  • Luis Gomez
    Luis Gomez 29 days ago

    Oh man, just bought the XR yesterday !

  • Darla Stout
    Darla Stout 29 days ago

    10R is trash

  • demine100018
    demine100018 Month ago

    but Jesus Christ y $1000 are you going to also pay my monthly payment plain for college too?

  • I3VASH
    I3VASH Month ago

    If someone is still hesitating between all 3 of these phones, the iPhone XR is probs the best option, it has almost all the features as the rest, bigger size than iPhone X and xs, the iPhone XR has multiple colors Face ID and all the features of the iPhone XS, Xsmax apart from little things, and the display, the iPhone XR’s display u cannot see the difference it looks amazing, just get the xr is cheaper and still as good, and yes I have the iPhone XR and it’s amazing. (Sorry for bad English)

  • Samantha Petrey
    Samantha Petrey Month ago +1


    • HeyyItsVero
      HeyyItsVero 29 days ago

      You press the up volume button and the power button on the right side and press them at the same time , you should see the screen turn white for a second and the screenshot shot at the bottom left corner of the screen. Hope this helped 😀

  • Svp Cr7
    Svp Cr7 Month ago

    Which one is best to use ?

  • Marcus Lopez
    Marcus Lopez Month ago

    big phones are made for people that has big hands. if you got small hands don't get the big phone. I'm getting the iPhone xs once my phone is paid off. right now I got the note 7. I miss having the iPhone wished I didn't trade in my iPhone for the note 7. biggest mistake I ever done lol I'm not really a big fan of android. I only got it because of music and I can download apks. just about 4 months or 2 ill be getting it lol. I cant just up and trade it now lol I cracked my phone on the bottom not that bad you cant see till you look closely. gonna replace the screen before I sell it.

  • Life Panda
    Life Panda Month ago

    Shut the fuck up you think I'm poor I can buy you. Period

  • helo dela cruz
    helo dela cruz Month ago +2

    watching on my Iphone xs Max 256 gig loving the resulotion on it