iPhone Xr vs Xs/Xs Max - Which Should You Buy?


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  • It’s.Ariella a
    It’s.Ariella a Hour ago

    “For $250 you should upgrade” for $250 I can buy lots of food so... imma save IPHONE XR HERE I COME

  • George Dicu
    George Dicu 3 hours ago

    Dude, so ur gonna be so hypocrite and actually recommend that piece of crap XR with 720p LCD on it, the LCDisplay from 6years ago?

    • Paige Corriea
      Paige Corriea 7 minutes ago

      George Dicu some people just don’t care? The display isn’t a big deal for me. It makes calls, I can text, I can watch videos at 720p which is what I use anyway because my internet cannot handle anything higher. Also it’s saving money. 🤷‍♀️

  • Zey RioT
    Zey RioT 3 hours ago

    The best LCD display ever...erhmm....seriously???

  • Milan Sen
    Milan Sen 3 hours ago

    IT pays you for go or running

  • Michealia Rutledge
    Michealia Rutledge 3 hours ago

    So is the xs comparable to holding a 7 plus & is the xr comparable to holding the 6 ?

  • afootineachworld
    afootineachworld 4 hours ago

    I don’t have a phone... why am I here...

  • •Lara
    •Lara 4 hours ago

    Im getting an iphone 6s in december is it worth it? Everything else is way too pricey and my parents are not gonna get the newer phones

  • MrMemyselfandi415
    MrMemyselfandi415 6 hours ago

    Is it just me or does this guy look like Chris Allen from American Idol?

  • chicken nugget
    chicken nugget 7 hours ago

    My phone only has 16 gb

  • NoT oK
    NoT oK 7 hours ago

    Okay but what about if you’re watching Netflix, wont the camera cover up a little bit?

  • Deepthi Kaipathuparambil

    Nice Comparision

  • Vidit Kharecha
    Vidit Kharecha 8 hours ago

    Where's the review of xs xsmax and xr??

  • Spot ted
    Spot ted 8 hours ago +1

    *For game i choose iPhone because most of androids (not all) are very laggy if u have so many apps and for gaming like pubg, roblox, mobile legends, aov, hello neighbor, and many more*

  • Fassion Kellii
    Fassion Kellii 8 hours ago

    who else hates the 10R??

  • Fassion Kellii
    Fassion Kellii 8 hours ago

    all i need is an iphone 6, and am so cool, but if yuh gimme a seven i ll suck ur goddamn

  • Collin
    Collin 8 hours ago

    Too bad Apple doesn't make the 4.7" size anymore. The iPhone XS in 4.7" would be just the perfect phone.

  • LOoO
    LOoO 9 hours ago

    Should I get the xs or max

  • Javaris
    Javaris 9 hours ago

    Can you do an iPhone Xs Max giveaway and choose me? I badly need an upgrade! I'm the last of my group of friends to have an Android LOL the peer pressure is super real!

  • The Gaming Raichu
    The Gaming Raichu 10 hours ago

    Who else wants an xr

  • Darren Young
    Darren Young 10 hours ago

    Got my 10S MAX today, upgraded from a 7 plus...nothing super different im never buying another phone again

  • Godric Gryffindor
    Godric Gryffindor 10 hours ago

    Uh none of them, to answer your question. Time for you to start switching your channel over to an Android centric channel😂 gotta plan for the future

  • Shane Ingram
    Shane Ingram 11 hours ago

    Apple: its 1099$
    Patrick: 3 take it or leave it

  • arianna alivia
    arianna alivia 12 hours ago

    ahaha i’m here still texting on a flip phone

  • bbababonbon..bonfire!
    bbababonbon..bonfire! 13 hours ago

    i m sticking to my iphone X

  • Zyrei Spencer
    Zyrei Spencer 13 hours ago

    gonna cop this XS factsss

  • Conkers Squirrel
    Conkers Squirrel 15 hours ago

    Came here for the iPhone but ended up thinking tha fuck is on his lip

  • Emily Skye
    Emily Skye 15 hours ago

    “ I JuST LaNdEd iN JaPEn FoR tHE BaRe SkIn PrOJecT”

  • Athen Garcia
    Athen Garcia 16 hours ago


  • NickoJDS
    NickoJDS 16 hours ago +1

    Just got both of my iPhone XS Max 256gb today! Amazing and beautiful phone. But I'm scared to take off the the film until i get cases and tempered glass for both of them

  • Septic Finger
    Septic Finger 16 hours ago

    I can only afford the xr

  • Junaid Ashiq
    Junaid Ashiq 18 hours ago

    fuck your ads

  • Najik Tukhsaboev
    Najik Tukhsaboev 18 hours ago +1

    Fu*k Apple for overpricing with no innovations!

  • Esther Nahon
    Esther Nahon 18 hours ago +2

    A MacBook is the same price lmao

  • Liam B
    Liam B 18 hours ago

    Really old Samsung phone that is cracked and has water damage gang where y’all at

  • Peter Wright
    Peter Wright 18 hours ago

    Emmmmm, none. Just none.

  • Catherine M. Lopez
    Catherine M. Lopez 19 hours ago

    iPhone 7 Plus

  • Jessica Jashvini
    Jessica Jashvini 20 hours ago

    pls do a giveaway. kthanksbye.

  • Yung Demxn
    Yung Demxn 21 hour ago

    I Have An IPhone 8 At The Moment. Can’t Wait To Get Enough Saved Up To Pick Up IPhone XR, I’m Also Gonna Get An IPhone XS Max. Picking Up Both 🖤💯

  • giuseppe sestito
    giuseppe sestito 22 hours ago

    He’s wrong about the “more content display” on the XSMAX

  • Prince Talha
    Prince Talha 23 hours ago

    Suprd but its not a waterproof phn

  • Lily Seguin
    Lily Seguin 23 hours ago +1

    How much money do you have dude?

    • Athen Garcia
      Athen Garcia 16 hours ago

      Well you make about $1000 per million views so alot

  • leeway777
    leeway777 23 hours ago

    Why do you need extra sharpness than a retina display? Unless you have a superhuman eye, you cannot tell the difference of the sharpness between a retina display (XR) and a "super retina display(XS)."

  • cj wins
    cj wins Day ago

    Watching this on my iPhone 7 😌

  • Tariq Saleh
    Tariq Saleh Day ago

    Did you mention that I phone xr is like I phone 4 screen resolution??

  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones Day ago

    I hope Apple lets its customers avoid paying tax on their purchases, as Apple doesn't pay tax, it shared by the owners to pay 💰 for their corruption .

  • Shadow Playz
    Shadow Playz Day ago

    The AirPhone starting at start.

  • Mouad IDELHADJ
    Mouad IDELHADJ Day ago

    None of them

  • James Rogers
    James Rogers Day ago

    I’m thinking of upgrading from an iPhone 7plus to the Xs. Is it worth it?

  • Freedom 173
    Freedom 173 Day ago

    cuz Every night i lie in bed,
    the brightest iphone fills my head,
    the freakin price is keepin me awake,
    Dreams of holding it in my hands,
    shooting photos of your a** (it just rhymes dont blame me)
    a thousand bucks is all its gonna take,
    a thousand bucks for the phone we've always cravvveeeedddd
    for the phone we've always craved....

  • RagingTiger
    RagingTiger Day ago

    I want the XS Max but I'm thinking on waiting until the first 5G iPhone

  • xXjiangamerXx
    xXjiangamerXx Day ago

    Watching this on iPhone 8 plus

  • feo Hernandez
    feo Hernandez Day ago +1

    C'mon man give a Phone, i am really poor

  • Justin Gem
    Justin Gem Day ago +1

    *They say an Apple a day keeps the doctor away but Apples are getting my expensive than visits to the doctor.*

  • Bitcoin Kid
    Bitcoin Kid Day ago

    I have 6 Apple X (reg X NOT the new XS)64g for sale. All brand new in box, All bought brand new unlocked no sim. 4 space gray and 2 silver priced to sell at $500 includes overnight shipping. Domestic shipping only. Email me at bitcoinguy47@gmail.com ONLY SERIOUS buyers!!!

  • Justin Gem
    Justin Gem Day ago +1

    *Pls give me that XR.*

  • que?? ?
    que?? ? Day ago

    So stupid that they discontinued the X

  • Kelli Z
    Kelli Z Day ago +1

    Why not purple for the Xr☹

  • Armaan Mehta
    Armaan Mehta Day ago

    Apple think’s everyone is stupid

  • Fortnitegamerz Yt

    Can I have a free iphone

    • james woods
      james woods Day ago

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  • Ramon Tragedy
    Ramon Tragedy Day ago +1

    Neither. Wait till next year 😂

    • james woods
      james woods Day ago

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  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza Day ago

    This is How to waste money

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      james woods Day ago

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  • JAck DEandre
    JAck DEandre Day ago

    iPhone 5s gang, we out here.

    • james woods
      james woods Day ago

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  • um me
    um me Day ago +1

    should buy none. Apple was dead and buried in 2017. Pure garbage now.

    • um me
      um me Day ago

      +james woods oh yeah? I will report him then. thanks : )

    • james woods
      james woods Day ago

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  • Type 99 & Tails
    Type 99 & Tails Day ago +2

    iPhone 7 gang where y’all at?

  • iheartapple 200015

    First video from u I had to dislike. Three seconds in. And we get an ad!!

  • Joel Payero
    Joel Payero Day ago

    *Where the iPhone XX And iPhone XY?*

  • Peter Russell
    Peter Russell Day ago

    You buy the iPhone X max and next year they will discontinue it and make the iPhone 11 the same and you will want that for an extra 1000 because it’s newer than the iPhone X max. This shit has to end at some point because it’s ridiculous. They are a 1 trillion dollar company for a reason. I choose smaller screens and by iPad for larger screen. I’m not buying into this whole make 2 sized phones rubbish to make MORE MONEY out of people. They are very clever at making money from sheep (I mean people).

  • akhil sh
    akhil sh Day ago

    Dude, be very honest man. $750 for iPhone XR would be the worst choice. Other phone under $500 give you better options.. admit it apple has nothing to give people something new with an affordable price rather charging $1000 for "XS" and "XSMAX" Its waste of money 😡

  • fake despacito
    fake despacito Day ago

    iPhone 5s gang!

  • Allen Pleasant
    Allen Pleasant Day ago

    What Everything Apple Pro?.I have a general question. im at the iPhone 7 256 gb jet black. Which should i upgrade to? The XR or the XS? Just for general phone usage.

  • xhibits1
    xhibits1 Day ago

    10 min video filled with adverts it’s frustrating

  • spgalve
    spgalve Day ago

    Xs max for me

  • Hey Doremon
    Hey Doremon Day ago

    Please give me a iPhone 5c..☺☺☺.. I like it most.. But i have no money.. Man😢

    ITMASTER76 Day ago

    Oled screens are very sensitive to water ...I am not sure if it will act well under water...and oled have a lot of disadvantages vs IPS LCD

  • The Atish Channel


  • Andy Gram
    Andy Gram Day ago

    Just 2 things..... look in the background at the phones on his Mac and you can clearly see the bezels on the XR are not nearly as exposed and distracting in comparison to the XS and XS Max as he makes them seem. The difference is negligible at best and unnoticeable to me. Also, if you go look at the specs on the Apple site you can compare the XR and the XS and the ONLY true differences technology wise are the extra 12MP telephoto lens camera on the XS, and the Super Retina display. The XR has ALL of the technology of the XS and XS Max other than those 2 features.. The XR is bigger, faster, more powerful, more efficient, and has better battery life than the iPhone X which was $1000 and is why i get confused why people are upset at the $750 price point. For me the question becomes, are the display and the extra camera worth the extra $250+ to you? OH and PS, because of that LCD Display in the XR, that option will have the longest lasting battery of ANY iPhone on the market.

  • Joy Perez
    Joy Perez Day ago

    I have a 6S+ and have been wanting to size down for a while now but I also love go edit photos and videos on my phone so I’m actually considering the Xs Max. I just don’t know if the size difference is worth the extra $100. With that money, I could get a wireless charger and charging case. I’d also like to note that my phone is my main photography/videography device. Any insights?

  • suliman alawadhi

    IphoneX bois Where Y'all u At??

  • Sythek Productions
    Sythek Productions 2 days ago

    I own a 6S and plan to upgrade this year, should I upgrade to the X or the XR?

  • Lester Espiritu
    Lester Espiritu 2 days ago

    I have the 7plus red color I’m actually happy with it 😂😂 but Im considering Xs Max tho but no red color 😂😂😅

  • Roy
    Roy 2 days ago

    well.. I was hoping that Apple will release something more cheaper than these devices. I have an iPhone 6s now. Is it worth to buy the new iPhone Xr? help me people

  • JinkProject
    JinkProject 2 days ago

    ads ads ads ads ads ads

  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres 2 days ago +1

    Is it just me or is thus super expensive

    • George Mcgregor
      George Mcgregor 2 days ago

      Daniel Torres I got $10,000 in my bank account from hackerjeffery598@gmail

  • forbidden pollo
    forbidden pollo 2 days ago


  • Freja Brnnstrm
    Freja Brnnstrm 2 days ago

    i want the xr sooo bad

  • Leonardo Okamoto
    Leonardo Okamoto 2 days ago

    What would you choose iPhone 8+ or XR?

  • Savage Gohan
    Savage Gohan 2 days ago

    Apple messed up replacing the se with the Xr

  • atesz567
    atesz567 2 days ago

    My only answer for the Title : Neither, go buy an android.. Apple is becoming a joke

  • Tx_rocket_man
    Tx_rocket_man 2 days ago

    Just FYI, the Xs Max is smaller than the 8+. It’s scaled down by like 1%. Maybe less

  • DeltaOscerAlfa 90
    DeltaOscerAlfa 90 2 days ago

    Don’t get the Xr it has the same amount of pixels of the iPhone 5

  • Nguyen Lion
    Nguyen Lion 2 days ago

    Reallly? U said we can use it into the water? And don’t worries, are u sure?

  • Mank Demes
    Mank Demes 2 days ago

    I will stick to buying a one plus 5t.

  • Cscuile
    Cscuile 2 days ago

    "Which Should You Buy?"
    Samsung S10.

  • Ethan Connor
    Ethan Connor 2 days ago

    Got the 10s

  • elliott davis
    elliott davis 2 days ago

    The R has the same display as the iPhone 4 that was made in 2010😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • John West
    John West 2 days ago +1

    Next year the iPhone X-pect to pay more

  • Leo Yip
    Leo Yip 2 days ago

    iPhone 8 gang where y’all at?

  • antony miller
    antony miller 2 days ago


  • Squishies & Slime
    Squishies & Slime 2 days ago

    I’m getting the XR and I’m 10
    I’m am not spoiled cuz I get ready good grades :)

  • R2D2_oo2
    R2D2_oo2 2 days ago

    In Canadian prices it’s 2k for the Max😱😱