Joe Rogan Experience #1315 - Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • Bob Lazar is a physicist who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and also on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S-4 near the Area 51 Groom Lake operating location. Jeremy Corbell is a contemporary artist and documentary filmmaker. Watch the documentary "Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers" now streaming on Netflix.

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  • John Robatchka
    John Robatchka Day ago

    Hey odd guy can you fuc#ing leave!

  • Dalton Britt
    Dalton Britt Day ago

    The way Jeremy talks and the tone of his voice makes him very unbelievable. But a great podcast regardless 👍

  • sean laffey
    sean laffey Day ago

    Guys is 100% a fraud when ever he trips up he gets a “migraine”

  • Europa Chronicles

    The anti-gravity thing that didn’t produce any heat makes me think about the video recently released by the DoD of the craft on FLIR going 700 knots and not emitting any heat. Interesting...

  • R Felix
    R Felix Day ago

    Very interesting until Joe started ranting.

  • Cam
    Cam Day ago

    Am I the only one that is calling bullshit?

  • Legion LS 33 Rayth

    This all smells bull a great story but BULL!
    I work at this super secret base I couldn’t tell my wife or friends but.. now i can tell everyone on this show?
    Sorry not buying it not that it can’t be true but if it was he would be dead a long time ago and or this web page would be pulled.

  • FargoFootage
    FargoFootage Day ago


  • StaypoEtic
    StaypoEtic Day ago

    This podcast is useless because it reveals nothing you can't see in the shitty documentary they made.
    I would recommend you do that first, but it is literally the worst doc I ever watched.
    From Mickey Rourkes stupid narration to the fake ass interviewer posing with his phone, its really bad.
    There was no need to make this any more unbelievable but the filmmaker really did his “best”.
    Reverse engineer an alien space ship was his job?
    And he couldn't fucking keep his mouth shut until he found out how to recreate anything he saw there? To actually share something with the world instead of talking shit that is science fiction without the “how to”.
    I can't prove that he lied, but I don't even think he had headaches.

  • Ronald Bilak
    Ronald Bilak Day ago

    1). I have followed his story since it came out. Facts are our government deletes people and records. Look no further than John Burroughs and Jim Pentison. They had records from Bentwaters deleted. It took John McCain’s staff to get them disability from the incident at Rendelsham.
    2). Bob’s story doesn’t change. So he would have to be the best liar in the world. Many don’t know he passed several polygraphs and George Knapp vetted him.
    3) The linger time goes on, the more the things he said in 89 are true. He was raided because they believe he has stable element 115.
    4). Skeptics can deny all they want. The Navy footage proves there is something there. What it is, I don’t know. But there seems to be more media on this than ever making one wonder if there is an announcement coming.

  • Tommy
    Tommy Day ago

    Raid area 51 this September 20th!

  • Junior Mrju222
    Junior Mrju222 Day ago


  • Nebraska Because

    Almost 3x more views then Tulsi Gabbard..... Bob Lazar 2020!

  • Gator 4190
    Gator 4190 Day ago

    So it’s all the wife’s fault..

  • palvinder singh
    palvinder singh Day ago

    People need to watch this more than once, after an hour joe kept moving the conversation to possibilities of future world ,it was Jeremy that kept trying to bring the conversation back to Lazar's story

  • James Mayo
    James Mayo Day ago

    Jeremy knows he's the least significant at the table. Instead of owning up to it and just relaxing, he tries to interject for no reason, never producing one coherent thought. He's also the only one who looks directly at the camera. You can tell he's not used to anyone ever giving him the time of day and he uses access to information to appear superior. What a worthless piece of garbage.

  • Tony Kenyon
    Tony Kenyon Day ago

    Bob Lazar a career charlatan.

  • AnimalStomper
    AnimalStomper Day ago +1

    Holy Jesus Joe's head is so shiny

  • de amor
    de amor Day ago

    Joe should lead the area 51 bum rush

  • Alien Alliance Host

    *A quick history lesson on one of the most secure places on earth.*
    Project Redlight was formed and experiments in test-flying alien craft was begun in earnest. A super Top Secret facility was built at Groom Lake in Nevada in the midst of the weapons test range. It was code-named Area 51.
    The installation was placed under the Department of the Navy and all personnel required a *'Q' clearance as well as Executive (Presidential, called MAJESTIC) approval.*
    This is ironic, due to the fact that *the President of the United States does not have clearance to visit the site.*
    The alien base and exchange of technology actually took place in an area code-named Dreamland above ground, and the underground portion was dubbed 'the Dark Side of the Moon.'
    At least 600 alien beings actually reside full-time at this site along with an unknown number of scientists and CIA personnel. Due to the fear of implantation, only certain people are allowed to interface with the alien beings, and those personnel are watched and monitored continuously.
    A second project code-named SNOWBIRD was promulgated to explain away any sightings of the REDLIGHT crafts as being Air Force experiments. The SNOWBIRD crafts were manufactured using conventional technology and were flown for the press on several occasions. Project SNOWBIRD was also used to debunk legitimate public sightings of alien craft (UFO’s to the public, IACs - Identified Alien Craft - to those in the know). Project SNOWBIRD was very successful, and reports from the public declined steadily until recent years.

  • FroviQ
    FroviQ Day ago

    Like, pre-everything we think we know as the history of our planet?

  • FroviQ
    FroviQ Day ago

    Is there any chance that these crafts were archeological discoveries, could they be from a previous form of life on earth? Ancient civilization?

  • Mr Callepillah
    Mr Callepillah Day ago

    I dont believe in aliens or anything, but logically thinking, its a fact that if people keep using smartphones and handheld devices later in evolution we would get much much bigger fingers and longer, so imagine like 10k years from now, obviously people have found a way to live in space, which would not only make our skin greyish/ white due to lack of exposing to the sun, we would have longer finger etc too... and its proven that imagine youre born in a space ship you dont grow as fast as people on earth do, so again imagine in generations after generations youre obvoisly going to be a "smaller" race, mixed with the exposing to handheld devices/ not as mush exposing to the sun we are somewhat going to look like those "grey" big eyed aliens....maybe we're just behind, just like the apes are to us... maybe

  • Alien Alliance Host

    Your Army was tasked to form a super-secret group to furnish security for the alien-tasked projects at Dreamland. This is called the National Reconnaissance Organization based at Fort Carson, Colorado. The specific teams trained to secure the projects are called Delta.

  • Jason Garcia
    Jason Garcia Day ago +4

    People are jumping to the conclusion that this is fake because he mentioned that the UFO's had seats in them, but did it ever occure to you that these aliens could just be our own species in the future visiting it's past?

  • Armando Bueno
    Armando Bueno Day ago

    I remember watching a video of people on a boat and something flying into the water

  • Nick J
    Nick J Day ago +1

    Who came here after knowing about the Area 51 raid 😂

    • Nick J
      Nick J Day ago

      MOP- Justin Gatlin I’m tellin u people r takin Area 51 and bob’s story more serious after this podcast

    • MOP- Justin Gatlin
      MOP- Justin Gatlin Day ago

      Lol joe rogan brought everyone

  • Sasquatch
    Sasquatch Day ago +1

    At 1:30 minutes Bob Lazar is talking about the gimble ufo video. He mentions how the craft at S4 would rotate and fly in the direction it's belly was facing. Thereby intimating that the gimble ufo video is vindication/proof of his claim.
    That's great, but I've never heard Bob Lazar mention that the craft at S4 flew belly first. Has he mentioned that tidbit ANYWHERE prior to the release of the gimble ufo video?
    If he has indeed previously relayed the S4 crafts' belly first flight aspect, that would be very telling and lend great creedence & validity to both his story and the gimble video.
    If anyone has the answer to this question, please cite your source. Thank you.

    • Alien Alliance Host
      Alien Alliance Host Day ago

      Those craft are what you would call antique now. We assist the USAF and even the early TR-3A Black Manta and the TR-3B Astra have been superseded by more spectacular craft that are full stealth, silent hover, create no sonic boom, anti-gravity, inertia free and interstellar capable. You must try and keep up!

  • James Dougherty
    James Dougherty Day ago

    Project Bluebeam.

  • GlüPfirSICH
    GlüPfirSICH Day ago

    If this is all true how are they both alive? And even if he did work there, surely he signed a non-disclosure/gagging order and he would have been sued indefinitely into oblivion, or legally prosecuted? Unless I'm missing something here. As for the 'spreaders of misinformation'... what if they are indeed such people? Chances are by peddling this information they themselves are distorting the facts... if those ships are in U.S. military hands, chances are they weren't dug up, shot down or discovered, but were directly designed by the military for use and this alien galaxy stuff just detracts away from said military usage/research.

    • CoupStickBoogie
      CoupStickBoogie Day ago

      the government does not need to see he has a TRAGIC ending,,They can just misinform,put out their own version of the facts and make sure enough people consider him a kook or a nutjob to fix any damage he may have done

  • DirtyWaterComedy

    what was the quote about dropping a motorcycle off in ancient egypt? i cant find it anywhere ?

  • Jonathan Garner
    Jonathan Garner Day ago

    Geez. You are also misinformed about the skeptic movement. It's not about calling bullshit, it's just about logically and rationally evaluated the evidence available.

  • J o n a t h a n
    J o n a t h a n Day ago

    Bob Lazar has never changed his story even if you go back in his old interviews he say the samething. I honestly think the guy is telling the truth

  • Jonathan Garner
    Jonathan Garner Day ago

    I take what I've said back. Corbell is just a nutjob. He NEEDS there to be a conspiracy.

  • u wot m8
    u wot m8 Day ago +2

    highest profile pedophile bust in history unraveling as I type this
    joe rogan **sleeps**
    talmudic tales of alien fantasy
    joe rogan **real shit**

  • CWB Mobile Gaming

    I guarantee this guy is dead within the next 5 years for saying all this

    • MOP- Justin Gatlin
      MOP- Justin Gatlin Day ago

      They wont care no more because they are probably more advanced now by like a decade

    • u wot m8
      u wot m8 Day ago

      Deus Vult.

  • Kieran Connelly
    Kieran Connelly Day ago

    Jeremy is so passionate about aliens and flying saucers that he wants it to be true too much.
    He's like that Blink 182 guy. He's lost logic and rationality.
    Bob Lazar though................., I know about the whore house he was involved in and his love of prostitutes etc but I have yet to see a video, written comment or anything else that debunks him. Noy saying I believe him 100 percent but it is very interesting what he is saying.

  • san miguel
    san miguel Day ago

    #boblazarandelonmusk on the Joe Rogan experience

  • Nineteen Ninety-Two

    Joe Rogan VS. A Liar & An Ancient Alien Theorist

  • ray r
    ray r Day ago

    Bull shit

  • Tman
    Tman Day ago

    Much respect to Bob Lazar. Fascinating information that most people can't even begin to understand.

  • John Paul Cairney

    Anyone else notice the views where at 10 million, now they are about half that now.

    • Nick J
      Nick J Day ago

      Fr? U shoulda screenshot it that would be trippy

  • Ármin Kiss
    Ármin Kiss Day ago +2

    “Truth does not change because it is, or is not, believed by a majority of the people.” - Giordano Bruno

  • Patrick
    Patrick Day ago

    Those hand scanners are used at the University of Houston recreation center in the absence of a student ID

  • Jonathan Garner
    Jonathan Garner Day ago

    Jeremy's argument that the Wilson Memo is real is "trust me, I know." LOL One of the biggest problems with the current ufologists is that they depend waaaay to much on the 'trust me, I know' type of 'argument.'

  • uzername1nvalid
    uzername1nvalid Day ago

    Rogan has great guests, but Rogan himself is a prick and a half.

    • uzername1nvalid
      uzername1nvalid Day ago

      @Dennis The Menace LOL, or what, is his daddy going to beat up my daddy?

    • Dennis The Menace
      Dennis The Menace Day ago

      I double-dog dare you to say that to his face - otherwise your comment is 1nvalid lol

  • CJ Watts Productions

    So treyarch new about this advanced technology way before anybody playin COD would even have heard if it

  • Jonathan Garner
    Jonathan Garner Day ago

    Einstein predicted gravity waves in 1916.

    • u wot m8
      u wot m8 Day ago

      einstein did nothing but plagiarize.

  • H. Rabbani
    H. Rabbani Day ago +1

    stfu jeremy

  • J Eve
    J Eve Day ago

    Constantly chasing your sad

  • Kal El
    Kal El Day ago

    JOE! You've been had sir! Can't go into all the many reasons and proofs for this guys lies but a good example is the hand scanner he describes from the site in 1989. At 2:00:50 the "never seen before" had scanner. #it was featured in 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' 7 years earlier:
    Also advertised here in 'Radio-Electronics' from 1973;

    • Kal El
      Kal El Day ago

      @Alien Alliance Host Not sure what that has to do with this device (hand scanner) being sold by Bob as 'new' and 'never seen before' ... but it had been around for roughly 15 years already.

    • Alien Alliance Host
      Alien Alliance Host Day ago

      A Top Secret document containing the official version of the truth of the alien question, entitled project Grudge, was co-authored by Lt. Col. Friend and Dr. J. Allen Hynek - a CIA asset. Dr. Hynek served as technical advisor to the film because Close Encounters of the Third Kind is a re-enactment.

  • Jason Wharton
    Jason Wharton Day ago

    Wtf?? Is this guy for real? Does anyone actually believe his bullshit? If there was any truth to it he'd be assassinated

  • Holden Brooks
    Holden Brooks Day ago +1

    jeremy is a tool

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones Day ago

    Bob Lazar and Tom Delonge need to unite forces in disclosing this information

  • Antonio Zepeda Torres

    i can't stand the netflix documentary. Just tell his damn story. enough with the fluff.

  • BlakeO Yo
    BlakeO Yo Day ago +1

    Fuck the JRE audience is hard to please. Jeremy really wasn’t that bad, a bit nervous/awkward so it comes across as being a dick, I’m sure majority of people watching this video would be the same, he barely stopped Bob from saying anything he needed to. Lighten up

  • ImpacT
    ImpacT Day ago +1

    Element 115 sounds like zombies to me......

  • Ethan
    Ethan Day ago +7

    Wife: "where were you last night?
    Me: "uh, I'm having a headache right now. Omg, these migranes."

  • Wason Films
    Wason Films Day ago

    What if he’s working for the government to make people think he’s crazy and none of this is real?

  • Stuart Cavilla
    Stuart Cavilla Day ago

    Jeremy corbell talks a lot of non sense. Less is more buddy. Bloody hell, takes him 5 minutes to explain a simple 30seconds

  • Josh
    Josh Day ago +1

    Jeremy is like that shitty friend that you can’t ever get rid of.

  • chamostance
    chamostance Day ago +5

    this two hour podcast is waaaay better than the documentary on netflix..... Joe asks the questions we all want answers to

  • J B
    J B Day ago +3

    In a nutshell, I think Lazar is an intelligent and creative man who inserted himself into a science fiction story and has stuck to the plot points of that story for decades now and has probably made some decent money.

  • MN Balloons
    MN Balloons Day ago +2

    Elon , Bob and Alex Jones podcast please 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Robert Siler
    Robert Siler Day ago

    Lol at or around the 1 hour mark...they think Gravity Waves is a thing....that has been DEBUNKED. By Plasma Physicist Scientice....
    BOB needs to talk to E.U. Plasma Physicist Scientice ..that can MOST likely Explain the gravity basket ball size energy devices ...
    If you understand how Energy Electricity of the Universe works ...this device makes Amazing that wires green boards motherboards Primitive way to work with energy...Above my understanding ....but not surprising...

  • Blake
    Blake Day ago +4

    I think the government paid this guy for a distraction to the public.

  • Kisuke Urahara
    Kisuke Urahara Day ago

    1:11:17 My literal response to everything Jeremy is talking about.

  • Erick de viking
    Erick de viking Day ago

    I really want to believe this guy. But i just don't.

  • KewLKaL
    KewLKaL Day ago

    Amazing interview!! 👍👍👍