5 Scary Small Town Stories (Vol. 2)

  • Published on Jul 24, 2018
  • Being a small town resident myself, I can honestly say these stories creep me out the most. These 5 subscribers share their creepiest experiences in small towns all around the world.
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  • Tim Evans
    Tim Evans Year ago +57

    Story 1 - 1:00
    Story 2 - 7:01
    Story 3 - 19:01
    Story 4 - 22:47
    Story 5 - 27:05

    • Trinimix Studios
      Trinimix Studios 4 months ago +1

      @Swamp Dweller tim deserves a show out

    • Tony Isais
      Tony Isais 5 months ago +1

      Swamp Dweller you need to have females read female stories

    • Marla Hill
      Marla Hill Year ago +1

      Not scary, slow boring. Sorry, going to watch my haunted house

    • Britta Olson
      Britta Olson Year ago +1

      Swamp Dweller Gorgeous and creepy landscapes. Where is this, Florida?

    • Anjana Devi Kumar MHT
      Anjana Devi Kumar MHT Year ago +1

      Tim Evans Thank you.


    Man you know we wanna hear your creepy stories, bring them on.👊💀

  • ptong226
    ptong226 2 months ago

    Small town stories are great

  • Lane Mendenhall
    Lane Mendenhall 2 months ago

    Small towns have big story

  • Ashleigh Worley
    Ashleigh Worley 4 months ago

    I love your background noises they add a lot of spookiness and creepiness especially the thunder

  • Amber Currid
    Amber Currid 5 months ago

    Great vid! Love you channel, but do suggest if you use background music/ noise could you please turn it down abit? Thanks!

    GET RAD 6 months ago

    please stop saying breast

  • Cate Planchette
    Cate Planchette 9 months ago

    Yay Swamp! You did it!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Covert phantasm gaming
    Covert phantasm gaming 9 months ago

    Yeah i ended up finding a compromise between me and my gf and had to buy a new mattress for us but it was totally worth the $800 if it meant i didn’t have to step on 3 week old potato chip crumbs every time i went to wash the dishes

  • morrigan ravenmist
    morrigan ravenmist 11 months ago

    I love the sound of a thunder storm!! Don't get many here in Wales tho.

  • Paisley Rhino
    Paisley Rhino Year ago

    Great video series

  • The official 034
    The official 034 Year ago

    First story was kinda funny about the sex part😂😂😂 loud screeching

  • effe enne
    effe enne Year ago

    I clicked on the video only today, but I wanted to say that stories of werewolves in Italy started with Roman Empire, some of them even B.C.

  • Eric DuBose
    Eric DuBose Year ago

    Let’s hear your stories!

  • Teresa Jones
    Teresa Jones Year ago

    Stomping around in the swamp and hearing peculiar and interesting sounds! Thanks

  • James Paras
    James Paras Year ago

    new subscriber from philipphines

  • Polo Black
    Polo Black Year ago

    Story #2 sounds like they had an encounter with a witch. Idk where this happened but I advise Tourist to becareful in New Orleans we have witches in the french quarters that fine as ah mutha fucka!! Black and white girls

  • Laura Henriksen
    Laura Henriksen Year ago

    These were ace. And yes... Do it!

  • The Feral Child
    The Feral Child Year ago

    This is great.. And The rain sound is just perfect. Keep up the good work. Lots of Love from Africa 😊

  • Ghost Ball
    Ghost Ball Year ago +6

    "I am a non-redneck,"
    You are definitely a redneck

  • Ryann Grace Thompson

    The pic u used for the vid is a place in my small town lol

  • kelly kapowski
    kelly kapowski Year ago

    So what was the significance of 315

  • al dooze
    al dooze Year ago

    Grew up in an incorporated area with a census pop of 350. Saw what the Cherokee call little people . They arent people and they arent nice.

  • Dark Days.
    Dark Days. Year ago

    Just love the way you added that idk whispering or sound affect at time 26:57

  • Samuel Fairbrass
    Samuel Fairbrass Year ago

    Great video!! This channel has a lot of potential!

  • Alysha
    Alysha Year ago

    Why did these people from California have southern accents lmao

  • Laura Cullen
    Laura Cullen Year ago

    Is Arpaio 6 feet under yet ? Yes ? .....Then I'm headed out.

  • Ravenmyth
    Ravenmyth Year ago

    I grew up in a rural town of less than 15,000. Creepy small town stories rock! Keep up the good work!

  • southernbelle84
    southernbelle84 Year ago

    Would love to hear your stories!

  • aromardu
    aromardu Year ago +1

    17:00 This sounds like a whole lot of spaghetti-dropping. I cringed.

  • Sidilicious
    Sidilicious Year ago

    Yes, tell us your own small town stories!

  • Gumecindo Hinojosa

    get to the point dude

  • F Smith
    F Smith Year ago

    Uh oh tough guy is scared of a girl and is clenching his fist with a car key lmao. Great narration btw

    • F Smith
      F Smith Year ago

      Swamp Dweller Well maybe you didnt choose it but seems to be a subconscious thing even if the left eye was gone and its the right eye the one eye symbolism is always present. Jw as an ex mason. Good stories though. Was kinda hoping in the 2nd story something happened but nothing ever did. Have a good night.

    • Swamp Dweller
      Swamp Dweller  Year ago

      It’s the right eye, and has nothing to do with religion.

  • Riku Morwing
    Riku Morwing Year ago

    The last background footage is gorgeous.

  • Jesse Walker
    Jesse Walker Year ago

    Um do people actually think the overactive imagination of kids is scary??? Dude in first story is so delusional he actually states meth heads don't hurt each other if that IS actually the case they haven't been around along enough for the paranoia and psychosis to kick in i.e. hardly worth mentioning either way I digress couldn't finish video i actually started getting embarrassed for the people who submitted these

  • Raven Fox
    Raven Fox Year ago +3

    Woman in story 2 sounds like a former business person who became a tweaker ( and who already had mental health issues - like schizophrenia - Before she ever touched drugs ).

  • Drex Ferguson
    Drex Ferguson Year ago +2

    Most awkward Zumba class conversation ever:
    "Hey, what ever happened to Steve and Cathy?"
    "Oh.. well they got into Satanic Worship in their home and no one's seen them in awhile...".

  • Pikachu
    Pikachu Year ago

    I-IiiiiIIiIiiiiI was just checking blablkbla

  • Declaration
    Declaration Year ago +1

    Ur stories would be lit

  • Declaration
    Declaration Year ago

    Gotta end the night right with some swamp story fright 🔥

  • SOF
    SOF Year ago

    You uncle was bleeding out of his breast ... aunt maybe ???

  • nowyat silentdust

    Sitting on the back porch, drinking cider. Parrot on my shoulder, watching the squirrels in the filbert trees. I'm like a white trash Jimmy Buffett.

  • The_Rebel_Traitor

    If you get any, you should do a Civil War/War between States or any other war of America paranormal stories about them

  • Austin Eiler
    Austin Eiler Year ago

    When I deadass live in a small town in oklahoma....

  • Wendy Taylor
    Wendy Taylor Year ago

    Good stuff Swampy. Id like to hear about your smalltown stories too.

  • Azazel Bond
    Azazel Bond Year ago +1

    Silly Californians

  • Panda King240
    Panda King240 Year ago

    I live in Phoenix AZ and we don't get anything like this

    • Panda King240
      Panda King240 Year ago

      Ed Craig ya I forget about them but I actually just watched Phoenix forgotten

    • Ed Craig
      Ed Craig Year ago

      Panda King240 remember the phoenix lights 1997...

  • 2coool Foskool
    2coool Foskool Year ago

    We had a country house in PA since 1970-2004, people were very weird and hated New Yorkers, in breads and I bumped into devil worshipers a couple times,, I don’t miss that place and glad to be living in the city full time ,, yes I will go back to New York you nasty Hicks ,my pleasure

  • Abba Shemyaza
    Abba Shemyaza Year ago

    *"Nothing to protect myself / ourselves"*
    Who's Damn Fault is that softy? Your wife not feel comfortable around icky guns??
    *CUCK* *CUCK* *CUCK*
    Useless.... damn lost cause you are son.

  • Abba Shemyaza
    Abba Shemyaza Year ago

    A bro trespassed a lil and didnt hurt ya but you went to rat him out to his ol ball n chain...??? Shoot him through the peep hole but dont be rat'n men out.
    *"Waah! Why is he standing there like that? !! Waah!*
    Cause rats get found out..

  • Eternally Angelic

    1st one is sad. 2 nice people who's stupidity and carelesseness got the best of them. Whether you believe in religion of any type or not, or even do it cuz you don't even believe in it. Never fuck around with satanic stuff. Once you cross the line like steve and cathy, there is no going back. They own you.

  • Abba Shemyaza
    Abba Shemyaza Year ago

    He's A Swampy Bitch 🎶
    But He Spooks So Good He's On Top Of It! 🎤

  • Ellesandra Haro
    Ellesandra Haro Year ago


  • SmallTown Weirdo
    SmallTown Weirdo Year ago

    🤔 Two of these are in my state....

  • Valerie Storm
    Valerie Storm Year ago

    RHCP!!! YES! That's my boys 😜

  • Bruce Mckay
    Bruce Mckay Year ago +1

    Yes Swampy, tell us Your Small Town storeys 😨🤐. Regards Bruce McKay 🇦🇺🙃.

    • Chriss Cevert
      Chriss Cevert Year ago

      Bruce Mckay ... Well there you go I thought you were dead.... You might want to tell the police Bruce!! Sorry I know different Bruce Mackay !! I'm a underbelly fan!

  • Tommy Vines
    Tommy Vines Year ago +6

    The scariest part of my hometown is everyone I went to school with is either in jail , on drugs, or dead.
    Well not everyone but a crap load end up some terrible fate.

  • Tommy Vines
    Tommy Vines Year ago +3

    anybody else try to find sketchy people hiding in these still photos?

  • Blondiii JustHereToBrowse

    If someone from a small town doesn't have at least ONE story, it wasn't a small town.
    Perfect topic to be listening to, two days from going away to a small town to camp 😂

  • Uncle Ulric
    Uncle Ulric Year ago +4

    Uncle is stopping in for a visit. Good job! I too grew up in a small town. Things can get quite strange at times and some things just cant be explained. A few weeks ago I visited some friends back home. It was about 10 PM on a single lane country road. The only lights were my cars head lights. There was a white pickup on the side of the road. As I grew closer a guy started waving at me. I didn't slow down so he walked out into the road and just stared at me. I didnt slow down and he moved out of the way. He got into his truck and started it after I passed. When I picked up my buddies and we passed the spot just a few mins later. The guy was gone and they told me that there have been disappearances in the area. People think it might be sex trafficking. Luckily, Uncle reads enough of these stories to know not to stop.