• Published on Oct 6, 2019
  • Steezy Kane and Ryan Trahan joined me for a USclip 3 on 3 football game in which I got exposed..
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  • Deestroying
    Deestroying  13 days ago +875

    I’m sorry i had to re-upload this y’all. USclip was playing with me yesterday 😪 but RUN UP MY LIKES!

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    • YT-Ghost_Vinson Fortnite
      YT-Ghost_Vinson Fortnite 3 days ago

      👋 has always been the best day ever and I’m still gonna right about you bro

    • KEDD Trunnks
      KEDD Trunnks 5 days ago

      Deestroying @artist_worldonly I followed both @deestroying and @reselluc7 💯💯

    • Omar Hall
      Omar Hall 7 days ago

      Deestroying what’s the name of the beat at 0:12

    • Monica Lawton
      Monica Lawton 8 days ago

      It’s okay cause we can’t handle what happens in the future

  • TypicalPanda 21
    TypicalPanda 21 Hour ago +1

    That man stezzy mans is there

  • P.J Bros
    P.J Bros 5 hours ago

    Oh that’s why white people don’t play sports

  • Aiib Aiden Moore
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  • Hank Ron
    Hank Ron 10 hours ago

    I followed both of you guyd

  • Jeremiah Brown
    Jeremiah Brown 11 hours ago

    I'm 11 I would broke their ankles

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    I follow them

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    vh yov i hcg u 13 hours ago

    Followed both if you

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    1xDrippy 215 14 hours ago

    Done keep up the good work bro👍🏾

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    Billy Nguyen 14 hours ago

    I followed your guy’s Instagrams I would really love to win yeezys

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    Michael Odom jr. 14 hours ago

    I FOLLOWED Y'ALL ‼️‼️‼️

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  • Garett Queyrel
    Garett Queyrel 16 hours ago

    A post to the right corner of the end zone?😂 wouldn’t that jus be a corner?

  • Brazy Trey
    Brazy Trey 16 hours ago

    Fuck ull youl niggas ain't thrown the ball to stezzy for shit yeah messed but when the whit boy over fcb thrown u said it's ok so fuck u destroy u forget the best youtuber might as well do a 2v3 shot stezy shirley wasn't playin u dick head

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    Landon Seder 17 hours ago

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    Done ig lowlifedjj

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    I did utttt

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    Done and done

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    *Danny Duncan vs. Deestroying*

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    just say hike

  • Killer_Cobra_33
    Killer_Cobra_33 20 hours ago +4

    There should be a youtuber football match for charity with pads and everything

  • Jordan Bolos
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  • Jordan Bolos
    Jordan Bolos 21 hour ago

    I would buy the blue camo merch if i had money xd

  • back tf up
    back tf up 21 hour ago

    We need the old squad back

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    tyfrn 22 hours ago

    is it to late 😕


    I followed both of y’all 🏈💪🏾

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    Scott Clore Day ago

    Done with the challenge

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    He gave himself a 7

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    I followed both, your videos are Bangerz by the way.

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    I followed you but ion want the yeezys ima need a free hoodie Nd some tips on football

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    Followed both. This truly would be blessing to win recently lost all my belongings.

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    @The Colony High School come play with real athletes @Myles Price @Mikey Arrington @Keith Miller

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  • The Jennifer Perry Hair Studio

    My twins Mikail and Mikhi are HUGE FANS of yours!!! They subscribed to your channel and followed you on @deestroying and @reselluc7!!!! Hope they Win a pair of Yeezy’s!!!!

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