I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To

  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
  • No carbs and no sugar for a week. Does it work? Is it worth it?
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Comments • 26 822

  • Marigold _playz
    Marigold _playz 11 hours ago

    I think you have a hour glass body shape so... are you ok? ^^

  • Jacob Maxwell
    Jacob Maxwell 12 hours ago

    Did anyone else get an ad about the keto diet while watching this vid...?

  • Natallie S.
    Natallie S. 14 hours ago

    you can have berries on keto you know...


    My mom is Keto and she eats low carb and no sugar except like occasions. She ate a cupcake that wasn’t Keto for the first time in like 6 months and her reaction was hilarious. I could never do Keto

  • Tiffany Johnson
    Tiffany Johnson 18 hours ago

    I think you were feeling so hungry because you eat so much throughout the day. I usually eat like once maybe twice a day and would be set and fine. I tried doing the whole eating like every few hours and I was soooo hungry I had to stop.

  • LWequestrian
    LWequestrian 18 hours ago

    My mum is on keto and she looks and feels amazing! always remember to cheat once in a while to treat yourself ❤️

  • Cierra Cook
    Cierra Cook 22 hours ago

    The keto diet is more for men because they have less cravings

  • Suga Saprin
    Suga Saprin 23 hours ago +1

    I do omad (one meal a day) aka intermittent fasting + keto
    I never felt so great !
    You literally ate less and stressed too much
    Try it again but longer

  • Holly Welch
    Holly Welch 23 hours ago +1

    Gabbie is so me
    **Says she won't buy anything**
    **Buys one**
    **Ok, buys three**

    My phone keeps correcting Gabbie to Fannie (or odly) Canoe.

  • Sharon Baker
    Sharon Baker Day ago

    My stepdad does a Keto Diet and the reason he started doing it was because of his health and he's lost a lot of weight, looks great, but I definitely could never do it lol a girl loves her carbs over here, he is totally killing it though

  • Kitty Cross
    Kitty Cross Day ago +1

    So I’m not doing this diet you look miserable

  • Amy Morgan
    Amy Morgan Day ago

    Literally a fever you can't sweat out

  • ZapButterfly
    ZapButterfly Day ago

    Drink everytime Gabbie mentions sweet potatoes

  • Camille Gaudette

    omg there was a keto ad that whent on this video wow lol

  • Rachael LeFever
    Rachael LeFever Day ago

    You did keto almost soo wrong

  • nikki Barrentine
    nikki Barrentine 2 days ago

    Me and my fiance has been doing keto since April of last year and we have lost over 100 pounds each. The first two weeks is had but you get use to it.

  • Jordan Gregg
    Jordan Gregg 4 days ago

    My nan is on keto and she is doing very well

  • Rene Peters
    Rene Peters 4 days ago

    Keto is actually low carbs high fat. Seemed like you did moderate fat.
    Also, some people have to do it long term because of medical issues, such as seizures.

  • Mirabel Osawaru
    Mirabel Osawaru 4 days ago +1

    “Yes give me the carbs give the sugar “
    Love that😂

  • Alieda Daoud
    Alieda Daoud 4 days ago

    You can have blueberries on keto, as well as raspberries

  • Donna Hernandez
    Donna Hernandez 5 days ago +1

    Stop trying to justify keto in the comments. It’s trash. Wow you loose weight, it’s still trash.

  • justafangirl 0000
    justafangirl 0000 5 days ago

    If you like sweet potatoes you could try the I.U diet

  • Lydia Nicole
    Lydia Nicole 6 days ago +1

    Keto helped my dads cancer & you talkin crap 🙄😂

  • Elli Bear
    Elli Bear 6 days ago

    So many of those symptoms are from low blood sugar

  • Madi The Gymnast
    Madi The Gymnast 6 days ago

    In the middle of this video I got a video about why fruit is bad(I didn't click the link cuz I love fruit and it's one of the only things I can eat since I try to not eat meat)

  • Madi The Gymnast
    Madi The Gymnast 6 days ago

    My dad does this diet so most of my meals are like this(except for pasta cuz ya gurl loves😍😍😍😍😍😍 her pasta)

  • dancin_aura ,
    dancin_aura , 6 days ago +2

    Ok I SaId ThIs OnCe I WiLl SaY iT aGaIn
    not every diet is for everyone
    especially because she is used to eating meals with even amounts of everything
    there are some people who love keto and are killing it but there are some people who just need more fats and sugars etc because that is how their bodies are made and Gabbie's body was obviously made like that so she can't do a diet like keto and a lot of people can't because of their bodies or the physical activity that they do for example I do dance but mainly ballet and if i went on a keto diet I would NOT be able to dance because my body can not handle it either way dance or not first of but I would collapse at class because ballet dancers need a balance of everything to do what they are doing
    Gabbie on the other hand goes to the gym doing whatever and she would also need a balance of everything because of what she does and how her body is made
    and for the people that can do keto and love it... Great do it by all means if that makes you happy
    I hope I explained this right lol

  • -n o
    -n o 6 days ago

    I had an ad about how good this diet is , skipped and said “AHAH BYE”

  • gabby campbell
    gabby campbell 7 days ago

    If you want to get rid of water weight take water pills, but you HAVE to drink water to replace it and not dehydrate yourself

  • gabby campbell
    gabby campbell 7 days ago

    You are far too active to do keto

  • Awa Savg
    Awa Savg 7 days ago

    9:50 - 9:57 Gabbie:" I could pile through three watermelons right now (looks at fridge ,considers it) "

  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor 7 days ago

    Gabbie: Does a video about the keto diet and how bullshit it is
    People on the keto diet, completely delusional on "ketosis": yOu dId iT wRoNg

  • Marelyn Alberto
    Marelyn Alberto 7 days ago +1

    You deserve that sweet potato girl!!!!!

  • Angelle Brodie
    Angelle Brodie 8 days ago

    Also I wasn’t trying to contribute to the “GABBIES DOING KETO WRONG” comments I just wanted to say my opinion. I don’t mean then in a harsh tone or anything

  • Angelle Brodie
    Angelle Brodie 8 days ago

    I think Gabbie tried to hard to make her diet into a keto one instead of looking at good keto meals and trying those

  • Angelle Brodie
    Angelle Brodie 8 days ago

    I did keto for a week and I went from the most unhealthy, only processed and microwaveable foods to no carbs and no sugar and I never experienced any of the symptoms expect peeing frequently

  • Kieran Eizabeth
    Kieran Eizabeth 8 days ago

    You"re new to this, so it's not going to be easy. I guess your body just has to adjust to this lifestyle. (Only if you were choosing to continue with the diet.)

  • Addison McQuillen
    Addison McQuillen 8 days ago

    You can stay on this diet if you have diabetes

  • Addison McQuillen
    Addison McQuillen 8 days ago +1

    This is my dads diet all the time teehee he can’t go off of it

  • Mini_Headwound
    Mini_Headwound 8 days ago +1

    First of all, Keto is something that people do to become healthier, and the pain and starvation goes away, in fact some people don't even experience the Keto Flu, some people get a rash, or a cold, and some just don't get anything. I love you and all, it's just I wanted to inform people who may have wanted to do this and felt that since your opinion of this and only your opinion should effect if people do the Keto diet.

  • Siggisaga The Unicorn
    Siggisaga The Unicorn 9 days ago +17

    "A dollar???"
    *Liza entered the chat*
    "Did somebody say a dollah????"

  • Arabella Pearl
    Arabella Pearl 9 days ago

    14:15 McDonald’s get roasted!

  • Austin M
    Austin M 9 days ago

    Omg I fucking love you gabbie so much. Your so funny you always got me dying. Literally just broke up with my boyfriend and I'm crying from laughing at your videos instead of about him.

  • Nadia Nuzzo
    Nadia Nuzzo 9 days ago

    My mom does keto and she has to take special vitamins or something to prevent those effects.

  • savannah banana
    savannah banana 9 days ago

    I'm on the keto diet and I love it I've been on it last year for a couple months and lost 40 pounds and I just started it back up and I feel more like myself and more energized

    • savannah banana
      savannah banana 9 days ago

      Oh and I use to get migraines everyday and sense I've been on the diet I never get them anymore

  • spritexland
    spritexland 9 days ago

    well now i have to

  • Yes Rocha
    Yes Rocha 10 days ago

    Your body NEEDS sugar. Best if it's from fruit or from carbs. But you need it to stay energized. No wonder you felt like crap.

  • Fianna Miller
    Fianna Miller 10 days ago +1

    Paleo is A LOT healthier and easier and better in general. It's pretty easy to get around the struggles and you adjust really quickly.

  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones 10 days ago +1

    What idiots would follow you lmao

  • lance n keith
    lance n keith 10 days ago

    Keto isn’t even good for you 😂

  • Angel Silvas
    Angel Silvas 11 days ago

    Keto doesn’t work for everyone. It does for me as I suffer from autoimmune disease. It’s hard in the beginning. You don’t need to do without creamer. Heavy whipping cream and stevia and extracts. Honestly, I love that you did this but next time (if you choose to) look up keto bagels and keto-friendly recipes. It’s always hard in the beginning. Almost EVERYONE goes through symptoms. I have been keto for 20 months. It gets easier.

  • Adam Bardwell
    Adam Bardwell 11 days ago

    You have to kill all the parasites before the stomach pain goes down 😳

  • Ce C
    Ce C 11 days ago

    I did Keto before I saw this video. My trainer pretty much told me I was complaining about nothing and that I must not be doing the diet correctly. Side note: Not only was I wokring out WEIGHT LIFTING ( cant do cardio its just not my cup of tea) but by trade I am a construction worker. Now imagine ALL that stuff you went through with a physical job on top. Literally kill me. I made it 2 weeks I think and said " fk it I'm about to jump off this building". Props for making it 5 days. You're right. NOT WORTH IT!!!!

  • Cianna Paul
    Cianna Paul 12 days ago

    Watermelons are low carb

  • Amber Hubbard
    Amber Hubbard 12 days ago +2

    keto or the old adkins diet wrecked me. My body def. didn't agree. What it did most was affect my mental health. I struggle with depression and anxiety and I crashed on this diet!

  • Anna's CameraRoll
    Anna's CameraRoll 12 days ago

    my mom has been doing keto for a year now and it was hard for her at the start but it just got better with time. so if you were thinking of doing this long term just know that it doesn't always suck.

  • Cringe Central
    Cringe Central 12 days ago

    My friend is trying keto and she’s having all the bad smtons like she never has anyyyy energy and I don’t know how to help her and get her help with it do you have any suggestions??

  • mary jo gilley
    mary jo gilley 12 days ago +1

    i didn’t have the same reactions to this diet!! that’s so crazy how everyone has different reactions

  • Brandon Watkins
    Brandon Watkins 12 days ago

    Wow you eat a lot. Lol I do t eat that much and I’m like triple your size 😂🤣

  • Lovely Lacie
    Lovely Lacie 12 days ago

    I love you gabby, you are one of m favorite youtubers, but you did keto wrong. My aunt has been doing it for 6 months and my whole family is starting it now. It really does help. If you do it right and research everything.

  • Crystal Miller
    Crystal Miller 12 days ago

    I love love love Keto. -25 lbs in 8 weeks

  • 4 4
    4 4 12 days ago

    just eat that sweet potato if you want it so bad it would not hurt

  • Anastasija Pikus
    Anastasija Pikus 13 days ago

    The issue with keto in this case is that Gabbie is going into an extreme carb deficiency. Gabbie is used to eating a lot of carbs coming from healthy sources like fruits and vegetables. These foods also have a lot of fiber, which help the digestion. Stomach pains are most likely connected to constipation. The headaches due to loss of electrolytes, so what you would normally do with the first symptoms like this is you would pile up on fiber rich but low carb greens, like green lettuce but I mean get really really packed with it and also get some during snacks - without any additional oils or sauces. Second you would go for a bone broth - it is rich in electrolytes and salt, which help you retain water. The symptoms of the last day with heart palpitations and extreme headache are typical for severe dehydration - so some broth and tons of water would really help. Also if you are following such a diet I personally would recommend starting it with a slight decrease of your carb intake - don't just cut them out completely - this will guarantee the keto fever with fatigue and migranes.
    That being said I agree that this diet is not for everyone. But thank you Gabbie for trying it out and for promoting a lifestyle without being in a deficit of any macronutrient. 😊

  • Samantha Watson
    Samantha Watson 13 days ago +1

    This is proof you need to do your research first. She did the starving herself challenge, also keto takes over a week to feel good. Also what about your ketone levels. You didn’t even try

  • Sandra Stevenson
    Sandra Stevenson 13 days ago +2

    when i was watching this a keto ad popped up.

  • Jaky Padron
    Jaky Padron 13 days ago

    I guess keto is just not for everyone

  • Jaky Padron
    Jaky Padron 13 days ago

    Keto is not a bad thing I’ve been on it for a while and i feel better that ever!

  • Avery Baker
    Avery Baker 13 days ago

    Gabbbiiieeeee...... you can have coffee on Keto if you do it with unsweetened creamer and sugar free sweetener (like stevia or splenda). People who do long term lifestyle type keto do some fruit (still keeping it fairly low sugar, like berries and WATERMELON). Your body gets used to keto after about 2 weeks and you start to LOVE how you feel. You also stop focusing on food and are less hungry. You can also do fat bombs! It's like a protein bar kinda. (This is all my experience, it could be different for others)

  • Karen Sparkle
    Karen Sparkle 13 days ago


  • Rose King
    Rose King 13 days ago

    1) Give a kiss to your hand (left hand)

    2) Say your crushes name.

    3) Close your hand.

    4) Say the name of a weekday.

    5) Say your name.

    6) Open your hand.

    7) Paste this to 15 comments n the day you said In step 4 he/she will tell you they like you. If you don't do this you will have bad luck in the next hour.

  • Ammy Geiger
    Ammy Geiger 14 days ago +2

    I felt like shit for the first 5 days, woke up the next day and I felt the best I have this whole year.

  • Oliver Cuthbert
    Oliver Cuthbert 14 days ago

    O H my god, the s e c o n d Gabbie said 'keto' for the first time a pop up add came up 'easy keto meals' what the f u c k it was in perfect time

  • jadyn
    jadyn 14 days ago +47

    all the triggered “keto warriors” in this comment section 😂😂😂

  • BTS_Min Yoongi
    BTS_Min Yoongi 14 days ago

    I’m on the Keto Diet, I’m 12 and when I started I was 136 and now in the middle of the diet, I weigh 115.
    P.S: 1 spoon of peanut butter is okay for the diet and that killed me😭

  • julia riddett
    julia riddett 14 days ago

    You see how happy she is in her what i eat in a day video and then this video she’s so happy with a watermelon and a sweet potato

  • Kim Oates
    Kim Oates 14 days ago

    This is very miss-informative and youve done it wrong.

  • Ella Lundquist
    Ella Lundquist 14 days ago

    I can’t explain how much I love these fitness and nutrition videos

  • Mia I
    Mia I 14 days ago

    Natural peanut butter is keto

  • Mia I
    Mia I 14 days ago

    You can have fruit. Lmao

  • Fuck off cunt
    Fuck off cunt 14 days ago

    Fuck this bitch his arms are flabby ass fuck. Did she used to be fat or something? Wtf she’s got those used to be fat then lost a lot of weight flabby arms🤢🤮

  • Jane Ode
    Jane Ode 15 days ago

    This is spreading SUCH bad and false info to all your young followers 🤦🏽‍♀️ do your own research and you’ll see she did it all wrong and Keto is not like this at ALL

  • Axne Cee
    Axne Cee 15 days ago

    Sound like a dramatic ignorant bitch. Everything is to emotional and not factual. WE GET IT U LOVE SWEET POTATOES.

  • Josephine Ivan
    Josephine Ivan 15 days ago

    Take a shot every time she says sweet potato

  • Axne Cee
    Axne Cee 15 days ago

    No macro counts. Nice.

  • Mrs.Queen Angie
    Mrs.Queen Angie 15 days ago

    usclip.net/video/NuXhEAs58Vk/video.html watch this it shows how to eat the keto diet the healthy way

  • circuswannabe
    circuswannabe 15 days ago

    I lie, how you craved healthy food. Good job.

  • circuswannabe
    circuswannabe 15 days ago

    You’re actually allowed some carbs each day..
    It’s a small amount but blueberries are included. I think macadamia nuts as well. My mom did well on the diet but stopped bc it’s in convenient with having so many kids and such.

  • circuswannabe
    circuswannabe 15 days ago

    My mom did it for a while. She cooks for my step dad and my siblings and i so it was hard to keep up with. My mom has early onset Parkinson’s and it helped her symptoms. She dropped weight to. my mom stayed fuller longer. Also it’s hard until your body is in ketosis i think but idrk.

  • Amy Nguyen
    Amy Nguyen 16 days ago

    I’ve been on keto diet for more than a month now and tbh the first week was like a nightmare. I didn’t have enough energy to do anything. I also feel like her way of eating keto is too lean. She needs more fats to trick the body to rely on burning fats only instead of cards and sugars. Anyway, everyone has a different way of dieting. No judging here 😊

  • Hey Sup
    Hey Sup 16 days ago

    My uncle did Keito and my mom is now and they r losing a lot of weight

  • Captain Montague
    Captain Montague 17 days ago

    I’m on the Keto diet to help with my PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). I’m also a Vegetarian. I eat plenty of eggs (mostly egg whites to lower my cholesterol intake) and cheese. She was trying NO carbs and no protein and low fat. Keto might not work for everyone but if she had better researched the “diet” then she would have fared better.

  • Karina H
    Karina H 17 days ago

    The signs you were having are signs I get🙃

  • sophia lugo
    sophia lugo 19 days ago

    Lolll “I’m not gonna look up and side effects or symptoms so it doesn’t skew my perception” *proceeds to read list of symptoms*

  • Jessica Sandford
    Jessica Sandford 19 days ago

    My mom and I did this to and we felt the same way I could only do it for two days

  • Joel Anastas
    Joel Anastas 19 days ago


  • Kassi is awkward
    Kassi is awkward 20 days ago

    4:08 Liza who

  • Little Krazy Kyla
    Little Krazy Kyla 20 days ago +1

    Bitch im glad you stopped that fucking diet!!!! You eat that watermelon! Oh. My. God. DONT U EVER DO THIS TO URSELF EVER AGAIN! I DONT WANT THE BEST PERSON FEELING SO FUCKING MISERABLE!!! You do not even need a insane diet bc bitch u look fffffffiiiiiiiiinnne!!! Omg ur like beautiful!! Hunny slay, ya know! Ilysfm!!!!!! GABBIE HANNA YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL, AMAZING, CREATIVE, KIND, HILARIOUS, STRONG, & LOVING!! I know I already said it but ILYSFM BITCH!!!! ❤️❤️❤️😭❤️❤️❤️😘☺️😁❤️❤️❤️

  • Serenity Elaine
    Serenity Elaine 20 days ago

    The keto diet works better when you take the keto pure pills they give more weight loss results.

  • SJ Altman
    SJ Altman 20 days ago +2

    Gabbie: I’ll try this diet!!!!
    {2 days later}
    Gabbie’s stomach: You’re unclean, in the biblical sense.

  • Sami Womer
    Sami Womer 21 day ago

    Before this video I got an ad on how the ketone diet is bad for people...

    Good job USclip