I Paid $475 for $3,473 Worth of MYSTERY TECH! Amazon Returns Pallet Unboxing!


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  • randomfrankp
    randomfrankp  4 months ago +37

    Some of the stuff is listed on my eBay: www.ebay.com/sch/frankrandom/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=

    • TheSleepyStrawberry
      TheSleepyStrawberry Month ago

      Speakon is an audio cable for high power passive speakers. I use them all the time in theatre and venue work.

    • Gaming Raven
      Gaming Raven Month ago

      +Corey Britt what are you saying?

    • Corey Britt
      Corey Britt Month ago

      NightlifeDJs he quadrupled his money thanks to people like you coming to watch him unbox it. He's made a couple thousand just off this video lmao. People are so dumb yet think they are brilliant.

    • Gaming Raven
      Gaming Raven Month ago

      Hey if you have a tri monitor or dual monitor mount do you mind sending me one I really need one tbh text me back and I'll give you my gmail for my address

    • Leon V
      Leon V Month ago

      if you are disposing of some of the stuff, can I have the micro HDMI cable need one for my Canon camera.

  • Jairo Guerrero
    Jairo Guerrero 10 hours ago

    Hola soy nuevo le gusto bastante esa pc

  • Austin Wade
    Austin Wade 3 days ago

    I like your attitude. I clicked just for fun and love your personality!!!!

  • 8644373 8644373
    8644373 8644373 4 days ago

    Did you keep the dildo?

  • George M
    George M 4 days ago

    3 boxs of Junk. just think for a second.. WHY do people return things to Amazon.. lol

  • TrapdoorboyGames Vlogs

    The nest is a system for nest cameras

  • Mario Hyseni
    Mario Hyseni 6 days ago

    bro i rly need a f@kn graphic card at least 2gb to play pubg :/ i will never be able to buy a graphic card...

  • ARtificialGod -
    ARtificialGod - 6 days ago

    You look and sound like a skinny couragejd💀😂

  • Dustin B
    Dustin B 7 days ago

    are you including the shipping costs into the $475 price?

  • k buzz allstar
    k buzz allstar 7 days ago

    I need your help on how to bid for gaming gear...i new to this

  • Caleb Cogburn
    Caleb Cogburn 8 days ago

    I want the motherboard

  • Justin Manzo
    Justin Manzo 9 days ago

    Where did you get that mystery box from I want one

  • Brenda Gomez
    Brenda Gomez 9 days ago

    I’ll take those skid pads and any post notes, pens etc. in bible college and can’t always afford supplies. brendagomez7084@gmail.com

  • Chris C
    Chris C 10 days ago +1

    If amazon doesn't check or care then why not return a brick in the box??

  • Erik Crago
    Erik Crago 11 days ago

    Wow so fake you opened them then retapped it lmao

  • Fatih Kan
    Fatih Kan 11 days ago

    most of yankees have a dropped jaw. Why can't you just do it keeping it shut. My ears still hurt

  • Tsukinotaku
    Tsukinotaku 12 days ago

    8:00 That's why you don't act like a youtuber and you carefully open boxes...

  • Jack Alvis
    Jack Alvis 14 days ago

    Do you still have the turtle beach headphones

  • Park Justin
    Park Justin 14 days ago

    dude, i bought a game from walmart and nothing was in it. i called them and they gave me a new game. apparently shit like this happens often.

    PETER MAINWALD 15 days ago

    ok please, stop with the side views. Its not cute nor cool and it looks stupid

  • A P
    A P 15 days ago

    Are there any boxes filled with CS:GO skins?

  • eddie yocom
    eddie yocom 15 days ago

    So funny the Nerd see PSI meter---to check his tires---no need he drives a smart car lol

  • Zbriu
    Zbriu 16 days ago

    Suppose i wanna be one of those dbags... Can i just order a brand new gaming rig and return my old crap PC? If they accept all returns...

    • Zbriu
      Zbriu 16 days ago

      +randomfrankp Thanks for replying! I asked because i was thinking that this couldn't be this easy so i was wondering about it :P
      Anyway it's great that they did that, it's means less dissapointment with the tech returns! Keep up the great work!

    • randomfrankp
      randomfrankp  16 days ago +1

      Nope, they started implementing serial number scans before shipping things out to avoid fraud. People are having to pay $150,000 in legal fees when they are caught doing that.

  • AngryGam3r
    AngryGam3r 16 days ago

    hahaha show how much u know about computer, ASrock is not any budget company!

  • Vuzio IM BACK
    Vuzio IM BACK 17 days ago

    Vehicle Virgins Twin?

  • Cory Bryan
    Cory Bryan 17 days ago +1

    hey guys i buy pre builts and set up rgb i know what im talking about even though my speakers are set up wrong

  • Dios67
    Dios67 17 days ago

    Maybe move the stuff from one box to the floor or wherever then move stuff from box to box with the other two?

  • Jamie Axup
    Jamie Axup 17 days ago

    Is there a company like this in england???

  • George Wilson
    George Wilson 17 days ago

    Black hair , ginger beard looks weird, make your mind up.

  • Joe James
    Joe James 17 days ago

    You look like justin timber lake

  • John Wallace
    John Wallace 17 days ago +1

    Why am I watching an ad for a gambling site I’m never gonna invest in? *eyeroll*

  • Adam Sims
    Adam Sims 17 days ago

    I hope no one seriously believes this fungazi b.s

  • Billy Hart
    Billy Hart 17 days ago

    Is there a UK site ?

  • Casey
    Casey 18 days ago

    omfg the Nine Days clip killed me and then brought me back

    KURT VANGANSEN 18 days ago

    this is fake

  • Imdirtydanny
    Imdirtydanny 18 days ago

    1000W PSU for 4 GPU’s lmao

  • Mike Houvi
    Mike Houvi 19 days ago

    Do you have a link for the pc wallpaper

  • Lorna Levi shoeswomen
    Lorna Levi shoeswomen 19 days ago

    so do they refund you back if ppl scam you and put fake stuff in the box

  • Drackkor
    Drackkor 19 days ago

    This looks like a huge scam.

  • Rob's Noize
    Rob's Noize 19 days ago

    Buddy, U got Screwed & So Did I. Fk'n Waste of AIR.🐷💩😝

  • Davi's C.
    Davi's C. 19 days ago

    trash only

  • borny hitch
    borny hitch 19 days ago

    why don't you spend your money on hookers and cocaine?

  • Glenn Thomas
    Glenn Thomas 20 days ago

    Anything you get that you don't want I will happily take. Let me know Gtmblandscaping@gmail.com

  • Theo Zank
    Theo Zank 20 days ago +2

    I totally understand your disappointment with the Motherboard. Amazon's return policy is good for the consumer but, it can bite the vendor in the backside. I worked with a company (we had an Amazon page). We sold a customer some optics (Riffle Scopes) and they claimed they didn't like them, Amazon instantly refunded the money and sent them a shipping label. The S.O.B. sent back the crappy (Old) Scopes he replaced with ours. Our company was out about $800.00. Amazon should contact the Vendors and ensure that the proper item is the one returned.

  • kmi8dy kmi8dy
    kmi8dy kmi8dy 21 day ago

    you are a liar. you can tell the boxes have been already opened in the first shot.

  • Brady Bortnem
    Brady Bortnem 22 days ago

    lol, "major bummer"
    box of a pretty shit quality X299 motherboard, gets a fuckin X399 Taichi, one of the BEST Threadripper motherboards available, MSRP 349.99$.

  • David Sanchez
    David Sanchez 22 days ago

    If you have eny gaming keyboards give me them realy need them i live in texas

  • Ronnie Smith
    Ronnie Smith 22 days ago

    All garbage.

  • 4173
    4173 24 days ago

    dont wan to be disrespectful but OMG 3.473 box full of crap there is nothing of true value there

  • Bradley Vollstaedt
    Bradley Vollstaedt 24 days ago

    Could you send me one of the watch cases dm me on Instagram if so bvollstaedt123

  • Carl Bunker
    Carl Bunker 25 days ago

    Let me know

  • Carl Bunker
    Carl Bunker 25 days ago

    If u find any art supplies

  • Lynnette mendoza/hutchison

    Love your table

  • Amir & CiCi
    Amir & CiCi 26 days ago

    Quick question, are you in Las Vegas cause a lot of the tech stuff doesn't ship when I looked on the site

  • kabby D
    kabby D 27 days ago

    what items do u have that u don't sell? I do live in US so i was just wondering

  • Kerry Bufford
    Kerry Bufford 27 days ago

    refurbished is $299.99

  • Kerry Bufford
    Kerry Bufford 27 days ago

    that x299 retails 449.99

  • uwanitbad
    uwanitbad 27 days ago

    Thanks for the video. For sure I will not pick up this sort of Amazon returns deal. Gave me a nightmare just knowing the cleaning up you have to do later. To be honest lots of junk though.

  • Rocky12345
    Rocky12345 28 days ago

    That mainboard is a x399 Thread ripper board and for your information ASrock is not a low tier board maker and that board costs a fair bit of money, ASRock is tier 1 board maker just like ASUS MSI Gigabyte are, Actually ASRock used to be owned by ASUS and started out life as a company as tier 2 or ASUS second tier stuff but ASRock have since gone their own way and now make tier one products,
    That is a ASRock x399 Taichi TR4 main board worth about $339-$349US or if in Canada $529-$549CAD

  • Ian Brown
    Ian Brown 28 days ago

    starving artist right here... hooke a brotha up with some pens and markers! lol

  • Brandon Big Kahuna
    Brandon Big Kahuna 28 days ago

    Those speakon's are XLR audio cables for PA Speakers for DJ's or musicians

  • Darin Cates
    Darin Cates 29 days ago

    PAINFUL to watch him 'think' he is funny or entertaining.

  • nicholas langevin
    nicholas langevin Month ago

    Anti slip Matt lmfao that is a dab Matt

  • Mel Phame
    Mel Phame Month ago

    I want the psi meter

  • luke stowe
    luke stowe Month ago

    The dab mats lmao

  • Akshay bhatt
    Akshay bhatt Month ago

    please it to me sir the apple watch series 3 cases

  • Ponckenzy
    Ponckenzy Month ago

    Can I have that motherboard plzzzzzzzzzzz

  • emily guevara
    emily guevara Month ago

    I want the artist marker

  • bdixon9235
    bdixon9235 Month ago

    There's no way people will pay what the items are valued for. That's why auction and garage sell web sites exist. I never buy retail unless its electronics or clothes....mattresses for example and I have a good job.

  • Şilēņł Ē
    Şilēņł Ē Month ago

    if you have a microphone and a amp with a guitar you might b able to use this 11:05

  • Şilēņł Ē
    Şilēņł Ē Month ago

    I Watched some other video where someone didn't have any boxes to open so I clicked on this video. I 🤘

  • Şilēņł Ē
    Şilēņł Ē Month ago

    3:20 its great

  • Airborne Paratrooper Retired

    Why buy junk..people return for a reason

  • Jokers Back7
    Jokers Back7 Month ago

    @ 2:11 you can clearly see on the board its marked x399 somebody bought a x299 and replaced their old x399 and returned it lol wtf? The board doesn't match the box.
    Edit: Ah I stopped it too soon he caught it.

  • cracker20
    cracker20 Month ago

    In my opinion, I don't think there is $500 worth stuff in those boxes.

  • Alex Clawson
    Alex Clawson Month ago

    why would you bid on something without looking at what you are bidding on?

  • Stephanie H
    Stephanie H Month ago

    I love in the USA and would love the artist markets you got in this episode

    • Leo Fuentes
      Leo Fuentes 24 days ago

      @Stephanie H: Here, fixed it: "I love in the USA and would live the artist markets you got in this episode."

  • Marc Hu Minor
    Marc Hu Minor Month ago

    Where can I buy? Real intention

  • Jackson Walters
    Jackson Walters Month ago

    I got a series 3 and watch if you haven’t sent one out yet just message me

  • Lecks Lecks
    Lecks Lecks Month ago +1

    Your videos suck, just stopped by to deliver the message.

  • michael mueller
    michael mueller Month ago

    I need some series 3 I watch accessories I’m in the Bronx NYC

  • Milli-Kate going zero waste

    First product already at how much he payed now that’s how you know that he makes money from this like come ob

  • Andrew Thiel
    Andrew Thiel Month ago

    Can I have that dual monitor stand if you decide to give it away to one of us. I just got two new monitors and I want to put them on a stand but cant afford one

  • Rrok Daragjati
    Rrok Daragjati Month ago

    Just wasted 20:min

  • WebbyWunda
    WebbyWunda Month ago

    The thing is it those boxes could all have been full of broken junk and - unlike for the vast majority of us viewers - it wouldn't matter in the slightest. After all, look how many views this video has had on USclip now - that's all money in the bank ... Actually, he might make even more from three boxes of broken junk because he could add a catchy title about it, millions more would watch the disaster unfold and Kerching! Kerching! ...
    I hate that I already added a few pennies to his bank account.

  • Rufus Romeo
    Rufus Romeo Month ago

    Speakon cables for speakers. A lot of newer PA stuff uses those

  • ST7 18
    ST7 18 Month ago


  • juan mauro
    juan mauro Month ago

    Puré garbage i call it

  • Leon V
    Leon V Month ago

    amazing where we are as consumers nowadays, back in the 90’s there was only one pricy computer per household (if lucky) now every member of the family has a computer for their computer plus and ipad and iphone.

  • nodozz2
    nodozz2 Month ago

    Haha junk..

  • DJ Justintime
    DJ Justintime Month ago

    where can i get a desk like that. im guessing Akia?

  • DJ Justintime
    DJ Justintime Month ago

    I like your desk. its just laid on two file cabinets?

  • Antonis Demian
    Antonis Demian Month ago

    NICE douchebag................ BS LIKE CaseyNeistat.......... Go make something if u CAN ,,,,Dont think So ,,,,Rich DOOCHE...........I am Rich and i like to say Fake stuff Like 90% of U tubers

  • Antonis Demian
    Antonis Demian Month ago

    Another FAKE VIDEO

  • Jamie Osborne
    Jamie Osborne Month ago

    Anyone else more interested in the USclip subscriber counter behind him?

  • Jamie Osborne
    Jamie Osborne Month ago

    Such bullshit and so many stupid people buying into it. All this is is free advertising for the website and sending youtubers decent stuff is cheaper than an advertising fee

  • Paul Allen
    Paul Allen Month ago

    Speak-On cables are for Pro Audio applications to securely attach your speakers to your source output. They require of course the matching Speak-on receptacle to work-

  • p3rrypm
    p3rrypm Month ago

    That’s a threadripper board and that’s more money than an x299 board!!! Assuming it actually works.
    Did you sell that yet, I’m looking for a TR board, but you don’t even know if that works.

  • jr poppapump
    jr poppapump Month ago

    Yeah I just want to let you know that I didn’t open any boxes prior to the video , but yet you could obviously see the retape job different then what was in the truck.
    These videos suck

  • VoeViking
    VoeViking Month ago

    recurrent theme is i don't know