I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To

  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
  • No carbs and no sugar for a week. Does it work? Is it worth it?
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  • HappyDayz_ 97
    HappyDayz_ 97 Hour ago

    Keto / no carb diets raise the acidity levels in your blood, that's why you feel so sick. No carbs has your body in starvation mode and instead of burning carbs for energy, you use fat. This means the reserves (fat pockets) that your body has are being used instead of carbs. You lose weight so fast because you are starving your body of the energy it's supposed to burn. Your body is supposed to run off of carbs so that your body can maintain homeostasis. When you resist the way your body is programmed to make energy, your blood becomes more acidic. The prolonged terms can cause you to slip into a coma. Many things can raise the acidity in your blood, but changing your diet which can potentially cause you to be hospitalized should not be encouraged or done at all. This video shows how your body reacts to the unhealthy change. Please don't do this, the " results " are not worth it. Going to the extreme that can cost your health is not worth it.

  • Grabacadaver
    Grabacadaver 3 hours ago

    if i had a woman like gabbie i would die happy

  • Grabacadaver
    Grabacadaver 3 hours ago

    i love watermelon!

  • Grabacadaver
    Grabacadaver 3 hours ago

    you look amazing no matter what

  • Elika chloe
    Elika chloe 6 hours ago

    girllll i love you your my favorite but u can still have carbs just very little

  • John Snook
    John Snook 12 hours ago

    Your stomach hurts because you're not adapted to it.. you develop bacteria to deal with what you're consuming, it doesn't happen overnight..and your liver develops enzymes to deal with the fat, Also you're experiencing withdrawal symptoms from sugar. Keto gets better after the first week, so you basically experienced the worst of it and gave up! and then, came on the internet and told everyone that the diet isn't worth it and it's stupid.. .

  • Tessa
    Tessa 16 hours ago

    my grandma did Keto on and off for a whole summer (didn’t lose any weight, which was her goal) and she was just a mega fucking bitch the whole time because she was starving 😭

  • Spicy Pinneapple

    I think you should’ve eaten more fat and less protein cause it keeps you full longer.

  • The bookworm 214
    The bookworm 214 2 days ago +1

    My dad did the keto diet, but what he did is he ate large portions of the food he made to make up for the foods he wasn’t eating. Also he mainly ate eggs in different ways.

  • Czarena Silva
    Czarena Silva 2 days ago

    caramel frappes are better 🤝

  • hannah lumpkin
    hannah lumpkin 2 days ago

    In literally eating ramen noodles watching this

  • Dr_Pieper 64
    Dr_Pieper 64 2 days ago

    If you are on this do kedo 6 days and the eat carbs the 7th day. That is what I do

  • Heather Leigh Edenfield

    🤣 oh my gosh. You have to do something longer than a week. 🤦🏼‍♀️ been Keto coming up on a year and 10 weeks in I lost FORTY SIX POUNDS. I’m still Keto and maintaining my 100 pounds now.

  • Sy Luckaiii
    Sy Luckaiii 3 days ago

    I love being hungry but hate having stomi aches

  • Billie Luster
    Billie Luster 4 days ago

    I noticed you said you like sweet potatoes you should try the baked potato diet

  • Carolina Tovar
    Carolina Tovar 4 days ago +2

    Here's my personal experience.
    Keto did amazing for me. It helped with my bloating, I had more energy . My whole insides felt good. I was having good bowels and drinking a lot of water helped so much with my skin. Every-BODY is different , every person has different outcomes when they try the Keto diet. So, I believe that you personally should try it first and see how your body reacts to it instead of letting someone else try it for you and scare you with her personal side effects.
    Ps, Im not doing Keto anymore because I go to my goal weight. But I definitely recommend you trying it and having your own opinions about it. Sometimes it works for some people and sometimes it doesn't ! EVERY-BODY is different! ok bye now lol..

  • Addie Reich
    Addie Reich 4 days ago

    My mom and dad is Leto but they do like 20-30 cards a day and they are doing great but not that extra

  • L K
    L K 5 days ago

    So....... I was talking to my friend about me maybe losing weight. Her mother is a personal trainer. She was talking about diets. She said "Try keto". I immediately remember this video and I'm actually say to her "Nope, I'm not gonna die!" Gabbie teaches life lessons. Thank you for saving my 13 year old life !!

  • Senclair McDonnell
    Senclair McDonnell 5 days ago

    The thing that bothers me about this video is that she felt she had to completely cut off carbs... you don’t it’s a LOW carb and low- zero sugar diet which is why this was probably so hard for her.

  • Natalie Levitt
    Natalie Levitt 6 days ago

    Keto is pretty much the diet I was on when pregnant because I had gestational diabetes twice (diabetes runs in the family). I was having 2-3 serves of carbs (each serve being 15 grams) for each main meal and snacks were 1-2 serves of carbs. I had 3 main meals and 3 small snacks every day, 2-3 hrs between each. I actually love the diet. It made me feel and look amazing. The first pregnancy I still gained weight but the second pregnancy I actually lost so much weight. Once my son was born I was skinnier than before I got pregnant.

  • Avaree McHaffie
    Avaree McHaffie 7 days ago

    Sorry she's stupid

  • Steve and Robin
    Steve and Robin 7 days ago

    My heart skips!!! Cuz I have a disease lol no joke tho

  • Maddie Mayhew
    Maddie Mayhew 7 days ago +1

    I want someone to love me as much as Gabbie loves her sweet potato’s and watermelons 😂

  • 1Jeanine8
    1Jeanine8 7 days ago +1

    Gabbie it's been a year since you did keto diet for a week. I vote you do it again!

  • Tiffany Hinson
    Tiffany Hinson 7 days ago +1

    Do research on keto then re do this video. You can eat blueberries and watermelon in moderation. Good grief this whole video is misleading. Keto has changed peoples lives for the better, including my own. Down 100lbs. Please don’t discourage people from doing keto when it works for sooo many people. Proven.

  • Char A
    Char A 7 days ago +1

    Gabbie do you know that ketosis means you body actually eats itself?

  • 7duke77
    7duke77 8 days ago

    1 week is not long enough for the benefits of Keto to take effect. You have to give it at least a month, after which you will be past the "Keto flu" and should also be past craving sugars and other bad foods. At this point you will start to feel healthy, energetic and amazing. It takes a lot of effort to correct our bad eating habits and one week is simply not enough. If you do not have the discipline to see it through, do not bother even trying as you are just wasting your time.

  • Brionna Danielle
    Brionna Danielle 9 days ago

    I dont have enough energy to eat

    MMGAMER50 9 days ago +1

    So Gabbie made me lose like 0 pounds! Cool! :D

  • Danielle-Brandon Kaiser

    lol well if you'd done it right you wouldn't have felt like crap!!

  • Emily Lowe-Wylde
    Emily Lowe-Wylde 9 days ago

    I like this video a lot and I’ll share my opinion as to why.
    This is a very good message for Gabbie’s younger viewers (her main audience). There’s probably a lot of them who see diets circling around the internet. Being insecure, young, embarrassed to talk to their parents about a serious diet/meal plan and just wanting a quick fix, a lot of teens do this incorrectly (like Gabbie did in this video). Because fixing your health, your diet, etc takes actual work and communication with your family and professionals. There are so many fads online that really manipulate young, impressionable people and there can be long term consequences from taking those matters into your own hands without proper direction.
    You NEED that direction to have a sustainable lifestyle. And like Gabbie has said many times, it’s so important to reach out, live a balanced lifestyle and do what’s accurate for YOUR situation. I think Gabbie showed a very realistic scenario of how young people look at a diet, think they can do it themselves, realize how difficult it is, do it incorrectly and end up feeling sick. It’s a like from me. Great message. 👍❤️

  • cierra dolan
    cierra dolan 9 days ago

    you should not have even gon 2 DAYS

  • Cori Garland
    Cori Garland 9 days ago +2

    *I will never understand how my grandma does this...*

  • Zoë Thatcher
    Zoë Thatcher 9 days ago

    when you are graving sugar means you want sweat potato...

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster
    Flying Spaghetti Monster 10 days ago +1

    you did it completely wrong, so no, you didnt try the keto diet. so much misinformation

  • shannon convertino
    shannon convertino 10 days ago

    I have tried keto. It’s super unhealthy. So I’m sticking to low carb/dirty keto. Straight up keto makes your cholesterol sky rocket ! I have felt like this the first week, but after a week I felt super energized and was hardly hungry. I recommend lazy keto !!!!

  • Mandy Uk
    Mandy Uk 10 days ago

    She’s failing to tell you that you can have carbs but it has to be under a certain amount.. yes you can have peanut butter yes you can have watermelon ... 🙀🙀🙀

  • Ashley The Diamond Migigt

    How to actually add the keto diet to your daily life.
    2. Only do it on Wednesday
    3. Enjoy at least 5 grams of carbs on the diet

  • Mysterious_Leah
    Mysterious_Leah 11 days ago


  • Lena Donovan
    Lena Donovan 11 days ago

    An ad came up during the video and it was about keto

  • Kaydence Austin
    Kaydence Austin 11 days ago

    I got an ad for keto and it's said try now and I was like NOPE 😂😑

  • Jaxon & Kylee
    Jaxon & Kylee 11 days ago

    keto is low carb, not 0 carb.

  • Captain Crazy pants
    Captain Crazy pants 11 days ago

    I literally no joke got a keto diet add while watching this

  • Tina Davies
    Tina Davies 11 days ago +3

    “I’m sure there are people killin it on Keto. But I don’t know any”
    Period! The end!👋🏼

  • Fish Chris
    Fish Chris 11 days ago +1

    To each their own. I tried Keto (the totally dirty lazy kind) ... lost all of the 40 lbs I wanted to in 12 weeks, but am enjoying it so much, I don't think I will EVER go back to eating sugary carbage again. This has become beyond easy. In fact, its automatic.

  • ChimChim_NoJams
    ChimChim_NoJams 11 days ago +3

    I feel like keto gets a bad rap, my grandma is diabetic and she went on this diet 2 years ago and she feels great. It’s actually a really good diet for diabetics. Other than that I wouldn’t do it.

  • Mary Oberkrom
    Mary Oberkrom 12 days ago

    I just finished this video and then a try keto now add 😆

  • Sweet Cheeks
    Sweet Cheeks 12 days ago

    I wonder who convinced her to do this. Mainstream indoctrination at its finest. Enjoy sheeple

  • Sweet Cheeks
    Sweet Cheeks 12 days ago +1

    Try it for a month and then talk boo boo

    • Bee Escobar
      Bee Escobar 7 days ago

      Cami PaintsTheRoses because she did it wrong

    • Cami PaintsTheRoses
      Cami PaintsTheRoses 11 days ago

      Why would she try it again at all? Especially for LONGER when not even a full week made her sick to the point of 1 not wanting to eat and 2 sick to the point of feeling like she was going to have a heart attack?
      That's just self-destructive.

  • Makeup Master
    Makeup Master 13 days ago

    I LITERALLY got a keto add right when I clicked on it then Gabbi said "It sucked" LOL!!!

  • Ozzisiya
    Ozzisiya 13 days ago

    Gabbie: I woke up with a stomach ache
    Gabbie: it just.....hurts.
    That’s what a kid says when someone asks what their pain in their stomach feels like exactly.

  • IHate MyLife
    IHate MyLife 13 days ago

    Dude I want to try it but the way you describe the symptoms made me feel like I'm gonna die.

    • Sweet Cheeks
      Sweet Cheeks 12 days ago +1

      IHate MyLife Make sure you are taking supplements for at least magnesium and potassium ,at least until you’ve perfected your diet, and be pretty liberal with your sea salt. Check out dr bergs channel if you haven’t already

    • IHate MyLife
      IHate MyLife 12 days ago

      @Sweet Cheeks yeah I don't think I have a sweet tooth. I'm gonna try it starting tomorrow.

    • Sweet Cheeks
      Sweet Cheeks 12 days ago +1

      It’s not bad unless you have a sweet tooth and don’t want to do research. Works even better with intermittent fasting

  • hildielover
    hildielover 13 days ago +4

    See i think because she craves sweet things she probably has a carb efficient body so keto would be hella hard for her. But keto for me works well because I have a fat efficient body type and only crave salty things. But I'm not a doctor so that's just my experience haha

  • Unicorn ForEvs
    Unicorn ForEvs 13 days ago

    Why don't u just put some milk in

  • Bob Wags
    Bob Wags 14 days ago +1

    nice to see someone from Pa doing well. keep up the great work. i am quickly becoming a fan. the song "pillowcase" got me hooked.

  • Courtney L
    Courtney L 15 days ago +1

    You're allowed to have small amounts of watermelon.

  • Summer Anne
    Summer Anne 15 days ago +10

    This is why you do thorough research BEFORE changing any aspect of your life. Low carb does NOT mean no carb. You also subtract the fiber and sugar alcohol from the total carb count.

  • Charlie Angels
    Charlie Angels 15 days ago

    I've been eating keto for the last week because my mom is literally the person who thinks sugar, carbs and processed foods are the devil or something and let me tell you... I THINK I'M DYING. Can't even get out of bed, zero energy and my stomach feels sick all day. It's a no no from me.

    • Summer Anne
      Summer Anne 15 days ago

      @Charlie Angels you're welcome! That usually helps me. Powerade zero and pickle juice have a ton of electrolytes and so does Pedialyte

    • Charlie Angels
      Charlie Angels 15 days ago

      @Summer Anne I'll try to! Thank you for the advice ☺️

    • Summer Anne
      Summer Anne 15 days ago +1

      Up your electrolytes

  • wania anosh
    wania anosh 15 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 awesome

  • I love Jesus
    I love Jesus 16 days ago

    Tks to ir video I'll never diet