We Ate Like YouTubers For A Week

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
  • "I live a life of treat yourself all the time"
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  • K-pop is Life
    K-pop is Life 19 hours ago

    Me: *sees title* Uhm... Aren’t y’all youtubers?!

  • Fizz Pop
    Fizz Pop Day ago

    Jeez Nina has a massive double chin 🤣🤣

  • third guy from the left

    *cuts whole avocado in half*

  • Shaw 1234
    Shaw 1234 3 days ago +1


  • Totally Fashion Barbie

    I’ve always cut my avocados like that...and just remove the seed.

  • beans
    beans 6 days ago

    What I ate in a day:
    Breakfast Oatmeal with frozen blueberries, almond butter, and cinnamon
    Lunch: A avocado egg salad sandwich with either chips or carrots
    Dinner: Shrimp stir fry (with shrimp, broccoli, onion and sometimes carrot)
    Dessert: Frozen grapes

  • Too Many Opinions
    Too Many Opinions 7 days ago

    You...ARE youtubers

  • Amy Nichols
    Amy Nichols 7 days ago

    But, *you are* UScliprs

  • Sofía Jiménez
    Sofía Jiménez 8 days ago +1

    What I normally eat in a day:
    -Hard-boiled egg with whole grain toast and a slice of turkey ham.
    -Smoothie (250ml of partially skimmed milk, 5 strawberries, a scoop of protein powder)
    -Package of Quaker oat cookies
    -1/2 cup of canned fruit cocktail
    -Baked tilapia fillet (with a bit of garlic powder).
    -Whole boiled carrot.
    -Small bread roll
    SNACK NO.2
    -Small can of frozen yogurt.
    -8 baked pork and veggie dumplings.
    -100ml of partially skimmed milk with 1/2 scoop of protein powder.

  • Alana Webster
    Alana Webster 9 days ago

    She cut through an avocado seed 🤦‍♀️

  • Celeste Loma
    Celeste Loma 10 days ago

    Yall should eat like Shane dawson

  • Gacha Honey
    Gacha Honey 10 days ago

    My diet consists of
    Breakfast - waffles and water
    Brunch - literally any snack like chips or cereal in a cup
    Lunch- pizza
    Snack on chips
    Dinner- rice and any meat (salmon chicken pork steak etc)
    Late night ramen

  • Charlie Goranson
    Charlie Goranson 12 days ago

    *UScliprs eat like youtubers for a week*

  • Javiera Albornoz
    Javiera Albornoz 16 days ago

    you should've done some vegan UScliprs, there's a ton that do this type of videos

  • Blake Cox-Davis
    Blake Cox-Davis 16 days ago

    Crimes against avocados are real

  • Jewels Buzare
    Jewels Buzare 18 days ago

    Who s here after the scandal !

  • Jewels Buzare
    Jewels Buzare 18 days ago

    They did Olivia !

  • Sailor Venus
    Sailor Venus 18 days ago

    do they know that they too are youtubers

  • Katelyn Tans
    Katelyn Tans 18 days ago +1

    I read the title as “we ate UScliprs for a week” questioned it but clicked anyway

  • Sofia Brotton
    Sofia Brotton 18 days ago

    Most celebrities have their meals done. If they don't, they spend a looot of time on meals since their job is to be healthy, so while you are at a desk job, their job is to cook their meals and workout. So its king of unfair to say poor them they have to more work, well...

  • Teryl Argyle
    Teryl Argyle 18 days ago

    How many people have already commented telling her bacon isn't red meat....?

  • Jazi Kaiu
    Jazi Kaiu 19 days ago

    Nina: u wanna try one
    Jazzmyne: YEAHHH
    (lol sry if I misspelled her name)

  • Helle Cavallin
    Helle Cavallin 19 days ago

    5:20 this is so pure I love it😂😂

  • Laundry Basket
    Laundry Basket 21 day ago

    Why am I watching this
    *i’m fasting*

  • Indira Espinal
    Indira Espinal 28 days ago +2


  • Jade Queripel
    Jade Queripel Month ago

    “I’m just the light guy” hahahaha

  • Rachel Smith
    Rachel Smith Month ago

    Soooo no ones gonna credit Angelina Nicole?

  • Me
    Me Month ago


  • Diana A
    Diana A Month ago

    omg chloe looks like kate middleton!

  • voodoo mama
    voodoo mama Month ago

    Do joana ceddia

  • Georgina Kelly
    Georgina Kelly Month ago

    Why are they using soooo much plastic

  • Lana B.
    Lana B. Month ago

    But they are UScliprs

  • Alexandra Panico
    Alexandra Panico Month ago

    No one else a bit shocked by how much meat the first YTer eats? Like at every single meal??

  • Queen of Darkness 13

    Is anyone else gonna mention that one of them cut through the avocado seed!!! Like didn’t take it out but cut through it

  • Ranea Qaleela
    Ranea Qaleela Month ago

    is it just me but chloe is brat and cant cook

  • Anthony Arias Lamoureux


  • 70s Brian May is my boyfriend

    did nina just.. cut an avocado seed into two???

  • paige snook
    paige snook 2 months ago

    youtubers’ foods are gross! please make some of the real food experts’.

  • ZenWarrior
    ZenWarrior 2 months ago

    I came straight to the comments to look for those about the avocado seed

  • Nathalie Vorasane
    Nathalie Vorasane 2 months ago

    You tubers foods are gross!! Please make some of real food connaissors

  • sUp bItch
    sUp bItch 2 months ago

    did she just cut through the avocado seed?! *triggered*

  • Courtney Masefield
    Courtney Masefield 2 months ago


  • stephany Escobar
    stephany Escobar 2 months ago +2

    Who’s here after the Olivia jade scandal

  • Wylona
    Wylona 2 months ago

    Idk if I'm out of touch with the rest of the world or if these youtubers are because I don't eat that healthy every single day and I don't know any regular people who eat that healthy every day, either. Mostly because I'm busy and a lot of times my meals are whatever I can quickly grab and go (especially breakfast) or stuff that I can prep an entire week ahead and not worry about it wilting or getting soggy. These youtubers either have a lot of free time, people who cook for them, or like I said, maybe I'm just lazy lmao. Like for me, breakfast is whole grain cereal and milk, lunch is whatever the cafeteria at work is offering, and dinner is usually a big bowl of whatever I prepped for the week ahead of time - usually some kind of meat and veggie stew, chili, lasagna, chicken & rice, etc. And snacks are whatever I have around and they might be unhealthy stuff like chips and chocolate or healthy stuff like apples w/peanutbutter or carrots and hummus.

  • Adie Grass
    Adie Grass 2 months ago +1

    *sees Olivia Jade after the college scandal* oooooofffff

  • Sabrina DeeBunny
    Sabrina DeeBunny 2 months ago

    haha funny people hate Jade now

  • Kurt Grande
    Kurt Grande 2 months ago

    Who only go here because of remi ashten Cruz?

  • Meghan Pacius
    Meghan Pacius 2 months ago +1

    6:59- breakfast is spelled wrong 😂😂

  • Kayan Yousry
    Kayan Yousry 2 months ago +3

    Jazzmyne : what is that?????
    Nina: Mustard sauce
    Jazzmyne : OOOOH
    Nina: want one????
    Three point seconds later
    Best scrip ever all the directors couldn't
    ( sorry Jazzmyne if I spelled your name wrong)

  • MimiTheHamster
    MimiTheHamster 2 months ago

    I feel like Chloe complains so much, the whole video she was starting to get annoying

  • Liv Knapp
    Liv Knapp 2 months ago +1

    Omg Olivia jade! the scandal just happened

  • Ella Roberts
    Ella Roberts 2 months ago +2


  • Jiaqi Lau
    Jiaqi Lau 2 months ago

    Jazz is my spirit animal , do you wanna try it? YEAH!

  • Tay C
    Tay C 2 months ago

    Is no one going to comment about how she bit off the end of the sweet potato??

  • Emma Dworaczyk
    Emma Dworaczyk 2 months ago +2

    Olivia jade dang 2019 hit her like a bus

  • fagiolification
    fagiolification 2 months ago

    Gabbie Hannah is trash tbh

  • Sara Ilahi
    Sara Ilahi 2 months ago

    Why is the British one so finicky??

  • xuanthuy ngo
    xuanthuy ngo 3 months ago +2

    the dumplings is suppost to wrinkle so don’t worry

    i like my own comment😅

    it’s called “hoành thánh” in Vietnamese

  • Sarah Tonkin
    Sarah Tonkin 3 months ago +1

    In Gabbie’s video she puts garlic salt on her veggies and stuff...she even says she puts it on everything.

  • eckan7
    eckan7 3 months ago +3

    99% about how she cut the avacodo
    1% about the actual video

  • Marah
    Marah 3 months ago

    5:21 love her😂♥️

  • mitochondrion97
    mitochondrion97 3 months ago

    “And I hate oatmeal...it’s stupid”
    Omg relating on all levels

  • Charlie Barrs
    Charlie Barrs 3 months ago

    “Chole’s pick” 🤣

  • Daifuku
    Daifuku 3 months ago

    she cracks an egg with one hand but yet doesnt know how to cut an avocado......

  • Lola Hernandez
    Lola Hernandez 3 months ago

    Is GH on Paleo?

  • Emma King
    Emma King 3 months ago

    Remi would definitely say yes to a drink

  • XtraOrdinaryGirl
    XtraOrdinaryGirl 4 months ago

    Should have eaten like Kate Flowers and Kalyn Nicholson

  • Maja_ _
    Maja_ _ 4 months ago

    5:17 HAHA Hilarious😂😂👍

  • Mas Nagoh
    Mas Nagoh 4 months ago

    You say that like UScliprs are a different species

  • liah gill
    liah gill 4 months ago

    For part 2 eat like amberlynn and trisha paytas!

    I’M ABSOLUTELY RAVENOUS 4 months ago +1

    They should just eat what they eat every day because they are youtubers 😂😂😂😂👑🤷‍♀️

  • Jessica Clements
    Jessica Clements 4 months ago +1

    HAHAHA HOW AM I JUST SEEING THIS NOW! I love it!! You're welcome for that butter ;)

  • DeadResonant -
    DeadResonant - 4 months ago

    ANY youtuber can eat what they want you know.. OH YEAH YEAH

  • Ranea Qaleela
    Ranea Qaleela 4 months ago

    Is it just me but I think Chloe doesn’t eat a lot of food or know how to cook

  • Rachel king
    Rachel king 4 months ago

    How that avocado was cut hurt me

  • Kalin Wydick
    Kalin Wydick 4 months ago

    I could smell the thumbnail

  • C.K Rake
    C.K Rake 4 months ago

    Olivia jade is soooo pretty

  • American girl galore
    American girl galore 4 months ago +1

    The title: We ate like UScliprs for a day
    But they r UScliprs

  • Hmm Mmm
    Hmm Mmm 4 months ago +4

    The avocado makes me mad lmao 😂love this video!!!!

  • Happy T.
    Happy T. 4 months ago +2

    *im just the light guy*

  • Happy T.
    Happy T. 4 months ago +1


  • Bethany DEAN
    Bethany DEAN 4 months ago +6

    95% of the comments: SHE CUT THE AVOCADO WRONG

  • Edgar Nello
    Edgar Nello 4 months ago +1

    Remys food looked the tastiest

  • Edgar Nello
    Edgar Nello 4 months ago

    Most of these looked tasty though but they looked like borings foods if i would eat healthy id eat better. A microwave isnt healthy id eat steamed or grilled food stuff like that. All these look like basic food vegans eat

  • Angelina Coates
    Angelina Coates 4 months ago

    She looks at it and reminds says you want one in yayayayay 😂me

  • jojessica
    jojessica 4 months ago

    "I hate oatmeal, it was stupid" 😂😂😂

  • Rupam Fashion Zone
    Rupam Fashion Zone 4 months ago

    Please watch my video & subcribe

  • oh hecc
    oh hecc 5 months ago

    the avocado i-

  • mystery girl???
    mystery girl??? 5 months ago

    5:45 some what now

  • Marina Kathleen
    Marina Kathleen 5 months ago

    "im just the light guy" ahahahaha

  • Johannabrennana X
    Johannabrennana X 5 months ago

    I don’t like the plastic

  • tea time
    tea time 5 months ago

    she cut through a whole avocado seed lMAO

  • King Kav
    King Kav 5 months ago


  • NotALiberal
    NotALiberal 5 months ago

    Like why do this if you’re just gonna give everything a 7/10

  • L’OM Droit au but
    L’OM Droit au but 5 months ago

    I Love gabbie hanna i Love Olivia Jade and i Love claudia

  • Julie Eyerman
    Julie Eyerman 5 months ago

    Pretty much every food challenge I see on these channels, somebody cheats😂

  • clara sh
    clara sh 5 months ago

    next video: “eat like the people on your comment section”
    My “diet”: McDonald’s, or Carl’s junior and basically friend chicken. You welcome.

  • Tal R.
    Tal R. 5 months ago

    All Chloe did was complain the whole video. Jesus..🙄

  • Anna Mace
    Anna Mace 5 months ago

    Can you do this with Liezl Jayne? Her recipes look pretty good and she has so many "what I eat in a day" videos.

  • kat's life
    kat's life 5 months ago

    Do they know they are you tubers? Well kinda..