I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To

  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
  • No carbs and no sugar for a week. Does it work? Is it worth it?
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Comments • 26 903

  • LiwiaGoszynska
    LiwiaGoszynska 10 hours ago

    Keto people and vegans are def the two of the most "I am a doctor, I know everything YADA YADA YADA, be like me or DIEEEEEE". Keto ppl are crazy, most of them will jump on another diet trend in 2 years. Just eat what you want and calm down. No need to be loud about your food choices. There are ppl who are vegan and feel great, there are people who feel miserable for 4 years and quit. Same goes to any other diet. Eat what makes you feel good and don't force other people to feel the same way.
    Also as someone who's lost 35 pounds and continues on their health journey, this entire "all or nothing", "this is healthy, this is terrible and will make you die in 5 minutes" mentality really plays tricks on my mind and makes me feel like shit for no reason to the point where I need to literally block health gurus. Y'all are promoting unhealthy relationship with food which might lead to severe eating disorders.

  • Corey Massey
    Corey Massey 16 hours ago

    Fun fact.....alot of the symptoms experienced in this video are from sugar withdrawal. Ironically enough these are the same as the withdrawal symptoms experienced from breaking a heroin and/or cocaine addiction. Headaches, nausea, dependency/"needing" the absent stimulant, feeling clammy, cold sweats, feeling more irritable, lack of energy, restless sleep, weakness in the body........I could go on.
    But here's the really fun fact.......carbs are simple and complex sugars.....
    Enjoy this knowledge for a second......then go get your fix of daily carbohydrates.......

    • Corey Massey
      Corey Massey 13 hours ago

      Your body draws energy from glycogen which is a component of glucose aka sugar. In the absence of carbohydrates for glycogen the body will burn fat which is where glycogen is stored if it is unused.
      If you are feeding your body correctly with nutritious whole foods frequently then your body will not go into withdrawal mode, which is what is described here. The science behind this is that your body does not sense deprivation, withholding nutrients the body deems necessary, and thus you don't feel starved or experience symptoms of withdrawal because your body knows that the stores of energy in your fat cells are okay to break down because you will continue to fill your body with the vital nutrients it needs.
      Therefore even though you don't have a ton of carbohydrates everyday your body reacts the way it is designed to, by taking glycogen from the storage of glycogen in your fat cells (aka burning fat) in the absence of ready to use glycogen in the bloodstream which you normally get from carbohydrates. You get all of the fat burning properties of Keto with none of the side effects due to the fact that you have not tried to completely starve yourself of a vital nutrient, carbohydrates. Had the youtuber actually looked up a solid Keto diet (I hate the word diet, it implies something you are on with the intent to stop. I prefer the phrase meal plan) ......had she looked up a Keto meal plan she might have found that Zero carb Keto diets are only used as short term weight loss hacks by people who need to be a certain weight or at a certain body fat percentage for a show. But for normal functioning people, Keto is going to have a rather low intake of weekly carbs (not zero), a healthy percentage of fat weekly and a healthy percentage of protein weekly.

    • poke
      poke 14 hours ago

      Corey Massey i never eat carbs maybe only once a week and i never exp that. she's obv a sugar / carb addict lol. but whenever i eat carbs i feel so damn hungry .... mesomorph here

  • Creamy Pasta
    Creamy Pasta 22 hours ago

    Take the black pill Gabbie

  • Creamy Pasta
    Creamy Pasta 23 hours ago

    Her nostrils are really far apart

  • Ara Z
    Ara Z Day ago

    All the comments are about her doing keto wrong. Clearly if it gives you all the AWFUL side effects it’s not healthy. JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN SURVIVE ON IT DOESNT MEAN ITS HEALTHY

  • S.Q Wiggens
    S.Q Wiggens Day ago

    Pfft what you did was not Keto. Very sorry that you didn’t do the diet correctly and didn’t do your research. If you did it properly you wouldn’t feel like you were starving your body. You went through a withdrawal from sugar and carbs and that’s most likely why you were feeling terrible. The “Keto Flu” is just your body adjusting to burning fat instead of sugar and carbs which is way better for you. A lot of people who do this diet don’t even get the “Keto Flu” if you research properly because there are ways to prevent it. Symptoms like yours happen with any withdrawal whether you are switching to a vegan diet or you stop drinking coffee. In the extreme case an alcoholic or drug addict. I do like your videos Gabbie but this was sad to watch.

  • Rotmindol
    Rotmindol Day ago

    Just realized that you should drink 70-100oz of water so that your body has enough water to function. That's why you get really bad migraines.

  • Rotmindol
    Rotmindol Day ago

    I wish you would do another keto video where you actually eat keto properly and a actually do your research.

  • Michelle elle
    Michelle elle Day ago +1

    18:19 and on... Yes girl!

  • Rachel Southwell

    i’m on keto, you can eat 30 and under carbs a day.

  • Jazmin Godfrey
    Jazmin Godfrey 2 days ago

    literally a keto diet ad next to this video

  • Jasper Meow
    Jasper Meow 2 days ago

    Just saying, my favorite weight loss diet I don't know the term or name of, but it's where you don't eat anything until dinner each day, and it is painful and makes people depressed, but I felt thinner, stronger, and more like a twig like I was before, and it is totally worth it for me, though I quit 4 days in, but I want to try it again.

  • Lindsey Noree
    Lindsey Noree 2 days ago

    Drink every time she says “starving”!

  • Cali's Channel 123
    Cali's Channel 123 2 days ago

    this video made me eat whatever

  • Collin merp
    Collin merp 2 days ago

    Keto is so unbalanced

  • Emmett B
    Emmett B 3 days ago

    I wanna thank you for this video. My sister is on the keto diet and i was going to try it but I already feel like crap due to chronic illness and she FORGOT TO MENTION THE FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS SHE WAS HAVING THE FIRST TWO WEEKS AS WELL AS ON AND OFF THE NEXT FEW MONTHS. Being in my situation I probably literally wouldn't have survived that 🤷

  • Devan Simone
    Devan Simone 3 days ago

    im on a keto diet now and its SO hard, you cant eat ANYTHING but it wasn't too hard for me because dont eat much anyway. if anyone plans on doing this, drink water, eat eggs, lots of vegetables & its really hard but eventually it'll become easy to deny sweets & stuff you cant eat & it'll become routine to not eat high carb food. also at the beginning you should set a limit of like don't eat any food over 20-25 carbs and slowly decrease it because directly cutting off a lot of your diet is bad and you will likely experience a lot of what gabbie did

  • ??
    ?? 3 days ago +2

    you did keto wrong... you actually can have berries

  • Rachel Watson
    Rachel Watson 3 days ago

    Yeah, I did the Keto diet. You feel horrible for the first couple days until your body is like oooo shit we have no carbs and starts using your fat as energy and gets used to it. Then you feel just fine, I lost 15lbs in two weeks with keto and workouts. Now I'm not overweight and feel amazing and confident in my body. It is hard and i don't recommend it unless your doctor recommends it, and is sure its safe for you and your health.

  • Mia Martinez
    Mia Martinez 3 days ago

    You are able to eat strawberries and blueberries

  • Mia Martinez
    Mia Martinez 3 days ago

    My parents are on keto

  • XfluffiiiX
    XfluffiiiX 3 days ago +2

    OMGOSH im watching the video and Gabbie goes "ok,im going to the gym"and then an add goes and SCREAMS at me "STOP!EXERCISE IS BAD FOR YOU!" and now im here lol

  • MAddie LUnardini
    MAddie LUnardini 3 days ago +1

    You can eat Berry’s (black Berry’s, blueberrys etc) just not thinks like oranges or WATERMELON😂

  • FoodandFaithfulness
    FoodandFaithfulness 4 days ago

    Just wanted to say: carbs are necessary for females. We need more carbs then men due to our hormones. On top of that everyone needs some carbs to sleep properly. It makes total sense why you felt like crap.

  • Saharah Sinkler
    Saharah Sinkler 4 days ago

    These side effects do not happen to everyone. Everyone is different. My mother has been doing keto for about a year now and has never had even one of the side effects that Gabby has. My mother used to be 224 lbs and is now down to 150 lbs. I am so proud of my mother and if you want to try this, go ahead. But if even one of these side effects happen to you, I advise you stop. Because that will mean your body rejects it and you can get very sick just like Gabby did. So, overall I just want to say do it if you want, it has amazing results, and it works quick and well. But if you experience any of the bad side effects of the diet, you should stop. I dont want to see anyone get hurt.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this comment and 1 like equals 1 shred of light that Gabby won't die. Lol jk
    Ps. You should still like it tho.

  • Kyleigh Dow
    Kyleigh Dow 4 days ago

    " For sheek, for wat? A youto vido? no."
    Translation: For a week? For what? A youtube video? No.

  • olivia k
    olivia k 4 days ago

    TRY VEGAN!!!!

  • mojogannxp !
    mojogannxp ! 4 days ago +1

    I’m 13 and I start keto tomorrow because my dad is forcing me. I have to do it till school starts in 3 months. Someone please safe me I’m actually sad🙃🙃😖😖

  • Mystic Viper
    Mystic Viper 4 days ago

    I don’t even like watermelon but Gabbie constantly talking about it made me crave it 😂

  • Samantha Bell
    Samantha Bell 4 days ago +1

    I’m on it now getting ready for my wedding d:

  • Abbigale Kirsch
    Abbigale Kirsch 4 days ago +1

    Peanut butter is okay if only you have a little

  • Kayla Gamer
    Kayla Gamer 5 days ago

    Not to be rude, but everything that was listed at 1:29 is true the first 2 weeks of keto. You start to get over the sugar cravings. Also, you will have frequent urination bc you are drinking more water than other drinks. Keto is also a way of living when it comes to food. I know this bc my parents have done keto for 7 months now and have lost a lot of weight and feel so much better now. Again, I'm not trying to be rude so plz don't hate.

  • Karena Forbush
    Karena Forbush 5 days ago +1

    It’s really mind boggling how this diet works for some people 😳
    Edit: I looked up keto and I’m surprised you didn’t have dairy. And you can have a little carbs 😊

    • Karena Forbush
      Karena Forbush 5 days ago

      Synne yup!! Even fish is allowed

    • Synne
      Synne 5 days ago

      Even just a little more research would have helped a ton!

  • Hannah Gilliland
    Hannah Gilliland 5 days ago

    I was sad when you felt terrible after your work outs. It was ok for you to have a peice of toast or something afterwards just don't have butter or anything with fat with it. Carbs are great for people who work out even on keto just not alot of them

  • Kaylee O'Farrell
    Kaylee O'Farrell 5 days ago

    They have keto coffee creamer and coffee

  • Daniel13333
    Daniel13333 5 days ago

    Whenever I craved something sweet I had low insulin fruit and full-fat cream, If you feel that hungry your not eating enough fat. all of the side effects that you were experiencing can either be corrected with Electrolyte powder or bone broth. I've been on keto for 7 months now and have lost 70lbs with no side effects.

  • madison monzon
    madison monzon 6 days ago

    All these keto dieters commenting that she did it wrong like it’s okay, calm down she is t r y i n g h e r b e s t Jesus Christ

  • Jevadi Cammack
    Jevadi Cammack 6 days ago

    My mom is on this diet

  • Cesar Silva
    Cesar Silva 6 days ago

    Im doing keto and likw im always hungry so i feel like its for everybody

  • Sarah Casha
    Sarah Casha 6 days ago

    Omg I started eating frozen blueberries and I love them so much

  • Ethin Relph
    Ethin Relph 7 days ago

    im on keto

  • Amber Greene-Tessanne
    Amber Greene-Tessanne 7 days ago +1

    Yaaaasssss Gabbie!!!! FOOD IS FUEL! Your brain functions off carbs people and our bodies need carbs and grains to function. Love you so much!

  • Banana Candle
    Banana Candle 7 days ago

    You should try the whole 30 it’s much easier

  • Tingle Asmr
    Tingle Asmr 7 days ago

    i'm allergic to watermelon and guess what...... they are my fav fruit... but i can't eat them...

  • Mari Henderson
    Mari Henderson 8 days ago

    Natural sugars and carbs are life, this diet is hellish.

  • sexuallettuce69
    sexuallettuce69 8 days ago

    all these people that believe in keto makes me worry so much. Let me tell you one thing...keto is wrong. Carbs are energy, protein is long-term energy, fat is fat. Low fat, moderate carb, high protein. Try that diet kid. I lose weight, have plenty of energy, and im not hurting ever.

  • M R
    M R 8 days ago

    It ain’t for everybody

  • Lauren Hahn
    Lauren Hahn 8 days ago +3

    gabbie: A DOLLAR

    me: girl is turning into liza two years ago

  • Izzy Bella
    Izzy Bella 8 days ago +4

    My cousin and mom is on keto and my cousin SWEARS by it
    She keeps telling me to do it
    And saying it will help my mental health

  • Alie The Artist
    Alie The Artist 8 days ago

    This sounds horrible. Your body needs carbs and sugar to function. That’s where you get almost all of your energy. This diet essentially sends your body into survival mode. It’s hard for it to switch back, too. This sounds incredibly unhealthy.

  • Ang Ela
    Ang Ela 8 days ago +4

    Keto diet genuinely only works after 2 weeks, after 2 weeks you should be going into 'ketosis' (aka feeling ABSOLUTELY amazing and energetic). Also you should set a maximum of carbs. 0 carbs is practically impossible. Love u gabs x

  • Taylor Jerry
    Taylor Jerry 8 days ago

    You did Keto wrong

  • Tseries gay
    Tseries gay 9 days ago

    my whole family is on the keto diet and for *my* family ish healthy
    idk about other peeps doh

    RY DELOSSANTOS 9 days ago

    my dad was on keto for 2 years and he still is now

  • amara b
    amara b 9 days ago

    Ok boo, but, fruit is keto...

  • Miona Kovacevic
    Miona Kovacevic 9 days ago

    I did it for a month, but i bought some bars and sweets that have mostly protein so i could eat them. I also eat a lot more vegetables, mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini almost everything that i could. And i eat 5 times per day, every 3 hours. I lost 15kg in a month, but i lost all my muscles, my hair started falling out etc. I would recommend doing it for a shorter period and then start eating carbs from fruits, yoghurt, musli.

  • Madyson Pineapple
    Madyson Pineapple 10 days ago

    my mom did keto for 3 months and the last week she felt like she was going to have a heart attack and almost called 911
    SPOILER; she didn't

  • Michelle Robertson
    Michelle Robertson 10 days ago

    You didn’t give it enough time to get into ketosis is and you didn’t eat enough fat to be satisfied. I think you prefer your own diet anyway.

  • Abby Ramlow
    Abby Ramlow 10 days ago

    Keto flu goes away in about a week, but Keto can make you feel amazing if you stick with it longer than one week. Saying that “I tried Keto so you don’t have to” isn’t giving an accurate representation of the diet itself because it takes longer than only one week to see and feel results

  • Sabrina Pellerin
    Sabrina Pellerin 10 days ago

    You can't do the keto diet for one week. You need to test it for minimum 1 month. The first week you got the keto flu and your body is adapting. People need to stop testing thing for 1 week. I do keto for 3 month now, yes the first week is hard. But after you lost weight, you sleep better, got more energie.

  • Wulfex And Wolfex
    Wulfex And Wolfex 10 days ago

    ... An app said i should try the Keto Diet... And im 18...or 17...

    • Myldred Hdez
      Myldred Hdez 9 days ago +1

      I am 17 and started doing it 4 months ago. Gabbie missed some steps as she should have gotten more electrolytes when she started to feel bad. It honestly does wonders for your system if you try and follow it as close as you can. I promise that I have never felt better, however you should just see how it works for your body. I would try it for more than a week and definitely do a detox first.

  • ThatOneVampireKid '-'
    ThatOneVampireKid '-' 10 days ago +1

    Oh om on the keto. After you switch into ketosis you feel a lot better, which switching over should only take a day or two. And you can have carbs just a low amount. Like i only have 20 carbs a day. And you can make fatbombs too, theyre sweet and help with fat intake and everything. I dunno, keto in great on me. You just have to do short quick workouts and take a little break and then do another one. Lol just some tips^^

  • Valentine SB
    Valentine SB 11 days ago +1

    Help for gabby is she ever wants to try it again... Eat more fat (around 60-80% of calories should be from fat) and blueberries are a life saver

  • Itz_ bughead_love
    Itz_ bughead_love 11 days ago

    My mom freakin does this and I don’t understand how

    • Myldred Hdez
      Myldred Hdez 9 days ago +1

      Actually, once you're in ketosis you rarely crave stuff and there are still ways to make anything that you do end up craving. Must be a strong woman tho :)

  • Føxŷ Fłįęš
    Føxŷ Fłįęš 11 days ago +9

    No one:
    Gabbie *i nEeD wAtErmEloN aNd SweEt PoTato*

  • Riley Resmer
    Riley Resmer 11 days ago +1

    Actually certain peanut butters are fine on keto! So are fruits! In keto you can have 20 carbs a day so nuts, berries, jerky, peanut butter, and really dark chocolate are completely fine in low amounts. And this is probably why you felt so awful. I do keto full time and I feel great! And also... why don’t you have any steak or burgers?

  • Kyla Nelson
    Kyla Nelson 11 days ago

    Cashews are a big no for keto 😂

  • hannuh zzz
    hannuh zzz 11 days ago +2

    it’s lowkey a trend now lol there’s even suh thing as a keto burger for people with this diet
    my mom started this about three months ago and its supposed to make you less lethargic and have better energy :)

  • Liz Gulli
    Liz Gulli 12 days ago +4

    i have been on this diet for 1 month and one week and i lost 12 pounds.

  • Ryder Eldred
    Ryder Eldred 12 days ago


  • LilyAndFriends
    LilyAndFriends 13 days ago

    I have heart palpitations and hyperglycemia so... Maybe I should change my diet? XD

  • Hope Prestridge
    Hope Prestridge 14 days ago

    This has nothing to do with diets but

    Gabbie eating blue berries sounds like Joey Graceffa when he got his wisdom teeth pulled 😂 am I the only one who hear it?😂🤷

  • Tita Rivera
    Tita Rivera 14 days ago +1

    I do keto its helped me lose 35lbs in 3 months

  • Hannah Tucker
    Hannah Tucker 15 days ago

    “I’m not even gonna show you the before and after because for me that seems somewhat irresponsible” Queen 👑
    Honestly before you’re videos where entertaining but like wouldn’t call myself a fan but welp this changed that. I love how you took the “I did this diet but nooo you don’t do it” and actually didn’t want us to do it. Coz watching those video it is sometimes like hmm maybe I should...
    But here it’s all about the negatives and she fells responsible enough to not in anyway encourage us to try it thank you.

  • Fat Gnome Switch Hitter
    Fat Gnome Switch Hitter 15 days ago +68

    "Keto flu" is something you get when your body starts ketosis and goes away in a couple of days - should've probably mentioned that.

  • Vicki K
    Vicki K 15 days ago +3

    It seems like this video is intended more for entertainment than information

    • Vicki K
      Vicki K 12 days ago

      @Sasha Wilt I learned how to fix my vacuum cleaner on USclip :-)

    • Sasha Wilt
      Sasha Wilt 13 days ago

      Vicki K welcome to USclip

  • Dakari Shea
    Dakari Shea 16 days ago

    ...but the shopping cart

  • The group of friends
    The group of friends 16 days ago

    It's because some people don't do it like a full week at a time they do it at a couple days at a time cuz it's well unhealthy and too much it's completely utterly stupid you're going to go going to puke and you're going to get really really sick from it so maybe you should try like a challenge like two days of the keto challenge Take 2 days of a break 2 days of the keto challenge 2 days of a break and off-and-on type of challenge brother gets a month and see the results although I don't suggest cuz you hated it

  • Jamie Jewell
    Jamie Jewell 17 days ago

    YES As a type one diabetic I’ve always had a problem with this diet or “life style” and I’m so happy someone like you with a platform that reaches so many people young and old and can help them understand that it’s not worth it and not healthy

  • Meliodas x Elizabeth Anomie

    Mom:don’t think about your hunger
    Me:bitch how the hell im starving
    Me:that’s what I thought

  • Yeet It's Chloe
    Yeet It's Chloe 17 days ago

    Girl just because you don’t “look good” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel good. You are healthy and might I say you look like one sexy woman on your normal diet.

  • trin
    trin 18 days ago +2

    this was an extremely frustrating video to watch.

  • hanna is lame
    hanna is lame 18 days ago +2

    okay, so, my little brother is a type 1 diabetic. its not good for him to have too many carbs because his pancreas doesnt make insulin. without insulin, your body cant break down carbs and his blood sugar goes extremely high. his blood sugar should be at a perfect level (120) but its not. so, he has to get his insulin through shots when he eats meals. i always try to make keto baked goods for him because i want him to feel included without hurting his health. normal ice cream and cake and cupcakes have like 60 carbs for one serving. most keto baked goods are lower in carbs and sugar because they use alternative ingredients. and they taste like the real thing! i highly recommend you try it! google “keto chocolate chip cookies” or something. too many carbs aren’t good for anyone, although you do need some carbs to maintain a healthy lifestyle (:

  • Briony Wood
    Briony Wood 18 days ago +20

    In the video
    Gabbie: I am literally craving watermelon!
    Me: literally eating a watermelon while watching it.

  • Spudling Productions
    Spudling Productions 18 days ago +1

    My two sisters and mom are all doing this diet, and they’re all doing great! But it would be actual agony for me, I can’t believe you lasted 5 days!

  • K .Fox
    K .Fox 19 days ago +1

    Can I just say something. I have the same exact stomach pains and I would wake up early because my stomach hurt. I would go to doctors and they would say it's just period cramps or a symptom of diabetes. I even got tested for diabetes and came out negative. The only way to get rid of them is to inhale a ton of air and inflate(you know what I mean) my stomach and grit my teeth through the pain until they disappear. No one has ever said the same thing until this youtube video. And I feel like I might have found a clue to what it is. Like you said, not eating enough carbohydrates is why you got stomach pains. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'll test it out and I know that it might not be a solution but it's a clue. And it's the first clue I've found so thank you Gabbie.

  • Skylar Dalessio
    Skylar Dalessio 19 days ago +5

    “Okay. I’m not going to read the symptoms because I don’t want it to mess with my head”
    .............continues to read symptoms to keto flu 😂

  • Sara Schneider
    Sara Schneider 19 days ago

    One of the worst things about keto is that people cut out complex carbs, which you need for energy and your brain! Keto is notttt nutritionally beneficial. And eating a bunch of inflammatory foods deff will upset the stomach. No thanksz

  • Luna Games
    Luna Games 19 days ago +51

    Gabbie: *doing a diet and exercising*
    Me: *sitting in bed alone eating a huge bowl of Ramen*

  • Ken and Emm a
    Ken and Emm a 19 days ago +4

    Hannah: “I really want some fruit rn”
    Me: shoves fruit down my throat

  • Mykayla Capano
    Mykayla Capano 19 days ago

    You’re allowed up to 15-20 grams of carbs a day just be careful of what you eat that has carbs!

  • NavyOwls
    NavyOwls 20 days ago

    I’ve been on the keto diet for epilepsy and I love it so much! It’s made me feel not only seizure free, but energized and like I’ve got my life together. Yeah it’s tough at first but it got really easy, especially since I’ve grown up on bacon and eggs 😅

  • Garrett Keefer
    Garrett Keefer 20 days ago +1

    Gabbie the whole time you went through sugar withdraws.... You werent hurting yourself, your body was converting to fat. Most people go through withdraws type symptoms. The cravings stop, you wernt eating enough veggies, or protein . stop dissing a diet and turning people away based on a failed attempt, this diet has literally saved lives.

  • Garrett Keefer
    Garrett Keefer 20 days ago

    The secret to keto long term is bullet proof coffee, working out, eating the correct keto foods and cutting how much dairy you have. You'll wake up feeling great, you wont get tired at all untill bed. You'll be more focused. Your body will be in equilibrium . you should drink tons of water, eat tons of healthy fats, and eat veggies.

  • Garrett Keefer
    Garrett Keefer 20 days ago

    Anyone looking at doing keto, stop getting your info from non doctors, stop getting your info from Pinterest , look at Dr.Eric Berg who is an accredited nutritionist who knows this diet and how to do it right. Dr.rhonda Patrick who is doing active studies on Keto and it's benefits. I'm tired of people forming opinions from dumb videos like this where people aren't researching keto right before they do it and are doing simple Google searches to get their info. Care about your body, refined carbs and sugar will kill you... Your body is most efficient burning fat from animals and complex carbs from veggies.

    • Garrett Keefer
      Garrett Keefer 20 days ago

      I'm 2 years into keto and will never go back. Break the system, they want you to eat sugar... Humans aren't suppose to eat lots of fruits, animals are.

  • Keira Hartley
    Keira Hartley 20 days ago

    When you feel u are craving sugar have a teaspoon of butter and also with coffee only put cream in it not milk though and the reason why you get keto flu is because your body is flushing things you don't need and going through a changing cycle your body isn't used to it love ya xx

  • Haley Rushing
    Haley Rushing 21 day ago

    If a full grown healthy adult cant handle Keto then I should tell my friend who is 12 and being forced by her parents. She throws up all the time and always has stomach pain. She is always exhausted and stuff like that. Those are symptoms of Keto flu but shes denying it. It's not like she wants to do Keto, shes being forced by her parents cause they think shes fat (shes not). Shes also not allowed to eat until 6. I keep telling her that's actual abuse but shes ignoring me.

  • Jennifer Kim
    Jennifer Kim 22 days ago

    there has always been some sort of dietary trend going on in the US and new ones continue to become trendy. this girl eats nutritiously and there is nothing wrong with her current diet. if she does not think the keto diet is for her, it is then not for her. Our body is obviously very different from each other, and some diets that become popular just dont work for some people. Seems like shes in tune with herself and it took a lot of work to get there. it was smart of you not to continue it!

  • Jeff Hill
    Jeff Hill 22 days ago +1

    So the moral here is that it's not worth giving up an addiction if you can't do it wrong. I hope she doesn't do other vids without any prior research. But then again, perhaps it's best that her fans keep eating the way they do ;-)

    • Garrett Keefer
      Garrett Keefer 20 days ago

      Lol right, natural selection will come when the healthy eaters are 80 and still able to run marathons. And they have died from cardiac arrest at 50 at best from the sugar if they last that long.