What is the BEST Fuel to Use in Your Car or Truck and WHY

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • Ever wonder what grade gasoline should you use in your car (what octane)? Are you paying for premium gas when you can just use regular? Are you using regular and damaging your engine? This video will bust all of the myths and tell you the FACTS on what fuel you should use and why.
    Many people throw money away and fill their car with the incorrect fuel every day. Running premium or midgrade in a car designed to run regular is a waste of money and has no HP or MPG benefits. You will not make more power or get better fuel economy running premium fuel if the car manufacturer tunes the car to use regular gas in most cases. I also see some people run regular gas in cars that need premium and the knock sensors have to adjust timing significantly to prevent damaging engine knock. I also hear a lot of people say that premium gasoline has more energy or burns cooler or slower so I will put a rest to all of these "myths" with facts.
    More info on fuels and additives: www.shell.us/motorist/shell-fuels/shell-v-power-nitro-plus-premium-gasoline.html
    Fuel Injector Machine I used: amzn.to/2MeGbnZ

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  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix  2 months ago +5230

    I hope you guys like the animations and all the extras that went into this video! It took a while to do (you guys who follow me on Instagram know lol) but I think it is worth showing you examples instead of just taking my word for it! For those asking, here is where I got the fuel injector cleaner/tester: amzn.to/31kHwhk

    • Nvious _
      Nvious _ 6 days ago

      Ur damn wrong try it on a turbo car use the cheapest and 93 you literally feel the difference

    • yeet
      yeet 10 days ago

      You did an absolutely superb job with the 3D animations.

    • Jemstone24
      Jemstone24 14 days ago

      Do you have a video like this showing the wear from Ethanol fuels?

    • Sniperkid 1395
      Sniperkid 1395 14 days ago

      ChrisFix I know this is a late question, but, if there is a extreme difference in temp like a late or early winter, should I switch to winter gas if I filled up on summer gas before the stations switched?

  • Mike N
    Mike N Hour ago

    Best fuel is electricity.

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis Hour ago

    Wait so I've been driving on mini explosions?

  • Luckless
    Luckless 6 hours ago

    Our lowest octane in Czech republic is 95 and the highest 105

  • Michael Burns
    Michael Burns 8 hours ago

    Using 91 octane non ethanol makes my truck run like a dream. I feel like ethanol destroys your engine.

  • Kelp Farming
    Kelp Farming 11 hours ago

    nothing more than an ad for Shell. Nice one, funny guy

  • John Kidane
    John Kidane 19 hours ago

    Thank you Chris

  • DMan 50
    DMan 50 21 hour ago

    Very good video

  • Lance W
    Lance W 23 hours ago

    not talking about the difference between the crap ethanol fuel vs pure fuel, you can run pure reg unleaded in an engine that says it needs super safely, as it does not have the ethanol in it, you gain 20 to 30% power and MPG, your engine will run over all more efficient with pure fuel, and help keep things clean, so you missed a very important aspect of which types fuel you can use. and remember that Europe doe NOT have ethanol in there fuels, so pure fuel would be more preferred in most cars and using only the regular unleaded would still be better then super 92/93 oct with ethanol.

  • Treyvon Bryant
    Treyvon Bryant Day ago

    You’re amazing the way you explain everything

  • Aaron Albrecht
    Aaron Albrecht 2 days ago

    Octane boosters are a gimmick, they do not work. Don’t put that garbage in your car.

  • Pandurang Kottal
    Pandurang Kottal 2 days ago +1

    For Indian car.please

  • Rogelio Beltran
    Rogelio Beltran 2 days ago +1

    Thank you for answering all the myths and questions about octane ratings. Awesome Video. A+++

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  2 days ago

      I'm glad you liked the video!

  • water goalie
    water goalie 2 days ago +1

    so should i use premium oil on my regular oil car to clean out the carbon deposits ?

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  2 days ago

      By premium oil, do you mean synthetic? If so, i would recommend using synthetic over conventional oil!

  • George T.
    George T. 3 days ago +1

    Your Mustang is sooo damn pretty! You always know what's best and for a serial time, you help us through! So thank you so much Chris! And goodluck with what's next!

  • BigDH28
    BigDH28 3 days ago +2

    You have completely blown up Chris! Its well deserved! Your videos are incredible and very informative! Thank you for the amazing content! Congratulations on your channel success and keep up the awesome content! Merry Christmas! 👍✊️💯

  • Troy Miller
    Troy Miller 3 days ago +1

    Informative video, nice animations, great glove work!

  • Mopar 5.7
    Mopar 5.7 3 days ago

    What's your thoughts on 89 non ethanol gas that some shell stations sell? I have a 2019 Dodge charger RT super track pack that recommend 89. I've been putting that non ethanol in it. What's your opinion on that type of gas?

  • Đèvìĺ Đèv Ćìćhìĺđš

    I got a 2019 Honda crv they say regular or higher 93 will it be safe to use ?
    Amazing video

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  3 days ago +1

      Awesome! So now you know!

  • Asif Kotadiya
    Asif Kotadiya 3 days ago

    Please do a comparison between fuel from different stores (example Walmart l, QuickTrick, Kroger, Racetrack etc)

  • Brett Walker
    Brett Walker 3 days ago

    I use non ethanol that is available at my local gas station in all of my small engines. A question I’ve always had is- when I select the non ethanol grade and start to pump into my plastic 5 gallon can... how much gas is in the pump system / hose from the previous customer? How much “non ethanol “ gas am I actually getting? I usually run 2-3 gallons into my truck before filling the 5-gallon can to be sure I’m getting all non ethanol. This question is obviously a good one when selecting any grade other than regular

  • Weiwei Su
    Weiwei Su 3 days ago

    Some car's stock ECU have extra tune on higher Octane fuel to get extra power but Manufacturer usually did not mention it. Like Porsche 718 Cayman they could get roughly 8-10 more horsepower by using 100 Octane Racing Fuel but Porsche never brought that up lol.

  • Sam
    Sam 4 days ago

    I was curious, because you didn’t mention the possibility of running a flex fuel vehicle (one that recommends or requires E-85) with regular gasoline. Is that something that could damage the engine? What’s a suggestion if you’re not around gas stations that provide E-85?

  • Berkley Mims
    Berkley Mims 4 days ago

    What universe do you live in where it’s $2.70 for gas

    • Berkley Mims
      Berkley Mims 4 days ago +1

      ChrisFix I love New Jersey I have lots of family there it’s a great place also thanks for replying and so fast literally my role model. My step dad was into mechanics and I’m trying to get into mechanics myself and you’re a huge inspiration so thank you

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  4 days ago

      NJ and they just taxed our gas $0.43 more a gallon!

  • John F. Kennedy
    John F. Kennedy 5 days ago

    So 87 is you regular and 93 your premium? Where I live 95 is regular 98 is the good basic stuff and then comes 99 i believe wich is the premium here.

    • Scootaloo
      Scootaloo Day ago +1

      @John F. Kennedy Because the US/Canada uses a more accurate method for testing octane and the real world burn of gas under atmospheric conditions. In Europe you guys get the octane from the Ron test. (Research Octane Number.) But the problem is that there are actualy two types of tests. The "Ron" test and the "Mon" test. (Motor Octane Number)
      The Mon test, is a more strict test than the Ron test that Europe uses and yields lower numbers since it tests an engine under load.
      The US and Canada uses the average of these tests. So in the UK for example, you see a "Ron" octane number of 99 for premium. But in the US and Canada, we use the Anti Knock Index. (Written as R+M/2) So for example, Tesco in the UK sells a 99 premium gas. Its rated at 99 octane Ron. But according to Tesco, it has a "Mon" rating of 87. This figure is of course hidden in the UK since it is not publicised.
      So Tesco 99 becomes (R+M)/2 = 93 octane here in North America.

    • John F. Kennedy
      John F. Kennedy Day ago

      @Scootaloo Oh I see. But why different rating when basically the same? I mean there its 93 octane amd here 99 octane rating.

    • Scootaloo
      Scootaloo Day ago

      Just FYI: US 93 octane = UK 99 octane.

  • DolphinDivingChamp
    DolphinDivingChamp 5 days ago

    Should have covered ethanol free fuel vs the up to 15% ethanol stuff

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  5 days ago +1

      I will in another video. That is a whole other video worth of stuff to go over!

  • Joshua Vera
    Joshua Vera 5 days ago

    Do all shells have up to 10% of Ethanol??

  • Damian DerGudde
    Damian DerGudde 6 days ago

    V-Power 93? In Germany is the regular 95 and V-Power 101 ':D

    • Stu Pidas
      Stu Pidas 2 days ago

      That is because in most (if not all) of europe the octane rating is based on a single type of test. In the US they do two types of tests, one of which is the same as in europe but the second test gives a lower number which they then use the "average of the two as the "octane" number. Think of temperatures...if it is 0 C or 32 F outside in Germany and some other country couldn't decide which measuring system to use so they took the two numbers and averaged them they would say the temperature was 16. The actual temps in both places would be the same, they would just apply a different number to it.

  • Arkady
    Arkady 6 days ago

    My owner's manual states that it's recommended to run on 87, but for best performance run on 93.

    • Keye Haze
      Keye Haze 4 days ago

      Arkady 87 to go pleaseeee🙏🏽😄

  • Benjamin Trémouroux

    i'm from Belgium and i'm surprised by the low price of gazoline.. Here we speak about liter and not gallon (1 gallon = 3,78 liters) so if we compare the price of 1 liter in America and Belgium, in America 1 liter = +-0.77 cents (euros) and in Belgium we have to pay 1.45 € for the same amount. That's crazy.

    • Scootaloo
      Scootaloo Day ago

      Eeyup! Gas in the US is far, far cheaper. I just bought gas tonight at my local supermarket for $2.39 a gallon.

  • Angel Herrera
    Angel Herrera 6 days ago

    Mmm 🤔 I guess I should start using premium gasoline on my 2004 impala ss? I should check after work, hopefully i didn’t screw anything up💀😬

  • Francisc Vasile
    Francisc Vasile 6 days ago

    We have 95 fuel, then 99-100, and over 104+. Why in america the gas has so low octane number?
    Even with your super octane gasoline, 93, at 3 bucks per gallon, at 45 liter tank, you pay 36 usd. and we pay double with the 95 octane fuel for a full tank...

    • Scootaloo
      Scootaloo Day ago +1

      Just fyi, it was mentioned in the video. 93 octane in the US, is the same as 99/100 in Europe. We also have 100 octane and 110 octane at some stations. (Typically referred to as racing gas.) I bought gas tonight for $2.39 a gallon. (€0.57 per liter.) My tank can hold up to 16 gallons on my Ford Fusion. (Called a "Ford Mondeo" in the UK) It has a 2.5 liter 4 cyl engine.

  • misn Linc
    misn Linc 6 days ago

    Octane is a number given to denote a fuel's resistance to turning to vapor.
    A fuel that vaporizes too easy for your combustion chamber design can pre. Ignite (ping)
    Or detonate ( knock)
    Just read your owners manual and question your dealership service department as required to stop your engine damage as you hear it
    They test local fuel to know whose works.
    Some brands and situations can cause issues .
    They answer you for free.

  • Memory Lane
    Memory Lane 6 days ago

    Great video! I liked above! I am preparing to buy a 1970 muscle car which had high compression (for the day) , and it's also from the pre-leaded fuel days. Since it ran on leaded gas back in the day, do I have to use a lead additive? Maybe a rebuild of the heads with proper valve components would make it OK for modern unleaded gas?

  • BERN Bernstein
    BERN Bernstein 6 days ago

    Higher the octane slower burn time

  • peter griffin
    peter griffin 7 days ago

    so what fuel is it? i didn't watch the entire video -_-"

    • Keye Haze
      Keye Haze 4 days ago

      peter griffin check your owners manual

  • mattie pekel
    mattie pekel 7 days ago

    what ? 98 is standard in my country

    STARSLAV 7 days ago

    We only have 95 and 98 in sweden

  • Kenneth Tabor
    Kenneth Tabor 7 days ago

    I used to work for Wayne Fueling providing level 2 tech support for techs in the field working on gas pumps. A fun fact to save some money is that the mid grade is actually a mix of the premium and low grade gas. It's not 3 separate the pumps inside the fueling pump, it mixes the gas. Gilbarco pumps also work this way too. Chris is right about Shell stations. I've spoke with techs about the actual tanks underground and Shell is reported to be a lot cleaner in general, followed by Chevron. Be sure to never get gas when you see the trucks filling up the tanks underground. There is water in there that's measured by a floater and has to be pumped out when it reaches a certain level. When the tank underground is being filled that water gets mixed in and pumped through the lines if you're filling up, going into your gas tank. Best to drive to another station if you can. I say for $.50 a gallon and the longevity of your car, use premium. Hope these tips help!

  • pbjbagel
    pbjbagel 7 days ago

    What is the negative effect of using premium on a car that recommends 87 octane, other than price? I've heard people say that it improves their fuel efficiency, but I don't think you directly addressed this when explaining the actual differences between the grades. Also, what about topping off? I've heard it's a bad thing to do, but it seems like people do it all the time.

  • MCV
    MCV 7 days ago

    My owners manual says
    Select premium unleaded gasoline with
    an Octane Rating of 91 (Research Oc-
    tane Number 96) or higher for optimum
    engine performance. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Samuel Ibrahim
    Samuel Ibrahim 7 days ago +1

    Damn those fuel prices!!! Meanwhile in California I pay $4.00 a gallon.

  • Signs
    Signs 7 days ago

    Tyvm Chrisfix

  • LordDayatron
    LordDayatron 7 days ago

    Here in Mexico the gallon of 93 octane gas cost 3.67 the problem is the average salary of a mexican is 507 dollars a month :)
    I need to live in Texas

  • Drippy_
    Drippy_ 8 days ago

    it doesnt even say premium required

    • Drippy_
      Drippy_ 4 days ago

      @Keye Haze I give u props

    • Keye Haze
      Keye Haze 4 days ago

      Drippy_ thats why you read owners manual!

  • Curve
    Curve 8 days ago +35

    0:15 the fact that he took ALL 7 OF HIS FAMILIES CARS to a station for one clip, just goes to show the amount of effort he puts into these videos and i love it

  • Ciarán Good
    Ciarán Good 8 days ago

    This video perfectly answered a question I had. Job done

  • Randy Ran
    Randy Ran 8 days ago

    Awesome video

  • Census
    Census 8 days ago +1

    According to studies fellow drivers ExxonMobil is the top regular gas to pump has a lot of detergent. Shell leads the premium gasoline with a lot of detergent.

  • Nick G
    Nick G 8 days ago

    I miss the days when it was only 10c more for each fuel level. Now it's ridiculous between fuel levels

  • Kokum Dedigamuwa
    Kokum Dedigamuwa 8 days ago

    you forgot to show what happened in engine when you add "premium in regular gas engine.. "im looking forward to know about that and the video is really good....

  • james the killer
    james the killer 8 days ago

    This is the most view vid

  • knee gerr
    knee gerr 8 days ago

    lpg is the best

  • Juice 423
    Juice 423 8 days ago

    Which car should I drive today to work?

  • Juice 423
    Juice 423 8 days ago


  • sabin97
    sabin97 8 days ago

    i came here expecting this to be a boring video....but i was very wrong. good information, and sufficient explanation.
    you earned yet another like.

  • Salar Majid
    Salar Majid 8 days ago

    I like buying car from you because I don't know nothing about the car 😁

    BLACKAXEL 2 9 days ago

    Tho we in sweden have nothing of that we have 95 and thats like it

  • GarageMyLife
    GarageMyLife 9 days ago

    Хелоу май френд!

  • John Hardison
    John Hardison 9 days ago +3

    So glad you finally got around to that "drive 2500 miles with premium to clean the engine" part. I have an old truck running regular but i wanted to know what I should do occasionally to clean it. That finally answered my question!