OPPO Reno FC Barcelona Edition Unboxing

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
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    This is our OPPO Reno FC Barcelona Edition Unboxing!
    As an official sponsor of the FC Barcelona football club, OPPO releases a special edition phone almost every year. This year, the Reno 10X Zoom gets the honor, and its their prettiest FCB phone yet.
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Comments • 50

  • Sudheer Devaraya
    Sudheer Devaraya 11 days ago

    Can i order it from INDIA,if yes please give me purchase link ,,,I'm fan of MESSIIIIII

  • Alex De La Rosa
    Alex De La Rosa 22 days ago

    That was actually some really impressive Spanish!! Good video

  • Kristen Anne
    Kristen Anne 28 days ago

    blaugrana ❤️💙

  • Meshit Messi
    Meshit Messi 29 days ago

    Real Madrid is better than barca lol

  • August Garcia
    August Garcia Month ago

    Waiting for your iPhone 11 review 😁

    FSMS FS Month ago

    Smart Idea from OPPO..

  • YTU1116
    YTU1116 Month ago

    Mike is real smart to talk Spanish so easy!

  • Chewy Macías
    Chewy Macías Month ago

    You can't order this is the US, right?

  • Carlos
    Carlos Month ago

    Piece of crap!

  • sdushdiu
    sdushdiu Month ago

    Focusing on a case that any sane person would cover with a real case given the fragility of construction and materials is a moot point. And who cares what whizbang novelty is added. The REAL question in a saturated market is - what capabilities have they included in a phone at a LOWER price point? Phones (read - multiple mediocre overpriced cameras) are commodity devices. They offer no additional compelling capability as currently designed. And the prices for such limited functionality - often surpassing laptops - is absurd.
    Screw superfluous cosmetics, screw buying a phone as a fashion statement to impress your similarly shallow friends - its time to focus on affordable functionality. And the target should be high quality functionality at ~$300.

  • pantatmerah
    pantatmerah Month ago +1

    3:32 when God calls you, you must pick up !

  • efren joey damasco
    efren joey damasco Month ago


  • Clyde Kwong
    Clyde Kwong Month ago

    So nice

  • J - Up
    J - Up Month ago

    Wooow you speak really nice Spanish

  • jonathan marabello
    jonathan marabello Month ago


  • Vincent Joe
    Vincent Joe Month ago

    Great video. I would appreciate it, if you at least included a link to buy this awesome phone you just reviewed.

  • Craig Hortaleza
    Craig Hortaleza Month ago

    Just curious. What do you guys do after unboxing gadgets? Do you send them back or something? Or put em on a tech basement or what lol

  • BERTONG krudo
    BERTONG krudo Month ago

    rog phone 2 is the most badass phone..

  • christophe fresco
    christophe fresco Month ago

    très moche avec la coque. il faut mettre une coque transparente.

  • Abhishek Deshmukh
    Abhishek Deshmukh Month ago


  • Dip Biswas
    Dip Biswas Month ago +1

    i want this. 😍

  • Manilo Graniglia
    Manilo Graniglia Month ago


  • MR. PU7IN
    MR. PU7IN Month ago

    I hope they release a Real Madrid edition

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza Month ago

    u havnt shows the selfie camera from the front

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones Month ago

    Box looks like cologne

  • Ade Teguh Prasetyo
    Ade Teguh Prasetyo Month ago

    Meanwhile Iphone 11 Pro Max still selling 64GB storage..

  • Himanshu Saxena
    Himanshu Saxena Month ago +1

    The Oppo co. has come a long way. With regular introductions of new phones. This one is the same. The fcb barcelona edition is worth every penny. The blue and red colors are graded elegantly. As always @GaddgetMatch brings us the detailed review and unboxing of a gorgeous cellular device. With crisp audio and video quality. Ur videos are simple yet sophisticated. Love to hear your views on the new iphone11 and 11pro. And watch series 5.

  • Bine Arei
    Bine Arei Month ago +5

    Am I the only one that noticed that Michael used a nail cutter's part to tear the plastic? No?

  • Fantastic Youssef
    Fantastic Youssef Month ago


  • carlos53
    carlos53 Month ago

    Pretty good Spanish

  • Brown Bunny
    Brown Bunny Month ago +2

    Leo Messi calling 😅🤣🤣🤣

  • Riyas Mananthala
    Riyas Mananthala Month ago +7

    Waiting for iPhone 11 , 11pro unboxing n review!! All other channels are made , but as always I wanna see ur's!!!

    • YTU1116
      YTU1116 Month ago

      I know what you mean. Mike bring so much happiness to the videos he make!

  • John Huemenda
    John Huemenda Month ago

    Michael Josh you're so ugly

    DAVID Y Month ago

    But it's sooooo big !!!!!

  • شادي تيك SHADI TECH

    Wooow please give it to me , Barcelona my love ❤❤❤

    TECNOINFORD Month ago +5

    Brother, Te FELICITO, muy buen Español, I think you should make more videos in Spanish, greetings from the Dominican Republic, un abrazo

  • ظاهر المساعيد

    oppo Reno with a copy of BARCELONA or hardly

  • SirSean
    SirSean Month ago +4

    Soooo nice and I don't even care about FCB 😂

  • re _ view
    re _ view Month ago +1

    early ☺

  • re _ view
    re _ view Month ago +1


  • YouTV Entertainment
    YouTV Entertainment Month ago +8


  • Jitendra Sanwal
    Jitendra Sanwal Month ago +4

    Wowww... 😍

  • Rayven Assasin
    Rayven Assasin Month ago +1

    Sana meron din juventus

  • James Joshua Escandor
    James Joshua Escandor Month ago +6

    This Reno limited edition is so shiny AF

  • Romin Patel
    Romin Patel Month ago +2

    Wow amazing

  • Rgg Snts
    Rgg Snts Month ago +1

    wow. 5:25 am here in uae. haha hello gadget match team. 👋👋

  • dyanmcortez
    dyanmcortez Month ago +2

    Gosh nasan na ang iphone 11 pro review nyo??? Tagaaaal! 😁