I'm OVER Smartphones...

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G got me thinking about phones in 2019...
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Comments • 3 497

  • Farid mousavinia
    Farid mousavinia 16 hours ago

    Your a noob at guessing smartphones you say owww a home botton and then note 8???? Fingerprint on the back and the. Nokia 9 ( underscreen) lol.

  • Moreno A
    Moreno A 22 hours ago

    Every product is eventually boring. Cars have been the same for decades now. What do you want, a 6 wheels car? Why? The real improvements are better performance, better materials, and more efficient electronics. Revolutionary stuff like the iPhone was, kind of, will happen when cars start to fly and smartphones disappear into our bodies. Until then, the market is already, as you said, mature. Only small upgrades will happen from now on.
    What I want soon? Fast screens, 100-200hz displays.

  • vivi xD
    vivi xD 22 hours ago

    Well mid-range is where the most of good stuff is nowadays.

  • Samuel Ramesh
    Samuel Ramesh Day ago

    I use my phone for 4 years and that's only because my storage runs out or it starts to fail on me

  • Mohammed Khamesti

    send me the lg g8 thinq and ill do a blind test to yell if it was a nokia or not ...maybe

  • Collins Gichuhi
    Collins Gichuhi Day ago

    Hey guys this is Austin, at $3499 is the iPhone 13 Excess Max bullshit worth it? Short answer, Yes

  • Lyusien Vladimirov

    Apple is stopping the tech evolution here..

  • Kyle Mathew
    Kyle Mathew Day ago

    Dope sneakers tho

  • g00dfeeling
    g00dfeeling Day ago

    John is lost in universe.

  • Dral22 B
    Dral22 B Day ago

    In a few months nobody will care about the Note 10, upgrading every year is such a waste of money. I don't buy phones based off hypes anymore. The note 9 will still be enough for me.

  • stev6963
    stev6963 Day ago

    Only tech UScliprs feel this way because they need to create content and rely on the industry for clicks. They try literally every phone while consumers are perfectly content with everything smart phones have to offer now. We don’t need a game changer yet. Give it a few years.

  • Raihan Haidar
    Raihan Haidar Day ago

    Thank you for making this video Austin. Same thought right here. Still on J3 Pro until D-Day come..

  • Robbyi Tube
    Robbyi Tube Day ago +1

    Your constant outfit changes are giving me some type of anxiety

  • Mark and Kathryn Dahlager

    You guys begged for these changes through the years. Hence your USclip channels. Why you bitching now.

  • First Name Last Name

    Still rocking an s7 edge and u even looked into getting a new one because my screen is cracked. There only like $250 usd

  • Ryan LP
    Ryan LP Day ago

    And that's why I always had Xperia phones.

  • First Name Last Name

    I think we should make our phones attach to our wrists so we do not have to use a hand to hold it while doing day to day activities plus women will not loose it all the time. I also think whoever decided womens cloths should have tiny or fake pockets should be shot

  • David Afework
    David Afework Day ago

    Iron your shirt bro

  • Sergio Rebaza
    Sergio Rebaza Day ago

    The innovation for Samsung is make their smartphones more expensive

  • Keter
    Keter Day ago

    Everyone says 5g is the next "big" thing but I'm honestly excited for graphene batteries and folding phones.

  • Doni Bathuu
    Doni Bathuu Day ago

    Here I am still rocking my note 3 that I got when it came out x)

  • Yles MELIOUH
    Yles MELIOUH Day ago +1

    I was following u until u compared smartphones to PC.

  • Nowu of the North

    List of mostly hardware things many modern phone should add/support/improve:
    Water/dust resistance
    Scratch/pressure resistance
    Expandable storage
    Bluetooth 5
    3.5mm jack
    Battery capability
    Replaceable battery
    HDR10/Dolby Vision
    DTS-HD/Dolby Atmos
    Display refresh rate

  • Jonn Leighton
    Jonn Leighton Day ago

    smart phones are boring ....for you who gets given every phone free..........some people can never afford the latest

  • TinyNStrong
    TinyNStrong Day ago

    Completely left out how Apple ID slowing down previous generation iPhones with each new one they come out with forcing people to move forward

  • Robert-Jan van Loon

    Yes, phones are way too rectangular.
    Always the same, just a little bit different from the others. Back when BlackBerry was popular, that was a fun time for phones

  • Jason Woodard
    Jason Woodard Day ago

    Just a thought but maybe the future of smartphones will be more focused on software rather than the hardware. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creative ways to fully utilize the hardware we already have.

  • Aira Kawairashi
    Aira Kawairashi Day ago

    1 of thing that made smartphone lack in innovation is they made flagship smartphone with ip rating, this can limit smartphone design.

  • mpoveroni
    mpoveroni Day ago

    Time to check out Hawaii os thats whats next

  • Efrain Mata
    Efrain Mata Day ago

    This guy speaking some truth

  • QueenOfSouls
    QueenOfSouls Day ago

    i need serious help of either getting note 10 standard or s10 plus regardless price i barely use the headphone jack and dont use the micro sd slot please help me choose.

  • Tony Diaz
    Tony Diaz Day ago

    I think it's kinda pointless, in my opinion.
    See, there is a "flavour" of smartphones for everyone: there are entry-level, mid-range, upper mid-range, sort of low-end-flagships and flagships. In the past, you didn't have much choice.
    Some people like plastic back covers, there are phones with this material; some people like metal, there are phones with this material; some people like glass backs, there are phones with glass backs; there are blue phones, green phones, red phones, different colour shaded phones, mat finish, gloss finish, etc...
    So, it's like laptops: all laptops fold and their design is pretty much the same. But I think each has its own elements that separate them from one another.

    This video is for the sole purpose of views. UScliprs have been putting out less and less creative and interesting content lately and this is one of those less creative, for views-sake videos. That's where all this "staleness" is: popular USclip channels.

    Go to lesser-known channels and you will find better, more interesting and creative content.

  • ProPlayz 1234
    ProPlayz 1234 Day ago

    U say that they r boring because u have the phones but we dont

  • Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    The blind fold challenge reminds me of Al Borland in “Name that Wood”.

  • Alex Oh
    Alex Oh Day ago

    Even looking at Apple? This is not a samsung bash video but let me only bash Samsung. Smh

  • Mohamed Zeek
    Mohamed Zeek Day ago

    Well, now get over your glasses then

  • Pelago _
    Pelago _ 2 days ago

    I really want that moto razr smart flip phone, that concept needs to get real and get in my pocket right now.

  • Balaji Balagurusami
    Balaji Balagurusami 2 days ago

    What's the game at 9:21?

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 2 days ago +4

    Note 10 is a fraud. Note 10+ is boring.
    There you go.

  • SpadesOfPaint Studios
    SpadesOfPaint Studios 2 days ago +1

    They are purposely killing the smart phone market especially by releasing every year

    • SpadesOfPaint Studios
      SpadesOfPaint Studios Day ago +1

      Epic And Stupid they already do they could really put all time and energy into one phone and wouldn’t need to make another for probably 3 or 4 years

    • Epic And Stupid
      Epic And Stupid Day ago

      Yes. I wish companies would spend more time on phones

  • Hobbes Caltous
    Hobbes Caltous 2 days ago

    i miss on board qwerty boards like the droid 3

  • Timothy Brown
    Timothy Brown 2 days ago +2

    The S8 was the last "wow" phone for me personally.

    • Shoitu
      Shoitu Day ago

      Same here. It was my first smart phone since the iPhone 5 in 2013. I got the S8 in 2017 and everything basically looks just the same now. I'm still using the S8 and I don't even plan in upgrading it anytime soon.

  • cgwworldministries
    cgwworldministries 2 days ago

    The only thing interesting in the note 10 is the graphene battery. Other then that I'm with you. If anything I hope these Earth saving batteries become more popular. I wish Android manufacturers would stop ripping Apple off. I miss physical keyboards so much. I miss the sidekick 4g.

  • Yeah The boys
    Yeah The boys 2 days ago +5

    Austin : "Oh we've got a physical home button right here it's a dead giveaway"
    Also Austin : Galaxy note 8 🤡🤡🤡

  • Serph Varna
    Serph Varna 2 days ago

    Hey guys this is exhausting

  • MH5tube
    MH5tube 2 days ago

    not sure how people not needing to upgrade is a bad thing. Sure, it's bad for the company. Why should I care? It's good for me that my Pixel 2 is nowhere close to needing to be replaced

  • crazy hacker
    crazy hacker 2 days ago

    Yo guys need more innovative idea which leads to increase in global warming problem..i hope humanity extincts soon..worst species in the history of planet earth..

  • KEERTHI Vanth
    KEERTHI Vanth 2 days ago

    Man then how about the 5g iPhone

  • Caden Texer
    Caden Texer 2 days ago


  • 7_k
    7_k 2 days ago

    Im done with smart phones.
    *puts ipad in pocket*

  • torres3800
    torres3800 2 days ago

    My first cell phone I bought was around '04/'05 was the Moto Razr. The first smartphone ever was the Moto Cliq in '10. I was into Android since then and Soo anti Apple. Well fast forward nearly 10 years and mostly all Galaxys later, I'm now on my second iPhone (Xr) after two years with the beautiful 7plus. I don't plan to upgrade anytime soon. Yes that feeling has left where a phone was interesting. Now Android phones have become too slim and tall to my taste where I used to mock the iPhone 5 for..

  • steverl22
    steverl22 2 days ago

    When these phones hit $1100+ so easily.......that was it for me. I waited 6 months after the S8+ and was able to grab one for $440. I’ll wait for 6 months after the note 10+ and grab one for $500

  • Peyton Keimer
    Peyton Keimer 2 days ago +3

    Soon we will move away from smartphones entirely and don wearables.

  • YK
    YK 2 days ago

    Well Huawei was a player to innovate the smartphone industry with its one of a kind foldable phone alongside Samsung. Unfortunately the US has since banned it... so it seems to me that Americans are happy to stick to whatever Apple dictates as "innovation".

  • Nintendork
    Nintendork 2 days ago

    The only thing I love from samsung software is the secure folder option for waifu and pop corn content.

  • Nintendork
    Nintendork 2 days ago

    What It's absurd is when people face unlock on a secure envyronment... you know, you can have the phone without any security and just use the power button to turn on the screen...
    More practical security method is the fingerprinter sensor at the back

  • Nintendork
    Nintendork 2 days ago +10

    Now even samsung removes features like the 3.5 jack.
    Best smartphone: Asus Rog Phone 2, they nailed it with the 6000mAh
    Best bang for buck smartphone: Xiaomi Mi9t Pro
    Bang for buck high end smartphone: Galaxy Note 9

  • Justin Prater
    Justin Prater 2 days ago

    I’m over people saying “like” 15x per sentence.

  • Jeevan Shah
    Jeevan Shah 2 days ago

    Austin: All the phones are the same
    Me: Laughs in holographic phone

  • xiuwoh
    xiuwoh 2 days ago

    Not for me, I still have an iPhone 6s. I still have a lot more to experience

  • Mike Whit
    Mike Whit 2 days ago

    Boy where u been? Missed yah dawg

    JÂFN DÈNSÉTSÜ 2 days ago

    Note 9 is the best

  • michael bailey
    michael bailey 2 days ago +1

    their all the same now same chip set same ram same great cameras

  • Nathan Kiewiet
    Nathan Kiewiet 2 days ago +1

    When you don't have a smartphone and they're bored with them.

    [Angry human noises]

  • little of evrything
    little of evrything 2 days ago

    still dont know what they want exactly triangle phones ?

  • László B
    László B 2 days ago

    3:19 no one ever said 6.7 inch the note 10+ is 6.8 inches anywhere u look😂

  • Williams Ingebrigtsen


  • Vidish Bharadwaj
    Vidish Bharadwaj 2 days ago

    A really important take on something no one else is talking about, good choice involving Jon. Great work Austin senpai !

  • b dgi doh
    b dgi doh 2 days ago

    S10+ only because my Note9 after 2 years will start to die

  • Cloud Specific
    Cloud Specific 2 days ago +17

    Thank you for putting an arrow in the thumbnail, I wouldn't see the phone without it.

  • Narri Chan
    Narri Chan 2 days ago

    I'm getting the Pixel 4 when it comes out, but I agree.
    Companies releasing smartphones every year makes it seem like they're just in a rush to get it out the door.
    Software is where it's at for me. Every time I watch one of Google's I/O, I get excited with what software is coming to Pixel.
    But what stings is that you have to buy the latest and greatest hardware to get the latest and greatest software. I love the Pixel's software, but I also like Apple's "keep your phone longer" commitment.
    It's not gonna make me switch back to an iPhone, but I wish companies would put the customers first.

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia 2 days ago

    This video explains exactly how I've been feeling about phones, I recently baught a redmi note 7 as a daily and I love it, it has its hicups since it is a 200$ phone but for 90% of what I need a smartphone for the note 7 can fulfill my needs for a fraction of the price of these flagships

  • Grizzly G
    Grizzly G 2 days ago

    Blackberry Passport SE will always be my favorite phone. Unique in every way!

  • spooky turtle
    spooky turtle 2 days ago


  • reijavmanga
    reijavmanga 2 days ago

    I wanna know what the Simpsons have to say about this.