I Paid $475 for $3,473 Worth of MYSTERY TECH! Amazon Returns Pallet Unboxing!

  • Published on Sep 14, 2018
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    Welcome back to Unloaded Ep.3! Let's check out these Amazon tech returns worth $3,473 and we paid only $475 total!
    Auction site: www.liquidation.com
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  • randomfrankp
    randomfrankp  7 months ago +48

    Some of the stuff is listed on my eBay: www.ebay.com/sch/frankrandom/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=

    • Kemosabe Jonez
      Kemosabe Jonez 2 months ago

      +Taylor Obviously I understand it includes me, and I have no problem with him making money. I am just saying he isn't wasting his money and I'm helping them understand that, but thank you for your observation.

    • Taylor
      Taylor 2 months ago

      +Corey Britt You do understand that includes you too, right? lol Your views still count, and he's still getting money from them.

    • Ausipa
      Ausipa 2 months ago

      Would you mind sending me the motherboard? I’ll pay for shipping. Get in contact with me please! Thanks

    • Allie and Christopher
      Allie and Christopher 2 months ago

      omg i would take any pens you have

    • TheSleepyStrawberry
      TheSleepyStrawberry 4 months ago

      Speakon is an audio cable for high power passive speakers. I use them all the time in theatre and venue work.

  • Tanner Bourassa
    Tanner Bourassa 3 days ago

    I will buy the manfrotto ball head from you for 150

  • tough213
    tough213 3 days ago

    Great video as always I was wondering what ever happens to the merchandise you do not sell do you toss it or recycle it just wondering great videos and like the commentary keep up the great work

  • Leonardo Prada
    Leonardo Prada 3 days ago

    i wish im like you frank!

  • Loze
    Loze 6 days ago +1

    Do they send you these to your house

    • Nathan Eyre
      Nathan Eyre 4 days ago

      House or closest post office which every u ask for

  • Kazeem Badrudeen
    Kazeem Badrudeen 10 days ago +1

    totally no worth it.

  • paula brill
    paula brill 11 days ago

    The psi gauge is for air pressure for your tires

  • mbrooker79
    mbrooker79 11 days ago +1

    Can you just have another look inside those boxes? I think the last 20 minutes of my life are in there.

  • Cory
    Cory 11 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with the comments. Stop watching the video of you'll do nothing but complain!!!

  • Waaaf Waaas
    Waaaf Waaas 13 days ago

    This guy is a fraud unsubscribe to him

  • the purple fedora
    the purple fedora 16 days ago

    Why are office and electronics together?

  • bignick1312
    bignick1312 17 days ago +1

    I could use any cords otg cable markers ir speakers live in texas I can pay hit me back

  • Arriaga Two
    Arriaga Two 22 days ago

    It's not worth 3,000 until you SALE out everything, which you haven't done anyways.

  • Project Nowhere
    Project Nowhere 27 days ago

    Psi gauge, how much?

  • Tam Tam
    Tam Tam 28 days ago

    Stop dropping the boxes dude

  • theDOODbroPLAYZ J.W.M

    the 1000w power supply would be nice

  • theDOODbroPLAYZ J.W.M

    a mother board is a mother board if it works looking for an asus MB for my next build

  • Andrew Phippen
    Andrew Phippen Month ago

    I would return the Amazon return boxes, and ask for something that is at least a little worthwhile, only thing worth hanging onto in that bunch is the MB

  • IOnceHadaLife Too
    IOnceHadaLife Too Month ago

    What happens if u return the return pallet? 🤔🤔

  • the unknown man 123456789

    Specon cord is for a speaker you would see at a bar

  • SaucyBegger25
    SaucyBegger25 Month ago

    I’ve got my eye on you

  • tawayne Francis
    tawayne Francis Month ago

    Buy some iPhone and iPad and give them a way to kids

  • Peter S.Force
    Peter S.Force Month ago

    Explain and sow all the itams slower pj's pj's pls

  • Khanxay Chommany
    Khanxay Chommany Month ago +1

    Wow seems to me you paid amazon $475 to take out their garbage for them thanks for sharing almost bought a mystery box but after seeing this video I’m good

  • john marc Ramos
    john marc Ramos Month ago

    i want those markers

  • MoffeLoffe
    MoffeLoffe Month ago +1

    I think you should open one and one box so you dont spoil everything.

    RDNCKFCK Month ago

    Bro don't do an alternate camera angle if you aren't gonna look at it. It's awkward.

  • Portable Memes
    Portable Memes Month ago

    I need those anti slip mats

  • B Free
    B Free Month ago

    How do i buy like you?

  • Sandro Da silva
    Sandro Da silva Month ago

    You don't know what's inside but know what it's worth? Lmao anywaysssss

  • Gavin star
    Gavin star 2 months ago

    Another fake ass video

  • Brad Cox
    Brad Cox 2 months ago +1

    You don't have to "activate" a cordless phone ... I have no idea why you keep repeating that but it's so dumb it sent my wife into a stupid induced rage

  • MTM Source
    MTM Source 2 months ago

    On the liquidation site what did you search for via your purchase>?

  • ivan dimitrov
    ivan dimitrov 2 months ago

    How to get it mystery boxes?

  • Kathleen Light
    Kathleen Light 2 months ago

    Donate the markers and office supplies to a school or church, or shelter.....

  • Butch Cassidy
    Butch Cassidy 2 months ago

    You should be finding a nice surprise one day i sent back hehehehe

  • Albert Rymer
    Albert Rymer 2 months ago

    If you don't want the markers let me have them

  • Aaron Hardiman
    Aaron Hardiman 2 months ago +4

    Of course its fake.. "I have no idea what's in these boxes.. the tape might have already been cut and I know exactly how much money are in these boxes, but I dont know what's inside"
    This is like a legit shitty unboxing video for views.

    • Pong Saigon
      Pong Saigon 19 days ago

      The items are open because they are returns guys. You can make money on liquidation lots, it just takes a lot of time and effort. I bought some neckties from one of those sites a few years ago. I only sold about 25% of them. I kept 5 or 6 for myself and gave bunch to my friends. Ties take forever to sell. Invested like 120 bucks or something. After eBay fees and shipping, I made a couple hundred bucks profit. It was a lot of work and effort though. It took 3 or 4 months to sell what I did. Over half of the ties were total junk too.

    • Gavin star
      Gavin star 2 months ago

      +Obsidiack ohh bless you honey bun so naïve .... It's fake you dumb fuck

    • Obsidiack
      Obsidiack 2 months ago

      On the liquidation site, he will see the total value of the box, as well as the 2 main "ticket" items. That's all he will see. The reason why the boxes are so cheap, and he seems to make a ton of money, is because these are returns and so are likely to not work. In most cases, you won't make much money, but you can make some

  • errecappa
    errecappa 2 months ago +1

    Moment of silence for those who belive on this, no ones give free stuff, they just want your money, they Will buy Lamborghini and you Will be same idiot

    GAMING with FRIENDS 2 months ago

    breaking stuff happens when your heavy handed and dont pay attention to what your doing lol

  • miccellomann
    miccellomann 2 months ago

    Ja Board is actually am asrock x299 Taichi. Not a fan of asrock. But this is an expensive board and reliable as well if working....do your homework man😜

  • ronixx
    ronixx 2 months ago

    I hate that small pocket knife.

  • fortnite gaming god
    fortnite gaming god 2 months ago

    You bin done

  • Daeris Heath
    Daeris Heath 2 months ago

    Where can I find a desk like the one u have in this video behind you

  • BrierRockCemetery
    BrierRockCemetery 2 months ago

    I use to feel bag buying that $1 grab bag at the corner store back in the 80s and getting nothing I wanted. This is a whole other level.

  • Tran’s Hardware
    Tran’s Hardware 2 months ago

    I’m surprised you’ve never heard of designare.

  • Money and Music
    Money and Music 2 months ago

    So is this fake or what

  • toasteh
    toasteh 2 months ago


    • toasteh
      toasteh 2 months ago

      +randomfrankp Funny how you always win $1000's of dollars worth of gear hey? Just so incredibly likely that this will happen to most people in these scam artist lotteries. Grow some fucking pubes, grow up, and stop FUCKING YOUR FANBASE like the utter piece of shit scumbag you are.

    • randomfrankp
      randomfrankp  2 months ago

      cry some more. you can buy them yourself just go to the site

  • Chema Espinal
    Chema Espinal 2 months ago

    this guy is an idiot doesnt know what he even got in those boxes!

  • sarper mutlu
    sarper mutlu 2 months ago

    fack you

  • Goldy Coaco
    Goldy Coaco 2 months ago

    Gets x299 pulls out x399

  • Justin Stephens
    Justin Stephens 2 months ago +6

    LOL no idea whats inside, thats why the tape was already cut

  • A Channel
    A Channel 2 months ago

    I have the money, but idk how to do this kind of stuffs like how to not to get scammed

    • Kyushka
      Kyushka 2 months ago

      A Channel don’t do it it’s like winning the lottery and most of the stuff he gets he puts in the box to make the video more juicy, but yea save your money and buy what you want

  • Lunin S
    Lunin S 2 months ago

    This guy is a damn liar lol, packages like this only come around once in a while and you have to go through each list individually and be watching throughout the day, I do wish people like him wouldn't lie.

  • ComedyHQ Gaming
    ComedyHQ Gaming 2 months ago

    Can I have some art markers plz

  • StaticTube Matic
    StaticTube Matic 2 months ago

    PSI meter ?? It’s for tire pressure so you know if your tire is low. Good for getting gas mileage to.

  • frisky 1990
    frisky 1990 2 months ago

    Rip off useless

  • Coda Wear
    Coda Wear 2 months ago


  • Rezan
    Rezan 2 months ago

    It's FAKE!!

  • Herowebcomics
    Herowebcomics 2 months ago

    Some people are saying that that is a THREADRIPPER motherboard!
    That is awesome, but it is still false advertising!

  • screetchgamer
    screetchgamer 2 months ago

    seems partially fake XD.

  • Mga Pota Kayo
    Mga Pota Kayo 2 months ago

    Mystery box is so popular.

  • DerEchteMalte
    DerEchteMalte 2 months ago

    Why are you angry about the mainboard its very cool

  • Brandon Camarillo
    Brandon Camarillo 2 months ago

    ASRock is a legitimate brand.....

  • personal bullshiz
    personal bullshiz 2 months ago

    lookin like uhhhhh

  • ray
    ray 2 months ago

    I love you vids man!

  • RaZe Clan
    RaZe Clan 2 months ago

    I want one of the cases for the apple watch

  • Ohne Name
    Ohne Name 2 months ago

    Haha typical PC guy Lobes in the Former Century and hast no Club of modern tech „netamo“. Dokt forget to take care of your dll s

  • Alph er
    Alph er 2 months ago

    Where did you got that

    GOT CRASH 2 months ago

    where to buy this?

  • Savannah Greenert
    Savannah Greenert 2 months ago +6

    I really like your set up and that wooden table looks so nice

  • v for velly ronquillo
    v for velly ronquillo 2 months ago

    can i have it? if you have things you dont like sir.

  • Marylin Sebastian
    Marylin Sebastian 2 months ago

    Some may have been a item stock for a long time.

  • Nicholas Pappadakis
    Nicholas Pappadakis 2 months ago

    Am I supposed to believe that this is even remotely genuine and not scripted in the slightest?

  • DJ money
    DJ money 2 months ago

    If that Dual monitor Mount is up for Grabs I Really, Really need a new one, my lats one got old, and I broke like 3 pieces off so I Like I said, I'll take it if it is up for grabs

  • suzy3103
    suzy3103 2 months ago +1

    I hope you’re recycling all of that packing paper/the boxes.

  • Rusted Hands
    Rusted Hands 2 months ago

    you talk too much bro.

  • I'mNobody
    I'mNobody 2 months ago

    The ball mount made him his moneyh back

    ANGEL MARTINEZ 2 months ago

    this dude doesn’t wanna open the drones because he’s gonna resell for 70 dollars, literally makes thousands of dollars off of single USclip video

  • TripsyCCC
    TripsyCCC 2 months ago


    Thank you lol.

  • The Blue Review
    The Blue Review 2 months ago

    I just bought that monitor arm 😂🤦‍♂️

  • Jim Davalos
    Jim Davalos 2 months ago

    love your videos

  • Karol Rolbiecki
    Karol Rolbiecki 2 months ago

    Except the PSU it's all garbage. I would be pissed off.

  • Zander Maxwell
    Zander Maxwell 2 months ago

    I'm getting that exact monito mount!🤣

  • Kęstutis Kasperavicius

    How to even get one of these mystery boxes??

  • Robert Krivic
    Robert Krivic 2 months ago

    Only USA delivary ??

  • Gaming Bro
    Gaming Bro 2 months ago

    Can you send something pakistan

  • Jacob Cohen
    Jacob Cohen 2 months ago

    Can I have a Apple Watch case

    JC TOLSON III 3 months ago

    I could use those speakon audio wires lol

  • dos en uno
    dos en uno 3 months ago

    Hola soy nuevo le gusto bastante esa pc

  • Austin Wade
    Austin Wade 3 months ago

    I like your attitude. I clicked just for fun and love your personality!!!!

  • 8644373 8644373
    8644373 8644373 3 months ago

    Did you keep the dildo?

  • George M
    George M 3 months ago

    3 boxs of Junk. just think for a second.. WHY do people return things to Amazon.. lol

  • TrapdoorboyGames Vlogs
    TrapdoorboyGames Vlogs 3 months ago

    The nest is a system for nest cameras

  • Mario Hyseni
    Mario Hyseni 3 months ago

    bro i rly need a f@kn graphic card at least 2gb to play pubg :/ i will never be able to buy a graphic card...

  • Sacred Jadon
    Sacred Jadon 3 months ago +1

    You look and sound like a skinny couragejd💀😂

  • Dustin B
    Dustin B 3 months ago

    are you including the shipping costs into the $475 price?

  • k buzz allstar
    k buzz allstar 3 months ago

    I need your help on how to bid for gaming gear...i new to this

  • Caleb Cogburn
    Caleb Cogburn 3 months ago

    I want the motherboard

  • Justin Manzo
    Justin Manzo 3 months ago

    Where did you get that mystery box from I want one