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  • Eden The Doll
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  • Scarlett Crimson
    Scarlett Crimson 40 minutes ago

    Why does Jaclyn sped up sound like Gretchen Weiners

  • Sandy Ford
    Sandy Ford 14 hours ago

    I always found her on be quite obnoxious specially when she did Kim Kardashians makeup, there's always been something about her! Don't get me wrong she is pretty, her makeup looks great and she has came up from nothing but she did it by being a sell out and I wouldnt trust anything she says cause I would believe somewhere in the process she's getting profitted from it!!!

  • Dixie Jane
    Dixie Jane Day ago

    I see money is more important to you than your subscribers so you got yourself an unsub! yay you!

  • Amanda Bee
    Amanda Bee Day ago

    Weve been shown no proof really for most of this its just their word that this has been proven she is young and makes mistakes and is picking her brand and trying to get to the top. Droping brands and switching is part of figuring out where you wanna work.

  • kinda stormy
    kinda stormy 2 days ago

    I cant believe you sold yourself to Jaclyn lol

  • Ava Lavendar
    Ava Lavendar 2 days ago

    Hats off to you Hear For The Tea! The production value, timeline, everything about this video is award worthy! Great job! Are you a journalist?

  • Sky Mcduck
    Sky Mcduck 2 days ago

    Why dose this feel like a murder documentary

  • Michele Davis
    Michele Davis 2 days ago

    I know it seems J is fickle or maybe money hungry, but we change so much in our lives and perhaps the morphe brushes did outperform the sigma brushes and she figured out that she really liked them’s hard to say.

  • saralookon
    saralookon 3 days ago

    Here for Tea, whoever you are, you're just an ugly human being. Jealous much hun?

  • stufcrze
    stufcrze 4 days ago

    What a crappy thing to do

  • Glitzzy Gem
    Glitzzy Gem 4 days ago

    Jaclyn...You just overly stretched yourself thin with your lines. Maybe it would of been wiser for you to not have bombarded yourself with too many lines launching very close to their timelines, but that's how you learn to make wise decisions through your mistakes. I feel yours and makeup geeks pain. What a mess, like soggy mascara running down your face. Sorry, hope next time will be better for you. (If there is a next time).

  • She's So Random
    She's So Random 6 days ago +1

    Sounds like a snake to me, delete her youtube channel and rid the community of her

  • simply jade
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  • Sandra Dawson
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  • Sandra Dawson
    Sandra Dawson 8 days ago


  • Sandra Dawson
    Sandra Dawson 8 days ago

    Will it take 2 1/2 days to restock

  • Whitney Christophe
    Whitney Christophe 8 days ago

    so can this be uncanceled? i’m sure since his brushes launched already, uncle jeffree won’t intervene this time 😂😂

  • Crystal Danielle
    Crystal Danielle 9 days ago +1

    Holy SHIT! This is like pulling teeth!! I would want to ring her neck for being so difficult!!

  • Fther_Devito
    Fther_Devito 9 days ago +3

    I THINK WE ALL WANT TO KNOW: did Jaclyn hill pay you to be quiet?

  • Tia Komolafe
    Tia Komolafe 9 days ago

    so she had the opportunity to make money from what she loved doing (makeup) and she took it? what a crime. honestly, its fellow women that bring ourselves down for no reason. so should she have turned down those opportunities for the fear of being successful? I really don't get it? her crime is making money???

    • Kaylynn Clapp
      Kaylynn Clapp 6 days ago

      Tia Komolafe no her crime is being a snake and lying about the morphe palettes. And lying about a bunch of other stuff. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • ॐNeo_White _Rabbitॐ
    ॐNeo_White _Rabbitॐ 10 days ago +1

    She needs to calm down on the blusher

  • elizabethmacdonald96
    elizabethmacdonald96 11 days ago

    I still can’t get over how bad her makeup is tho 😭

  • Carla Pelicari
    Carla Pelicari 12 days ago

    I would have ZERO patience for this woman.

  • guinevere Rhoads
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  • Meagan Shapiro
    Meagan Shapiro 13 days ago

    so wheres part two? :/

  • Catherine P Gamez
    Catherine P Gamez 13 days ago +1

    this video was literally ridiculous lmaooo, just delete the whole youtube page pls

  • 24willa
    24willa 14 days ago

    Hey makeup makes her face look so big. What an ugly makeup (artist)

  • Maudeline84 L
    Maudeline84 L 14 days ago

    Is there a part 2 to this?? I can't seem to find it.

    • KayEmBee
      KayEmBee 10 days ago

      Just found some videos on Truth Hurtz. They have 5-6 videos on her. Same kinda concept as this video.

    • Maudeline84 L
      Maudeline84 L 13 days ago

      Kayleen Marie thank you

    • KayEmBee
      KayEmBee 13 days ago

      Maudeline84 L they cancelled it because JH said this series was harming her mental health, so I’ve heard

  • Virginia Bushnell
    Virginia Bushnell 16 days ago +1

    Umm you can explain air costs to the public. If you treat the public as too stupid to understand the supply chain, we won’t buy your product. I also won’t buy your product if the price point is too low to where your collaborator will not make a good profit margin.

  • Claudia Contreras
    Claudia Contreras 16 days ago +1

    What’s up with the creepy ass music?

  • Soyer Lynne
    Soyer Lynne 16 days ago +1

    I understand not addressing us here about the cancellation, but are some of you serious? They were facing lawsuits I'm sure by JH's lawyers about this drama and you're feeding into it like mongrels and insulting someone's integrity because they wouldn't go against LAWYERS to spill you tea? Get real. I get we all want to know the details of JH and what happened, but seriously shunning a channel who didn't want a larger controversy on their hands? Please. It sucks yeah, but move on. "Fuck you. Wasted time on you for cancelling, done." Like all because a series didn't launch? Big deal. Like the palette that didn't launch, or shows that don't continue - shit hits the fan and things change. Pick something else to shove your hatred at. They were just doing what was best - and safe for both parties. Haters.

  • dollofvoodoo
    dollofvoodoo 16 days ago +1

    Don't know her, but think she's full of shit

  • Maximus Prime
    Maximus Prime 17 days ago

    Damn, whos not beefin' on USclip?!

  • Idk.and. Idgaf
    Idk.and. Idgaf 18 days ago

    Gurrrll you could have said that this shit is cancelled couse u just get shame 🐥😑😂

  • sharai weston
    sharai weston 19 days ago +1

    Ughhhh the freaking emails irritating af

  • Rina Wilhelmina
    Rina Wilhelmina 20 days ago +1

    soooo all i have to do to get faimos is kiss a lot of ass

  • EricaYE6
    EricaYE6 20 days ago

    Who cares? Clicking off this.

  • EricaYE6
    EricaYE6 20 days ago

    "2013" smh. She's allowed to change her mind as she gets older and evolves. Especially, since makeup is always changing. Give her a break!

  • Mj
    Mj 21 day ago

    She sounds like hell to work with!

  • Tiffany Flood
    Tiffany Flood 21 day ago

    If you don't like Jaclyn why watch her every fucking move? CUT YOUR SHIT YOURE A FAN! HATINNNNN ASSSSSS BITCHHHHHH

  • BLuv's Place
    BLuv's Place 21 day ago

    I have watched this SOOOOOO many times. LOL ready for a part two three or whatever. LOL love you girl. Miss you Tea

  • Jessica Kothenbeutel

    Thats what fame does to some people I guess. She should have kept her obligations before going on to something else

  • paige staerkel
    paige staerkel 22 days ago

    I am 25 minutes into this video and it has to be the biggest waste of time of my life (and I have never left a hate comment).
    You are really reaching here.

    • paige staerkel
      paige staerkel 22 days ago

      Also did y'all even read this disclaimer? "Confirmed" who? Literally could not even be a real fact. Boring. Try again.

  • Jana ladyslipper
    Jana ladyslipper 22 days ago

    What a FLAKE! I love how she practically complained that it was delayed BUT is the one that continuously caused the delays. Do you really need that much time to accomplish NOTHING! And if this is her CREATING she is a spoon fed moron. The sad thing is she probably believes she is a good hard worker. Am I the only one who wanted them to write her and say “hope you are doing well, what do you think of this...pull your head out of your ass, and shove a palette up there instead. How many times should I write you and politely but, repeatedly ask you to pull your head out, before you finally pick up the palette?” Wake up you Idiot, if you are finding it stressful, THEN FINISH THE RIDICULOUSLY EASY TASK AND STOP CHANGING YOUR FICKLED MIND.

  • Alyesha J
    Alyesha J 22 days ago +1

    yall BIG MAD in the comments. its not that serious.

  • Margo Recinos
    Margo Recinos 23 days ago +2

    Can you continue the series now? You know, since now shes living her best life and not suicidal anymore with her dumbass.

  • Tania Salinas
    Tania Salinas 23 days ago

    Wow you really have nothing better to do than make up shit about people pathetic! Get a real job!! So stupid who really listens to this shit you people really have nothing better to do 😒

  • Tania Salinas
    Tania Salinas 23 days ago

    I love the color 1995!! Thank you for letting know who made it 😊

  • Harmony Night
    Harmony Night 24 days ago

    I love your voice during your reviews and the way you have your RECEIPTS all in order, I had no clue who JH was but I have learned something watching your vids. Awesome work and it make viewers watch entire video.

  • Sofia Aguirre
    Sofia Aguirre 24 days ago

    Your voice is so fucking annoying and you are obsessed w creating dumb drama to stay relevant I can’t with this channel

  • Kasey Woodman-Njordr
    Kasey Woodman-Njordr 24 days ago

    As a person completely out of the loop and blissfully excluded from the "beauty community" and the crazies that come with it, I couldn't help but laugh all the way through this, and it kinda made my morning. So much drama, you can tell it's all fabricated for viewership. The more drama your line creates, the more sales you generate it seems. Jeffree rode the FUCK out of the Kat Von D drama wave, and has carved his own path since then and seems to be going great, not to mention his product comparison videos offer a lot of help. These larger names influence the entire industry, and with every industry there's petty drama intertwined with it. Also, the fucking music in this video lmaoooo. Is this supposed to be a 40-man World of Warcraft raid against Jaclyn Hill?
    Oh, and @Here For The Tea What makes you think it's okay to profit off this video? According to your socialblade, you make a pretty decent living on USclip. This is your most popular video, and your new videos don't touch this viewership. Jaclyn is helping you more than you seem to be helping yourself. After a look at your most recent video, I can see why. This whole "this will be a series" thing is horseshit,too. If you boiled this hour-long assault on another person to fragile mental health, you are taking advantage of that, whether that's the terminology you'd like to use or not. Next video you put out should be a "Thank you,Jaclyn, for my rent money" video.

  • Christelle Francios
    Christelle Francios 24 days ago

    I went to IMATS in 2014 .!! -That is all ..!

  • india & Ellasophia
    india & Ellasophia 25 days ago +1

    What an absolute snake 🐍 !! 😰the loss in $ and possible jobs she created and clearly didn’t give a crap !! Wow

  • KT Magoo
    KT Magoo 25 days ago +2

    I’m confused, she started working with MUG before she started working with morphe and signed with morphe but not MUG? And she wanted morphe and all these other brands to launch before MUG? Rude...

  • Catherine Colehower
    Catherine Colehower 26 days ago

    god she is so dramatic lmao

  • Cassidy Violet
    Cassidy Violet 26 days ago +1

    y'all are really coming at someone for changing and growing as well as acting like you all wouldn't take opportunities to make hundreds of thousands of dollars if you had the chance.

  • Merry Moreira
    Merry Moreira 26 days ago +1

    Cool vid... are 6 adds necessary lol

  • Anita Balla
    Anita Balla 27 days ago +1

    Who cares

  • Montana Snowflake
    Montana Snowflake 27 days ago

    Why was everything Manny Manny Manny?!! He is nothing so why is he calling the shots basically? Jacklyn is a weird bitch .... can stand stuck up bitches and ya ent watched her for a couple years now. Fucking Marlena over was NOT cool.

  • elm0505
    elm0505 27 days ago

    What happened to Jaclyn's face? She was kinda cute but now looks like some strange creature.

  • The Holistic Esthetician
    The Holistic Esthetician 28 days ago +1

    Make up USclip drama!

  • Books are my Second Love
    Books are my Second Love 28 days ago +1

    Why does it seem that JH had too much to handle and wasn't adult enough to admit it?

  • rebecca dawber
    rebecca dawber 28 days ago

    The series was stopped because both of these channels where paid?
    I mean anyone would take the money rather that the smaller amount of commission from the video.
    But then again if I'm being honest its kinda shady how they took the money and went quiet about the series.
    In my own opinion I don't mind that it's cancelled but they spill all this apparent 'tea' but then they never address the rest of the series or what actually happened, an argument? Did they get paid? Did jaclyn cry victim?
    If I'm being honest we will never know the truth about this series until a Q and A with i doubt will ever happen.
    The scandal with Jen is quite irrelevant just an argument that set them their separate ways years ago and thats all we really have.
    One day i'm gonna make one of these channels and actually spill tea that won't be copyrighted and I probably wouldn't accept money unless it could fix my life lol.
    I don't really understand why they only made this one video as this is the most irrelevant one, the further in they got the more relevant it would've got tbh.

  • A L
    A L 28 days ago

    I always knew this walking advertisement was a snake

  • Megan Mann
    Megan Mann 29 days ago +4

    Wish we were able to see the rest of it. Wonder how much money they were paid to stop it?

  • Glam and Curvy
    Glam and Curvy 29 days ago

    Just by the title I gotta say Yes! Jaclyn was a good woman and I have no idea wth happened to her😵 same with Nicole guerriero she is very down to earth but it's like a complete different person constantly cursing and her image has change to like a wanna be IG baddie or something lol but then again everyone grows and changes so we just gotta adjust

  • the cup RM throws in the Run MV

    “I will never sell out” lmao bitch bye

  • I'm A Hater. Don't Like It? GOOD!

    To be fair if I was that minted I wouldn’t give a fuck about anyone else

    GLITTAH MAFIA Month ago

    So what happened to the rest of this story sis?

      GLITTAH MAFIA 28 days ago +1

      Spill The whole damn kettle THAT IS WEAK SAUCE! If you’re going to be a TEA channel spill the tea ruthlessly. Don’t sell out!

    • I LOVE YOU
      I LOVE YOU 29 days ago +1

      GLITTAH MAFIA They paid her to shut up 🙄

      GLITTAH MAFIA Month ago +1

      Never mind, just saw it was canceled! LAME! shouldn’t you delete the original? 🙄🙄

  • rocina De los santos

    I hate that she doesn’t ever make her own shit she only repackages or sells her favs at a discount.

  • Mrs Carley
    Mrs Carley Month ago +1

    What the hell happened to her face? She looked so much better years ago.

  • Bunny B
    Bunny B Month ago

    Whew lord you gotta get a life. Who the hell has the time to make an hour long video about something so damn juvenile?

    • I LOVE YOU
      I LOVE YOU 29 days ago

      Bunny B It’s not a hour long... and apparently you

  • Anita_0525
    Anita_0525 Month ago

    This stressed me out I need a Xanax now omg Jaclyn is a PAIN!!!!

  • sascha alexandra
    sascha alexandra Month ago

    Good job here. You did a lot of work putting this together. It’s a shame it’s not making a dent in the disaster that is JH. What a spoiled selfish little weasel she is.

  • Sam Pocket
    Sam Pocket Month ago +3

    Jesus Christ ... An hour of reading out E-Mails...what is wrong with people??? Why do you care so much?? The world is a harsh place so what? Humans lie, betray and do other bad what? You can't change them! Stop wasting your precious time on this that's horrible and so negative focus on your own life

  • AMC
    AMC Month ago +2

    I used to like Jaclyn Hill. She was the first beauty youtuber I watched. Now she is way to ‘bougie’ nothing genuine and her laughs are so forced and fake. She Just doesn’t feel genuine anymore. All superficial. I wouldn’t be surprised if these videos about her are actually true. Fame got the better of her. She’s looking way to plastic for me now. Lol

  • Stephaneezy
    Stephaneezy Month ago

    Honestly, I just sat through an hour of this shit because I was so intrigued on how the process of a makeup collaboration works and runs. Lowkey interesting to read all of those emails lmao. It’s like neck and neck with all these major brands out there!

  • Taylor Cox
    Taylor Cox Month ago

    Wtf where's the rest of this series? Shady as fuck girl

  • Jaclyn Ward
    Jaclyn Ward Month ago

    This makes me disgusted with Jaclyn Hill. What a terrible person. I will never buy anything with her name again.

  • Kombatkilla
    Kombatkilla Month ago

    This halo ass background music lol

  • Mary Grace Flaviano

    Thank God... I don’t have money... to work to a person whose not professional she should be sued

  • Angela Rogers
    Angela Rogers Month ago

    Who really gives that much of a fuck tho.?

  • cindy casarez
    cindy casarez Month ago


  • Tiffany Ford
    Tiffany Ford Month ago

    Lmao ......... how many of these gurus do you really love Sam ........

  • Kimberly Hall
    Kimberly Hall Month ago

    I just wanted to pull my hair out, listening to all those emails!

  • Dama lo
    Dama lo Month ago +1

    Are y’all being sued over this? What’s going on? Y’all haven’t come out with the series, so what happened? Did she get mad and sue?

  • mary tiller
    mary tiller Month ago +4

    Good Lord
    I'm not a hard core fan of Jaclyn Hill's but this seems like hatred stalking. I have sigma, morphe, coastal scents and Mac brushes. I use them all and use
    "my current" favorites when the mood strikes me. Same with make up. Who uses only one brand for life? You guys are super picky and it's getting really old

  • violet
    violet Month ago

    I love U.S history

  • Caitlin Abrahamse
    Caitlin Abrahamse Month ago

    like 90% of those emails aren't even necessary to the situation and literally wasted me significant time of my life

  • Fallin IntoTheSky
    Fallin IntoTheSky Month ago +1

    I made myself some oatmeal while you were reading them emails. They made me hungry

  • Taylor Draper
    Taylor Draper Month ago

    can you please finish this? or email me the next video? please

  • Chenaé R
    Chenaé R Month ago

    I don’t believe this lol just trying to get views from drama smh

  • Hello Moto
    Hello Moto Month ago

    “The stuff with the bots” lol

  • MBCrusin
    MBCrusin Month ago +1

    If this series is cancelled... why not take this video down instead of wasting people’s time by listening to all these emails

  • Megan Carey
    Megan Carey Month ago

    Wow... I feel so bad for anyone that has to converse with her or work with her .... I think its bullshit you guys aren't finishing this series ....

  • Bauer Beauty Co.
    Bauer Beauty Co. Month ago

    Where do u get these receipts from? All these emails?

  • Blood_Guts-And_Cake *

    i really hoped that you rebooted the series. 3 months later. . .

  • Katie Cottingham
    Katie Cottingham Month ago +1

    Dear lord, even skipping through these videos are painful. Do you assume no one can read or is this a USclip thing now? You realize the brain can process information by reading faster than you can read it right? Can't even finish this. Create a bullet point list and learn the reality of summarizing, as in NOT reading details that don't get to the whole point.
    This is why traditional news outlets still have so much value: young people who think they're "exposing truths" don't understand how to structure investigative journalism, let alone get better sources that can be fact checked by other outlets, and don't understand that the goal is to provide facts WITHOUT coloring the report with personal opinion or telling an audience how to feel. While Jacklyn Hill may not be the best or most polished business woman, past or present, you haven't successfully conveyed that she is genuinely dishonest or anything more than cutthroat, which is expected of men in the same position so I honestly don't expect any less of a modern woman.

  • Katie Cottingham
    Katie Cottingham Month ago +1

    Honestly, *7* ads?!?! Who's money hungry here? Pot calling the kettle black darling. 😑