SEC Shorts - Thank you, Tua.

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • Sometimes you just want to say thank you.
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  • Jeremy Tate
    Jeremy Tate Day ago

    I am 100% LSU... but Tua, I hope you get back soon. I can't wait to see you in the NFL. God bless.

  • American South Designs

    I only wish him the best in his future. He's an outstanding young man, role model, and leader. Good luck, Tua. - Sincerely, a Clemson Fan.

  • Seth Cutlip
    Seth Cutlip 5 days ago

    Coming from a Ohio State fan. Good luck in the NFL tua! Much respect for you!

  • Andrew Moseley
    Andrew Moseley 6 days ago

    You forgot one: Apparently the first football player to ever get injured.

  • Erica Goggans
    Erica Goggans 7 days ago

    That was so sweet. Good job guys!


    He not even that hurt anymore , who cares

  • M Led
    M Led 7 days ago


  • malcolm champion
    malcolm champion 8 days ago

    Isn't he still with the team? It's not like he died.

  • Rusty Ralston
    Rusty Ralston 9 days ago

    Damn, I'm a Tennessee fan and this made me cry

  • Oweme Owemy
    Oweme Owemy 9 days ago +1

    Die hard Oklahoma State fan, and I have to say... it was a pleasure watching Tua and I pray he gets right and lights up the league.. I may hate the SEC, but anyone that loves this game, loves watching Tua.

  • Travis Nunnally
    Travis Nunnally 10 days ago

    Remember when Georgia first broke him? I do.

  • Gamecocks Football Fan Zone 2.0

    Y’all made this look like he died bruh

  • Brandon Mayhew
    Brandon Mayhew 10 days ago

    Sad, roll tide

  • Hunter Prosperie
    Hunter Prosperie 11 days ago

    die hard LSU fan, but i believe has the biggest heart and guts. such a role model to everyone. i hope you have an amazing career in the NFL. i can’t wait to see you play on sunday’s. we all love you tua.

  • Hartley
    Hartley 11 days ago

    Tua, No doubts you're one the best quarterbacks I've ever seen play the game. Much love from an Ohio State fan.

  • SaintsGoated 32
    SaintsGoated 32 11 days ago


  • Aberle Lutz
    Aberle Lutz 11 days ago

    I may be a auburn fan but even I know that this is so sad . Tua is a amazing athlete

  • Dorito Boudreaux
    Dorito Boudreaux 11 days ago


  • Random Things
    Random Things 11 days ago

    Gators fan here, you fought some of the best battles there is in college football, took so much adversity and turned it into the truth and life of college football, of sec football. We are all family when it comes to Sec football and you've shown us all what it's like to be proud fans of Sec football. To many more years of greatness, strength and prosperity. Tua i hope this isn't the end, but a beginning to many more years of football for you and us fans watching. I hope and pray you get into the NFL and show us how great of a Quarterback and role model you have become and continue too be. Thank you Tua!! You'll be missed in college football!! #SEC #SEC

  • Thomas May
    Thomas May 12 days ago

    The bank add at the end didn’t have the cheerful music😰

  • Kathryn Nard
    Kathryn Nard 12 days ago

    After the surgery it was bad but when they said that he could come back out in the spring and practice I knew he was going to be okay. God has you in his hands tua as he always had. your love for God I know God will shine through in your circumstance. He will lead you where you need to go and it's good to see that your career is not over. The number 13 stands for a new beginningeven though there's been a detour in your road your new beginning is still up ahead. God will walk it with you and guide you all the way. Roll Tide my friend.

  • vaughn winslett
    vaughn winslett 13 days ago


  • Graham Preg
    Graham Preg 13 days ago

    Get better man from an Arkansas fan

  • Zach Vick
    Zach Vick 13 days ago

    “Coach, I’m hurt. I ain’t dead” Remember the Titans.

  • PLAYER 1
    PLAYER 1 14 days ago

    This is sad for so many reasons. It’s sad to see his day is done for my team and will be moving. It’s sad to any get hurt like that, it’s also sad that our season has gone down in flames now. I thought we had a shot at winning it all despite the loss. Not anymore. Mac Jones is terrible. I hope Tua gets well soon.

  • andrew harley
    andrew harley 14 days ago

    Thanks for making Saturdays fun. I'm a gamecock fan so it didnt dawn on me until today that you are gone. Tua you are a great person and leader and I wish you the best of luck wherever life takes you

  • Marketing Heavy Duty Tow Companies

    TY to the fans from other teams than Alabama expressing how great a kid Tua Tagovailoa is....

  • Tiger supporter0848
    Tiger supporter0848 14 days ago

    Tuna seems like he was a good dude and was passionate about the game. Hate to see his season end the way it did, and wish him well in his next endeavor, likely the NFL. A young man who seems to do things the right way is always a joy to watch play, and his deep ball throws were beautiful.

  • Kathy Harvey
    Kathy Harvey 14 days ago

    This UGA gal is crying and AGREES 100% God Speed Tua!

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge 14 days ago

    I am a die hard dawg fan. Hate to see him injured. Hell of a player

  • Davis Graham
    Davis Graham 15 days ago


  • homegrowntomatoes1
    homegrowntomatoes1 15 days ago

    A commercial? PLUUAAH!

  • Gabriel Bulliard
    Gabriel Bulliard 15 days ago +1

    Not even a Bama fan. I’m an LSU fan. Please recovery ASAP Tua. Prayers sent your way‼️

  • Alex Adams
    Alex Adams 16 days ago

    Record for the most bandwagon fans a school could have

  • CplUSMCRetired
    CplUSMCRetired 16 days ago

    Why does this seem like a goodbye?
    Tell me it's not a goodbye.

  • A M
    A M 16 days ago

    Damn nigga he not dead but I do wish him the best, hate to see it happen to anyone

  • Easton B
    Easton B 16 days ago +3

    I’m praying for you tua

  • Walter Brock
    Walter Brock 16 days ago +1

    Greatful for some great memories and some of the best football I've seen in a while. Thanks again Tua

  • Sid G
    Sid G 16 days ago

    From LSU, we wish him a speedy recovery and prosperous football future. A more than worthy adversary that commands serious respect for his talent and character.

  • truenol1
    truenol1 16 days ago

    What about most choke jobs in a national championship

  • T Outlaw
    T Outlaw 16 days ago +1

    Lifetime Clemson fan here. I don’t think I’ve ever been affected so deeply and emotionally like I was when I saw him down. He is an incredible young man and athlete- just a good guy all around and so exciting to watch. Positive vibes for strength and courage and fast healing.
    Go Tigers, but Roll Tua! 🐘

  • Bill King
    Bill King 17 days ago +1

    TUA, you are ALABAMA playing in TUSCALOOSA.......where LEGENDS are made! Wishing you a life of HEALTH< HOPE and HAPPINESS!!!!! ROLL TUA ROLL!!!!!

  • Bulldogs#1
    Bulldogs#1 17 days ago +1

    Well done, SEC Shorts! See ya soon, Tua!

  • Glen Dalton
    Glen Dalton 17 days ago

    Well done 👊🏽

  • Starting Over
    Starting Over 17 days ago

    Y'all tryna make me cry. This was beautiful.

  • Colter Green
    Colter Green 17 days ago

    Hope you get better -Georgia Fan

  • Sportz Editz 14
    Sportz Editz 14 17 days ago

    tua you are in our prayers, god can heal you
    -wvu fan

  • Marcus Nelson
    Marcus Nelson 17 days ago

    I hate that I love this.

  • Matt Golden
    Matt Golden 17 days ago

    The man isn't dead

  • Makai Mauka
    Makai Mauka 17 days ago

    Well done!!!

  • Bama0539
    Bama0539 17 days ago

    Shout out to sec shorts love the respect for the players, tua is an all time great possibly the greatest qb in Alabama history y’all pray for the man that he gets to come back

  • terry waller
    terry waller 17 days ago

    I wonder if Hurts now wishes he had stayed at Alabama?

  • BassBone247
    BassBone247 17 days ago +1

    This video had me on the verge of tears in the library. The library at Mizzou, where I am a student. It's important to remember that, while we may come from different places, attend different schools, and cheer for different teams, we're all human, and none of that other stuff really matters. Nobody should be happy when a football player on any team is injured, regardless of what team they're on. To Tua, I have to say that people all over the nation have you in their thoughts, and praying for a full recovery. You're an exceptional young man, and have a very promising career ahead of you. M-I-Z

  • Bama HI
    Bama HI 17 days ago

    I'm opening an account with Renasant Bank! The best bank in the south!

  • Jere Woolsey
    Jere Woolsey 17 days ago

    You guys are the absolute best. Love you. Thanks for the thank you.

  • Alvin
    Alvin 17 days ago

    Get well

  • pnoland 07
    pnoland 07 17 days ago +1

    I grew up near tua and how much pride he brought to the people who lived in Hawaii...
    It's was amazing. Thanks tua
    -from a Oregon fan

  • Charles Coppess
    Charles Coppess 17 days ago

    Dang it. Some of those were really nice, not just funny. Well done.

  • Isaiah Kayode
    Isaiah Kayode 17 days ago

    Take care tua