Upchurch "YZ" (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Nov 1, 2018
  • Produced by @thomastonermusic
    MUSIC- www.ryanupchurch.com
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  • Zach Killough
    Zach Killough 11 months ago +1205

    332 people ride 4 strokes

    • Brett the Standoff king
      Brett the Standoff king 12 days ago

      They got that fuel and oil mix wrong

    • Lee Williamson
      Lee Williamson 24 days ago

      @Sad Cat Smoking a Juul 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    • Mr. J
      Mr. J Month ago


    • tbone0785
      tbone0785 Month ago

      He's literally riding a YFZ450 (4-stroke) in the first scene of the video

    • tyler 420
      tyler 420 Month ago

      2.6k ride four strokes lol

  • Jeff Laible
    Jeff Laible Hour ago

    redwhiteblueneckskincollar...creeeeeek squad

  • Samantha Smith
    Samantha Smith Day ago

    Some keep it gangsta I just keep it country oh lord. Truest thing I've ever heard.

  • ethelrowe redwine


  • Jay M
    Jay M 2 days ago

    Creek Squad

  • Gavin Barnes
    Gavin Barnes 2 days ago


  • Justin Mitchum
    Justin Mitchum 3 days ago +1

    Dude we need to ride, I just got one of Jonathan Mayzak’s old bikes it SCREAMS.

    • Justin Mitchum
      Justin Mitchum 2 days ago

      AKemp47 Photos or you could just shut the fuck up. Either way bitch idc.

    • AKemp47 Photos
      AKemp47 Photos 2 days ago

      As soon as I take my training wheels off I'll have my mommy call your mommy so we can ride sometime. Sound good? Yee Yee Brother!!!

  • Jessie unicorn
    Jessie unicorn 4 days ago

    Yup church

  • Robert 615 Moore
    Robert 615 Moore 5 days ago

    Got 5 acres self made..no handouts....much respect

  • Kristi Martini
    Kristi Martini 5 days ago


  • Dylan Hall
    Dylan Hall 6 days ago

    I listen to this every time or before school and after and before I go to bed and when ever I wake up.who still listening 2019

    LEGENDARYXXX GODS 7 days ago

    Keep doing your thang Upchurch! I truly appreciate the GREAT music you continue to create! #CreekSquad

  • Timothy Carrick
    Timothy Carrick 7 days ago +1


  • Daniel Autrey
    Daniel Autrey 8 days ago

    This shit go hard af EVERY single time lol🀘

  • Northern Ninety7
    Northern Ninety7 8 days ago +1

    Holy shit this track knocks

  • lindsey bosworth
    lindsey bosworth 10 days ago

    Your music stays on repeat 😎🀘

  • Truth Storm
    Truth Storm 11 days ago

    Makes me wanna go buy my own gotdamn Range Rover 🀣

  • Three Beer Minimum
    Three Beer Minimum 11 days ago +3

    As much as I love this tune, I still have to shield my 6 year old's ears when watching. I am trying to get him to stop dropping the F bomb... haha. little guy wants to ride his 4 wheeler like you do in this video. he is getting there - check out my "Country Kid" videos to see a little skin in training.

  • Gary W-l-o-t
    Gary W-l-o-t 11 days ago

    What's up Scru? I know you here because I know you're a fan.

  • Louanne Johnson
    Louanne Johnson 11 days ago

    The lucky ones

  • Kristina Zavolas
    Kristina Zavolas 12 days ago +1

    I will have died and went to heaven if you ever come out to ponderosa in PDX! We are patiently waitin’ for you. I would have to get tickets same day cause that shit would sell out fast.

  • PapaBear Joe
    PapaBear Joe 12 days ago

    I ride red bitch

  • Sarah Chapman
    Sarah Chapman 13 days ago +1

    Who's watching this 10-9-2019. Happy anniversary skin FUCKING great track. FUCKING GENIUS

  • Misty Myers
    Misty Myers 13 days ago +1

    Gets my heart jumping fuckin love it

  • Charlie Wiseman
    Charlie Wiseman 14 days ago

    Upchurch keep singing songs

  • Charlie Wiseman
    Charlie Wiseman 14 days ago

    Upchurch is the best singer

  • Logan Massingill
    Logan Massingill 14 days ago +8

    Anyone 2019

  • Postedinthe Cut
    Postedinthe Cut 15 days ago

    production goes hard, upchurch goes hard.

  • Adriane Radulski
    Adriane Radulski 16 days ago

    do you know kevin tyk and logan

  • Sarah Chapman
    Sarah Chapman 16 days ago

    13 million for its anniversary??? Hell yeah

    W00DCHUCK 17 days ago +3

    "Every single thing I got was got by me" Everything!πŸ–•

  • Bailey Bible Vlogs
    Bailey Bible Vlogs 18 days ago

    Scru by four, couldn't resist πŸ˜†

  • Derek Smith
    Derek Smith 18 days ago

    This is my theme song when I tear asses up with my banchee!

  • Elyssa B
    Elyssa B 19 days ago

    I love him...he talks true from the heart and i love that about artist if they speak from the heart and they been through a lot so i respect him

  • Rodney Cobb
    Rodney Cobb 20 days ago +1

    I got suspended for listening to Upchurch they said that it was not allowed fucking city folks

  • ethan springston
    ethan springston 21 day ago

    1of his best

  • Matt Gardner
    Matt Gardner 23 days ago

    Time to put bigger speakers in the ol' chevy 1 ton!!!!

  • greyson lifsey
    greyson lifsey 24 days ago

    get it

  • rifle man
    rifle man 24 days ago

    Love it man good sh*t keep up the hard work, ive been enjoying all your videos only recently i used to do most of this same stuff when i was growing and you add something different to it also sounds real good , Rock on!!!

  • Jesse lee Davis 3rd
    Jesse lee Davis 3rd 24 days ago

    This song and video is πŸ”₯ Only topped by Pondcreek Rd

  • Kamryn Russell
    Kamryn Russell 25 days ago


  • Scott Walters
    Scott Walters 25 days ago +1

    A lot of rappers rep a city, Upchurch reps an entire county.

  • Okie TV
    Okie TV 25 days ago

    Such a banger. Would like to hear some more hype songs like this

  • uRm0Mha5Vd F4orR3al
    uRm0Mha5Vd F4orR3al 26 days ago

    Oooooh straight smoken dem pickers

  • David D. Foxell
    David D. Foxell 26 days ago


  • Eric Windward
    Eric Windward 26 days ago +1

    This shit still got my Ford on max volume

    LIBERALGUNSMOKER 27 days ago

    Fuck all u white boys I'm Black and I love this shit. Who do you think wrote it. Lil john

  • Jeff Shaffer
    Jeff Shaffer 28 days ago +3

    Another banger hell yea my system loves it

  • Collin Davis
    Collin Davis 28 days ago


  • Stefanie Solomon
    Stefanie Solomon 28 days ago

    Creek Squad

  • Samantha Smith
    Samantha Smith 29 days ago

    Love this song. It's stuck in my head. ❀️❀️❀️❀️

  • Jordan Ortiz
    Jordan Ortiz 29 days ago +6

    This song is so good it should be illegal.
    Church tearing it up on that quad is my favorite part of this video.
    Keep it going, Church. Can’t wait for all the music you’ll continue to put out.

  • Camden Michener
    Camden Michener 29 days ago

    1.25 speed 😁

  • ICCE 83
    ICCE 83 29 days ago

    Country version of you cant roll in my hood.

  • Noah Carver
    Noah Carver Month ago

    He is the country version of Eminem

  • RooK Ill-noise
    RooK Ill-noise Month ago

    Do a man in the box cover

  • Julie Bodley
    Julie Bodley Month ago

    Whip and hard you can punch me in the face

  • Julie Bodley
    Julie Bodley Month ago

    He does have trashy songs

  • Julie Bodley
    Julie Bodley Month ago

    Upchurch do you know me Kyle I I want to see you get in a can you do a video of you fighting square body Chevy I want to see you kick his ass

  • Julie Bodley
    Julie Bodley Month ago

    You should make a remix of square body Chevy