Relaxing Celtic Music: Beautiful Music, Relaxing Music, Flute Music, Meditation Music ★91

  • Published on Sep 17, 2016
  • Relaxing Celtic music (called "Dance of Life") by me, Peder B. Helland. Stream or download music from Soothing Relaxation:
    I produce relaxing music, meditation music, fantasy music, flute music, harp music, sleep music, soothing music, beautiful music and more.
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    I am a composer from Norway and I started this channel with a simple vision: to create a place that you can visit in order to chill out & relax. I compose music that can be labeled as for example: sleep music, calm music, yoga music, study music, peaceful music, beautiful music and relaxing music. I love to compose music and I put a lot of work into it.
    Thank you very much for listening and for leaving feedback. Have a wonderful day or evening!
    ~Peder B. Helland
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  • Soothing Relaxation
    Soothing Relaxation  2 years ago +772

    This piece ("Dance of Life") is part of the album called "Dance of Life" (by Peder B. Helland) and it can be downloaded from all the popular digital stores. Tracklist below. I hope you like it if you buy it! Here are some links:
    iTunes ►
    Amazon ►
    Google Play ►
    Bandcamp ►
    1. Dance of Life (★91)
    2. Flying (★68)
    3. Forest Whisper (★86)
    4. Feelings (★73)
    5. Always (★89)
    6. Our Future (★101)
    7. Japanese Garden (★106)
    8. A New Day (★97)
    9. I Miss You (★103)
    10. Always (Revisited) (★93)

    • GuppyG
      GuppyG 4 days ago

      This music is making my parakeets fall asleep

    • wasner 33
      wasner 33 6 days ago

      How do i download it on mobile

    • Marzena Wisniewska
      Marzena Wisniewska 10 days ago

      Beautiful, amazing, just wonderful.. 💖. Thank you 💖

    • Ralph Ritchie
      Ralph Ritchie 17 days ago

      Night felisha

    • Mc Michael WARDY
      Mc Michael WARDY 2 months ago

      Am Irish this is my native music Tiocfaidh ár lá our day will come

  • lique borg
    lique borg 2 hours ago

    i just love the sound on 4.50 min you have more of this?:)

  • 89792131121607920 math is cool

    I'm so tired of life. I want to connect with something. But it has to be something that is real and eternal

  • Kejt Dacevova
    Kejt Dacevova 16 hours ago

    Nice 🌲💚🍀

  • Toby Roberts
    Toby Roberts 16 hours ago

    All the comments saying they don't make music like this anymore. Do you think this is a 1000 year old recording?

  • Isis
    Isis 19 hours ago

    Adorei.. Super zen✌🏼

  • Marlene Silva
    Marlene Silva Day ago

    Lindo amei...

  • Jānis Skrastiņš

    For coments me not words. I drive wich traktor. I go dark & elvis is not live...

  • Adam Mckone
    Adam Mckone Day ago

    I had a dose of magic mushrooms last night and put this on for the first time ever.... WoW!!! I went on the most amazing journey of self discovery. I faced deamons from past that i had tried to bury but kept haunting me. I was carried by the spirit of the forest from the tallest tree to the smallest cell of mycelium. I felt the buzz of communication threw the tree roots and the symbiotic relationships between plants and animals. I awoke this morning as a new person with a completely diffrent outlook on life and it is all thanks to this beautiful soundtrack. Thanks and love 💞

  • Trisha
    Trisha Day ago

    I get tears of happiness from this music. That flute makes my heart smile. Blessed be.

  • Jin Jin Allman
    Jin Jin Allman Day ago

    Just 9 minutes into it and I feel so relaxed. At peace. Just close your eyes if you can 😊

  • Mabella Acuña
    Mabella Acuña 2 days ago +1

    Thank you for a beautiful music. Sending love to all listening to this music. We are all one. Peace. Much Love, Namaste

  • Frεε Heart and Paw Necklace on my Profile

    Wow cutie! 🐾💖

    ALIGE SAMADHANA 2 days ago

    Have a homesick feeling while listening... My home which is filled with peace,happiness and calmness is somewhere beyond the universe. This music recalls the feelings which I had there. It's wonderful. Just wanna go home....

  • M B
    M B 2 days ago

    I sat to read a novel today with this music in background..thank you very relaxing and destressing.

  • RainbowSpiritDreams
    RainbowSpiritDreams 3 days ago

    Thumbs down should not be allowed anymore on USclip. This piece of artistry is not even worth a thumbs up, where are the stars or hearts? This is what this beautiful piece is. Stars and hearts all round 🌟💖🌟💖🌟💖

  • cooking for comedy
    cooking for comedy 3 days ago

    Cool song

  • Catie S
    Catie S 3 days ago

    Is there a cd of this? I like CD too. This is my #1 fav for the past 2 years. What would I have done without it, I dont know. Relaxing, happiness inducing, wipes tears away... All in one.

  • Iza Goidoni
    Iza Goidoni 3 days ago +1

    Essas músicas trazem paz a minha alma obrigada 🥰

  • Linda 82
    Linda 82 3 days ago +1

    enter into my closet into a magical land full of breeze and water, birds nice grass 😀 waterfall atc

  • Linda 82
    Linda 82 3 days ago

    have a goodnight sleep 😴

  • Jose Gilson
    Jose Gilson 3 days ago

    O comppsitor dessa música não é humano

  • poopy funny
    poopy funny 3 days ago

    mudasa all up in here

  • Mariya
    Mariya 4 days ago

  • Ali Bavifard
    Ali Bavifard 4 days ago


  • Rachelle Fields
    Rachelle Fields 4 days ago

    Here I am again tonight 🥀

  • Kindra Calhoun
    Kindra Calhoun 4 days ago +6

    Transported, listening to this while reading other things people have said makes me feel open and warm and loving in a way i wish i was always

    UP2 NOGUD 4 days ago

    This music is so beautifully put together. Thank you for sharing your talent. ❤❤❤

  • ElfHighMage
    ElfHighMage 5 days ago

    All this time, I thought it couldn't get any better than Skyrim BGM. Until I found this by random recommendation.

  • sherry moody
    sherry moody 5 days ago

    I found this before i was diagnosed with anxiety. It help me find a place i could go to calm my soul.

  • milan dimitrijevic
    milan dimitrijevic 5 days ago


  • dying blues
    dying blues 5 days ago +1

    tyvm Peder:) first time listening and already amazing just a few minutes in...peace

  • Евгения Тихоненкова

    yes it heaven

  • Susan Bottomley
    Susan Bottomley 5 days ago

    Listening to this beautiful music has got me through after my hip replacement surgery ,I can highly recommend you listen to this beautiful music, it’s so soothing 😴

  • Marissa Meeks
    Marissa Meeks 6 days ago +1

    "Dance of Life" is definitely the tune of "Walking Song" sung by Pippen in Lord of the Rings.

    • Faye Thaxton
      Faye Thaxton Day ago

      It also reminds me a lot of the (Tangerine Dream) soundtrack for Legend, especially the flute part.

  • Logan Colee
    Logan Colee 6 days ago

    I find it to be relaxing and helps me sleep better at night. Truly wonderful music in its simplicity yet all together sound tone and tempo.

  • Kornfanatic Fordfanatic

    Writing a book that takes place in Ireland, this is helping me get the ideas out onto paper easier. Thanks a lot

  • Aniuletka87
    Aniuletka87 6 days ago +2

    This music takes me places I didn’t know existed ❤️

  • Hannah Sweet
    Hannah Sweet 6 days ago

    My family was very celtic before but we left everything behind when we came to America, and ever since my family has never had a heritage we can attach ourselves to. It's quite depressing when everyone is holding festive parties for their families and I sit at home and have nowhere to go. This music helps me feel like I got a piece of my family's history back. Thank you so much.

  • Luceforall
    Luceforall 7 days ago

    Hi! I am an amateur who has recently started putting together videos about eagles. I find your music beautiful and I was wondering if one could use some tracks to accompany the nature videos after purchasing them from you. Many thanks.

  • paras gagandeep
    paras gagandeep 7 days ago

    Everyone dreams to b in an peaceful place harsh sounds no tickling lights... Such a relief I got from this music

  • Liz Loria
    Liz Loria 7 days ago

    Plant trees and flowers 🌏🌳🐝🐞🐇

  • Joe Riley
    Joe Riley 7 days ago


  • rino george
    rino george 7 days ago

    In my mindscape I am dreaming... landscapes...streetscapes...skyscape....
    Dreaming will be over when I am awake

  • Сергей Литовцев


  • Мама Мамина

    Спасибо вам за Чудо! Прекрасная Музыка, чистый и хрустальный посыл.. Благодарю вас!

  • fay zay
    fay zay 8 days ago

    This music makes me think deeply about life

  • Juan Rojo
    Juan Rojo 8 days ago

    Thanks very beautifull soothing calming music. take care.

  • Bethany Moran
    Bethany Moran 8 days ago

    Absolutley Transcendent My Friend.

  • Sissil Elise Minde
    Sissil Elise Minde 8 days ago

    Harmonisk å kjærlig..Fredfult tusen takk vakkre sjel..

  • Angel Smith
    Angel Smith 8 days ago

    Why does this music have 9.1k dislikes?

  • C. Meagan Michael
    C. Meagan Michael 8 days ago

    So beautiful! My dogs and I have been relaxing to this all morning. Thank you!

  • crystal lippincott
    crystal lippincott 9 days ago +1


  • Junko Chan
    Junko Chan 9 days ago

    Why thank you

  • Ad Diseños
    Ad Diseños 9 days ago

    Gracias es maravillosa está música 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • DewElr1
    DewElr1 10 days ago +1

    Am I the only one thinking about magic, elves, and other fantasy things

  • Lissy xxx
    Lissy xxx 10 days ago

    My blue tongued lizard LOVE'S this

  • dimitris drosakis
    dimitris drosakis 10 days ago

    ah uploaded on 2016 back then USclip didn't interrupt your videos by pausing them...

  • Kyore
    Kyore 10 days ago

    Hello there, would you like to see my wares?

  • Alissa Nieto
    Alissa Nieto 10 days ago

    I love this