Welcome to the Undeground ~ lofi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix

  • Published on Nov 9, 2018
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    Frames from video :
    👁Art by Sam Boyce
    ⭕Tracklist :
    00:00 dybredly - i just feel like it
    01:48 wünsche - anchovies from outer space
    03:49 Chance Thrash - Not Tomorrow
    06:08 nymano x Pandrezz - Evening Routine
    08:32 Veshy なウゔ - goodbye
    09:57 Kr0w - Ikari
    12:26 Munch - Tranquility
    15:01 Hampus J - Some Very Niuce Lo Fi
    16:57 raccoon with a groovebox - love talks
    18:48 a boy with a balloon - what you do when things go wrong
    20:53 biosphere - if only you told me earlier
    23:48 maklary - i'm in love with u
    26:39 ACXLE - Faces
    Chance Thrash
    nymano x Pandrezz
    Hampus J
    raccoon with a groovebox
    a boy with a balloon
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  • Dreamy
    Dreamy  10 months ago +195

    I tried hard for you, support me 💜

    • Reginaldus Moes moon
      Reginaldus Moes moon 7 months ago

      @teofilus Hia I don't understand......😐😶

    • teofilus Hia
      teofilus Hia 7 months ago

      @Reginaldus Moes moon SD vc SD SFC Zaccheroni SD fbfB FC SD vc bc SD acc bc SD SFC fcx acc SFC SD vc SD ac

    • Sunlight-91
      Sunlight-91 10 months ago +3

      I started to watch and couldn't stop! It's really cool! Thank you Dreamy!!!! Nice work!!!

    • Anthony Gonzalez
      Anthony Gonzalez 10 months ago +5

      Good stuff! Loved the K/DA theme.

    • Eli H
      Eli H 10 months ago +7

      Thank you for all this wonderful music.
      I know I'm not the only one that completely relies on it as stress relief.
      You are helping so many people. Artists and viewers.
      And if we can't donate, we will spread the word, help your channel grow.
      Spread these dreams wherever we go.

  • blue coture
    blue coture 21 day ago

    What's the name of this song ??

  • Clote Forrest
    Clote Forrest Month ago

    Akali fanboys *sigh

  • noor nooreldeen
    noor nooreldeen Month ago

    so cool B ) Ahhh yeah. Deep breath

  • Truong duc viet
    Truong duc viet Month ago

  • cozycafe
    cozycafe Month ago

    yass my girlie jeon soyeon

  • SterileNeutrino
    SterileNeutrino Month ago +1

    34:20 A "Stalker - Shadow of Chernobyl" campfire appears (just needs rain noise)

  • Joe K
    Joe K Month ago

    for all u lofi heads out there, I would greatly appreciate for anyone to listen to my new beat soundcloud.com/sty_lo/morning-coffee much love (nothing but respect).

  • Scout
    Scout Month ago

    Using this music to write to my ex to try to get her back :/

    • DARKB1KE
      DARKB1KE Month ago

      Hahahah jesus christ.... so cringe.

  • epic233
    epic233 Month ago

    dude this mix is just so good, i saw akali and just clicked your video little did i know that it was an epic lofi, this edit was so great i love your channel keep the good work you'll blow up, ily

  • 박지니
    박지니 Month ago


  • Monica Alferez
    Monica Alferez Month ago

    Ooo around 35 min is a song from silent hill

  • Banana Strangler
    Banana Strangler Month ago

    You get me through work. I fucking hate everything that gets remotely close to me at the moment I want to be alone. You help me disappear. Thank you, you have no idea.

  • ajknodel
    ajknodel Month ago

    The paint on the back of the train says "next station". It belongs on a change-able sign and...not there :)

  • ErichWilliam
    ErichWilliam Month ago

    Music is great, but Akali doesnt fit it in any way.

  • Will Shintani
    Will Shintani Month ago

    thanks for this, good mix of songs

  • AMRN S
    AMRN S 2 months ago

    23:48 i feel like the song is "the name of life" from the movie spirited away.
    They might be similar.

  • reikimonster
    reikimonster 2 months ago

    Amazing 😄🤟

  • Vesuhda
    Vesuhda 2 months ago

  • Aldo adkins jr
    Aldo adkins jr 2 months ago

    These beats get me through the worst of it

  • 김서현
    김서현 3 months ago +1

    오오 "다음역" 우리나라말이다!!
    처음엔 중국풍인가했는데ㅋㅋ

    • Alex
      Alex 2 months ago


  • Seeadler Yang
    Seeadler Yang 3 months ago

    Thank you for the beautiful mix :D Would someone please share the track name of 49:07 please.

  • Juan Malia
    Juan Malia 3 months ago

    Im the only one who hear Miyazaki work in the 23:48 ??

  • Мальчиш Кибальчиш

    144p to less lags while playing

  • SnApS sHOT TV
    SnApS sHOT TV 3 months ago

    This is amazing

  • Bora Dasci
    Bora Dasci 5 months ago

    the vid doesnt match the music lmao

  • zoe Castillo
    zoe Castillo 5 months ago +1

    Welcome to the underground reminds me of something... :3

  • bruno santiago
    bruno santiago 5 months ago +1

    Superb !

  • Nathan Leslie
    Nathan Leslie 6 months ago

    So do these all just play twice and that's why it's so long?

  • Donghan Kim
    Donghan Kim 6 months ago +1


  • Jus Bliss
    Jus Bliss 6 months ago

    whats the intro from?

  • Axton The Storyteller
    Axton The Storyteller 6 months ago

    You know you stumbled onto good shit when you listen to the first thirty seconds, watch the visuals and out loud go "Oof, *fuck* ."

  • TransformYourMind
    TransformYourMind 6 months ago +1

    I want to grow old to this music. I’m going to tell my children stories of my adventures and how I lived an awesome life. To never stop dreaming. To love everyone and to Live a wonderful life and help people. Help this world.
    I love everyone in this community. Welcome home. You belong here.

  • HardSound
    HardSound 6 months ago

    my wifuuuu!

  • Joshua Castle
    Joshua Castle 6 months ago

    Jet Set Radio Future?

  • Malcolm Forbes
    Malcolm Forbes 6 months ago +1

    "I am in love with you.
    You heard me.
    I am in love with you! And I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable. And that we're all doomed. And that.. one day all our labors will be returned to dust. And I know that the Sun will swallow the only Earth we will ever have.
    And I am in love with you.
    Sorry..." ~maklary, i'm in love with u from "Fault in Our Stars" *sobbing*

  • Saria
    Saria 6 months ago +24

    So awesome you featured my KDA art!!
    My artstation is super out of date but if you ever want to use more of my work check sariaarts.com or any social media @sariaarts

    • I. Vereen
      I. Vereen 9 days ago

      Great art! Everything looks amazing!! Keep up the great work! Hoping you get tons of collabs!

  • ChilledTea
    ChilledTea 6 months ago

    the intro is so weird so out of context and vibes. the music is way too soft for that kind of weird and intense intro

  • Cream
    Cream 7 months ago +1

    Gotta say it's really visually appealing!! Great job

  • ilain deil
    ilain deil 7 months ago +1

    like this song, it was amzing relaxing

  • Bounty Hunter
    Bounty Hunter 7 months ago +2

    How was the faalll

    • Moon Soap
      Moon Soap 6 months ago

      Chloe The Meme If you wanna look around, give us a call

  • raccoon with a groovebox
    raccoon with a groovebox 7 months ago +1

    Big hugs for the featuring me. :)

  • Brendan Lee
    Brendan Lee 8 months ago +1

    That intro tho. Subscribed right away

  • I have aids but,
    I have aids but, 8 months ago

    What's the background from

  • 「 . 」
    「 . 」 8 months ago

    3:49 Silent Hill

  • Cecia Mendoza
    Cecia Mendoza 8 months ago +1

    Isnt this a madison×g idle mv
    I like it good choice👍👍

  • Luis Guerra
    Luis Guerra 8 months ago +6

    I love your music
    I love
    I love
    I love your music
    I Music
    I Music
    I love your music
    I love your music
    I love your music
    I love your music❤️
    I. Your. ❤️
    I. Your ❤️
    I. Your. ❤️

    Tilt your phone 📲 to the left and it spells LOVE I tried like if u like it

  • Delta7 Entretenimentos
    Delta7 Entretenimentos 8 months ago +1

    🔺7🌐🔨⚡ 🌋🔥❄🏔

  • little cozy Collection
    little cozy Collection 8 months ago


  • Sky fferz
    Sky fferz 8 months ago

    2e song litle sample of riff the silent hill (game) :o

    • Sky fferz
      Sky fferz 8 months ago

      Sky fferz 3e songs my bad

  • Katia Taylor
    Katia Taylor 8 months ago +1

    I came here from Webtoons (Internet Explorer: Bonus Ep)

  • Csozombie
    Csozombie 8 months ago

    싯바 한국 존내개방됨

  • Dener Ribeiro
    Dener Ribeiro 8 months ago +1


  • Cuchy
    Cuchy 8 months ago

    Kda Pop/Stars and lofi hip hop.
    What a masterpiece.

  • ling ling 753
    ling ling 753 8 months ago

    Forgot wat music video that was from

  • Aoki Misori
    Aoki Misori 9 months ago +2

    Dear Dreamy, thank you fot this amazing playlist *___*
    You worked hard

  • Yasuicida TM
    Yasuicida TM 9 months ago +1

    I'm lol player, i see k/da and press like

  • Niites
    Niites 9 months ago

    can u guys check out my new lofi track on my page?? would mean alot!

  • Alexis Ramirez
    Alexis Ramirez 9 months ago

    4:00. Sounds like the intro to Silent Hill 2

    • Sky fferz
      Sky fferz 8 months ago

      Alexis Ramirez yeees exactly !!

  • Leinad TYN
    Leinad TYN 9 months ago +2