I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To

  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
  • No carbs and no sugar for a week. Does it work? Is it worth it?
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Comments • 21 117

  • Gabbie Hanna
    Gabbie Hanna  7 days ago +9693

    for everyone commenting about the fat- i was eating 3-5x the daily recommended amount of fat every day. i was loading up on avocados, nuts, bacon, chicken thighs, and TONS of sunflower seed butter, everything cooked in butter, everything topped with olive oil. TRUST me. i was eating MORE FAT THAN I EVER WANNA EAT AGAIN IN MY LIFE, that was not the issue.

    • Karlee and Zak
      Karlee and Zak 4 days ago +1

      Gabbie Hanna this diet helped my dad lose about 50 pounds and it helped him get healthier. He cheats some of the time but not much.

    • L Learn
      L Learn 4 days ago +1

      Gabbie Hanna you can have fruits in Keto.... I did, and it felt great. Also, I fast once a while, so that “keto hunger “ don’t bother me

    • King David
      King David 4 days ago +1

      if you're eating TONS of sunflower seeds, you never entered ketosis.

    • Jason Conroy
      Jason Conroy 4 days ago

      @sammybear3208 You're, you're, you're, you're, your

    • Erin Cusack
      Erin Cusack 4 days ago +1

      the first week of keto sucks, but it takes about 4 weeks for you body to get used to a high fat low carb diet & for your digestion to change, it takes more than a week to even get into ketosis. So you absolutely cannot judge this diet after doing it poorly for a week.

  • Ally And Troy
    Ally And Troy 11 hours ago

    I made a deal with my parents that I wouldn’t eat any candy or chocolate for a year and my reward is $100

  • Kinghunter
    Kinghunter 11 hours ago +1

    And a trash fake tan

  • Kinghunter
    Kinghunter 11 hours ago +1

    Ur ugly nothing has changed

  • J T
    J T 11 hours ago

    You obviously don’t know what you are doing. Get a real job and try being productive at something you actually are educated at...whatever in the hell that is.

  • amberknowgood
    amberknowgood 11 hours ago

    My husband and I (& actually everyone I know that did this) reacted just like you! 😂 EXACTLY! BUT honestly it really is all withdrawal, we don’t realize how much sugar/carbs we consume! After two weeks you don’t care about what you eat anymore and there’s no more cravings, pains, or headaches (my husband got those very bad--> sugar withdrawal). But you have to find a healthy balance after you lose the initial weight and level out. The point of the dramatic no carb rule is to not have the cravings after this phase and kick start the weight loss. But dude! People have taken it too far I.E. from Atkins to keto and no, you shouldn’t do this for longer than a month imo. Pro tip though, spoon full of peanut butter when you are really really feeling sick or about to give in... it helps, it’s carbs, & protein but you won’t undo all your efforts.

  • Huntertainment
    Huntertainment 11 hours ago

    " im not gong to look anything up not to scew my perception of my feelings" *PROCEEDS TO LOOK SHIT UP AND LISTS SYMPTOMS OF POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS*

  • ConnorTheDeviantAndroid

    I havent watched the video yet, but my mom is doing it and lost 13 pounds in 2 weeks

  • C.L. Artsy Dreamer
    C.L. Artsy Dreamer 11 hours ago

    Just saw this video, read the comments, and even did some research myself on Keto..

    I might try it for awhile, granted it doesn't help that I work at a Dairy Queen but... After doing proper research, I can at least have certain greens, certain fruits (max maybe 2 or 3 kind), having water out of coffee or tea choices is no issue (Drink that everyday), meat will be the small set back because I LOVE chicken strips. But I am willing to try and keep track of it.
    Just need to remind myself no fries, no burgers, no honey barbecue glazed strips, no buffalo snack melts..... and no...... free.... ice cream.....
    This sacrifice is so hard and sad to make... BUT I AM DETERMINED.
    Might try to keep updated? Not sure. Hopefully I do it right, any tips or comments regarding the Keto diet is very helpful!! :))

  • Calissa Larsen
    Calissa Larsen 11 hours ago

    I love this and you💞💞💞 you could also try the paleo diet I’ve been doing t for about 4-5 years

  • Belle's Life
    Belle's Life 11 hours ago

    hey there! love all you do Gabbie, glad you tried it. My dad has lost about 50 lbs but my mom specializes in cooking food for keto and healthy diets, so it’s hard to compare. as well as the diet works better for men because i think women need more carbs or something like that. You could have eaten a lot more though my favorite keto snack honestly is cheese and salami or keto cookies ahh they are so good.

  • MelanieJane Rodriguez
    MelanieJane Rodriguez 11 hours ago

    Absolutely no research was done. I suggest doing research then make an informed decision about it

  • Skylar Acuna
    Skylar Acuna 11 hours ago

    She talking about the keto DIET not keto THE LIFESTYLE

  • AnimalJammer AJ
    AnimalJammer AJ 11 hours ago

    My mom does keto, she’s lost a lot and is almost down to her goal weight!!

  • Alexia Ramirez - Serna
    Alexia Ramirez - Serna 11 hours ago

    I don’t understand why you thought it was okay to upload this video. You’re miseducating millions of people. Keto is more than what you made it out to be. If you’re going to do something do it right..

  • Ebony Rose
    Ebony Rose 11 hours ago

    That intro scares me 😂

  • Little K
    Little K 11 hours ago

    13:14 I have that same picture with the hot air balloons

  • Why
    Why 11 hours ago

    Hey gabbie if you still dont have a man tell me where can i apply 😉

  • Whitney Hatton
    Whitney Hatton 11 hours ago

    My boyfriend and I have been participating in the Keto-diet for almost 2 months now, we fast for 12-14 hours and have like 10 hours of eating only low carb and I'm shocked at how we are never hungry and we have great energy. Try heavy whipping cream or half and half with her black coffee, its delish and keto friendly, my sis also got me hooked on adding cinnamon to my coffee.

  • Erica Tarasoff
    Erica Tarasoff 11 hours ago

    I'm concerned you inadvertently sparked a gallbladder flush in addition to your keto flu, and your intense stomach ache was due to undiagnosed gallstones getting stuck. The "like a brick in my stomach" and waking up with pain are pretty common symptoms of gallbladder "disease" (gallstones).

  • Parker Nicols
    Parker Nicols 11 hours ago

    Not hate or anything but me and my family do Keto and you’re kinda doing it wrong. It’s not just no carbs. And berries are allowed in keto. After the first two weeks. You feel so good. Also, you aren’t supposed to work out in the begging of keto cause your body goes in a mode of processing fat that needs minimal activity.

  • Professional Subscriber
    Professional Subscriber 11 hours ago +1

    Her make up is literally stunning

  • Only Me
    Only Me 11 hours ago

    The stomach pain is probably acid. I have high acid and I wake up with that pain if I don't take my meds.
    The pain is literally your stomach acid eating the lining of your stomach. So I'm glad you stopped :)
    The carbs absorb the acid and the rich fatty foods make your body produce more acid.
    And it would explain the reflux.
    Drinking milk helps. I had prescribed meds to neutralise the acid and build up the lining of my stomach but that's because mine wasn't self inflicted XD

  • Oreo the Hamster
    Oreo the Hamster 11 hours ago

    People doing keto.... go get your liver checked. Losing weight this isnt worth getting fatty liver. You need your liver to LIVE...r

  • Life With Kharma
    Life With Kharma 11 hours ago

    I know my toe isnt broken but it hurts. Not like you broke it hurt but it hurts bad and i can barely walk on it without escrushiating pain

  • Ember D&T
    Ember D&T 11 hours ago

    You could have literally also had dark choclate

  • Starangels
    Starangels 11 hours ago

    Gabbie im so glad your doing something you want and just to let you know your so beautiful and your such a great role model to me

  • Monica Marentes
    Monica Marentes 11 hours ago

    My mom did this diet and she lost 5 or 10 pounds in 2-4 weeks. She shouldve made keto fat bombs. They are so good.

  • Carmen Stacy
    Carmen Stacy 11 hours ago

    Thank you dearly for not showing those images. As a recovered/recovering binge-purge anorexic I agree that it is irresponsible and I’m so happy to see such a big influencer spreading a healthy message.

  • Brittannie Marie
    Brittannie Marie 11 hours ago

    But girl you did it wrong

  • Life With Kharma
    Life With Kharma 11 hours ago

    A few weeks ago i had a veryyyyy badd migrane and I couldn’t stop crying because it hurt so bad

  • Jesse
    Jesse 11 hours ago

    “We know a bitch loves a sweet potato” bahaha I laughed out loud

  • Rachel Raza
    Rachel Raza 11 hours ago

    Berries and low carb veggies are also allowed... and you could have had cream in your coffee... seems you went a little harder than necessary.

  • Kristi Guo
    Kristi Guo 11 hours ago

    Lol I’m not on a keto diet and I have no knowledge whatsoever. HOWEVER, what I do know is that you’re eating like you’re on a damn calorie watch diet. Chicken and lettuce everyday for lunch? Like come on... it’s not that hard to search up keto recipes. Seems like the only mindset you had coming into this was losing weight. Even your normal meals are boring af, who the heck eats sweet potato, chicken, and steamed broccoli every night? Now, THAT’s not a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Bailey B
    Bailey B 11 hours ago

    I will not _break;_ I will not get the _watermelon_
    *literally a second later*
    okay I got the watermelon

    actually, I got three watermelons

  • Ember D&T
    Ember D&T 11 hours ago


  • Rachel Raza
    Rachel Raza 11 hours ago

    Currently on the Keto diet and experiencing none of these things. As a matter of fact my energy is awesome!

  • Amariz Cruz
    Amariz Cruz 11 hours ago

    Keto is a lifestyle. All those side-effects you felt was just your body adapting to fat as fuel as opposed to what your body got used to all the years (glucose as fuel). Had you made it for at least 2 -3 weeks, you would’ve ripped the benefits of your body adapting to fat as fuel, not just in physique but also overall health. Please get your facts straight.

  • Ember D&T
    Ember D&T 11 hours ago

    Gabbie you did not do enough research. There was way more that you could have eaten..

  • Tazman 93
    Tazman 93 11 hours ago

    Wow you’re so positive :/ I’d suggest doing your research first and doing it the right way

  • Jennifer Nicole
    Jennifer Nicole 11 hours ago

    This video is so stupid. You obviously know nothing about Keto. So much mis information

  • Sarah Clifford
    Sarah Clifford 11 hours ago

    My everyday life is the Leto diet

  • Rachel Flaherty
    Rachel Flaherty 11 hours ago

    I have been on the keto diet for about 5 months. Not sure if you would ever continue the diet, fat bombs are a life saver. They are good and sweet and have about half of your days worth of fat😊

  • Blake Xristo SW
    Blake Xristo SW 12 hours ago

    What’s w/ her makeup? I can’t tell if it’s not blended well or just oily. No hate it’s her look.

  • Jessy weirich
    Jessy weirich 12 hours ago

    My mom is on this diet and she’s been on it for like weeks now but when she stared I was like okay l’ll try it... I quiet after 3 days 😂😂

  • Kierstyn Wiandt
    Kierstyn Wiandt 12 hours ago +1

    Dude I have the exact same reaction video in my phone of me drinking black coffee and I even wrote “I forget how dramatic I am until I do shit like this” hahahah WHY ARE WE THE SAME PERSON!!

  • Joe Rotter
    Joe Rotter 12 hours ago

    To be fair a lot of people don't run great on mostly fat or protein for me I always craved meat over sweets or fruit so maybe I was made for this diet compared to others and I'm diabetic so I don't mind not the good blood sugar levels

  • kathryn vezina
    kathryn vezina 12 hours ago

    the keto diet is so bad for your heart! it can cause irreversible damage to it!!

  • craisins 86
    craisins 86 12 hours ago

    I think if you're not used to keto this video is a good example of why you probably shouldn't jump straight into it! A slow transition with fewer and fewer carbs each week is probably the only way you're going to manage it without all these horrid side effects!!

  • ericababyyxoxo
    ericababyyxoxo 12 hours ago +1

    MORAL OF THE STORY: Do NOT do Keto without proper research. You need to KNOW what you can eat. Research NET CARBS! When cutting carbs you HAVE to up your electrolytes & sodium. Count your NET carbs. Be smart, everyone. Do NOT take this girls advice.

  • Cinthya cP
    Cinthya cP 12 hours ago

    You did it wrong and you’re misleading your viewers, so many people that could benefit from this diet won’t do it because you didn’t do proper research.

  • I Family
    I Family 12 hours ago

    Carbs are very important in a diet. That doesn’t mean processed foods, but vegetables and fruits are very important in order to keep a healthy balanced diet.

  • humi adiva
    humi adiva 12 hours ago

    With keto diet you have to drink lots of water and multivitamins

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose 12 hours ago

    Fucking bitch with a fat talking nose
    You ruined this diet for millions
    Next time name it the starvation diet
    Do proper research fucking knome

  • cristina heart
    cristina heart 12 hours ago

    why do i have these symptoms everyday..

  • michelle hernandez
    michelle hernandez 12 hours ago

    I've done the ideal protein diet (keto diet) and sadly, it definitely doesn't allow avocado or bacon lol. The diet basically consisted of green veggies, skinless, low fat meat such as chicken breast or fish and the fat was a tablespoon of olive oil with sea salt over your veggies. It also allows one snack which is like a low carb protein bar. It definitely made me feel super clean and energized. As soon as I went back to eating from all food groups, I became bloated and lethargic again. This doesn't mean I agree with the keto diet...totally agree with a healthy, balanced diet as you said.

  • Forever Kenzie
    Forever Kenzie 12 hours ago

    It doesn't look like you had enough fats for your meals

  • Kaysha WHIU
    Kaysha WHIU 12 hours ago

    i am on keto and i am so happy to see one of my fav youtubers tring the keto dite

  • Makayla Trujillo
    Makayla Trujillo 12 hours ago +1

    I’ve lost 80 pounds in 6 months from doing Keto. If anyone would like to PROPERLY learn about a ketogenic lifestyle follow my instagram! I post recipes, shopping finds, and informative posts about how to actually benefit from this amazing way of eating! Follow me at AmericanmadeKayla . (And no I’m not gonna sell you shit I just wanna teach you how to lose weight eating bacon ok)

  • Rebecca Tang
    Rebecca Tang 12 hours ago

    I just realized that my normal diet is this diet plus a tiny bit of brown rice for dinner.

  • Aveen
    Aveen 12 hours ago

    why did 119k mislead people liked this video ?

  • Michelle Hume
    Michelle Hume 12 hours ago

    You shouldn't be hungry on keto at all. If that's the case the meals need to be more calorie dense. Also having berries is totally okay. Just in moderation.

  • Avery Chien
    Avery Chien 12 hours ago

    i feel like the conclusion to this video was very misleading. yes you had the keto flu but that was because you made such a drastic change to your diet in one week. keto diets work for many people if done correctly and they're actually quite effective. this is in no way hate to gabbie i'm just saying that the way she ended the video as a psa: don't do keto! was a little misinformed... i went into this video thinking it would be informative but this is a poor representation of a ketosis diet. im sorry.

  • Denise Masonic
    Denise Masonic 12 hours ago

    Love the video! Thanks for putting everything in one video. My nephew is on this diet and he looks like a wounded animal. I want to put carbs in his mouth while he is sleeping.

  • Lauren Barker
    Lauren Barker 12 hours ago

    keto isn't for everyone. Everyone should consult with their PCP about the diet. They do recommended it for people with certain health conditions, but it's definitely not good for your health long term.

  • Jessica  Cortez
    Jessica Cortez 12 hours ago

    My love. You did it so wrong... Before doing keto you should've read into way longer... You didnt included coconut oil, you didnt do the BPC. Which is amazing... And also... You were hungry... That means you didnt do it correctly...

  • Janaya Tulip
    Janaya Tulip 12 hours ago

    While I was watching this, a Keto diet ad came on

  • HiddenWell
    HiddenWell 12 hours ago

    Try intermittent fasting

  • Kiara & Zay
    Kiara & Zay 12 hours ago

    For people saying it worked for you and the reason it saved your life Majority of you have health issues my mom does and keto works for her i do all diets with her but that caused me many headaches and I was soo hungry😩 and I'm just 40lbs over weight for my frame and age and I dont eat a lot at all maybe once or twice a day and its never big meals. But for someone who is healthy and has a good diet going going FOR THEM then going straight to keto probably wont work as well. You have to ease into or kick start it not just jump straight into it in one day you shouldn't do that for any diet so dont bash her on her opinions. Its great its helped so many of you but its not for everybody... And my mom also got the keto flu from it and thats also why i stopped doing it with her because I didnt think being sick to be healthy was a good idea.

  • Jeff Short
    Jeff Short 12 hours ago

    She did Keto wrong, like a half-ass attempt. It takes just over a week to start adapting to fat as energy, since she’s been Carb adapted all her life. Try it for 3-4 weeks with mire education and you’ll love it!

  • Emily Lewisss
    Emily Lewisss 12 hours ago

    my dad liked to eat original pork rinds with butter and cinnamon sugar and there is things called fat bombs that are really good!!

  • Carrie Atkins
    Carrie Atkins 12 hours ago

    You did not follow a Keto diet. Please go to Keto Connect to see what you did incorrectly.

  • Ilsse Castillo
    Ilsse Castillo 12 hours ago

    GIRL this is my first time meeting you and i LOVE you. Thanks for making this video, really appreciate your POV, it's extremely similar to mine when I tried keto. Subscribed ;)

  • ariana espinal
    ariana espinal 12 hours ago

    You’ve done this so wrong

  • Hilda So Kawi !
    Hilda So Kawi ! 12 hours ago

    How do you gain wait becuse like I can’t I eat junk food like Saturday and Sunday no joke and I get A frap so like how do I gain wait

  • FrecklesThe Artist
    FrecklesThe Artist 13 hours ago

    Ive been keto cuz my blood sugar and its hell tbh👌 I had all the same symptoms literally on the floor by my fridge eating food😂😂 like same

  • that one person
    that one person 13 hours ago

    The keto works.

  • zabetheli90
    zabetheli90 13 hours ago

    You can have watermelon and blueberries on Keto! She said she craved it, and she could have had it! I’ve been on Keto for about 6 weeks, I’m down 20lbs and haven’t been hungry. She’s doing it the hard way! I have chia seed porridge with blueberries (stevia for sweetness) for breakfast and that removes my sweet tooth and makes a difference for folks with sugar dependance.

  • billie lockhart
    billie lockhart 13 hours ago

    My family does this and it takes awhile to get into but it really works

  • Jayden H
    Jayden H 13 hours ago

    The way you felt was me at school today

  • Pennolope Clearwater
    Pennolope Clearwater 13 hours ago

    This is really informative. I starting working towards a healthier lifestyle so that I can honestly just feel better. I had no expectations on how much to lose nor have I tried to do any crazy diets. However I have also been having stomach cramps every morning that then progressed to having cramps after every time I ate. Now I know that it’s probably because I’m not eating enough carbs or I’m deficient on something my body needs.

  • Jessica Lara
    Jessica Lara 13 hours ago

    Wow this was so bad lol unsubed and next

  • Keila Torres
    Keila Torres 13 hours ago

    You were dehydrated all the time! That was the reason.

  • alijaho
    alijaho 13 hours ago


  • Jersey Davis
    Jersey Davis 13 hours ago

    Yes girl your amazing I’ll be honest I clicked on this because I wanted to see before and after and I watched and I was like ooo maybe I’ll do it I wanna loose weight I then I was like is it worth it even though you were feeling bad but you are amazing I just want to say I appreciate it

  • Jessica X
    Jessica X 13 hours ago

    Jesus Christ and people think vegans are crazy. Calm down and let the girl live her life. Sweet potatoes are amazing and healthy and so are watermelons. 😘

  • Baller Wagon
    Baller Wagon 13 hours ago

    You should really do some research on this diet before you start trying to get viral videos and get views. You can do serious harm to yourself. Now that is out of the way, Keto does not, will not, has not; worked for anyone within a week. That’s like saying you’re going to watch a movie and you leave after you don’t like the opening scene. I mean what in the fuck did she expect to achieve in a WEEK?? You have to follow this strict diet for multiple weeks before your body goes into a state of “ketosis” which is when your body actually starts using your fat and breaking it down into energy. It’s a very simple process it just takes time. Obviously you didn’t look into that

  • Calyssa
    Calyssa 13 hours ago

    You really just have to get used to it. When I started I actually thoroughly enjoyed it and had many amazing meals from it without even needing the carbs. Also you are supposed to be snacking ALOT so maybe that’s where this went wrong idk. For me I’ve been on it for almost 2 years and it’s been the best 2 years of my life. I’ve lost around 40 lbs went from 167 to now 130 with out ANY exercise routines. This was a real life changer and I really do recommend it. It is just a very misleading video that wasn’t done correctly ://

  • Lacey Rasmussen
    Lacey Rasmussen 13 hours ago

    Its ok gabbie we do not want you to hurt your self. And btw

  • *sips tea*
    *sips tea* 13 hours ago

    Still gonna become anorexic

    • thiccy piggy
      thiccy piggy 13 hours ago

      She's healthy right now and on a good daily diet so shut it

  • Elyssa Cruz
    Elyssa Cruz 13 hours ago

    Keto is for people who have seizures

  • Erin G
    Erin G 13 hours ago

    Me and my family do the keto diet and we love it but like many people said it’s not for everyone my suggestion would be just try to keep yourself away from the sweets until your not wanting it anymore or make keto desserts like keto gelatin

  • 6tinkerbelle9
    6tinkerbelle9 13 hours ago

    The fact that you think you can detox from sugar and scientifically change the metabolic state of your body in a week is so unbelievably delusional. You are so ignorant and too lazy to do any research. You didn't do keto. And it would be one thing if you researched it, tried it out for a month and gave an honest opinion. But the fact you had no idea what you're doing and calling it a fad and unhealthy and dangerous (when it has cured heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes etc) to a very large mass of subscribers, makes you a very stupid and dangerous influencer.

  • katie joyce
    katie joyce 13 hours ago

    hi gabbie, i understand you followed the keto diet, but if you read about keto you would know that it takes weeks to hit ketosis. so doing one week won’t have any impact on you. this is misleading, and i did keto to help my medical issues and it really helped. if youre going to make a video on a diet, dont mislead your audience, especially since you’re such a huge influence. dont take this as an attack, just a plead for you for the future.

  • Ande Merendino
    Ande Merendino 13 hours ago

    I don't care if she didn't do this video "right" BUT CAN PEOPLE STOP SAYING KETO CURES CANCER. STOP.

  • Andrea Marie
    Andrea Marie 13 hours ago

    I did the keto diet for a month Lost 30lbs

  • Gianna K
    Gianna K 13 hours ago

    That’s my normal diet 😂

  • Tessa Holohan
    Tessa Holohan 13 hours ago

    So I’m on the Keto diet and I know it’s hard but, when you really want something sugary get quest protein bars. They are great and just so... much better. I know u might not keep up this diet but, just Incase

  • Haley J
    Haley J 13 hours ago

    my mom has been doing keto since january and has lost 80lbs so far. i recently started doing keto and some of the things that have saved me are:
    -atkins caramel mousse bars
    -artificial sweeteners (swerve and monk fruit taste a lot like normal sugar imo. i hate splenda and pyure because they have that ‘chemical’ taste that is common with artificial sweeteners. )
    -low carb tortillas. (6g net carb per tortilla)
    -CHEESE (buy bricks of cheese n shred it yourself because pre shredded cheese tends to have carbs!)
    -sugar free Jelly Belly jelly beans (3g net carb per 27 jelly beans. i really love these, but if you eat more than one serving you will be in the bathroom ALL DAY)
    if you are starting keto, PLEASE make sure you drink a lot of water! also, using Hi-Lyfe water drops will help prevent leg cramps which is common with keto. ☺️