My First Time Bungee Jumping!


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  • parkadiy
    parkadiy Hour ago

    ну красава

  • Sal Bevins
    Sal Bevins 4 hours ago

    This legend is dead …. Gettin Jiggy with SHaitan eh Willson >

  • Hug Hernández
    Hug Hernández 8 hours ago

    ¿Qué hablas? Puto miedo. Will, hermano, estás demente xD.

  • Lawrence Villasenor
    Lawrence Villasenor 12 hours ago

    No thanks I don’t want m legs ripped off

  • 오승근
    오승근 15 hours ago

    월형 새치만 났지 늙지를 않네ㄷㄷ

  • иван иванов
    иван иванов 18 hours ago

    Вилл Смитт,один из лучших акртёров в США!

  • Ashat Utemisov
    Ashat Utemisov 18 hours ago

    Ты крут брат!я люблю твои фильмы !!!Не думал что у тебя есть свой канал🇰🇿

  • Carlitos Corona
    Carlitos Corona 19 hours ago

    soy el único que habla español

  • Shamallam2020
    Shamallam2020 19 hours ago

    AaAhh That's hot
    Thats hot

  • sai kangane
    sai kangane 19 hours ago

    Will smith you and your familly is trully indian lover and all india means 1 billion and 30 corers people heartly love you last month u are in mumbai I know it

  • Sergio Hernández
    Sergio Hernández 21 hour ago

    Amigo pon subtítulos en tu video por favor 😯

  • Matodelli
    Matodelli 21 hour ago

    привет с России)

  • Rynn
    Rynn 22 hours ago +1

    Love how I press "not interested" and it's still there. Nice one USclip.

  • South Airsoft
    South Airsoft 23 hours ago

    У тебя сын в жопу трахается с мужиком, а ты ерунду снимаешь.

  • azun azan
    azun azan Day ago

    it didn't surprise me.. because there a girl doing it before him

  • Susan Edwards
    Susan Edwards Day ago

    Nobody gives a damn what he does.

  • Proshka Channel
    Proshka Channel Day ago

    Жёстко он

  • Diswar Avanenn
    Diswar Avanenn Day ago

    Why does will Smith have a USclip channel

  • черный REKS


  • Zanjos tenanSamsung


  • свои знают

    Супер актёр!☺

  • Luba Lyuba
    Luba Lyuba Day ago


  • Cyrill Gebert
    Cyrill Gebert Day ago

    Will Smith jump?

  • I UnnK I
    I UnnK I Day ago

    Caraca mano, ver Will Smith no USclip realizou meu sonho!
    Will podia participar de todos os filmes..

  • Robin Small
    Robin Small 2 days ago

    Will . go wear a dress .... almost all actors have handlers ... esp. you!

  • Rajeshwar Ancha
    Rajeshwar Ancha 2 days ago

    2:11 this is like the leap of faith like if you agree

  • Sarif. aiam
    Sarif. aiam 2 days ago +1


  • Chris Oly
    Chris Oly 2 days ago

    Great job Will ! Next time try without a cord

  • Junior Ricarte
    Junior Ricarte 2 days ago

    I love you as actor favorite, i like your movies, i an Braziliam❤❤❤❤

  • Usain Bolt
    Usain Bolt 2 days ago

    He jumps at 2:06

  • Lory Falcone
    Lory Falcone 2 days ago

    Fanculo tu Africa e tutte le malattie che portate nel mondo per non parlare di tutta la caritas mondiale che vi fregate! Abbiate pietà dei negri perché i bianchi sono nati ricchi ! Bestie

  • Michael Sanders
    Michael Sanders 2 days ago

    Why don't you jump off the end of the Earth they make us all happy or just have another pizza party

  • DeReX YT
    DeReX YT 2 days ago

    The best

  • The Most
    The Most 2 days ago +1

    🇿🇼 Team Zimbabwe

  • Paola Rizzo
    Paola Rizzo 2 days ago

    to noob

  • not here
    not here 2 days ago

    ele tem money, ele podeKAKAKA

  • 韻
     2 days ago


  • Алекс Фильянц

    Мужик безстрашный! Красава

  • Terrance Malone
    Terrance Malone 3 days ago


  • Jum
    Jum 3 days ago

    so cool

  • Du Nguyen
    Du Nguyen 3 days ago


  • 천일
    천일 3 days ago


  • Emilio Gallegos
    Emilio Gallegos 3 days ago

    Will Smith you are my favorite after your a god love the movies your in your number 1 best acters your a legend .From your movie I am legend lol

  • Ced Green
    Ced Green 3 days ago

    He should have done that years ago !!!!

  • Leslie Lupankwa
    Leslie Lupankwa 3 days ago

    *_Smash the like button if you from Zimbabwe_*

  • kingtoy35
    kingtoy35 4 days ago +2

    That's hot

  • กิตติภมิ ชาตะรูปานนท์


  • Abdulaziz Albizioui
    Abdulaziz Albizioui 4 days ago +11

    2:35 the same sound he did in the rewind of this year 😂

  • Jedilson Ferreira
    Jedilson Ferreira 4 days ago

    Queria uma ajuda dele pra eu sair do aluguel a si ele me ajudace...mas Deus é fiel...quem sabe eu consigo sair desse maldito aluguel...

  • wiwik aditama
    wiwik aditama 4 days ago

    Si keling bnyk tingkah

  • William Lucas
    William Lucas 4 days ago

    Pretty safe. No real risk.

  • Infinity 1
    Infinity 1 4 days ago

    Will gets an oscar for this one

  • Dudu1s3Joga
    Dudu1s3Joga 4 days ago


  • At Avrat
    At Avrat 4 days ago

    What is this movie name? Hjhjhh

  • 풍류랑llK
    풍류랑llK 5 days ago

    연출 수준이 유튜브가 아니다..^^*

  • poonam sharma
    poonam sharma 5 days ago

    I made a caricature of u 2 yrs ago
    Big fan

  • TheBoyZW
    TheBoyZW 5 days ago

    I’m proud to be Zimbabwean 🇿🇼

  • Асхаб Висимбаев

    Vav is real

    KEVIN NUÑEZ 5 days ago

    No se inglés a la verga 2018 Pero me gusta las películas de este tipo es mi favorito

  • hilda patricia saucedo montenegro

    F O R T N I T E B A T T L E B U S

  • Cristhian Vidal
    Cristhian Vidal 5 days ago

    Will você parecia o tio Fill quando vc pulo do Bunge jump kkkkkk se você entende português responde aí kkkkk

  • Ouji Origami
    Ouji Origami 5 days ago


  • North Nokris
    North Nokris 5 days ago

    I swear so many black men have high blood pressure...

  • Neet smart
    Neet smart 5 days ago

    Brave u...from me( india)

  • Aaron Aradanas 45
    Aaron Aradanas 45 6 days ago

    USclip rewind......

  • Eve ill Anderson
    Eve ill Anderson 6 days ago

    it's why im going to listen to her door every night to fall asleep, not sure what your point is

  • Allan Vieira
    Allan Vieira 6 days ago

    Sou do Brazil mas sou um grande fã . Like

  • Noe Covaruvias Alcaraz


  • jesus campos
    jesus campos 6 days ago

    Saludos Will Smith soy Mexicano

  • *LOKO* _
    *LOKO* _ 6 days ago +1

    🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 i Love you will

  • General Grevious
    General Grevious 6 days ago

    does will smith think hes funy cause if he does hes really not

    • Ace 516
      Ace 516 4 days ago

      Get off USclip underaged kid

  • Mohmed Afroz Ashrafi

    I went to the exact same place for bungee jumping

  • Michael Freeman
    Michael Freeman 7 days ago

    What's with the harness? There was no harness when I did it

  • canal Rian
    canal Rian 7 days ago


    ULTRA KA 7 days ago

    an i am freedoom

  • asdf asdf
    asdf asdf 7 days ago

    윌스미스 게이 운지하노? 야~ 기분좋다!!

  • Jack Sheroan
    Jack Sheroan 7 days ago +1

    USclip rewind was harsh for you Mr. Smith

  • Quran & Sunah
    Quran & Sunah 8 days ago

    Audi channel to recitethe Holy Qur'an and the prophetic Sunnah. The last and the newest message from God to our humanity!!
    (Subtitles accompanying to the video)

  • aXzell •
    aXzell • 8 days ago

    That's hot

  • Mila Burhanzai
    Mila Burhanzai 8 days ago


  • Retardocórnio T.V
    Retardocórnio T.V 8 days ago

    2:10 assassins creed Will Smith edition

  • Spectre
    Spectre 8 days ago

    Did this come up in anyone else’s recommended right after watching USclip rewind with him In it?

  • Greatfella
    Greatfella 8 days ago

    I would never do that beacuse, I came into this world with a broken rubber and I am certainly not going out with one

  • mel david
    mel david 8 days ago

    Only times I've liked will Smith in a movie or show is fresh Prince of Bel air and I robot he's a good actor

  • cnex aterian
    cnex aterian 8 days ago

    Love your vids

  • el barto
    el barto 8 days ago

    e noiz brs

  • TypeAAA
    TypeAAA 8 days ago

    Bungee jumping was one of the biggest thrills of my life, so much more of an adrenaline rush than skydiving and most other thrills I've experienced. I did it 6 years ago and it's time to repeat a lot of the thrills/adventures I've done!

  • nunyer beeznaz
    nunyer beeznaz 8 days ago

    BE CELIBATE OF CELEBRITIES © Watch them starve and grovel !! Like freshly salted snails on a summer sidewalk. Libtardiot moronic demturd !!

  • Imtiaz Ahmad
    Imtiaz Ahmad 9 days ago

    That was Easy!

  • xyhmo
    xyhmo 9 days ago

    Bioshock infinite

  • Yuri Leon
    Yuri Leon 9 days ago

    No entendí ni mierda

  • C K
    C K 9 days ago

    When did will smith become a self important attn seeker....Bro dont need a play by play of ya personal life.

  • Abbie Foskett
    Abbie Foskett 9 days ago

    Fresh prince of bel air

  • Robert Gibson
    Robert Gibson 10 days ago

    Will did you swallow did you swallow your stomach

  • Saiful Islam
    Saiful Islam 10 days ago


  • thomas melo
    thomas melo 10 days ago

    My favorite actor ! I Love you films. 🇧🇷

  • Carter S.
    Carter S. 10 days ago +4

    I aint no Bungee expert or nothin...


  • Anas Mohamed
    Anas Mohamed 10 days ago

    I love you Will you are my best actor.

  • Swedenlookslikeapenis
    Swedenlookslikeapenis 10 days ago

    Men vad gör du Willam?