DON’T Drop It Challenge!


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  • REKT
    REKT  4 months ago +718

    Let us know what you all thought of the vlog style! We think it makes it more personal, and let's you guys see how everything comes to be. Better, or nah?

  • Mobman3105
    Mobman3105 9 hours ago +1


  • Mobman3105
    Mobman3105 9 hours ago +1

    Why is Tanner the Riddler?

  • bonnie castellanos
    bonnie castellanos 18 hours ago

    LOL Matthias made me laugh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • omegapork64 !
    omegapork64 ! Day ago

    acATUaLLy ThE f IRsT niNTEndO coNsole WAs THe Tv gaME 15

    (It was tho)

  • Woo Yeong Klobe
    Woo Yeong Klobe Day ago

    Is REKT part of dope or nope and team edge

  • Abbie Bradley
    Abbie Bradley Day ago

    I think this is my favourite woods video, i don’t know if that makes sense...

  • Joseph Lum
    Joseph Lum Day ago

    connor’s glasses......are really confusing me!!!

  • Summer E
    Summer E 2 days ago


  • Fluffy Pigs
    Fluffy Pigs 2 days ago

    Matt in the back tho...

  • YoutubeUnicorn_2713 DAB POLICE

    tanner looks like abe lincon

  • kingjolt
    kingjolt 9 days ago

    Alexander graham bell invented the telephone

  • David vs game
    David vs game 9 days ago

    Makes sense I left their keys in the car with their camera aiming towards it

  • Angie McNeal
    Angie McNeal 10 days ago

    Did y’all see Matt at 4:01

  • Marlene NOEl
    Marlene NOEl 11 days ago

    U guys are so interesting
    It’s like u just want to int
    Rest us and u guys are
    Not having fun
    your videos are so interesting
    And cool continue 😊 😊 😊

    Oh and this is Obama’s my child in the picture his name is jai

  • Matthew And Michella
    Matthew And Michella 12 days ago


  • HankB1993
    HankB1993 13 days ago

    (8:56) Tanner is the greatest, only Tanner can manage that. 😂

  • tac7777777
    tac7777777 16 days ago

    OMG MATT 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 'matt' *peaks around corner* hello there *goes back behind corner*

  • Alexandea Offenburg
    Alexandea Offenburg 18 days ago

    low-key though, gunner could pull off acne

  • Alicia Crawford
    Alicia Crawford 20 days ago

    Tanner your neon green suit reminds me of my x's parents they would wear the same suit & color at church I busted out laughing at the video

  • Sierra Nelson
    Sierra Nelson 21 day ago

    When Paul was being a cowboy that killed me I played like 200 times and did embodied here no still dying of laughter 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • DedCupCake
    DedCupCake 21 day ago

    metamorphic rocks come from volcanos TOO! jeez Tanner learn about your rocks

  • Scott Raymond
    Scott Raymond 27 days ago

    I don't like tanner cuz he is rude

  • Seth Thompson
    Seth Thompson 28 days ago


  • Megan Rumore
    Megan Rumore 29 days ago

    I love Mitch XD

  • R Rex
    R Rex Month ago

    Please give me Apple Watch i love Apple watch

  • Brisbane life
    Brisbane life Month ago

    Project zogor is watching

  • Stuff King
    Stuff King Month ago

    That’s a hammer

  • Alex Bond
    Alex Bond Month ago


  • Etienne Irion
    Etienne Irion Month ago


  • Kayleigh Hartley
    Kayleigh Hartley Month ago

    Should’ve green screened Tanners suit

  • My_life_as_a _geek
    My_life_as_a _geek Month ago

    Tanner looks like the the Onceler from the Lorax

  • WeekendWonders
    WeekendWonders Month ago

    I thought the first Nintendo console was the Famicon?

  • the_big_ succc
    the_big_ succc Month ago

    I knew these.... lol

  • C Lee
    C Lee Month ago

    Motor start

  • Sam Firman
    Sam Firman Month ago

    I love the new concept 😆 #gettanerglasses

  • Dark Gamer
    Dark Gamer Month ago

    In the thumbnail 100lbs wouldn’t be that hard

  • demorggn asome
    demorggn asome Month ago


  • Aidan Connolly
    Aidan Connolly Month ago

    I think the first Nintendo console was a game and watch

  • Salana San
    Salana San Month ago

    I frickin love you Matt so bad

  • Kieran
    Kieran Month ago

    Austrailia isnt a continent, ffs

  • BlazeBytes
    BlazeBytes Month ago

    "i have my hands full he says", as someone, holding a bucket, like 7 time heavier does it with one hand.

  • Mikeskids Greer
    Mikeskids Greer Month ago

    Australia is not a contanit

  • Kaely Saporito
    Kaely Saporito Month ago

    I love how Matt is just hiding behind the door to not get wet😂 love you MATT

  • LolBit/Delilah The Gamer

    Yay!avatar the last airbender for life!

  • Kevin Wang
    Kevin Wang Month ago

    Their F##king weak

  • King Kold
    King Kold Month ago

    Someone please green screen his suit

    LIL DUDE Month ago

    lmao Mathias just standing there

  • Bajram Turner-Rruci

    Johnny depp

  • Puns and Musicals
    Puns and Musicals Month ago

    That suit is an assault to my eyes

  • Rotana Ly-Maldonado

    i know more Queens than you

  • LunartheHybrid Oof lol

    Tanner looks like the riddler

  • Silver Shine
    Silver Shine Month ago

    Bruh 4:05 is that Mathias 😂

  • Moncika Moncy
    Moncika Moncy Month ago


  • Jacob Parker
    Jacob Parker Month ago

    Yas mathas

  • Snickerines Gamer
    Snickerines Gamer Month ago

    9:28 😂 can't stop laughing

  • MasterOfCats
    MasterOfCats Month ago +1


  • loliv 23
    loliv 23 Month ago

    i cried of laughter whenyy b

  • Boba -Fet
    Boba -Fet Month ago

    You dumb it’s FE

  • Julian Luce
    Julian Luce Month ago

    did I just see Matthias?!!?

  • Kit-Cat
    Kit-Cat Month ago

    Let me just say.....I still like his face

  • Stony
    Stony Month ago

    *Uses headphones*
    *Headphone Users warning (not really tho) appears*

  • Tidy-Widy
    Tidy-Widy Month ago

    4:04 I couldn't stop laughing for some reason...


    Australia isn't a Continent

    • Örlagskapten
      Örlagskapten Month ago

      The continet is actually called

    • Yva Joy
      Yva Joy Month ago

      LEGO MASTERBUILDER this is bait right

  • gecko vlogs
    gecko vlogs 2 months ago

    4:08 Mathias is like I don't want in on this

  • Britany Bartley
    Britany Bartley 2 months ago

    alexander graham bell invented the light bulb or the telephone I can't remember if its either or neither

  • Galvatia Game
    Galvatia Game 2 months ago

    Iron is Fe

  • Anthony Abbott
    Anthony Abbott 2 months ago

    4:00 Matt da stalker

  • Kamryn Quintanilla
    Kamryn Quintanilla 2 months ago

    Matt was probably like this is what I pay them to do

  • Kaylee Grenier
    Kaylee Grenier 2 months ago

    The hammer is his hand is fake... It took me a while to find that out lol

  • Fox Trotters
    Fox Trotters 2 months ago

    I’m thirteen and even I knew it was Freddy Mercury.... man up gunner and learn your stuff 😂

  • GoTi4No
    GoTi4No 2 months ago

    How can't you know the first nintendo console? All gamers know

  • Tom Quinn Live
    Tom Quinn Live 2 months ago

    wait how did they miss the opportunity to key the suit??

  • Dead Memes
    Dead Memes 2 months ago

    The Riddler

  • Kari Crouse
    Kari Crouse 2 months ago +1

    We are related to John Adams

  • Seth Proaps
    Seth Proaps 2 months ago

    The first nintendo was the FAMICOM/ FAMILY COMPUTER TANNER

  • Leah Ford
    Leah Ford 2 months ago

    omgosh im way younger and instantly knew freddie mercury (idk how to spell it)

  • MineCart Rider
    MineCart Rider 2 months ago


  • Bong Dan
    Bong Dan 2 months ago


  • Dylan Sullivan
    Dylan Sullivan 2 months ago

    Jesus, these guys are dumb lol
    Edit: now that I think of it, that makes them perfect for this

  • Luke S
    Luke S 2 months ago

    I have conners thug life glasses

  • King Pineapples
    King Pineapples 2 months ago


  • clesijunk
    clesijunk 2 months ago

    Matt’s face doe

  • the weird one
    the weird one 2 months ago

    It starwars😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • kkmcrae63
    kkmcrae63 2 months ago

    Alexander graham made the telephone

  • Kaysan A
    Kaysan A 2 months ago

    why should we ask questions?

  • Mical Frederick
    Mical Frederick 2 months ago

    Gunner should be the poster child of why you should stay in school...

  • Andrea Bustos
    Andrea Bustos 2 months ago

    North America and South America aren't different continents 😒 by saying that you're basically ignoring central America, which are countries rich in biodiversity thank to the fact that is a natural bridge between the north and south. Is like saying that Australia is a continent, is just the bigger country in the continent of Oceania! (or however is spelled in English).

  • lauritz Busk Martin
    lauritz Busk Martin 2 months ago

    Team edge?

    ADDYSON SPRANGERS 2 months ago


  • That guy
    That guy 2 months ago

    *Australia isn't a continent*

  • That guy
    That guy 2 months ago

    Garbage video, you should feel bad.

  • STACEY Bishop-Salvary
    STACEY Bishop-Salvary 2 months ago


  • Kian Cullen Cullen
    Kian Cullen Cullen 2 months ago

    Did Tanner just call australia a continent

  • Sicilian greenfox
    Sicilian greenfox 2 months ago

    Hi! Its Vince With SamWow 🤣

  • Sneakerviewz
    Sneakerviewz 2 months ago

    They should go to eachothers house and pick what to put under the bucket

    CRUSTCOOKIE XD 2 months ago

    Oh men that pig got Rekt

  • Dino Fans
    Dino Fans 2 months ago

    JP for life the t shirt

  • Joshua Pollard
    Joshua Pollard 2 months ago

    XD i said nes when he said nes