HOT GIRL vs HOMELESS CHILD! (Social Experiment)

  • Published on Mar 4, 2017
    Hot Girl vs Homeless Girl Social Experiment- This video is a social experiment to see who would people rather help, a homeless child holding a sign that says “Hungry, Cold, Please Help’ or a grown female holding a sign that simply says ‘I need money’. The results were suprising to say the least. It's amazing people would help someone who simply needed money without a reason rather than a homeless child.
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  • Riceman
    Riceman  3 months ago +546

    *Check out my newest RICH GIRL vs POOR GIRL social experiment!* 👉

  • Moni Trix
    Moni Trix Hour ago

    I think some people gave money to the "hot girl" because maybe she needed money for an important reason (some familiar is ill, for example)
    "I need money for make-up" would be better, i Think

  • U.S government of united states

    People help the little girl

  • John Cosh
    John Cosh 3 hours ago

    Why pedestrians just stand there and look

  • T R
    T R 4 hours ago

    Pls don't blur the face, coz when a family member sees this video. They will get to know there character.

  • Emma Campher
    Emma Campher 4 hours ago

    That girl is not hot

  • Destiny Sipe
    Destiny Sipe 5 hours ago

    What the hell

  • Styopa amiryan
    Styopa amiryan 6 hours ago


  • Styopa amiryan
    Styopa amiryan 6 hours ago


  • Berfin Sarı
    Berfin Sarı 6 hours ago

    2:53 here,my money!for you!!💰
    1:59 for makeup?! No!!! I don't give you money💰❌ but it's social experiment ;D

  • Γεωργία Αβραμίδου


  • the wolf of light
    the wolf of light 8 hours ago

    How did the child not get more money? she is just a little girl

  • Daniel Savage
    Daniel Savage 8 hours ago

    I am pretty new I've only watcht 2 vids

  • Shinon Yatuzuki
    Shinon Yatuzuki 11 hours ago

    That pause at the beginning

  • Aldous Contractor
    Aldous Contractor 15 hours ago

    All i see is People that live in New York being Greedy and Poor People Donating,Is this *America? Or Greed,A Sin from a Black heart*

  • martin ortiz
    martin ortiz 16 hours ago

    Fudge off girl child need more attention then you😤

  • eileen0926 chen
    eileen0926 chen 20 hours ago

    how do people care more about rich people then homeless

  • Gabriela Garcia
    Gabriela Garcia 21 hour ago

    Bro ppl actually be like this damn🖤💔

  • Johnson Gaming
    Johnson Gaming 22 hours ago

    Why there is a music

  • Jayla Curley
    Jayla Curley 23 hours ago

    Did you notice that the "hot girl" only men and boys was giving her money and she not even that cute also FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @https.lightskinn

  • Bvavex _!
    Bvavex _! Day ago

    Its better to help REALLY arm kids😭

  • Zozoi Dingpuii
    Zozoi Dingpuii Day ago +1

    Ridegum wannabe

  • Raquell Freeman
    Raquell Freeman Day ago

    Why do they do this to poor children these days they are poor and you don't even care about them??

  • Oli Games
    Oli Games Day ago

    Our sosity is fuck

  • JaconBGRBLX
    JaconBGRBLX Day ago

    Probably the boys want to give money because she looks good ;)
    U agree with me?

  • s s
    s s Day ago

    U know who is soft hearted to the poor...

  • Tyra Kaitlyn Beraña

    🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 not a hot girl she ś ugly🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • muskan sharma
    muskan sharma Day ago

    that financial banker was a pervert

  • Halima Garcia
    Halima Garcia Day ago

    Haha for the first guy on the video😅😂

  • It's Lia Playz 101

    Poor girl
    hey what do you do with the money?

  • Jazmine Nelson
    Jazmine Nelson Day ago

    I can't believe that people gave that girl money just for makeup but not that little Homeless girl nothing that just so sad

  • Finley Parsons
    Finley Parsons Day ago

    Fuck the world to be honest

  • Ningmei Ningmeih

    I luf kid girl

  • QueenJashara !!
    QueenJashara !! 2 days ago

    No one see they didn't give the money back...

  • Pizza Loldollz
    Pizza Loldollz 2 days ago


  • Mari Zakiah
    Mari Zakiah 2 days ago

    Yang menolong cewek sexy adalah hidung belang

  • Luna_ xxwolf
    Luna_ xxwolf 2 days ago

    OMFG that is sad that the little girl did not get a lot of donations.

  • atharv terwadkar
    atharv terwadkar 2 days ago

    All helped were Indians 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • freddy Bernal
    freddy Bernal 2 days ago

    Most people didn't help the one who really needed the money

  • Tilauna Reed
    Tilauna Reed 2 days ago

    That's cool crap.

  • RhettTV
    RhettTV 2 days ago

    The very sad and disappointing reality we live in

    GALAXY QUEEN 2 days ago

    I would give that little girl all my money

  • Macy Leadley
    Macy Leadley 2 days ago

    That first guy tho 😂

  • UnicornQueen
    UnicornQueen 2 days ago

    Don’t go with him anyway!!!!

  • Chingboi Khetbuuk
    Chingboi Khetbuuk 3 days ago

    Sad reality

  • Opoku Agyei
    Opoku Agyei 3 days ago

    This world hmmm

  • Ava Finlay
    Ava Finlay 3 days ago

    That so nice for them kind souls

  • Ava Finlay
    Ava Finlay 3 days ago

    +that child does not deserve that

  • Ava Finlay
    Ava Finlay 3 days ago

    That was not even hot

  • Selena K.
    Selena K. 3 days ago

    Thats Not fair....

  • Coral Ruch
    Coral Ruch 3 days ago


  • Callie Fenner
    Callie Fenner 3 days ago

    The first person got mad😂

  • MovieFox YT
    MovieFox YT 3 days ago

    If this was real then...

    *you have bad luck in 2019 Like to undo*


  • Androw Dodo
    Androw Dodo 3 days ago

    No mercy

  • Ugo's Room
    Ugo's Room 3 days ago

    1:32 ew

  • Ugo's Room
    Ugo's Room 3 days ago

    1:00 creep

  • Shazia Begum
    Shazia Begum 3 days ago

    Do you see that people were actually looking at the second girl and her sign but still didn't even help. Cruelty.

  • Shayna Rahmani
    Shayna Rahmani 4 days ago

    Oh my god I never never ever in my life I had never make a video a girl be a homeless and I'll never do that

  • MrFanKing Sanjayan
    MrFanKing Sanjayan 4 days ago +1

    Please help the poor peoples!

  • RealFalkon
    RealFalkon 4 days ago

    1:04 he was so pissed

  • Kundan Modi
    Kundan Modi 4 days ago

    Most of the helping man was Indian

  • SimplyWeird
    SimplyWeird 4 days ago

    I'd bring the poor little girl tonpive with me so she can haave a home 😢

  • Gaming With Bryn
    Gaming With Bryn 4 days ago

    People say its because of the girls but i say its because the homeless girl sat and the other girl stood.

  • Hi Vanessa’s Doggy
    Hi Vanessa’s Doggy 4 days ago +1

    She ain’t that hot but she thicc

  • Kinsleyshaw
    Kinsleyshaw 4 days ago

    I hope she didn’t eat that candy it was probably old

  • TheGamingCat :D
    TheGamingCat :D 4 days ago

    So people like hot girls more then children with no home and no family? Jesus we need Martin Luther king. Jr back! (And these people need Jesus)

  • Serum Serum
    Serum Serum 5 days ago

    She is not so hot

  • ExoClasher
    ExoClasher 5 days ago

    T Series is so kind..

  • ExoClasher
    ExoClasher 5 days ago

    Where’s the “Hot Girl”

  • எஸ்எஸ் குமார்

    Dear yellow T shirt change ur dressing

  • Mythical Werewolf07
    Mythical Werewolf07 5 days ago

    Your basically stealing lots of money from people who will prob need it

  • R.k.s CoOl GuY
    R.k.s CoOl GuY 5 days ago

    Nice way of earning money

  • DrEaM AiMbOt
    DrEaM AiMbOt 5 days ago

    Thing is people looked at her and only some people helped a fucking kid you have to have a fucked up heart to do that society is fucked up

  • That Weird Kid
    That Weird Kid 5 days ago

    I think you need money for your hair cut 😂😂😂

  • Cyan science
    Cyan science 5 days ago +1

    Notice how the hot girl only attracted boys=_=

  • kaley Breland
    kaley Breland 5 days ago

    So nice

  • I lUbBbbb Jimin 28
    I lUbBbbb Jimin 28 5 days ago

    Exactly what hot girl? I just see a thicc girl not a hot girl..

  • Lìz Stewãrt
    Lìz Stewãrt 5 days ago

    My foot looks better than her

    Am I lying...

  • Janice Vivar
    Janice Vivar 5 days ago

    its sad people ignore a bunch of homeless kids like its nothing or like its not a big deal or they need money for toys maybe even sadder if they let her die and they still dont care

  • Janice Vivar
    Janice Vivar 5 days ago

    Never press this button


  • Jenny Swarkowski
    Jenny Swarkowski 5 days ago

    If shes hot im a motherfucking model

  • Hilary Gordon
    Hilary Gordon 5 days ago +1

    OMG I know I'm only 9 years old PRESS read more to read.

    I still cry cuz of those HOMELESS people..... I am sometimes mean and rude but it's cuz I get

    • Hilary Gordon
      Hilary Gordon 5 days ago +1

      I get I kept bullied every year it will not ever STOP!!! And so that's why sometimes I am mean and rude to people and one TIME I saw someone and he was like oh sorry old lady!!!! And a nother guy came up and I think it was his grandma so he said oh yeah uhhh that is my f word grandma!!!!!! And the man who saw it all kicked the first man out of the store...... It was scary!!!!!!
      So now we don't really go there anymore.

  • xXwolfie playzXx
    xXwolfie playzXx 5 days ago

    Boy: my car is right around the corner so are you gonna come with me or not
    Girl: I'm not going to go with you because this is a social experiment
    Boy:ok whatever *takes money back*

  • Rebekah Wade
    Rebekah Wade 5 days ago

    Im kinda pissed

  • hisogon morow
    hisogon morow 6 days ago

    This makes me cry

  • ThatWeirdGachaTuber
    ThatWeirdGachaTuber 6 days ago +1

    _Homeless Child_

  • Alexa Yordanis
    Alexa Yordanis 6 days ago

    That’s sad

  • Maria Arciga
    Maria Arciga 6 days ago +1

    I would help the money i had for the littel girl

  • #Travel
    #Travel 6 days ago

    😅 nice video... Keep doing great work...♥️

  • Aqi_momo
    Aqi_momo 6 days ago

    U shouldve wrote for makeup on sign

  • Nisha Rani Das
    Nisha Rani Das 6 days ago

    2:07 it's donation boys....

  • Karen Arthur
    Karen Arthur 6 days ago

    My parents are really protective and there was this homeless man and my parents didn't trust him but I told them he was okay and I asked to take some food to him and when they said no I was crushed and I cried and cried I felt so bad homeless people don't get treated right when I snuck a few bottles of water and some food to him he was so happy and I felt so proud and my very nice neighbor took him in and let him live with her!!!!😄😄😄 1 like=1 pray for every real homeless person

  • DatGirlYeety #8
    DatGirlYeety #8 6 days ago


  • Adriana Fitzpatrick
    Adriana Fitzpatrick 6 days ago

    Wow what disrespectful ppl they jus walk past her but some ppl wanna go to the girl who’s already got money 😒🙄

  • Angell White
    Angell White 6 days ago

    that sad cuz the little girl did not get that much

  • Isabelle Corondoni
    Isabelle Corondoni 6 days ago

    That girls ugly tho

  • Elissa Kebbell
    Elissa Kebbell 6 days ago

    I wouldn't help a hot girl I will help a poor child

  • Abid Saddiq
    Abid Saddiq 6 days ago


  • 正太不离去
    正太不离去 7 days ago


  • Maycee Dance
    Maycee Dance 7 days ago

    They were just waisting money on the little girl