That Time of the Month | Stand Up Comedy by Tanmay Tandon

  • Published on Mar 4, 2018
  • Here is my first stand up comedy video talking about how I got to know what do girls mean when they say "It's that time of the month." I learnt it the hard way (no puns intended). Watch the video to know how.
    This is one small segment from my opening stand up set for Kenny Sebastian Show in Lucknow, organised by Punchliners.
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    If you get offended, please write a huge blog or something. I really need publicity.
    Venue Courtesy: Ravindralaya Auditorium
    Written and performed by: Tanmay Tandon
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  • Ishita Bhattacharya
    Ishita Bhattacharya 10 hours ago

    1:55 awkward laugh, me, yea...

  • Arpit Khanna
    Arpit Khanna 2 months ago

    Where r u from??

  • Jagriti Saraf
    Jagriti Saraf 2 months ago

    Oh wow, this was epic😂

  • Sweta Pathak
    Sweta Pathak 3 months ago

    Perfect buddy👌👌👌👌

  • Anju Nanda
    Anju Nanda 6 months ago

    Amazing 😉u rocked the show

  • Saumitra Kapoor
    Saumitra Kapoor 7 months ago

    It's been nine months since you've uploaded this.

  • Mohd. ashraful ashar saeed ur rehman e rahim

    Bro big fan my now , i finally found my first jihad target

  • rajvanshi niggga
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  • Aryan Battish
    Aryan Battish Year ago

    Im here from tanmay bhats live video

  • Shivansh Tiwari
    Shivansh Tiwari Year ago

    Bhai ko

  • Game Dev
    Game Dev Year ago

    Proud of you bro

  • Vegeta and Slaine

    Where can I watch more of this guy??

  • get inspired by shakti

    shi khel gyaa bhai
    hilarious video 😂😂 keep growing 🎉

  • Naitik Lakhmani
    Naitik Lakhmani Year ago

    That "haaye reee" though. 😂😂😂

  • Saayansh Ahuja
    Saayansh Ahuja Year ago

    That's so good.😂❤️ Keep up the work😋

  • Adarsh Das Mohapatra

    Great Video

  • aradhya kant
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  • DmC NERO
    DmC NERO Year ago

    Bhai tumhaara ek dost to main tha school mein

  • Azharuddin Siddiqui

    Awesome bhau..

  • Shayan Khan
    Shayan Khan Year ago

    Wow bhai. Amazing!👌

  • Shubhra Agarwal
    Shubhra Agarwal Year ago

    Yessss....I was there!
    You were amazing :)

  • priya mandhan
    priya mandhan Year ago

    I was there. Waiting for kenny but you showed up not a bad foreplay(in your words)😂

  • Shubhangi Shresth
    Shubhangi Shresth Year ago +2

    Funny se ho :P

  • Eshita Shukla
    Eshita Shukla Year ago +3

    you go...!!!! too proud and happy and excited... lets make this viral!

  • Shivam Shekhar
    Shivam Shekhar Year ago

    Great bro!!❤

  • Saim Nusrat
    Saim Nusrat Year ago

    This is awesome Bro

  • Pranjal Mishra
    Pranjal Mishra Year ago

    Yeah man😂🔥

  • Shriyansh Kaushik
    Shriyansh Kaushik Year ago +2

    U rocked it man..

  • Saubhagya Gupta
    Saubhagya Gupta Year ago +2

    Awesome🔥😂 so relatable 😂

  • Srishti Havelia
    Srishti Havelia Year ago +2

    You are freaking awesome!!

  • Riya Sebastian
    Riya Sebastian Year ago +2

    Awesome tanmay, and ya we love kenny..... 😂😂😂😂

  • Neha Yadav
    Neha Yadav Year ago +3

    Came here again to see the following. Damn, this is fire! ❤

  • Kartikeye Khanna
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  • Faizan Ahmad
    Faizan Ahmad Year ago +5

    I wasn't there. But I always am. For you.

  • anushka singh
    anushka singh Year ago +2

    Oh my god!! This guy grew up so quickly. You are freaking awesome .

  • anil gupta
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  • Soumya Arora
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  • Prathamesh Choudhury

    keep working and soon u will be a star 🌟

  • Shubhangi Lalchandani

    I was there.Amazing!

  • Abu Saeedkhan
    Abu Saeedkhan Year ago

    It was really nice ❤❤

  • Radhika Chaturvedi

    I was there.. Nice work... All the best👍

  • Utkarsh Awasthi
    Utkarsh Awasthi Year ago +2

    This was good!❤

  • Deepti Tiwari
    Deepti Tiwari Year ago +2

    I was Recommended to watch this clip by Kshitij! DOnt regret streaming it! @tanmay : you did amazingly well! :)

  • Anisha Verma
    Anisha Verma Year ago +2

    Hahahahaha, it was a good show and an even better performance by you. I was there ❤️

  • sakshi thukral
    sakshi thukral Year ago +3

    Tanmay my friend. You are just amazing. I recorded the whole video too. 🙈❤️ Big big fan. Huh ❤️ so so proud of you. HE IS JUST AMAZING.


    awesome bro. subscribe me too

  • Champagne
    Champagne Year ago

    This fucking needs to be trending😂😂. Btw hello! The bright future of stand up comedy. I wish someday you visit Rajasthan and have your show here

  • Kshitij Shukla
    Kshitij Shukla Year ago +2

    💯 Waiting for more content.

  • pracheta rathore
    pracheta rathore Year ago +2

    I kind of have this memorised by now, but it still makes me laugh so hard. Waiting for future shows. All the best!

  • ishita sankrityayan
    ishita sankrityayan Year ago +4

    You're so funny. I'm looking forward to attending your shows. And welcome me to your fandom please

  • bhavana dandu
    bhavana dandu Year ago

    Great start! Can’t wait for you to become the next big think in standup and then i can say i’ve been following you since you were bachu xD

  • pracheta rathore
    pracheta rathore Year ago +2

    Hilarious ❤️❤️

  • Faheem Ahmed
    Faheem Ahmed Year ago +2

    I was there.

  • Akshita Iyer
    Akshita Iyer Year ago +2

    Glad you uploaded this!!
    Would love to see you perform live some day!
    Keep up the good work. Cheers!

  • Kunal Agarwal
    Kunal Agarwal Year ago

    Tandon gaya london waha se laaya condom

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh Year ago +2

    Soo damn proud of u maayyyn!!...Cheers to ur gig..and also to all those lined up ..❤❤Also..I WAS THEREE!!!!

  • Ayush Sharma
    Ayush Sharma Year ago +2

    Awesome bro keep it up

  • yusra jabeen
    yusra jabeen Year ago +3

    So proud of you Tanmay..... congrats.... can’t wait for the next video 💛

  • Ishita Bhattacharya
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  • Rohit Tripathi
    Rohit Tripathi Year ago +2

    Proud of you bro ❤️

  • Ridhima Purwar
    Ridhima Purwar Year ago +4

    Just loved it dude..... ❣️
    Damm i tried a lot to come and see you but couldn’t. (That Time of the month )
    Just to let you know I love all your jokes specially the condom one (LOL)
    Keep it up and

  • Kashish Amarnani
    Kashish Amarnani Year ago +2

    I was not there, but you should still invite me to your next show....😁

  • Anushka Bhatnagar

    Waiting for moree. I'll be there next time. :)

  • Sukriti Chaturvedi
    Sukriti Chaturvedi Year ago +2

    This is reallyyy greatt. Waiting for more. ❤

  • Aditya Agarwal
    Aditya Agarwal Year ago +2

    CLC walo ne notice Nhi kiya abhi tak? Maybe because it is that time of the month .
    This is hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • Anmol Mahajan
    Anmol Mahajan Year ago


  • Aman Gupta
    Aman Gupta Year ago +2


  • Shama Siddiqui
    Shama Siddiqui Year ago +2

    Tanmay Tandon!! I am so proud of your success. And you never disappoint anyone with your snaps and stand up's.
    I would love to attend your open mics man. just wanna tell you that you are freaking awesome 🔥.

  • Simar Arora
    Simar Arora Year ago +3

    You're going places man!! 💞

  • Devansh Malik
    Devansh Malik Year ago +3

    Tanmay maybe you don’t know me but I’m really a bigg fann of your comedy 👍🏻

  • Big Projects
    Big Projects Year ago +9

    Seriously more than awesome 😂😂 loved this video man 😂 keep it up

  • parv arora
    parv arora Year ago +2

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  • Aditya Kumar Upadhyay

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  • Naina Khurana
    Naina Khurana Year ago

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    Sunidhi Singh Year ago

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  • Blank Identities
    Blank Identities Year ago +3

    Here's to the start of a successful USclip channel. Cheers mate.

  • Aryan Sharma
    Aryan Sharma Year ago

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